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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 30, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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webster. three lives save a woman from a burning home and now they're talking about the incredible recipe. >> plus, the stadium getting an icy makeover as the bruins prepare to face a bitter rival. and we're following two big breaking stories first at 4:00. comedian bill cosby appearing in a pennsylvania courtroom this afternoon. he's now formally charged with sexual assault. >> also breaking, police say the driver killed in a crash that hurt four hillary clinton's secret service agents did not have a valid license. >> but we're following a weather alert first at 4:00. a freezing rain advisory issued for later tonight for the boston area. this comes a day after the first storm of the season hit us. >> and that storm bring more than just snow. icy roads causing a slick ride for many today. meteorologist chris lambert is here with the forecast and more on the threat for tonight. >> yesterday afternoon we saw the cold air work back in from north to south. a shallow layer of cold air and it's been stuck all day.
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30 the high is all day long in boston. 33 in plymouth, upper 20s north and west. we were never able to crack that freezing mark and with low-level moisture in place and more showers working in from the west this evening we do have renewed chances of freezing drizzle and freezing rain over much of the area. the advisory extends until 3:00 in the morning. the last location the city above freezing temperatureup in the merrimack valley and southern new hampshire away from the coastline. radar looks a quiet. fine patchy freezing mist in a few spots out there with of fog. you can see to the west of us, a lot of clouds working in across upstate new york. i do actually expect more showers to break out in this area, and that will be the shower that works in later this evening. so anything we get over the next several hours is just a little bit of patchy drizzle, patchy mist. forget any steadier rain coming in, not until 9:00, 10:00, then again through 3:00 in the morning we have the risk of
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and west, and at least until midnight, even close to the boston area. there will be a few hours later this evening till about midnight tonight, even close to the city of boston. we'll have to watch out for some icy spots. i am confident that tomorrow we'll get well into the 40s. we'll talk more about that forecast, ahead. and now to the breaking news, comedian bill cosby appearing in a courtroom outside philadelphia today formally charged with sexual assault. the district attorney announcing felony aggravated indecent assault charges against cosby stemming from an incident back in 2004 involving a plea at the university. >> he's been plagued by accusations of sexual assault from dozens of women. chris clackam has the very latest. >> reporter: it was once a wildly popular comedian but bill cosby's stage wednesday was a courtroom near philadelphia. for arraignment on a charge filed earlier in the day of sexual assaulting a woman. >> there are -- is one charge that is filed, aggravated, indecent assault which is a felony. >> reporter: incoming district attorney says this case involves
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employee who cosby invited to his home near philadelphia in 2004. >> on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: andrea constand previously came forward as the alleged victim in a civil suit and through her attorneys pennsylvania authorities for finally charging cosby. she's one of more than 50 women who say they were drugged and/or sexually assaulted by cosby, and who, according to legal analysts, could be called to testify against him. >> the absolute game changer here is that bill cosby may very well have to hear, not only the victim in this case, but the testimony of all of the other alleged victims with the similar
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have their moment against him in a criminal setting. >> reporter: cosby has denied all allegations but his bond was set at $1 million and his passport was confiscated. chris clackam, nbc news. and there's breaking news out of new hampshire where police say the driver killed in a crash that injured four secret service agents did not have a valid driver's license. the agents were on detail protecting hillary clinton. >> police also say the driver who died had a criminal history. 7's kimberly bookman is live in wakefield with the breaking details. kimberly. >> police say this man has not had a valid driver's license since 2014, but he got behind the wheel of a car yesterday anyway. this morning they did an autopsy on his body and hooked up more answers very soon. >> reporter: underneath the snowy tarp is the -- slamming
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duty secret service agents in it. >> they were working as part of the protection efforts for secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton had a campaign event in berlin tuesday night and it's believed these agents may have done a site survey before the gathering and leaving for the night, around 7:00 p.m., state police say 45-year-old bruce danforth, a new hampshire man with a long list of drug charges against him, crashed head-on into the agent's car. >> mr. danforth did not possess a valid driver's license at the time of the accident. mr. danforth was known to us. >> reporter: investigators believe danforth may have tried to pass another car, causing him to end up in the agent's lane. danforth, a roofer with five children and seven grandchildren died on the scene. his girlfriend natasha and friend chris buswell were both in the car. they were hurt and taken to area hospitals. all of the agents have serious
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treatment. >> all of the secret service agents were indeed wearing the seat belts in the collision. >> reporter: mrs. clinton released a statement saying my husband and i send our prayers and condolences to all the victims and their families. we are grateful every day for the service, dedication and professionalism of the u.s. secret service. >> now, this section of route 16 where the accident happened is very rural. there are no cameras there. police say they are trying to locate the car that mr. danforth passed in hopes of helping in this investigation. reporting live from wakefield, new hampshire, kimberly bookman, 7news. >> and there's breaking news out of belgium. the maybe of brussels announcing that the city's new year's eve fireworks display is canceled, all because of a terrorist threat from extremists. two people were arrested yesterday and officials say they were planning to attack high-profile sites around the city during the holiday story also on 7, a home goes up in flames in webster, trapping a woman inside. she made it out alive thanks to
