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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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blizzard 2016 packing quite a wallop. live look at scituate where bay state continues to deal with issues. some spots getting more than a foot of snow. strong winds only made matters worse. >> anchor: now there are flooding concerns n places like sandwich. john coco right there preparing for a live report. high tide coming along soon. >> anchor: running from the waves. do-or-die for tv 12 and patriots. here we are six hours away from championship game. live in denver with a preview of the showdown. >> this is sov news. >> anchor: good morning. 9:00 on sunday morning. busy day here. i am nancy chen. >> anchor: and i am kris anderson. so much to get to. beginning with first blizzard of 2016. it was a beast. blamed for, at least, 20 deaths along the eastcoast. it hit new england, pats of it, hard. >> anchor: live look in new york. where a travel ban was lifted this morning. but last night 26 inches of snow fell in places like central park.
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time square looking like that? not often. closer to home watching scituate. storm is gone and there are concerns about high tide. >> anchor: coverage with five live reporters all across the area. and let's go to our meteorologist chris lambert and jeremy reiner. >> weather: thank you. worst is gone and city cleared out. some clearing south shore. and out to the cape where that was the area that got hit with wet snow. falmouth a foot. and marston mill a foot. new bedford 8 inches. new report just in. tweeted this one. 6 inches in lynn. brighton 5.1. and logan 6.1. wakefield 3.6. hudson and stow lighter amounts. as well as mathune and nashua. flurries. we have had blizzard conditions. so officially a blizzard. nantucket blizzard martha's vineyard last night. and blizzard is not the amount
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but reduced visibility. under quarter mile flee hours. and winds over 35 miles an hour. we had that in those locations. snow totals on the map show out inches. 10 inches. and then you work through metro boston area with generally five to 6 inches of snow. and it d storm over performed. i will not run and hide and say this is what i thought. no i thought we would have 1-to-3 inches. because i thought there would be more dry air out of new hampshire and chewing up snow as it advanced to boston. that did not happen. so those -- that's why numbers there are bigger than i thought. up here merrimack valley. yes, the dry air did a great job. 495 corridor, merrimack valley, coating to an inch. topsville at three. change that. that's a six. and lexington also about 2 inches of snow. so high pressure is trying to move in to new england. difference between the high and low sitting up a strong
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that's all we have left in terms of the component of the storm. but that will work with the astronomical high tide to lead to coastal flooding. takes it. >> weather: all week we talked about tight gradient from 24 to 30-inch snow amounts from new york city south to lighter snow amounts, to the north. so right on the edge of it. we were just close enough to that area of low pressure to give us big time winds. block island 75 miles an hour gust yesterday. nantucket eventuality marshfield 70. rockport 55. however, we are fortunate that there were not onshore for longer sustained period of time. because of that, we have seen minor coastal flooding and not major coastal flooding they had in portions of the jersey shore. winds right now getting over 30 miles an hour. occasionally to 40 down cross the cape and islands there. will be minor splash over. south shore up to city of boston
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that will come in around 11:00 this morning. so some pockets of minor coastal flooding there. the more concern the further south you go. the north facing beaches and shore lines here of sandwich and nantucket harbor likely seeing pockets of moderate coastal flooding. high tide at nantucket noon time today. coastal flood warning 10:00 to 2:00. guys? >> anchor: chris, thank you. new this morning, orleans list and fire release video of a home in flames during the snow storm last night. it happened on uncle israel road. and you can see firefighters working to put out flames. units responded after two plow area. thankfully no injuries were reported. >> anchor: and meantime our storm force coverage continues. people all around new england cleaning up about a foot of snow falling in places including sandwich. >> anchor: so things are happening down there. folks are preparing to dig out. but worried p high tide.
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and every time we check in with you waves are more intense. >> they keep getting more intense. this water keeps moving further and further up the beach here. when we first got here 5:00 a.m. that water was out beyond these rocks here behind me. like i say, keeps moving further and further up the beach. waves are getting more and more intense. away from the water. it is all about the clean up nersandwich. snow blowers and plows like this one clearing the way bright and early sunday morning in sandwich. >> heavy wet snow, it was tough to drive around. tough to see. kept sticking to the windshield. and mirrors and so forth. slipping and sliding. >> reporter: on saturday, high winds sent heavy snow whipping off the beach along town neck road. >> it is insane. crazy average. >> hoping to keep the power on. because it flashed awhile ago.
