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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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news for rookie who impressed beyond expect takes in his debut last night. we saw him getting attention on his right thumb by training staff during the third quarter and reports do say now he may have torn a ligament if that throwing thumb. the third string qb stayed in the game leading the team to a 27-0 win. tough news for a team that's already without tom brady on suspension and a hurt jimmy garappolo. so we don't yet know the severity of his injury. game against the buffalo bills up in the air. we'll keep you posted. kim khazei, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, kim. breaking news on campaign trail i'm stunning reversal from former republican candidate ted cruz of he said he will endorse and vote for his former rival donald trump. you may recall during the republican national convention cruz refused to endorse trough. the crowd booed him after he said vote your conscience. he also called trump a court and said he would not support
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and father. so cruz made the announcement on face book. this is what he wrote. he said "i have made this decision for two reasons. first, last year i promised to support the republican nominee and i an tend to keep my word. second, even though i have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure hillary clinton is wholly unacceptable." >> anchor: also at 5:30 an explosive situation at a power plant in taunton two. people hurt when officials say a circuit blacker just blew up. now they are trying to happened. steve cooper is in taunton with the latest on the investigation for us. steve? ly ease telling us this afternoon that everything happened pretty quickly here around lunch time and it's the plant is located just beyond the tree line where you see those smoke taxes and that's where taunton fire fighters arrived to reports this afternoon of an explosion. the first call came in as an explosion. sky 7 with a pretty good vantage point from above the
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explosion. upon arrival their officer reported heavy smoke of they packed up, they went this and found the source and they hit if right away. fire fighters arriving to heavy smoke inside the building after they say a large circuit breaker exploded. the fire quickly extinguish. it's a scary building to operate in. my guys were aware of the dangers and what goes on and the hazards that building possesses but they mid a nice, agrees of a take. two employees the hospital just to get checked out. everyone else was fine. they were only sent as i precautionary measure so we're hopeful that their safety and that they are safe. self to the company's 36,000 customers was never affected. how unusual is something like this? you know, it's something that i have been with the tmlv for a long time and this is the first too many i have experienced this. >> reporter: the cause of the malfunction still unclear but everyone including the fire
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seriously hurt here. so couple of things going on inside the plant right now first and foremost crews are busy trying to clean up from the damage left behind from the fire and they are also busy trying to install a new circuit breaker to replace the one that caught fire earlier today. live in taunton tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: police are investigating after a rollover wreck in worcester so you can see here that it appears the suv crashed in a on to its hood. this happened on pleasant street near questioning worth road no. word on what caused the crash of the thousands in rhode island are signing a petition now to save a coyote. this is cliff and he has been hanging around this neighborhood so people who live nearby keep feeding him of usually brings him back when do you that. officials say this is dangerous and have asked a hunter to shoot him. the resident say they don't want him killed and so far have collected more than 23,000
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cliff. >> anchor: authorities in new york city make a big bust with ties right here to massachusetts. the operation called dirty dope broke up an alleged national heroin smuggling ring of drug bust led to 25 indictments in five different states including a case in leominster. officials say the dealers were mixing lethal products into the heroin they put on to the streets like roach killer. they said suspects knew products would kill people. caught on camera three would be robbers learned quickly they pick the wrong house to rob. measures to protect herself and her property. christa delcamp has full story. she exercised her right to defend her livelihood and rober. >> reporter: watch as a woman rushes from her bedroom, opening fire on three men who kick in her front door the woman a restaurant manager is staying with a housemate when she hears the three intruders, guns clearly in hand. police say they came here for cash and met their match. did they shoot you?
