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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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seven on the sidelines. brought to you by by a >> super bowl xlix has now it's a whole new season, holy week >> coach new week. >> you are looking life where patriots in the seahawks start. >> they meet again and what is
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marquee matchups in the nfl the season. we will get you ready for game time. we will sit down with like garrett blunt. despite missing those first four games of the season with the suspension, tom brady has come out on fire. the patriots head to week 10 tied with the dallas cowboys for the best record in the nfl. can they go to in houston? bill belichick has never been shy with parting ways with popular players but will you regret trading away jamie collins? we will get a look at the patriots and we will sit down with blunt who carried them while he sat out the first four games.
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always challenging especially when his extra week to prepare. since bill belichik took over they are 12 and four and five and one at home. then you throw in the fact that the cx played monday night and had to fly cross-country and he would think this is stacked in the patriots favor here >>trey: the numbers could be in the patriots favor but not a team to be overlooked. seattle about as talented as they get. they always seem to be playing with an edge. this team is built on the identity of its defense. this team is competitive as it gets in the nfl. it only lost one game of more
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>> i think they all know what they are responsible for and they do a great job defending it. it's a very sound defense and that is why they can play that style. there's no voids in the running game, it is hard to throw the ball on the skies. >> i think we play some good defenses throughout the year, but the seahawks are top five in the category. they have a lot of good players. earl thomas is one of player on the field sideline to sideline. it's a challenge but every week is a challenge. >> offensively now russell wilson getting back to full speed. when it comes to his health, this is a team that can keep pace on offense. it can turn into a shootout if need be. >>joe: thanks, trey.
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pro fronts more or less in steve drc. no pics. he's got his 17th year is it true that is getting better with age. >> his body hasn't deteriorated and you wouldn't have these olive colored drinks in the old days. his routine you healthy. he has not let that happen. he sleeps properly and he lives and eats football. >> he's taken advantage of a lot of the rules. his receivers get up and kicked. he knows his receivers are so instinct right now. his receivers and they always
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place. i don't understand how somebody can object to him being in the halfway point mvp. >> when you take a look at the seattle defense and we can put up some numbers right now. they're still dangerous, but be as dominant as they have been in recent year, but they are still third when it matters most. >> coach has talked to was a lot about coach carol's philosophy and saying it's all about the ball, it's all about the ball. there's the ride on turnovers. they have a lot of playmakers on a lot of levels to get the ball off the quarterback, running back. >> brady said it right there. the seahawks is still loaded
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all-pro. do you avoid him altogether, or do you find ways to get out. >>steve: you don't make a living attacking the guy. and fred and i had a chance to play for people carol. he does not mind is guys being super aggressive and the mindset is super aggressive. sometimes you can ta aggressiveness, but this other day for targets to go against richard sherman. >>fred: he has a different dimension his big mouth in his big hits. now he distracts you, brings you and keeps you thinking about different things and is extremely intelligent. he watches what he is reacting to what you doing. he's a guy you have to tune out
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course, michael bennett he has been out, but his team has 27 sacks. he keeps it ready for what is coming tonight. >>fred: they need to hold it out there been playing better. . and he is here with the noise. the noise is not going to be against from getting a jump on the ball. they have a pretty good defensive front. >> defense gets edgy playing against the patriots. you keep them guessing as to what you want to do. you can get them back on the heels. this is a very aggressive defense as you seen over the
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for blessing tend to back off more than anybody against brady and i fully expect seattle will rely on four-man or five-man rush. >> camp chancellor is back from that groin injury, but with or without him, they will be going for gronkowski. is that the guy we will see on gronkowski tonight? players in the league. it doesn't matter. there's a mismatch there. gronkowski is bigger than any linebacker in the league and you got a quarterback who can put it wherever he wants. they can put it on gronkowski they have to get whoever it is help. it cannot just be chancellor. >>fred: he is not bigger or stronger than gronkowski. and he may not be faster.
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stronger. a little guys are more quicker. we have an advantage like you saw in the super bowl. they will have a problem matching up against the size and quickness of our guys. >> it might be even better with dion lewis returning. he's been activated, we don't know if officially but what does he have to make? >> forget what lewis did. he is ability to catch the ball intercut instantaneous. they want him to prepare. >> patriots offense is about creating mismatches. they've got a number of players and mismatches. for one more into the mix, all of a sudden that becomes
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than 20, 25 plays. but the fact is he is a player that the defense has to account for when is on the field. >> we will have much more as we look at the offense. but first, one of the most pleasant surprise so far this season. >> i love it here. i love the guys, the coaches, the locker room. and it's a wonderful family type feeling here and that is what you need to win. >> with tom brady serving four-game suspension, it was legarrett blunt that started the season.
