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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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district attorney that's scheduled some time within the hour here but if you look behind us you can see the crime scenery mains sealed off right now and still no arrests. now methuen police were called to five true door street before 6:00 this morning on a well-being check where the 29-year-old victim was discovered. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. sources tell us she was ed to death. investigators say her four-year-old son was in the house when she was assaulted but he wasn't hurt and is now with relatives. the boy screaming diddy stop, daddy stop but they never called 911. sources also telling us at this hour the victim's ex-boyfriend who told his mother something had happened, that's how this all came about and she ended up calling police, neighbors as you can imagine right now are in shock by all of this. my son gets on the bus at 7:00 and i have been seeing it
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economying, went to work out, came back. this ewill be here for a while. it's very sad. i feel for the family. my heart goes out to them. very unusual, you know? 27 years, i have been living here and he has been living here just as long and never seen anything like it. the district attorney not releasing the identification of the victim here or the suspect's name. the da will only say that this wasn't a random act of violence and sources are telling us that the victim actually had lifetime restraining order out against her ex-boyfriend, but again all of that is information we're awaiting from the district attorney news conference expected shortly. live in methuen, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: also today a mosque in new hampshire, nashua targeted. police say vandals threw a brick through that building's window. right now no one has been arrested. >> anchor: islamic leaders and police are sketching for answers the buyly for news nashua with the very latest. byron? this was really a
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one man was nearly hit by one of the rocks. behind me you can see the window this is where the rock went through. the window there boarded up. the suspect seen running a way are described as three juveniles two males and one female. a window shattered at the islamic society of greater nashua. worshipers say someone hurled rocks through the windy around 8:00 sunday evening. just as people were gathering for prayer. one just barely hit someon. it almost hit someone. he said that he just flew through here. >> reporter: the president of the mo being said they think they were targeted because it was the an very areas of the september 11 attacks. everyone who saw it, they got shaken up. they said yesterday was 9/11, maybe that's one of the reason. everybody is thinking the same thing that other people are thinking because of the 9/11 it could be some hate crime happening here. any time have you an accident like this with a combination of a mosque being a target as well as 15th
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that's absolutely something we will look into and it will be pat of the investigation. police say they are collecting surveillance video from businesses in the area in an effort to track down the vandals. and it's unnerving and heart wrenching and devastated for the fact that we pray here every day, five times a day. if it happens then people may be afraid to come here at night. whether it's truly just a juvenile or person commiting a random act maybe something that's related directly at the muslim community that's something that we will not tolerate. >> anchor: now it took police about two and a half hours to respond to the call here after he came in but police say that was because they had their hands full with other calls coming in at the same time that were more urgent. that's the latest live here in nashua. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: two chelsea teens in court today after allegedly stabbing a taxi driver.
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sunday night and stabbed the driver in the neck. the teens are now facing assault charges. the driver was taken to mass general hospital with serious injuries but he is in stable condition. and 100 boston police officers will begin wearing body cameras today. this comes after a court battle and a judge's ruling last week when no one volunteered for the pilot program. commissioner evans announced 100 officers would be randomly chosen to take part. several members of the police department's command staff will also be wearing the >> anchor: also on 7, questions continue today after hilary clinton's health scare. she was been diagnosed with pneumonia and was unsteady on her feet during a 9/11 event on sunday. her staff said she was overheat and dehydrated due to pneumonia. jay gray has the latest on her condition. >> reporter: hilary clinton remain inside her west cheffer county home right now told to stay there by doctors who prescribed antibiotics and rest. from what we know the information objectively we received is she was diagnosed
