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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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phillip chisolm the teen sent depended to life in prison, but he is eligible for probably but it's 40 careers from now . >> anchor: so chisolm killed colleen ritzer in the bathroom of danvers high school back in 2013. his sentencing was very complicated because of his age so we do have team coverage on this case. let's begin with 7's steve cooper live for us right now in salem. steve? >> reporter: for nearly two hours judge david lowey listened in the salem support i don't remember court to just gut wrenching victim impact statements, there were nine of them in all before he sentenced the former freshman fromdown verse high school for his role . put this animal behind bars an i beg of you do not give this court an tunnel to shatter . i whereby i could have helped colleen but to one could have helped her but no one knew
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>> reporter: impassioned pleas from justice from friends and family of colleen ritzer just hours before the convicted teen killer would be sentenced . i lost my beautiful little girl. colleen was my daughter, my friend, someone i could go to for anything. colleen was ear place will an i miss my best friend every day. the world is a much darker place without colleen in it. >> reporter: ratter was ripped and murdered by the then 14 14-year-old back in october of 2013 when he savagely attacked his 24-year-old math teacher inside a send floor bathroom at danvers high. colleen's mother recalled in her emotional victim impact statement being told by police her daughter was dead . we were not told that colleen had been found but that they had found colleen's body in the woods behind danvers high school. i only ask two questions. how and they told me with a box cutter and who was it the student and they said yes . >> reporter: because of a recent ruling by the supreme court when it comes to juveniles
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and before sentencing chisolm to serve 40 years before being eligible for parole, judge steve even ley addressed the violent events of two years ago . it's difficult for this court to imagine what could be worse for an individual or a family to endure than the brutal and senseless mud of colleenrier. you said that you felt bad for the family. do you want to say anything to the ritzer family . >> reporter: her mother left without comment as did his legal team . are you satisfied with the judge's decision? i have no comment. i have to comment. i have no comment. >> reporter: so chisolm will remain in the juvenile system in until he is 21 and then he will be transfer to m.c.i. cedar junction where he will carry out the remainder of his sentence there. he is eligible for probably in the year 2056 when he is 54 years old. live in salem, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: 7's byron barnett continues our team coverage now
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of tell us what you know, byron. well, we just got through listening to the district attorney and the parents of colleen ritzer, tom and peggy. they are clearly dissatisfied with the sentencing here. in fact they say they are devastated. they both da and the parents thought that phillip chisolm see serve nothing less than life in prison with no chance at parole. however, the da went on to shape that two months after the murder of colleen ritzer the state supreme court changed the law making a life, making it outlaw outlawing in effect life in prison without probably for juveniles so hence we end up with the sentencing we had today as we said the parents are devastated. colleen, her parents said colleen got no second chance. phillip chisolm shouldn't get a sect chance either. they say phillip chisolm while he did not get a life sentence there is a life sentence for the
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ritzer. we are devastated and feel betrayed with judge lowey's in inability to give three executive life senses without the eligibility of parole to the individual that took colleen's life in such a horrific manner. we are disgusted and first male offended with the defense's repulsive recommendation that the killer be probably eligible therefore putting him back in society at age 290 kill again . the decision of the sjc is not only disrespectful to colleen but also to those who took, who love her. syc's decision was a bow trail to all victims and their families. >> reporter: colleen's parents went on to say that after phillip chisolm has served his00 mum 40 years they say either they or their children will be there at his probably hearing to
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him out on parole. they say that someone from the family will be there to speak for colleen. that's the latest live from news. >> anchor, so while chisolm was found guilty of murder, he could not be sentenced to life without probably again because he was 14 . >> anchor: a 2012 supreme court ruling is what's playing a big role in today's sentencing so we brought in a legal analyst to help us break down all of this. we're joined now with tom hoops. thank you for coming in. could we just kind of go through how that supreme court ruling and this person's age played into what we saw unfold in court today? >> anchor: sure we can because is understandable. massachusetts. there are six supreme court of the united states rules plus one massachusetts ruling that indicate in this case that they cannot serve, they cannot give a
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the key on this individual. it's got to be some ability for him to be out and get probably at some would. so this sentence of 40 years is the maximum sentence that this judge could have ever given to this individual. it's he highest range that can constitutionally survive . so tom, for the lay person who doesn't quite understand 20 2012 decision and why the judge imposed the sentence as he did, i think the big question for a lot of people is when can this convicted murderer and raist get out of prison? could good behavior be a factor down the road? what other factors could come into play that could allow him to get out sooner or is it even possible? he won't get out sooner. 40 years is the earliest he will be eligible for probably. so that means that in 40 years he will go seat probably board and there will be a probably hearing. he ecould be like charlie manson he could never get out. he could get out at 40 and one.
