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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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campaigning of the byron barnett is live in new york city with the latest on clinton's campaign while steve cooper is in new hampshire covering president obama's visit. dan hausle will join us live in new york city from trump headquarters while jonathan hall is covering trump's new hampshire visit tonight. let's begin with byron barnett live in new york city with the latest on the clinton campaign. >> reporter: here at the its center in new york city the clinton campaign is working hard to set up election night headquarters where they hope she will be give a victory speech. in the meantime clinton made one last final the important battle ground states. hilary clinton in 39burg making her closing argument to voters who watched what many are calling one of the most fiercely fought residential campaigns in history. on eave of the election clinton toll everyone to get to the polls. i'm here to ask you to vote for yourselves. vote for your families, vote for your futures. vote on the issues that matter to you because they are on the
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opponent's name. >> reporter: in north carolina bill clinton telling voters his wife has shown she deserves to be their commander in chief. i think hillary has proved by enduring what she has endured that she is strong enough to be president. >> reporter: in her time campaign swing, clinton is hitting the battleground states of pennsylvania, north carolina and michigan where polls have tightened in recent days. clinton trying to convince voters shy on the side working people, spoke it a coal miner at the pittsburgh rally. i know how hard times are and as i have said and you can take it to the bank i will not forget you and i will do everything i can to help people who have given so much, worked so hard throughout their lives for generations to build this country. we are not going to forget any american.
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attend a get out the vote rally in philadelphia with two of her biggest surrogates, the president and michelle obama. that's the story live from new york city, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: meanwhile donald trump is spending the final day on the campaign trail. he started the day in florida and just wrapped up a israeli in north carolina later tonight she will be in new hampshire so clearly a busy one. let's go out live to 7's dan hausle to new york city where donald trump will watch the votes come in tomorrow night. dan? gathering will be here in midtown manhattan my or six blocks away from trump tower. some wondering why he is not holding the event there. signs of increased secure, parking restrictions while coming up and also a lot of barricades popping up getting ready for tomorrow's event that trump campaigns hope will be a victory celebration. get out and vote. get out and vote. who already voted?
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>> reporter: donald trump at his first rally of the day in sarasota, florida telling voters he has done his work, now it's up to them. trump has been barn storming state after state the past few days. this morning cooing at babies and joking about hats in the crowd. trump isn't smiling about the f.b.i. announcement that new e-mails won't produce charges against hilary clinton. he gets in, it's a disaster. she is to the going to got in, folks. dent see it. i will tell you. i don't see campaign is raising some eyebrows with stops in states that some considered locked up for hillary like michigan and even minnesota where running mate mike pence showed confidence and no regrets. p i joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits. who never backs down. he is a fighter, he is a winner, we're going to run through the
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election day tomorrow. >> reporter: trump is in north carolina on the way to pennsylvania then to new hampshire to end his night, but it doesn't stop there. he has five stops tomorrow, repeat stops in north carolina, pennsylvania and once again new hampshire. an indication of just how important the trump campaign considers those three states. live in new york city, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: and hillary clinton is bringing in a heavy hit tore campaign for her in the granite state hour, president obama will stump for the democratic candidate at the university of new hampshire. so 7's steve cooper has the story for us from durham. >> reporter: it's been a whirlwind day across the granite state for hillary clinton supporters while she is not here in the granite state, the president of the united states is and he is speaking on her behalf. the lines were long and kept getting loner here on the unh campus in durham where hilary clinton supporters were out in
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aware that the race for the white house is turning into a sprint to the finish line. i think it's close. i think hillary will take it. >> reporter: with heavy security in place, thousands came to campus to hear from clinton's commander in chief supporters, the president of the united states. what made you want to come out and see the president? i'm interested. i like him. good president. even with a handful of protestors anxious to be heard, into the whitmore center for this get out the vote rally well aware that the state's four electoral votes could decide the election. i'm kind of half excited and half worried. i do think hillary will ultimately prevail and win but i think it will be a close race. it's very important to everyone to take part in this to participate and to work together and to move on and solve some of our problems. >> anchor: clinton supporters say they are as confident as
