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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's friday, january 29th, coming up on show "early today." the insults were flying and did the rest of the field manage to take any voetsz a tes away from the frontrunner. cdc calls the zika virus a pandemic and creating a travel warning for everyone. and a would be robber stopped dead. and an olympic sized
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wearing michael phelps and much more. show early today starts right now. and donald trump hosting a fund raiser for veterans while not showing up to the debate. >> donald trump has chosen not to show up. what message do you think that shows to the voters of iowa? >> let me say i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. trump portion out of the way. earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. we always had such a loving relationship in these debates and been tween in the tweets. i wish he was here. >> pretty gentle considering. now, trump speaking at his
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>> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. i have to go a little step further and say that fox has been extremely nice the last number of hours, actually. and they've wanted me there and said how about now? they called a few minutes ago and i said hasn't it already started? they wanted me to go appall ologize and once this started, there was nothing i could do. it's for our vets. and is it for me personally a good thing? a bad thing? less votes, more votes? who knows but it's for our vets and you're going to like it because we raised over $5 million in one day.
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so, that's not so bad. >> and atrump himself made a donation of $1 million. and a total donation of $6 million. now, the donald wasn't the only presidential contender in attendance there. rick santorum and mike huckabee, they were the last two iowa caucus winners. they showed up after their undercard winners. >> i'll stand over here so i'm not photographed with the trump sign. >> let me be very clear, rick santorum, donald trump and i may be competitors in a presidential race but tonight we are colleagues in unison standing here for the people who let us breathe every breath of free air we breathe, the veterans of the united states of america.
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>> so, over at the other stage with trump not in attendance, cruz was the target of much of the attacks, spearheaded by rand paul and marco rubio. >> ted said he was for nsa reform but then told marco rubio, i voted for the bill because i'm for the government collecting 100% of your cell phone records. i don't think ted can have it both ways. >> the only budget ted has voted for is one that brags about cutting defense spending. rand touched upon it that he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. the truth is throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> cruz took up trump's normal post with the moderators. >> your name was mentioned. now, sir, sir.
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it's not my question that you get a chance to respond to. it's his answer. >> your question was you have disagreed -- >> i'd like to go on -- sir. i know you like to argue about the rules but we're going to conduct a debate. >> i would like to say the last four questions have been jeb please attack ted, let me say this -- >> it is a bed bait debate. sir. >> if you ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> all right, chris held his own. who won? looking at just the candidates on stage, the most talked about on facebook was ted cruz, he garnled a whopping 41% of the conversation. and donald trump was the most
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with recent polls, ted cruz and three. and with the caucus just three days away, iowa is the most active state on facebook. new hampshire and south carolina the first two primary voting states were third and fourth. bernie sanders home state of vermont, fifth. now, one person thrill would ed with biden. >> and by the way, we may be given a gift from the lord in the presidential race here. i don't know who to root for more? cruz or -- what's that guy's name? he's having a fund raiser for veterans tonight, i'm told. >> and president obama exkuded optimism while doctor'sing the annual house democratic retreat. >> tonight i have an announcement to make about the presidential race, democrats
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have a democratic president succeeding me. just in case there's any confusion about that. the fbi has released unted unedited video which resulted in the death of lanoy. they were ordered to stop. a dark jeep carrying bundy and two others pulled over. the occupants were taken into custody and some others sat on the road for a few minutes, during which one exited through the back with his hands up and started driving away at a high rate of speed. the van appears to miss a spike strip and skids into a snow bank and he exits the vehicle and appears to reach inside his poke
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handgun. and he was shot and killed after he was quote brandishing a firearm. an outside investigation is being conducted into the shooting per oregon state law. the world's health organization is warning that the zika virus is quote spreading explosively and the cdc calls it a pandemic. this year alone, three to four million people in north and south america could have the virus linked to birth defects. sfwlrks sheez >> reporter: it was on her honeymoon that she contracted zika and once home she had a headache. >> feeling warn out, tired, dragging and i ended up staying out of work for a day 1/2, just because it was painful to walk at that point. >> she recovered and not
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while zika carrying mosquitos have not yet arrived in the u.s. the cdc reported 31 cases have shown up in the states, all contracted abroad. we don't know how many involve pregnant women. while experts some zika mosquitos will arrive in southern gulf states, they don't expect a massive outbreak. >> there's always the slight possibility we may see a major outbreak. we don't think it's going to occur but we're going to be ready for it. >> there's less trash and stagnant areas, cities spray for mosquitos here and americans use air conditioning and window screens to keep mosquitos out. a key arrest is made related to the escape of three dangerous
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this time a worker at the jail. an english teacher at the jail was arrested for allegedly providing maps and other materials to help the men escape last friday. one inmate was a student in several of her classes. they're investigating the nature of their relationship. police say maps she provide could have helped the inmates plan. she'll be charge would aiding in an escape. so far 10 people have been arrested in that investigation. on sunday, one of the men believed to have stolen this white van in los angeles, a reward stands at $200,000 for the men who authorities believe are still together. a twister tossed outdoor furniture around like map tch sticks.
