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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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protests. we are now seeing another one today. these are a lot of young people but we've seen people from all different age groups and back grounds basically angry over the election on tuesday night. you can see this young woman here with a sign free hugs. they have been chanting pro hillary slogans we saw on the campaign trail. stronger together, love trumps had. ma a at this hour you can see someone in the middle of the crowd here talking to the crowd and then the crowd yells whatever that person has said back. so a large protest, anti-trump protest underway here on the common. i can't el what he saying right now but you can see they are angry over this result them have a lot of signs out.
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is upside-down as you can see. but this has been going on for the last hour or so and continues here on the boston common. we're here, we are monitoring it for you and we'll have more coming up throughout the net few hours of 7 news. live on the boston common, i'm alex deprato, 7 news. >> anchor: it was another night of protests across the country. as you can see things took a dramatic turn in oregon as protestors started throwing car windows. police say in all they arrested nearly 30 people. 7's kimberly bookman has more. another night of protests of what does not seem like united state. tens of thousands spill into the streets of at least 25 cities. out west in portland, oregon police declared the demonstration a riot as protestors smashed business windows and car wind shields. this man sitting in his car says he felt under attack.
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beating on my window, spitting us. one of them slashed my front, passenger tire and tried to break window. >> anchor: some spray paints dump trough. others chantingly renext the president elect. you are sit there lighting trash cans on fire vandalizing everything you can because you are pissed off because your candidate different win. that's just stupid. it needs to end. >> anchor: donald trump tweeting just had an open and succes and now professional protestors incited by media are protesting. very unfair. this morning, truffle changed histone with another tweet. love the fact small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: this afternoon we are learning more about donald trump's transition team. vice president elect mike pence will take the lead. brian mooar has details.
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team including some of the future first family, me of congress and campaign loyalists like former new york mayor rudy guiliani. i can see already how he is going to be a great president and i am glad i could play a small role. >> reporter: it's the first in the first of some twitter announcement by donald trump. we are together going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: the candidate who ran against washington's elite is looking to them for help. g.o.p. chair breitbus is on the short list to be chief of staff, the president's gatekeeper. it should be someone that can speak candidly to the president. speak truth to power. >> reporter: how representative will this new administration be. there is a lot of great women out there in the same can be said with hispanic, muslim, he is going to have a diverse cabinet. >> anchor: it appears fortunes are already rising and falling in the new administration. new jersey governor chris
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transition team but has been bumped down. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> anchor: stay with 7 news for the latest on trump's transition into the white house. we'll have coverage on air, on-line and of course mobile apps. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather. it's been a windy start to the weekend. meteorologist bri eggers is here with a look at the wind advisories now in place. we do still have that wind advisory in effect and that is through 1:00 a.m. for much of southern new england and even stretching up through southern new hampshire. seacoast of new hampshire and sorn in out of the northwest, sustained winds 10 to 25 miles per hour so maybe breezy from time to time but every once in a while a stronger gust comes along and reminds you that the chilly air is coming along with that strong wind. so wind gusts right now between about 25 to 35 miles per hour and that would be below advisory criteria. however, occasionally you will get one of those stronger gusts getting between 45 to 50 miles per hour so again wind advisory
