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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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multiple states today. we are learning a lot more about the police investigation here in connecticut into nathan carmen's 87-year-old grandfather's death. now, the coast guard brought the 22-year-old into boston yesterday afternoon he was rescued by the crew of a chinese freighter 100 miles south of the vineyard. he was questioned for hours. his home in vermont, searched by police who got a notebook from there. a comcast modem, a garmin gps sim card. last night he spoke to >> i feel healthy, emotionally i've been through a huge amount, and my request is just to be allowed to mourn natural he look. >> he told a reporter he had nothing to do with the deaths of his mother and grandfather. in fact, he said he was like a son to his grandfather, certainly would not want to murder him.
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in 2014. >> reporter: a billboard in heart ford offers up a reward for information on the murder of john chackalos. the winsor connecticut real estate developer who was reportedly worth $40 million was shot three times in his home in december of 2013. the crime remains unsolved. but this police document inside a 2014 search and seizure warrant obtained by 7news reveals investigators concluded nathan carmen murdered his grandfather and tried to get an eventual custody. >> did you know that? i didn't know that, no. >> reporter: sharon heartstein is linda carmen's best friend. she has been praying carmen might be found alive at sea as nathan was. >> it was bittersweet, you know. i heard he was found and in the next sentence i heard that she wasn't with him. i'm not unhappy he was found but i wish she was with him. >> she never expressed any fear of him or anything like that? >> no. >> the dewpoint says nathan was
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the two had dinner here on december 19th, 2013. it also says he was inconsistent about where he was in the early-morning hours of the 20th. that's when john chackalos was found murdered. >> reporter: the document goes further. it will says carman discarded a computer hard drive and gps and says carman showed an interest in guns. police seized a gun from his home in could be prone to violence, held outbursts in high school and held another child hostage with a knife apparently when he was a younger boy. >> but again he was never charged. the prosecutor apparently declining to bring charges saying he needed more evidence. it was a circumstantial case. wins door police declined on camera comment. a captain told me they are keeping track of these developments, obviously they are very interested in the disappearance of a family member in this murder investigation
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we're live in winsor, connecticut, jonathan hall, 7news. and this afternoon the father of the 22-year-old boater %s speaking out. he says his son is going through a difficult time. 7's kimberly bookman is in the control room with what he had to say about his son. kimberly. >> well, jadiann, nathan carman's father says he just needs some time to mourn and said he's not capable of killing his mother or his grandfather. >> he wants his alone time and trying to get everything past. and what i want to say about that is i wish the press would leave it alone. because he was not involved with this his grandfather, with his mother. it was a pure accident. >> he's a good kid. >> nathan's mother and grandfather were the two most
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life. he added it's a shame that the grandfather is being brought up because, quote, there is no substance to it, referring to nathan being a suspect. kimberly bookman, 7news. three missing children have been found in new hampshire and they are safe. manchester police issued warrants, though, for bobby joe gyer and michael mcmaster after the pair allegedly left with those children, who they do not have custody of. police say the kids are okay. some other breaking news. two students and a teacher shot at an elementary school in custody as we speak. officials say the students are expected to survive. >> and we're now learning more about another crime scene that's not far from that school. 7's ryan schulteis is here with some of the breaking details. >> officers rushed to the townville elementary school after reports of the shooting. first came in around 1:00 this afternoon. the two students in that shooting have non-life-threatening injuries. investigators have not said how
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are. police have not released any more information on the suspect. police still on the scene at the school, which is right near the georgia stateline. investigators say all of their students were safely evacuated to a nearby church where they were reunited with their parents and families and at this time police say they believe there are no other shooters involved. >> we're still trying to put together the facts. we have searched the school, our s.w.a.t. team has been engaged there. we do not feel like we got any other shooters or anybody else >> now, police say they're also investigators a death, about three miles from that school, which they say is connected to the school's shooting. a man was found dead in his home before the school shooting began. we'll bring you the latest on the breaking story as soon as it comes in. an investigation in westport right now. witnesses say a delivery vehicle crossed a median and slammed head-on into another car. three people tragically killed, several others injured in the wrong-way wreck.
