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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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car full of weapons discovered outside gillette stadium. that suspect is set tofation a judge. >> breaking news from overnight. one person wounded another under arrest after an overnight stabbing in barry. the pat's poise to make a play off run. they won't have the top seed. it's 9:00 on this frigid monday morning. thanks for making us a part of your day. i'm chris anderson. >> i'm sarah french. we'll have your top stories in a moment. it's so cold outside winter is finally here. i'm surrounded by chris's this morning. producer chris as well. you can't get confused with anyone's name around here.
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yes it's a cold air mass in place. close to seasonal levels. but the air getting colder as we go throughout the day. in fact arctic air pressing from the north and light snow from worcester down to the black stone valley close to 495. some of this now pressing in. coating to half an inch of snow over the next hour or so. bristol county then once we get into the afternoonual watch the transition of this phasing away. however the ocean effect snow will take over and this where we see most of the accumulation. we have the coating of snow this morning. overall this morning this afternoon through tonight most of the snow showers and snow squalls will be down across the cape and island perhaps a few inches there and look at the temperatures starting off this morning in up thor 20s by the time we get into this evening close to 20 by 7:00 p.m. single digits tonight. windchills in the are below zero.
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now for a look at the roadways. here's daniel gursh. how is it looking out there. causing some delay from brain tree split into expressway. south of town looks good. south of 28 pretty slow but the rest of your ride looking good this morning. no delays to talk about. then you are stop and go into boston from 128 north of town route 93 looks good. back to 495. summerville into boston. let's look the braintree split into boston northbound 20 minutes. from 128 over 20 minutes on 93 southbound from 128 to zacem bridge. if you take the t the blue line has some minor delays but
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minor delays on the red line and the orange line. back to you guys. thanks. happen today a man getting ready to face a judge. this after police found a stash of weapons in his car. alternate the time of the winter classic. nicole oliverio live in renthem with more on the charges this man is now facing. nicole? >> what is still unclear why the man had the weapons. but we know the man will go before a judge and renthem later this morning. officers arrested management you just two hours before the winter classic. they found swords a stun gun. a meet cleaver and other weapons inside his car. according to investigator his car parked in off site parking lot. he doesn't work himself at gillette.
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to fan attended the winter close. he is facing charges of assault with dangerous weapon. he was just brought into court a minute ago. hopefully his arraignment will happenon this morning. that's the latest live in renthem. 7news "today in new england." a 20-year-old women accused of abconducting a toddler. accused of abducting this 2-year-old from her back in november. she used to baby-sit that child. she was order to undergo examination and the judge is expected to rule if she will be eligible to posts bail. the everett man accused of violently attacking boston police officer will be arraigned. investigator say this 23-year-old andrew bowman approached this officer near city hall on new year's day and started punching the officer in the face. that officer was not seriously injured. >> one person is injured and another under arrest after
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massachusetts. let's head out live to victoria warren to be latest. vicki. >> the victiming in the hospital after a man found the victim bleeding and lying in driveway overnight and called 911. police are still investigating this stabbing. happened after midnight. the woman got in the car with another man. that's when he said he went outside and found the bleeding man in his driveway. the man was rushed to the hospital and they found the suspect andwomen nearly a mile away. suspect was arrested and there's report that the women also went to the hospital with less serious injuries. there's no information on how the victim is doing this morning. we're told that his injury are considered nonlife threatening. again the suspect under arrest in barry and he will appear before a judge later this morning.
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victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." we're following more news this morning a lawrence man set to face charges after he allegedly drove away from traffic stop and then dragged a state trooper. the incident happened on 93 south where this man was drive thing car. according to the investigators he drove away taking this trooper with him. the trooper was pulled a short distance before he was able to get free. he was not hurt and then chased after this man another trooper finally arrested that suspect in everett. the patriot's unable to seal the deal. it's on to play off. new england limping into the postseason losing four games since thanksgiving. sundays a loss dashed the hope. here's trey taste dare with more from south florida. the offense uninspiring the
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the game patriot put forth lackluster effort. >> we were disappointed we didn't win the game. we have a lot of the work to dodd. we know we have to play better. we didn't do well today. we definitely got to get ready to go. there's no more next game. we have to amp it up and get ready to go. they had to do with without tom brady. >> i'm pretty sore. we're all right. not just brady that will have to be wetter for team heading be into postseason having lost two state. if you lose you have to work hard and prepare and get a win next week especially now.