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gunfire and drywall debris clouds the dark home. one man runs through a glass door. the man in the wake dies of his injuries in the driveway and the woman seen here being consoled by that housemate lives to tell the tale. police also describe what happened. it's not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing a crime unfold and actual home invasion. now police need to find the two surviving suspects. c christa te >> anchor: a woman from california attacked right at her front door. this isster trying home video of the home invasion which happened back in ought. you can see two men come up and grab her from behind there. one covers her mouth and the other steals her purse. police say they have seen an increase in the number of criminals targeting asian women in that area. i don't even feel safe any more. s a female and as an asian who are being targeted i am very nervous and i just got a text from my sister like don't stay out there late. police are still searching
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tearing through utah. video showing a moment a tornado touched down in the northern part of the state. you can see debring starting to swirl. look at that several homes were damaged, trees were knocked down and thousands were left without power. you can see how strong winds are. in northern iowa people are dealing with fierce flooding there. dozens of roads and schools are closed after water from a river started spilling over. some people were evacuated. businesses are stocking up on sandbags to protect against rising water. >> anchor: some incredible video out of syria a little girl being pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building of you can see people digging through debris dissipate operately trying to save her. the five-year-old was eventually freed and taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. >> anchor: a postal worker was seriously hurt after his car plugs into a huge hole in the road there. officials believe the worker did not notice the nearly 78 foot crevice until it was too late. his car fell more than 30 feet. the postal worker suffered some very serious injuries there.
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african culture and history this weekend. >> anchor: that's right. in a three day festival to celebrate the new museum starts today in our figures's capitol. anticipation building on the eave of the opening of the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture. here to celebrate this beautiful building that will be here for a long, long time. people from around the country are eager to be among the first to see the treasures inside. it represents journey, many before me. the museum is a reflection on the tortuous triumphant journey of african-americans from bondage to emancipation, segregation, incarsation, civil rights and black lives matter movement. we need a museum that takes african-american history and culture and use it is as a lens to understand what it means to be an american. >> reporter: a journey measured in pile sense and icons like harriet tubman who freed herself from slavery. and then doggone it she decided to go back and help
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>> reporter: in her footsteps rosa parks, dr. martin luther king, mo happened ali, the greatest in a multitude of unsung heroes. a struggle reaching from plantation fields to the clouds conquered by the tuskegee airme. there was doubt about whether or not african-americans had the aptitude to fly a plane. >> anchor: a story that includes but doesn't end with the nation's first african-american president. not just african-american history but a rich slice of american history soon on display for the the museum opens saturday morning with several key appearances including president obama and the first lady. >> reporter: a new letter up for auction in cambridge showing the softer side of al capone. the letter is addressed to his son. it was written while he was an inmate in alcatraz. he offers his son advice and encouragement. the three page letter will be auctioned off next week. >> anchor: on 7 news, smart
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how they can help identify concussions. >> anchor: shots fired in a stoughton cvs. a teen-ager hit the shooter still on the run. >> anchor: newio sparking outrage of a list involved
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>> anchor: heads up new equipment hoping to keep players safe on fbi field. they are being called part hell . the new technology helping keep track and identify head trauma. >> anchor: one play school district is already using them. s a big change on the field this season for a florida high school football team. each player is now equipped with special helmets that record blows to the head. the information sent lock a tent to trainers with alert monitors on th have to step off the field. the inside helmets measure the severity of impact as well as where it occurs on the head. it's not designed to prevent or diagnose concussions and simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them. when the game is going on there are 22 guys there. it's very hard to pick out one specificably let alone maybe multiple blows that happen on one play. >> reporter: they are the only ones using them. student athletes across the country are using technology including those at one of the
