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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> 7news starts now. >> first at 6 a sunday soaker, checking out the roads in bedford. making dangerous driving conditions. >> in chelsea one driver not so lucky, a tow driver called. >> and heavy winds took down trees and power lines, and not over yet. the rain is still falling right now. >> the question is when will this stop and what is the latest on this storm.
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here but southeastern mass with 2.5 inches of rainfall, everyone else between 1-2 inch. these systems are high moving. check out this line of thunderstorms approach from new york stay. it's weakening as it's moving through. not bring us the thunder and lightning but i believe we are in for steady downpours as that line moves through. after that we are done. high's today impressive. mid to upper 50s. were there records broken? yes, in worcester 56 broke the record of 53. not quite in boston, temperatures holding steady. remind ourselves it's still january and wind advisory in effect through 7 p.m.
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falling temperatures through the overnight hours. and by daybreak we are below freezing and what is wet will refreeze. take it easy. 27 to 34 are ouro lows. and breezy and blustering with highs, and cover in more detail and talk about the next chance of accumulating snow, could be the case in a few minutes. >> following breaking news, julia ataman is cleared to play. >> after missing several weeks of action, putting focus with the chiefs.
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pats are getting him ready with a steel plate in the left show, and this is according to an nfl source. edelman edelman's bone has healed but to protect the foot a steel plate in edelman's shoe to prevent him from pushing off that shoe. the good news for the patriots, that edelman has done that and will play against the chiefs. the chiefs are red hot fresh off of a 30-0 win over houston, riding a game winning streak latest season. belichick said today that even though a lot of game has passed that film will be helpful.
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performance by kansas city, i am sure there are things from that game they try to do or want to do, did in this game and have to take that into consideration. >> so with edelman set to go the patriots will host the chiefs on saturday. more on 7 news. >> motel in sturbridge early this morning, the fire started at a motel room at 4 a.m. and more from kelly. >> luckily no one hurt but this property was destroyed. and you see it's fenced up and
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longer here but it was a scary scene. this historic inn was woke up through the night. and firefighters tell us they got the call at 4 a.m., when they got here they found cars on fire look with the property. three people were trapped, one in the front of the building and two in the back, but luckily they were rescued and got out safely. one woman that we spoke to said that her sister got married yesterday and it's a frightening scene. >> we had family from all come in and woke up at 3:30 in the morning, banging on the door, and there is trucks everywhere and my family is in pajamas, oh, our stuff is in flames. not something that you expected for a wedding. >> you see one of these lodges destroyed on the historic property. one firefighter exhausted but
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again the fire started on the utside of the building, live in sturbridge. >> two boys recovering in a rescue. the 9 and 11 year-old were walking near a pond and fell through the ice. good samaritans and firefighters pulled the boys out of the water. >> it could be my kids or nephews, i am thankful for what they did, i pray those two kids are okay. >> tonight we have learned that the 11 year-old is in critical condition, and the superintendent released a statement saying this... counselors and support staff will be at school on monday to help if needed.
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hillary clinton picking up a key endorsement, planned parenthood showing support. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking the stage at southern new hampshire university at the cheers of supporters. >> i am so honored to accept this endorsement of the planned parenthood action fund. >> and in front of the crowd, speaking of reproductive rights for all americans, the secretary of state took aim of republicans in the speech, what could happen if a counterpart won in november. and addressed climate change and equality for women. >> we can win this election and build that better future, and yes indeed a future where a father can tell his daughter, you can be anything you want to united states. >> clinton supporters say they
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in the white house, this time as commander and chief. >> it really identified for me who my candidate should be. >> we have a very strong candidate for the presidential office and stand for women across the country and with planned parenthood. >> new details on powerballs jumbo jackpot, if you haven't checked your tickets, don't get your hope up, no one won, and billion. and in boston there is a winning ticket sold. >> reporter: there are usually a million reasons to play powerball, make that a billion reasons to buy that ticket.
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$900 million prize. billion. >> i would buy barbados. >> i would buy a sports team. >> people lined across the country to buy their tickets. officials say that 75% of all possible number combinations were played, but not the winning combination. >> you never know, if you don't spend the number. >> no one took home the grand prize, there were 21, $1 million winners, including someone that bought a ticket here. the store owner happened to produce that ticket.
