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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> christa: we have breaking news here at noon today. crews racing to the scene after air school in lawrence. good afternoon, everybody. i'm christa delcamp. >> sarah: same sarah french. more than 500 students had to evacuate. 7's steve cooper is joining us now live with the very latest on this. >> reporter: the flames are out right now. the damage has been done. this stretch of butler street around the school is shut down right now. you can see fire trucks, personnel on the scene right now. school officials as well. everybody still here. but all the kids and the staff made it out safely this morning. now, fire officials are
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>> the teacher came in and she said, "oh, fire, fire!" then we just left and i smelled smoke. >> reporter: charred classroom of broken windows. some of the damage left behind after fast-moving flames and heavy smoke tore through a second-floor science room around 8:30 this morning here at the bruce school in lawrence on butler street. what was it like to see a fire at your school? >> i was really nervous. i didn't know, like, what to do. like, i didn't know if my sister was safe or anything. >> reporter: the fire went to two alarms. no one was in the classroom at the time the blaze broke out. all 525 kids in grades 3-8 plus 70 staffers all made it out safely. >> we had a fire on the second floor of an occupied school. with 525 students. 70 staff members. the fire was contained to the second floor classroom. >> reporter: the students were taken to the nearby middle school to continue the school day. some parents came to the school to pick up their kid. >> i was downstairs.
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anything. it is unclear how the fire started. investigators have no reason to think it is suspicious. for the moment, everyone here is just thankful that no one was hurt. >> the bottom line at the end of the day, all the kids and and teachers are safe. and you know, we will figure out how to fix it and get back in class when we can. >> reporter: all right. no word on the cause right now. no word on wh t that is something that school officials and fire officials are working on right now to assess. the superintendent told us that they were planning to have a fire drill here. practice drill on friday. part of the normal schedule here. the school year. they won't need that now. this was the real deal earlier today. thankfully, everybody is okay. live from lawrence this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> sarah: crews still batting hot spots at the scene of another fire. this is new video from sky 7
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flames. you can see how much damage it caused. the building was on mclean hospital property. john cuoco live now with more. john? >> reporter: sarah, this fire is still burning. it is still smoldering. the crews here can't access that from the outside. so they are waiting on some heavy equipment to knock down some walls so they can get inside. firefighters in belmont dousing massive flames, torching the building on the mclean hospital property. >> they were smelling smoke on an adjacent smoke. they found the building well-involved on floors two and three. report t hospital says this is known as the codman building. because it is in a remote area of the campus no, evacuations were needed. patient care wasn't disrupted. the fire department says the large u-shaped building has been abandoned for about ten years. but used to house patients. >> all the utilities have been
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basically been moth-balled. >> reporter: water supply was an issue with thousands of feet of hose being used to reach the building. >> there was heavy fire on the second and floor floor. up through the roof. when the companies arrived. >> reporter: once the flames were under control, and mostly smoke began to fill the sky. the concern became the safety of the structure. >> we a heavy equipment to arrive. that will allow us to take down the unstable brick walls and reach the hidden fire. >> reporter: now, until these crews can get inside, they won't be able to determine how this fire started. we are live in belmont, john cuoco, 7 news. >> christa: a live look outside right now on this monday. it feels really mild out there. not really like november. and temperatures above normal.
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>> reporter: it is a bit of a tease. i hope people aren't getting too used to this sort of weather. honest, willsly, it feels like we bypassed winter altogether. and we are heading into spring or maybe early september again. look at these temperatures. we are warming up very quickly here. mild air mass overhead. already 63 in norwood. they have warmed up more than 40 degrees since this morning. very impressive temperature change. you can see further to our west, temperatures in the low 60's in fitchburg as wel at 57. still very mild. a lot of us are going to be looking at temperatures in the mid-60's today. well above our average highs. by more than ten degrees. plenty of sunshine all day long. a great start to the workweek. hopefully, you are able to get outside a little bit. so comfortable out there. not too breezy either. as we head into tomorrow, we are looking at the chance for rain and minor coastal flooding. more details after the break. >> sarah: donald trump sitting down for the first interview
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our country. they are here illegally. >> sarah: trump outlining his plan to deport illegal immigrants with a criminal record once he takes office. the president-elect giving us a look at what a trump white house will look like. opening up about everything from his planned border wall to supreme court justices. jennifer eagan live with more in our control room. >> reporter: sar remarks trump tumped on a number of topics, appearing to. >> son his position on some while staying firm on others. trump says he respects the burden he now not afraid. >> i have done a lot of big things. i have never done anything like this. >> reporter: donald trump talking to 60 minutes about what it is like now that he has been elected president. >> it took your breath away? couldn't talkment. >> a little bit. a little bit. and i think i realized this is a whole different life for me now. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with the results. >> we reject the president-elect! protests in cities across the country. inklupding here in boston.
