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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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at 9:00 a.m. we have breaking news. a passenger van involved in a deadly crash in merrimack, new hampshire. charges now filed and family members reacting after that deadly crash into sweet tomatoes restaurant earlier this year. she may london and rio. but could ali raisman be going for gold, yet again? good thursday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. it's 9:00 a.m. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. definitely a damp and dreary americaning for so many students in boston headed back to class. here's chris lambert with a look at your forecast. mild and muggy. couple degrees of 70s.
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areas of fog hanging close to the coastline. much of the area dry. we've seen a few patches of drizzle and couple of scattered showers across far south mass. hermine continues to spin its wheels. it's starting to move eastbound and that will mean this afternoon once again will get breaks of sun; warmest temperatures inland. mid 80s is there. mid-to-upper 70s at the coast. 90 by tomorrow afternoon, that forecast coming up. crews responding to a deadly accident in merrimack. at least one person is dead and this accident involves a passenger van. this was on 495 north right near exit 53 in merrimack. let's head out to san john cocoa. he's on the phone with some more details for us right now. john? >> right now i'm standing on 495 north. that sand i'm -- that van is on the passenger side. the medical examiner's office
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i can tell you there's a large amount of debris in the road. looks like a lot of construction equipment. ladders and hand tools those sorts of things. two left lanes are being blocked while this investigation is continuing. you're down to one right lane that's open and the break-down lane for travel. emergency crews are on scene including state police. state police confirmed it's a ftal crash. crews are trying to clear the highway s mentioned to try to get this van off the side of the highway. as of right now we're gathering more information here on scene. things continue to develop. but the plan right now it lacks like to try to get this van off the side of the highway and again this is a fatal crash. that's the latest here in merrimack. john cocoa, 7news "today in new england." let's see how this is affecting the roads. danielle. what do you have for us? >> right now the delays from this accident about 15 to 20
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again the crash at broad street and two lanes are open two lanes are blocked as you just heard. for 15 or 20 minutes leading up to that crash you can see that red there. you are definitely slowing down. 93 southbound also still slow and go into boston. route one stop and go traffic still as well. we're watching this crash right at the braintree split that's causing some delays too. route 3 backed up to weymouth not so bad on route 24 and pike. let's check the drive times if you are getting ready to head out the door this morning. braintree to boston, northbound on the expressway still about 24 minutes. 16 minutes into town on the pike from 128 half an hour still on 93 southbound, 128 to zakim bridge. we're watching severe delays on the blue line in both directions. back to you guys. okay. busy morning.
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police arrested thomas for junior after he robbed a convenience store and attacked the 81-year-old owner. this happened yesterday afternoon. the victim was treated for his injuries. a deadly drive into popular newton restauraunt leading to indictment six months later. a grand jury has decided to charge the driver who crashed into sweet tomatoes killing two people and injuring several others. this morning the family of if victims are talking about. we're learning more about the investigation as well. so oliverio. >> reporter: it's been six months since an suv crashed through the front of packed newton restaurant. now the driver has been indicted. the crash killed two people including elenoio mealy. i guess there's some solace they came around after six months. my sisters been gone her birthday is this coming sunday.
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counts of motor vehicle homicide. it was early march when investigators say he drove down chestnut street suv hitting several parked cars then driving right into a packed sweet tomatoes restaurant. kneelly and 32-year-old gregory morin were killed, 7 others hurt. kneelly's family hope the driver would be held accountable. what was going on in that mind when he drove through that intersection. that's a he i will driven intersection. and we haven't heard anything. the district attorney's office hasn't said what they believed happen that made castler lose control. millie was ordering a pizza when she was killed. if you have to put your faith in god there was some strange you know -- that things happen in life. you just can't explain. and to make sure an accident like that never happens against
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reopened since that accident happenened. as for the driver it's unclear when he will appear in court. in newton, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." we want to let you know the attorney for the driver has just released the following statement. we're going to read it to now. mr. castler feels tremendous grief. and sorrow for the victims and their families. it was truly a tragic accident condition could not have prevented. >> breaking overnight. one person has died after being shot in dorchester. and emotional scene unfolding on ripleys street. victoria warren is live in the control room with the very latest. >> good morning, sarah. family members rushed to the scenover come with emotions. combination of grief and anger and a lot of questions. boston police say one man was shot and killed.