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>> reporter: intense wind and snow knocked out power in spots across town. fortunately people were freed that. >> typical. make sure the house is stocked with batteries. and wood. and the whole bit. >> reporter: few cars on the slow. snow continues to pile up and visibility became worse. plows like mario doing their job throughout the night. snow winding down. the big concern now is possible coastal flooding. >> are you worried about the tide and water coming up. the high tide tonight. and tomorrow. it will be interesting. but that's the price you pay when you live by the water. >> reporter: now just before we went live here. i was speaking with someone that lives in the area. he said this beach can get angry. i can tell you right now it is on the way there now. for now, live in sandwich. john coco, 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: angry is one way to put it. in scituate hundreds dealing
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>> good news is most of the power is back on. watching, the coast. coastal flooding is a concern in that area. go to jennifer egan live in scituate with details. jen what are the waves looking like where you are. >> reporter: building through the course of the morning. we are headed toward high tide. if we look here, sun is breaking through the clouds. we can see blue sky in few parts but it doesn't mean we are out of the woods here in scituate. expecting next high tide 11:15 this morning. or so. they had one last night. they spoke with scituate fire earlier this morning. they told us they did not really have any storm related issues. maybe minor coastal flooding. splash over by the shore. in usual spots. hamrac and sand hills. but no issues like other storms here in scituate. you mentioned power outages. 622 homes without power earlier this morning. all serviced by ever source. ever source brought all the
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right now you can see the waves are splashing up on the jetity. the seawall here a bit. the town is warning that there could be minor to moderate coastal flooding. so watching the high tide here. we are live if scituate. jennifer egan, 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: all right. drive further down to south in plymouth where conditions there were dangerous. look at this. car off the street last night. people that we spoke to were caught offguard by all the snow. >> anchor: in rhode island mens hockey team at suffolk university did not let it keep them from getting home. bus stuck in road island and they came together and freed the bus. >> anchor: come on freshmen,. >> anchor: hazing right there. >> anchor: martha's vineyard has a heavy dose of snow this morning. >> anchor: last night 55 miles an hour wind gusts. 7's brandon gunnoe braves it.
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good to see you standing upright brandon. >> reporter: you know. what all relative. windy. but nothing like the high winds that we experienced yesterday. really more than 12 hours of high winds. and also the blowing snow has finally stopped. but if we can look. this is what we will see now. people out shoveling out the sidewalks. clearing off the driveways. clean up begins. snow plows worked overnight into the morning clearing the roadways. and people started to scrape the ice off the car windows. >> >> pretty good other than losing power for a couple of hours. but, it is new england. >> i love the snow. so i thought it was awesome. besides having to wake up for work. i would rather be playing in it later on. but we are happy to open the store for snow powers and stuff. so they have been up all night. >> reporter: parts of the island received a foot of snow and blizzard like conditions saturday. crews stayed ahead of it doing a
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jive been out all night long. >> reporter: what has it been like. >> hell. no, it has been rough. you know, drifting and blowing, you cannot see white outs. stuff like that. >> reporter: high winds and blowing snow pounded martha's vineyard for more than 12 hours. for many the real work is just beginning. the old fashion way. >> who needs a snow blower, because i am equivalent to 200 snow blowers right here. machine sometimes does a better job, sometimes old fashion, snow shovel gets right down to the bare surface. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: what you did not hear after that he said go pats. power crews were working all night. at one time we had 500 homes without power here on the island. but happy to report that now it is under 50. live on martha's vineyard. brandon gunnoe 7 news.
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>> anchor: highest snow totals in our area. susan tran is there live. and susan you have been keeping track in a unique way? >> reporter: nancy, i hope you have your pencil and paper out. we will do some math. it is game day. go pats. and it is also a big snowy day here in falmouth. this is considered the jackpot area. got the most snow here in massachusetts. and so i am thinking that this is a james white minus patrick chung plus jimmy garopala. 15 inches of snow. look at the conditions out here. it is not snowing. we are told that the crews, spent all night plowing. pretty clear now. there are some slushy areas. but it has been a night of treating, salting and plowing that got the road conditions this way. there is a nice coating of snow. talking about 15 inches here.
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plowed you can tell that it has plenty of snow. so we will come back in the next hour. i did be find a place to go sling but since we are running out of time i will show that to you next time around. live in falmouth. susan tran 7 news. >> anchor: i am looking forward on that. >> anchor: she had work to do on that sledding technique. hopefully gives her more time. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news "today in new england." more storm coverage. live look. copley square in boston where sun is shine i go bright. about 6 inches in the city yesterday. >> live in denver where sun is coming up. and countdown is on to championship game. final word from patriots and broncos coming up after the break.
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>> anchor: turning to pats play off push. patriots and broncos face off in fewer than six hours. >> anchor: getting close. new england now one win away from that back-to-back superbowl trip. let's head out live to denver. sports director joe amorosino has the excitement of the big game. joe? >> reporter: here in denver it is broncos that are bracing for patriots really. that patriots aerial attack after watching patriots throw the ball on first 14 plays against chiefs. right now patriots offense appears to be unstoppable with gronk back in the line up. brady spreads it apart and pick
9:16 am
and manning has seen the show before. >> belichick will object new england. >> reporter: tom brady and manning have been here before leading up to a 17th and, perhaps, final meeting. high praise from each legendary quarterback. >> i think playing 17 times. is cool. >> to play as well as he has over the course of his career, with success he has had and their team's success. i just have a lot of respect for him. >> reporter: quarterbacks have mutual respect but broncos dolling out fair share of trash talk as well. calling braid a cry baby and promising to go low on gronk. but after recovering from the sprain knee in week 12 gronk has a plan for the rematch. >> they are not doing anything illegal out there. it is just part of the game. have to be aware of it. step up my game a bit. and maybe throw a duke.