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overnight tonight. now really the biggie story behind wind will be cooler temperatures being ushered in. we did hit a high of 60 degrees today. look where we sit right now. 48 as those temperatures continue to plummet. this is a chilly shot of air that's moving in to kick off the weekend but the good news is it doesn't stick around too long and by the time we hit sunday, we're warming things up once again. we'll talk about our next chance for rain coming up in your extended forecast. >> anchor: we are following more news here today of a car crashes into a au happened at jimmy's famous beef and seafood around noon. the car broke the glass and the front of the store and almost hit a customer no. word on what caused the driver to swerve off the road and crash in that building. just had a bunch of people in here and all of a sudden we heard heard a loud bank sounded like an explosion. the ladies outside of the building, thank god nobody got hurt. i was shake, i couldn't stop saying. i called the police and they all showed up and made sure everybody was okay. >> anchor: snow injuries
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were pretty shaken up. >> anchor: a train carrying hazardous material derails in minnesota. the train car settled in a zig-zag pattern across the tracks. you can see it there. at left one car was carrying propane so hazardous materials team was called in. people within a one mile radius were asked to evacuate as a precaution. one resident described hearing the doe railment. we heard like something like screech, like something breaking but since the thank goes by so close and we hear times a night, we think nothing of it until the railing safety arms just stayed down. they wouldn't come back up. >> anchor: at this point there is no word on what caused the train to derail. >> anchor: happening today president obama participated natural ceremonial lane of the wreath at arlington national cement to mark veteran's day. the ceremony honors and thanks all who served in the united states armed forces at that ceremony president obama commented on some of the america's reactions to the outcome of this year's
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we can pay it forward, we can volunteer, we can serve, we can respect one another. we can always get each other's backs. that is what veterans day asks all of us to think about. >> anchor: this is president obama's last veteran's day ceremony as president. >> anchor: here in massachusetts there were several events paying tribute to veterans and military families including a ceremony at the statehouse and a parade through boston. 7's jonathan hall is live in boston with more. >> reporter: amaka, on a blustery, cold day here in south boston, gold star families came to this spot to listen to the governor and to other military leaders to speakers, to pay tribute to massachusetts fallen heros. this is their memorial. it's ray time to stop and
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veterans, this is your day. happy veteran's day. at the statehouse governor baker wiped away tears as he thought of parents who send their kids off to the military and of those who never come back. baker says we must all send a message. one way or another we will be there for them. >> reporter: one of the last surviving members of the cleary airmen, an all black fighter group remembered be 17-year-old kid from roxbury taking a train to basic training in 1944 to fight hit weather. we were all young, remember the my but ease from southie, door we were all on a train going to save the world. >> anchor: a seaport ceremony honoring massachusetts fallen heros from the wars in
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families placed roses in honor of their loved ones, sara orlando remembered her brother, peter, been 14 years now. he is here, his marine corp brothers told me today he is standing up there watching down, smiling no matter what. >> anchor: there are 3 6,000 veterans living in massachusetts. 22 million nationwide, if you get a chance if you see one in uniform stop and say thanks. live in hall, 7 news. >> anchor: turning now to this west coast's big super bowl rematch the patriots are getting ready it take on the sea hawks. the both squared off in the super bowl. this season both patriots and sea hawks are considered two of the best teams in the league so fans expecting a great game. chelsea mcdonald live at gillette stadium with a preview of this very important match up. chelsea? >> reporter: well, coach bill belichick didn't confirm if dion lewis would be active for sunday
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when i asked how lewis could affect this already versatile offense, belichick said that he doesn't know, we have to wait and see. despite reports of patriots running back dion lewis making his season debut against seattle sunday, coach bill belichick said his status hasn't changed. deion is working hard. this is what he needs to be around football, you know, rehab in and running up hills, and doing push ups, and all of th. playing fbi. he has a lot of good football snaps over the last for however many days it's been. it's good. >> reporter: if lewis is activated he could add another dim helps to an already potent offense. the patriots have the sixth highest scoring offense with three quarterbacks who haven't thrown an interception and the sea hawks are allowing an average 139 rushing yards over the last three games.