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last night on ripley road in dorchester. the victim was in his 20s. witnesses say he was standing outside when someone came up and just started shooting. a woman saying she's the victim's sister was distraught at the scene. yelling that someone in the crowd must know something. she's heard yelling at police officers to remove her brother's body from the ground. boston police continue their investigation this morning. so far they have not made any arrests. live in the control room. new england." vicki, thanks you. also breaking overnight. missing kayaker in quincy has been found safe and sound. the u.s. coast guard ending the search after they received a call from the man's girlfriend saying that he had made it home. officials say the 30-year-old disappeared after overturning kayak near walston beach and then swam to shore. >> six people are recovering after being rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak in watertown. officials say a malfunctioning
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side road. three adults and three children were sent to the hospital. the rest of the building was evacuated. >> and thought its wrong. i found it in the basement. it was the furnace and called the property manager. >> fire officials say the leak has been contained. no word yet on the condition of the victim. transit police say it appears that a tragic accident on the tracks is what led to the death of 17-year-old freshman a computer rail train in brighton late tuesday night in student was from china. investigators believe the teen was walking on the track. and that's when the train hit him. >> i remember being a freshman and everything is new there's -- you hear that? gosh, no one has a chance. >> he just arrived here. and that happened. it's really sad. everybody sad about it. investigators have not
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notify his family in china. >> turning to the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off without coming face to face. they are fielding tough questions from the military during a commander-in-chief forum. both trying to prove they are the best choice to lead the country. sarah, good morning to you. both presidential candidates did take the same stage last night. but they never came face to face. they both answered questions from the audience ofil the most to them. [applause] hillary clinton rallies in charlotte today after answering tough questions from a military audience about e-mails classified information. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. she drew the line on ground troops to fight isis. we're not putting ground troops
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and not putting them into syria. she insisted donald trump supported the iraq war. i have taken my responsibility for my decision. he refuses to take responsibility. trumps challenged to explain his policy. immigrant that were not citizens should be allowed to serve in the military. it would be a very special circumstance. he defend praising russia's i will say great things. and he criticized military leader. the general have been reduced to rubble. trump and clinton clashed over va reform. i will not let the va be privatized. >> i never said take the va. i take the veteran administration private. setting the stage for first debate later this months. >> democrats released former
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to get around the system using a personal e-mail. in the newsroom nancy chen. 7 news "today in new england." now to an embarrassing moment for third-party candidate who is running for president. libertarian candidate gary johnson not familiar with a key city in syria. and this is what happened this morning on morning joe. >> what would you do if you were elected about elepo? >> what is you're kidding >> no. elepo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay. got it, got it. >> johnson running mate is bill well. the former governor of massachusetts. people in massachusetts will be hitting the polls to vote in state primary. a number of position in state legislature are up for election.
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126 people running are running 81 opposed. still ahead on "today in new england" kapernics addressing religious rumors and a local lawmakerer weighing in on anthem request. >> summer coming back as we hit 90 on friday. what about the weekend? we'll take a kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte.
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>> good morning, everybody. 9:14. when i drove in this morning. it felt like a halloween morning. it was so foggy out >> three spooky morning in a road. 70 degrees in boston. set the stage for fall. not quite the next couple of day. we'll bring summer back into summer dewpoints are back this morning. soupy air mass. no question about it.
