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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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for nearby towns. >> donald trump crossing the border. >> i happened to have tremendous feeling for mexican americans. but tonight controversy about what happened at his meeting with mexican president. >> plus it's beginning look a lot like christmas allston christmas that is for college students just moving it's the gift that keeps on giving. and tom brady turning back time. a double take. 17 uz news at 11 starts now. first a 11 an 11-year-old boy takes a dangerous shot from a gun. right to the face. >> police say he was playing with a friend when gun went off. boy was rushed to the hospital and investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong there. kimberly bookman is live in abington tonight, kimberly. >> adam about noin o'clock in evening police appeared to search warrant. they went through home where shooting happened looking for
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>> crime tape surrounds abington home where authorities say two alenny-year-old boys were playing with gun when one not show in the face i saw the kid in ambulance he was just covered with blood in the face. neighbor beverly mcauliffe watched a victim was rushed to south shore hospital. she says both boys live on lynn wood street. it's sad. >> they've nevada seen anything like it in my life. >> and i'm very upset oh every it. child was later air lifted >> we believe he's doing okay right now but like i said any gunshot wound is dangerous. and anything can happen the shooting happened just before 3:30 wednesday afternoon. the plymouth county da says handgun is legal, but wouldn't say who owns it. it's unclear if there were any parents at the home when gun went off but investigators believe the shooting was accidental. >> we believe there was not intentionally be some did not try to intentionally hurt somebody difficult day for two
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themselves and had to respond to the scene. certainly a tragic issue and straj tragic situation officers will receive after care and certainly counselings as a result of it. now police are not releasing name of the victim. we do know that the victim went to a woods dale elementary school here in abington. that school offering prayers tonight and says they will have grief counselors on hand tomorrow. reporting live from abington kimberly bookman, 7 news. right now we're tracking tropical storm hermine and there is storm continues to strengthen oh of the gulf coast making its way toward shore. already having an effect on southern states and floridians are ready for the worst as they get pummelled with wet weather. they are already seeing streets flood before the storm even makes land fall the rest states bracing for impact as they've done before many times before piling up sand bags cutting down dangerous tree branches a they wait for rising water and whipping winds. tonight the storm strength strent enning a new advisory
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center in miami. jeremy heres in a gulf of mexico. a lot of warm water in gulf of mexico. hurricanes, tropical storms love that. strengthening has happened you can see on the doppler radar even though center is way over here, hermine is throw a lot of troll can moisture into florida. brand new winds a 60 miles per hour. moving north, northeast at about 10 miles per hour. so the forward speed has picked up a little bit as well. latest thinking from hurricane center is now they do feel it may hurricane before it makes land fall in panhandle very late tomorrow night more likely very early on friday morning. from there forecast track has not changed all that much. still spending a quite a bit of time overland. again has opposite warm water. tropical storm system don't like land. weaken will happen as through carolina so by saturday, 8:00 p.m. down to 45 miles per hour. this is challenging part of forecast notice that red line
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across northern new england southern canada. that may deflect the whole thing out to sea. and not even bother southern new england. we will talk more about that potential coming up in a few minutes. >> alleges from night team shirley police are telling people to to be on look oh woman reported she was chased by man out for a run lively in shirley with was we know tonight. that's right a diver forced her off the road and then tried to get her t van. she said nobody was in the passenger seat. but that she could see a man hiding in the back seat. >> a mother went out for jog said an older man in large green van forced her off the road. and then kept telling her he had water in the back of the van. >> according to the victim, the individual didn't pass the water out to her. she thought he wanted her to reach in and grab it. she thinks she saw an individual sitting in the back. it happened tuesday on hazen
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the jogger shaken up warned others in facebook and ayer's police posted theed message on its facebook page as well in woman said in 20 years of jogging neri been forced off road or had driver stop to offer her anything. she felt shore driver was trying to get her to reach in so they could kidnap her. we haven't had any other calls. this was an isolated calls. we haven't had any other reports. investigators say they are taking it very seriously and want the public to keep an eye out for anything or anyone that doesn't seem right. the community c think of vanessa marcotte, the jogger that was killed on august 7th, '20 miles away in princeton despite more than thousand leads authorities have yet to find her killer. i vanessa marcotte in touch with princeton we're getting ready to an individual reported that see if electric is any more specific information a woman walking the dog didn't want to be aidentified but says she's very concerned. i read about it last night. and, it's pretty scary with
