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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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an elderly man dies when fire tears through a south shore home filled with clutter. thousands of student return to class after about a dozen massachusetts schools were the target of bomb threats and the play off pushes on. tom brady and the pats taking the practice field today getting broncos. everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. way. in st. louis a storm blanketed that region now another storm england. for the latest let's get to chris lambert. chris? >> a storm coming from the pacific northwest diving into the southeast. that's the storm system for the weekend.
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of cold air in place. 17 in worcesters. we will continue to see gusty winds throughout the day. one it is what it feels like in worcester. afternoon. we'll keep the breeze around. as yesterday. gusting to 30 miles per hour verses the 50-mile-an-hour gust you saw yesterday. and temperature instead of low-to-mid 20s will actually warm up into the lower 30s as we get into this afternoon. so what is the set up for the weekend? it will be saturday afternoon, saturday night into sunday morning that our time snow would be possible. there's no question nor'easter forms. it will hammer the mid atlantic. how far north does that traffic after hammering the mid atlantic kriltcal to how much snow we get here. there's a sharp gradient from little snow to lot of snow over a 50 to 75-mile-an-hour zrech. the heaviest snow likely across
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we watch the high tide coming up high saturday night and again sunday at 11:30. flooding. we'll talk more on this . all right. time for fast track traffic. here's -- danielle gersh. this is expressway. northbound still very slow. let's northbound still about 30 minutes you can see all the red there. southbound we have an accident in quincy right at furnace brook parkway that's causing slight delays southbound as well. let's head to rockland. we have an accident this route 3 delays there. and then on the pike you can see a loft red. we have delays especially into town from 128 and then needham an accident 128 southbound at highland avenue. north of town route 93 from 495 to 128 not too bad. from 128 into boston it's really a slow drive. route one not looking too bad until we get to summerville then
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let's look at the drive times. about 25 minutes in on the expressway from brainel tree split into boston. from 128 over half an hour. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge right near half an hour. the t is on time. breaking overnight, a firefighter in this house. a man inside the home was killed. now right now the search on for a gunman who opened fire in a people. right now they are both still in the hospital. we're also getting a look at some cell phone video from right after the shooting. let's go to 7's victoria warren at the maverick t symptom where happened. the cell phone taken from a passenger on the blue line train. this was terrifying for passengers. because they heard the gunshots. they saw two men who were hurt
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that he saw another man running away. >> gunshots on a blue line platform in this cell video shows two victims left lying on the ground bleeding. >> as the train was coming and the doors opened all you hear, was boom, boom, boom. the first instinct was one of fear. is what -- is this a public shooting? >> everybody got down. there were two guy on the platform. happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. mbta police say two men started fighting on the train. when the train stopped one man got off and the other opened fire while he was still on the train then they say the suspect ran off still shooting and that's when the second man was hit. people were trying to run back on the train to get away from the gunfire. and then people just started disbursing everywhere it was insane. for hours the station was closed. commuters left using buses. one man was shot in the back. the other over his eye. they believe the two men involved in the original fight
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the shooter took off running. i look at him. it was question of whether he would come in our direction in our car and then he ran up the stairs. the two victim were brought to hospital. they remain in the hospital recovering. their injuries described as nonlife threatening. they want to hear from anyone that may have information to help them out. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." taliban militants opened fire at a university in pakistan. at least 20 people died with dozen more injured. the gunmen had an hour's long began battle with the army and police. the four attacker are now dead. security has been stepped up at the school because they received a threat of an attack today. happening today student from more than a dozen schools in massachusetts heading back to class a day after receiving bomb threat.