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70 into the vineyard. low clouds and areas of fog. mild visibility in beverly. we still have onshore flow. dragging in a lot of low level moisture. the breeze is light. we've lost the breeze. we've kept the low level moisture around and spot showers stretching down across plymouth right now. getting close to ducksbury and eventually into marshfield. that will swing through. immediate coastline notice this swirl to the south of us. you stick of hearing about hermine, me too. the remnant low it is. pushing o out to see now as it moves to the east better chance to get some breaks of sun in here later today through the afternoon. and once you break out into get some sun that's when temperature take off. at least away from the coastline. coastline mid-to-upper 70s. i think we'll do mid 80s inland this afternoon. tonight into tomorrow mainly quiet. can't rule out a brief passing shower or thunder. especially to north and west overnight tonight. tomorrow we start with partly to
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humidity comes down a smidge tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures jumping up. we will be pressing 90 degrees in boston tomorrow afternoon. not quite there yet today. i think we'll hold mid-to-upper 70s in worst. mid 80s inland with sun shine breaking o out this afternoon. this is a warm night. you know this is september. this not going to feel like that outside. the average high this time of year is about 75 degrees and we'll start close to that tomorrow. it's off to the the day. it's hot. it's humid outside. although the humidity comes down a bit in the afternoon as the wind goes west to west-northwest. close to 90 in boston. low 90s south of the city. for more on the forecast back to danielle. it's muggy out there today. you talk about dewpoints for today in the upper 60s. it's going to be muggy throughout the day.
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mostly mid-60s. lit stay hot and humid the next couple of day. the good news by saturday into sunday we'll goes closer to come offy category. if you had to kid rock tomorrow night at fenway it will be hot and humid. temperatures upper 80s and before we get there likely going to have our 21st 90-degree day. on average we see about 14 days of those. it's definitely been warm. even though we have more blue s calendar than arrange ones. more below average days than below average. we turn that trend around. our average temperature for the month so far right around 68 degrees. it's about half a degree below where we should be. those 90s and warmer temperatures will bump that number up. for the rest of the forecast, back to you. a lot of time we talk about the heat in the summer and into the early fall. the heat goes hand and hand with the dry weather. you know it's an ongoing situation in terms of the drought here across much of eastern mass.
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index drought monitor i should say and not much has changed. in fact we've bumped up severe category slightly to encompass more of southeastern mass but the extreme still extends across the boston area through much of eastern mass into southeastern new hampshire. cape cod forecast enjoying the warm weather friday. nice on saturday if there's a spot shower or thunderstorm that rolls through likely seeing that saturday night or sunday. could get a couple of scattered storm saturday night into sunday morningcr most of this almost out of here across the lakes region by the time we get close to sunrise. very early on the morning sunday. dry lowering humidity more comfortable feel to the air early next week. any signs of fall may feel like that for a bit. monday and tuesday morning. the overall theme to keep temperatures above a average. average high mid 70s this time of year. we will average mid 80s across the board. september is the new july, i guess.
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go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. >> is sox playing a game out west. the team back in sole possession after beating the padress in san diego. traist shaw hit a two-run homer. brock holdt added. sox won 7-2.
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fame ahead of toronto over the top spot in the division standings >> the patriots are very anxious to get the season under way. coming up this weekend right now we're waiting to hear from head coach bill belichick getting a news conference at gillette. yesterday we heard from jimmy garoppolo. he's itching to show he can hold down the fort with tom brady u.s.s suspended. the pats visit cardinals. off on four-game suspension words of encouragement. it was just a good-bye and good luck, really. just wishing luck for the first four. i think he wished it for the full time. this is why we play the game. this being the game and play. you don't want to be back up. opportunity is here to go take advantage of it. >> the pats are six-point underdog heading into sunday's game.
9:23 am
arizona there's run place to see it on 7news. we'll get you started with 7 on the sideline at 6:30. kick off set for 8:30. needham native ali raisman setting sights on tokyo. she's isn't ready to retire from the sport just yet. in an interview on the is ellen show. she said she plans to take a year off and head back to gym. she deserves that break. >> much more ahead on "today in new england." everybody is happy about. everybody is happy about. iphone upgrades getting every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students...