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right into the fierce flames. >> three webster police officers hailed as heroes after pulling a woman from a burning building. >> at that point, i'm thinking you're just acting and going. >> fast-moving flames took over the multifamily home on granite street monday. officer rachel was the first to arrive at scene. >> my first initial reaction was to go for my fire extinguisher and looked at the house and realized it was bond that. >> reporter: -- beyond that. >> reporter: he ran into the apartment as soon as he learned there was a woman still in there. >> i dropped to the ground because of the heat. my first initial thought was i was going to die. >> reporter: the officers joined in helping get the woman out. >> we had to take turns and swap out and able to finally free her leg from be behind the door and dragged her out. >> reporter: the three officers also helped another woman who went back in. >> everyone says heroes. i don't like to use that word. i think anybody would have done the exact same thing and i think
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really special department to work for. >> two of the officers who were treated for smoke inhalation but say they're gonna be okay. the woman found in the first department is still in the hospital. and more news today, the teenager from texas known for his affluenza defense is staying put in mexico. he was expected to return to the u.s. today with his mother but a judge issued a temporary stay against his deportation. the pair were detained in mexico on monday. couch took off while he was serving 10-years probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash and avoided prison time after his lawyer argued he didn't know the difference between right and wrong box office his privileged upbringing. authorities are investigating whether he violated the terms of his probation and if his mother tonya couch assisted him. both could face jail time. no place like the campaign trail for the holidays. presidential candidates taking advantage of the week between christmas and new years to meet as many voters as possible. >> dliewmp a new tactic and a
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he says he will start spending $2 million a week on campaign ads. >> i'm going to be doing ads in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and they're gonna be very substantial and very well done. i've seen the first two or three of them, we're very proved them. >> some experts worry this may be the wrong move. >> i think it's also a little bit risky, what if they look conventional? why -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. so the notion that donald trump would start running a conventional campaign should concern him a little bit. >> reporter: a new ration musen poll shows trump and clinton in a toss-up if the election were today. maybe why he's attacking hillary clinton through her husband, former president bill clinton, calling him the sexist one. meanwhile, senator marco rubio picked up an endorsement in a key primary state from south carolina. >> i think some get a little desperate and nasty. that's fine. we're going to continue to campaign on what i'm going to do
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>> reporter: rubio also defended his record in the senate. >> the republican it group still gains strength as george pataki dropped out last night. crews have been preparing a rink over the next week and now it's up and ready to go. jonathan hall is live at gillette with how the bruins feeling going into the big game. >> well, that's an easy one. the bruins are really pumped up for this original six match-up with the montreal canadiens and in great form last night. the highlights from td garden. the bruins take on the ottawa senators, they whipped them 7-3, local favorite jimmy haze had a great game and managed to score three goals, certainly a very memorable game for jimmy. and later on in that first period it was patrice bergeron scoring as well. he had a couple of goals last night. a very, very strong effort, a great tune-up for friday's
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outside in the elements right here in the land of the patriots. >> it's a regular season game but at the same time it's a special moment for everyone, and you want to play your best. >> this morning i was telling the guys that it was important for them to take today and tomorrow because you can't just get in the game without practice. and it's such a different atmosphere, the wind, the weather, the lighting. so you gotta find your bearings. >> and meantime, a number of the bruins, including max tailbelt and patrice bergeron had some fun earlier today. they got to didn't out on the ones. the kids are racing around the ice. the family skate is a real favorite for bruins players and staffers alike. every twist and turn. >> he entered the stadium on the ice, unbelievable. and conditioning coach was busy
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twins how to skate. >> how's it going out here? >> it's awesome. better than what it was at fenway. the reason is because i've got my two kids now. i didn't have kids then, so it makes it special. >> which is better the bruins or the patriots? >> bruins. >> dorchester native jimmy haze was having a blast relaxing out on the ice with family and friends rather than watching out from big hit opponents. he's a huge patriots fan so playing at gillette will be a treat. >> cool out here, seeing where they've won some big games. so hopefully we'll get a w. >> maybe brady will ask for your autograph. >> i'll trade him one. >> reporter: the right winner had a big night tuesday. >> scoring a hat trick in the last game before the winter classic. the family skate was icing on the cake for the local boys. >> a lot of fun, very cool. it's been on the calendar all
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excited for it and today was a great guy. -- a great day. >> we are certainly excited for it. the montreal canadiens have never played in the winter classic. the bruins of course played at fenway park six years ago and beat the flyers. what a day that was. always remember that one. >> coming up at 5:00, we're gonna hear what the patriots think of the bruins coming to town, to foxboro to play their game here. live in foxboro, i'm jonathan hall, 7news. sounds good. looks like a lot of fun up there, jonathan. the bruins will host the canadiens no the 2016 winter classic. you can watch it right here at 1:00 friday afternoon and stay with 7news for complete postgame coverage. what he had here on 7news, a little girl celebrating a very special day. how firefighters helped share some good news. >> at 4:30, a two-year search comes to an end after the remains of a man from avon were finally found. >> and comedian bill cosby
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courtroom this afternoon after being formally charged with sexual assault.