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will matter. noting will matter. play. >> poor performance from patriot's if there's one positive for this game it's on the injured front three premier player going to be back perhaps the most notably julian edelman giving a main weapon back on offense. 7news "today in new england." breaking overnight stock markets across asia took a hit especially in china. they suspended trading about 90 minutes after the worst ever start to year for the country. stocks dropped 7% after weak manufacturering survey scared investors. to the race for the white house. republican front-runner donald trump has released first television ad campaign airing in iowa and new hampshire this 30-second clip focus us on immigration. he will spend 2 million a week on tv ads. and a busy campaigning day
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as donald trump head to lowell. bill clinton will be in the granite state on behalf of his wife hillary clinton and of course all eyes will with on those two campaigns after a war of word reignited over the weekend. here's 7's jennifer eagon with more. it will be bill clinton's first solo campaign event for his wife. he is so excited about coming back backite state. the worst thing hillary could do have her husband campaign for her. just watch. trump in the clintons have been friends. the clintons attended trumps third wedding. but that's not stopping the republican front runner. >> it hasn't been a pretty picture for her or for bill. i'm the only one willing to talk about his problems. i mean what he did and what he has gone through. i think is frankly terrible especially if she wants to play the woman. it's an issue hillary clinton faced yesterday when a new hampshire state
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shouting questions about her husband's sex scandal. you are very rude. and i'm not going to call on you. >> meanwhile trump found himself on the defensive after the al qaeda affiliate based in africa use trumped propose ban in recruiting video. >> they use other people too. what am i going to do. i have to say what i have to say. clinton had slammed trump inflammatory comment on the m ka pain trail. offensive. bill clinton has the event in nashua then he moves to ex-derr, new hampshire. donald trump has anent in lowell tonight in nashua, 6 news, "today in new england." the national transportation safety board releasing knew of the al face faro wreck. investigator say they still haven't located the mass which
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keith griffin jeffrey ma is this all with ties to massachusetts were among the 33 crewmembers of course now presumed dead. investigator say they are considering launching a second search to locate the data recorder. still ahead this morning. a fight over rancher right continues now the fbi is hoping for a peaceful end to this stand off that's happening in oregon. a deer in danger. a man diving into action to pull off the icy river rescue. feeling like winter around here from snowflakes out there as well as much colder air moving in. we'll forecast the cold tonight. we'll show you thousand h bruins fan had a chance to skate with one of the team's biggest stars.
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>> 9:13. make sure you bundle up today. it's cold. the temperatures are dropping out there.
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outside it will remind you to go grab the coat. it's getting colder. you walk tout door and you say it doesn't feel that bad this morning. the truth be told it wasn't that cold this morning. it was cold and certainly compared to what we've seen this winter. the numbers going down for the ride home from work. these numbers closer to upper teens to near 20 degrees. that 28 in boston about as warm as we'll be all morning long take a look at the wind speed out of the north. they are consistent. 10 to 15 miles per hour. driving down a wind chill factor running in the teens. it's feeling colder and colder outside. as the wind chill factor earliner the 20 now back into teens. single dilths later today and perhaps below zero tonight. the other thing we're watching couple of snowflakes out there. patchily light snow through southern worcester county into rhode island. a lot of this the tapering off. you get across southeastern mass.
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most of it to the south and west of tauton easing way to east. with the ashlthic air and dry air moving in that will cut off any moisture and snow across the interior. however, with that arctic air passing over the relatively warm ocean water that will enhance the opportunity for some ocean effect snow because of that there's winter weather advisory for the cape down in nantucket as well until tomorrow morning for occasional snow squalls reducing the visibility and dropping some accumulating snow. you can see that on the forecast model here how much is far southeastern plymouth county through the cape and island as we go through the next 24 hours or so. by tomorrow afternoon most of that is over with and done with. this afternoon through tomorrow. not a lot. we make catch an occasional snow shower. that's about it. we have the coating of snow. south of pike. coastal plymouth county and perhaps few inch of snow across the cape later today tomorrow
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some snow squalls. the other thing is cold air that will be pouring in here. yeses it's cold. today temperature in the 20s. but look at the numbers tonight. digits. 11 degrees in the city of boston. five in worcester. coldest air we've seen since last march. that's what is going on necessarily. the weather wyatt. for more where this is coming thanks. you will definitely need the code around new england tonight. we stay below freezing right around where you need the umbrella out west. snow sfaling to either. and this is just the beginning of a very wet week. we have series of storms a series of low pressure system toward the gulf of alaska and these are going to bring rain across the west throughout the week.
