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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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>> officials say two students have non-life-threatening injuries. police are still on the scene at the school near the georgia stateline. a teenaged suspect is in custody in connection with the shooting. police say all other students were safely evacuated to a nearby church. at this time police have not released any more information about that suspect in custody but of course we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story as it comes into the newsroom. a deadly drive for the morning commute and three people were killed. police say one of the vehicles crossed into the median and slammed into another car. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused the vehicle to cross into oncoming traffic. dan hausle is in westport with more of the very latest. dan. >> well, this crash happened on the part of 195 that has a pretty wide median. maybe 50 feet of grass.
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median but a police source tells me the driver of the van that went across that median may have had a medical condition that caused him to lose control with fatal consequence. >> reporter: a car in flames after a horrific crash in westport that cost three lives. >> there was so much crap in the air, it was insane. >> reporter: ray says he was driving behind a green caravan that police say crossed a wide median on 195 and crashed headn other way. he says before the crash the van had been weaving through traffic but suddenly started drifting into the grass like it was pulling over for a flat tire. >> but i didn't see any brake lights and i didn't see him slowing down, and i looked at my brother and said, watch, watch, watch. >> reporter: police say the man was a delivery, vehicle for hire, with two passengers. investigators tell me the driver may have had a medical condition that explains why his van went about 50 feet across a grassy
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oncoming traffic. >> as soon as he came up out of the grass and into the road, he sideswiped one car and straightened him out and put him right in line with another one. and i tell ya, there are just some things you shouldn't see and that was one of them. >> reporter: police say the van rolled over, the driver and one of his passengers killed. a second passenger survived. the driver of the car who the van hit head on was also killed. but two survived the crash. three other cars were also involved but police say the drivers of those vehicles suffered only minor injuries. >> and state police have yet to release the names of the victims or an official cause of the crash. but again, the police source telling me that the driver of the van may have had a medical condition that caused him to lose control, drive across the median with fatal consequences. we're live in westport, dan hausle, 7news. also on 7, court documents
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suspect in his grandfather's death back in 2013. the documents also contain information that he had violent episodes as a child. now, the twa-year-old is now back home in vermont after being rescued off the coast of ma that's vineyard, and his mother still missing. tim caputo is live in vernon where he lives. >> i'm standing in front of the house where the 22-year-old lives alone. it is just home to 22-year-old he's been working on this house for quite some time, according to neighbors. he hasn't been home for the better part of today but when i spoke with him last night, he told me physically he's okay, emotionally he's still a wreck. >> reporter: he was once a suspect in the murder of his grandfather, now there's even more controversy surrounding 22-year-old nathan carmen after he went on a fishing trip with his mother but she never returned. this morning neighbors say they rarely talked to him, but he was always doing construction on his house. >> working outside, sometimes he
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mostly he's on his own. pretty much keeps to himself. >> reporter: according to the search warrant, carmen also did many repairs to his boat and might have left that boat unsafe for operation. while on a fishing trip with his 54-year-old mother linda earlier this month his boat apparently took on water and sank often coast of block island. she's now presumed dead. last night we spoke with nathan right after he got home after spending a week on a life raft. >> i'd like to thank the public for their prayers and their concern for both m myself. and i would like to thank the crew of the ship that rescued me, both for rescuing me and for treating me very well. >> reporter: three years ago nathan was considered a suspect in the death of his grandfather, who was shot at home in connecticut. carmen discarded his gps and hard drive the morning of the killing. he was never charged. police seized a gps simply card and a motive which has many wondering if this is more than
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>> seems like a small boat. i don't know how he would lose his mom on such a small boat, and the fact that he couldn't get her on the boat he was on, too, is kind of weird. >> i spoke with the windham county sheriff, and he says on monday night when they search this home behind me, each of his deputies were accompanied by investigators from the state of world this case originates. he says the items that they seized seized from inside this house a couple of nights ago have already gone do island. tim came mute oh, 7news. countdown to election day continues, just 41 days away. both candidates are back out on the campaign trail. hillary clinton speaking today at university of new hampshire supported by once rifle senator bernie sanders. now both have their sights set on defeating donald trump. >> it is disgraceful for donald trump and his friends to be talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in tax
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>> isn't this one of the strangest elections you've ever seen? i really sometimes don't know what to make of it. >> so donald trump meeting with an alliance of polish american groups in chicago this morning. and like clinton, he touched on what they both called an interesting presidential race. >> i love the debate, i love the process, something very beautiful about this process. the american way. buts ways, but there's nothing like what we're going through. it's very exciting. >> so trump has faced criticism over his support of russian leader vladimir putin, trump saying today he's committed to eastern european security. 7news now turning to the forecast and a much cooler day, an overcast day in the city with some showers out there. and it looks like we could in store for some more rain. jaimple me reiner standing by with your forecast. a misty day out there for sure,
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late october is what it's like and a lot of clouds. today patches of drizzle and mist at times. mid-50s. the city at 56. worcester down to 52. hyannis at 60 degrees. jaffery at 53. a northeast wind scraping in that moisture off the gulf of maine as well as a cool feel to the air. winds gusting 15, 25 miles per hour. we will hold on to the clouds and the raw feel for the remainder of this evening. you also notice if you look up through portions of maine, the skies are beginning to clear out. i think as we work tonight, we'll have a partial clearing, especially merrimack valley and southern new hampshire and perhaps we can get some of that drier air down into metro boston during the day tomorrow. for tonight, a lot of clouds with some pockets of drizzle. especially south of the city, breezy. cool, raw, temps between 54 and 59. tomorrow, a few peeks of sun likely, especially those of you north of the masspike. we'll talk more about that as well as some possibility for some rain over the weekend. details coming up. authorities in california are calling for calm after
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shooting. the victim's sister says she called police after her brother, a black man in his 30s, was acting erratically. police say he refused orders to put his hands up and pulled an object from his pocket. they haven't shade that object was but acknowledged it was not a weapon. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time to allow this investigation to shed light on this event, and we plan to be open and transparent is within the rules of the law. th reporter: so wis disagree man's hands were in the air at the time he was shot. the miami community saying a final farewell to marlins pitcher jose fernandez today. the funeral procession began at marlins park and traveled to a miami church for the memorial service. hundreds of people showed up to honor the 24-year-old pitcher. a private funeral will be held tomorrow. fernandez passed away early sunday morning when his boat slammed into a jetty off of miami. two others wer killed in the accident.
