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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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teen physician was a fake. we begin with breaking news first at 5:00, state senator brian joyce at the center of a federal investigation. both the fbi and the irs involved in this investigation. >> this is happening at his canton office. tonight calls for his resignation are growing louder. sky 7 over the law offices, again, there in canton, where agents carried out a raid earlier today. 7's kelli o'hara live in canton with more breaking details for us right now. >> . >> reporter: as federal agents surrounded the law offices of brian joyce wednesday afternoon, many in the community were surprised by the corrupt allegations surrounding him. >> it's a little scary. it's not something you want to see or hear about your elected >> reporter: joyce is being
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the state g.o.p. asking for his resignation saying the senator disregards the law. in january, joyce agreed to pay back nearly $5,000 for using campaign funds to pay for his son's 2014 high school graduation party. one person not surprised, though, by the allegations. the head of the state watch-dog group common cause. >> there was some very serious allegations here, and so i'm not surprised that there is a federal investigation ongoing at this point. i think that's good news. >> and in a statement just a little while ago, his attorney says, quote, senator joyce has been cooperating with each inquiry that has taken place and believes that he has done absolutely nothing wrong. fbi and irs agents still here on site here at the state senator's office taking out lots of boxes of evidence. kelli o'hara, 7news. a deadly accident in the
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headquarters in norten. dan, what happened? >> well, this is the warehouse and the office area of bernie & phyl's. the accident happened right back there in the parking area behind the furniture warehouse. police with reconstruction teams just left the scene, investigators tell me the victim is a 63-year-old warehouse worker. the driver, a contract employee driving one of those big bernie & phyl's furniture trucks. police tell me the victim was in the parking lot, possibly crouched down picking things up there and that could have made him harder to see. police say the driver was maneuvering the truck to back into a loading dock when he hit the worker. the victim is a long-time employee. coworkers are shaken up by his death. state police along with norten police and the d.a.'s office are all looking into this accident, but there's no indication that
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the worker has not yet been identified pending notification of next of kin. live in norten, dan hausle, 7news. there is more breaking news just coming into our newsroom right now. manchester new hampshire teacher facing charges, stemming from an incident involving a 14-year-old student. anita la may turned herself in today. she's accused of assaulting a student during class. according to police, the teenager was eating candy and refused to stop and then the teacher reportedly knocked it out of the student's hand. la may is charged with simple assault. screaming and scrambling and people were trying to open the doors. >> reporter: tonight the panel problem that's propertying concern. the mbta says a panel fell off the train and that is what caused trouble on the t last night. after a night of inspections
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everyone safer. jennifer egan live in boston with details. and kim, those numberses will continue. the t says that they secured panels on 13 other trains overnight and now for every two months or so they'll be checking to make sure the panels are secure. people who were here last night, though, say there wasn't a worker to mourn either. people kicked out windows as smoke filled the station. others tried to pry open doors to the orange line train. the passengers on board trapped. because the train didn't pull all the way into the state street stop. >> it was screaming and people were trying to open the door. >> reporter: the problem was a panel that fell off the train ahead of this one. that train ran the piece of metal over and continued on. >> see how it's smoldering right there. >> reporter: gay finley was on
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it also ran over the panel. >> it was smoking and another big boom and another big book and you seen the fire at the top. the mbta says second train was disabled and couldn't fully pull into the station. the door would stay shut and passengers who saw the smoke felt they had to bust out windows. finley says if she could have found a worker to warn, this would not have happened. >> there needs to be someone down there on that corridor. but there never is. we want to get to breaking news, the governor now speaking about the investigation into a state senator ryan joyce. let's listen in. underway. we should see where it goes. >> i haven't talked to senator joyce for quite a while. >> thanks, everyone. >> thank you. >> okay. >> take care, guys. >> all right, the governor had a couple of comments before we joined him.
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to say and turn it around for you as soon as possible. all right, we'll move on to some other news. meantime here, a firey sight on 93 south earlier. a car bursting into flames during the morning rush. police say no one was in the car when it caught on fire. this was around 8:00 this morning. happened between exit 15 and 16 out in dorchester. you can see the whole front half of the black suv is just engulfed in flames. crews were able to get it out and there are no reports of any injuries. a man accused in a hit and run involving a 15-year-old boy called to court today. 21-year-old calvin sousa will remain behind bars until a bail hearing next week. he pled not guilty to charges of around assault with intent to murder. sousa does have a previous record collision several other hit and runs. according to police, sousa never stopped after hitting a teenager on his bike in lowell last friday. officers believe the man knows the teenager and that a fight had even sued just before the accident there -- the hit and run.