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on the attack. anden chasing them down. they are aggressive birds. they are holding up traffic. people are fed up. >> apparently this is know joke. residents in foxboro said they've had enough. you don't want to be caught on the wrong side of these wild turkeys. >> they will chase you. turkeys are terrifying foxboro. >> drop kicking people and forcing them up against tree. al >> i had one on the side of my car. striking fear into the hearts of those who get too close. stay away in stay in the car and get away. i don't go near them at all. long busy roads. turkey are taking their time as they cross to the other side. a police will come by put the sirens on doesn'ten scare them. they go after their tires. susan brown had more than one run-in with the birds as watches as they go from yard to yard searching for food sometime left by people.
9:27 am
animal control said that's part of the problem along with bird feeders. and even though they can get aggressive one of the worst things you can do is run away. day are not afraid of you at all. it only makes these demon turkeys -- >> more aggressive. >> i think it's more of a nuisance than anything else. i don't think they are dangerous. just use common sense and move away. >> we are just now almost two months away from thanksgiving. animal control said it's important for their ground if they come into contact with one of these turkeys. good luck to those. right, guy. >> keep your distance. >> i was going to say, thank you for that reminder of the holidays approaching. i've gotten two tweets problem in brookline and worcester as well. triathalon drum l in maine. why some people are worried about the swimming part of upcoming competition. press in90 degrees and look at the weekend forecast ahead as
9:28 am
camp concern people say u mast on edge after a fake uber drive yes assaulted a student. yes assaulted a student. we'll be right back. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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quilted northern works so well, people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy sees all, and forgets nothing. he always knew he was destined for a life of service,
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it would actually be. what's worse, he thinks, that my arms can never relax and my eyes can never look away. quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. a deadly crash on 495 causing traffic trouble north of boston. fierce flame tearing through home in hingham. wasn't rushed to get people out safely. >> it's back to school in boston. some familiar faces welcoming students back for the first day of class. welcome back on this thursday morning, everybody. thanks for staying with us. it's 9:30. we will not waste your time. we'll right to chris lambert in your forecast. very important for studentings in boston here today. it is. it is. not much rain in the city.
9:31 am
the wind onshore. i think a lot of the kiddos will be all right this afternoon. we'll sneak in outdoor recess. if you don't get recess out. right around late morning early afternoon we'll have plenty of dry times ahead of us later this afternoon and through the weekend. 8 mile visibility or.8 in beverly. three-quarter miles or less in some towns across the north shore as we have lingering fog. couple of spot showers. we haven't had a lot of rain. this spin that you see the south of us that's remnant low o and especially spot patch or drizzle. taking a look at the forecast this afternoon. holding steady mid-to-upper 70s at the coast. thanks to onshore wind although we'll warm up into the mid 80s inland and it's humid day. you can see the transition into summer. we're pushing 90 for tomorrow afternoon. that and the weekend forecast, ahead. >> breaking news at 9:00. crews responding to a deadly accident in merrimack.
9:32 am
and that the accident involves a passenger van. this all happened on interstate 495 north right near exit 53 in merrimack, massachusetts. let's go to john cocoa and he has breaking details now. john? >> we just spoke with state police. six men were in the van. driver and five passengers. one man was killed we're told seat belts were a factor meaning some if not all were not used. the other man transported to four different area hospitals. recorrection team is on scene in the medical examiner was on scene. initially when arrived here. this van was side after rolling over we're told multiple times. it's now being taken away from the scene here. state police say out appears the men were on their way to work. there was a large amount of debris in the road. it looks like a lot of construction equipment ladders,
9:33 am
there's a traffic back up here on 495 north. your exit 53 in merrimack, massachusetts. the two left lanes were blocked off while this investigations continuing. the right lane and breakdown lane were being used for travel. right now all of the lanes are currenly being blocked while they try to clear some more of that debris and other things from the highway. six total men inside that van. driver five passengers, and as wear told it looks like seat belts are i guess not wearing seat belts was >> john cocoa live for us on that crash. right now we are going to go to news conference in progress with patriots head coach bill belichick. i think athletically he has a good status.