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another system and this is just going to continue parts of southern ka could see 2-3 inch of rain by the time this is said and done. some of this energy breaks off and could impact our forecast by the week. we'll wait for several day before some of this gets back to the east coast. you take a look. this is welcome rain. this the welcome to the state of california considering the dry conditions they've gone through. tomorrow afternoon right through friday some of that storminess was talking about will be on saturday. marginal cold air left around. caught on camera daring river rescue in mun min after a man decides to walk out on thin ice literally to save a deer. he was driving home when he spotted this animal in trouble on frozen river. he climbed on to ice himself.
9:18 am
deer out of the water into safety in the video he took of this rescue went viral despite the danger he said he is glad that he stopped to help this animal out. i wouldn't just ignore it. dismissed it. it would have eaten at me and felt the sense of guilt. i would september thinking this for years to come that i should have rescued this deer. he gave this deer a fitting name calling h miss ice river. still ahead on "today in new england" a stand off in oregon we're talking about ranchers taking on the government over their right. why they say they aren't being fair and now the fbi has stepped in. >> also this morning cancer survivor gets the chance of a lifetime to hit the ice with a
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>> going story out of oregon. anti government activist taking over government compound. they are protesting the arrest of two local ranchers. these two demonstrator the group of them are now occupying a wildlife reserve and a federal building there and they are standing their ground. this will become a base place for them to be housed here and live here. and we're planning to stay here for several years? a group of armed protestor taking over the mallar national
9:22 am
a nevada rancher known for 2014 stand off with federal authorities over grazing right. >> we're here only to promote the constitution the supreme law of the land and to help the people reestablish their right >> the latest stand off started after weeks of tension and peaceful protest on saturday. dozen rallying in support of dwight and steve hammond two oregon rancher facing jail time for lighting fires on federal land. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. it seems like a bit over overkill. they already served time before a judge ruled it wasn't enough. they wanted to stand up for their right. we would be right by the side. the attorney said they will report to federal prison on monday and that the bundys don't speak for them. off. the sheriff has warned people to stay away from the refuge. but so far officials including the two fbi have kept a low
9:23 am
they can't let people come in there at will. they won't get violent unless the government does. but some local worry it won't end well. people are afraid. as the militant promise they won't back down. >> protestor broke into the refuge building after their march saturday. they have been there ever since. officials say there are no government employees in that building. when 7news "today in new england" returns meet a local family who got to lace up their skates and take to ice alongside bruins great and special session at the garden. >> really neelt story. and new at 9:30 are you feeling lucky? be sure you get a powerball ticket. we'll tell you how big this jackpot is. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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special story here. local cancer survivor and her father has a chance to lace up ice skate and take the ice sunday. they get a chance to skate at the garden alongside one of the bees top stars in a moment nay will never forget. elizabeth norecca has their story. a dream come true at the garden. a 20-year-old kaensz survivor with the once in lifetime opportunity to take the ice with one of bruins best all thanks to massachusetts health connector. my mom entered us into a contest with the health connector. 50 people got to come here. she was diagnosed with lymphoma early last year. they ended up bonding over the bees and stephany's family said
9:27 am
pretty good special for the staff. her first time in skates and could not have gone better. >> well, almost, the wax who concurred cancer starting new year on much brighter note. elizabeth norecca 7news "today in new england." event so successful that the massachusetts health connector hopes to make an annual event. i think it's great the player get involved in this for the people. >> they get rewarded by seeing the smiles and seeing how happy they made them. that's pretty cool. so much more ahead when we return on 7news "today in new england." we talk patriots and they are ready to hit the reset buttop for the play off after the tough road loss in miami. we'll look how the play off picture is shaping up. we see the coldest air so far of the. the battle between new york state and fantasy sports web
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home-field advantage the thing of the past for the pat. dolphin take them down hard on the road after another play off run. a hamilton women headed to court after police say she abducted the little girl she used to baby-sit. teenager rushed to the hospital after shot rang out in everett. now police want to find the person who pulled the trigger. welcome back everybody. it's 9:30. you better bundle up. it's still cold. i was looking at 27-day forecast. i think you forget something. >> you want to go back to christmas eve, i will put the zero. no typo on this one. unfortunately a lot of us seeing single digit weather by tomorrow morning. call average of 7 for low. 28 in boston now.
