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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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there and the overhead power lines. more information as we get it. but we'll move on to a developing story for now. stranded then saved. now the boater is brought to boston and interviewed by the u.s. coast guard. the 22-year-old man and his mother vanished last week during a fishing trip. >> he was found in a life boat but his mom is still missing. steve cooper is live in boston with more. >> reporter: we've learned that nathan carman was reunited with his dad who flew that happened here at the coast guard station in boston. this afternoon. that was after he was interviewed by coast guard officials, members of the search and rescue team that had been looking for him and his mother for more than a week. all this following his harrowing ordeal at sea. 22-year-old nathan carman arrives at the coast guard station in boston where he underwent a debriefing after his survival at sea. carman arrived in the harbor aboard a freighter after he
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sunday afternoon floating in a raft in the icy atlantic ocean 100 miles south of martha's vineyard. officials say carman spent a week in the raft after his 31 foot fishing boat named chickenpox sank in the waters off rhode island a day after he went on a fishing trip with his mother. linda carman is still missing and presumed dead according to coast guard officials. nathan and his mother set out from rhode island when the coast guard says a day later the vessel started to officials say as the boat began taking on water carman looked for his mother and didn't see her. he grabbed food and water and jumped in the four before person raft. the coast guard never received a distress call and wasn't sure if the boat was equipped with an emergency radio. the coast guard search for the two for several days covering more than 60,000,000 square miles before suspending the search last friday two. days later carman was found in good condition by the passing freighter.
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attorney from connecticut earlier met with coast guard officials for hours. a spokesperson says the lengthy face-to-face survival debrief briefing is protocol any time there is a boat sinking at sea. we're told officials plan to release more information about that debriefing sometime in the next few days. in the meantime, nathan left her with his father. a short time ago without making any comments about what happened over the past week. live in boston, steve cooper, 7 race for the white house, we're 42 days away from the election. today candidates are trying to capitalize off their performances in last night's debates. the two started off fairly cordial. >> nancy: but it didn't take long for the claws to come out. >> reporter: it was the first of three televizzed presidential debates and it didn't disappoint. a cheerful hillary clinton addressed reporters feeling
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night and i have to say i was thrilled. i felt so positive about it. >> reporter: trump also happy. the first presidential debate was as unusual as the rest of the 2016 relex campaign. clinton and donald trump pulled no punches. they clashed on everything from trade to taxes to birthism. >> i think i did a great job and a great service not only for the country but for the president in getting him to produce his birth certificate. >> secretary clinton. he has really started his political activity the based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> reporter: they even bickered about bickering. >> i have a feeling i'm going to be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> why not. >> why not. [laughter] >> yes, why not. >> reporter: trump and clinton will face off again on sunday october 9th at a town hall in st. louis.
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watched ever. more than 80 million people tuning in setting a new record in the 60-year history of televised presidential debates. >> adam: there is controversy brewing over trump's microphone. donald trump is complaining that his mike last night was defective. many complained about trump sniffling with several websites posting videos showing every sniffle. today he elaborated. >> my microphone was terrible. i think i wonder was it set up this way on purpose. my microphone in the room they couldn't hear me. it was going on and off. >> anybody in the plane without a mike phone is not having a good night. >> adam: trump followed up his comment saying he wonders if his mike was set up that way intentionally. >> nancy: the campaign foran continues for both candidates. hillary clinton making her first post-debate stop at a college in raleigh, north
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speaking at a college in miami. the town hall style event is closed to the public with be a audience limited to 150 latino voters. make sure count on 7 news for continuing coverage of the race for the white house. hillary clinton will stop in new hampshire tomorrow at the university of new hampshire and trump will be in bedford, new hampshire on thursday. >> adam: this just in, tyson is voluntarily recalling five pound bags of chicken nuggets sold at costco. some customers said they found small pieces of hard white plastic in the nuggets. the recall involves 132,000 pounds of nuggets. consumers are asked to throw out the product and mail in the u.p.c.code for a full refund. let's turn to your forecast now. we'll show you a live look downtown. peek outside. you see high, gray, fluffy clouds. we started with rain but then some clearing. let's get to jeremy reiner and a check of the forecast. >> reporter: that is where
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east of chatham. this moves through metro boston very early this morning. it moved out of town at a nice pace so we were to salvage most of the day without rain. most towns picking up a quarter to 1/3 of an inch of rain. continues despite clouds seasonable. upper 60s and the city at 69. fitchburg at 74. may not upper 60s on the cape. provincetown at 66. it's a cool front that is in the process of moving through and again normally behind the off but in this situation the cooler air is lagging a bit. and so that will seep into new england and be with us for the rest of the week. mainly cloudy with some patchy drizzle after midnight tonight. temperatures this evening in the 60s then after midnight 54-59 with a developing northeast wind and it will be that wind that is with us for the remainder of the week. look had a that does to the temperatures tomorrow. locks them down.