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>> the odds of you winning wednesday's powerball jackpot, 1:300,000,000. >> boston police investigated the first homicide of 2016, a man killed in east boston. the victim was shot on falcon street. the police are still working to identify the victim, so far no arrests made. and police are looking for suspects in an over-night stabbing in mattapan. the investigation is active, no word on the condition of the victim. >> following more news today weymouth police officer is involved in a head-on crash.
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nearby hospital and released. the other driver charged with dui driving. a 62 year-old man was hit and killed yesterday. and the driver is charged with numerous charges, including leaving the scene of the accident. coming up the global globe awards. >> and staying top of the breaking news, edelman cleared
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>> right now it is go time for some of hollywood's biggest stars. a live look outside of the
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who we can spot. didn't see anybody. but it's a big night tonight, the golden globe awards will be handed out. >> all eyes will be on the red carpet. >> the golden globes are always free reeling. and host ricky gerbois is all about that. this year that unpredictability extends to the competition. >> there is no true front-runners in any race. >> the 50's romance, carol has the most nominations. five including the best drama, but it's not necessarily the favorite. >> i think that the spotlight could win by a hair, or mad max.
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>> and the race could come down to comedy. >> it's a race of martien or too short. >> sylvester stallone could provide a highlight. >> to have him come back in a movie as great as creed, that tonight. >> this golden globe is sure to be full of surprises. >> catch the golden globes here and then catch the news after the golden globes. >> wet weather today and windy as well, and all of that ramping down and run through the timeline and a chance for snow coming up in week, next in the forecast. >> and next in sports, a match
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belichick shares his forecast. and as we reported in the show, days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne >> now 7 weather. >> what a day for us, more like a spring rainstorm than a wintertime rainstorm, wasn't snow, just rain. and we are breathing a sigh of relief, this line is impressive, tracking quickly, 50 miles per hour from west to east but petering out as it moves through. and i want to pause and show embedded downpours, while it's pulling apart and losing its steam there a chance to get a bucket of rainfall. and by 8 or 9 o'clock tonight we
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and the clouds clear out and then the blustering winds and lake-effect winds are going and could be in for a few patchy flurries. 60 in norwood, and our winds out of the south, and still a chance that temperature in boston could record. but at this point we haven't done it, old record of 56, and worcester did break an old record of 53. we could have 20-30 miles per hour wind gusts. falling temperatures overnight and possible areas of ice forming. you see those temperatures below. and that happens quickly overnight tonight, and by the time in for the monday morning commute, what is wet now could likely be frozen tomorrow. use caution on the roads.
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storm, but talking about the cold air to the west, and now that is pushing in to settle in this week, and here is that cold air, boy. it's going to settle in and make things more seasonal for us and a couple of below-normal days. and tomorrow you will notice a difference, and then next best chance of snow is this system. it's a quick-moving system on tuesday, and look at tuesday afternoon, in for a coating of inch or two of snow, but these are light snow showers, through the evening hours and a breezy, blustering day on wednesday. feeling more like winter. and down the road next weekend there could be something brewing, details unclear. stay tuned and we will keep you posted.
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>> patriots receiver, julian edelman has the green light after spending two last weeks getting comfortable with steel plate in left shoe, according to nfl source, plate was build into the shoe, he has had to adjust the way that he makes cuts and has done that and will play against the chiefs. the patriots to host the hottest team, chiefs. cincinnati is out and chiefs rolling into foxborough riding a 11-game winning streak.
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for the chiefs, macklin had an mri and he suffered an ankle sprain and listed day-to-day, with our without kc is a test for belichick and the pats. >> they are a well coached game. yesterday's game was a typical kansas city game, a lot of turnovers on defense, and none on offense. no capitalizing on mistakes, didn't make many, they have won games doing that. >> the tale of the tape, one of th best offense against the defense that thrives on taking the ball away. the patriots win in the passing different, kc is second in the league, plus 14, and 15 give aways in the regular season.
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7, thanks to 14 give-aways for the season. and watch the sports extra, joining us in studio and get you set for the patriots and chiefs next saturday, that is tonight at 11:25. the vikings hosting seattle, and seahawks clinging to a 10-9 include and walsh lining up a field goal and hooks had left. and seahawks take on the panthers next sunday. and nets holding their first-round pick and hoping that brooklyn stays off nets, and nets firing hollins announcing king. brooklyn has lost nine straight
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with the third worse record in the nba. brooklyn off. and b's with a dominating win over the devils on friday, and followed by a disappointing loss last night in ottawa. the bruins have 47 points, seven
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