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school and the fbi is now been called in investigate here? >> they have. they are sorting through information from threats made at 15 different schools in massachusetts yesterday. here at arlington high they have unormed police officer on school grounds today. everyone here, school officials, parents, police they all want to know who made the threats. >> students at arlington high returning to class the day after a bomb threat shutdown the school. >> it's too scary. as a parent. arlington one of 15 schools in massachusetts that received bomb threats yesterday. state police say some of the threats were made by phone and of those some were automated calls. this father tells us his sons concern was concerned. you hear so much just a way life is today. which is unfortunate. >> in arlington the high school
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dismissed after someone called the front office. threatened for backpacks explode in the school. and that any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. the fbi is now involved in the investigation. parents hope they are able to track down the person or people behind the threat. >> it has to end. whatever they have to do they should do. and i would feel a little bit safer knowing that at least this situation was taken care of. >> they are ruining our lives for no reason. we got to stop running. this is actually the second time that arlington had to deal with a school threat. arlington catholic received a threat friday as did six other states in the state. it's all under investigation now. live in arlington. 7news "today in new england." an appeal is denied for disgraced fbi agent john conley
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the former james whitey bulger handler will spend the rest of his life in prison. 75-year-old was sentenced to 40 years behind bars. he had mounted several appeals to the case. experts say this appeals his last hope. conley was first convicted in 2002 for helping whitey bulgers a gang by tipping them off about investigations? we have new details in the search for 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii. the u.s. coast guard announcing the search has now been called off. those two chopper collided midair off the coast of hawaii on thursday. since then crews have searched an area they say about the size of the state of florida. but so far they have come up empty. one of those marines onboard was 23-year-old christopher orlando from hingham. the coast guard said the decision to call off the search without finding the marines is particularly difficult in this case. boston mayor marty walsh touted the city's success last
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he said the city is as strong as its ever been. >> all major crime went down by 9%. homicide to the 16-year low. all the while down by 15% as well. i will send a budget to city council that increases school funding and our future will be greater than anyone can imagine. >> why the mayor defended commitment to education parent protested what they say have been repeated cuts to individual schools. earlier this month the superintendent said there was a 50 million dollar deficit facing the district. and tomorrow night it's the governor's turn charlie baker will deliver the state of the state address. you can watch it at 7:30 right here on 7 nbc. a group of people who live in a seaport district are asking mayor walsh to cancel the indy car race in boston. they report volunteers with the group called the coalition against indy car boston are collecting signatures to present to the mayor.
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disrupty to their lives. the indy car race is scheduled to be held labor day weekend. >> the pats dealing with a blow to the defense. they will be missing the linebacker sidelined now for the rest of the play off. so the broncos in the mean time doing a little trash talking. talking smack whatever you want to call. here's nicole oliverio at gillette. this will get the team all riled up. more motivation for them. i was just thinking what will happen between now and sunday to make it more than just a brady manning match up. for the first time this week patriots will be on the practice field preparing for beat denver sunday. and if tom brady needed any extra motivation to win. he just may have a new reason for wanting to crush the broncos. denver defensive line antonio
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one that earned tom brady the crybaby. he told the colorado springs gazelle. every time he get sagged he looks at the ref you see him sack me. was that supposed to happen. he did that a little had. get him fined. his teammate back up the crybaby claim during a podcast interview with pro football talk. we heard him he has actually thrown some temper tantrums. some people do. pat's fans obviously disagree. >> no crybaby. no the way he plays. absolutely guy. the guy can play ball. i think tom brady is the best quarterback ever and people are just jealous. >> and speaking of jealous even though new york has no stake in the play offs this season if you check out the back page of the daily news you can see they put body. brady will be talking to the
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responds to the latest comments. live at gillette. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." all right. remember 7news is your home for continuing coverage of the patriot's in the play off. joe amorosino will be live in denver this week for the big game. their live reports begin right here on 7. we have more to get to this morning. she's back. sarah palin on the campaign trail. this time throwing her support behind donald trump. more on her crowd pleasing comments. we will tell you when to get some good airline deals that will have you getting off in no time. >> maybe before the weekend; right? >> take a look at the forecast. but sun over the next few days. that could change over the weekend. forecast ahead. take a look at dr. mcfeemy. how you can win a date with this
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young boy in rhode island will be honored for brave fight against cancer. lawmakers will name today be strong day. 8-year-old doorion murray's message of staying strong made him a worldwide sensation on social media. rob grownkowski also visited him just last week. doriane and his family got to go to pat's play off game this past saturday. courtesy of the patriots themselveses? my favorite video was seeing everybody on the beach in rhode island in the cold all bundled up selling out be strong there. it's inspirational. let's talk about the forecast. and keeping an eye on possible snow we could be getting. >> 3 and a half days out. how far north does that track. we'll have big implications for the weekend forecast. 17 in worcester. the wind still out there. not the 50-mile-an-hour gust of yesterday. with 25 to 30 still dropping windchill factor down into the
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out there. we'll keep the sunshine today. a lot of sunshine. that helps us out and really that will ring true over the next few days. temperature close to thirlt degrees. windchill factor 15 to 20. for more on what goes on the next couple of day with the windchills over to danielle. danielle? >> we'll stay. low 30s for the wind. the temperature will slightly below average for this time. the wind not as bad today. it is still breezy and lit stay that way for much of the day. this afternoon we are still dealing with the westerly wind gust anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. they are starting to die down overnight especially out toward western mass then as we head into the overnight hours for tomorrow it's still breezy but the winds turn a little bit northwesterly and the wind are right around 20 miles per hour for tomorrow. what does that do to your windchill. this afternoon it feels like the teens and as we head into tight it's staying in the low teens. by tomorrow morning back to the single digits. the air is certainly cold enough
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we've gotten a slow start to winter so far this season. and as we just four inch of snow. boston. that could change as we head into the weekend. for more on that, back to you. we may add to that saturday afternoon, night and into sunday. this storm pushing into the ohio valley. that will fizzle out across the carolinas. this one won't. energy diving down into the southeastern united states. high pressure to north that will supply the cold and there will be a big storm up the mid atlantic coastline. no question about that. the question is how far north does this track. if it tracks more to northeast that will also bring in some heavy snow and strong winds at the coastal floods. for us more easterly track or off to the south. that would limit how much snow we can get. the highest risk for heavy snow stretching from southern pennsylvania back through baltimore down through d.c., this will start up friday late in the afternoon into the evening hours.