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to investigate the crash. former israeli prime minster has died. he suffered a major stroke two weeks ago and died last night. he was one of israel's founding parties at first. later perez led secret talks with palestinians which led to the 1993 oslo peace agreement between the two countries. the accomplishment won him the nobel peace prize. >> he worked tirelessly for israel from the very first day of his life. his funeral will be held this friday, leaders including president obama will attend. secretary kerry threatened to spend negotiations -- spin negotiations with russia if the city does not stop attacks. a bomb of a hospital forced
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locations. a crease fire occurred last week which kerry hopes to reinstate. >> russia is responsible for bringing down the flight in ukraine. it was shot down back in 2014. dutch investigators published a report that says the russian government tried to cover it up and cover up the involvement in the accident. russia president vladimir putin denies the report's findings, calling it speculation. and wells fargo ceo john stump say million in stock awards as the bank launches an investigation into the scandal involving phony accounts. the employee who headed the division, that created fake accounts, has also left the company. she will not receive any severance. stump is expected to testify on capitol hill come tomorrow. the patriots getting ready to face the bills sound and right now we still don't know what quarterback they will start. jimmy garoppolo and jacolby bursett both suffering injuries.
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focus on the game. trey daerr is live with more on this sunday's big match-up. >> ryan, definitely the feel of football weather in the air down here at foxboro, but we don't know exactly how much football will be in store for the patriots' quarterbacks jimmy garoppolo and jacolby bursett. both dealing with injuries and neither one of them giving any indication how close they really are to playing. >> it's coming along, you know, taking it day by day. >> it's a tough decision. i can't make that decision. >> it'soo i mean -- >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo and jacolby bursett not even close to tipping their hand when it comes to who will be center on sunday. >> we'll see on sunday. we gotta get there and assess it then. >> something i deal with and, you know, whatever happens just happens, and whatever coach wants me to do i'll do. >> reporter: both quarterbacks did throw wednesday. garoppolo at one point tossing the ball 30 yards with relative
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relates to how he can cope with the pain on sunday. >> it's a tough situation. but you just have to be smart with it. i don't want to do too much or too little. you have to find the conference zone. >> reporter: further helping whoever the quarterback is on sunday will be a healthy rob gronkowski who played a limited role against the texans. >> i love to go full go but they put me in the plays where they felt more comfortable and when i was in those plays, i felt like i was ready to roll. >> and just a couple minutes ago, the injury report, the first one of the week is out, and as expected, both quarterbacks jimmy garoppolo and jacolby bursett was limited in practice on wednesday. reporting live outside gillette stadium, trey daerr, 7news. >> all right, trey. ahead here on 7news, daycare danger. the surprising results of our investigation into how long it takes to look into problems. then at 4:30, alarming allegations of abuse. a former priest called the court what he's now accused of doing. >> and we're following breaking
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south carolina. police are on the scene of a shooting at an elementary school. three people we know have been hurt. we also know the shooter is in custody. we're going to follow the story for you and bring you the latest as soon as we get it in the
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>> if there was a problem at your child's daycare, you would expect someone to look into it right away but we found cases of daycare delays and it could put your child eventual danger. >> hank philippe investigates. >> reporter: what if your child came homeoo what if all those scratches happened at daycare? >> when i saw his face, i cried. i lost it. >> reporter: that 2-year-old's mother called the daycare and asked what happened to my son. she wasn't happy with the answer. >> they said three other kids were around and one other kid did it and she described it as edwards sis cor hands. >> reporter: 22 scratches. how could that happen? every day to look at those scratches was just, you know, devastating to see.