9:31 am
we have the 1 in front of that 7. low 20s across merrimack valley up into southern new hampshire. mid 30s across the cape. big difference of temperature from north to south. we will continue to press the cold air in here from north to south. had a little bit of light snow from worcester east through medway close to city of boston down south. that's now dissipating here. coating of snow early this morning. south of the mass pike. otherwise we watch most of the snow showers and snow squall develop this afternoon. tonight into early tomorrow morning across the cape and island we have squall dropping a few inch of snow there. more on that forecast and how cold tonight coming up in a bit. >> we're talking football this morning. not the monday we were hoping for. unable to seal the deal. off to play off for the pats. new england limping into postseason losing four games since thanksgiving. that's good.
9:32 am
oliverio has more from gillette. the only thing worse that going into play off the patriot have to do with injured tom brady. i'm pretty sore. tb twelve took a few good hits. brady said he's okay. offense yesterday wasn't. we're trying to be effective and you know move the ball down the field. score points. we're not doing a good job of it. >> denver won. securing the number one seed and homefield advantage through out the play-offs. that means the road to the super bowl could lead to another brady manning match-up. the patriots lost their last two game including the 2014 afc championship game. >> we got to play well in two weeks from now. that's all that matters. it's one game. we have to play well. hopefully in two weeks when the
9:33 am
play-offs you will be doing with julian edelman. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." also on 7 man accused of bringing several weapons to gillette stadium is set to face a judge today. officers arrested that man matthew bromson a few hours before the winter classic. police say they found swords, stun gun. meat clever and other weapons. there's a picture of items. according to investigator his car parked in the off site parking lot for stadium employees. stadium. breaking overnight a man injured after overnight stabbing. police say the victim ran nearly a mile until someone heard him screaming for help and called 911. suts suspect arrested a short time later. he's expected to be arraigned in court today. happen today a 21-year-old woman accused of abducting a toddler. she's accused of abducting the 2-year-old from her hamilton house in november. she was the girl's former
9:34 am
hanna was ordered to undergo psychological examination and judge expected to rule today if she will be eligible to post bail. right now police are searching for a suspect accused of shooting teenager in everett. according to the district attorney's office 19-year-old shot early sunday morning. rushed to the hospital in critical condition. boston police shutting down a section of western avenue yesterday after finding a suspicious backpack there. the bomb squad called in and bomb sniffing dog also to investigate what this was when officer opened up that backpack they determined that nothing dangerous was inside. new detail on serious atv crash on new year's eve. two boy injured in the crash are morning. the 7-year-old fractured his leg and will need more surgeries. a 6-year-old also hurt in the crash. the 32-year-old man who lost his leg remains in critical condition. "boston globe" newspaper heading out this morning after
9:35 am
it was all hands on deck for globe employee sunday after many of them worked through the night delivering those newspapers to their customers. the globe has had issue with new delivery company and some customer reported problem getting their paper. everyone from reporters to editor joined forces with the delivers to fix the problem one doorstep at a time. according to the globe the new company hired hasn't -- doesn't have enough driverer yet to cover every route and could take 4-6 months before everything is back to normal. plainville look for your help tracking down owner of this wedding room. someone found the 14-carot band. if you know who is miss thing ring police want you to give them a call. >> also this morning the site of last months san bern din yoi rampage will reopen today. there's tighter secure as #00
9:36 am
center head back to work the building where the shooting took place closed indefinitely. 14 people were killed 22 others injury. memorial service will be held to honor those victims. the center has been closed since syed face farook and his wife opened fire. many of the victims were coworker of his who were at the center for a straining session holiday party. on the president's agenda the first family back at home in washington, d.c. today which means president obama is back to work. they were on family vacation in hawaii the president said he's looking forward to getting started on his final year as president and he's wasting no time getting right back to the duties. today he's scheduled to meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss way to reduce gun violence. expected to take executive action to strengthen background checks. this coming ahead of president
9:37 am
address which is set for next tuesday. a mississippi council man coming under fire after police officers. >> he said he is fed up with law enforcement. now he standing by those controversal comments. nick emmons has this story. he told me he can't fight the statements that they made. it's completely ignorance. a mississippi county sheriff brooinlt bailey said what jackson council man told reporter thursday was highly stokes statement came after police chase someoned into a neighborhood in his district. >> what i suggest we get the black leadership together. as they come into jackson we throw rocks and bricks. we don't want you in here. stokes claim that race is a factor in jackson saying the majority of citizen are black and the majority of law enforcement from outside jurisdictions are white.