9:16 am
north does it travel. there's a huge sharp cut off in terms of precipitation from north to south on the northern edge where you have little snow to higher totals if you drive down about 50 or 75 miles. there's a modest risk of heavy snow especially across southeastern mass. if you go from the north shore of boston, worcester points south and east that's the best chance to see at least heavier snow through southeastern mass. of course this tight gratiant if the track changes by 50 tore 75 miles either way that would have big implications on the forecast. even if we don't get a ton of snow. the high tides to watch. 11:00 p.m. saturday. 11:00 sunday morning. because the northeast to north wind will continue to increase. there could be pocket of minor moderate coastal flooding and beach erosion. the north and east facing coastline of the south shore in island. it's something to keep an eye on
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saturday afternoon into sunday. otherwise the rest of the 7-day forecast looking quiet. >> 7news now. if this storm and cold weather had you dreaming of some place tropical you can find the best bargains on airfares within the next coming week. now that oil trades below $30 a barrel. led sickette sales to 3-year low. with spring break coming up. travel analyst athe best time to book is now. >> if you need someone to fly with, how about "people" magazine sexiest dr. alive. doctor mike from new jersey raffling off a day for charity. he said he looking for a woman who quote confident, passionate and constantly growing. a $10 donation to charity enters you in the raffle. winner will be flown to have dinner with him as well. i got an alert your tweet is
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>> let me tell you the entire resources of the 7news by that i mean danielle and sarah finding out what kind of doctor he is and all that stuff. i'm just looking out for my single friends >> i think our 5:00 a.m. produces headed down to jersey. she's on the garden state parkway looking for the raffle. we have major endorsement for g.o.p. candidate. >> what sarah palin can do for his campaign coming up. . why patriots fan got the
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>> we're back to the race for the white house. a new poll find bernie sander lead in n 1/2 is growing. he has 60% support compared hillary clinton, 33%. the new hampshire primary is coming up february 9th. formerment bill clinton is up in new hampshire today campaigning for hillary clinton. >> are you ready to make america great again? [cheering and applause] >> a familiar voice. sarah palin and donald trump hitting the road together today the former vice presidential candidate announcing her endorsement. and now she is stumping for trump. here's nancy chin with what she told trump supporters yesterday. >> good morning to you. palin showed up ready to go. she took the stage endorsing trump but reminded many about
9:22 am
>> are you ready to make america great again? >> sarah palin is back on the campaign trail in iowa. and she's throwing her support behind donald trump. >> mr. trump you're right. look back there in the press box. media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. palin saying she's ready to take on the g.o.p. establishment. they wanted to duck and hide. didn't want to talk about the issue until he brought them up. they've within wearing political correctness kind of like a suicide vest. and enough the enough. these issues that donald trump talks about has to be debate instead. palin said donald trump is the right man to fight the war on terror. are you ready for the commander-in-chief to let the warriors in chief and kick isis [beep]. between tuesday cruz said i love sarah palin without our support i wouldn't be in the senate
9:23 am
2016 i will always be a big fan. this morning donald trump is the one happy to have her support. this is a women that from day one i said if i ever do this, i have to get her support. she feels it. she understands it better than anybody. sarah on behalf of myself, the family and the country i want to thank you very much. thank you. >> and on the today show this morning trump said he's not discussed the possibility of palin being his running mate there would be a role somewhere in his administration for her. in the newsroom nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." still ahead an overseas patriot's fan catching up with tom brady on facebook. what he has in common with julian edelman. a real hollywood hero.