9:34 am
try to get them ready for smaller roll this week. i don't think you get them ready the do everything. get ready for smaller role. between practice for the show team practice. the working guys in a different spot tackle to end. corner to safety vice inside outside linebacker. things like that. that gives us an opportunity to look alternate player at more than one spot when you include the preface plays. >> what do you remember about when he came here last year? >> bad day for us. i remember that. he was part of it. >> you mention can't get him ready for everything for this
9:35 am
like you might be able to contribute other things in the defense where possible? >> no. look we've brought in guys on shorter notice than that. we had -- you know we spent a lot of time meeting with them. as the game plan goes through the week. special teams kind of where el we feel like the spot is the sweet spot for this game. reevaluate next week. make sure the game plan is different. he will have more under his belt and so forth. he's working hard to get everything. even some things he won't be doing. he's working hard to learn those. it's the same process we went through with mingo last week. we've went down there road quite a few time. it all depends on the player and
9:36 am
his role just how the balls. there's no real straight line formula on this. along those lines how do you know, you know, when a guy will put in the type of work that mango did last week. how hard to game when evaluated? >> you get some information. and then you test them on it. then you go out and practice and she how he does with it. it's one thing to get in classroom. there's another thing to get to be able to recall it and give it back. there's another thing to go out there and be able to ex-security it. you know practice situation. and in the game situation where you can't control what's going to happen you can only practice it against so many things. and then the came makes it a different look or different something. i mean all those are part of the gage if you will. it's not perfect.
9:37 am
just him and jacobi staking snaps would you agree? >> that's his opinion. >> what's your opinion? >> that's how he feels. >> do you feel things are smoother when you have two quarterbacks? >> if you ask someone for their opinion. i will not disagree with his opinion. that's how he feels he's entitled to feel however he does. i will not tell you how someone else feels. that's ridiculous. yesterday bruce said the coached against your defenses has he been consistent with the way he's called games or have you noticed any variations? >> well, it's a pretty i say diversified attack. they do a loft things that they do consistently in pittsburgh
9:38 am
but every game has own variation and individual match-up and all that. it's a very creative coach zmchlt then he can expand that into whatever areas he feels like you're vulnerable in. he does a good job of it. you kind of know what they want to do but they are a lot of there's a lot of change up and variables he they read the article in "sports illustrated." you get a sense of how broad the game plan is. it's impossible to get ready for all of those. just becaused on the volume. that's reflective of the way they play. they are consistent. each week there's things you haven't seen before. you wouldn't have been able to practice with moving player in a
9:39 am
doing new things. or doing things that come something they've done a lot of. they set up something else that you haven't seen. it's a complimentary type of play. tough to prepare for. he does a great job. and they very like i said good skill players. they are hard to defend. no matter what they are doing. [inaudible question] >> a guy that on the draft. james white. you know player with good skill. running game, passing game, houston and kicking game here in the last couple of days. that showed up. he can run. he's athletic. smart kid that seems like he can handle a decent volume of information. we're getting to know him and integrating him into the system. and positive.
9:40 am
[inaudible] that's a good question. heats done both. like james. james did more. he colleged the ball. snacky did both about washington. he can run and catch. he's been involved in the return game. special teams. we'll see how it plays out. he has a variety of skills >> your reaction -- [inaudible] good -- i mean it's what the team wanted. respect and leadership on the team. that was reflected in what the players felt in choosing them. all four guys good selection. you can tell by the votes what the support is. >> nfl doesn't you have designated emergency quarterback anymore.
9:41 am
jicoba. who is the next man up? >> we have -- with our plans for that. and reasons not the reveal it >> i will not get on game plan of arizona. that's not what this is for. >> we had plans. we have to back up every position. t is he a guy where some other younger interior moved ahead. we had to do what we felt is best for the team. i have a lot of respect for josh. undrafted playerment. came in on the practice skwaud.