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a 6-year-old girl getting a specials court for her last round of chemotherapy. her kidney treatment is all done and now she's celebrating. >> and she was able to celebrate
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sarah french has the story. finley and cooper are... >> did they sleep at all last night? >> out their minds. >> reporter: stoked. >> what are we driving? >> the fire truck. >> reporter: this fire district in california is battling more than fires. >> this is -- can you stay here for a sec? >> reporter: they're helping a 6-year-old who has spark. >> she was quick to show off her stars and tell us what she had been going through. but that was the least of her concerns. she had a big personality. >> it's like jumping off a cliff and you have no idea what's below you. >> reporter: finley's father says the cancer diagnosis came last june. >> we're taking out a tumor from her kidney tomorrow. >> reporter: through it all... >> what do i get from new. >> a hug. >> how about a kiss. >> reporter: family, friends... >> one, two, three... >> reporter: and finley's firefighters who are driving her to the last chemotherapy session. >> i really don't know weigh
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it's been amazing. [ sirens ] >> oakland, a welcome party and the trusted hands of her surgeon. >> being part of this team and becoming part of this family is something really special and it's what makes my job something really special. >> she reminds us what is really important and that's helping people. >> i think i have my courage. >> you got your courage? >> i think. >> the fire fighting crew stayed with finley through her entire chemo treatment and then took her home monday afternoon. in the newsroom, i'm sarah french, 7news. is. coming up, heading south for the winter. some special animals are heading to florida. >> and then at 4:30, pilot problems in seattle. officials launching an
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landed on a taxi way instead of a runway. and ahead at 5:00, preparing for first night fun in boston. how officials here will be keeping close watch tomorrow announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> take a look at this. 50 endangered sea turtles are heading south for the winter. they were pulled from tanks at the new aquarium and put on a plane to florida. they will continue to rehab at marine park in florida. and what a good time for them to head south because we dealing with winter finally arriving here. temperatures really tanking. >> yeah, they have the right idea but this is expected this time of the year and we did get to enjoy some unseasonable weather for a while. it was time for winter to come, right, chris. >> yeah, it was delayed but not denied.
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very shallow layer of cold air stuck down near the surface all day long and unfortunately we haven't been able to break the freezing mark 28 to 30 out through worcester and south of the city of boston it's still below freezing all the way down 24 to west bridgewater over to attleboro as well as portions of bristol county and plymouth county. but not all, you go tote plymouth and down to the cape and islands, there are the temperatures, mid-30s to lower 40s. the hope was that we would get the wind to mix up the atmosphere a little bit and watch these numbers warm into the mid-30s but that didn't happen. there's air above the freezing mark. because temperatures are stuck near or below the freezing mark, another freezing rain in place
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there have been pockets of fog and a light mist but not a lot of precipitation at this hour. eventually we'll watch showers blossom in east pennsylvania and that will work in later on this evening, especially anytime after 8:00, 9:00 this evening. visibility right now, locally dense fog out through the worcester hills southwestern connecticut and northeastern connecticut and there is that low-level moisture in place. may catch a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle in here over the next few hours but a better chance of some of the steadier showers working in anytime after 8:00, 9:00, through worcester county and perhaps as late as 10:00 in the city of boston and again some of this could be freezing rain temperatures going the other way tonight. once we get past midnight, we'll gradually warm and you can see the temperatures going above freezing along the coastline.
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little bit to the southeast although the air is tough to scour out here. tomorrow, higher confidence of getting some thawing and melting of the skating rinks out there on the driveways because temperatures expected to jump up into the 40s. so could get a nice shower first thing in the morning otherwise seven-day is quiet. maybe a snowshower early monday with an arctic front coming through. some cold weather ahead inspect seven-day forecast, especially by monday and tuesday. it's time for a check of the roads with joe stapleton. >> the zakim bridge, 93 northbound and southbound, headlights are heading southbound and doing that very slowly towards the expressway. 93, the brake lights and taillights are heading up into the area of 360 and medford.
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93 making your way up to route 128 and out through woburn. after this spot, 93 not moving too badly back by route 495. the masspike, exit 17 not moving too badly there. a few pockets out by 128 and working your way out to the natick and framingham areas. southbound on the expressway, a tight ride near freeport street stays heavily all the way to braintree. joe stapleton, 7news. next, a convenience store clerk rob the at gunpoint. down. and a driver facing serious charges after posting a disturbing video on facebook and defendants. and bill cosby appearing in a pennsylvania courtroom. he's now formally charged with sexual assault. plus, police release more information about a deadly collision in new hampshire. four secret service agents are hit head-on while on duty.
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