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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> first at 6:00, storm force coverage. take a look. this is a live look at martha's vineyard under a blizzard warning right now. people there preparing for the worst. this storm has to offer. >> the cape also under a blizzard warning as of a few hours ago. here's a live look at sandwich where the coast is get mumled by snow and wind. even boston and worcester expecting several inches tonight. >> the storm making its way toward new england after pummeling several states down south. our nation's capital already seeing one of the worst storms there in years. businesses and transportation completely shut down. >> and in new york city, times
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a travel ban in effect as of 2:30 p.m. so what's in store for the rest of the night? >> our team of meteorologists has this storm covered, tracking snow and heavy winds throughout massachusetts. >> and our 7news team live in the hardest-hit areas, bringing you storm force coverage. first up we check in with jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: we have a blizzard warning in effect until 1:00 a.m., cape cod, martha's vineyard and nantucket. on the south shore, south coast, it's a winter storm warningen city of boston it's a winter weather advisory. blizzard criteria for the cape and the islands, not because of the amount of snow, which will be impressive, but more about the reduced visibility. under a quarter mile or even lower for three consecutive hours. they've had those conditions on nantucket this afternoon as well as the cape for a few hours, as well. so on the doppler radar, it's been a fight as you come off of the cape. around metro boston, dry air out of new hampshire has been trying to hold off the snow bands coming in from the south shore. that fight is now losing ground. so the snow overspreading the
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that, and this is where we have the steady snow focused on the cape and the islands. dry air up across vermont and new hampshire. eventually starts the shove the storm back out to sea. but it's a she process. look at the snowfall totals. oak bluff, eight inches of snow. west yarmouth seven inches of snow,ar witch half a foot of snow, bellingham two and a half inches. the numbers are highest on the cape and the islands because they have been in the studer snow, but even in the city of boston, that's unofficial, but an inch of snow outside government center, as well. your storm timeline, again, 7:00 the edge of the steady snow on the northwest intishes. notice the outer route 2 corridor not much. that drier air begins to shove shore. it's a she process, but notice after midnight tonight, we start the dry things out in the city of boston. on the cape and the islands, we have the heavy snow and the strong winds continuing all this evening and overnight tonight. so how much snow on the way when it's all said and done? numbers around the metro about 2 to 4 inches of snow.
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a couple inches of snow, and the numbers really go up dramatically as you work down the south shore to the south coast, close to a foot of snow in buzzards bay, plymouth, 8, 9, 10 inches of snow. snow totals between 10 and 12 inches of snow by the time it morning. that's just the snow. the wind is the other concern. chris? >> chris: block island 75mph wind gusts. that is hurricane force. nantucket 1mph shy of hurricane force wind gusts at 73. the vineyard to rockport exceeding 55mph. we're going to see those very gusty winds over next several hours. right now the wind gusting to 29 in boston. 36 in hyannis, 47 nantucket. 41 on the vineyard. occasionally going the get these pushes of wind, especially across the islands exceeding 50mph. and at times even exceeding 60mph through about midnight tonight. so wind sustained at 23mph. straight north from the city of
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in the colder air, and that's why when these more intense bands of snow backed on new york we were easily able to accumulate that center on the roads in the city of boston because we're now below freezing into the upper 20s. so we'll see through midnight tonight these strong wind gusts on the order of 50 to 70mph. at least for next few hours, strongest down through the islands. there is a celestial flood advisory for this evening's high tide from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. down from boston, down through scituate, down through the cape and the islands, or at least nantucket here. but more importantly, we're watching this coastal flood watch, the high tide tomorrow more susceptible to minor coastal flooding if not pockets of moderate coastal flooding. more on forecast to come. >> and the blizzard warning for the cape and the islands is expected the last into sunday morning. heavy winds causing white-out conditions. 7's brandon gunnoe joining us now with more on the conditions on the vineyard. brandon? >> brandon: nick, we're in oak bluffs on the north side of the island.
