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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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for the fourth straight night, protesters hit the streets of charlotte, ignoring mappedtory curfew. new video of the police shootings that sparked it all. a degree mslaughter in tulsa. michelle obama's passport and other documents revealed by white house hackers. plus, last minute jabs before going head-to-head this monday. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. >> i'm frances rivera. overnight protesters marched for
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place. police refrain from enforcing it. the city struck guardsman and officer in riot gore. protesters sometimes silently walked the streets to battle to stand their ground. >> if we're not going to question why people are up there. don't just brush it off if you want to ride it. fathers are out here, they're not out here because they want to be rioters. th this nation. stop killing our people. >> he made these controversial remarks to the bbc. >> the greatest in the mind is the animosity the anger. they think white people are successful. they're not. yes, it is you are in their face. >> he apologized. he said, quote, i apologize to
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>> people are showing video. charlotte's mayor spoke to msnb msnbc. >> i have seen video and met with the family, the family has seen the video also, it is ambiguous. there is not a clear picture. the body camera, of course, moving and the viewer is obscured at certain points. view. i think it is a challenge. i think it is ambiguous. this is one reason why we want to have time for the investigation to continue to gather all the pieces of the puzzle. >> charlotte's police chief said the video did not provide absolute video evidence prior to shutting stop shooting. he wants the video made public. >> what i see in that video is an individual sitting in a car,
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manner, he never appears to be aggress off. it seems like he's attached to a news, i don't know if he's yelled at from too many directions. his hands appear to be down. there appears to be an object in his hands, at the moment he is shot. he is actually stepping back waerlds. the family wants the police department to release both of the videos that we saw today and we want the public to see it, let them draw their own >> joining us is sarah ro sara, a there going to be more protests? >> reporter: we haven't been told, it's much different than you mention in the past two nights of violent protests we seen in uptown charlotte. we seen protesters stay out past their curfew. no major problemsch that's not what people are taking issue with. what they were taking issue with last night.
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curfew. what they were most concerned about is the issue we have been talking about is the release of that video, keith scott's murder. that's something the police chief says he refuses to do. tuesday's shooting death is the latest officer-involved shooting following similar once across the nation. there is no video of the account here shown to the public. that's what the public feels it needs to decipher what is true and what is not. so this i will be pushing for. tension still high enough in charlotte. still to see if there will be more protests today, as of now, nothing that we know. >> already, sar remarks thank you very much. the oklahoma police officer who shot and killed an onu unarmed black man is facing charges. betly shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter. in the last few showers, shelby
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$50,000 bond. the corporation were welcomed by his twin sister tiffany. >> while we are pleased to learn the officer who senselessly killed my beloved when the brother, will face criminal charges for her recklessing a, we understand that nothing will bring him back. our yoel notice as a family is to ensure this never happens to another innocent citizen. 23 are demanding full progression kuchlths we want a conviction w this is a small victory. but we know we got to get ready to fight this war. >> nbc's blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: video from a police helicopter shows terence crutcher with his hands up, moments before being shot and killed by tulsa police last friday. >> shots fired! >> the officer who fired, betty shelby, being charged. >> i determined the firing of the felony manslaughter in the
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officer betty shelby is warranted. >> reporter: an attorney for the officer said after the shooting officer shelby suspected him to be hue on pcp. she said he wouldn't follow commands. >> reporter: i shot the suspect. he didn't show me his hands. >> reporter: the video shows the story. the tulsa world was told violent pcp was found in the car. no gun was found. legal observers say charges ns this combik quickly are unusual. >> we are seeing more attention and in rare cases fast movement towards prosecuting officers. >> the first steps in a long road to justice for terence crutcher and his family began today. >> reporter: crutcher's family is mourning the father of four. blake mccoy, nbc news. >> the events in charlotte and
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race. three days away, they told african-american protesters, they're outraged that they're threatening their own communities. >> the riot in the streets is a threat to all peaceful sids. it must be ended and ended now. the main victims of these violent zraegss are law abiding these communities and only want to raise their children in safety and peace. >> that came after trump sr., suggested drugs were in the nightly protests we seen out of charlotte. >> i will stop the drugs from flowing into our country and poisoning our youth manned other people. and if you are not aware, drug are a very big factor on what you are watching on television
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that he was speaking of the charlotte protesters. however, those comments come when trump is trying to bill his support among african-american voters a. group resoundingly supporting clinton by large mar jivenl that was clear when the trump campaign distanced itself from ohio county chair kathryn miller who said this to "the guardian." >> i don't think there was racism until obama got elected. we never had problems in the real estate industry there's none. now the feel with guns, shooting up neighborhoods, not being responsible citizens, that's a big change. i think that's the philosophy that obama has perpetuated on america. if you are black and you haven't been successful in the last 50 years, it's your own fault. >> miller has since told a local ohio publication, quote, i am apologizing that it's causing all the problems for mr. trump, not for statements.