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there are reports of threats and violence aimed at mile norties since the election. >> i'm so saddened to hear. that i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this. i'll say it right to the camera, stop it. report tt billionaire businessman say he will not accept the president's salary of $400,000 a year. >> the answer is no. i have to by law take one dollar. i'll take one dollar a year. >> reporter: trump opening up about his upcoming supreme >> i'm pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. >> reporter: and his campaign promise about appointing a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. >> i'm going to think about it. i feel that i want to focus on jobs. i want to focus on health care. i want to focus on the border and immigration. and doing a really great immigration bill. >> reporter: the president-elect talking about his immigration plans. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are
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records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a loft these people, probably two million, it could be three million. we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate. >> reporter: trump says there may be changes to the border wall he promised to build. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas, i would. certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at. this it is called construction. >> reporter: trump was asked if he is going to rein in the rhetoric he used while campaigning. he said it depends on the situation. sometimes you have to be "rough >> christa: this morning, trump's team at the white house release... really starting to shape up. reince priebus has been named as his white house chief of staff. insiders says reince priebus that... should be a reassuring presence. >> we have had a great partnership. i have learned to get to know president-elect trump and steve bannon and the whole team.
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and it has been a great partnership. >> christa: you heard him mention steve bannon. he is the former campaign c.e.o. he will be chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. that appointment is also prompting some outrage. bannon was head of the conservative bright bart web site which was aligned with the alt right movement. critics say the site promotes racist and sexist and anti-semitic conspiracy theories. letters turned up at a man's home. victoria warren has more. >> reporter: hate crime investigation in natick. these letters filled with racial slurs and threats left on a man's doorstep. a handwritten letter references clearing out the white house, a typed letter names donald trump. the letters tell the man that natick is a white-only town and then go on to target his black and latino roommates. one of the letters even threatens to kill them. saying these letters are
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one. natick police say the letters were dropped off late last week. the man called 911. and police say they are taking this seriously and investigating it as a hate crime. this is something other cities are dealing with right now. two groups that track hate speech. the southern poverty law center and the council on american-islamic relations say they have seen a spike in hate speech and hate crimes reported to their agencies. in natick, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: went down to the wire for the patriots last night. the pats in pain today after suffering a second loss of the season. the disappointing defeat coming at the hands of the seattle seahawks. this hard-fought game came down to the final seconds in foxboro. the pats's last-ditch try on fourth down missed the mark. >> all kinds of action in the end zone. they looked for a flag. they see none. the coverage. and seattle is going to win
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>> sarah: in the rematch of super bowl 49, the game once again decided on the one yard line. but this time, new england was the team that failed to score in the closing seconds. >> about as exitive a game as you can get. unfortunately, we couldn't quite make enough plays. >> reporter: tom brady couldn't connect with rob groan cow on fourth and goal. there was contact between gronk and chancellor. no flag was thrown. >> it is what it is. it is not make excuses. to say that was a p.i.. we just lost the game. >> reporter: chancellor did get penalized for a hit on brady in the third quarter. the quarterback was hobbled but did not leave the game. >> you know, it is a little sore. like i said, a lot of guys are pretty sore. >> sarah: the pats lost 1-24. their first loss since brady returned from his suspension. >> they have very good players.