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hampshire, but they say she is going to win the presidency. from durham, new hampshire, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: throughout his campaign donald trump has focused a lot on new hampshire and the day before the vote is no exception. let's head out to jonathan hall live in manchester where trump is expected to hold a rally there tonight. right you are, ryan. the israeli expected at 8:00 tonight. people gathering here already. you know, new hampshire only has four electoral votes but most of the polls are showing this is very much in play and so donald trump is making one of his last pitches here in the granite state. with donald trump due to arrive shortly, there is mounting excitement here at the southern new hampshire university arena. people are lining up hoping for a position close to the stage. i am pretty gassed to see trump, you know, she going to make a lot of changes to the country. i mean, a lot of people have a lot of messed up views on him
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incorrect. >> reporter: it's a colorful scene out front with a boat and a bus decked out for trump. i think he is like one of the only options to end all of the corruption in washington and make america great again. >> reporter: trump team is working the phones, i counted about 14 in this room, leaders say they have thousands of volunteers working to get out the vote statewide. hire at trump headquarters they are calling in the calvary from near and far. this car has the stop hillary sign and plates from the state of ohio. some other volunteers drove up connecticut may be a lost cause. i have already voted in absentia and so i was planning on coming up here to do some good where i think we can make a difference. >> reporter: their candidate tells it like it is. >> reporter: hilary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: team trump wants to as well. >> reporter: i am all in for trough. send him a little bit of cash.
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one and i am going for him all the way. i love that he is a businessman. i am into business. think the country would do well run as a business. >> reporter: the trump team said they have been working hard. in fact they insist they made 1.8 million door knocks in this state over the past few months. live in manchester, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news has you covered in the race for the white house. election coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. 7 news and nbc will bring you latest throughout the my. be sure to check out our live reports from headquarters. byron barnett, dan hausle will have updates throughout the day. a quick scheduling mote for tonight on 7. there will be a special one hour edition of "nightly news" starting at 6:30 then 7 news at 7 will air at 7:30. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the forecast and a chilly day today here in the city of boston but some sun peeking through. love that live shot. you can see the sun refleeing off some fall colors. that shot, to it looks like you will have no excuse to get out to the polls tomorrow and it's
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to get out and vote. let's check in with jeremy reiner and see what he says. >> reporter: lots of sunshine, boston at 44, bedford at 47. nashua 49 and again high pressure is with us. getting closer to new england and once that happens, that chilly northeast wind on the south shore, south coast and cape will begin to subside. this high pressure there is a some off here. swirling about. so that low and high pressure setting up that northeast wind but otherwise huge area of high pressure with us right now an now once you get west of that high pressure the temperatures really warm up only in the 40's in new england but detroit at 65 cincinnati at 68, not quite that warm tomorrow but warmer than today. mostly clear tonight, chilly, temperatures between 27 and 38. the morning commute features lots of sunshine once it's up, clear skies before that. temperatures at 6:00 a.m. 31, 9:00 a.m. upper 40's and temperatures are going to take off for election day. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> anchor: new here at 4:00 the
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everett called to court today. keith herring was arrested this morning. the 27-year-old is charged with murder, armed robbery, carjacking and illegally owning a gun. herring is accused of shooting and kick a 21-year-old stone ham man in everett yesterday. it happened just after 2:00 in the afternoon after police say the suspect carjacked and robbed the victim. >> anchor: more news here today. a 5.0 earthquake shook central oklahoma last night damaging more than 40 buildings. an assisted living facility was power outages that lasted several hours. fortunately last night until today we only had one injury. it was a walk in to the public safety center and we were able to help him and then get him to the hospital. that's the only injury we had during this event.. >> reporter: so officials say this is the largest earthquake they had but they say the america see responders were well-prepared. >> anchor: new details on a murder investigation in south carolina. suspected serial killer says he will represent himself in court.