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turnovers for us. i know they preach that a lot, coach has talked to us a lot about coach carol's philosophy and saying it's all about the ball, it's all about the ball. >> reporter: the sea hawks defense has a lot of play makers who have been dominant in the road road this season, allowing just 13 points per game. you have to be ready for anything. all of the man coverage they cover, every single one of theirs place. they are not scared them will have everyone on anyone at any time. >> anchor: patriots will lo nine games without an interception. that record was set by cleveland in 1916. reporting live, chelsea macdonald, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 is your home for the pats super bowl rematch here on sunday. we get things started with 7 on the sidelines that starts at 6:30 followed by kickoff at 8:30 p.m. >> anchor: i cannot wait for the game on sunday. >> anchor: it will be fun. >> anchor: there is much more to come here on 7 news. a wild rescue as crews rush to gave two bawled eagles trapped
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>> anchor: a special tribute it a local veteran as he celebrates his 100th birthday. >> anchor: at 4:30 a car on a crash course right if a dentist chair and the whole thing is caught on camera. >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00, a tragic discovery in particularly where o.police trying to figure out how an infant died here on 7 news. >> reporter: monday. >> reporter: pats on the field on gillette but can running back james white keep up with me in a cranberry bog. you are slowing down! i think i >> reporter: you would say that. let's see who can collect ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans
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is. >> anchor: two eagles making a great escape after both were trapped in a drain cover. experts say this all started with a fight over territory. >> anchor: it ended with both birth there in a very tight spot. s way startling site two. symbols of stuck in a florida storm drain. roads were shut down during rush hour as crews work to rescue them. at first, some thought the eagle on top was protecting the other one, but experts say that's not even close to what happened. they say it is nesting season and they think the eagles got into a fight when within of them got into the other bird's territory. they can to just fight them get into a territory fight. they lock and they fall and they hang on for dear life.
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guilty away but that left the other eagle who then fell into the storm drain. crews had to work hard to pull that symbol of freedom out of the drain and everyone cheered. once it was free, rescuers covered the bird with a blanket and put it in a becomes so it could be transported. that eagle still needs to be checked out for injuries but it's likely the eagle will have puncture wounds from that night that happened right before. >> anchor: coming up here on 7 news at 4:00, a local veteran turns 100 years old and celebrates >> reporter: winds keep on kicking into the overnight hours and usher in some chillier air to kick off the weekend. we'll get to that forecast coming up next. >> anchor: at 4:30 a deer making a dangerous leap as it smashes right through a store window. >> anchor: ahead here at 5:00, are you up to the challenge? the first lady and nba champs try their hand at the viral
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>> anchor: the sun is sitting here in the city of boston. earlier today it was mild out there. windy but it is starting to get chilly out there for sure now. >> anchor: chilly and still a little windy and a lot of people are getting an early start to the weekend with veteran's day. bri, what can we expect for the weekend? >> anchor: an early start to the night too. i want to hold on to the sunshine for dear life and keep it around with us. it is getting earlier and into the overnight hours and then still a touch of breezy into tomorrow as well but i think tomorrow the big headline will really be the chillier temperature that are being ushered in although it gets mild again as woe get into sunday. so it sort of is a cold blast of air that moves in for just one of the two weekend days. there is your good news here. wind gust today have been getting between 40, not quite up to 50 miles per hour so in most areas we have been just below
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wind advisory is still posted and remains in effect until 1:00 a.m. for the potential for those gusts to get up between 45 and 50 miles per hour. but it is certainly breezy, even windy from time to time out there so hold on to your hats and that blasting wind coming out of the northwest is ushering in this, that chilly blast of air that's moving in for us so, yes, earlier today it was quite mild, even into the mid 60's for new bedford. we made it up to 65 for a high. 60 in boston but look dramatically our temperatures have changed just within the last few hours. we're into the mid 40's, 48 right now in boston, 49 in norwood and it just keeps getting colder into the overnight hours, even despite the wind. typically have you wind with us into the hours and temperatures can't drop very low, but it is a very cold air mass that's moving in for us and so 27 to 34 looks to be our overnight lows into very early tomorrow morning if you are an early riser on saturday perhaps for that
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around freezing or just below, especially into the interior. tomorrow it is mostly sunny, but the sunshine just there for some moral support. 45 to 51 is about the best we can do for our highs tomorrow afternoon. so a far cry from what we enjoyed today but then it's back up there into sunday and monday. we're just going to continue this up and down trend with our temperatures as woe head through the next few days. perhaps you are headed to gillette on sunday, fantastic forecast for us it look will be cool but we do stay dry and we get bright moon in the sky for us as well. 47 at kick off. keeping things dry, not just for the weekend, but even into the beginning of next week and then things get a little tricky with the forecast models. one long range forecast says, yes, we're going to get very beneficial rainfall come late tuesday, another forecast model says we'll probably keep things dry. so we'll continue to keep an eye on it but for now, i will keep the raindrops in the forecast and go with the euro here, late