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tailed back inside the winds at 85 miles per hour. and now here's net net bc meteorologist, bill karins. >> thankfully florida is clearing out. that storm, nor'easter, is still out here and thankfully, it did not combine with this other storm to the north. this cold front now slicing down to the northeast will bring snow showers but this nor'easter is going to effect the canadian maritimes of the storm system. it's actually going to kick the other one out. let's take you to the weekend forecast. we have the snow showers to the areas of the northeast. beautiful mild weather. january thaw down to texas. and even the southeast is looking nice. on saturday, most enjoy
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st. louis and then that warmth finally makes it to the east coast, 52 in d.c. 48 in new york. unfortunately, next week we have a new storm to deal with in the middle of the country. colorado watch out for a monday snow storm and possibility of a blizzard in areas of iowa and the midwest. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, for today, beautiful weather conditions the whole southern half of the country. the only real cold spots is in northern michigan and there's snow showers in the northeast. so, big storm next week in the middle of the country but it looks like a pretty nice weekend. >> thank you. coming up, affluenza teen, ethan couch back in the u.s. and people lining up for days to spend hundreds of dollars on exactly what?
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so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, face as texas court today to determine if he should be tried as an adult. he returned to u.s. thursday after fighting deportation from mexico. he fled to mexico with his mother after missing a meeting with his probation officer. traffic hato be diverted after the highway was closed. nearly four years since florida teen, trayvon martin was fatally shot, they expanded the state's stand your ground law. prosecutors will have to prove self defense was not a factor when charging someone with killing another person. and check out this photo showing good samaritans forming a human chain to save a truck driver after his rig skidded off the road during last week's snow storm. that's teamwork. >> there's diesel fuel
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>> 15 minutes later, the truck driver was safely out of harm's way. it take as village. let's get down to business. in chicago shoe enthusiasts have been lining up for days outside of nike for what else? the latest pair of air jordan sneakers. the retrolow alternate and just dawn could go for a cool $600. and mark zuckerberg earned $6 billion today. he is now the 6th richest person in the whole world. a historic change for one of the most popular toys of all time. since its debut in 1959, barbie will be offered in three new shapes, and it includes seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hair styles to choose from.
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be purchased in stores this march. one pointy toe step forward but ken? could the l.a. raiders be headed to sin city? and the greatest olympian of all
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ever wait online for hours to buy concert tickets only to see them sold out the second they're available. rossen investigates. in sports calgary flames dennis wideman has been suspended for cross checking don henderson monday night. they'll hold a hearing tuesday to discuss the matter. he did apologize to the hendersons moments after the incident. we'll keep you posted. are the oakland raiders headed to sin city. the billionaire is meeting with raiders owner, mark davis. the deal, a billion dollar domed stadium. and from behind, the ultimate curtain of distraction, 18-time olympic gold medalist led his
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couple other shirtless lads. they were pretty successful as the sun devals routed the eagles. and can you guess which oscar nominated actor got to meet with pope francis? and can you guess which oscar nominated actor got to meet with pope francis? eagles. and can you guess which oscar nominated actor got to
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leonardo dicaprio went to the vatican to meet with pope francis. the two reportedly expressed their concern over the environment. probably wasn't leo's pis lifestyle they were discussing. and u.s.a. contestant, paul kantner has died at the age of 74. this is a cool video of him performing on american band stand with the band he co founded, jefferson airplane. gina rodriguez is making a fans day. high school student mentioned on twitter how much she loved the golden globes dress, so the actress offered to send her the gown to wear to prom. she said where do you live?
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: 4:57 on this friday. we're just getting things started on "today in new england." >> sarah: here are some stories we're working on. breaking news this morning. a deadly fire in broughton overnight. two adults were kill and state investigators are on the scene now. >> christa: donald trump headed to new hampshire this morning. he skipped last night's debate as he threatened to in iowa and instead is holding his own rally a few miles away. ism actress kerry washington taking over cambridge. the "scandal" star was named the hasty pudding woman of the year. she delivered a lot of laughs but also an important message. >> christa: and it's friday, which means it's class act time. today we're introducing you to a mapped out.
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>> sarah: me, too. i'm still not that together, chris. >> chris: it's tough on a friday morning, waking up early. it's the last day of the work week. good morning, everyone. temperatures starting off in the lower to middle 30s outside. 34 in boston. 32 in norwood. it's quiet outside. we don't have a whole will the of precipitation to deal with throughout the day. doesn't mean we can't get a passing rain or snow shower at times. we have locally dense fog inhasn't and a couple scattered flurries trying to get going across the seacoast of new hampshire, far northern mass. that's not amounting to much. a couple sprinkles trying to graze chatham and a little light rain over nantucket, but the bulk of this storm is just to the east of us, really threading the needle between two systems today. one an ocean storm, one a front to the west of us. in between the two we have many dry hours but occasionally we can get a rain or snow shower in here. the best chance of any rain shower down across the cape. as the cold front approaches
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afternoon, there will be a couple scattered rain and snow showers out and about. again, i don't think it's going to amount to much. temperatures generally running above the freezing mark throughout the day. tomorrow we start off with a lot of sunshine. and we'll end the day out with more clouds around. but tomorrow is a quiet day, as well. so cloudy skies this morning. temperatures holding in the lower 30s. again maybe a shower or two close to the coastline, especially down through the cape. an isolated rain or snow shower this afternoon. but the overall theme is mostly cloudy skies and temperatures holding into the upper 30s on average this afternoon. you get further down into the forecast, and what do we expect? more mild weather ahead. in fact, as we get into the second half of the weekend and throughout much of next week, temperatures topping 50 degrees. we'll talk more on this forecast, seven-day forecast coming up as "today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: first up at 5:00 a.m., we have breaking news. two people killed after a home goes up in flames overnight. we have the latest from the scene in groton.
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