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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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street an elemenry school. it comes the same week as a shooting threat there and that's leaving parents reeling. i can't even say how mad i am. you know what i mean? tears come to my eyes because my poor daughter has to deal with this. you know? we send them to school to be safe. really? it's just like, come on. it's very scary. there is, have you so many people, i mean, who does that? who just calls a school and says they are going to bomb it with everybody's kids in it. it's terrible. two other threats of a different sort. one at quabbin high school in ba bar red e where a student record recorded another student had a gun no. one was allowed to leave the school. there was a shelter in place order until someone was detained detained. then in chelsea last night, school officials found a threatening note about something happening today. police searched the building last night and added more police
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now again we understand that massachusetts state police and the f.b.i. are involved in the investigation to figure out if all of these are connected and we are now learning late details that in maryland, very similar accidents were happening at school there as well. recording live from arlington, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: following breaking news right now a judge has rejected a bid for a new trial for convicted boston marathon the decision coming down just moments ago. this comes as a judge also ordered tsarnaev to pay more than $100 million to the victims of the bombings. while it's unlikely he will never be able to pay that kind of money, $100 million, he will have to continue to pay whatever money he has for the foreseeable future . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather and a nor'easter style storm brewing some trouble for new england. so what does it mean for you tailgate interns tomorrow's playoff game in foxboro? meteorologist bri eggers standing by what time table for us . doesn't look like it should
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more wet than wintry but we do have a winter weather advisory in effect for inland areas outside of 128 up through the 95 hampshire. that starts at 11:00 p.m. noon tomorrow. here is the storm system we're talking about. hugging the coastline as we move through the overnight hours and that also can start to bring us some wet weather just past midnight which could actually put down a nice glaze of ice on those untreated surfaces in northern worcester county overnight. but look at all of this green on this forecast model until we reach the morning hours tomorrow colder air tries to work in, could lay down some accumulation of some wet slushy snowfall, so that's something we'll be waving out for tomorrow as well i'm coating to two inches mainly 95. rain for all of the rest of us and this is a lot of wet weather but for the pats game, dry. you will only need the umbrella for tailgating. we'll get to that forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: the patriots gearing up for a clash with kc
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you don't have next week to heal, right? >> reporter: injuries a chief concern in fox beau . we put everything we have and turn it up . >> reporter: kansas city and new england in a divisional show down . >> anchor: so the count down is on, new england set for a battle with the kansas city chiefs . anticipation has been building all week. we begin coverage with trey daerr live at gillette for us. tre? adam, kip, the new england patriots steppeding pretty much all off season defending their reputation and they came out of 2015 in a big way. winning their first ten games, most of which in dominating fashion but then the injury bug kind of caught up to them and they close out 2015 at just two and four. however, if history is any indication, we can be at anticipating patriots come out of the gate strong on saturday. the bye week is where belichick and brady are at their best. the patriots averaging 41 points per contest in each of their last four divisional round wins advancing to the afc
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blowing out teams in three of those four games. now of course injuries going to be a bit of a concern this week for the game as we bring in alex corddry, rob gronkowski now picking up a ton of headlines but he is not the only guy . >> anchor: he is not but it looks like just nine weeks after breaking his left foot julian edelman will be back in the lineup on saturday as the patriots begin their playoff run and the wide receiver says even if he is not completely healthy, he promises to give it his all. i want to go full throttle regardless so if it goes it, goes . >> anchor: after opening the week with encouraging news regarding the health of julian edelman, things quickly take a turn for the worst in the foxboro when reports surfaced about chandler jones's bizarre visit to the foxboro police station sunday morning and incident he addressed yesterday . i want to apologize to the fans an all of the support but this weekend is probably going to be i'm focusing on having probably the biggest game of my
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like i sad i made a stupid mistake and hopefully it can just blow by . news on the feel not much better with a knee and back injuries keeping rob grokowski out of two break pisses this week. if there is one team well e quip. >>the patriots . >> reporter: other guys who haven't been here before they just kind of follow along and just kind of follow those older guys. the tom's, all of the guys that has kind of been here . >> anchor: those lead verse done their best all week to stress the urge see of saturday saturday's game against the red hot chiefs . we better be ready to gos a asoon as we take that field because if we're not, they can make you pay . you don't have next week to get it right so we work hard to get to this point. and we have to have our best week, great teamwork playing. looking at the chiefs they are just the second team since the afl and nfl merger to make the playoffs after a one and five start. they have faced their fair share of adversity this season after the start of their season and
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running back jamal charles . also, patriots with a pretty good track record against teams with a long whipping streak. the chiefs who won 11 straight fogged off the steelers all the way back in 20205 and charger in 2006 may be a good indication they can advance to a fifth straight afc championship game. reporting live here at i willest stadium, trey daerr, 7 news . >> anchor: well, pats nation is definitely ready to rumble. fans fired up hoping new england sends a strong message to tomorrow. pats are running into this red shot chiefs team but fans are positive showing their patriot pride. dan hausle live with how fans are getting ready for game day. the fans are excited about having the old gang back together. all their favorite players but they know at the same time there are reasons to keep their guard up. go pats! >> anchor: pats fans fired up hoping all of the big names are back on the field for a big win.