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the only thing that these legal cases say is that he has to have the eligibility of probably that is a juvenile society as to look at how he is in 40 years as opposed to how he was as a juvenile because juvenile brains are not the same as an adult of all he gets is a theoretical chance. there is absolutely to guarantee no slam dunk, nobody is saying that he is ever going to get out before he dies in jail. >> anchor: we'll talk with you throughout the afternoon. our thanks again to our 7 news legal analyst tom hoops here on 7 news. >> anchor: we have some break breaking news to bring to you right now coming out of canton of a serious accident on route 93 south near route 24. sky 7 hd live over the scene for you right now. you can see a car slammed threw a guardrail there. some damage to the front of the vehicle. the accident causing some serious traffic problems right now. no word yet on if anyone is injured in this accident it's like it's turned sideways on the highway so sky 7 hd is panning
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traffic backups all lanes coming to a complete stop right now of you can see where other high is a are managing in. a huge mess just a parking lot out there on all of the lanes of the highway going back for several miles. i-95 again closed in canton due to a bad accident we'll continue to follow this for you as the newscast continues. >> anchor: timing couldn't be worse for that. all right, breaking news now in the race for the white house, new jersey governor chris christie throwing his support behind donald trump in what some might call a stunning move. it comes a day after the billionaire real estate millionaire fended off attacks if marco rubio and ted cruz in the 10th republican debate. bc's steve handlesman has more for us . the next president of the united states, donald trump! >> reporter: no warning, chris christie and donald trump just showed up together at fort worth. america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore
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trump is just the man to do it . >> reporter: trump can beat hilary clinton kristi said . i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about. i wanted to get . >> reporter: before he dropped out, kristi had battled trump. now the fight is for super tuesday . i want texas to be truffle country on tuesday . >> reporter: last fit's texas debate was fiery . this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar . >> reporter: for ted cruz winning at home on tuesday in texas is a must . if donald trump is our nominee, hillary will be very difficult to beat . >> reporter: marco rubio is in super tuesday attack trump mode . the charade is up. this is a conjob. so we unmasked him last night and let me tell you it's tim for you to unmask him as well . trump is being moving rubio as melting down . it's rubio! >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton had hoped for today's spotlight . thank you. i need your vote tomorrow . >> reporter: in south carolina where democrats primary is tomorrow, clinton has the support of african-americans, the key to a win.
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. >> reporter: bernie sanders is seen by many blacks in south carolina as unproven. back to the republicans, if donald trump is the nominee might chris christie be his running mate. kristi said today his plan was to stay on his new jersey governor until his term ends in 2018. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: we're getting new details on a deadly shooting rampage in kansas. cedric ford stormed a fact story in kansas and shot 15 people, killing three of them. he later died from an officer's bullet and as chris palne tells us ford was served with a protective order . >> reporter: as investigators try to figure out why a worker at this lawn equipment fact story opened fire killing three and injuring 14 thursday, they are also learning more about how the attack unfolded. kansas governor sam brown back said it was the rapid response of mrs. that saved lives.