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at times. a good idea to have the rain gear mainly on standby. but a fall feel to the air with temperatures in the upper 50s. more about the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> nancy: police in canton searching for the people setting fires outside kennedy elementary school. line is live in canton with more. >> reporter: that's right. you know, this damage is still visible here at the kennedy school behind me. you see this dumpster, this recycle dumpster next to the play ground area. you can see how it's charred from the fire. canton police need the public's help finding out who did this. that is why they're releasing this surveillance video. a little after 2:00 am sunday, vandals start a fire on the playground at the john f. kennedy elementary school in canton. police say the vandals are running back and forth to get paper from a recycle dumpster to keep their fire
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individuals are seen rolling a trash barrel full of paper on fire across the play ground. here you can see the recycled dumpster goes up in flames as well. >> not something you expect to happen in your neighborhood or in anybody's neighborhood. my kids were surprise and they were like, who are these bad people out there? >> reporter: the fire still smolders was discovered by a passerby sunday morning. the dumpster was charred and the wood chips under this jungle jim were burned. the video shows the individuals walking around the playground before fires were set and shows them running away from the playground afterwards. police say it looks like eight or nine individuals were involved at least one female. police are releasing the video hoping that someone recognizes the individuals and comes forward. >> they damaged the play grappled in a way that make it difficult for the kids to enjoy it. and i'm grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: are you glad
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video out there hoping to catch these vandals? >> absolutely, they do a good job. i'm sure they'll find whoever did it. >> reporter: canneddan police have another videos they're analyzing. they urge anyone with information to give them a call. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> adam: more news today. a new york city firefighter is killed in a house explosion. the blast happened after firefighters responded to a call of a smell of gas at the home in the bronx. about an hur after they arrived the blast sent debris flying every one. the battalion chief was truck and skilled. the mayor speaking today saying he was a devoted firefighter and father. >> our hearts go out to the fahey family, family that has given so much and today made the ultimate sacrifice to the city. >> adam: the home was used
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>> more unrest in charlotte over the death of keith scott. nine more protestors have been arrested or charged with obstructing traffic. marching in the street without a permit is illegal. there have been more than 80 arrests since the shooting. scott was shotly police last week. the city released video of the police confrontation with scott on saturday. police say scott had a gun and refused commands to drop it. before appear officer opened fire. a massive fire in santa cruz mountains burned more than 1,000 acres with mandatory evacuations ordered for residents in the area. several evacuation stations have been set up for residents needing food and shelter. the fire started yesterday afternoon threatening some 300 structures. the cause of the fire is still not known. >> adam: investigators are searching for answers in the death of miami marl yips pitcher fernandez.