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that's braid ooh's favorite weapon besides gronk so we'll have it all as well and it's available for him . what has you feeling good about this weekend? the health. having the buyoff i think it makes a big difference. >> anchor: so you this i a lot of guys are healthier than they were . we're hoping . >> reporter: fans are confident gronk will put injury guess behind him. at the have one worry it's about the guys other the other side of the field . what elements give you worries? so i mean probably the front four of kansas city . >> anchor: what gives you the most worry? the chiefs. and how bad they beat us the last time we played them . kansas city chiefs are also very good. they have been playing well and i have seen many videos of them rushing for long, rushing a lot . >> anchor: but come playoff time fans think the pats have one guy who is the difference maker . they have the quarterback to do it. mr. brady is the best.
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come out on tom and we have edelman back so we're good to go. >> anchor: we heard it time and again in brady they trust and in belichick they trust. we're live at foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: all right, thank you dan. and stay with 7 for complete coverage of the pats and play playoffs. we have live coverage starting tomorrow morning at gillette. you can join our today in new england team starting at 8:00 a.m. then tune in tomorrow night after the cardinal packers game for complete post game coverage and hopefully we'll be celebrat celebrating a move into the next . >> anchor: more news we're following a west boylstonitier is off the job and right at the investigation. detectives say the trouble in the teacher for inappropriate conduct involving a middle school student. steve cooper now with the latest latest. i get concerned as a parent but you trusted this school and the police department is doing . unsettling times for parents in west boylston. just learning that a popular teacher is the focus of a police
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improper behavior toward a student at the high school. ray douglas told us her son knows both the teacher and the student so she wants to be careful about justing to any conclusions. bringing a teacher's career or ruining a boy's reputation these are big things. and we need to take our time and be considerate and thoughtful and let the police do what they are supposed to do. leaving school it was no surprise everyone was talking about the allegation that has led to the special ed teacher being placed on administrative leave. high school senior mark campbell said the teacher is a good guy . i just thought he was a good man. i had him a teacher for, i don't know, who years i think . >> anchor: between police, district attorney and school officials no one is commenting on camera right now. and no one was home at the teacher's house. investigators are hoping to execute a search warrant to examine his computer. you don't think anybody in your neighborhood will be accused if he is accused, you
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>> anchor: for now parents are anxious for answers . disappointed of course but there is anger involved that something like this could happen. >> anchor: even though parents anxious for answers the superintendent has told all of those parents that this teacher in question isn't to have any can't with any students until this case has been resolved. in west boylston, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: new on 7 news at 6:00, controversy surrounding a campus in the midwest affecting a school in massachusetts. wheaton college in norton, mass is working to clear any confusion after receiving hate mail intended for wheaton college in illinois. the illinois school recently made headlines for putting a professor on leave after she wore a traditional head covering on that campus. the president of wheaton college in norton says the two schools may share a name but are very different.
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know that we embrace academic, religious and all kinds of freedom that may not be the case at the other wheaton college . college president dennis said they have passed along their threats to police and his administration is also responding to these messages meant for the illinois school correcting their confusion. >> anchor: coming up next here on 7 news at 6:00, a sea turtle gets beached on the south shore. we're going to tell you though how a very brave dog helped make
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>> anchor: how man's best friend helps make a big save in quincy. that sea tuttle had washed a ashore along way from hoe. so of course the turtle became strap stranded on the tripid shores of cape cod bay . >> anchor: so in addition to the special rescuers here, aquarium officials are saying that it is the further north they have rescued a sea tuttle for the month of january. jadiann thompson with more details now. a two-year-old vea was walk walking a long the beach with her owner, leea, on monday morning when she noticed something a bit odd . she basically stopped in her tracks and signaled to us that there was something in front of her . vea saw this sea tuttle washed up on the shore stranded and struggling to move. once veda saw what was wrong she immediately signaled for help . she sort of just pull her
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the turn el, looked at us again and waited for us to catch up with her . >> anchor: lea then cabbed a marine biologist she knew who was able to send a rescue crew to pick it up and bring it to the new england aquarium in quincy. aquarium workers say she spotted it in the nick of time . this new finland happening to see this sea tuttle really made a difference. because it was a really very, very cold morning . >> anchor: vea is a rescue dog, leea said that gave her the instincts to save the turtle's life . i think she was definitely had that instinct and was rescu rescuing something other then a person . the further sell doing well right now as the aquarium is calling spreada a hero . we're very confident that lagger head would not have survived another two to three hours. jadiann thompson, 7 news . >> anchor: your dog probably would have gone with his tail between its leg. mine would have been to hairs the turtle more than anything . raffi might have sniffed a
