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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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endangered. >> the car went into the building. >> two customers including gregory morin and eleanor miele were killed when he crashed his suv through sweet tomato's restaurant. 7 others were injured. his attorney told us his clients health and physical condition count have prevented what ultimately happened. >> his attorney was suggesting there might be a health issue here. do you know anything about that? >> it will play it out as the case unfolds. >> reporter: his license was suspended by the registry after the fatal crash. his driving record included 3 accidents since 1998 plus a speeding ticket in 1991. >> his attorney suggests this is nothing more than a tragic accident. are you saying it's more than that. >> i understand the statement. if things play out, we'll present information and obviously the defendant will present information to the court. >> anchor: no arraignment date but, but the da expects the
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within the next couple weeks. live in newton, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: to a developing story, some of the city's top police officers will now be equipped can with body cameras. the superintendent and 7 other command staff members will we trained and equipped with the controversial cameras. only one officer volunteered to wear a body camera for the pilot program. the union is fighting at a block the use of the cameras. the patrolman's association tweeted: both sides argued the case in court. the commissioner wants it to move forward t judge will make a decision tomorrow. >> anchor: 7 news turning to a deadly driver, a driver loses control of a packed van crashing and killing two people inside. tonight, we've learned the men in the van were headed to maine for a construction job.
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men. >> reporter: this was a terrible, terrible crash. one man was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. another man died here at lawrence general hospital. we were able to talk to one man who said he was in the van but lucky enough to survive. >> reporter: state police say this van flipped over and rolled several timesen i495 just before 7:00 a.m. 23-year old jose says he's one of 6 men who were inside the van. through an interpreter, he said a blown tire caused the accident. >> tire blew on the truck and
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blacked out during that time, the van was rolling. and [indiscernible] >> he says two, his uncle and another man, were killed. he says they were traveling from milford to maine for a roofing job. at the crash vaccine, the highway was littered with tools and ladders, traffic blocked for two hours. he says only the driver was wearing a seatbelt. >> the driver had on a seatbelt. the other guys in the back, there were no seats. >> he left the hospital with a bandaging on the arm. normally, he said, only two men ride in the van but extra men were neede for. he says he's not in a lot of pain but is suffering emotionally. >> lost a family member and friend. >> anchor: me visited his friends in the other hospitals this african. still traumatized from being tossed around in that van. that's the story live from lawrence. >> anchor: hd over lincoln where a car rear ended and ambulance, happened just before 2 on route 2 east. the ambulance was transporting
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car driver were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. sky 7hd over the scene, involving a pedestrian. the police have taped off the area, appear to be gathering evidence. unfortunately burg. reaching out to police for more information. >> police in manchester arrest a man they believe robbed a convenience store and taxi store owner. it happened on maple street yesterday afternoon. priest say a man attacked the owner before grabbing the owner had to be treated for serious injuries, even though he was hurt and disoriented he was able to give police a description. and then around 7:30 this morning, police arrested 20-year old thomas ford junior. he is from hook set, new hampshire. he had other active warrants, for armed robbery and first degree assault. he is facing a number of charges. >> pats fans worrying about
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belichick was a little offensive when it came to his quarterbacks. you were asking him those questions. he didn't like it too much? >> that's true. rob gronkowski is willing to talk about his injury for the first time. bill belichick not so talkative about some comments his starting quarterback raised that have raced a few eyebrows. >> bill belichick not ready to back up his new starting quarterback jimmy garoppolo said things are running smoother. bill belichick unwilling to pick up that discussion. >> that's his opinion. >> anchor: what's your opinion? >> that's how he feels. >> do you feel things are running smoother when you got 2 quarterbacks? >> yes, that's their opinion. so i'm not going to disagree with jimmy's opinion. that's how he feels. he's entitled to feel, however, he does. i answered your question. i can't tell you how somebody
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that's ridiculous. >> anchor: the coach not smiling, but rob gronkowski is. >> it comes with the territory. oh -- >> they love you. >> they do! what's up? saying he's honored teammates elected him a captain for the first time but having a tough captain. >> you're not 100%. >> i'm not. every since that time during practice against the bears. it's been week to week. with a little hammy thing. week to week, day by day. feeling good. >> the team heads to adds adds tomorrow, a day earlier than they usually travel for games. he appears ready to travel, but no indication even if he does, whether he'll suit up on sunday.