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massachusetts tags but only a partial plate of 930. if you know anything you're asked to call police. live in shirley. brandon gunnoe. from night team. meeting in mexico. we had a tremendous, more than an hour. i think we were very good. but on border security. we're going to build a great wall. the wall is going to paid for by mexico. we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wa wall. >> mexico president telling slightly different story. but tonight trump brought his message on immigration back across the border. ryan schulteis in our newsroom with what trump had to say trump main folks remains building that wall along the border. he said it will be physical wall and despite all back and forth mexico will pay for it. >> donald trump takes stage in arizona to layout his plan to fight illegal immigration. >> our right as sovereign nation
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thrive and flourish and love us he says he'll have 0 tolerance for people here illegally. and you can call it deported if you want. press doesn't like that term. you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone trump sticking to his guns and what's become his number one campaign issue. we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. hours before this speech um meeting with mexican president enrique pena after hours after that meeting a membering can pretty says they not only talked to wall he says he tells trump there no way mexico would pay for trump se it was not negotiations that would have been inappropriate. is unsurprising that they hold two different views on this issue we look fwafr forward to continuing conversation. clinton campaign quick for
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made outlandish policy a forcing meks to pay for his giant wall center piece of his campaign. but at the first opportunity to make good on his offensive campaign promises, trump choked. >> so the spokesman for the mexican president says trump was told at the beginning meeting mexico would not pay for wall he didn't react and there was no discussion. ryan schulteis, 7 news. two tourist are dead after wild wreck in east boston. police say 27-year-old swampscott man was driving a subaru a into the back of a hampton inn courtesy shuttle. the shuttle was carrying 4 people who had just landed a logan airport. and that impact sent the van into a jersey barrier. police say a 59-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman from el paso, texas were both thrown from the van. >> you come on vacation you don't even make it to your destination, it's unfortunate. i'm very surprised. i would never ink that that would happen that just freak accidents i guess happen you just never know.
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van had to be rushed to the hospital. state police are investigating why that driver slammed into the shuttle. >> a fire raising housing codes concern a large fire tore there home on myrick street the house has three units but lenny people were renting rooms most of them students. fire officials say this isn't just illegal it's dangerous. this building, if you as you saw last night, in all appearance two family house. the way it was being operated was a lodging house whi into a very different classification for fire protection, fire he greece. investigators say fire started on second floor because of an electrical issue. they say owner the building will be held responsible. black lives matter protest are calling for change and diversity in cambridge today. protester chained themselves by the neck to the doors of city hall. they used bike locks to do it.
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they are calling for an affordable housing in the area. we're pushing for affordable house people of color who liver here low income people are disappearing. >> police say they had no choice but to arrest four of those protesters. an 18-year-old beverly man called to court he accused of a trying to kill his friend. prosecutor says occur difficulties day impaled his friend 18-year-old matthew do you with golf club. incident happened yesterday afternoon police say two men and another friend allegedly took lsd, marijuana and heroin there at the reservation when a fiekt broke occupy the curtis day is being held without bail. victim in attack is said to be doing okay. >> a salem woman pleads guilty to attempted murder in 2009 death of her son kristin labrie admitted to with holding a potentially lifesaving medication from her son jeremy who sad cancer. labrie served five years but she
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attorney. is now free on probation. >> no swim a two beeps on cape life guards shutting down the beaches after sharks are spotted off shore. this was latest sighting on cape province town atlantic white shark conserve annes says it was shark on a feeding frenzy. no word yet when the other two peach beaches will reopen. up next tonight an end of summer tradition. it's beginning look at although like christmas in allston. side effects of moving day. trappe a chopper then called in to make a dangerous save. showers overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we'll talk more about that as well as latest on tropical storm hermine. something's different about tom brady. why his hair has so many people