9:42 am
we can't keep everyone in. we have to keep the player best on the team based on the way it's comprised this year. if we could have kept 54. we could have. but we can't. >> what does that say about how the lounge linemen that you had first and second in there worked him. move up the ladder and have earn your trust, obviously. >> it's been a position. again versatility is a part of that position. you can only take normally anytime you have more versatility in those positions. those guys have you know shown some position flexibility that give us you know more depth with
9:43 am
i know you don't spend a lot of time on twitter. >> yeah, none. you can set that bar below the ground. that's where it is at. it's not even. not even. >> payton spend a little bit of the twitter. he just recognized brady thing just as a show of support why did you do that. he said if anyone that knows what he is going through it's me an relationship he has with the team and you know how much he respects it. i'm curious how much his support means when you hear that? >> oh, yeah. it mean a lot. i have a good friendship with shawn. we go back quite a ways. we have great working relationship and great personal relationship. always appreciate his support.
9:44 am
we've had his. can't say that about everybody. certainly it's been good. good friend. and a good sport. the last three year the top head coaches are you who just so happened to be three senior coaches head coaches and curious if there's any -- can you see from that in terms of where the experience results or there's anything there between being at the top of that last. >> right. you know i think i have a lot of respect for pete and bruce. honestly i would throw mike in there. i think obviously he got a late start. minnesota but i think mike is tremendous coach. he's always been a very good. his unit have been productive.
9:45 am
that's gone in and done very well with that team and that franchise. you faux i think that you lack at those three guys. and all done a pretty solid job with say you know they weren't -- didn't come into great situations they had to willed those up at least in the early part of the early years when they got there. i give credit to those three guys. something that doesn't seem like a lot of nfl teams are interested in. they seem more interested in different types of coaching hires. those three have done -- i throw mike in there. i know you didn't. i throw him in there. they've done really well. a lot of respect for all three of them. move on to value of experience. do you think that's fair to say?
9:46 am
players will win games. and games we won here because we've had good player that have gone out and won them. i certainly wouldn't want to take anything away from the great player we've had there that have won so many games for us. that's really where it starts. we'll start with that. you mentioned not everybody has the team back after the diffti we have quarterback facing some comments that many people interpreted as patriots got what they deserved. is that true. and making such comments >> i didn't see it. but i mean i have a lot of respect for carson palmer. we've known carson through the years. had him alternate pro bowl. and have a lot of respect for carson and he's done in his career.
9:47 am
i think he's an outstanding person and quarterback. great competitor. you see college staff nfl staffs are bigger today than they were when you were coming through. >> no question that doubled. >> do you wear hat on smaller staff. help prepare how important would that be as far as well rounded coaches. >> it certainly helped me. i'm not sure if i could speak for other coaches. i don't know their individual experiences. it certainly helped me. i was very fortunate in my first job with the staff they had was small and he had come with a
9:48 am
you know honestly i got to do the work that redskins probably had nine other assistants doing. i got paid what i deserved. it wasn't about that. the experience was great and then being able to work in the kicking game denver and then the giants being able to work on offense and detroit. being able baltimore and denver and the giants really gave me you know exposure to every literally every player on the team. especially as special teams coach other than a quarterbacks maybe a couple of situational plays with them. basically other than the quarterbacks you are working with every position group. and pretty much every player on the roster. i don't think anything prepared me for being a head coach as
9:49 am
that's the other thing about special teams coach. forces you to learn ant strategy and how the quicking game effects situational football. not that you don't know that offensive i will or defensively but when you are special teams coach you understand i would say a little bit more about the sometimes you learn the hard way a little bit about the strategy and the situational play that's involved there. small. the fact that i was able to have those different experiences and those different organizations you know in questionably was a big benefit especially that early in my career to have that so for those you know withdrews is head coach. he coached some of the great coaches like bare bryant and jackie sheryl. bill cower and so forth.