9:17 am
>> reporter: with gronk, amendola and eddleman ready to rock and motivation of a 9th superbowl appearance on the line. patriots are poised to air it out against denver's top rank past defense. >> they have a bunch of all pros and pro bowlers, nasty group. good nasty, football nasty. and you know, so they have guys that can get after pass rusher. it will be a battle. >> reporter: the broncos playing at home as top seed. they are still the underdogs. and no one is rooting more for vegas. where, for example, caesar palace five times more money has been wagered on patriots as favorites. most everyone picking patriots today. reporting live in denver. joe amorosino, "today in new england". thank you joe. stay with seven news for denver. tray and joe are live in
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i cannot wait for game time. coming up on 7 news. storm force coverage continues. we have our reporters across the ar hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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>> now seven weather. >> weather: good morning. storm moving out of new england. sunshine takes over. we have a cold wind right now. that will fade away. but the cold wind is not
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of canada and pulling it into new england. overall it is a mild week heading our way. great pictures to far on twitter. this is from tony. this morning. beautiful shot. waltham picked up 4 inches. you have a picture, you want to take? tend it our way. snow south. shoveling there on the cape and islands. again heavy wet snow. it will be a workout there for you. so take the break. drink water. and give yourself a chance to recoup. bridgewater 6 inches. metro boston five to six. natick 5 inches. north of town, again, you notice right here for example. lynn at six. and lexington two. tops field three. only flurries and coating chelmsford and drakin. and lunenburg and jaffrey, much to do about nothing. so here are numbers. marson mill foot. and off the cape. brighton five. and wakefield 3.6.
9:22 am
there is the storm. moving away from new england. high pressure moving into new england. it will get there. once it does then wind will settle down. but winds gusting 15 to 25 miles an hour. and plymouth gust of 23. so windchill in plymouth feels like 12. boston is feels like eight. and fitchburg 18. that northerly wind that might lead to minor coastal flooding south shore at 11:00 a.m. high tide. there could be pockets of moderate coastal flooding as you work down through portions of nantucket harbor in particular. chatham and province town anticipating pockets of minor coastal flooding. so we talked about how this would not be a repeat of last year in terms of snow bliss but cold. in fact, chris lambert has dug some information out of the archives. chris? >> reporter: we went into second coldest month on record in boston. once we started the snow blitz last year. around this time. january 24 of 2015. 5.1 inches of snow. we had the bigger storm couple
9:23 am
where we got 2 feet in boston. and not only did it start the snow blitz but did not hit 40 degrees again until march 4. you know talking about almost six weeks of temperatures in the 30s or colder. you know how many of those days are teens and 20s? 6.1 inches in boston. but we are expecting to hit 47 degrees on tuesday. and we will get some melting out there. a thaw coming in here. could be a passing shower or sprinkles out there tuesday night. but all and all i expect a quiet week. storm off the coastline. thursday night to friday. keeping it off the coastline. with temperatures in the low 40s. as we head to the weekend. >> anchor: chris thank you. people are cleaning up in new england. but we did not get the worst of it. this storm made a mess across the eastern half of the country. >> anchor: snow and ice, snarling traffic made it tough for emergency crews to reach those in need. breeze joins us live with latest details. messy roads.
9:24 am
south of us where the brunt of the storm was. treacherous winter conditions casing serious issues. still today. this is a look at a stretch of highway in kentucky. unreletting snow there made life a nightmare for drivers there. some people were stuck for 12 hours or more on this frozen 14-mile stretch of interstate 75. and in maryland, fire crews had to walk through 20 inches of snow to battle a massive fire. a carpet store that went up in flames last night. and later collapsed. heavy winds spread the flames on other stores in that strip mall and wind. some people in new jersey, they are dealing with dangerously high water. water nearly 20 inches high inside of some homes yesterday. and some of the homeowners say they just finished rebuilding their homes after hurricane sandy. now they have to start over from scratch the in the newsroom.
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>> welcome back i been looking forward to this story all morning long. it has been a winter wonderland. in washington, d.c., for one playful panda at the national zoo. yesterday's heavy snowfall did not keep him from having a really fun time. he is rolling down the hills. rolling in the snow.
9:28 am
>> anchor: tian is bao bao's dad. >> anchor: tweeted 100,000 times of the i could watch this all day. really could. >> anchor: bao bao did not like the snow. he went back inside. >> anchor: give him a few years. >> anchor: next up on 7 news "today in new england." storm force coverage continues. >> history look at scituate. waves are turning high tide in a matter of hours we will be back
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aftermath of the monster storm, live look at scituate. area hit with snow. but now the big concern is coastal flooding. >> anchor: in the city of boston. 6 inches of snow fell as you can see. crews have been clearing roads. sun is out. >> anchor: down south. washington, d.c., new york city, getting the worst of it. much harder to dig out from the mounds of snow they received there. >> anchor: plus, 5.5 hours until kickoff. live if denver this morning as pats prepare to take on the broncos. >> anchor: this is 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: we are keeping things rolling this sunday morning. thank you for sting with us. i am kris anderson. >> and i am nancy chen. first major storm of 2016 is behind us. but it left quite a mess here. it is blamed now for, at least, 20 deaths and dumped 3 feet of snow in places, on the eastcoast. >> anchor: this was a serious wallop. go over to jeremy with a peek at the weekend forecast.