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westport with what we know right now. >> well, that delivery van, a vehicle for hire, had apparently two passengers in it and driving on the other side of interstate 195 here in westport. you can see there's a very wide median there, but he came across it into traffic. one investigator telling me he may have had a medical issue. >> reporter: a firey scene on 195 in westport after a deadly crash where a van suddenly veered across a wide grassy median and i traffic. >> i didn't see any brake lights and didn't see him slowing down. i looked at my brother and said watch, watch, watch. >> reporter: ray cet trel says he had been driving behind the man moments before, weaving through traffic and strangely started drifting into the grass like it was pulling over because of a flat tire. but the van went right across the 50 foot wide median and into traffic, driving fast the other way. >> as soon as he came up out of
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straightened him out and put him right in line with another one. >> reporter: police say the van crashed head o.j. and then rolled over. the van's driver killed along with one of his passengers thrown from the vehicle. a 23-year-old new bedford woman driving the car of the van hit was also killed. >> i tell ya, there are some things you just shouldn't see, and that was one of them. >> reporter: police say a second passenger in the van survived the crash along with two passengers in the car. a 25-year-old fall river man and a young boy from n three other cars were also involved. police say the drivers of those vehicles all suffered minor injuries. >> police haven't released the names of those who were killed in this crash and are not talking officially about the cause. but again a police source telling me he believes that the driver of the van may have had a medical issue that caused him to lose control with fatal consequences. live in westport, dan hausle, 7news. the hampton district
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murder today. investigators used dna evidence toe produce a woman who of a suspected killer. the image shows what he would have looked like at the time of the murder when he was 25 years old. lisa sagt was abducted from her workplace in 1992 and her body was discovered in a wooded area four days later. 7news turning to your forecast. it's cloudy, it's cool. there's some drizzle around and it's looking like we're gonna get a little more of the same over the next few days. a. >> right now 57 in town. bedford at 56. worcester down to 51. northeast wind coming off the gulf of maine, scraping moisture off of the atlantic and putting it into southern new england in the form of clouds. winds gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. we will hold on to the clouds this evening and like for much of day, not much in the way of rain. couple pockets of mist possible. if you head farther up towards southern new hampshire there's been drier air working its way
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maine. so you'll have sunshine, perhaps as far south as the merrimack. i don't think it moves into the city through the remainder of the afternoon but trying to move into southern new england during the day tomorrow. temps tonight between 54 and 59. we'll talk more in a few minutes. protestors continue to gather in california now after a police officer opened fire killing an unarmed man. the victim's sister says she called police after her brother, a manhattan in his 30s, was acting erratically. in a san diego suburb. police say the man refused orders to put his hands up and pulled an object from his pocket. they haven't said what that object was, but they acknowledged it was not a weapon. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> witnesses disagree with police over whether the man's
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all right, let's look at the clock. and countdown to election is on. 41 days away now. today hillary clinton teaming up with bernie sanders at the university of new hampshire enlisting her former rival to help sway younger voters. let's get to byron barnett live in durham new hampshire to tell us more about what happened there. we understand also byron -- >> hillary clinton on the university new hampshire campus with bernie sanders trying to tenerate excitement among young americans who have more at stake in this election than young americans. because so much of what will happen will affect your lives, your jobs,. >> reporter: clinton, who lost to sanders in the new hampshire primary and trailed him in support from young people said the two of them would work together to make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than $125,000. and allows students to refinance their loans.
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hillary clinton as our next president. >> reporter: clinton was criticized by the donald trump campaign, which called her a washington insider who will say anything to win an election. but in chicago tad, trump was courting a different group, meeting with polish americans, he warned me of his relationship with them and pledged to work with poeland. we want nato to be strong, which means we want more countri if every country in nato made the same contributions as poland, all of our allies would be more secure. >> and tomorrow donald trump will also be here in new hampshire. he'll be holding a big rally in bedford, new hampshire. and that's no surprise because new hampshire is one of the critical battlegrounds states that could make the difference in a close finish in november. that's the latest live from
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former israeli president sharon perez has died. the 93-year-old suffered a massive stroke two weeks ago. doctors say he took a turn for the worse on tuesday and this evening. we look back at his legacy. >> reporter: the face of israel, the older statesman, the internal optimist. overnight sharon perez lost his last fight dying of complications from a stroke. his family by his side. >> he worked tirelessly for israel from the his life. >> reporter: perez born in poland served alongside israel's founding fathers, first a hawk building the military and nuclear program, a strong supporter of jewish settlements in the west bank. and later a dove, peace with his arab neighbors have become his life mission. >> perez led secret talks with the palestinians ending and
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agreement. and israeli prime minister and palestinian leaders. all three awarded the nobel peace prize. perez retired two years ago, but stayed solved. this morning, israel's prime minister led a moment of silence for a man who served his country as seven decades as both prime minister and president. angel's warrior for peace gone at president president obama and former president clinton are expected to be a part of the u.s. delegation in attendance. >> the big question on the mind of patriots' fans? who will start as quarterback this weekend? we're hearing from jimmy garoppolo and jacolby burr set. >> and the final farewell to a miami marlin, the show of respects to a baseball player killed in a tragic boating accident over the weekend. a victim coming forward
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who worked in dorchester will answer to rape charges. a toddler hit by a car in new hampshire. police say her 7-year-old sister was behind the wheel. we're staying on top of breaking news, a voter rescued off the waters during martha's vineyard. speaking out, saying he did not injury his another and talking about his grandfather's killing and said he had nothing to do with his death.