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>> when the pats take the field in arizona, only one place to see it right here on 7. we'll get you started 6:30, kickoff, 8:30. we'll have complete post game coverage following the game. >> anchor: also on 7, decision day in massachusetts. people across the state hitting the polls to vote in state primaries. a number of seats in the state legislator up for grabs, the estimated voter turnout is pretty low, about 8-10%. and there doesn't seem to be much competition, 126 people on the unopposed. >> local high school football players hon you aring a hero on and off the field. playing lester with proceeds going to the family of ronald tarentino. live in auburn with his emotional game. >> the top cop game starts in about an hour. as you said all the money raised goes to the family of an auburn police officer who was killed earlier this year. tickets are $5. we have just learned that all
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the coaches of the high school football team came up with the idea plus everybody working tonight. police officers, firefighters, school leaders, volunteering their time in memory of ronald tarentino. he was shot and killed in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop on may 22. he was 42 years old, a husband, father of 3. tonight, they say it's about honoring him and supporting his family. >> it's a great tbu ronald tarentino and his family. and the auburn police department. we can't thank everyone enough. the overwhelming support that we've had since ron got killed 3 months ago. we printed 3,000 tickets for this event. and we were hopeful we could get to 2. as of today, we sold all 3,000 tickets. amount of support that we're seeing is incredible. >> anchor: also we have been told that state police are actually going to fly over head
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live at auburn, bryon. >> caught texting behind the wheel. we follow local police officersy they use an unusual tactic to
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>> anchor: local police tracking texters, to prevent the dangerous distraction. west bridge water officers out on bikes peeking right into
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>> enforcing the ban is tough so prevention can go a long way. jonathan hall is live in west bridge water. >> reporter: good evening. it was 6 years ago massachusetts outlawed texting and driving. when you're here on the road, it is illegal, even to surf the internet, even while standing at a stoplight. take that guy, pulling up there. the police chief is making enforcement a priority. >> silver suv. >> police on bikes in cruisers, on a mission to find drivers texting at the wheel. >> even though you're at a red light you're looking at your phone. looked like you were scrolling through stuff. looking at messages. >> reporter: some offenders come up with interesting excuses they don't quite believe. >> i tell me you're looking at your time. >> i was. >> come op. >> i was. but it was a red light. i get it. >> do you have a time clock up there. you do, right. >> 1:58.
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people are getting savvy about it. people are getting savvy about it. you can see they glance down, they have it between their legs. >> the officer says this is a -- a man was pinned behind his vehicle with a cell phone at his side. the man was not charged with distracted driving, underscoring the difficulties of enforcement and prosecution. another case fatal. >> we had a resident in west bridge water die of texting in a town next to us, >> after officer matt pulled one woman over -- >> i'm not looking to write tickets. i'm looking toent people. >> she got off with a warning and lesson learned the hard way. >> what was going on. >> text message just came in. i looked at my phone. >> it's awful tempting, isn't it? >> yeah. >> reporter: it is and she said she learned her lesson. the rules even more strict for kids under 18. they're not supposed to have a
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it's an emergency. live in west bridge water, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: a lot of people will be talking about that over dinner time. >> and talking about the whether. humidity way up. >> reporter: that it is, it will stay elevated. we'll talk about it, up buy online. ready in an hour.
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sums up how strange the day has been weather-wise. >> anchor: i'm confused about the weather. is it summer next. >> reporter: i think it is, yeah. summer out there right now. muggy, and even hotter for tomorrow. we had some clouds and fog early this morning, then even in the city over the last couple hours, that fog bank watching in and out of town. temperatures in boston, 70. bedford, 81. the warmth, the heat that's on the way for tomorrow, that doesn' b into september, dew points this high. upper 60s to around 70. prefer that in july and august. you have these left over todays in september. where you have heat and humidity. we have a line of showers and storms moving into western new england later this afternoon. i think a lot of that activity will fizzle out, because they thrive off the after heat and humidity, by the time they get into our part of the world,
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so i'm going to forecast showers and random downpour. not concerned about any severe thunderstorm activity overnight. perhaps if you're lucky enough, beneficial rain for some of you. if i get a downpour or two, you wake up with half an inch of rain. i think for the most of us, less than a tenth of an inch. the showers will be hit and miss. still muggy, temperatures, 69 to 73. tomorrow, we start the day with a lot of humidity, a lot of clouds. i don't think we'll have rain tomorrow morning. there may be a shower or two if you're out the door really early, the risk is there. but after about 6 or 7:00, i think you're okay. then as we step through the day the clouds fall apart. we'll get into the sunshine and temperatures will take off. temperatures tomorrow will head for low 90 said. in doing so, the humidity takes a back seat. tomorrow we start with a lot of humidity. as you work into the afternoon, it will be hot. i think, you know what, it's hot but more of a dry heat. boston tomorrow afternoon, 92.
