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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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forced and parents are on edge. >> reporter: the patriots with a game-time decision. will gronk be good to go as the pats head to the playoffs? i'm john robinson. >> i'm lisa robinson. >> and we won the powerball. >> adam: and before cashing in their ticket, they hit the "today show" first. how this power couple plans to spend their new millions. >> . night team. >> 7news at 11:00 starts now. ism we're kicking off the weekend with wet weather. as rain moves into new england tonight, in fact, by the time you wake up tomorrow, it will likely be coming down pretty hard. >> adam: could even be pouring. will it stick around for the pats' game, here's meteorologist bri eggers. >> bri: dry for the pats' game, that's the good news, but we're talking about some wintry weather, as well. that advisory goes into effect tomorrow. here's the system we're looking for. working in overnight, you can see the temperatures, worcester 31, 32 in fitchburg, 41 in boston.
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early onset, some freezing rain, will be throughout worcester county as we head into the overnight hours, and then that rain really gets cranking between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. with some colder northwest. at the end of this event, it could even bring us some slushy accumulation of snow. a coating to two inches points north and west of 495 and several inches as you get into the northern parts of new england. we'll cover this in more detail in just a few minutes. >> tonight on 7, school after school ringing the bell. >> who does that? who just calls a school and says they're going to bomb it? >> classes canceled after troubling threats. >> adam: several schools in massachusetts responding to threats today, including schools from arlington and weymouth, stretching all the way down to the cape. the night team's. >> kimberly: in arlington live with more for us. kimberly? >> kimberly: i can tell you tonight the f.b.i. and police are trying the connect the dots. what they know at this hour is that all of the schools that were threatened were all large
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they have a lot of students and staff and all of these calls were made between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00. >> just scared. >> kimberly: emotions raw for parents and students across massachusetts after schools in almost a dozen towns got bomb threats called in by an automated machine. who does that? who calls a school and says they're going to bomb it with children in it? >> kimberly: the calls began around noon friday, both abigail adams and chapman middle schools in weymouth received threats and immediately cleared the billing. ava was many math class at the time. >> they said, evacuate right now. it's not a drill. >> kimberly: students and staff were proved to the nearest elementary school while the
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nothing was found. >> when i heard there was a bomb threat, i called my mom. >> kim: boston college high school in dorchester got a similar call around the same time. then law enforcement officials say arlington catholic high school got a call giving half hour warning before the bomb would go off. everyone was evacuated there and at nearby st. agnes school, as well. >> during a thorough sweep of the catholic high school. nothing was found. >> kimberly: schools in cape cod received threats, too. and right before dismissal, olympic south high school got a threatening call dismissed schools. now the f.b.i. is investigating this possible prank that no one here thinks is very funny. >> we send them to school to be safe, and really, it's just... it's like, come on. >> kimberly: and there was a bomb threat at chelsea high school last night. that threat was found on a note left in the building at this time. police do not believe it is connected to any of these. reporting live from arlington, kimberly bookman, 7news night team. >> from the night team, the patriots make a playoff push. >> go, pats!
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but the chief concern, what's up with gronk? >> kim: well, the patriots are gronkowski's injury, his treatment and whether he's good to go tomorrow, but most people believe it's going to be tough to beat the chiefs without him. the night team's alex corddry is here with that angle of the pats' story now. >> alex: thanks, kim. rob gronkowski is one of 12 players patriots listed as questionable. the health of gronkowski continues to be an issue with the divisional round just a day away. for a team that thrives on avoiding outside noise, this hasn't been a typical week of practice for the pats. >> i made a stupid mistake. hopefully it can just blow by. >> alex: from chandler jones and his mysterious trip to the police department to bill belichick and that mysterious black eye -- >> i think i'll live. >> alex: -- the coach not the
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rob gronkowski batting knee and back issues. he returned to the field today questionable on the injury whether he's resting or getting to practice, is gronk ready to go saturday? >> got to ask gronk. >> alex: we can't forget about the return of julian edelman. after missing seven games with a broken bone in his left foot, tom brady's top target will be back on the field, and he's not holding back. >> i'm going to go full throttle regardless. if it goes, it goes. >> alex: the patriots will need him against the red hot chiefs. kansas city rolling into town riding an 11-game win streak and with fond memories of last year's blowout win over the pats. but don't worry about tom brady. he'll be ready. >> a lot of people sacrifice a lot to get to this point. this is not a one-week event. this is a year-round thing that, you know, you commit your life to, to play in moments like this. this is when, you know, you need to be at your best. >> alex: tom brady can say that again. there's no doubt the patriots of the last six games will not be good enough to win. where the chiefs pose the biggest threat, getting to the quarterback.