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we've got quarterback questions. it is still up in the air who will start for the patriots on sunday, jimmy garoppolo and jacolby bursett both were down at gillette today. >> patriots aren't letting anybody say who will be calling the shots. trey daerr is there with trey. >> it's challenging enough for the patriots to have to navigate for the first quarter without tom brady let alone with out their back-up and now an injury to cajole -- jacolby bursett. nearly decimated by injuries and dominated atop the afc east. >> i thought the wind got knocked out of me at first but
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>> i've never really been in that situation, so not the funnest thing but it is what it is, i guess. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo back to practice admitting to pain but not any pressure. >> you always want to be out there. you want to be the guy out there and running the show. >> reporter: jacolby bursett also on the bhenld a sprained thumb and telling the patriots' company line. >> pla w you think about it, you have to not think about it. got a good plan and coming off of a big win so we gotta go out there and do our job. >> reporter: and almost miraculously the job is getting done, the patriots are 3 and 0 holding a two-game lead in the division missing tom brady and having played without rob gronkowski for the better part of three games. >> the coach has done a great job. the offense coaches are staying up late, waking up early, thinking of game plans, scheming
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have and whoever's going that week. so you gotta tip our hats off to our coaching staff. the pates rots are out. jacolby bursett, jimmy garoppolo both listed as participates. daunte high tower and rob gronkowski both those guys still limited, as well. reporting live outside gillette stadium in foxboro, trey daerr, 7news. all right, coming up next on 7, wha the ball at a baseball game? dropping an engagement ring. see how this played out in the stands. three strikes you're out. we are track a little sun on the way for tomorrow. forecast up next.
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cool and raw, more like early november. a lot of clouds. few pockets of drizzle. tomorrow, i think we can get a little bit of sunshine in here. we saw that happening a few hours ago and continuing to happen as we work up through portions of maine. again, it looks like it's clearing elsewhere but we're just losing the afternoon daylight here. there is dry air up through maine and that is heading southwest and i think that will be a theme that rupees tomorrow. northeast wind, chilly and raw.
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one storm is way out over here and another storm over here back through portions of chicagoland. is well more showers. so for tonight, cloudy, raw, patchy clouds and drizzly. 54 through 59. through the day tomorrow, we start with clouds, maybe a few pockets of drizzle. i do think we'll see some sunshine tomorrow boston upper 50s, close to 60 with a peek or two of sunshine and then when you travel farther north, this is where you'll be in the cloudy air. it will may turn out to be just mostly sunny. raymond at 64, manchester 65. in these locations where you have the most sun you'll find
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out on the cape and islands, maybe a glimpse of sun but mostly cloudy. even though this is closer to us on friday i think we start dry on friday. there may be a couple of showers that work up into new england late in the day on friday, after 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. but more likely friday night and through the day on saturday soft saturday does showers. we will hold on to the showers sneaking into sunday. here's too much but not enough. 2.5 to 5 inches of rain anticipated. it's moving so slowly and hardly anything in the city of boston because of that. couple of sprinkles possible. this is tropical storm matthew. and this is likely to intensify into a hurricane. moving west at about 18 miles
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this will be something that gathers more attention in the national news and of course the seven-day. we'll watch it for you. 7 on 7 forecast, on and off showers through the weekend and likely lingering into early next week. see you at 5:30. >> all right, big papi undercover in boston as a lyft >> the red sox star drove bostonians around the city in a glioseses disguise in the new video put out by the ride sharing service. >> papi, i think i'm supposed to like him? >> who? papi? the papi guy? yeah. that's what everybody says, because i like him because they tell me to like him. >> andcome on. she didn't knows that was him? he dropped a lot of hints to who he was, referencing how much he hates new york. several other stars have done
5:26 pm
o'neal. >> a proposal at yankees stadium turned into a heart-stopping moment. a man pulled out the box to give his girlfriend the big engagement ring and then the ripping falls out. they search for several frantic minutes. inside wait a minute, they're smiling. they found! >> oh, that's great! you're not gon where it was. the ring ended up getting caught in a fold in the woman's pants and after they got it can she did accept his proposal. >> after all that at least she said yes. >> still ahead, zodiacs on shake-up. the constellation creating chaos in the astrology world and nasa now clarifying a recent report. daycare delays that could put your child in danger. hank investigates how state
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god you're with us on this witness. another hour of 7news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> 7news at 5:30 gets started right now. ?rses a priest inrt disturbing allegations he now faces. >> a race to the rescue. a texas woman trapped and passed out inside her car. first responders acting fast to save her life. >> high honor, a young woman making history in the airline industry. >> and what's your sign? a shift in the stars, but don't read too much into it. >> footle breaking news first here at 5:30, a vermont man who spent several days at sea in a life raft says he did not harm


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