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>> reporter: that diagnosis wasn't made public until 8 hours after she abruptly left a 9/11 memorial service at ground zero. this cell phone video shows clinton leaving the event unsteady, stumbling and requiring help to get into a va. she was alert through the whole time and was telling staff that she was fine. she was actually making calls to aides from the car and she ended up going to her daughter, chelsea's, apartment which was close by in manhattan. >> before walking out on her own. are you feeling better? yes, thank you. >> reporter: not well enough to travel. clinton has canceled a two day trip to california and today the campaign announced this week she will share additional medical information. we're going to be releasing that to further put to rest any lingering concerns about what you saw yesterday. i can attest that it really is the case that there is no other undisclosed condition. the pneumonia is the extent of
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become on the calm rain trail later this week. clinton will still take part in a san francisco fund-raiser tonight appearing live via teleconference from her home here. jau gray, nbc news, chaqqaqua, new york. >> anchor: the republican side of the race donald trump isularing out at hilary clinton for a remark she made friday night. clinton said you can put half of trump supporters into a "basket of deploribles." trump called the comment the single biggest mistake of the political se disqualify clinton from public service. she just took it to a whole new level by applying it to tens of millions of people. she used these vial words in order to bully and intimidate honest citizens out of seeking government reform. >> anchor: inclinton went town to say she regretted categorizing half of his reporters in such a way and was only referring to those she
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and otherwise bitted. >> anchor: the pats sneaking out a win against the cardinal. this failed field goal ceiling the deal in the final seconds of game. the patriots leading for most of that game. back up quarterback jimmy garappolo really coming up big when it mattered most. sports director joe amorsino joins us live here in the newsroom with more on the big win. >> reporter: nobody sizing him up for a bust in the hall of fame quiet or even suggesting he will remain under center when tom brady's suspension is over but for one week jimmy garopollo showed he can play in the nfl and the patriots showed their critics they can win no m filling in for a future hall of failer and going against a tough card false defense without his top or his two starting tackles in the best tight end in football, garappolo didn't panic. hitting on 24 of 33 passes and 264 yards in a touchdown helping the pats offense convert on 63% of their third downs and pull off a week one upset. not bad for his first career
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especially the first game of the season coming to a tough environment like this. it's good to see how everyone is responding we had a couple young guys playing especially up front and everything making their first starts around i think everybody responded pretty well. the crowd is rocking at times and they didn't flinch at all. it was a good thing. >> reporter: garappolo and pats start up division play next week at home against the dolphins and already have a leg up on the rest of the afc east, miami, the jets and the bills all losers in their season openersmt the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: fans breathing a sigh of relief today even though it will be three nor weeks before brady gets back on the field. the team seems to be in good hands. john cuoco has reaction from gillette stadium. get ready. here it comes. you know? we're not dead yet. no brady, no gronk, no problem. pats fans feeling good kicking off the first game of the season with a win.
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i was absolutely thrilled with it. a lot of clouds going in, watching preseason but last night was just thrilling. pats nation pleased with what their under man team was able to do against what many believe is a super bowl contending team in the arizona cardinals. with jimmy garappolo making a great first impression in his first nfl start. i thought he did a good job considering its his first game. i thought he played excellent. i thought he had of what's going on. jimmy g's solidifying fan's performance in the team until td 12 could return in week five. coming out and watching him move his feet and look down field and throw and being on target, it was special. it's a special night. as much as we like to think the world doesn't revolve around brady, the train keeps rolling. it's awesome. so the jets, the bills and the dolphins always lost on sunday so how does first place sound? with the next three games right
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>> anchor: the red sox planning a big celebration for david ortiz before he retires. the team will honor big papi during the last weekend regular season. the sox will play three-game series at fenway park against the blue jays at the end of the month. each red sox player will wear a patch on the jerseys and hats in honor of ortiz's 14 year career on the team. the 40-year-old hitter is a ten time all-star and three time world series champion. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather. we're going to take a live look outside. this is the braintree split. traffic moving a long a little bit of a cooler day out there. clear and we woke up to that fall like feel in the air. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner standing by with our forecast. i love it out there right now. i do as well. yeah, temperatures this morning down into the 40's. boston 59 this morning, norwood had a low of 40 degrees. bedford at 44. look at the recovery and for wood in particular again you started at 40 now you are at 76. the city with a sea breeze at 70 degrees, beverly 69, elsewhere