9:32 am
pictures starting to come in on twitter. from -- that's twitter handler. town neck beach sandwich. so this is the area we watch for 11:00 a.m. high tide. might be a location where we have minor to moderate coastal flooding. snowfall totals 10-to-15 inches of snow. on the cape. and you come off the cape. numbers are generally 6-to-10 inches. metro boston about 4 to 6 inches. wall pole six. officially logan 6.1. north of town lynn, six. and then go over to redding, 2 inches of snow. then up to merrimack valley, flurries. so really sharp cutoff. we knew it would happen. but what we did not know is where cutoff would be. we thought maybe south of town. that way boston would get one or two. but cutoff here set up further north up through 495 corridor. and up to merrimack. had blizzard conditions in these communities. so, yeah, it is official. put a stamp on it.
9:33 am
falmouth six. marston mills. five. brighton five. and wakefield 3.1. lynn 6 inches of snow. good riddance to you snow. out you go. high pressure takes over. windy this morning. and then that wind will fade away as high pressure gets closer. chris over to you. the northerly winds yesterday. they were certainly active and certainly strong. block island 75 miles an hour. nantucket 73. and marshfield at 70. winds gusting across the cape and eyes lands but not as strong as we have had winds gusting still this morning 35 to 40 miles an hour. closer to 20 in boston. we have a gusty wind but that wind will diminish. not all that bad compared to yesterday. watching the high tides. 11:00 to noon. through cape and eyes lands. for possibility of moderate coastal flooding in nantucket. northerly winds pushing ocean water near northern coastline in
9:34 am
minor coastal chatham to province town. further up you go to upper cape. sandwich harbor. minor to moderate coastal flooding high tide. with winds pushing in ocean water. but overall minor. south shore to north shore. >> anchor: all right. chris thank you. hundreds of scituate people there have more than snow to deal with this morning. >> anchor: absolutely. high tide and winds causing flooding concerns along the coast. we turn to jennifer egan, who is live in scituate with details. >> reporter: nancy, good morning. we have watched the water all morning long. take a look here. waves have been getting powerful. closer and closer to next high tide. 11:15 this morning. and the waves are splashing up over the jetty here. not powerful enough to make it over the seawall here yet. they have high tide last night of course. we spoke with fire department. they did not have any issues. really just minor coastal flooding.
9:35 am
expected some minor to moderate coastal flooding with this storm. but, of course, they have seen storms more severe. so no real problems to report yet. of course they are watching this next high tide approaching. they did have power outages here in town b 622 homes here serviced by ever source had power knocked out by the storm. high winds that we have experienced. and we are in a protected spot. ever source said that all the homes have been brought back online now. we are live in scituate. jennifer egan, 7 news "today in new england". >> anchor: jen, thank you n sandwich meantime, around a foot of snow fell. >> anchor: that goes along with whipping winds and high tides made for a rough morning for those just now waking up. john coco is live in sandwich this morning. with a closer look. you are closer to waves or they getting closer to you john? >> reporter: they are. as we have been here this morning. water continues to move up the beach here. winds also continue to be strong. but i will show you.
9:36 am
can barely see now. when we got here 5:00 this morning. the water was out past that. now you can see it is covering those rocks. i want to show you this over here as well. you look. we can pan over this way. you can see some waves crashing on the beach over here. i looked at the surf reports. swells get eight to 12 here on the cape. the other thing i want to show you. if we can swing it back over this way. water you can see where it is moving up the beach here. another thing to show you. houses over here. in sandwich. these houses just how close they are to the beach. we talked to a few people over there last night. they are bored this water moving up during high tide. so watch that all day. for now, live if sandwich. john coco. 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: john thank you for that update. highest totals right now along the cape. >> anchor: region pummeled by snow. crews digging out streets for drivers.
9:37 am
with a check of the conditions there. susan, did you find a hill to sled on yet? >> reporter: we are in falmouth and we have the jackpot. most snow in massachusetts right here in falmouth. since it is game day and i am a huge patriot's fan. jamie collins, number 91. my favorite player. we get 15 inches snow and that's how much is here in falmouth. after you shovel and plow out. you should have some fun before game time at 3:00. so what could go wrong with live tv sling, right? i couldn't find a serious hill where i am live today. but i found this little area. and let's see if we can have some fun while doing some storm force coverage here on 7 news. here we go. all right. so 15 inches of snow here in falmouth. after you shovel and plow, have some fun on the sled. and then go pats.