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education and care. it oversees licensed daycares. when she asked them to investigate, she says she was is shocked at the response. they told her there's a backlog. for one of those workers to say we're on a backlog, we'll get to it when we can, that's mindboggling. >> reporter: the state's own reports reveal how long it can take for an investigator to actually visit daycares after a complaint. this report of assistance and drinking alcohol shows it took the state 23 calendar days, a complaint about sanitation and infection control, 25 days a child with injuries, 56 days. we showed a government watchdog our findings. what this do you think about that? >> unbelievable. the state should investigate to find out why those lags exist and they should correct the situation. >> reporter: the state sent us a statement saying it responds to
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allegations and prioritizes the investigations of the most serious allegations. but patients worry benefit daycare complaints aren't instantly inspected, the truth can disappear. >> who's to say the daycare doesn't mask everything and make it seem like they did nothing wrong. >> experts tell us there are about 10,000 daycare facilities in massachusetts and last year the state investigated about 1,000 complaints. check our web site for more information on licensed daycares. in the newsroom, i'm philippe ryan. >> some real fall weather out there right now, cool and raw. it'll stick around for a you too days. forecast up next. >> and a race to rescue a driver trapped and in double. dash-cam footage. we'll show you that dramatic scene coming up. >> and on 7news at 5:00, a tense situation during the yankees/red sox game. a fan dropping the ball for a
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not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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>> one of those days where you think it will start pouring rain out but it's just kind of misty out there. >> you know what i thought when i walked out today was fall kind of like slapped us in the face. >> here we go. >> i don't know if it will last, though, jr. >> we'll hold on to the cool raw conditions with little bit of sunshine especially north of town. and i'm thinking just some patches of drizzle in this. a cool northeasterly wind which nine times out of 10 we have
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boston south, clouds are locked in and that will be the case for the rest of tonight, in between two storms, a storm out over the ocean developing the northeast wind so too far away for any rain other than some sprinkles and a storm way out here to our west. we're kind of in between storms, rain-producing clouds, state and the fact that we have a lot of clouds right now. here's the northeast wind gusting 20, 25 miles per hour, making feel like october, early november, current temps in the 50s,nary sitting this morning ending and settling down into the 50s for much of the day. the city at 56. worcester at 52. down on to the april and islands, upper 60s and low 60s. tomorrow early morning clouds and drizzle but i do think we will see some sunshine
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so 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. and as we advance your timeline, notice a fair amount of sunshine. there's the potential this could turn into a nice afternoon tomorrow, especially the farther from the ocean you are. >> so might be a gorgeous fall afternoon tomorrow. upper 60s and low 60s, the city tomorrow afternoon around now as we work up into new hampshire tomorrow, raymond 64, manchester 65. these locations will be the warmest. i think it's a mostly sunny day, fitchburg and gardener and athol and up toward keene and jaffery out on the cape i think you'll hold on to the clouds. despite a lot of clouds on the cape and south coast, i think you're dry tomorrow. friday a shoe showers arriving late in the day and on and off showers both saturday and sunday
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>> see you then. thanks so much. let's get a check of the ride home. here's matt fitzgerald. >> we'll begin on the downramp dealing with the right lane two-car accident. it's been here for about 45 minutes now, really causing a back-up this afternoon for folks trying to get down to tour oh drive, the upramp is also very heavy. switching over to the zakim bridge, heavy in both directions. over on the southbound side crawling from assembly square into the o'neill from the tunnel up past roosevelt circle. not much better on the expressway south, you're crawling this afternoon. this is looking towards the columbia road. you'll be jamming coming out of the o'neill tunnel most of the way down to the braintree split. the expressway moving well but you'll hit the breaks as you head up towards the tunnel. and to the braintree split, 37 minutes. once you get past that to route 24, looking at another 17 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7news.
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revere and who police say they targeted this time. >> and what's your sign? a big change in the cosmos. why you might not know it after all. >> and driving in the sky. david ortiz in the driver's seat and how he surprised fans in boston.
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a dangerous drive in salem. police say a toddler was injured after she was run over with the police say her 7-year-old sister was behind the wheel. >> child was rushed to the hospital and right now the accident is under investigation. 7's steve cooper is live for us in stale let me. me more of the details. >> investigators say this was really one strange story. they're still piecing it all together but they do say this is a first for them and they say that toddler who was injured is lucky to be alive.
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>> 911. >> what are the injuries? >> i can't hear. >> ma'am, we can't understand you. i need you to take a breath. >> we received the call from a mother stating that her 7-year-old daughter had just backed over her 2-year-old daughter. >> reporter: it happened around 6:30 last night outside this apartment building on self policy street her 11-year-old and somehow the vehicle ended up in reverse backing over girl's 2-year-old sister. emergency responders scrambled to the scene before the toddler was airlifted to children's hospital in boston with a serious leg injury plus bruising to her ribcage, upper arm and head. >> police say this isn't the first time that the mother let her daughter the store the car outside.


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