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injured but is still recovering. also on 7news at 5:00, apple they have been ordered to break into the phone of the suspected they're vowing to fight this, saying that it's a slippery slope when it comes to people's privacy. seventh's ryan schulteis is here now with more details. >> when the federal government says it's just looking to track leads to isis, apple says it could lead to problems for hundreds of millions of people's privacy around the world. >> reporter: the fbi is asking apple to help them crack the iphone of saeed farouk. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new backdoor to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an
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>> reporter: not so says apple's ceo saying the government could bees used only ones on this one phone, that's not true. it could be done over and over again on any other devices. >> you require them to put the key under the mat, how do you make sure just the right people use that knee and. >> new software to bypass a key security feature that erases all the data after 10 failed pass code attempts. >> here the government is not asking for a backdoor but asking us for, give us the ability to sort of knock on that door a mission times until we can break in. >> but apple says this fight is far bigger than an attack against one phone but a fight against public privacy and safety. >> apple says it's been working with the government on this i have been here but says the new technology the government wants is just too dangerous to create. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7news. and in tay's poll, we asked
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order to hack the phone of san bernardino shooter saeed farouk? 44% of you say yes, but 56% say no. >> me is what the governor said about -- >> all of us in the public life, the fact that we have to play by the rules seriously, i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district and
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investigation because i have no information on that. it will take its course and go wherever it goes. but as i said when the issue of this first broke i was hoping the director did an investigation and i still hope they do. [ inaudible question ] there's an investigation underway. we'll see what the results of that investigation are. i think the voters openly have to make the call with respect to whether someone's allowed to continue to serve or not on an election day. and i think that's probably as it should be. but as i said, the issues are erased here, trouble to begin with, and obviously there's been a pretty aggressive ongoing investigation, and i think, you know, to some extent we should waited and see where that goes. >> i do support the republican
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>> i certainly support the republican party but i tend to be careful when it comes to using terms like that, and in this particular case, what i would say is that there's an investigation underway, we should see where it goes. >> governor, have you talked to senator joyce? >> i haven't talked to senator joyce for quite a while. >> all right, thanks, everyone. >> thank you. >> okay. >> governor baker talking about the investigation into state senator joyce. what you're seeing here is the senator's law offices in canton where we reported at the top of this half-hour fbi and irs agents were seen raiding. we continue to follow this and we have a reporters in a couple of places awaiting any updates on this. and live pictures of a car into a building or maybe that's a tractor/trailer, this is waltham.
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pinned there between either a tractor/trailer or some sort of structure that was there? we're working to find out exactly what happened there in waltham and if anybody was hurt. we'll follow this for you as well. right now, let's turn our attention to the race for the white house. donald trump with a giant lead in nevada, a big one in south carolina, as we head into this week's primary. so can his opponents cut into his lead? johnny ann thompson is here now with more on the campaign trail. >> yeah, well, trump's opponents are saying he's not a reliable conservative. meantime hillary clinton easy grip on the democratic nomination is starting to weaken. >> reporter: for donald trump, his biggest lead nationally. it comes with trump poised to win saturday in south carolina. >> i thought years ago -- or a year ago, it was a joke when he put in his hat to run, and now
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he might get my vote. >> with three days until the vote. >> let us come and have a good result in south carolina. >> you all have the chance to reset the race. >> reporter: trump's rifles are saying that's not conservative. >> i am pro dmois every respect. >> reporter: that was in 1999, part of a current ted cruz ad. he is warning that trump would not put a pro-life justice, pro gun justice on the supreme court. >> a vote for donald trump is a vote to erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. >> reporter: trump says he has changed and might sue cruz. >> i never dealt with anybody that lied so much. >> reporter: hoping to replace cruz as trump's top challenger in south carolina marco rubio attacked. >> ted has fortunately proven that's willing to say or do anything to get elected. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bad news for hillary clinton, a new cnn poll finds her virtually tied with vermont senator bernie sanders in nevada. a 16-point lead gone with the
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days away. and there's some surprising newsroom. south carolina. according to a brand-new nbc news wall street journal poll, ted clues now pulled in front of donald trump by some 2 points. we'll be following those numbers for you throughout the rest of the evening. for now, live in the newsroom, johnny ann thompson, 7news. >> coming up, a diddley shooting outside a bar. police quick to make an arrest. and a somerville man met by authorities as he gets off a disney cruise ship. police say he's connected to a hack attack in boston. and ahead in just one hour, stepping up the search for a missing man last seen in boston. where the investigation led
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babe is back and pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. >> a lot of players already down there, sporting the short sleeves for us. >> yeah, we noticed. >> joins us with more on some other signs of spring, besides the short-sleeve shirt there.
