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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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action. a sailboat gets stranded. >> anchor: and a super bowl rematch. the pats are ready for a showdown with the seahawks. >> anchor: first at 11, breaking news in boston. police are investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester. this all happening on aims street. detectives say this is just the beginning of a very violent night. >> anchor: and police responding to two separate en street. we're live with the breaking details. kelly? >> reporter: this going down just after sunset tonight. the violence isn't related but left people on edge and one man dead. blue lights lined the street after gunfire erupts just before 5:00. investigators say two men were
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people in the area say this is an area no stranger to violence and they're scared. >> it is because the place and it is not so good. >> we live here and it is family members that live around here and we are concerned. >> and then an hour later another man was shot outside of the community center. it broke out outside of the toddler's birthday party. that man was hurt but seriously, police say. people inside say shooting had nothing to do with it. boston police report a woman was stabbed in the stomach but is expected to be okay. so the two different shootings and stabbings happened around supper time but anyone with information asked to call
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>> anchor: now to the latest on donald trump's win. president?elect trump getting down to business on his transition to the white house. one of the top talking points has been obamacare and now he's saying that he's going to change his tune. >> anchor: all this as demonstrators continue to protest the results of the election. the night team's john cocoa in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: many remain focused on his transition and appears to be softening >> black lives matter! >> anchor: protesters once again hitting the streets. in new york, thousands marched to trump tower. >> we protect the president?elect! >> they're trying to send a message to president?elect donald trump. >> we're coming to say america has a stronger voice against the racism and sexism and anti?immigrant mentality that donald trump's campaign lifted itself on. >> since trump claimed the
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morning, thousands turned out to protest in cities across the country. hundreds have been arrested and one protester is shot in oregon on friday. though most of the protests have been peaceful. >> i came out in hopes that the country will unify for peace. but most importantly for women, for my daughter. >> reporter: inside trump tower the president continues to put together the transition team and the framework for his administration. >> now it's a matter of who is feels can do the job. >> he appears willing to shift campaign promises after trying to win votes to trying to win the support of the divided nation. in the interview airing sunday night, he told 60 minutes there are parts he'd like to keep entact. >> will you allow people with preexisting conditions? >> yes because it's a strong asset and also children living with parents for an extended
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>> reporter: likely contributing to the unrest around the nation, the fact hillary clinton who lost the election in the electoral college has a lead in the popular vote of more than half a million votes and growing. in the newsroom, john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> anchor: and while donald trump is trying to win over critics, there are other key concerns on his agenda. during his campaign, donald trump vowed to eliminate isis. many humanitarians in the middle east say the islamic state will use defend themselves including war crimes. >> i think we need to take the risk of chemical weapons as a very real and serious risk. >> anchor: critics say donald trump will have to consider a strong strategy if he wants to continue the fight in the middle east. stay with 7 news for the latest on trump's transition to the white house. we'll have coverage on air, online and on the mobile app.
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gearing up for a super bowl rematch. the head?to?head match up and we all remember the last time the two teams met up. that was superbowl 49 and we know how that one ended. >> and now the pats could get a good boost on offense. chelsea mcdonald is here to get you ready for game day. >> the patriots are well positioned to start the second half of the season but haven't faced an opponent quite like seattle as both are in solid position to chase another quarterback russell wilson turned in one of the best performances against the bills, bill belichick knows wilson will do whatever it takes to win. >> when you watch him play he makes good decision after good decision after good decision and that is really what you want a quarterback to do. >> it sounds like bill belichick is describing his all?world quarterback tom brady but he's not. instead the coach gushing about seattle's russel wilson and the fifth year quarterback deserves every bit of that praise.
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being able to see it and get rid of it and whether on the move or in the pocket. >> yes, wilson does have one fetal turnover but that doesn't hamper the opinion of the 27?year?old signal caller. >> he makes great decisions and is all the respect in the world for a tremendous person. >> brady has done it for 17. since returning done everything right. 12 touchdowns, zero picks and most importantly 4 picks and no losses and tell take awhile to beat the sea hawks on sunday night. >> no voids in zones or in the running game. i think they're there very aggressively. the coach says if you love football night sunday night is a great place for it.
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brady in the running field. chelsea mcdonald, 7 news night team. >> anchor: and 7 is your home for the pats superbowl rematch. tomorrow night we get things started with 7 on the sidelines. that starts at 6:30 followed by kickoff, of course, at 8:30 right here on channel 7. >> and it is a cool and crisp november night. bri eggers is standing by with the foreca can expect for a football game in the middle of november here in new england. the forecast tailgating and when the sun goes down get temperatures in the low 50s and then at kickoff 8:40 and 45? and it's cool and calm with the full moon for tomorrow night and best viewing tomorrow night, the super moon or the full beaver moon and this is the brightest and biggest the
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also have an effect on some coastal concerns and get to more details in the extended forecast to come in a few minutes. >> anchor: following more news tonight. police say the man who was found with a gunshot wound in easton has died. the victim was found in the woods by 2 young children on tuesday. the man had to be air lifted to the hospital condition. police say that man died last night and they're investigating as a suspicious death. >> and the car in dorchester going up in flames. this is the scene on arbmont street and it is completely engulfed in flames and unclear how it caught fire. >> and the raging fire forcing dozens of people from their homes tonight. fire fighters say it all began in the multifamily home on pleasant street and was started by a fire in the attic. now everyone in the building
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and child who live next door had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the alarms did not go off. >> and animal control officers are investigating several cases involving sick foxes. they have responded to 13 calls since late september alone. >> they've either been sickly or deceased when we actually get to them so we generally get and it could be relationships and it could be distemper but the differences with both of them but we're asking the symptoms might be the same and ask to be treatsed as if rabies at this point and ask to look into it. >> they ask you call your local wild5 officials if there are issues. >> anchor: and making a call for help on the boston harbor. hear from coast guard members that dove in.