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they having fun social media. overseas fan a big surprise on social media jadiann thompson has more. >> when you hear about julian with the pats you usually think about julian edelman. we're talking about this guy. tom brady made a funny facebook post saying julian, how about the little less flexing and a little bit more blocking next time. but when a fan all the way across the globe saw it he couldn't help but respond. ekert saying sorry tom brady, will do next time. he even added a smiley face. >> tom brady replies. get it together, juls.
9:26 am
but he's still a tv 12 fan. >> the pats is growing across the pond. >> fans say that love seeing this social media side of their favorite players from an otherwise quiet time. >> it just shows they are human. they are having fun as much as we are. i think it's awesome. makes them personable. fans will low them more. always have and will. that's makes it better. jadiann thompson, 7news "today in new england." stay with 7news on-air online through the patriot's play off run. you can hear the latest from the player and get updates on injury leading up to the game on and our 7news mobile and tablet apps. we have more to come next half hour. some parts of the country getting their fair share of snow. how much could we possibly get. >> lit with a lot of snow down
9:27 am
that come. a take a look at the forecast ahead. the latest in live report as boston police search for person who opened fire on a mbta
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highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get a $300 bonus. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. zbleeldery man killed when a fire tears through a home. jamie fox racing to rescue a man trapped inside a burning car. the victim's father overcome with gratitude. treeiots get their game plan together. we have play off preview. >> welcome back everybody. >> a snowstorm moving our way. white already. another storm system taking aim at us of course right here in
9:30 am
that. we have about 3 and a half days out. saturday afternoon. saturday night. sunday morning the timing of where it look for snow. 22 in boston. wind from the west-northwest. windchill factors into the teens and single digits. it's a cold day overall. yesterday. but it's still busy boston. 25 in worcester. 28 in plymouth. take a look at the rest of the forecast today. we'll keep the breeze around. 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures recovering to 30 degrees midafternoon sliding back down into the 20s as we get into this evening. we look forward to weekend. weekend forecast saturday morning may start off dry. and we'll have the snow starting to arrive in the afternoon. from south to north and that here. in terms of the snow and how much we will get it all depends on the exact track of this storm system. there's going to be a sharp cut off from very little snow to a
9:31 am
and where that cut off sets up will determine how much snow we get. the best chance of heavier snow is south of the mass pike. the other thing we have to contend with the coastal flood threat. gusty winds along the coastline. we'll talk more on the forecast coming up. . breaking overnight. firefighter investigating a deadly blaze in scituate. this house on edith drive was filled with clutter and could have made things difficult for firefighter and sadly a man who was inside the home was killed. search on for gunnen this that opened fire inside busy t station. and injured two people. >> they are both in the hospital now. we good a look at cell phone video. live at the mavvic t stop this morning. good morning.
9:32 am
blue line train got that video really a terrifying situation and heard the gunshot. they saw two victims on the platform and then one passenger tells us that he saw another man running away. gunshot on blue line platform in the cell video shows two victims left lying on the ground bleeding. >> as the train was coming and the doors opened. and all you heards boom, boom, boom. the first instinct was one of fear. is this a public shooting? >> everybody got down. platform. afternoon. mbta police say two men started fighting on the train. when the train stopped one man got off and the other opened fire while he was still on the train then they say the suspect ran off still shooting and hit. >> people were trying to run on the train and get away from the gunfire and then people started disbursing everywhere. it was insane. for hours the station was closed.
9:33 am
sources say one man shot in the back. the other over his eye. police say they believe the two men involved in the original fight knew each other. the shooter took off running. i looked at him. it was a question whether he would come into our car and then he ran up the stairs. >> the injury to the victim described as nonlife threatening. hospital. but we have been told at this released. police are still searching for the suspect and if you have any information that could help them out, they want to hear from you. boston. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." now to bank robber on the hampshire. police say this women you're about to see walked into the td bank on south river road and demanded money. she also claimed to have had a weapon but never showed one. and then the women took off after the teller gave her cash. a former boston latin
9:34 am
in prison after being convicted in a serious crash that left two classmates paralyzed. one of the men in court in brighton yesterday when the verdict was read. against 20-year-old nicklas pardos. happened in 2013 in jamaica plain. the jury found he was speeding when lost control of suv lost control and hit a pickup truck head on. new this morning smoking is now banned on the entire campus but umsaa boston. including el cigarettes and vaporizer. umsaa boston joins dozens of other across the kaunt that have smoke free campuses. you are seeing hover boards being banned from most colleges in worcester county because of fire concerns. this includes fitchburg state. worcester stated and holycross.