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football, the university of texas. at about 150 each the helmets are not cheap. these residents in florida paid for their helmets by voting to increase sales tax. our school board was behind it all the way to give ourselves a chance to get that data to have something that can be assessed from multiple angles. >> reporter: it's another tool that can help athletes stay in the game they love and watch from the sidelines when necessary. data can some day give coaches and are a comprehensive view of >> anchor: is it dinnertime yet? hope it is for you. i will show you a great eggplant recipe with a little twist in tonight's what's cooking. sara french. >> anchor: and we are talking about some fall weather ahead in this way. the forecast for the weekend up next. >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news right here the reports jacoby brissett suffered a thumb injury during last night's impressive win. we'll have the latest from gillette. >> anchor: what caused a deliver to lose control and crash if a home in this local
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tonight it's fighting for fun. the kicks are real. >> reporter: local teens going tow to tow and sword for sword. it's real fighting. 7's nickelons tries his 7's nickelons tries his hand at this new age i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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these two male rattlesnakes in arizona. they are fighting and they are filmed fighting trying to impressive all things a lady snake. the dueling snakes fought for an epic three hours before wildlife officials ponded and the snakes were captured and then returned to the desert. >> anchor: three hours fighting over a liddy snake it always come down to a woman. >> anchor: no comment. jr. >> anchor: >> reporter: she probably just left. she was like girlfriend we are out of here. let's go shopping girl weekend. showers we are tracking mid to late evening and they gone for tomorrow. so we are talking about a breezy cool weekend. dry, dry into next week. chance of rain this week i should say into next week low until we head to tuesday afternoon and then we have the showers to deal with out there this evening. fall is here. so the fall count down rolls on
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trick or treat 37 days away and daylight saving time comes to an end 3-4-3 days from now. lower ground 39. montreal 63. the city at 72. so again the warm air we are right on the edge of these much cooler temperatures on the other side of a cool front. keane 66. burlington 58. here is the cool front. the front edge of that cooler air and it's generating a couple of isolated showers just now getting organized northwest of albany, new york. so as the cool front presses south i think ou will go up just an isolated shower or two up until about 10:00 and then after 10:00 there will be a narrow band of rain pressing through southern new england with perhaps a couple of downpours so if you are out and about later on this evening have rain gear because even they don't have to rain in the forecast for the next few hours mid to late evening there will be showers and they linger overnight tonight working down the south shore, south coast and then through the cape and islands by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the a.rainfall on the way most of cuts a quarter of an inch of rain or less but in some of
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of an inch of rain of we'll hold on oh clouds obviously with a late evening shower threat, breezy conditions as that cold front moves through it will certainly field like fall around midnight tonight with periods of the rain then that cool northerly breeze and it will feel like fall through the weekend. it is fall. early morning clouds then mostly sunny skies, temperature tomorrow in the mid 60's. sunday lots of sunshine, a cooler day on sunday because i think sunday morning we start dunn into the 30's and 40's. tomorrow we start the day in the 50's but more of an effort to reach the low and mid 60's. picking some apples this weekend looks greatment mix of clouds and sunshine, breezy tow. upper 60's and sunday in the orchards lots of sunshine still a bit of a breeze but not too much wind out there. temperatures in the low 60's. nascar is in loud on this weekend. that will feature partly to mostly sunny skies for sunday with temperatures at the start of the race running upper 50's to around 60. 7 on 7 forecast there is your forecast through the week. sunshine and clouds on saturday
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sunshine. monday morning i think for a lot of us we'll start that day into the 30's with some patchy frost likely monday morning even downtown boston monday morning in the low 40's and for tuesday a lot of clouds, few scatter showers, at the on tuesday in the 60's. >> anchor: some interesting information. >> anchor: i am still really interested in those rattlesnakes that were fighting. okay. question don't have ael snakes around here, right? >> anchor: i hope not. >> anchor: now i need to look that up we'll move on of it's a place where old meets new. >> anchor: throw in a little nostalgia and you have a delicious recipe for eggplant. sara french shows us what's cooking in boston's south end, what's old is new again. we are your nostalgic red sox joint from like the 50's an 60's. >> anchor: for chef justin winters the brand new place feels like home. i grew up in