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but we have plenty of chances. you know, our, cushion wasn't as good as it needed to be. >> we have to keep moving forward. and i look forward to san francisco. >> sarah: the pats will look to get back in the win column on sunday when they take on the 49ers in san francisco. >> christa: coming up at noon, facebook under fire. accusations that the social media giant forecast spread misinformation during the presidential campaign. >> sarah: a rare sight: the plus, how long it will be before we see it again. >> reporter: a beautiful sight. that super moon could cause us
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>> christa: according to nasa, this is the closest full moon to earth since 1948. guess what? it won't be this close again until 2034.
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during this time. >> sarah: a few 7 news viewers got some great pictures of the summer moon here in boston. eric got this up-close shot with a telescope. and emily captured this shot of the super moon. behind some trees. >> christa: like halloween there. >> yeah, perfect. >> christa: this is view from canonball, north dakota. looks almost orangey-red there. >> near madrid, spain, sky-watchers witnessed the rise of the super moon behind the iconic stands 45 feet high on the hilltop. don't werey, though. catch it again tonight if you missed it. it is my understanding, it is not going to be quite as good as it was over the weekend. >> christa: yeah. you will have to look through the haze. >> reporter: honestly, it didn't even look real. a huge, huge moon. 14% larger. 30% brighter. we didn't have sa cloud in the sky. that made it so much more stunning. we have a frontal system
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south right now as well. the combination of those two things. the fact that we had the super moon, we are looking at a surge of around half a foot up to around a foot. minor coastal flooding is definitely a concern for us. and we could have a couple of pockets of more moderate we will be monitoring. that as we head into your wednesday forecast, we do still have the chance for a higher tide. that is close to around noon. around lunchtime. the impact of that shouldn't be as much as what we will see tomorrow. our winds are going to shift out of the northwest. instead of those on-shore winds. temperatures today and our situation today is going to be phenomenal. you already know that if you have stepped out the door. one more day of high pressure with our weather pattern here. before that frontal system scoots in. 61 currently in boston.
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i really think a lot of us will see some temperatures in the mid-60's today. by tomorrow, we have the likely chance for showers. the slight chance for showers until wednesday morning. it is going to be early in the morning. probably before you head out to work. here is a look at what we are seeing into tonight. the frontal system approaches from the south. we will see increasing cloud cover from the southwest. that will keep temperatures tonight a little more moderate than what we woke up to this morning. likely chance for showers. especially limb by the midmorning hours through the evening. you can see some red, some orange in there. we do have the chance for some pockets of heavy rainfall. we definitely could use it. in terms of rainfall totals, most of us will walk away with a quarter of an inch, up to three quarters of an inch of rain. if not actually close to an
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temperatures stay mild all week long. >> christa: still ahead on 7, more evacuations in north carolina.
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>> christa: an evacuation in north carolina as crews race to get 20 separate wildfires under control. more than a thousand firefighters are battling those flames. >> sarah: more than 23,000 acres of land have been burned. >> reporter: grueling fight. involving fire crews from five states. they have descended on the mountains of western north carolina. just a sampling of more than 5,000 firefighters crews battling dozens of wildfire, raging across the southeast. >> we just keep patrolling, walking, hunting. full of hot spots. logs that are smoking. and then try to snuff that out in that area. where we don't have to worry about no reburns. >> reporter: record heat and relentless drought made conditions all too right for wildfire. >> this year has been unbelievable. we have had some dry spells. >> reporter: in all, tens of
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kentucky, georgia, and alabama. with arson being the suspected cause in the majority of the blazes. >> it's pea soup up here. >> reporter: blanket of smoke stretching for miles and miles. affecting air quality in atlanta, chattanooga, and charlotte. despite support from the air and in the form of water drops, much of the fight here is being done with hand tools. and even leaf-blowers. 44 wildfires still in play probably not until after thanksgiving. temperatures warm up again late they are week. the real concern is next weekend another cold front will kick in some gusty winds. in hazeville, north carolina, nbc news. >> christa: and coming up on 7, we are all familiar with the dangers of distracted driving. it could be bad for your overall health. >> sarah: get ready. up next, you are going to
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>> sarah: it's monday. that means it is time for who did it better. >> christa: bri is getting into the holiday spirit with pats running back james white. pay attention. you have to decide who did it better. >> touchdown. james white. >> reporter: this week we see how quick james white is in a cranberry bog. how do you feel about this challenge? >> i'm really excited. i have never done anything like this before. it will be a great challenge for me. hopefully, i can win. >> reporter: our job for the day, see how many cranberries we can harvest from this ocean spray bog in two minutes. >> apparently, there are snakes and spiders. >> hopefully, the gear protects me. >> get your cranberries. get your waders on. one leg at a time. he does put his pants on. one leg at a time.