9:35 am
catching fire across the u.s. the band could be lifted once there is a fix for fire. some e-mails from hillary clinton home server contained information that was classified at higher levels than previously known. those e-mails were labeled as programs. they are contained some of the matters. >> checking news across the country. the colorado theater shooter is on the move. james homeses taken to another prison. they haven't said why he opened fire. he was sentenced to 12 life sentences back in august. police say the driver of a greyhound bus that crashed and killed two women in northern california told them he was fatigued. 8 other people were injured when the bus plowed into safety barrels and flipped on to its
9:36 am
passengers say the driver seemed tired and was nodding off at the wheel. the u.s. two pregnant women in florida. two other illinois tested positive and all of them had recently traveled to central and south america. the zeeka virus can cause severe birth defects in newborns and there's currently no vaccine for it. the cdc also issued a travel warning to anyone planning to go to central and south america. >> there's no word from the white house on whether or not the plan to stop in flynn as the crisis. >> governor of michigan also accepting major responsibility. this has been a catastrophy. more. the governor has faced a lot of critisism over what has essentially become a public health crisis. in his state of the state address they called it a instead.
9:37 am
cold to pick up much needed troops. this as governor snyder promised those responsible will be held accountable over the lead contamination in the city's water supply. >> there can be no excuse. when they turn on the tap they expect and deserve clean safe water. it's that simple. a federal emergency has been declared in flint. the problem started back in 2014 when the city switched its water supply to the flint river in order to save money. environmentalist think salt in the water corroded lead pipes. high levels of lady have been found in children in the city. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." still ahead on "today in new england" he's known for action hero rolls on the big screen. but now oscar winner jamie fox is being called a real life here hero. these two brother were born into a big broncos brothers rivalry. sunny through the day.
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22 degrees in boston that wind driving down the windchill factor of five. winds coming in out of the west northwest about 20 to 30 miles per hour. we're in the upper teens out into worcester at this time. it looks like the cold will
9:41 am
22 in post. 23 in norwood. 22 plymouth. expect the wind gusting now 25 to 30 miles per hour to continue to gust 25 to 30 through the afternoon. that's driving the wind chill values down. down to one in worcester feeling like 11 degrees in the north. at least we have a lot of sunshine in store. that's true here over the next few day. quiet weather wednesday, thursday into friday. we do battle the breeze this afternoon. windchill at time. there's more on that over to danielle. the good news it's not as windy as it has been the past couple of day. still breezy as we head into the next two days. temperature low 30s. just a few degrees below where they should be for this time of year. let's talk about the wind as we head into this afternoon. they are staying with us. notice between 20 to 30 miles per hour. westerly wind not as bad as yesterday. as we head into tonight you can see the wind dying down toward western mass. they are staying with into tomorrow as well. still in the 20-mile-an-hour
9:42 am
your windchills not as bad as the last couple of day. out there today. for. and as we head into tomorrow morning we're back into those single digits. we get a late start as far as the snow goes by this time last winter we had over 5 inch of snow in boston. this year not the case just over 4 inch but we're keeping a close eye on the possibility of changing. for more on that back to you. we're adding the snow total here depends on how much, though depending on the track of the storm. this snow that's sliding to the south and east through the ohio valley. this is energy we're watching now crossing into the rockies dyeing into the southeast. there's not a lack of cold air to the north. you need cold high pressure to north to get a big snowstorm for the mid atlantic into the northeast. the question is how far north does the storm track. it's a powerful ocean storm major coastal flooding jersey through the virginia coastline and heavy snow through the mid atlantic.