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sort like christmas time in city. free stuff lining streets a college students come back to boston. called allston christmas. for students it means striking gold on the sidewalks. this year was no different. students get set to deck halls for new school year. nick emmons live in allston tonight. yeah, kim adam it allson christmas eve tonight. this trashy tradition just getting under way sights and sounds really preview what's come tomorrow. the count down is over. everyone's moving. get ready for moving day. >> from back bay to brookline, trucks already tucking into tight spaces. >> i saw bunch of other u haul drivers waving to each other we're all clueless. erin some even getting stuck. mass state police sharing this picture, reminding drivers, trucks don't belong on storrow
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in allston, september 1st has become a holiday. >> but for some allston christmas isn't exactly the most wonderful time of the year. >> oh my gosh literally like hell. >> serena is moving into a new apartment in the back bay. happy to getting in before the crowds. awful, you don't want to, you know be stuck doing that. i'm really glad we were able to get in early. city of boston releasing in this detale areas you may want to avoid. >> i think it's a little chaotic. ben cook and his sister also getting early jump she took off work knowing what tomorrow could look like. >> repercussions of living in city so filled with colleges. all right there are quite a few traffic advisories in the city of boston. you can find all of them on our website, live in allston i'm nick emmons, 7 news night team. >> and we're following more news
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including crew members and three children when turbulence hits a flight midway over the ocean. it was flight from texas to london. pilot had to make an emergency landing in ireland ambulances were waiting for are passengers. people on board say they had no warning and some of passengers without seatbelts just flew out of their seats. it was like one of those star trek especial soedz you go through a field of rocks in space, banking against everything. it was actually banging against things. and so, most of them roof or ceiling. there was one next to me that hit the floor. and some injuries due to that. pilots warn that air turbulence is tough because they cannot see it on radar. a risky rescue over some wild waves in new york. check it out. two guys stranded on jetty with high tide just rushing in. waves swallowing rocky inlet so quickly men had to climb channel
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had to send helicopter but they eventually saved the guys and they are both fine tonight. all right. we are tracking tropics. we're watch hermine. we're worried about weekend. we saw some ums with reporter out there starting locationally showers out there injury meep. more expected or out to sea? i think a few hit and miss showers overnight through the day tomorrow. that's tied to cool front that will set us up for pleasant weather friday and saturday. and perhaps the entire holay weekend. again we are watching hermine and what she wants to do later in the holiday weekend. we'll get to that in second rain showers right now on the south shore. through southeastern massachusetts back through connecticut and rhode island and other scattered showers back through new york state. that's cool front that will slowly move into new england overnight tonight. and take its time moving out of new england tomorrow afternoon. but you notice here like so many other fronts this summer not much. clouds, yes. but no widespread rain.
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and your time line tomorrow again we start day lot of clouds and there be quite ae few showers especially south mass pike with cool front. then as we step through the morning hours into the afternoon, the showers are less numerous. scattered, isolated as you work north of mass pike i think there's going to clearing behind this cool front. so you're going to salvage afternoon. partly sunny skies, boston worcester out through manchester farther south down along south shore and cape you'll hold clouds for much afternoon. how much rain is on again much like the other cool fronts this summer. not much. i think for some of you if you get under a couple downpour you may pick up a half an inch of rain for most of couple sprinkle and light showers amounting to less than a tenth of an inch. through day tomorrow clouds and sun with emphasis on the sun in the afternoon. scattering of showers. humid, 77 to 82. and then high pressure build in from canada from for friday and
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pressure that may try to block hermine. here is hermine right here. we talked about her stensly at the top newscast wipts winds a 60. moving north ares northeast ten miles per likely to intensify to category 1 hurricane and near tallahassee some time real late tomorrow night and friday morning from there move through carolinas and weaken because these things need warm ocean water to sustain themselves. but overland they fall apart. so, it won't completely fall apart bu w hour winds saturday night an 8:00 p.m. also losing tropical characteristics. that time it might just take on roll of nor'easter heads up eastern seaboard. here's that right hand turn. that we think in hurricane models are suggesting. that the blocking hyannis port will do just that. force the brunt of this system out to sea. and this configuration right here, not much for southern new england. a lot of clouds and a bit of breeze sunday evening through