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my mother is italian american. she is a chef and i grew up cooking with her. she is in aing italian classic. eggplant rolitini. i look smaller ones, they have less seeds. we'll slice it nice and thin. >> reporter: then lay them in a pan and salt on both sides. egg is like a responding so it's going to break down the cell structure and take out most of the moisture. >> reporter: heat a large frying pan with oil. bring it up on high heat until it smokes a little bit then add eggplant "you did want to make sure you pat off any moisture that's on the eggplant. cook it on one side until the edges get just a little golden brown then you can flip them over. what's done place on i paper towel to drain. chef justin then combines ricotta, herbs a beaten egg and parmesan cheese. next spoon on the cheese mixtur. you went to have a generous amount of ricotta you because
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about the cheese. >> reporter: then roll them up and get ready to bake. chef justin places the egg plant on a bed of tomato blazed cabbage. it has a lot of flavor. just tastes delicious. it it with tomato sauce, warm chance cheese, herbs and olive oil and place in the oven. 350, 400 degrees maybe 30 minutes. >> reporter: then out of the oven and chef justin tops it with basil pesto, more cheese and fried basil gluten free and tarian. that's what's cooking. i am csar kay french, 7 news. >> anchor: next on 7 news at 5:30 lemons to lemonade, why one town honors a little girl's business venture. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. here is what we're working on for you the at 6:00 of the we're following bringing news a possible setback for the patriots. there are reports jacoby brissett injured his throwing thumb in last night's game. we have team coverage on that. then a car goes airborne in
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we're talking to the man who owns that home of a tie tech test under way in massachusetts. check it out. we have details on this new drone project. those stories and much more. hope to see you at 6:00. the dramatic first video of the deadly police shooting rocking charlotte, north carolina. what that tape reveals. donald trump getting a late endorsement from one of his biggest former rivals just three days before the first debate and a new gift card scam you need to know to avoid it
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say six yearly battling cancer has set up to make a difference. >> reporter: now her community is finding a wheat sweet way to say thank unfortunate six-year-old taylor is battling cancer but set up a lemonade stand to buy undergoing cancer treatments. dozens of volunteers worked to transform her backyard as a way to say thank you to a little girl helping others. sometimes when the babies get treatment they get a little bit scared. so i always ask mom if i can help them. isn't she adorable? the reason for the backyard remodel is because taylor can't run around out there do you to the risk of a fungal infection so this remodel will allow her
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are a kid that age that is like your life. >> anchor: you want to be outside playing around. now she can do that. >> anchor: that's great. nice friday so far. thanks for joining us. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news, another blow for the patriots. the injury that could shake up the lineup for week four. and breaking developments out of charlotte, north carolina. this in the city. now new video is showing the encounter with police. that turned deadly. here is where fall is located along this cold front. plus, a house destroyed after a car goes airborne and crashes into it. we speak to that homeowner and making a dream come true. the harvard football team stepping up to help a young boy battling cancer. >> anchor: first at 6:00 we
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it's another possible setback for the patriots. there are reports that patriots third string quarterback jack obi brissett hurt his thumb in last night's game. so not now the question is, how badly is he hurt. >> reporter: had manage odd win without tom brady and jimmy although but this could complicate a few things. >> anchor: well, the teen is not saying much about the injury. the players certainly won't talks about it but what they will talk about is how they will continue to persevere. they jacoby's hands boston another game, another injury at the quarterback position. yet the prospect of another change at quarterback has players unphased. people are amazed at what you guys have done with different quarterbacks. how much you can take? i guess we're just focused on the next week. injuries are pat of the game. whatever they are. it's a rough game. >> reporter: the game looked pretty good early on for brissett with a ricky quarterback running for a score
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play in the third quarter when he scrambles, is tackled and former patriot vince wilfork comes down on him on the sidelines trainers can be seen working on the thumb. it looks like a fingernail i think. >> reporter: the severity of the injury is unknown but players say they will handle whatever comes just like they always do. it's a team effort, you know of you have to be good at all three phases, offense, defense and special teams so if you want to win glimpse you just got to do all of those things get used to catching balls from yet another quarterback, they say they are ready. it's a smile and it's a football ply flying through the air so you just have to catch it whoever is throwing it that's pretty much it. >> anchor: the team says they will talk about this injury when they have to and that's in time for next week's league mandated injury report about the middle of next week. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: 7's trey daerr continues our team coverage with a look at the latest


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