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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tim caputo, news. >> jadiann: turning to the wild weather overnight, strong storms knocking out power to thousands of people in massachusetts. winds sending trees tumbling like these in duxbury. some hitting and damaging peoples' homes and roofs. and it all caused a mess. local crews owl trying to fix the damage. in canton police officers narrowly escaped an electrical pole that fell within a few feet of them. >> adam: crews are still cleaning up that mass, dan hausle live in canton with more on the damage and what those police officers experienced. dan. >> reporter: a barrier continues to block the street as work continues on the storm damage outs here. ers? >> needed to get a little distance themselves after the pole you see this guy is repairing replaces an older one that came crashing down nearly injuring two officers. >> we heard the crack. i looked at the sergeant and we ran. >> reporter: a streetlight
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transformer shattered in the street. just feet from two canton police officers who heard the warning signs something bad was about to happen. >> you heard the crack. you looked. you started, it was like slow motion and you just got out of the way. >> reporter: both of you at the same time? go exactly. >> reporter: sargent paul and officer of the officer were on detail watching cleanup after the storm blew neighborhood and brought down power lines and two poles with it. hours later with the officers standing feet away, a third power pole came down when workers removed a power line that was holding it up. >> thank god the power was dead to it because i don't know what could have happened if it was live pour running to it but it wasn't. the power has been killed up around the corner. so we were lucky. >> reporter: next time the officers say they won't push their luck. >> it was terrifying.
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that close to it so, you know, maybe next time we get a little farther away. >> reporter: the only lights on coming from the repair crews. some of the residents have left for the night. others hoping it'll be restored in the next few hours. live in canton, dan hausle, 7 news. >> adam: glad they're okay. and we're all now enjoying a winter warm-up today. a lot of people are saying it felt more like april than february. temperatures getting as high as 63 degrees. i had the window cracked driving though work. >> jadiann: i wore a big coat and was regretting it a's you will get there. >> jadiann: i was sweating by the time i got in here but it's starting to cool down. for more on the forecast let jier take it over -- jeremy reiner take it over. >> we have a couple of rain showers and they become snow showers, that is another cold front moving through last night. this cold front will not have a repeat performance of
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wind gusts but whatful' do is usher in some colder air. later on tonight and through the day tomorrow. the city is at 50 so that is a high of 63. that happened very early when the thunderstorms were happening, most of the day it was spring-like out there and now the numbers way bovinummal. normal high should be about 40, 41,the air does cool after as you head back to eastern new york as well as western new york state. temperatures are in the upper 30s to around 40. so this wind that we have out there gusting 25-30 miles an hour, that starts to drag in the cold are air with winds gusting close to 40-45 miles an hour then there is the colder air for friday and saturday. another warm-up by the end of the weekend and early next week. >> adam: also on 7 attorneys for convicted killer philip chism making last-minute requests. his attorneys are asking for
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jonathan hall is live in salem with those details for us. >> reporter: the lead defense attorney is not shy about making very unpopular requests and today she asked five women be barred from speaking at tomorrow's sentencing hearing speaking about the pin and anger they foal at the loss of coleen ritzer. they include her best friend, her teacher and her aunt. 17-year-old philip chism has appeared in court so many times but not today. his lawyers are asking the judge to limit the number of victim impact statements that he hears tomorrow. >> why limit the victim impact statements? >> reporter: it's the law. >> reporter: denise regan says only close family members are allowed to speak in murder case innocencing not friends but the jum has product discretion and there should be no limit. >> times we live in, live in our concept of who is a family member and who is a survivor of someone is dangerous territory.