9:38 am
susan tran, 7 news "today in new england". >> anchor: needs to inflate the sled. >> anchor: maybe. needs to watch out for roads. good effort. >> anchor: she tried. and go pats. most important message she had there. martha's vineyard waking up to piles of snow they have to deal with this morning. >> anchor: icy weather makes people want to stay warm inside. you know who is outside. is brandon gunnoe. on the scene all morning long. >> reporter: that's right nancy, chris. still pretty good wind gusts out yesterday. as you can tell the blowing snow and snow period has finally stopped. but there are some winds. seas are still rough seas. so ferry i don't believe is running yet this morning. you can see the waves crashing in right there. but, of course, the story right now, is that power crews have been dealing with a lot of power outages and power lines. i know yesterday there was more than 500 homes t got down to under 50. but i checked a couple of
9:39 am
than 70 homes here on the island that are having some sort of power issues. so they are dealing with that. but crews or snow plows, road crews have done an amazing job. check it out. considering there was probably a foot of snow that fell here on martha's vineyard and oak bluffs where we are right now. so crews worked overnight to morning. they have done outstanding job. only problems right now are just some power outages, and still some pretty decent wind gusts. we are live on martha's vineyard. brandon gunnoe 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: thank you. back to mainland. boston luck out in terms of snowfall. missing the brunt of it. >> anchor: dodged the bullet. but roads are dicey. danielle is live in downtown boston with a check of the roadways and snowman you have been working on. >> reporter: i have been working on the snowman. i did get myself a shovel. and some help from our trustee photographer.
9:40 am
you have to wait 92. so i will show you the roads. they are looking good so far, we have been out here all morning long. no issues. they are clear. sidewalks, we have seen people morning. they are looking good. runser are out. dogs are out here. people walking a and taking photos. enjoying the snow. we ran into a gentleman that was digging out his car. this is what he had to say. >> been out here 15 minutes trying to clear out my car. going good. the snow is packed because of the plow truck is all. but we are making due. >> how long will it take. >> another 10 or 15 minutes. >> reporter: now, what you have been waiting for. to meet my friend the snowman. we worked hard on this actually. he is fully equipped with a 7 news hat. string cheese as a nose. my scarf is on. i gave it to him.
9:41 am
and i have been guarding. this because i am bored somebody knock inhim over. for now, this is my snowman. i i i am. >> anchor: or a dog making a mark. >> anchor: we saw danielle's pile that was a snowman. l.a. version. earl is from massachusetts he knows how to make a snowman. >> anchor: good job. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news "today in new england." storm force coverage continues. time square. you will never see it this right? >> anchor: countdown is on for broncos. denver.
9:42 am
>> anchor: welcome back to pats push off. hours from mile high match up between votes for broncos. >> anchor: no secrets. winner of the game goes to superbowl 50. joe amorosino is live if denver with more the brady and manning showdown. possibly for the laugh time. >> reporter: possibly. it looks like that right now. brady and manning always top billing for good reason. but today's game should ultimately come down to how patriot offense does against denver top rated defense. best pass defense in nfl this year.
9:43 am
at that time no eddleman or amendola or gronk. injured in this game. this time braid comes in with offense full strength. ready to pick it out. and manning seen it 16 times before and expects similar today. >> quote belichick, we will object new england. >> tom brady and peyton here before leading up to a 17th and, perhaps, final meeting. high praise from each legendary quarterback you know playing someone 17 times is cool. so especially someone as great as him. >> to play as well as he has over the course of his career with success he has had. and their team's success. i just have a lot of respect for them. >> reporter: quarterbacks have mutual respect but broncos dolling out their fair share of trash talk as well. calling braid a cry baby and promising to go low on gronk. but after recovering from his sprained knee in week 12. gronk has a plan for the rematch. >> they are not doing anything
9:44 am
it is just part of the game. have to be aware of it. step up my game a bit. and maybe throw a he jupe. i don't know how many i have got. >> reporter: everyone kind of expect that is to be the case today with gronk. as we told you earlier in previous half hour. betts out in vegas on patriots side. one casino reporting that 85 percent of all betts on this game were on patriots side. that means all the money is on the patriots side in these casinos they have a lot to lose if patriots win. which is what everyone in new england is hoping for. and, i think, there is more and more patriots fans around the country than they we. reporting live in denver, joe amorosino, 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: thank you joe for that update. go pats. stay with seven news for continuing coverage live from denver. trey and joe will be live in with your patriot's coverage. >> and still ahead on 7 news "today in new england" this
9:45 am
we are looking live at falmouth. >> anchor: you see it there. coverage of the aftermath of all the snow continue for example. >> anchor: and it is a heavy wet snow on cape and eyes lands. more of a dryer fluffy snow.
9:46 am
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>> anchor: now, seven weather. >> weather: here we go again. i am totally ready for the game. got nachos ready. and queso. i have some shoveling to do. snow takes over. will melt some snow today. cold winds right now, and it will fade away through the afternoon. we do not have any artic air waiting to take over. you know last couple of winters we had had power house storms only to be replaced by a fresh chunk of artic air. but this storm helping to dislodge the cold air with us all last week. so air dried out. some clouds south shore will take longer to breakup. but down there out on cape and islands developing sunshine. snowfalls 10-to-15 inches on the cape.