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particular went in immediately to address the situation rather than even waiting on backup and did heroic duty and service . >> reporter: a police officer went into the building after ford and coned ford then shot and kill him. sheriff's deputy served ford with an order to stay away from his girlfriend hours before the rampage . he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed he was a little upset he was getting this order police say ford armed with a rifle and a handgun shot two people. apparently random victims stole a car and came to excel industries . people running pop, pop, pop i'm going i start to run too. >> anchor: within moments the shooting was over and ford was dead . this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter . >> anchor: as the small community mourns those lost we're starting to learn more about the people taken in this mass shooting.
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one of those killed was a man named josh higby. two other families are feeling the same pain. >> anchor: today president obama called the mayor of heston to offer condole owns for all lives lost an great statute for first responders who put their lives on the line to save others others. heston, cans so, ncbc news . >> anchor: the image taking social media by storm . >> anchor: mold issues in kid's sippy cups. one company said it has a plan to fix the problem . >> anchor: this student is thousands of miles away from home but it's not stopping him from helping others. he is this week's class act. >> reporter: both weekend days with a warming trend. the forecast is up next. next.. >> reporter: hurrah for the week. time to relax and unwind a little . >> anchor: you can relax and get stuff done. with' it will you how organized people spend their weekend . details on 7 nbc monday
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>> anchor: we're following some breaking news right now out of canton. we have a serious accident happening on 93 this is all near route 24 where you can see a car is off the road. it's turned sideways in fact on the road and it's in that guardrail so minor damage to the front of the vehicle. we have sky 7 hd live over the scene for you right now and if they can hear me they can pan out and they can show you what
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causing in a really high traffic point in our day. we don't know if there is any major injuries associated with this but you can see traffic cones up and some carsest going by. looks like one lane is open but if you pan back you can see they are several lanes completely closed down. but from a few minutes ago we've seen one lane at least open up so there is a little bit of an artery to get through there. we'll continue to follow that traffic back up and bring you any injuries associated with this crash on 93 near route 24 mostly closed right now the canton area . >> anchor: keeping an i on that but following other news an t the image, you can recognize this what it is? well it's a issy cup filled with mold all over social media. people are really concerned especially parents because parents try their very best to keep these things clean . >> anchor: that's right. an oregon mother of twins said she decided to speak out after she found the mold in the cups then she said it may be
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children. that is what was really grows. my girls have been drugging out of this for months and i hadn't known about it . >> anchor: this mother's 15 15-month-old twin daughters have been drugging out of these, a popular brand of sippy cups . i always heard good reviews about this company so that's why we bought these ones . >> reporter: on wednesday her husband saw a disturbing story about mold an gunk stuck in the stop arers "he came home, tore them open and sam this . just disgust. i mean, i probably wouldn't have bought them clearly if i knew they had this problem. i was like my gosh i can't believe that's been sitting in there. we were just shocked it would even be that much. >> reporter: now the family is their twins . my kids have been kind of that's why? or are they going to get sick interest this? because we've only had them for . >> anchor: the company, tommy tippy, is aware of the situation situation.
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telling customers they will receive replacement parts and that it plans on redesigning the product which will be available in a couple of months. but sara wants parents to know about this now. other parents, their kids might be getting sick or are secretary from the mold and that's just horrible. >> reporter: a woman in canada was the first person to bring attention to those moldy cups. she posted pictures of the cups on facebook and that has been shared more than 45,000 times now . >> anchor: you are watching 7 news on the news station. we'll be right back. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world.
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warm it right back up as we work into sunday. february has featured nothing about warm temperatures again in spite of that brief visit by the polar vortex on value an fine's when the low was nine below temperatures were averaging for the month of february about two and a half degrees above normal. the winter is going to go down likely as the second warmest winter on record in the city of boston. amazing. 36 in town right now. norwood at 36. worcester at 28. here you go, these are the number of days that the city has had at least a 50 degree day this winter. 33 days we've reached 50 or warmer like yesterday in the 60's. last winter only nine days. we're not done with meteorological winter just yet. we'll head on to those 50 degree days. here you go, here are the warm warmest winters in the city of boston for the record. number two this year, last year way down there at the bottom of the list 120th place. 20's and 30's at this time and we've got wind out there as well well. that wind making it feel colder than it is.