9:38 am
after people who xhirt small misdemeanors. they are not chasing murderers or kidnapper or bank robber. they are chasing someone who may have stole some candy. we will endanger all the citizens in jackson because this person feels that a misdemeanor is important. violence against police officers. reaction on social media and swift. that's why we are here in unity saying we don't agree with it. statement. we stand unified against that activity. if i have someone throwing a bottle at me. it's a threat to my life to my health and safety. to me he's inside inseattling some innocent young person that
9:39 am
get hurt because of him. 7news "today in new england." mississippi governor phil bryant said an investigation will look now into whether the statement should be considered criminal threats. also this morning the battle between new york state and two major fantasy sports site is heating up. they head back to court today to fight claim their illegal gambling site. new york attorney general demand they return the millions of dollar they made in the state last year. they cause them advertisement misleading and said both company operate like casino by taking percentage from the users. the outcome of the suit could have an impact in other states. still ahead this morning, stay with us dramatic moment caught on camera when a police girl.
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wednesday jackpot is now 400 million. the game sixth biggest prize officials say the chance of picking the winning numbers are about 1-in 300 million. think of it that way. what would you buy? >> i would probably just purchase a nice vacation. does that count? >> two an island? you can fly us all down there. we will come hang out with you. thinking maybe a heating garage and driveway. no more shovelling here in new england. head south for winter. 28 in boston right now in 22 worcester. 22 nashua, new hampshire. a little bit mild and relatively speaking. that will change northwester i will wind steady at 15 miles per hour. dragging in that cold air from the north and the windchill factor right now down into the teens. feels like 17 in boston. 13 bedford.
9:44 am
yes we've had light snow breaking out this morning. still some patchy light snow just south and west of city of wore dreser. right there at the mass pike 84 exchange. that's sliding to east. likely seeing a little bit sliver of light snow that will try to work into worcester and black stone valley once again although some snow we had south of the mass pike toward foxboro and franklin that has sort of tapered off a little bit in terms of its intensity. although a lot of locations picking up a quick coating of snow this morning. winter weather advisory for the cape and nantucket. the reason for that as the arctic air moves across the warm ocean waters it's unstable set up and we have moisture snow showers and snow squalls. they line up in the fine lines and sometime they waiver around a little bit. you can be partly sunny in one town then all of a sudden move a couple of towns over and hit a and slick roads. we will watch for that.
9:45 am
have that later today. tonight and even into tomorrow morning. and that's where the best chance of picking up a few inch of snow will be isolated higher. not out of the realm of possibility. i don't think the entire cape will see 3-4 inch of snow. even a coating of snow south of the mass pike so far this morning. this afternoon i do think it's rather quiet. temperature dropping throughout the day. upper 20s. falling back into the single digit and lower teens to night. 11 in the city of boston. five in worcester. look at the windchill factor at or below zero by a few degrees tonight. that five in the city of worcester. the coldest air we've seen since back in march. for more what's going on and what we tend to see here in new england on el nino year. i'm cold looking at the graphic. out west we're keeping an eye on
9:46 am
set up. right now we have rain falling in southern california up to northern california even some snow up toward seattle and this is the pattern that will continue out west throughout the in. each day really heavy rain. part of southern california could see up to 3 inch of rain which really is a lot for that area by the time they are all said and done with this. how does this impact us? well in the past el nino winters our january snow has typically been below average. it should be around 13 inch and it's stayed that way accept for 1965 and '66 when we had above average snowfall. we're mainly talking about the frigid cold air. mostly cold air over the next couple of day. we transition out of it after tomorrow. we're stuck from the 20s again tomorrow. it's a dry day. how the is backyard skating rink. looks like we should lock up solid by tomorrow. still above freezing.