9:43 am
heaviest will stay just to the south. in terms of the adjusting and looking at the risk potential for a lot of heavy snow the highest from southern pennsylvania down through the mid atlantic down through appalachians there all the way down to north carolina. for us there's still some risk of some heavy snow especially south of the mass pike. there's a big gradient in terms of snowfall different totals here from hardly anything to the north and then you can drive 50 to 75 miles and pick up on snow totals. where does that gradiant set up. further north. if it's further south then you put higher totals offshore. i think it's more likely we see some heavier snow near the mass pike down through southeastern mass at least enough to have to get the plows back out on the road. certainly would be the case through southeastern mass looking at current set up. if it's just further south and north that would be the game changer. high tides to watch. 11:00 p.m. saturday and 11:00 sunday morning. especially that sunday morning
9:44 am
to north wind may have pocket of moderate flooding. the storm would have to adjust further to north to get coastal flooding than that. looks like major coastal flooding. keep an eye on the storm as we go into the weekend. guys? >> sunday afc championship will see two long-time rivals go head to head. this will also be the latest edition in a sibling rivalry for family in colorado. the weeblers named their first son brady after that pats won bowl. then they named payton. brady roads for the pats. >> we definitely already have four underneath belt. how many does he have? >> two. oh, yeah that's right.
9:45 am
payton manning only has one super bowl ring not two. he will only watch if they have food. very important requirement. if denver does beat new england he will root for the broncos in the super bowl. but they are doing their own smack talk there. >> i love them. remember 7news the your home. we're continuing coverage of the pats and play off. so amorosino and tray will be live for the game. live report start tomorrow right here on 7news. still ahead a hollywood leading man comes to the rescue when a car flies off the road. in 7 sports the bruins look for redemption after getting the
9:46 am
a real life hero the actor getting a hug from the father of a man he helped save from a burning car. its an action scene from movie without scripts or cameras. so touching and now the oscar winning actor is talking about this rescue. so let's revisit. nancy chen with more on that story. this is just incredible. played out like a hollywood blockbuster. happened right in front of jamie fox's home. he heard the crash and rushed outside. >> the flames do come cab if i lean back. what it did it hit his legs. which made him spin. >> actor jamie fox embraced the father of the man he pulled from burning truck monday night. likely saving his life. i think we all hoped that we could do something when the time is there. but the question is do we.
9:47 am
or do we fear our own lives. he did not. police say 32-year-old brett kyle was speeding and driving under the influence when he swerved off the road and hit a drainage ditch causing a truck to flip several times. it came to stop in front of fox's mansion near los angeles and then burst into flames. as i'm getting out you got to help me get you out. i don't want to leave. you have angels around you. >> kyle's family called fox an guardian angel. the oscar winning actor is humble ability humble about his action. i don't look at it as heroics. just you had to do something. and it all just worked out. >> brad kyle went to fox's home tuesday to see the scene of the accident. the actor brought him inside and showed him surveillance video of the crash. >> i just kept watching it and going my, god, my god. he didn't have to do a thing. fox said another driver who was a paramedic wls stopped to
9:48 am
cut the driver's seat belt and burn him from the burning wreck. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7news 7news "today in new england." showdown. we're talking about brady verses the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped
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creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. invent snacking. good morning. for the second time in three seasons the patriot's and bronco are ready to square off in denver for the right to represent the afc in the super bowl. you have to go back to 2012 to find the last day of the championship game that didn't include either of these two model franchises. with hall of fame quarterback leading the way in new england and denver the pats and broncos are the top two seeds. the broncos in their second and three years. the pats hoping for a better outcome this sunday, though than the last time the two team met in the nfl's version of the
9:51 am
when the patriot's take the field this sunday they will be without veteran linebacker girard mayo who landed on injured reserve. this time with shoulder injury. bruins in montreal looking for redemption after getting embarrassed in the winter classic. max breaking away. mike conden makes the save. he scores the second goal of the season. they were tied up in the second. sliding past a diving conden with game winning goal. bruin crush montreal. celtics in toronto taking on the second play raptors the team that has won five straight. that's sports. i'm joe amorosino. have a great day.
9:52 am
player injuries. the boston pride player hurt during the women's game on new year's eve. lang is now recovering from a serious spinal chord injury. bidding for the jersey is now open on the nhl's web site. let's get a final check of the forecast with chris lambert. we have cold windy day ahead of us. not as windy or as cold as yesterday. still a chill out there. almost repeat temperature wise. the wind not as strong. the timing to watch would be saturday afternoon, saturday night into sunday. the potential for the heaviest snow right now appears to be mostly south of the mass pike. we will have to watch and see where the line sets up. 3 and a half days away. plenty of up date as we go through the next few day.
9:53 am
ice scraper and all that. i like it. we'll have fun with danielle with this. she's scraping with a credit card >> and a swiffer. have a great morning, everybody! having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios by verizon. with fios, you get the big
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