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7news night team. >> kim: all right, alex. while you're watching tomorrow, you can do your job and show your patriot pride. twitter giving pats' fans a way the cheer on the team online. if you type #doyourjob on twitter, you'll get a special patriots emoji when you send the tweet. each remaining playoff tweet gets its own special emoji over the weekend. >> adam: patriots nation is looking for payback for the chiefs, but they know it will not be easy. >> brandon: at gillette with what they're saying tonight. brandon? >> brandon: pats fans are more than confident. are the patriots 100%? no. but with bill belichick and tom brady and getting edelman back, plus the success of this organization, pats' fans are telling us that's too much for kansas city. >> go, pats! >> brandon: patriot nation has
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kickoff is set for 4:35 saturday at scwi. the pats host the chiefs in their first playoff game. >> i'm super psyched. i think they're fired up. >> brandon: the boys are back. gronk should suit up, amendola is healthy and julian edelman is expected to return after being out the last seven games. >> that's going to be key because now they have the short pass. >> i'm confident now that we have two weeks to rest up. >> brandon: the chiefs are red hot on an 11-game winning streak. new england has lost four of their last six, but pats fans say you're forgetting two things: tom brady and two rings. >> they've been there, done that. >> i think the chiefs are a good team, but with the addition of edelman, amendola healthy and gronk, i think we'll get this win. >> i feel very confident. we've had bumps in the road with injuries and stuff, but i feel like they'll pull through. they've been there. they've done it. i think it's going to be a strong showing. >> brandon: twice this week gronk has missed practice. it's believed he was at as be hospital getting an injection
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hurt against denver. fans are not concerned. >> i think there's too much being made of that. i think they'll play him like they usually do. >> the chiefs are a good team. it will be a great competition, but i think pats will beat them week. whoever wins this game goes to the super bowl. >> brandon: and governor charlie baker made a bet with the give of mississippi. so you have boston cream pie cupcakes against st. louis ribs. governor baker said, "i rode those cup cables all the way to a super bowl last year." outside gillette stadium, brandon gunnoe, 7news night team. >> kim: stay with 7news on air and online leading out to and after the game. go to for a recap after the final whistle. >> adam: stocks plunging on wall street. the dow down 3890 points to end the day at 15,988. the nasdaq dropping nearly 127 points to finish at 4488. today wrapped up the worst
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for the market. >> kim: new rulings out in the marathon bombing trial today. a judge rejecting a bid for a new trial for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. this decision comes as a jung ordered tsarnaev the pay more than $100 million to the victims of the bombings. it's unlikely he'll ever be able to pay $100 million. but he'll have to keep paying whatever money he has for the foreseeable future. >> adam: we're following breaking news in africa. al qaeda militants attacking a hotel in ber key that faso's capital tonight. officials say the gunman stormed the building, taking hostages, burning cars outside the hotel is now reportedly on fire. it started after commandos trying to free hostages used explosives to enter the building. there are reports that as many as 20 people have been killed. >> kim: a crash between two marine helicopters in hawaii hitting close to home. on board one of those helicopters, marine from hingham and tonight the search is on for
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night team's susan tran live in hung um where his family is just praying tonight. >> that's right, kim. chris orlando's family is hingham. they're waiting for word, this as the search continues 5,000 miles away in hawaii. christopher orlando, a hingham native, with one of 12 missing marines after their two helicopters crashed during a nighttime training mission near o'waugh hee. family members gathered at his master's hingham home where information. >> all they saw was a big ball of fire, i mean big. >> reporter: those who saw the explosion say it was so intense it shook their home. dozens of search crews from the navy, coast guard were searching for the missing marine, all describing rough weather making it a tough task. >> imagine that sea state one the white cap, two, the big waves and the swils, it's very now.
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as superstallions are part of the first marine aircraft wing based in hawaii. and marine corps pilots say these night-time helicopter maneuvers that christopher and his fellow marines are solved in are the most dangerous. >> people need to understand that we operate at the edge of the envelope so that when we're called, you know to, protect this country and our way of life, we're ready and we're prepared. >> the search and rescue is going around the clock as rescuers and family members are hopeful they'll find survivors. we're live in hingham tonight, susan tran, 7news night team. >> now to the race for the white house. republican candidate ted cruz under fire for setting his sights on the people of new york while attacking donald trump during last night's debate. tonight he's saying sorry, sort of. the night team's ryan schulteis in our newsroom with more. > ryan: donald trump is getting support from the most unlikely people.