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i had nothing to do with it. how long does it take you to suit up for the game? he is in the water. didn't hit any snakes yet. have you seen any snakes yet? he is quick. one minute! one minute left! how deep is it? how does it feel? can you prepare for what i'm in for? >> not too deep. rorlt you are slowing down a little bit. three, two, one! whoa! that was nice! post-gamep- performance? >> all right. there is room for improvement. see what you can do. three, two, one. go. >> reporter: all right. waders. >> jeans might slow you down. that is so true. in these waders. okay. >> there you go. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. can i get another scooper?
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weren't athletic. >> reporter: i know. i got... >> is that legal? >> i haven't seen any snakes yet. but i think i scared them away. >> she might have me beat already. >> reporter: two minutes is a long time. >> get another scoop in there. three, two, one. it was close. >> that was close. oh, my gosh. after our two minutes were up, it was time to compare. i d being a supportive challenger. >> i'll take the style points. you might have won the battle. >> reporter: you were fantastic. now it is up to you to decide. you get to vote. who dipped it better. ... who did it better. >> christa: as bri said, it is up to you to decide. we will have results tomorrow morning. stay tuned. 6:00 a.m. >> sarah: all right. much more to come on 7 news. another big night for a local
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final 12 on the voice. >> reporter: we have been talking a lot about the summer moon. it has been beautiful. it will affect the high tides as we head into tomorrow. i will take a look coming up. >> christa: five people shot
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>> christa: we have breaking news. crews racing to the scene after fire breaks out at a school in lawrence. more than 500 students bruce school were forced to evacuate when that fire began. >> sarah: they all made it out safely. steve cooper has the very latest for us now. >> the teacher came in and she said, "oh, fire, firement" we just left and i smelled smoke. report@charred classroom of broken windows. some of the damage left behind after fast-moving flames and heavy smoke through a second-floor science room at:30 this morning on butler street in lawrence. what was it like to see a fire
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like, i didn't know if my sister was safe or anything. >> reporter: the fire went to two alarms. no one was in the classroom at the time the blaze broke out. all 525 kids in grades 3-8 plus 70 staffers made it out safely. >> we had a fire on the second floor of an occupied school. with 525 students. 70 staff members. the fire was contained to the second floor of the classroom. >> reporter: the students were taken to the nearby gill meth middle school school day. some parents came to the school to pick up their kids. >> i was downstairs. then upstairs was the fire. >> reporter: did you smell the smoke or did you see anything is. >> i didn't see anything or smell anything. >> reporter: it is unclear how the fire started right now. investigators have no reason to think it is suspicious. for the moment, everyone here is just thankful that no one was hurt. >> the bottom line at the end of the day, all the kids and teachers are safe. and you know, we will figure
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>> reporter: fire investigators still trying to pin point the 'cause here. school officials are trying to figure out when the school can reopen. the bottom line here is thankfully, nobody including the students and staff was injured in this fire. steve cooper, 7 news. >> sarah: new video over an abandoned building in belmont. that also went up in flames . crews still battling those hot spots a short time ago. you can see how much damage it caused. that fire breaking out overnight mclean hospital property. >> reporter: firefighters in belmont dousing massive flames. >> our police on an adjacent street was smelling smoke and started to investigate it about 2:41 this morning. and found the building well-involved on floors two and three. report t hospital says this is known as the codman building. because it is in a remote area of the campus no, evacuations were needed and patient care
12:33 pm