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winds and blowing snow are going to let up, it increases again. as you can see, it's a wet snow. i know it's probably hard to tell right now, but because of that we've had some power outages, but you can see the snow has certainly covered the roadways. you can see the plows are here right now. they've been doing a good job. j.r. was saying anywhere from 10 to 12 inches is expected. that hasn't quite happened yet. but it's certainly as you can see continuing to fall. now, all the we spoke to say they're going to stay inside and wait until this nor'easter is over. first the waves started crashing. then the heavy winds and blowing snow moved in on martha's vineyard, leading the low visibility. >> it's pretty cold outside. it actually gets your face really cold with all of the wind. i need to put hat on or something. it's just the winds is what gets you. >> brandon: emergency workers are keeping a close eye on the island.
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predicted, this storm is expected the last into sunday morning. >> make preparations for power outages, white-outs could be a problem, wind is definitely a problem, ferry cancellations. >> brandon: with the wet snow and high winds, it's not if power lines will go down, but when and where. >> we lost power some we went out and got propane and gasoline to run our generator. now we're loading up on hot food so we can head back home. >> i'm grabbing supplies for the big storm. >> brandon: grocery stores were packed on the island with families stocking up. martha's vineyard is on what's called a "just in time" delivery system, meaning fuel, propane and groceries are on a three-day supply from the mainland. >> timing is crucial i guess at this point. and i'm waiting until the last minute, so i drove around this lot five times and i'm illegally parked. so i'm going to run in as fast as possible. >> brandon: with all the high
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a problem. a few roads are closed, but they have since reopened. also at one time there were more than 500 families without power just here on the island. but that number is dramatically lower now. i think it's more around 24. so that's the latest live on martha's vineyard. brandon gunnoe, 7news. >> and the weather making life difficult for drivers in bourne. check this out. you can see crews towing away this car. it's also causing high waves at the beach, as you see right there. officials say it could lead the flooding tomorrow. >> nick: and road conditions in plymouth getting dangerous. take a look at this. a car goes off the road. the driver's side of this s.u.v. just completely smashed in there. no word if anyone was injured in this crash. >> and the cape also dealing with those heavy winds. they really are taking a hit right now. 7's john cuoco live in sandwich with more on this. john? >> jonathan: elizabeth, you have those heavy winds whipping heavy snow off of the beach in sandwich right off town neck
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there have been some power outage, about 23 here in sandwich, and i can tell you that the driving conditions out here are terrible. take a look over here. this road, plows have been coming by all day. you can see some of the snow has been proved. it keeps accumulating. cars keep coming by here. traffic has been moving slowly. that has not really stopped people from coming down here, though. this has kind of been sort of a spectacle of sorts for people to come and see. we've had some cars pulling in this parking lot that were sitting in here. they want to see this snow coming off of the beach, and i can tell you it's been kind of amazing to see some of this here. we'll have more coverage coming up. right now live in sandwich, john cuoco, 7news. >> nick: john, hang in there. coastal cities and towns along the south shore your rid about more than just snow. they're prepping for rough surf and also dealing with power outages. 7's jonathan hall in marshfield where right around this time
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all along the water. >> jonathan: hey, nick, everyone will remember that storm for sure. marshfield has these seawalls to protect them. this is a spot where a seawall was ruined about a year ago, january 27, 2015. they hope this one will not be one to remember. look at the ocean at low tide, whipping winds rocked our s.u.v. as we stopped to shoot these pictures. some people were venturing out figuring it's not all this bad even for a jog. you were out running. >> yeah, yeah, it was incredible. it was windy. >> jonathan: you're willing to just brave it? >> it's great to be out in the elements. >> jonathan: marshfield emergency manage. officials suspect there could be minor flooding when high tide hits at 11:00. tomorrow morning is expected to be worse. roads were slick and covered with slush and snow, but traffic was moving along route 139 near the pembroke line. >> i drive for a living. i do heating and air conditioning work.