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york values spilling out. >> we have to get out. we have to win. >> ryan: everyone is still talking about that moment. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially libal, pro abortion and pro gay marriage. >> ryan: but donald trump quickly turned that around on cruz. >> we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers, and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement. >> ryan: that statement bringing out the most unlikely supporters, including hillary clinton who said this time trump was right. new york's reaction: drop dead, ted. >> he has in trouble taking money from new york city, but he's quick to insult our people and our values. >> ryan: today cruz was asked to apologize. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers let down by liberal politicians. >> ryan: his campaign hoping that people in iowa and south carolina will understand what he means.
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mean. anybody from new york is basically liberal. >> ryan: trump and cruz close in the polls in iowa where the race could go either way. the democrats will debate on sunday. we'll see if new york values comes up during that event. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7news night team. >> kim: actor sean penn breaking his silence about a controversial interview with mexican drug lord el chapo. the article went out on the same day authorities captured el chapo once again. penn met with the drug lord in a jungle in october. now in an interview with cbs' charlie rose, penn says his meeting with el chapo had nothing to do with his arrest. >> i regret the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs. ism penn says the cartel has now targeted him but he does not fear for his life. >> adam: all right.
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>> kim: meet the power couple from tennessee. they hit it big with the record powerball jackpot. >> adam: and we'll tell you about save on the shore as a dog comes to the rescue of this turtle in trouble. >> bri: wet weather moves in overnight tonight, changing to some wet heavy snow for some locations by morning. we'll break it all down and the
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>> adam: meet america's newest power couple. the husband and wife from tennessee hit the powerball jackpot. instead of cashing it in immediately, they took a detour. ism they're from this little tiny town, but they decided to go to the "today show" first to share the news. the night team's elizabeth noreika with with their story. >> i'm john robinson. >> hi.
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>> and we won the powerball. themselves as common folk from the small town of munford, are about to be anything but they had one of three winning tickets for the record powerball >> she came running in here screaming and crying, you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. >> i did. >> she woke me up out of a dead >> he looked at them three or four times. he said, i think these are the right numbers, but i won't say anything. i won't get our hopes up until we hear it in the media. >> elizabeth: the couple kept their big win quiet and went public with the news on the "today show." the whole family, including the dog, sat down with the host, showing off their golden ticket. the robinsons opted to take the lump sum. after taxes they'll received $187.2 million. >> now i'll be nervous because everybody knows. >> elizabeth: the new millionaires already have some plans for their winnings, paying off their daughter's student loans is their top priority as well as their mortgage. >> you know, we do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings and
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so our son and our daughter don't have it and they'll never need anything again. >> elizabeth: as far as their jobs, he's a maintenance supervisor and she's an office coordinator. they plan the keep them and be back at work next week. the robinson's opted to take a lump sum. after taxes they receive $187.2 million. not bad. the two other winners have yet to step forward. in the control room, elizabeth noreika, 7news night team. >> adam: a olympic dog is being called a hero after a wild rescue. that dog veda was walking along the beach in plymouth. that's when the newfoundland noticed a sea turtle washed ashore, so the dog signaled to the owner that the turtle needed help. really. then they called the aquarium who rushed out the rescue an aquarium worker who says they got there just in time. >> this newfoundland seeing sea turtle really made a difference because it was a very, very cold turtle. we're very confident that loggerhead would not have
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hours. >> adam: the turtle is now at the aquarium in quincy and is said to be doing just fine. >> kim: apparently veda was a rescue cog. you just wonder if he could recognize a lonely soul there who needed a save. >> adam: exactly. ism all right. big weekend coming up here. we'll be watching football, but we'll also be dealing with some rain. so i think that works out. >> bri: absolutely, kim. but i think we'll be dry by the time we hit that playoff game, so good news for us there. winter weather advisory has gone into effect. it will stay with us until noon tomorrow. here's the system that we're talking about. another one to our northwest here. this is the rain that's working in for us tomorrow. check out where our current temperatures are. 41 in boston is our high for today. we've soon those temperatures slowly creeping up along the coastline and also for southeast mass, but also dropping inland. 31 in worcester. 32 in fitchburg, and temperatures are really critical for the overnight hours, because as we get some of that patchy
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could also be freezing rain working into the picture. these temperatures that you see here for forecast model, worcester, fitchburg, up through nashua at 33, that's marginally close to freezing an we could see some surrounding areas close to freezing. so freezing rain again is rain all the way down until it freezes upon contact with the surface some that can make for some patchy ice overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. and for most of us it is just rain. watch what happens with this colder air working in from the back side. you see these temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and you wonder, how is it you're getting snow. it's cold air upstairs that. will bring us the snowfall. it will have a hard time accumulating. it's not fluffy here. we're talking wet hurricane heavy snowfall. patchy freezing rain most likely north and west of 495, down through worcester. just south of the mass pike. that's also where we're expecting most likely to see the coating to two inches, could even be three inches of that wet heavy snowfall, especially up in the higher terrain, worcester hills very likely spot to see that snow accumulate.