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the air very dry, very comfortable and pleasant in this dry air is with us again overnight tonight as well as tomorrow and the thing about dry air, it cools off fast but it does begin to warm up. so we are talking about another night where temperature will head back down into the upper 40's to the middle 50's. clear, crisp and cool and then tomorrow more sunshine little warmer tomorrow. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. >> anchor: and we're following more news today. a florida mom being is set on fire. the mosque shooting or mass shooter that is once worshipped. officials say a 911 call came in around 1230 this morning of a fire at the islamic center of fort pierce of the investigators say it is arson and that's because the surveillance video. take a look at the top of the screen. you will see a flash then a man running a way. so this islamic center has made headlines recently. it's where the orlando nightclub
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we do not have evidence right now that says it's a hate crime. of course with what is going on, of course because this is a place of worship and of course because this incident occurred on the anniversary of 9/11 we are going to explore that. >> anchor: several agencies including the f.b.i. are working this scene and no one was injured in the fire. >> anchor: and in memphis, tennessee four adults and six children were killed after fire broke out in their home it. started around 1:00 a.m. first respond victims died from the combination of smoke inhill and burns. it appears that the fire started in the living room area and that cause in the fire still under investigation. we did find a smoke detector on the scene but due to the damage we were unable to determine if it actually worked or not. family as set up a fund to raise money for funeral costs acore together memphis fire chief this is the deadliest fire in the city since the 1920's.
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this monday, a soldier surprise in north andover. how he was welcomed home after a long deployment. >> anchor: then at 4:30 a man called to court while police say he did while working as a van driver for elderly pace . >> anchor: we are following breaking news. police serving for a suspect that's in methuen after a woman was found dead inside of a home. you are looking live at that area right now. we're expected to hear from police any time now so we are going to bring that to you live here on 7 as soon as it happens.
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>> anchor: a happy home copping in north andover. cameras were rollings a sergeant look at this, surprises his wife and chirp. the west part they had no idea it was actually coming. >> anchor: but he had a little bit of help to pull it off. victoria warren has more on this sweet surprise. 7-year-old caden all smiles for what he thought was a spirit day assembly, then he gets asked
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daddy! >> reporter: the surprise of a lifetime. i missed you. >> reporter: caden's dad, sergeant jason chen home from kuwait and thought he would plan a quiet surprise so he reached out to the school's principal. i wanted to just a five minute, you know, in and out of the classroom. i didn't want to disschool or class at all. after a year of the kids in sergeant chen writing letters become and for the this north andover school wanted something more. we thought honor sergeant chen for his service to our country. seeing him just seeing his smile, you know, after so long, it's just overwhelming. what have you been telling everyone? that he was coming home soon. but you didn't know today, did you? no. >> reporter: surprise! his dad reading a story to his second grade class and then leaving with his son and wife to
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your heart just smiles. it makes you know the sacrifices that military families make, it's all worth it in the long-run. how do you feel right now? happy. >> reporter: this was a sergeant chen's second deployment but the first one since caden and husband sister were born. he is in the sure how long he is going to be home, but he says he plans to enjoy every minute of it. in north andover, victoria warren, 7 news. >> anchor: delightful early fall weather out there right going to make a come back. we'll let you know when. >> anchor: packing a purpose of a football player now facing charges after he is caught purposing a referee. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, cashing in. the winner of a massive powerball jon in new hampshire finally claims the prize. we'll be right back. as you start planning back to school dinners there are some habits that a play a big part. eating dinner is a benefit but also for your waistline as