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payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? now the commonwealth motor he matchup >> legarrett blunt may not be
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back, but there is no denying he's one of the most valuable. blunt averaged over four yards per carry. welcome back to our seven on the sidelines pregame show. of course, tom brady in the passing game getting all the headline b running backs have gone about their business and getting it done in a big way. not only in the running game, but the attacks through the air. right now we know who their leading rusher is in for more on legarrett blunt chelsea mcdonald. >> you don't hear this very often, but by age 29 legarrett blunt is on track to smash his own record and has a career
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own glory. he says his team deserves a critic. >> the offense of line has been great, my receivers block rate on the perimeter. they give me a lot of room to run. they give me a lot of time to decide where i want to go. amazing. obviously, with the play actions that we can do the problems that gronkowski and defense on their toes and whenever the opportunity presents itself, i tried to make the most of it. >> you're on track to have one of the best seasons, what have you done that others haven't to carve out a role in this offense? >> i haven't done anything the most of my opportunities. i tried to do everything i can to make sure they trusted me when it is clutch and they need the place. make sure that they can trust me with a football in my hands.
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gronkowski with the football in his hands. i tried to be part of that whole offense. >> during tom brady suspension, you stepped up for the offense. you are kind of big brother, why was that important. he carry such a load? >> i wanted to make sure our offense could stay consistent and win the games that we needed to win while he was gone. jimmy went out and played great, jacoby playre that were banged up and we put up a lot of win. like i said, i go up there and try to make a lot of opportunities. a lot of playmakers on our team so you do not get a lot of opportunities, so when your numbers called you have to take advantage of it. >> you are a little late re-signing coming off a hip
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would be on this team? >> it's a business, so there's a lot of uncertainty. you never know until you sign the paper. things can change in a split second so you never know into you sign the paper. obviously, this is the place i the guys, coaches, locker room and it's a type feeling around here. that is what you need to win. >> i know that you have repeatedly said that coach bill belichik is the best head coach ever. but he say that? do you think it's because the adversities the team has had to face with injuries and suspension? >> i say that because the win more than any other coach. to my knowledge, i feel like he is the most willingness coach in nfl history and what is on the line, he doesn't go crazy,
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game he wants to call. >> bill belichik also sings legarrett blunt's praises. in fact everybody in the locker room loves legarrett blunt. now that dion lewis is activated. >> thanks, chelsea. coming up next in our pregame show, we will take a look at russell wilson and the seahawks
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seven on the sidelines pregame show. i am joe amorosino joined again by fred smerlas and steve deossie. the patriots taking the field without jamie collins was traded way to the browns. what are the long-term and short-term problems that the patriots could run into? >> the short-term he's one of the better athletes on defense. he was a playmaker, he was going a little bit above and beyond trying to make getting out of the defense at times. but here's a guy who can make some big plays. and this is a team defensively that hasn't created a lot of turnovers by this defense. they will miss him, but what is more important is how they adjust to him being gone and it'snot going to be a one perso job. there's not one person that is near as good as what jamie collins was. >> this is the team to the degree that work to ter than anyone else. steve and i highlighted on the show that he blew deputy if they start freelancing and they
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football, sometimes not the best football, but they don't playing out of the game plan, you make problems. and when you do not listen, you become a problem. there must've been something in the locker room to let bill belichick let a guy that talented go. i think it could work either way. theplacement may not be good physically, but he needs to time and get this going into a bye week with two weeks to prepare, going up against a seattle team that struggling to score points, or we take a look at those numbers now, yes,
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they can get to you, but to her therefore robe games they been anemic on the ground, rushing for only 68.4 . are you concerned about russell wilson tonight? >> he is the catalyst for that whole thing. one and they were floundering, when you pass rush in, your main goal is not to get them down, but keep him from getting closed in. but when he gets out of the pocket with his running and throwing ability. stay in your past rush lanes and close the pocket off. >> you can make the case for being the top to t quarterback. but when is healthy this year, he is a smart quarterback. he gets by on being smart, making good decisions and not turning the ball over. you're right, joe, he's gotten healthy. >>joe: this marks this first time since 1990 9p carol is back. he gets a hard time here in new england. there was a tough year. he has won 63 percent of his games out in seattle. there's no denying is among the
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your thoughts about where he stands among the best in the league. >> two coaches that i automatically said this guy is smarter than the others bill belichik hadn't shoulders and i am including tom parcells, but i also noticed when i went to the jets that carol was smart as those guys. i also said when he came here it wasn't going to work out for him because he wasfollowing a l to be too friendly with the players. i thinkhe learned from that, but he is a very smart head coach. >> he did cheat a little bit, dignity? , didn't he? >> nobody's going to talk about cheating, freddie. >> i'm trying to clear it all up.
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he came out of the game and he tried to talk to him, and he didn't pay attention. he's learned from that, went to seattle, created a great team. the very structured, there smart, he brings in very good players. i would say he's in the top five in the nfl. he learned from his he could be buddy buddy with all the players, and he is a very smart guy. the proof is in the pudding. the guy did a great job.
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>>joe: welcome back to our seven on the sidelines pregame show. if it wasn't for tom brady's four-game suspension, this team could be look at another 16 and zero season. they're looking to do something that they've never done before, there were only three right now opponents who currently have those three will travel to foxborough including seattle tonight. barring injuries, it is highly likely this patriots team can finish 15 and one for the first time in history of the franchise. it's one hour and and a half away. we will have interviews from
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nbc sports. home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. welcome to new england. tom brady and the patriots are first in the afc east. russell wilson and the seahawks atop the nfc west. tonight, they meet for the first time since super bowl xlix. >> let's open this thing. >> go goal line. >> some match jumps evoke a


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