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it's like putting an awful lot of people at risk when they do that. >> jonathan: the dpw pretreated roads in preparation for the weather. most drivers are pretty thankful we're not getting what d.c. is getting. at this gas station in marshfield center, one guy told us he lived in northern virginia for years. >> never saw anything like this. i lived down there for 15 years. >> jonathan: this house was condemned a year ago when that blizzard knocked out a window and injured the homeowner. we're hoping for nothing like that this time around. this winds are whipping, gusts to about 40mph at this point, but certainly marshfield and brant rock have seen worse. we're live in marshfield, jonathan hall, 7news. >> elizabeth: most of new england is on the outer edge of the storm. >> nick: but mid atlantic states are dealing with dangerous conditions right now. most of these areas are not used to this type of weather. 7's bri eggers here with how
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coping with that storm. >> bri: nick and liz, looking at those images, you'd think we're in the brunt of it, but take a look at what's happening all along the east coast to our south. we've seen major flooding in new jersey. cars are just stranded in the street because they're completely under water. officials are urging residents to stay inside. a blizzard warning is in effect for most of the garden state until tomorrow morning. and the snow stranded drivers on this highway in pennsylvania. traffic was backed up for about five miles. some people actually got out of their cars to play in the snow. the state's national guard is out there helping those stranded drivers. and a college basketball team got stuck in this ms trying to leave virginia, but the players from duquesne, university, are taking it in stride. they're helping to push the bus. they're also making some snow angels. so there's some bad and also some good, but our nation's capital, washington, d.c.,, is still expected to see the snow pile past two feet by tomorrow morning.
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meteorologist bri eggers, 7news. >> shawn:>> nick: bri, thank you. the pats enjoying much warmer weather in denver as they gear up for tomorrow's mile-high matchup. >> elizabeth: new england just one win away from another trip to the super bowl. let's head out live to 7news sports director joe amorosino. joe? >> joe: the broncos are bracing for patriots' aerial attack tomorrow after watching the patriots throw the football on their first 14 plays against the chiefs. with rob gronkowski and julian edelman both back in the lineup, tom brady can spread it out and pick any defense apart, and peyton manning has seen this show before. >> to quote bill belichick, "we'll be on the new england." >> joe: tom brady and peyton manning have been here before, leading up to a 17th and perhaps final meeting. high praise from each legendary quarterback. >> i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool, especially someone as great as him. >> to play as well as he has
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with the success that he's had and the team's success, i just have a lot of respect for him. >> joe: the quarterbacks have mutual respect, but the broncos doling out their fair share of trash talk, as well, calling brady a crybaby and promising to go low on rob gronkowski. but after recovering from his sprained knee in week 12, gronk has a plan for the rematch. >> they're not doing anything illegal out there. it's just part of the game. just got to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit. maybe throw a juke. i don't know how many jukes i got. >> joe: and with gronk, am danny amendola and julian edelman all ready to rock and a ninth super bowl appearance on the line, the patriots are poised to air it out against denver's top-ranked pass defense. >> they have a bunch of all-pros and pro bowlers narcoticsty group, a good nasty, you know, football nasty.
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can get after the pass rusher. it's going to be a battle. >> joe: while the patriots are very much respecting their opponent, in denver the broncos not so much. peyton manning yes, but the rest of his teammates not so much. for more on that trey daerr joins us. >> trey: this game turning into a marquee matchup around the nfl. more about peyton manning and tom brady and less about the broncos and patriots. peyton nothing but respect for brady, belichick and all of the pats. that isn't entirely the case for the rest of the broncos. >> do i hate the patriots? no, i dislike the patriots. hate is a strong word. >> trey: strong to some, but maybe not enough to others. >> i hate everything about them. they're always in my way. they're always in my way to get what i want, so that naturally will create hate. >> trey: a different patriots'
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way this time around, one featuring julian edelman. >> there's that chemistry, that veteran presence, the security blanket for brady. >> the thing about him, he does a lot of work underneath, but he's so good after the catch. >> brady just seems to know where he's going to come out. they have a great chemistry together. so i would say them to two just playing together for so long is what separates them. >> for an offense predicated on time, finding a way to pressure tom brady could be the key in disrupting the patriots' are rhythm. >> we have to be quick, we have to be sound. also. >> i think so. i think that helps the o-line, especially when you have a good pass rush. >> brady's so smart back there and edelman and amendola seem to find the holes in the coverages. there's definitely something between brady and his slot receivers. slot defense to be a lot