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the accident. the statement didn't say whether fernandez had been drinking or what time he left. the 24-year-old died after the boat he owned slammed no a rock jetty early saturday morning. just offsouth beach in florida. also known as government cut. two of his friends also died in the crash. we'll turn to the patriots right now and here is a welcome sight for pats fans. both injured jobs garoppolo and brissett back on the practice field. there is one week left o -- tom brady's suspension. >> nancy: who will start against the bills? alex has more. >> reporter: the patriots are starting week four with more uncertainty at the quarterback position and that is fine by the team. they say the quarterback merry go round hasn't made things any more challenging million they're ready to go to whoever starts on sunday. >> reporter: h. both patriots quarterback garoppolo and brissett present for practice
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over his right thumb but as for who will be under center on sunday -- who will be your quarterback? >> i don't know. ask coach. that will be up to him. >> reporter: what is best for the team. but whatever bill belichick and josh mcdaniels are doing is working. the pats are 3-0. they've done it with their second and third string quarterback. >> we have a lot of faith in the coaches and the system here. we've won three games this year so far. it's because we have a lot of faith in what the c guys in this position to be successful. so we're excited. >> reporter: it's exciting to watch the revitalized running game early in the season. the offense jumped on blunt's back and threw three games blunt has 298 yards. >> he has done an excellent job. he is help leading the league in owe ferns in rushing, that is what he we need him for. they went out and played well that's what we need. >> he is a great player.
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great guy to have in the lockerroom. i loved every second playing with him. i like blocking for him. it's fun to hear him run by and hit guys so he is a great team mate. >> reporter: the patriots have surpassed 100 rushing yards in all three games this year. alex corddry, 7 news. >> nancy: still ahead a boston biker taking a big risk. >> his dangerous ride through one of the tunnels is all caught is ready for yankees fans. the unusual welcome he expects for his last series in new york. >> plus a georgia sheriff apologized for what his deputiesy said to a breast feeding mother. >> nancy: at 5:00 this little girl makes an emotional plea at a city coup plea after days of unrest in charlotte, north carolina, coming up on news. >> announcer: tonight --
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care look like this but when she called to complain -- >> i was very upset. >> reporter: hank found out how long it can take for the state to investigate. >> 40 day, 50 days. >> reporter: could daycare delays put your kids in danger? hank investigates tonight at
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>> adam: a dangerous ride through a tunnel is caught on camera.
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bicycle just meandering casually cruising through the tunnel. there is traffic there took. video was posted on snap chat. >> nancy: at one point the person held up the peace sign for the drivers. nick emmons spoke to the person who recorded the story. he recorded the video and has the story. >> reporter: an afternoon drive through boston takes an odd turn. >> we kind of giggled outrageous. unbelievable. >> reporter: a man riding a hubway bike spotted crossing town the left lane. >> i told him he to slow down because i had to send a snap chat to people. you don't see that. >> reporter: friends brad anderson and todd pease were leaving a car show north on 93. even with cars whipping around in the middle of the afternoon, they say this guy didn't scheme too worried.
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>> reporter: he smiled at them as they drove by. >> he is like this. had a smile on his face. >> reporter: hubway taking the incident seriously posting a statement to facebook saying in part it is extremely dangerous and definitely illegal to ride a bike on 93 or any area highway. do not do it." this was a bit of a theme sunday. mass d.o.t.releasing this video showing one riding in the pru tunnel on the mass pike before being escorted police. for brood and todd the video is good for a laugh but the thought of what could have happened is nothing to joke about. >> it's a superdangerous tunnel. you see car accidents and stuff and this guy is riding his bike. >> like he has a death wish. >> bad idea. >> reporter: nick emmons, 7 news. >> reporter: clouds and sun for the afternoon. more clouds for tomorrow afternoon. much cooler as well. forecast up next. at's for dinne?
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>> adam: we're back right now 4:22 is the time. just below 70 degrees out at logan airport. inland i think a little warmer, but cloud cover, one of those cozy days. so -- >> nancy: one of those days you have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. >> audience member: are cooking? what movie do you want to see. good to have you by the way. it has been a long sometime since i worked with with you and you are a saying that, i'll slip you a $5 later on for saying that not for anything else. [laughter] >> reporter: what just happened over there? all right. it's good to have you back, that is right. going to be on the phone. cool weather sets in. we're talking about temperatures tomorrow even cooler than where we were this afternoon. this afternoon the numbers about where we should be with cloudy skies. but not much in the way of rain. i call it news an rain.