9:49 am
with you come off the cape. brighton 5 inches of snow. officially for boston, logan 6.1. lynn at six. and hudson 1 inch. so high pressure is over here. back through -- never really moved entire event. that's what we thought would be able to prevent a lot of snow in boston. and what happened was we had more moisture sneak up to that boston area. and overtake the dry air. high pressure now firmly in control. moving the storm away. once the storm gets further from us winds will settle down. wind yesterday gusting between 50 and at times 75. island. hurricane-force gusting 75. not as strong today. but adding a chill to the air. winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. driving windchills down to single numbers. it feels like six in beverly. feels like 21 in nantucket. bedford 10. concern with that north wind is high tide next hour or hour and
9:50 am
maybe pockets of flooding north and south shore. perhaps pockets of moderate coastal flooding in particular nantucket harbor. chris? >> anchor: j.r. we like to see quiet weather after the storm. we have that. 20 in boston 22 in bedford. cold clean up. but numbers reaching lower to middle 30s. winds steady out of the north at 12 in boston. 12 in bedford. at times gusting close to 20. winds this afternoon lighter. keep sunshine through much of the day. increasing clouds late day. some patches of clouds overnight. but remains dry. monday nice and quiet. mostly sunny skies. tuesday looks good as well. in terms of mild air returning in from the southwest. now there is a front off to the west of us o tuesday. that will swing through tuesday night. cannot rule out passing shower tuesday night. but theme here next several days. we have melting done as temperatures go above freezing during the afternoon. including this afternoon. 31 to 37.
9:51 am
area. sunshine hitting the blacktop and southern worcester will get melting done with winds out of the north six to 12. temperatures back to teens and lower 20s. mostly cloudy for awhile. tomorrow. upper 30s. and there we go. 47 on tuesday. and wednesday, thursday, to friday. right now looking quiet. storm system just offshore thursday night and friday.
9:52 am
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>> anchor: yesterday's snow storm is not slowing down any excitement for today's big patriots game.
9:54 am
this family shares a cute foe tomorrow. made a snowman to show pats pride writing go pats on frosty there. red hat and all. >> anchor: it looks like he is having a blast. lots of snow made out there. lots of snow. and team coverage continues of the storm. live look at scituate. coastal concerns there as we wait for high tide. our storm force coverage continues. >> storm out west as well. this one is a football storm. back live out to denver where countdown to kick off is on.
9:55 am
>> anchor: digging out now. that monster storm is finally gone away. but left behind piles of snow and treacherous conditions across the eastern seaboard. >> anchor: coastal communities across the bay state feeling the worst of it here in new england. concern. >> anchor: this time around boston avoids the big whiteout. conditions clearing up. and roads clearing out. >> anchor: and with all the weather talk, we cannot forget the pats. team in denver hours away from dueling it out with the broncos. >> this is 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: 10:00 on sunday morning. storm force coverage rolling on. so live look. this is in boston. you see the sun is out. a lot of people out there today. >> anchor: the storm is gone. there are still some coastal flooding concerns as we move into the day. light hours.
9:56 am
we will not get to time square yet. check in with it in a bit. but in boston plan is to clean up after that. and again coastal flooding concerns we are dealing with. >> anchor: jeremy reiner has been tracking it with the latest. >> weather: storm system slowly moving away. got rid of the snowflakes this morning. now we need to get rid of the clouds. that will happen this afternoon. sunshine metro boston. and officially you can dub this a blizzard. nantucket blizzard conditions, chatham. martha's vineyard and plymouth. snowfall totals 10-to-15. harwich 15 inches. nantucket a foot. you come off the cape. 6-to-10 inches. sea conk and new bedford nine to 10. randolph five. officially boston, 6.1 inches. milford five. these numbers are higher than i thought. i thought more dry air would line up along the masspike, chewing up the snow to lower numbers. but dry air found a home here
9:57 am
so about an inch of snow hudson. redding two. and redding down to peabody and win five to six and back up to tops field 3 inches. storm moving away. still have winds out there at this time. only remaining concern is wind and high tide. we are working in tandem to lead to to minor coastal flooding. north and south shore. in particular, nantucket harbor moderate pockets of coastal flooding at the midday high tide next hour our and a half. >> weather: this time last year snow blitz. earlier snow was deep cold. flashbacks on that. when you watch this, saying is this the start of it again? pattern is different. last year we started off with 5 inches of snow january 24. and couple of days later huge snow storm. 2 feet in boston. and we did not hit 40 degrees until march 4. we have a few days hitting 40. we will hit 47 on tuesday.