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near record heat tomorrow. the record in the city is fit which was just set last year. so i guess we do summer in september verses june or july. beach weather tomorrow, why not? it's a friday. we have temperatures close to 9. low tide, middle part of the day. high tide, 5:41. on to the weekend, a lot of clouds on saturday. a few showers during saturday morning, but again, like tonight, they will be hit and mix. scattered. not widespread. sunday we start with clouds. morning clouds, we haveo sprinkles possible sunday morning. then developing sunshine on sunday afternoon. temperatures on sunday, low 80s and fantastic weather early next week. mostly sunny skies. lows in the 50s. highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. see you at 7:00. >> anchor: smoother, i'll say that. it's just me an jacoby, all the
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we know where we sit on that. it's different without tom, no question about it. but it is what it is at this point. >> anchor: when it comes to speaking with 2 media, less is more. based on his comments about practicing without tom brady, jimmy garoppolo has a lot to learn off and on the field. bill belichick not exactly amused when pressed by 7 dan hausle on whether he agrees with garoppolo. >> that's how he feels. >> do you feel things are running smoother when you got 2 quarterbacks? >> yes, that's their opinion. so i'm not going to disagree with jimmy's opinion. that's how he feels. he's entitled to feel, however, he does. i answered your question. i can't tell you how somebody else feels. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: bill belichick putting his team before one final practice before departing
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participant, admitting he's not 100% continuing to deal with a ham string injury. more from foxboro on the all world tight end. >> we love you! >> comes with the territory. oh,! >> they love you. >> they do! >> dominant on the field. atoreed by patriots nation, he has a new newtal. team >> definitely an honor to be recognized at that level. i'm proud to be in this position and proud to have all the players, my teammates be looking up to me. >> clearly they have a lot of respect and a lot of leadership on the team. and that was reflected with the players felt. >> any appointed leader carries a great significance on the field, but his presence is perhaps the most important element in attacking the cardinal defense. >> they're tough. they have a knack for the ball. they go after the ball.
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ball. they're fast and physical. ready to play. >> all good players. intercept passes. hard to outrun these guys. they track everybody down. >> the defense, very aggressive group in the secondary. they play off what happens in the front 7. that group even better now, with the addition of rookie robert and former patriots defense end chandler jones.7 cardinals kick off sunday night right here on 7nbc. we'll get ready with the pregame show at 6:30, complete post game coverage following the game. the red socks taking over sole possession of first place thanks to 7 strong innings, beat the padres, 6-0 in the last 6 starts. that along with an offense that continues to mash the ball. the sox, game ahead of the blue
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game set in toronto. the back end of the red sox bullpen getting a much needed boost last night. scoreless inning in his first appearance since july 19, striking out 2 of the 3 batters, nine days after working iron front of scouts from 27 teams, tim tebow has signed a minor league contract with a new york mets. he'll begin his professional baseball career september 19. that's ss. >> he lives again. >> anchor: we will sigh. >> we'll be right back.
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breaking news tonight. banks bombshell. thousands of employees caught opening over a million accounts and credit cards without customers' consent. some charged fees they didn't even know they had. wells fargo with a historic punishment. a consumer after donald trump's stuing comments about his classified intelligence briefings, what sources say happened behind closed doors. manhunt in chicago. an elderly man shot in broad daylight while watering his lawn. his struggle for help caught on camera. outrage in a city caught in the grips of a shooting epidemic. and paying the price. new fallout for ryan lochte after a scandal that rocked rio.


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