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hour even higher than them the city of boston gusting to 40. the wind chill in the city right now 23. worcester wind chill at 17. for tonight mostly clear, the cold wind will fade away this evening, but again tonight is date night layer up with temperature overnight tonight down into the teens to around 20 20. and then for tomorrow high pressure gets closer to us and that will shut down the wind and keep the sunshine in here and then just like that here comes another warm front into new england on sunday. mild conditions on sunday and even into early next week. there is a cool front that tries to crash the party but this high pressure says not happening. woe hold on to mild conditions for monday as well. your 7 on 7 forecast temperatures tomorrow again on the chilly side and then for the remainder the forecast warm, 50's on tuesday. our next storm looks like a few showers wednesday of next week, temperatures upper 50's to around 60. see new few minutes . >> anchor: we're going to go out and get a check of the roads roads. we have been following this as breaking news this accident over canton.
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>> reporter: getting a luck at 128 northbound right by route 24 in randolph with this crash blocked off. we had a life line helicopter land on did exto get this person over to the hospital as well. the highway though mostly backed up right over toward downtown boston it's been adding up it a huge delay here making your way about a 90 minute ride if you can believe it from downtown to the braintree split. mass pike westbound to 128 has been the alternate route that's jammed as well. >> anchor: so time now for class act and this week we are introducing you to a stand out student from medford . >> anchor: that's right. he is thousands of miles from home getting used to a new country and language but it doesn't stop him from helping others going threw the same thing. christa delcamp shares his story in tonight's class act. wow, it's quiet in here. you guys must be hard at work. we did a segment called class
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amazing achievements. ken wu, come on up. school senior. he is an international exchange student who will graduate this year from saint clements high . i was surprised. i was freaking out. i didn't know that this should be me. i mean, why me? what is this about? he is a really good kid. . >> reporter: four years ago he entered a freshman straight from china. he lard hardly new england accomplish and was far from family and friend . it must have been a very scary esmeans for him because language was an issue, culture was an u. but i could see him every day struggling and working really hard to get his language skills. but through hard work, curiosity and determine nation he not only succeeded, he is help others to succeed as well. he has come a long, long way. literally and figuratively
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half a world away to boston is something that takes a lot of courage. each sunday he comes here to the youth counsel of the asian-american civic association in boston and he helps students who immigrated from china adjust to american life. the responsibility is very important. >> reporter: ken didn't just come here to learn and take things with him but he is also giving a lot. ken is unclear at this point where he will be next year but he said if he stays in the boston region, he will continue to help out at the asian-american counsel. in the newsroom, cross christa delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: awesome. if you know someone between 6th and 12th grade doing something outstanding question hope you will go to our web site and nominate them. it's and we'll be seeing our next class act next week. in the meantime, you are watching the fuse station on this friday.
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(dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are...v (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. >> anchor: i will start with breaking news out of canton.
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accident is is i93 south near route 24. we're live over the scene right now. it lookslike one car is involved but they actually had to close that very busy section of road to allow a medical helicopter to land and take the patient to a hospital. the car went into a guardrail and we're talking serious traffic problems. if you are a south shore commuter you know that i93 can be very hectic on a friday and then 24 heading toward fall river in brockton also gets very logged so this just complied of adds insult to injury here on a busy friday afternoon. no word yet on what caused the accident. if there are other cars involved nor do we know the exact condition of the patient other than to say that the person had to be airlifted to a local hospital. we'll continue to follow this story for you throughout the afternoon. >> anchor: mo breaking news for you at this hour. phillip chisolm the danvers teen convicted of killing his teacher has been sentenced to life in prison but it's complicated .


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