9:50 am
momentors and coaching experience at the college level. quarterback coach. coordinators, you know a lot of experience to his father's high school coach. you know things like that. pete obviously the same thing. coordinator, position coach. college head coach. pro head coach. couple of times. third time in seattle. yeah, i mean it all sometimes getting kicked around a little bit earlier in your career. there's sometimes benefit to what you learn and experience and then later on at some point maybe it helps you or helps bring things together a little bit. >> judge of yourself? you've been listening to coach bill belichick talk about the upcoming sunday.
9:51 am
questions. saying he thought things were running things smoother. bill belichick not answering that question. he's entitled to the position. kind of irritated with that question. dan trying to get in there asked ability back up qb if garoppolo fall through for some reason. he said he has it taken care of he's not going to reveal who that person is. pretty status quo when to bell belichick press conferences. also not answering question about the cardinals cardinal made about tom brady. we do know that the team is doing some of its final practicing today before eventually heading to west coast for that game. we also want to remind you that this is the place to see it. right here on 7 nbc. things kick off at 8:30 on sunday. and, of course, we'll get you started with 7 on the sideline special right before that at
9:52 am
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>> mild and muggy. 70 in boston. 71 in norwood. dewpoint levels upper 60s to near 70. with all that low-level moisture in place it's easy for low clouds and fog to form overnight thanks to onshore breeze as well. we've seen that beginning to see some scattered breaks into the overcast. those breaks becoming more numerous ase afternoon. here's that swirl to the south of us. that's the remnant low of what was hermine getting kicked out to sea. it's been quite a process. as we lose that incoming warmth works into southern new england. it's 80 right now in buffalo. 82 in d.c. plenty of temperature well into the 80s if not close to 90 residing to west of us. spot shower today. not out of the question. next few hours. i think overall dry with increasing break across the
9:55 am
and early tomorrow we'll provide more clouds limited rain chance can't rule out spot shower or thunderstorm. the best chance of that is north and west of 495. as we go through the day tomorrow. partly to mostly sunny skies. humidity comes down a bit. i expect us to heat up close to 90. as this warm front returns on saturday i can't rule out a late day shower or thunderstorm thinking more increasing clouds in and better chance of some scattered showers and storm rolling on through on saturday and then by sunday midday into the afternoon drying out once again. that's where we lower the humidity and keep it low. muggy this afternoon. mid-to-upper 70s at the coastline. mid 80s inland after patches of low cloud and drizzle. isolated shower tonight. look at the overnight lows. not too cool, right. if you have ac in the window. keep it in over the next couple of day. it's working on overtime for tomorrow to keep your house cool. couple of degrees either side of
9:56 am
decrease the humidity a bit. 7-day forecast we don't have much of a dent here coming into the drought situation. limited rain chances otherwise dry early next week. comfortable with low humidity. guys back to you. now we will talk about some triathalon trouble this is happening in maine. >> triathalon is difficult enough. let alone worrying ability some be out there. but this is exactly what is going on in maine. people are concerned ability swimming in this river the site of this triathalon. that's where this snake might have been spotted. orangenizer say they have received several e-mails asking about whether that river by the way the percumscut after reports an anaconda was seen there.
9:57 am
locations. there's been several reported sighting of this snake. we been telling you about this. people believe this to be a ten-foot long snake. no one has actually confirmed that it exist. but this snake skins spotted. so that they say is evidence that the snake does exist. and they nick named it wessie. there you go. some concerns out there for people today. horror film; right? >> or i likened it to big ot does it really exist >> maybe wessie doesn't exist. maybe they can switch that part to pool. that would be great. >> i don't mean to minimize the fears. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we hope you have a great morning. we'll be back for 7 news today at noon. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. have a great morning.
9:58 am
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this morning on "today's take," julianne moore on her new role that has her teaming up with george clooney and the stars of "brother nature" and find out which celebrities showed up for house. all that and more coming up. >> announcer: fm nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is the official start to the weekend for college kids. thursday morning, september 8th, 2016. billy, tamron and al. "today's take" begins. al and hi a phenomenal day yesterday. we're going to talk about it.


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