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>> anchor: nice fall weather. comfortable web ahead with cool nights, mild days. wednesday will be only day where we see humidity and warmth come back with temperature hot mid 80's which will lead to a few showers wednesday night but again just a brief visit with us late summer weather. fall not that far away. bri but this to t the a thumb national equinox 39 days away and halloween the candy is already in the stores and before you know it, halloween will be here. 70's in this time. the city at 70 degrees, norwood 76. fitchburg at 78. high pressure is with us. it's an area of high pressure that came out of canada. slow moving and it's going to be with us again overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. now in this position here eventually we will start to warm things up so we have one more
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afternoon. red sox back home taking on the orioles first pitch at 7:10. a hint of coolness in the air as we work through the game. temperature at first pitch in the upper 60's. overnight tonight the city will find its way into the upper 50's tomorrow morning. the rest of us like this morning briefly into the upper 40's. i think these will be numbers probably around i would say 6:30 or 7. i don't think it will be quite warm in bedford. i'm thinking more like 46 in bedford, not 4 boston tomorrow morning at 5. then more sunshine tomorrow. a little warmer, comfortable low humidity tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow about five to 6 degrees above normal. the normal high for the city is 74 so boston around 1. norwood 82. north of town upper 70's in the merrimack into the worcester hills. fitchburg at 80 degrees. barre at 79 and out on to the cape and islands edgartown 78, provincetown at 79. for wednesday morning sun,
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warmth and more humidity. temperatures on wednesday in the mid 80's and again the dew points the next several days just that one little brief reintroduction of mugginess if you will and then just like that it's out of here. the reason being another cool front comes out of canada and these will come at us now with greater frequency as we enter a mid september and beyond and with each additional new cool front a little more reinforcing of the cool autumn air. 7 on 7 forecast and that re thursday of the cooler air, lows in the 50's. luck at friday morning. lows in the 40's, low 40's. city of boston might even be near 50 and on thursday and friday afternoon delightful. low to mid 70's shall see you at 4:30. >> anchor: let's get a check of the ride home. here is matt fitzgerald "good afternoon. we'll begin on 93 north. this up in methuen. we're dealing with a rollover on the on ramp to route 213. you can see there is a white van in the woods. crews right now working to try to figure out how to get that van out. you are staying to the left if
4:25 pm
93 south though is okay in that area. on the zakim bridge you will be jammed heading into the o'neill tunnel. those delays on 93 south began on the lower deck by sullivan square. the northbound side coming out of the tunnel starting to back up a little bit now. you will be on the brakes from the upper deck up to 128. the leverettor is heavy in both directions. on the expressway south you will be died tied up right out of the tunnel up past south bay then back into it again by squantum street, the northbound side of the expressway is moving well. here is a look at the drive o'neill tunnel to the braintree split looking at a 25 minute drive. once you get past the braintree split 95, 24, route 3 all looking good. a mat pat fitzgerald, 7 news. well, olympic gold medalist
4:26 pm
they helped olivia mun during her cover the cheap thrills. michael phelps is the one who won the competition. fun night for them. >> anchor: for sure. next on 7 news, peaceful protest. why a high school football player in worcester is taking a knee. >> anchor: a collapse in ken debtment more than 30 people taken to the hospital after a dramatic scene at a house party. >> anchor: at 5:00 a case that shocked the nation. the
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[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all...
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in a high school kneeling down in worcester during the national anthem. he is following in the footsteps of many pro football players all across the country. >> anchor: they say they are making a state on race and equality. 7's jonathan hall live for news worcester with more on the story. jonathan? >> reporter: this man call his quiter feed black lives matter and he is getting a whole lot of reaction to some of it very emotional both in person and on-line. . some are calling me a hero.
4:30 pm
player in worcester has become a lightning rod after he took a knees governor before a game against leominster. his twitter feed blew up especially after he sent out a message that his coach suspended him for a game because he took a stand. my cove called me and told old me i would be suspend for a game and he is the one that told me to tweet that. it was definite. yeah. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools says the coach didn't suspend him. she said he merely suggested that might happen. in any case, he faces no school man has done anything wrong? i don't think -- i think the young manifold, i don't have a right or wrong feeling about it. i think he followed what he felt passionate about and the law says that he has the right to do that. >> reporter: michael who plays safety for dougherty memorial high school says in part he took the lead of colin kaepernick,


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