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sided with the d.a.'s office. >> the more information i receive. >> reporter: friends will be able to say just how much they miss coleen ritzer, the 24-year-old math teacher rape and murdered by a 14-year-old student in october ever 2013. >> all comments made to victim impacts statements can't be addressed to anybody other than to the court. >> reporter: championship wasn't hear ritzer's parents were. they left without commenting on the judge's decision. they are expected to speak at the hearing be a they not give a statement at the d.a.'s office after the that. due to supreme court rulings and chism's tender age the teen cannot be inspected to life without the possibilities of parole. the state wants consecutive sentences guaranteeing he leave at least 50 years and not be eligible for freedom until he turns 64. chism wants something more
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he wants sentences to run at the same time meaning he would be eligible for parole in 20 years, he could be out by the time he is 40. a possibility. live in salem, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> jadiann: a salem police officer is off the job. lynn police say he was spotted during a drug people. now that officer is facing serious charges. steve cooper is live for us outside of lip district court with the latest on this story. >> reporter: this is a copy of the mug shot of the police officer who came to court here today for all the wrong reasons. >> in front of you you've matthew -- >> reporter: facing a judge with three others, salem police officer matthew scialdone plead not guilty to a charge he purchased a bag of oxycodone pills from a drug dealer. >> it's alleged possession of a class b. drug. >> reporter: prosecutors say officer scialdone was off duty when members of the lynn drug task force spotted
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resident involved in a drug street. his attorney told the judge rehab. >> our intention to have mr. scialdone go seek treatment inpatient. going to happen as of today. >> reporter: the officer ago. the chief calls his arrest disappointing. >> i think that it's important to, for us to consider especially as we're dealing with the opiate crisis it's not discerning about how it effects in our community. >> reporter: he made a beeline from the chores not so interested in speaking with us. were you involved in the drug deal? were you involved in the drug deal, officer? redid ask his lawyer about the troubling allegations. why go no a drug treatment program if he wasn't involved with the drug? >> as i said i'm not going to talk about it now. there will be plenty of time when we go back to court to figure out what was going on. >> reporter: so scialdone has been placed on administrative leave by the
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as for the case that has been continued until next month and he has been ordered by the judge to remains drug-free until the case has been resolved. live in lynn tonight, steve coop e 7 news. >> adam: a story you saw first on 7. two people one of them a firefighter are recovering after an accident that happened in acton. officials say a car pleau through a stop line -- blew through a stop line and crash nod a fire truck. the accident left the car's signed wind shield smashed in. the driver and a firefighter were taken to the hospital after that. sky 7 in boston where a car slam nod a parked fan earlier. it happened on mount pleasant avenue in roxbury. boston miss on the scene. no word right now of any injuries. >> jadiann: we have breaking news we're following at a rhode island. one of the newport mansions is burning right now. you can see from these images flames are tearing through the home. this on bellevue avenue. this is in the city's historic district.
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firefighters battling right now trying to control those flames. we're going to continue to follow that for you and get you more images. a lot of destruction going on in the area because of the fire: the fire broke out before 5:30 tonight. so it hasn't been going long. we have a crew headed to the skip and we'll let you snow seasonings we get more information. back in a minute.
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>> adam: first responders are tackling an calling this a hive safer. as the opioid epidemic you probably heard of a drug called nar can. >> jadiann: it can bring people who oversnows back to live. cheryl fiandaca has the story. >> reporter: >> he has been down 10, 12 minimums. >> reporter: this man in june nar can meant the difference between life and death. >> the officers who administered it on this day call it a live saver. >> appears to be breathing. >> reporter: 7 news learned first responders
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the drug to bring addicts back to life. >> our kiss have two doses in them. >> this is a bystander class, it's open to anyone who wants to learn how toed a ministers nar caan, you are going to put -- >> reporter: it's taught by learn to cope, appear organization dedicated to helping families dealing with drug addiction. >> see how that sprays. >> reporter: kathy is not just an instructor, she hawsed nor caan to save someone she loved. >> i've had to use it in quaking, shaking even though i do this all the time. >> reporter: in massachusetts nearly 40,000 people who are not first responders have taken the class. the program is getting results. according to the massachusetts department of health, these trained bystanders have saved 6,000 people. >> you have a loved one who is overdosed. it's awful. of course it's hard. yes, so you just, but this is something you have to do. >> reporter: frank knows what he is talking b. the stoneham firefighter
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bystander at home. his son is a recovering heroin addict. >> he is my son. i love him. i will, i have this in my house because god forbid if i need to use it i have it. >> reporter: instructors in the class explain the signs much overdose and how nar caan reverses the potentially deadly effects. the bistanders get practice putting separate together. >> it takes approximately 3-5 minutes to work. if you are not getting any response from the person in three to five minutes give another dose. you are north going to hurt them. >> reporter: it's relatively easy to administer and easy to get. >> here is your receipt. >> reporter: the pharmacist gave it to us no questions asked. he showed us how to use it. >> you want to screw this in. people are starting to not be afraid to ask for it. or feel ashamed.