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but a few isolated and scattered showers possible with hermine. that track could shift even farther away from new england. or it could shift a little bit closer as well. so something we will definitely have to watch over the coming days. we'll have an update tomorrow morning. good night. sounds good, thanks jeremy. tom brady changing up legendary locks for new do that's giving people plenty of nostalgia. you might say we all know he's cut above the rest. tb12's hair is stirring plenty of buz all in kwauf everyone has an opinion about tom brady's new do. i had a fave. i actually think it's so cute i really like it. it's a doer rabl. overnight internet blew up with 90s jokes. some seeing a young leo decaprio what's eting gilbert grape others ultimate throw back zach morris in saved by bell. how emilio estevez in mighty ducks. who does tom hope to portray
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damon. marky mark, maybe? or he could be a mirror image of fox news megyn kelly. locks could be most scrutinize the in all of the nfl. remembering in 2010 when he channelled his intercaveman and grew it out. he looked more like singer from 90s grunge band. by 2012 he buzz it had all off. but this cut above is keeping them talking. >> he's in his own i think he looks great. as long as he can play football. >> should have sent joe out on that hard hitting story. you need sports director to do that. i'm so sorry i stole that from you. >> as long he can play quarterback and throw football keep doing what he's doing that's all that matters i don't care what his hair looks like. good one. coming up next serve sports red sox do have problem call their bullpen and almost cost them
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luckiy they've got some offense and they got timely offense today.
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red sox bullpen almost ruined another game with their 17th blown save in month of august sox put pressure on their offense and a luckily the bats delivered against last place rays. but this real problem for this team entering the final month of season. steven wright already down 3-one in fourth inning logan morrison tax on against knuckler launching solo shot over bullpen in right. right lasts just four inning giving four runned earns on 7 hits. sox got them all back in fifth and did it with bags packed. they came two 24 and bases loaded situations. and hanley ramirez didn't care about numbers. a grand slam put the sox on top 5-4 hanley second homerun in as many days. lead held up until 8 the inning where struggles continue. low began for scythe touches him up for two run single up middle seventh blown save for bullpen in month of august. one off the big league lead. that a bad thing. but aaron hill made sure the home stand ends on high note.
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in bottom the frame. jackie bradley, jr. would have add an rbi double and sox win it 8-6 taking 2 of three from the rays. definitely helps. you know it's very rare that someone's consistent all year long. every single day. this games ups and down unbelievable amount talent on this team. to see it on a daily basis is pretty special. obviously helped us be at the point where we are right now. we've got, you know it he and whole season. tom brady has been played reproo see so finale since 2011. that may change tomorrow night against the giants. brady traveling to the meadow lands with team. and according to yahoo sports patriots looking to get them naps and starter tomorrow night pats taking care some of off field business reportedly sign matthew slade tore one year extension through 2017. he's leader in the locker room and 3-time first team all pro
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pro bowls in 8 seasons with the pats. play of the day, brought to you by xfinity. giants and diamondbacks baseball by gay gordon hernandez decides to have a little fun in sun going up against the wall robbing paul of the extra bases in there. sure it's padded but hernandez willing to pay the price for our play of the day. and when rosters expand tomorrow red sox are bringing up a big name. calling up infir, he'll join the team in oakland. that's sports. all right joe thanks so much. here's jimmy with what's coming up in equity on the tonight show. >> hey guys, the kids from stranger things are here. we've got a deleted scenes from
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices education. vote yes on 2.
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a lego creator building a legend. brick by brick.
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at fenway park today showing slugger crossing home plate. good stuff fans had chance to check oh masterpiece a today's game. it took almost 30,000 pieces to build it. 300 hours to build it. we did say life size. so six foot seven. statue is actually four inches taller though than real big papi. life size six foot 7, he doesn't play celtics he plays
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade, the kids from
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 524! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! thank you! hi! thank you so much. welcome. looking good. looking hot. hot crowd tonight right here. [ cheers and applause ] new york city hot crowd. welcome to "the tonight show" everybody. this is it. you made it. you're here. [ cheers and applause ] so happy you're here. thank you. going to be a fun one tonight.


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