9:47 am
i don't think we have a ton of snow in the city of boston. i think it could be messy mix north and west of the city. thanks. also this morning a teenager in atlanta recoffering after she was shot by a man who was trying to steal her hover board. the suspect she and her friend tried to slam the door shut. that's when the suspect opened fire. demonstratione over a hover board. we went inside of her house. scary there. the suspect did get away with hover board. police are trying to find them. caught on camera. come here. come here. a 3-year-old girl in new mexico rescued by police after suspect steals a car with her inside. the man left the little girl in empty parking lot she wasn't hurt. police found the stolen car but
9:48 am
as you get ready to head tout door there's a bit of good news to drive to work may not be costing you as much as it does -- did last year. this year triple a estimates the average price of gallon of regular unleaded gasoline will be between $2.25 and $2.45. it saved driver $540. still ahead payton manning playing the spoiler after coming off the bench. >> double whammy for angry kicker. we will tell you what smacked
9:49 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> patriot wait to see which team will head to foxboro in the
9:51 am
new england had to settle for seed after denver beat zen. looking the wounds today to end the season. pittsburgh taking on cincinnati while kansas city will visit houston both game will be played on saturday the pats host the high remaining seed meaning the chief texan and bengals are possible opponents in the divisional round. payton manning may be leading the bronco into the postseason. future hall of famer returning sunday. replacing them in third quarter. and then he proceeded to lee denver from come-from-behind win over the charger and helping clinch homefield advantage throughout the play off >> jets didn't make it didn't make the postseason. new york controlled the own destiny. needed to beat the bills and buffalo to clinch a play off. ryan possession. buffalo coach rex ryan
9:52 am
won 22-17. not everything went well for the bills after missing a field goal attempted second quarter. kicker dan carpenter threw down helmet. it bounces back and hits in face. thankfully not hurt. maybe his pride was regular final season game of the 2015-2016 season vikings winning the nfc north. minnesota storming in to greenbay last night. beating the pat's 2013 as a result of the win. viking earn their first division title since 2009. let's look at the nfc play off bracket. pathers top seed cardinal behind both teams have bys. washington will host greenbay. those games will all be played on sunday. that second season ready to got it all down >> i have it all. >> coming up next in the buzz. new "star wars" movie a far to be wreckened with.
9:53 am
the biggest movie of all times. plenty of cold air in place over the next couple of day. forecast, ahead. what makes this simple salad the heart healthy the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
9:54 am
in the buzz jordan smith starting the new year on a high note. the visit winner announced engage to kristen she flashed ring in the boston public garden. oh, i guess we have to go online to see. >> i imagine it's beautiful. couple in the hub. saying the national anthem at the winter classic at gillette stadium on new year's day. there it is. ask and you shall receive. net flicks has new series. it will continue with 17 of your faerates.
9:55 am
marvel series luke cage reboot of the them one snikette a series of unfortunate event >> fan will get look into. the princess promise unguarded view of the prince of wales as he prepared for the organization upcoming 40th anniversary. his son prince william and prince harry also make candid appearances. the have helped hundreds of thousands of disadvantage young people receive an education and find jobs by giving them loans and meantoring them. switching gear to big screen. no big surprise. "star wars" continues the box office nomination. force awaken raked in more than
9:56 am
it to l to whopping 740 million since released right now. the new "star wars" is the second highest grossing film ever. it could bump avatar as early as today. it's cold enough to get into the theaters. it would be a good movie day. if you have the luck to stay inside. >> you just want to make sure you are not parked 500 yards away or a cold walk out there with the cold wind especially tonight. temperature going from upper 20s and lower 30s this morning back into low twenlts this afternoon. the arctic air squarely in place this afternoon into tonight. lows into single digit. wind chill factor. through tomorrow morning up to few inch across the cape. otherwise cold air it's only a quick shot. two days it's over with. i know it starts off cold wednesday but back into the low 40s by the afternoon.
9:57 am
there's much more of today show ahead. i'm sarah french. i'm chris anderson. have an awesome morning. we'll see you back here for
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