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trey. >> yeah, i know you've got a heat wave back in boston. but it's close to 80 degrees as we kick off our 2016 spring training coverage, the red sox entering the year with a lot of change, most notably david pryce price, a big addition expected to help the franchise the get back to its best. he. the world series, that's the number one goal going in, and you know, after, that you know, there's no plan b. >> reporter: despite finishing in the basement of the a.l. east in each of the last two years, the red sox entered 2016 with great expectations, thanks in large part to a totally revamped pitching staff beginning at the top of the rotation with david price. >> just to get to the play-offs, you know. that's not enough. you know, you want to set your goals high, and that's what this organization always does, and that's good.
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priority this year for the whole staff, front office. so i think we definitely went out and made some trades and assigned some guys. >> i hope we have a great year this year. >> reporter: but the red sox brass will have their fair share of questions heading into camp, most notably the transition of ramirez from left field first base. >> it all depends how much he works on it. i know he likes to work. it should be fun. should be exciting. i definitely look forward to it. >> reporter: spring training also marks the beginning of the end for david ortiz, big papi set to embark on his 14th and final season in boston and his new ace is looking forward having a front row seat for one last ride. >> i've seen i guess a couple of them with jeter and mariano and that was pretty cool to see all the gifts that they got and all the love that they received from, not only the home ballpark but the visiting parks, as well. so it is the last season for
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season in boston for dave dombrowski, as i mentioned the red sox going from world series champions to back to back last place finishes. also part of the only other major league team in history to do it, the florida marlins, which a couple years later, they turned that into another world series title. trey daerr, 7news. all right, still ahead on 7, sir paul mccartney learning he is now v.i.p. the shocking scene at a grammy after-party, and as we see there, that's the video of sir paul mccartney. trey will continue his reports from fort myers. a bit cooler, numbers up next. and we're learning a little bit more about the breaking news in waltham. sky 7 hd over the scene and you can see the tow truck has been called in at the bj's in waltham. the car about,ing wedged between a shipping container or dumpster
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we're still trying to figure out if anyone is hurt and what happened in waltham. we'll be back. you're watching 7news. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis
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out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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. i don't know! >> he won't let you in? what? hold on. hold on.
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>> well, that's a little strange. sir paul mccartney turned away at a grammy's after-party. tmz reports the famous singer tried to get into a party hosted by tiger but when he and foo fighter's drummers taylor hawkins tried to get in through a side door, security turned them away. you can hear mccartney asking how v.i.p. do we need to get? a rep for the club says it was all just a mix-up. >> awkward. album, i guess. here you go. the first week of the month loaded with warm air and last week the bitterly cold air. my personal favorite, by the way, was sergeant peppers, for what it's worth. for the month of february temps average being 2 degrees bew at 65, the coldest 9 below on sunday morning. the month of extremes.
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inches of snow. worcester 31 inches of snow. really not that far from normal. and compared to a year ago when we were just about to come out of the blitz, again, the numbers just dismal. look at, that 103 inches of snow a year ago tonight in worcester 95.7. no snow in the short term. we have some clouds moving in right now. that's actually tied to a cool front that will send the numbers closer to slightly below normal tomorrow and again on friday. as high pressure drifts in from the great lakes states. so the weather remains quiet. although, the temps will correct downward a little bit. starting overnight tonight, temps this evening in the 30s, and then temps tomorrow morning for your morning commute into the 20s. tomorrow morning boston around 27. bedford at 22. nashua 21. through the day tomorrow, it's a colder day than where we've been the last couple of afternoons but nothing like we had to deal with overnight weekend. temps tomorrow between 34 and 38.
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lakeville 37, as well. merrimack valley the numbers in the middle 30s tomorrow. worcester hills. temps reach mid- and upper 30s. fitchburg at 55. and mashby at 36 and chatham 37. friday seasonal with morning sun, clouds throughout the afternoon hours on friday. that's not a storm coming out friday afternoon but a warm front and it delivers the goods for the weekend. saturday a lot of clouds. maybe some sprinkles early in the day and near 50 sound. all right, coming up next on 7, the contents of a stolen wallet returns along with an explanation for what the good samaritan did and why they gave it back and why they took it. >> ahead at 6:00 tonight, a pill that could help opiate addicts kick the habit. so why don't doctors prescribe it?
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the. we hope you can stay right there if you're just settling in. we've got another hour of 7news to deliver. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 starts right now. now at 5:30, a somerville man linked to a hospital hack in hot water, how investigators ship. and a murder at a randolph bar. the accused shooter answering to a judge today. and a mall brawl caught on camera when a case of shoplifting takes a dangerous turn. and student debt brings u.s. marshals to a man's front door. we are following breaking news right now. the fbi and irs are investigating state senator brian joyce. authorities say this is all part of a federal investigation. >> and tonight the governor is talking about that situation. let's get over to 7's adam


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