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we see that shower activity taper off early afternoon, but it is a lot of rain that falls before it's all said and done, around an inch of rain for southeast mass, the cape and the islands. now, wind time line, we will have some gusty winds out of the north-northeast tomorrow. but it looks like strongest gusts up to 30 to possibly 40mph. no advisories in effect as far as wind at this point. where is the snow? it will help understood in the northern country. this is a better scenario than last weekend where everybody was seeing rain. so forecast for skiing up north this weekend looking fantastic for the holiday as well. colder air pushing in for us next week. and that could also mean the next shot at some snow. and this could be one to two inches of quick accumulation by the time we make it into monday with snow showers, snow squalls expected. it's not a blockbuster storm or anything of that matter, but we'll continue to watch that one for monday because it is monday morning and in that cold settling in with us for the rest of the weekend into next weekend. have a great night. go, pats.
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>> kim: you too, bri. >> adam: speaking of the pats, alex, i hate the say the i-word, injuries, we're still talking about some. >> alex: i know. the pats were hoping to head into the playoffs healthy, but
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here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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>> and now time for 7sports with alex corddry. >> alex: the countdown to kickoff between the patriots and chiefs continues inch a week loaded with story lines, the top story remains the health of rob gronkowski. will the big man play? well, he did return the practice today on a limited basis. after missing two workouts this week with a knee and back injury, the all-pro tight end is officially listed as questionable on the injury report. gronk reportedly received an injection on his right knee yesterday but is expected to suit up against the chiefs. other players of note on the injury report include julian edelman, chandler jones, sebastian vollmer, danny amendola, dont'a hightower and rob ninkovich all listed as questionable. we know this isn't a team that will talk about injuries, so what about outside noise, because they've had plenty this week? but the guys sound ready. >> i think the team is energetic and ready to play. full season. there's no tomorrow. we have older guys who have been in this situation who understand the importance and urgency. i think that's what's great
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the older guys led off. >> this is what we want to do. this is it. so we just are trying to put everything we got in the tank and trying to empty it out. >> alex: despite missing practice all week, jeremy maclin has a 50/50 chance of playing tomorrow. the chiefs' top threat initially suffered what appeared to be a serious knee injury in last saturday's wild card win over texas but escaped with only a mild high ankle sprain. the bruins losing their five-game road trip on a high note. a much-needed victory in buffalo snapping their three-game skid. a big third period paved the way. down 1-0 one minute into the second, ryan spooner comes up with the loose puck and the rebound is knocked in. we're tied up at 1-1. same store in the third. beleskey wins the face-off. to spooner and chara and the go-ahead goal. bruins add two more, coasting to a 4-1 win. b.c. head coach going for 999
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penalty shot. extreme hesitation and he scores. boston college wins it 5-3. coach can get win number 1,000 tomorrow night at b.u. some fans sneaking into the celtics game against the suns. isaiah thomas cutting to the rack for two of his 19. but the offensive hero, kelly olynyk. he had a team high 21. marcus smart adds his first career triple-double. the celtics roll 117-103. and the red sox agreeing to terms with pitcher joe kelly on a one-year deal, avoiding salary arbitration. i'm alex corddry. that's a look at 7sports. >> adam: alex, thanks so much. >> kim: here's jimmy with what's coming up next on the the unshow. >> jimmy: ray romano is my guest tonight.
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>> adam: talking about food. >> kim: it's going to be a good weekend the stay inside and maybe do some slow cooking and just watch the game and get you news from here, of course. but anyway, it's been a pleasure spending the week with you and tonight. thanks for staying up with us. i'm adam williams. ism and i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a terrific weekend. go, patriots. we'll be here with post-game coverage and the like. monday. hopefully talking about a win. this price can't be right... it's that low. can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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