9:58 am
then you thaw out. you melt some snow. you get quiet weather in here. so not like a locked in pattern for six weeks. all right nashua zero. falmouth 15. and you go down 95 to new york city, and here is where you jfk. 30.5 inches. newark 28.1. hoboken 2 feet. and these highlighted in yellow here. these were records for snow amounts in a snow storm. baltimore 29.2 inches. harrisburg pennsylvania at 30. and allentown at 31.7. put it in perspective. allentown averages 32 in an entire winter. just got that with this storm. guys? >> anchor: chris thank you. meantime this morning. orleans police and fire releasing video of a home in flames during last night's snow storm. on uncle israel road. officials say no one was inside. firefighters were working to put
9:59 am
units responded after two plow drivers smelled smoke in the area. reportd. >> one of the big concerns we have talked about here in the is high tides moving in. >> anchor: flooding is a major concern this morning along the coast. scituate where waves are really starting to pick up. where we find 7's jennifer egan this morning. now? >> reporter: nancy, like you say, waves are more powerful. we are headed to next high tide 11:15 a.m. right by old scituate lighthouse. if you look here. some of the waves so powerful they are splashing up over the gentlemen tee. not strong enough yet to be splashing over the seawall. but we spoke with police short time ago and they warned us they are expecting minor coastal flooding where we are. the town had warned that they expected minor to moderate coastal flooding with this storm in usual areas. so sand hills. and also hummel rock. last night's high tide really
10:00 am
no real storm related issues. there were some power outages in town, about 622 homes, without power. all serviced by ever source. ever source saying this morning they are all back online. so really all eyes are on high tide here. again here by old scituate lighthouse. waves are picking i up. next high tide in an hour. so we will watch that as well. live in scituate. jennifer egan 7 news. >> anchor: let's shift our attention to sandwich. where there were some pretty rough moments that they were dealing with last night. >> anchor: this morning we find john coco. john it looks like in the live shots the wind has really started to pick up there? >> reporter: nancy they have definitely started to pick up. these waves here, initially non-existent when we first arrived at 5:00 this morning. as you can see right now, and you can see far more powerful. covering up. some rocks back here. i will move out of the way. rocks back here. and they are completely covered
10:01 am
when we first got here water was out beyond them. now you can see the waves are just covering them. those waves are smashing up onshore here. as this water continues to move forward. up the beach. `the concern is that coastal flooding. as high tides get closer and closer to the shoreline here. there is some houses i want to show you. move over this way. show you houses. we talked to a few people out here last night. those houses, that's how close they are to the beach. we spoke with them. they are worried about water coming up closer and closer to their homes. but like i say, waves are continuing to get stronger as water moves closer and closer up the beach. for now, we are live in sandwich. john coco, 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: thank you john. you can hear the winds. not just came. but islands were among those hard hit by winds. >> anchor: winds and high tide that goes along with winds. as they continue to move in.
10:02 am
martha's vineyard. brandon less windy today than it was. you have theha off. >> reporter: yes, much less windy. you were talking about coastal flooding. they did have minor coastal flooding on beach road yesterday. and high tide will be around 11:30 a.m.. so they will watch it. but not too bad yesterday. and winds have certainly died down. you can see the snow has stopped. but now it is time for clean up. clean up begins, snow plows worked overnight into the morning clearing the roadways. and people started to scrape the ice off the car windows. >> pretty good other than losing power for a couple of hours. but, it is new england. >> i love the snow. so i thought it was awesome. work. i would rather be playing in it later on. but we are happy to open the store for snow plowers. >> reporter: parts of the
10:03 am
saturday. crews stayed ahead of it doing a great job clearing the roads. >> i have been out all night long. >> what has it been like. >> hell. it has been rough. you know, drifting, blowing, you cannot see white outs. stuff like that. >> reporter: high winds and blowing snow pounded martha's vineyard for more than 12 hours. for many work just beginning. old fashion way. >> who needs a snow blower, i am equivalent to 200 snow blowers right here. machine sometimes does a better job, and sometimes old fashion snow shovel gets right down to the bare surface. bottom line. >> reporter: with those high winds, power outages were a problem with power lines down. yesterday during the brunt of the storm there were more than 500 homes here on martha's vineyard without power. but right now the number is
10:04 am
we are live on martha's vineyard. brandon gunnoe 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: big difference there. some parts of the bay state are dealing with more than a foot of snow still there this morning. >> susan tran is live in falmouth. a area that saw most snow. susan you have been having fun in the jackpot location. >> reporter: it is jackpot. winner winner ching dinner. most snow in massachusetts. i have been doing math equations trying to find one lengthy and i from all the math. so we will go back to original. the amount of snow here in falmouth is tom brady easy and steve gronk which is 15 inches. plow drivers worked overnight to clear the roads. after you go and plow yourself out or shovel yourself out. driveway. take the kids out tubing. i had the public works crew help me to pump up this tube.
10:05 am
before i try another sledding adventure. never know what happens on live tv. but keeping it fun since we did not get anything but 15 inches of snow. after february with so many snow storms it was treacherous. so see if i can go down the hill safely without hurting myself. here we go. >> anchor: see, so much fun. so hopefully after you plow and shovel and clear out your driveways you can take the sledding in. road. >> anchor: needs kids to show her how it is done. >> anchor: meantime here in boston. the storm. >> anchor: fortunately. but we see 6 inches of snow right here in the hub. go to 7's danielle gersh having fun in copley square enjoying
10:06 am
>> reporter: that's right. we are having a great time actually. people are out, sun is out. walking around. drinking coffee. taking photos. their dogs are playing. so it is great out here. we did see people shoveling snow off sidewalks. done a good job doing. that as you can see. not out here now. and roads are looking good. we have seen no problems. everyone is getting by. so no issues there. and i know everyone is talking about the wind today but that's not a concern either. trees mostly still. so a bit of a winter wonderland. speaking of. introduce you to our good friend snow seven. he is starting out as a pathetic lump the ground and has grown and evolved boo this kind of beautiful snowman. i know chris will make fun of me for calling him beautiful. but he has a hat and scarf. i gave him and he looks good. come out. and enjoy the day. and enjoy sunlight. take a walk, before going inside to watch the pats game in
10:07 am
>> anchor: you will not make fun of her. >> anchor: no any snowman with edible noses you have to love. snowman you can feet. >> keep the scarf for yourself danielle. cold out there. more to come on sunday morning. >> anchor: go to braintree split where roads are clear. traffic is moving smoothly. and mr. sunshine hanging out this afternoon. love to see that. >> live in denver where the city is waking up in anticipation of the afc championship game. between the patriots and broncos. the final word pregame. before the pats and broncos
10:08 am
>> anchor: 10:15. pats escaping the snow for a showdown in denver. taking on broncos in a few hours. latest brady versus manning match up. >> anchor: round 17. pats just one win away from return trip to the superbowl. this time it is superbowl 50. head out now to sports director joe amorosino live in denver with what the team has to say about this huge afc showdown. joe? >> anchor: here in denver it is broncos that are bracing for the patriots aerial attack after watching pats throw ball on their first 14 plays against the chiefs last weekend w rob gronkowski back. eddleman back. and amendola. you have tom brady sitting back. spread it out and pick any defense apart right now.