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nuisance rain. the type of rain that we have for tomorrow is patchy. it's light. it's not the good stuff where you pick up an inch of rain. that is the stuff you need. had a band of rain move through southern new england this morning and most of us, about, i would say a quarter to a third of an inch of rain. orange nearly .4 of an inch, andover and pepperell and here in boston .22. there have been a few rainy days here in month of september. but for the month of september, we are running about two inches below normal. the good news entering at least a pattern that will offer us a chance of some rainfall. but when we're talking about just this year we have about 10, 11 inches of rain to make that up. you don't want to make that up in one afternoon or even a couple of days and we won't. this area of low pressure system is skiting and spinning. that will wobble out and find a home down through kentucky and tennessee and in doing so, will drag clouds off the ocean and create some pockets of
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this even outdoor plans you should be okay. if you are going for a jog or evening golf you should be all right. then tomorrow cool and raw. the northeast wind does not bubbling. around 12-22 miles an hour so. that will lock in temperature from tonight. 55-60. the swire day tomorrow with pockets and patches of light rain and drizzle. this right here, furthers that story. so at 5:00 am we have clouds all over the place. not much in the way of rain. but it's where again it's a good idea to have the rain gear on standby because there might be waves of mist and drizzle that waft through the air then it's dry again then a little spot shower will happen. but no significant rain. we're talking less than .1 of an inch of rain likely for many of us tomorrow. our rainfall forecast keeps us all right around .1 of on inch or less so that is tomorrow for you. thursday a few peeks of sun but still a lot of cloud. friday will be showers in
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weekend. look at the temperatures. they don't move upper 50s for low, near 60s for high, see you at 4:30. >> nancy: time for traffic. here is matt fitzgerald with a check of the roads. >> reporter: we'll begin flying above route 1 northbound dealing with a crash involving this camper off to the right this. is right at the route 60 on-ramp in revere. traffic usually heavy in the area, extra heavy day. you will be in traffic from route 16 up to the crash se 1 once you get past. pike westbound you are backing up quickly leaving the city. you will be tied up past the altton tolls then on the brakes two miles past newton corner. the eastbound side is moving okay. the upper deck of 93 north is heavy. you will be jammed up through medford under on the lower deck you are moving well right now. all the way into the o'neil tunnel. we'll look at the drive times on 93 north to exit 29 in somerville. only a 1 minute drive past
4:26 pm
to 128. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. the pope making changes that could make it harder to become a saint. >> adam: a deputy in trouble over what he said to a mother who was' breast feeding. >> nancy: a breakdown of the first presidential debate. the miss piggy contest that is causing controversy. >> adam: tom brady turns into the wedding crasher,
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> adam: off the top at 4:30 breaking news, a truck fire in topsfield under power lines. now the topsfield department of public works says that the downed wires and fire are responsible for a town wide power outage. this is happening off bear hill ride. the fire anyway. no word on what started the fire in the first place. >> nancy: wild weather strikes in iowa. people in and around the city of cedar rapids are bracing for what could be one of the worst floods in the city's history. people are doing all they can to prepare. >> adam: but that may not protect them from the rising flood waters. chris pollone has the story. >> reporter: as people up
4:30 pm
up, people downstream in cedar rapids are casualtily optimistic they're going to be okay. >> it's not time yet to go back to live as usual but we're getting close. >> reporter: heavy rain over the weekend september the cedar river over its bank pressing in yield a rapids tuesday morning at 22 feet. a temporary city of levis appears to be holding protects hopes and businesses of about 5,000 people who were evacuated. leaders hope to evade a worst flood in city history caused $2 billion in damage. >> in 2008 we felt defenseless. and 2016, we took action. >> reporter: this week the city installed temporary barriers in two days. and residents helped fill a quarter of a million sand bags. it could be disastrous if the river breaches the temporary barriers making the next 24 hours critical. >> we'll know at the end of


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