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trump in a situation. he kid ruled him himself. >> have you mefr donald trump? >> i don't know. sometimes you see the outrageous hair, something like that and his mouth so. but i don't know. >> hmm. the hair. well, both, presidential candidates are the weekend in debate prep before monday squareoff. just ahead, a series of hacks that include one of michelle obama's personal documents. bill karins is talking about flash flooding. >> how about this, a tornado in utah, not often we put those two words together. this was near ogden, the winds were whipping near the center of that tornado. to the flooding problems, yesterday, it was all about
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this is the town of green the one that had mandatory evacuation. we still have other flooding problems this morning. more heavy rain is in northern portions of iowa. aems ames, iowa, major flooding expected this upcoming weekend. you see the area of red. we are dealing with flash flood warnings this hour. there is damage being done. it's a hot day through texas and the southeast. here's a closer look at your ahead. >> well, thatters the first signs of that cool fall air. minneapolis is dipping down to 67 degrees. it will make it through the great lakes and the ohio valley and northeast this weekend. for the deep south, you will remain in the heat. that's a look at your friday forecast. your weekend forecast is coming up. "early today" back in two. huma. who knew hpv could lead to certain cancers and diseases?
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quote, very senior levels of the russian government of trying to influence the u.s. election by ordering the hacking of political organizations. those accusation were made by vice chair dianne feinstein and house intelligence committee ranking member adam schiff who agreed on all the intel secrets. the comes after sensitive white house information including the first lady's passport. nbc's pete williams has details. >> reporter: to prepare michelle obama's visit to the middle east working for the white house got an image of her passport, including personal data, which were ob skurk and sent it on to his own non-secured gmailk. e-mails including a passport has been posted on d.c. leaks, which u.s. officials suggest is run by russian intelligence t. site says, if such sensitive information can be hacked, we
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e-mails hacked from collin powell, a part of a string of cyber attacks u.s. officials say may be intended to influence voters. >> we're deeply concerned that the russians are meddling and from what we know of the russian system, instructions for that kind of thing we believe will come from the highest levels. >> reporter: it includes briefing materials for a trip to cleveland in june by vice president biden. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: and an in georgia, including an appearance with al roker on "today." a white house travel manual, now the government is investigating why it happened and why so much sensitive information ended up on an unsecured account in the first place. pete williams, nbc news, walk. disgraced congressman anthony weiner is being investigated by federal prosecutors this morning for
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cell phone records, they say he traded sexually explicit texts and requests for nudity. they say the scandal is the latest in the series of alleged sexting episodes since 2012. last month, his wife, a top clinton aide announced she was separating from him and his reports that he was sexting another woman. when nbc news asked admits he has shown terrible judgment but claims he is likely the subject of a hoax. fast forwarding today the president and first lady will hold a reception at the white house for the opening of the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture. the 400,000 square foot museum opens to the public tomorrow him tune into msnbc, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern, live from new york city's central park.
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>> this morning on "today" learn how hackers are going after your freak flyer miles, what you can do to protect yourself. stocks in the red overseas the nasdaq hits another all time high and yes we were just talking about, it is that time
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for the economy. cnbc has us covered this morning. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rebel markets are taking a bit of a breather, but it has been a strong week, yesterday the dow and s&p both posting three-day winning strikes. that's the first time in two weeks t. real outperformer there was the nasdaq t. tech heavy index crossing an all time high once again, amazon the outperformer there, it crossed $800 per share for the first time ever. tech, because yahoo confirm 500 million users have been impacted by a hack going back to 2014. analysts say it's the largest cyber security hack of its kind ever. so that can be big news around yahoo. those users who think they might be impacted. yahoo has a message, change your password and invalidate any security questions tied to that account. the good news is they don't
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finally, you mentioned, trick or treat season is upon us. it's appearing it's going to be good news for retailers. a study is showing americans are set to spend a record $8.4 billion this season, guys, getting the costumes and candy ready. i suspect we will see a few clinton costumes out there. what duping? >> i am sure. maybe for you. >> okay. thank you so much. >> i cribbed bimy $12h >> a little too soon. >> not for the kids, though. just ahead, we'll tell you who the world's highest paid tv actors are. plus, awkward modems as hillary clinton goes between two ferns. you are watching "early today." n every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. >> as secretary how many words per minute do you type and how does president obama like his coffee? like himself, weak? >> you know, jack, those really out-of-date questions. you need to get out more. >> have you thoughtant what you will be wearing at the debates? >> no, there is this thing called double standards, i think about what should the first woman nominee of one of our first two major parties wear to the debate. so if you have questions i'm open to them. >> do you wonder what your opponent will be wearing? >> i assume he'll wear that red power tie.