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with an attorney. he admitted to killing four people back in 2003 and now two bodies have been found on his property. so he bill a suspect in at least 7 deaths after a woman was found chained it a storage container on his property last week. and the body of the woman's boyfriend found friday and koelhalepp showed officers where he said two more bodies were buried. authorities are serving other properties he owns and places he uso >> anchor: the charleston church shooting trial has been postponed for a few days. the judge stopping jury selection saying a motion from accused killer dylan roof's defense team required immediate attention. the motion will be closed to the public. roof faces 33 federal charges and could be sentenced to death. the 22-year-old is accused of shooting and killing nine african-american church goers during a bible study last year. three people were also injured in that attack. jury selection is expected to resume on wednesday. >> anchor: and right here ahead
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mourn the loss of former attorney general janet reno 13 what went several people to the hospital at a school in roxbury. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00 a car plugs into the water right there in cambridge. how the driver managed to get out alive. that's all coming up right here on 7 news. stays with us, everyone. on this monday, we'll be right back.
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>> anchor: today the country remembering political ground breaker janet reason reno was not only a follower united states attorney general but also the first woman to hold that position. >> anchor: reno died this morning after a long battle with parkson's disease. jennifer egan has a luck back at her amazing career. former attorney general janet reno's long legal career included some very important firsts. she was the first woman to serve as florida state attorney in miami and the first woman ever to general. appointed by bill clinton in 1993, reno's white house tenure was marked by several high profile prosecutions. she oversaw the convictions of domestic terrorist ted kaczynski also known as the unabomber as well as timothy mcveigh and terry nichols for their role in the oklahoma city bombing. reno's time in the clinton administration was also bookened with two major controversies. the 1993 waco, texas standoff
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more than 80 member of david koresh's branch davidian sect and the armed raid that led to the forceable removal of young cuban immigrants elian gonzalez ending with gonzalez's return to cuba. after leaving the white house, reno ran for governor in from in 2002. narrowly losing in the democratic primary. reno's family said she passed away after a 20 year battle with parkson's disease. she was 78 years old. if the news room, general 7 news. >> anchor: bri eggers goes up against a local olympian and a sneaker challenge and of course we'll ask you who did it better? >> reporter: looking forward to that and weather tomorrow outstanding. the forecast is up next. >> anchor: coming up called to court. the driver accused of hitting a dragging and police officer faces a judge for the first tim. >> anchor: ahead at five:00 a big decision in the hands of voters. who will be our next president? we'll continue our live reports from new york city and from new hampshire.
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in fantastic today and gorgeous tomorrow for election day. go rock that vote. lots of sunshine of we have showers coming at us wednesday afternoon and the next several dis. temperatures are going to bounce up and down. today dunn and then tomorrow up into the upper 50's and low 60's. could make the case down through the south shore and cape that it wasn't that fantastic today. we had a lot of clouds clouds and cool northeast wind. i would grant you that opinion. yes, correct. hyannis at 46. bedford 47. boston 44 with a sea breeze. fitchburg at 51. so middle and upper 40's. normal high about 54 so certainly cooler than normal with high pressure off to our west. now once the area of high pressure gets closer to us and then we'll shift east of new
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into new england and as we look off to our west and south, look at the milder air detroit at 65. cincinnati 68. nashville at 76. not quite that warm. you can still look at that temperature. but it won't reach the 70's tomorrow. you but i do think we'll make a nice run into the upper 50's and low 60's by tomorrow afternoon. got to get through another chilly night tonight. most he clear, wide range in temperature. winds again out of the north and northeast will begin to simmer down as we work toward midnight tonight and after. 27 to 20's and low 30's. for tomorrow, sunny skies, mild, 57 to 62. the southwesterly breeze developing through the day. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. lots of sun, chilly, 32, noon mostly sunny skies, mid 50's and by 6:00 p.m. a few clouds showing up, upper 40's. these will be temperatures at 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. plymouth at 60 degrees. lakeville 59. north of town in the merrimack,