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been the hero we just saw . good dogs out there. bree, we're talking about some wet weather heading our way . wet but a bit wintery for some. we'll break it all down with the time line coming next in the
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>> anchor: without the bitter wind today things feeling a lot better. in fact, in the last hour our
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another degree or two in many spots. 39 in boston right now, 38 in norwood. a light wind east south easterly breeze is helping to warm those temperatures up and we'll get more warming with our system that's working in overnight tonight. can't see it right here, but we do have a winter weather advisor advisory in effect this and that starts at 11:00 p.m. through noon tomorrow outside of we should say west of 95 and also outside of 128. here is our system that's working in for us. it's a quick mover but it will also strengthen as it departs and drag in some cold area behind it. temperatures are really critical here. as we get that rain working in for us, scattered showers past midnight tonight, you see some spots at least with this forecast model fitchburg at 31,3 31,32 in worcester, 33 bedford. we could get some freezing rain that's when you get rain all the way through the atmosphere and then it freezes upon contact with the surface. nashua there as well to get some freezing rain there is a would potential for that and it is all rain until we hit the heavier
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5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. but notice as this system pulls away it drags in that colder air, points north and west, but look at where the terms are right now now. 36 for fitchburg, 35 worcester, at 11:00 p.m. so why do we see snow? it's colder upstairs at the surface we may not be at freezing but we could see that snow falling through the atmosphere and then accumulating more of a heavy, wet snow for us us. late tonight that's really when we get the concern for that freezing rain through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning just rain inside of 495 and then tomorrow as we get that sudden burst of colder air and wet snow moving through here, could be a coating to two inches points north and west of 495 but some of that could sneak in to the inside of 495 as well. north of the mass pike, several informs of snow up north and this is a very wet system. we're looking at an inch and a southeastern mass. nor'easter. not talking about cove after flooding concerns. winds aren't all that impressive
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april enrique caballero, cape cod, the south shore between 30 and 40 miles per hour and it stays breezy into the afternoon but we are dry for the pats forecast. temperatures holding in the mid 30's. fantastic forecast for skiers, snowboarders, anyone wanting to shred in the northeast so the forecast up north looking good but cold for monday. arctic air working in for us next week and it looks to hold on for a while. in fact, we have another shot at some snow maybe a quick one to two inches as that arctic front pushes through on monday so stay tuned for more details on that. haven't put together that snowfall forecast just yet. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast and, yes, there it is, the cold backyard ice rinks will be setting up nicely next week. >> anchor: coming to you live from gillette stadium where we are now less than 24 hours away from kickoff with the patriots playoff game against the chiefs and of course the biggest
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leading right up to kickoff, will rob grokowski be able to play? the patriots all world tight end missing practice twice this week dealing with a knee and back injury. the all pro tight end officially listed as questionable on the injury report. gronk reportedly receiving an injection yesterday but is expected to suit up against the chiefs. other players to note on the injury report include jewian el elman, jones, vollmer, amendola, hightower and ninkovich all listed as questionable just like gronk. aexcord rehas more on an event eventful week here in foxboro. >> reporter: it's been an interesting weeks in foxboro to say the least from off field distractions . i made a stupid mistake and hopefully can just blow by . >> anchor: to conflicting reports surrounding their all pro tight end . whether he is resting tore getting to practice, gronk is ready to been on saturday? you have to ask gronk . >> reporter: patriots have had to answer their fair share of non-football related questions
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testy heading into saturday's playoff opener against the chiefs . i could just xerox me the game plan and send it over to kansas city. it might be ease injure for all of us . with kansas city coming into foxboro riding an 11 game whiching streak the patriots say it hasn't been hard keeping their focus on the task at hand . obviously they are doing a lot of things you don't win 11 games in a row by accident and they are not a lot of things they haven't been doing well . they have a lot of great athletes. they well-coped and lay hard. they have a lot of guys that, with a lot of experience too so they are a good club . kc's top receiving threat will be a game time decision. he didn't practice all week but he did make an appearance at practice on thursday for the first time since suffering a high ankle sprain in houston. in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 sports . thank you, alex. antonio brown not as fortunate after failing to pass the
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the nfl second leading receiver ruled out by the steelers this morning for sun's divisional game in denver. brown suffering concussion late in pittsburgh's improbable come back win over the bengals. kickoff from here at foxboro set for 4:30 tomorrow between the patriots and chiefs. the bruins on the ice tonight in buffalo. puck drops set for 7:00 record recording live, trey daerr, 7 sports . >> anchor: big weekend.
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>> anchor: that's tile for 7 news at 0 clock of' adam william. >> anchor: i'm kim some have proposed for the elderly and disabled vets. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. increases benefits and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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