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no danny amendola, no julian edelman and rob gronkowski didn't finish the game. >> joe: the patriots are big-time favorites. the broncos are the top seed, they're playing at home and they're still the underdogs and no one is rooting harder for the broncos than the casinos in las vegas where caesar's palace, for example, five times more money has been wagered on the patriots as 3.5-point favorites. joe amorosino, 7news. >> jeremy: good stuff out there. power house storm in new england. a heavy band of snow on the cape and the islands. plan on over a foot of snow. we're updating our snowfall
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>> nick: storm force coverage continues tonight. pats' fans not letting the wealth dampen spirits ahead of tomorrow. >> elizabeth: instead they're making the best of a bitter night. kimberly bookman is live in foxborough. kimberly? >> kimberly: a little snow will not get in die hard patriots' fans way. that's all they're dealing with in foxborough. two inches on the roadways here. people are still braving the weather to come out to this pro shop. >> i had to return the tom brady jersey to get one that fits. >> kimberly: it's that important to do? >> it's that important. got to root for tom tomorrow. >> we were going to pick up a jersey for gronkowski, not for
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>> kimberly: the snow won't keep you away from supporting the patriots? >> not at all. >> kimberly: for the folks who did come out, they tell us the roads are a bit slick. they're going very slowly. but the department of transportation is asking everyone stay off the roadway so plows can get through and salt and sand them and get them all ready for drivers tomorrow. reporting live from foxborough, kimberly bookman, 7news. >> jeremy: snow in foxborough, snow in boston, snow in southern new england for next several hours. we'll break down the storm and let you know what's on the congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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>> now 7weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: here is the band of snow right on top of the city of boston and focused down through the south shore as well as the south coast and the cape. it's a storm system to our south, you've heard about it for a few days now. drier air across vermont and new hampshire is starting to chew away at the steadier snow out in the outer route 2 corridor, but still it's going to be a slow process here in the city of boston to move this heavier band of snow away. on the cape and the islands, you have the heavy snow right now. you're going to have it up until about probably 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow morning. snowfall totals so far, oak bluffs 8 inches of snow, harwich 6 inches of snow, hollister, brucester, 6,, 8 inches of snow. boston officially an inch of snow. we'll have accumulating snow in boston for next three to four hours. if you're headed out this evening, allow extra time. it's slow out there around metro boston.
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i don't know if i would be traveling on those roadways south shore south coast. blizzard warning on effect on the cape and the islands, reduced visibility for much of the night. they move the snow out of here by sunrise tomorrow morning. it will still be windy tomorrow morning. metro boston, plan on 2 to 4 inches of snow. this wraps up after midnight tonight around the metro and north, coating to two. south of town 4, to 8 inches of snow. here's the new color we just added here on the cape as well as the islands. over a foot of snow, foot and a half of snow. wouldn't be surprised, perhaps even edgartown and nantucket where we're talking close to 20 inches of snow, the south coast, it will be about 8 to 12 inches of snow winding down, 3, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. your 7 on 7 forecast, sun coming back at us mid-morning tomorrow through the day. it's windy. we'll watch that 11:00 a.m. high tide from scituate to sandwich. maybe pockets of moderate coastal flooding. temperatures tomorrow mid-30s. >> and now time for 7sports with joe amorosino.
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live once again from denver where the a.f.c. championship game is now less than 24 hours away. the patriots with a chance to make their mark on history and advance to a record ninth super bowl appearance. tom brady getting ready to make his 10th afc championship appearance. nobody in nfl history has started or won more playoff games than tom brady. a ridiculous 22 and 8 in the postseason. of course, not everyone on this patriots' team can boast that kind of playoff resume, but brady says at this time of year anyone can become a hero, just ask malcolm butler. >> it's going to come down to how well we execute on sunday. so you may not have any experience, malcolm butler didn't have any experience in the super bowl last year, and, you know, he won the game for our team. it's really whoever is called upon has to go out and make the play at that particular moment, and if you make great plays, you got a great chance of advancing. if you don't, you'll be watching
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>> every play counts. most definitely got to be playing at a high level, taking advantage of everything, and it's the real deal, win or go home. >> joe: it sure is. we have the patriots covered from every angle tomorrow night on sports extra and immediately after the game. all-star crew out here in denver. we have the "herald's" ron borges and eswar esnn's jackie mcmullen. the celtics and sixers will play their game tomorrow night instead of tonight because of the weather. reporting live in denver, joe amorosino, 7sports. 7news continues after the break. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices , quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack.
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