10:09 am
before many times. >> for quote belichick. we will be on new england. >> tom brady easy and peyton here before leading up to 17th, and perhaps, final meeting. high praise from each legendary quarterback. >> playing someone 17 times is cool. someone as great as him. >> to play as well as he has over the course of his career, with success he has had. and their team's success. i just have a lot of respect for him. >> reporter: quarterbacks mutual respect but broncos dolling out their share of trash talk as well. calling braid easy acry baby and promising to go low on rob gronkowski, after recovering from his sprained knee in week 12 gronk has a plan for the rematch. >> they are not doing anything illegal out there. it is just part of the game. have to be aware of it. maybe step up my game a bit.
10:10 am
i don't know how many dukes i have gone. >> reporter: amendola and eddleman ready to rock and motivation of a 9th superbowl appearance online. patriots are poised to air it out against denver's top rank defense. >> all pros and pro bowlers, nasty group. good nasty. football nasty. you know, so they have guys that can get after pass rusher. it will be a battle. >> the broncos playing at home as top seed. they are still underdogs. and as we have told you this morning. no one is rooting more for broncos right now than casinos in vegas where caesar's palace, for example, five times more money placed in wagers on patriots as 3.5 point efforts fa. always patriots against rest of the world. everyone around the world hates patriots. lots of people betting on them to win.
10:11 am
today outside of new england. reporting live in denver. joe jokes 7 news "today in new england". >> anchor: can i just say one thing. haters will hate. >> anchor: haters will hate but betting on the team that they think will win maybe hate them publicly but they know how they feel inside. a look at the sunday forecast ahead. skyline. sun is out.
10:12 am
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>> anchor: good morning. sunny skies in boston. clouds down through the south shore, cape and islands. good riddance to the storm. snow. oak bluff 14. falmouth 15. and nantucket a foot. harwich at 15. brewster 11. and new bedford 11. sea conk, bridgewater, plymouth, six to nine. mansfield six. hanover eight. and boston, officially out at logan 6.1. but other reports four or five. some around 6.5, or seven. so generally about four, five, six around the city. out along the pike 4 to 5. and move north of town. and then away from 93. and that's where the dry air held firm. redding two. and then you were to come to lynn six. tops field three. merrimack valley southern new hampshire.
10:15 am
high pressure held firm with dry air. there is the storm system pulling away. the difference in the high and low pressure. that pressure difference, setting up winds. not as much of a difference as yesterday. with winds gusting 70 to 75. right now winds gusting 2025. martha's vineyard 26. and same nantucket. driving windchills to lower teens. if you are going out skiing or sledding good afternoon. but layer up because it is colder than it is. and north wind is with us for the morning hours. that combined with astronomical high tide might lead to minor coastal flooding. and perhaps pockets of moderate coastal flooding in nantucket harbor. chris? >> anchor: j.r. temperatures in the 20s. windchill factors there. bus 30 in fitchburg. so temperatures warming into 30s this afternoon. winds out of the north here. as you mentioned. 15 miles an hour in boston. nice quiet weather today. batch of clouds tonight. more sunshine tomorrow.
10:16 am
wind out of the south will bring in milder temperatures. mid to upper 40s. more clouds around on tuesday. could be a spot shower or two. especially tuesday night. but overall quiet weather over the next several days. breezy on tuesday. so sunshine is back with us. even across the cape we will breakout to sun. check out the morning clouds. winds not so strong this afternoon as this morning. so watching that diminish. and light winds be tonight. light winds tomorrow. in fact, wind speeds hardly anything. 5 miles an hour maybe. temperatures back to 30s. there are upper 40s on tuesday. and wednesday right now 40s as well.
10:17 am
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>> anchor: cold here but hotter than ever with iowa caucus a week away. >> and one democratic candidate surge ahead of the others. we have what is next on "meet the press." >> fear and loathing on campaign trail. g.o.p. establishment begins to reluctantly side with donald trump. and movement conservatives start to move to insurgent ted cruz. donald trump joins me this morning. now democrats turn to worry as sanders surges their establishment frets over nominate building a social exist and wonders what is wrong with clinton? hillary clinton and bernie sanders are with us this morning. all of that and more coming up on "meet the press." >> anchor: all right.
10:20 am
that does it for us. thank you for watching.
10:21 am
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