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>> he's tis ter cal. >> hillary clinton hilariously awkward web series between two ferns. it features the life of brad pitt and even president obama. >> president obama won a highest honor, among the honorees, singers and actresses, and mel brooks. he buckled, explain, it's >> forbes is out with the am list of the highest paid tv actors. eight of the 12 come from two tv shows "big bang theory" and "modern family." ? when is yourlu shot more than a flu shot?
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morning. thanks for joining us bright and early on this friday for 7news "today in new england." >> nancy: here are some stories we're working on for you. police searching for a shooter after a teen is shot inside a cvs. investigators say someone shot the 18-year-old in the shoulder during an altercation thursday afternoon. the victim is expected to be okay. >> christa: also a woman recovering after her car slams into a home in ashburnham. police say she was unconscious behind the wheel. this is yesterday afternoon when the car went airborne before crashing into the home. luckily no one was at home at the time. >> nancy: and david ortiz's special sendoff continuing this morning. who could forget this memorable moment from camden yards back in 2013? last night the orioles gave the
4:58 am
big papi. >> christa: maybe he'll keep that phone in his man cave. >> chris: he's going the need a big man cave with all the gifts he's getting around the league. 64 in boston. 48 in norwood. 54 in plymouth. good morning, everyone. it's a comfortable start. we've had more clouds north of the mass pike. temperatures right now are the warmest there. winds are out of the south. as long as we have the south wind, we're not cooling down. we have the change that direction out of the north-northeast. we'll do so late in the day today and overnight this front to the north of us does work down into southern new england. it will also bring us some scattered showers. much of the day is going to be dry. there could be a passing sprinkle this morning north of the mass pike. that should be about it. better chance of scattered showers late in the day and through the evening hours. this is going to be the weather for the weekend. quiet conditions across southern canada. but look at the temperature change. 30s and 40s up that way. so we do have a much cooler air mass that's going to be on the way in. a spot sprinkle across northern
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that's about it. i think a better chance of some scattered showers getting delivered here late in the afternoon and through the evening hours. even overnight tonight. by 2:00 a.m., all of us cooling down. showers at that time south of the pike. good news is the timing of it works out. so we'll return to some sunshine with scattered showers. saturday much cooler feel to the air. temperatures into the 60s with that sunshine prevailing. and a bit of a breeze, as well. so kiddos getting ready for school. today. still warming up enter the low to mid-80s for many towns before we cool off over the weekend. more on that weekend forecast as "today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. another week, another new quarterback, and another win for the new england patriots. >> nancy: breaking overnight, an officers injured in lexington when he's hit by a vehicle. >> christa: also breaking, protesters not backing down, remaining on the streets past their curfew down in charlotte. >> nancy: plus searching for a shooter.
5:00 am
cvs, striking a teenager. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> nancy: it's 5:00 this thursday morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm nancy chen in for sarah. >> christa: and i'm christa delcamp. time to get this friday going, i guess, chris. head off into the weekend. how does it look today? >> chris: i think we're always ready for the weekend, whether it's friday or monday. pats won, sox won, weekend weather looks good. 61 in boston. 48 in norwood. 54 in plymouth. off to a cool start with those clearer skies. more clouds north of the pike, it's been warmer there. we'll take a look at forecast throughout the day. still a warm afternoon ahead of us, but by this evening, you can see that we're cooling down. showers starting to work on in late in the day through the evening hours, and that is going to be your signal for change as we get into the weekend. in fact, big-time change heading into the weekend with


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