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two years nearly 1500 addicts in massachusetts died of an opennoid overdose, some of the dealings could have been avoided if more people were trained to use nar caan. i'm cheryl fiandaca in the newsroom. >> reporter: tracking a new rain showers then colder temperatures for tomorrow and saturday. forecast up next. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class
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>> reporter: tracking rain showers south of town and that is a band of lighter rain that wraps around 495, 128, this is in the a repeat of last night. it is another cold front. but much weaker. this one has some cold air. the one that came through last night had all sorts of destructive wind and lightning and temperatures surged out ahead of the front into the 60s behind the front we're in the 50s this afternoon. but here you go. the air does begin to cool off. so instead of rain showers back through new york and pennsylvania, snow showers out there. buffalo 28. boston at 50. so, i think we're going to go through a cold front later on tonight then tomorrow morning. wind still a bit of an issue gusting 25-35 gusting close to 40 miles an hour on the cape and the islands. you do have a wind advisory in effect for about another 45 minutes. enough wind that it's able to drag in colder air and add a chill to the air but i don't think it'll be the
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overnight with lows between 31-35, the commute, the numbers are in the lower 30s but is not earth shattiering but when you are going from the 60s to the 30s it's a bit of an adjustment and there is not much recovery happening with temperatures tomorrow afternoon 36-42. mix of clouds and sunshine but a chilly breeze will make it feel like lower 30s through the afternoon. boston around 40 tomorrow afternoon. which is colder but where we should be for this time of year. fitchburg 35. 30s to around 40. on to the weekend. saturday, cold saturday morning down to the teens and then by the afternoon hours, in the upper 30s with much less wind on saturday. so it's a nice winter day and just like that here comes another warm front. this will surge into new england for sunday. so the numbers head above normal once again. 7 on 7 forecast sunday, middle 50s, monday a mix of clouds and sunshine.
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middle of next week, that is at that. temperatures upper 50s to around 60. have a good evening. >> reporter: the celtics return to the garden tonight for the first time in over two weeks. they're back home after three gauges and four nights on the road coming out of the jar star break, home is where they want to be. the celtics have won eight straight at the garden, their longest home winning streak in three years. if they want to extend that streak to nine games they'll have to play much better defense against the bucks tonight. celt vicks allowed over 100 points in each of their last 7 games, uncharacteristic trend for a team whose defense remains its calling card and with the celtics recent loss to the bucks fresh on their mind the coach says their team is prepared for a tough test as they start up aifing home stand. >> parker is playing at a really high level right now.
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when you got middleton,mayo, those guys have burned us in the past and what monroe did to us last time was as good of an individual performance as we faced in the last four weeks. against us. >> reporter: johnson's days in brookline are over. he bought out by the nets this afternoon. this is good news for the celtics who hold the nets number one pick in this year's draft. celt ricks reported -- celtics are reported by one of several play-off teams that reached out to johnson. for those who have become defense infanted with the nba, apty in represents everything that is wrong with the league, why would danny range have been interested in acquiring him at the trade deadline. espn reporting that was the case and that carmelo refused to waif his no trade clause to come to boston.
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break the ice -- he scores! >> reporter: on a night when the prunes needed a spark, -- bruins needed a spark passer knack gave it to them. goal, the lead the bruins would reling wish. he picked a great time for arguably his best game in a bruins uniform beating flurry twice nor his third career two-game game. he added a game-high seven shots on goal displaying speed and finish that make him one of the most bruins. >> you know, it's, it can be one game can -- don't game goes your way so today wept my way and gave me some confidence. >> when you get the puck he is a tough guy to defend. today he showed it. when he used that speed to attack the net it's dangerous.
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he is really going to get better, so it's good for us. >> >> reporter: edle mop, lewis and the flowers trading in their helmets for chef hats. they enjoyed their time in the community before ramping up offseason workouts. >> last year just didn't go our way, and that gives you a little motivation for the next year and you look forward to going out and getting ready and seeing your team mates and training with those guys, creating the chemistry, creating the unity. to. >> reporter: sean thornton will call south florida home for at least one more season. the panthers rewarding the 38-year-old with a one-year contract extension today. that is sports.
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>> jadiann: thank you so much, everyone for join us today, i'm jadiann thompson. >> adam: i'm adam williams, we will be talking about your updated forecast tonight on 7 news at 10:00 on cw56, pack here at 11:00 plus the latest on the top stories. for any time, news any time head to or follow us on your facebook, twitter pages. you know all that. >> jadiann: follow me,
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no, follow us both. have a great evening, everyone. real time closed captioning provided by energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution...
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developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald nomination. super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror. the chilling moment that made erin andrews


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