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60. worcester hills upper 50's low 60's. monadknock region mid and upper 50's. out on to the cape and islands mashpee at 59. edgartown 57. chatham at 57. so there you go. that's tomorrow. now wednesday a lot of clouds out here and there could be a few showers. this little guy over here you should put him over there. you should be on wednesday afternoon with showers on wednesday afternoon and a little cooler as well but seasonable with temperature on wednesday in the mid 50's. those showers webs from this cool front right he w here on with morning clouds, sun in the afternoon near 50, friday upper 50's and then another cold front comes at us friday night and luck at saturday. that's a blustery, chilly day with high temperatures on saturday only in the mid 40's. see you at 4:30. >> anchor: we'll see you then. let's get a check of the friday drive home. >> reporter: we begin flying high above the lower half of 128 in randolph right as you
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further further back on the southbound side you will be scammed from route 20 with the mass pike then again from route 9 dunn to route 1 in dedham. northbound side is of moving well. jammed in both directions on the leverett connect on the zakim bridge you are moving well on the northbound side further up you will be heavy from asell believe square up past spot pond. southbound side is also moving well although you will be a little slow as you approach the tunnel. over on the expressway south moving okay as you approach neponset circle before that you will be on the bricks right out of the o'neill tunnel down past e then back in it from granite avenue dunn to the braintree split. the northbound side is also moving well. you will be a bit heavy from east milton square up to neponset wish . we'll check drive times on the expressway this afternoon from the o'neill tunnel to the braintree split a 28 minute drive. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> anchor: it's monday and that means it's time for who it better. >> anchor: today bri eggers is going up against a local olympian who inspired the world with her sportmanship. be sure to pay attention. you get to decide who did it better.
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hurt during her first race in rio but today olympian abbie tagstein oh is going tore gold in our sneaker show down the challenge. see how fast we can complete pat of the sneaker asellably process at the new balance global flagship store in brighton. have you ever done this before? >> reporter: witnessed it being done but every done it our expert explained the process. you have to condition it a little bit. take off my bowling shoes we outlined the bottom, presumed it then paint on rubber cement are you ready? let's do it. three, two, one, go. make your shoe. get it on there. you are supposed to push that button a few times is what they said. put it on your black. use your horn. beep, beep. you are doing a good job. >> reporter: you missed a spot.
4:25 pm
don't touch this with your bare hands. am i conin. >> reporter: can the it steam it, make sure everything is in there. got to use the shoe horn. now we draw. i will name this one the air breezy. am i doing this right? you gave her a lot more help. i feel like i'm dripping glue everywhere. having a hard time breathing here. this is taking way too long. i think that's it. first s the pieces set we had 15 seconds to put them to the. so first looks good. good, good, how tricky was this? it does stick white quite a bit. in the end i completed the timed part of the process in four minutes and six seconds with only a little bit of the rubber cement showing on the sneaker. abbie sprinted through the challenge in just three minutes
4:26 pm
amount of cement may have stuck her shoe on the sidelines. well-done. it didn't but will see because you get to decide who did it better so mick sure to head over to and vote. >> anchor: see, so this is something you can vote for and feel good about it either way. >> anchor: for sure. >> anchor: as we come upon election day. so as bri said it's up to you to your vote here. you can do that on our web site right new and we have those results coming up for you tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. next on 7 news, a smelly situation at a school. what sent a handful of people to the hospital in roxbury. >> anchor: a fire breaking out in connecticut. cars scorched as well as a home and now it's being investigated as an arson. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00, we're just one day away from decision day as both candidates make their final push on the campaign
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>> anchor: first here at 4:30, election count down. we are just one i did away from election day. hillary clinton and donald trump try to get those last minute votes making that big final push.
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their eye on new hampshire. >> anchor: donald trump is headed back there today while hilary clinton is sending president obama to the granite state. so we have a lot on the line for this election season right now. we have more team coverage coming up for you in just a little bit. for now, new hampshire is all of a sudden becoming a focus in this election. this is why. all right. we'll have a little technical problem there. not a big deal. we'll move on now to talk more about what's going on in, well, here is hillary clinton. we're moving on right now. we're not voting for candidate this election day. five states including massachusetts and maine will


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