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potential coastal imentpacts with the storm system that's ?? impacts with the storm system that's moving in.
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repmented >> anchor: a sailing scare leaving 2 boaters stranded. >> anchor: that's when the coast guard dropped in to save the day. a dramatic rescue. this video from the helicopter after twoemen on the sail boat ran into the rocky sand bar near levels island in boston harbor. >> it could have gotten bad very quickly. >> the two men radioed for help and when the coast guard arrived they hoped the tide
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but as nightfall came, the situation was quickly becoming unsafe. >> you could hear they were strained in their voice. it wasn't a good position to be in. at points they were keeled over at 45? and just pummeled by the waves. >> winds blowing approximately 20?25 knots out of the northwest. seas 1?2 feet and water temperature 54? and provides the possibility of hypothermia. >> the member of the coast guard dropped into the harbor and evacuating boat and onto the life raft before leading them to shore. the coast guard said they're lucky the boat didn't capsize and boaters weren't thrown into the water. >> they were very fortunate. consult the local marine forecast and have the idea of what you're getting yourself into before you head out there. >> the coast guard said the rescue lasted more than 6 hours before the men could get off the sail boat. >> reporter: coming up in the forecast, talking about the super moon as well as king
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>> a bit of a chilly day with highs in the afternoon not climbing out of the 40s and currently temperatures in the 30s to low 40s and 33 in boston and bit of a breeze still throughout today and even through the night tonight. in worcester and boston as well as provincetown and the cape islands as well. that breeze will make the real feel of the temperatures feel like the upper 20s for worcester. it feels like 36 in boston. it is all about exposed skin and as long as you have that covered up should not be too bad for you. the breeze from the north will keep temperatures from dropping
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very chilly levels that they did last night and early this morning. with the clouds moving in from 34 to 40? for the overnight lows with the breeze sticking around and that breeze with us still again into tomorrow. and also have some milder temperatures with 52 to 58 with the clouds moving out for bright sunshine into the afternoon. something else bright in the sky as well is that nothing with us and also watching for the potential storm system. it is a weak one but moved through late tuesday and couples the wind as well as the high astronomical tides due to the full moon and have some coastal flooding and this wave
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afternoon into evening hours and slight chance that some wet weather could linger into early wednesday and talk about the king months and that is to bring that up higher than it would normally be and watch out for high tide on tuesday and to that lesser extent to wednesday as well. for beach coastal flooding and pockets of moderate coastal flooding and keep it with 7 news. pats' forecast couldn't be better for a midnovember game. it is cool, though, with the breeze diminishing as the game goes o. go pats! the look at the 7 on 7 forecast and mild temperatures in there for us especially as we wrap up next week. see mostly sunny skies and temperatures well into the 60s. >> anchor: coming up next in 7 sports, sunday night football
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could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. >> we're less than 24 hours away from the kickoff between patriots and seahawks on sunday
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with a perfect 4?0 record. now he's getting help ahead of the super bowl rematch. running match deon lewis activated from the physically unable to perform list and after practicing all week lewis proving he is ready to roll. he tore his acl and forced to undergo a second surgery in november. he rushed for 2 touchdowns and caught 2 more in 7 games last season. 25 players roster were on the team that beat seattle in superbowl 49. of course gronkowski was one of them and now joining in tandem to make for the highly anticipated match?up. gronk and bennett combine for 7 touchdowns and nearly 900 yards of offense. the seattle defense gave up only one touchdown to the tight end this season so something has to give. the 2 pats mon steser against the seattle monsters up the
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>> i would say there is size for the linebacker and speed, too. they have length, too, and not scared to be physical. so they're super talented and have to bring my a game and in order to get open and they'lljust cover you and be right on you and be prepared and the top linebackers coverage widewise, they're up there. >> the whole team is good you have to go out and match the intensity or make them match your intensity. i'm not for someone else setting the tempo. you set the tempo and raise the bar. >> anchor: patriots and seahawks kick off sunday night right here on 7 nbc. we'll get you ready with the 7 on the sidelines pregame show starting at 6:30. the bruins heading out west continuing the gauntlet of 5 games in 7 days. the b's winning 3 out of 4 and
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after a slow start, the b's heating up in the second period and ryan spooner tips it in front to give a lead. and striking again with brad finding david who rips it into the back of the net and arizona gets it 1 back and makes 2?1 game. same score under 10 seconds left and the coyotes with the extra attacker on but stands tall making its 31st and final save. the bruins win it 2?1 the final. after giving up 123 points on their last 3 game losing streak, the celtics are starting to click with another impressive performance tonight at indiana and holding pacers under 100 points but that is
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the ankle injury and al out for the 6th straight game with that concussion but a good chance he's back in the lineup on monday in new orleans. isaiah thomas held without a field goal in the first half but kelly picks up the offensive lead and the c's close the first half on the 13?0 run including back to back 3s from kelly dropping 16 and the green up 38?45 at the break. it took thomas only a minute ana to hit the first field goal and puts the celtics up 1 and to the 4th the c's up 5 with one minute to go this seals the win. and bradley with the steal to marcus smart who find thomas for the layup after the slow start and finishes with the team high 23 as celtics win the
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final. >> second ranked holding clemson and he drills the game?winning 48 yard field goal and clemson knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten as pitt earns our play of the day! and usc handing the huskies a 21?13 loss tonight. that's sports. >> anchor: thanks, chelsea. >> anchor: and 7 news will be
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>> anchor: that's 7 news at 11. thank you for joining us. i'm amaka ubaka. >> anchor: i'm nicole alaverio. saturday night live is next. big host toned. comedian chappel makes his return! have a good night. captioni ? ? i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord ?


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