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we'll keep an eye on it and we'll keep you posted so stay tuned. >> anchor: thanks so much, bri. let's get a check of the friday drive home. here is matt fitzgerald. >> reporter: moving well pretty much everywhere. we'll begin not of town on leverett connector moving well in both directions over on the zakim bridge also moving well on the northbound side you will hit the brakes further up by route 16 in medford then okay after that. the southbound side is all career from assembly square right into the southbound o'neill route 1 north moving well through saugus this afternoon, further back you will be scammed from before sergeant street up past lynn street in revere then okay after that. the southbound side of route 1 moves well through saugus across the tobin bridge and into downtown boston. even the expressway south moving well, coming off the of the tunnel, further south bay then squantum street to the split on the northbound side heavy as you approach the tunnel further back jammed from the split to neponset circle. let's look at the drive times from the o'neill tunnel to the braintree split a 20 minute
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16 minutes and from the split to the o'neill tunnel 23 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> anchor: a local veteran celebrated an extra special birthday this veteran's day. >> anchor: earnest plan who fought in world war two turned 100 years old today. he flew with the royal canadian air force and move to the u.s. back in 1945. when asked how landry felt about being a century old he had quite the response. are you ready to go another? another 100. . look great. i feel good. oh yeah i feel very good. >> reporter: looks great there. landry said he is proud to have served his coneand plans to live life to the fullest to 200 years old. >> anchor: good sense of humor about that. next year here at 4:00 a popular food delivery company making its opinions known. the ceo's message for trump supporters after the election. >> anchor: a terrifying story out of tennessee when a decapitated snake actually bits a hiker.
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commissioner roger goodell getting political. why he says president-elect trump's comments about women could hurt the league. >> anchor: for the first time we're getting a look at what police saw in the aftermath of
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shooting in orlando. >> anchor: we're hearing from a woman who found cher self-seinterest a wild police chase that started in connecticut and ended in a massachusetts. police say the chase that end across state lines began when a couple stole two cars. >> anchor: two women were tacked as they tried to make a get away. 7's nicole oliverio spoke with one of the women about what happened. i have nine staples here. barbie mccoy showing off stab wounds she suffered while being carjacked. he swung the door open and i don't remember him saying anything, i just remember him coming at me so instinctively i create a distance, you turned and threw my phone because i had it in my hand, hit him in the face and that's when the knife came out. >> reporter: mccoy, a sixth degree black belt said she immediately fought back. i just kicked him low, kicked him in the chest, kicked him in the face. it was working and he fell then
4:29 pm
hit the car but that rearranged me. he went in, grabbed the steering wheel and turned it toward the guardrail and then threw me out of the car. i stintively i did i a back break fall and shoulder roll then i sat there because i was in shock and then i realized my mom was still in the car and' like get out of the car. connecticut state police put out a bolo and within minutes troopers sported the two suspects and began chase. part of the pursuit caught on p all came it a crashing end when the driverened up in a worcester cul-de-sac smashing into a car parked in this family's driveway. suspects christopher harding and his female passenger both arrested. mccoy now recovering from three stab wounds, her mother needing surgery for hers. mccoy now recovering from three stab wounds, she knows how extremely lucky she is to be telling her story. >> anchor: remember your internal strength. remember who loves you and don't
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allegedly ran into was still in this family's driveway. as for mccoy, she says she will be okay. her mother has to undergo surgery for stab wounds to her arm, the suspects will be in court on monday. in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: breaking news right now happening in lynn. we have a brush fire going on right now. you can see the massive flames here over taking this area in lynn. this is we're told near ridge street you can see on sky 7 pulls out that it's a good sized area that is burning right homes nearby, no word if they are threatened by this but you can see here as sky 7 zooms out it's a large area where the brush fire continues to burn at this hour. we do have crews on the way as we zoom around here we'll be be able to show you flames burning here and of the smoke that's overtaking the area from. these pictures we don't see any homes but we are told there are some nearby and look at these flames rage through this brush fire here over taking the area as we know a very windy day out there and so this is the concern that when the winds pug up like


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