large u-shaped building has been abandonedded for ten years. it used to house patients. >> all the utilities have been shut off to the building. and the building had basically been moth-balled. >> reporter: until it was engulfed on monday. multiple area departments were called in to help contain the fire. accessing the building was difficult because of overgrowth. and water supply was an issue with thousands of feet of hose being used to reach the building. >> there was heavy fire on both the second when the companies arrived. so it was at that point, defensive operation where we set up multiple master streams, a heavy stream of water to be used to put out the fire. the concern became the safety of the structure. >> we were worried about collapse at this point. with the exterior brick wall. at this point, the fire department says it is still
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in belmont, 7 news. >> sarah: right now, a look outside. hard to believe it is the middle of november on a day like. this gorgeous temperatures. well above average. nice start to the workweek. >> reporter: here is where we started out. you can see temperatures this morning. winds were calm. we saw those clear skies. excellent super moon-viewing. 19 degrees this morning in orange. 20 in norwood. right around our average lease in boston. notice uper 30's. you see those higher elevation spots. en worcester this morning. here is where we are now. norwood has warmed up more than 40 degrees. in the mid-60's. that is what we can all look forward to. we have very mild air overhead. another day of high pressure in control of our weather pattern. some cooler weather tomorrow. some wet weather tomorrow. by tomorrow, the likely chance for some showers. especially by the midmorning hours into the afternoon. some high tides headed our way as well.
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right now on the hunt for two armed thieves. they say these robbers were wearing masks when they suddenly stormed into a gas station. the woman said this was the second time the gas station was robbed in less than a week. this time, she was face to face with two men pointing weapons at her. christie still shaken up after two rag gun. one with a knife. she says she was pushed into a corner. and open the register while they pointed the gun and knife at her. >>. >> i was thinking i'm going to end up being hurt, being in
12:36 pm
since the robbery, she is not taking any chances, closing the front door early and doing business at the window. >> i'm still scared. i get this feeling that it might be a thief or they are coming to hurt me. report tt security cameras during the first robbery. the second one was not caught on camera. >> sarah: a deadly hit-and-run in taunton. a young woman was driving an s.u.v. that hit a bicyclist and then took offer. a 36-year-old man was killed. second suspect was charged with accessory after the fact. two suspects in a multi-state
12:37 pm
attacked and stabbed two women in connecticut before taking off to massachusetts. the chase ended in a worcester cul-de-sac. if suspects crashed into a parked car. the victims were not seriously injured. connecticut police continue searching for suspects after five people were shot at a sweet 16 party. investigators say at least two people walked into a club and then opened fire saturday night. four teens and one adult were sent to the hospital. they are a >> christa: the man accused of opening fire and killing a california deputy has been captured now. police say the man carried out that shooting and then committed several other crimes that led to his arrest. a massive manhunt for a suspected cob-killer in california. the suspect identified as a 37-year-old david machado. he is accused of executing a sheriff's deputy early sunday morning. swat teams searched several
12:38 pm
he was already in custody 150 miles away. >> the suspect david machado was arrested in the county just after 12:00 today. right after he committed an armed robbery at a convenience store in the city of lindsey. >> christa: he had a felony warrant prior to his arrest and was already wanted. >> the suspect tried to steal a purse from a female victim who fought back andle responded to this incident, the suspect fled the scene on foot and was captured. the suspect wasn't immediately recognized or identified until after he was taken into custody. law enforcement officers, because we had broadcast this information california-wide, that this individual was wanted for the murder of a
12:39 pm
him and immediately contacted us. >> christa: right now this afternoon, police are still searching for a motive behind the officer's death. >> sarah: aftershocks continue to shake new zealand today. a quake with a magnitude of 7.8 strauk strigering a small tsunami. two people have died already. roads were split open and a main highway was destroyed. the new zealand prime minister toured the damaged areas today. >> we need to make sure we get water, food, and ultimately, we need to support the nearly 600 people that are blocked off. there are a number of tourists also stuck. we have to think about. that >> sarah: it will take billions of dollars to rell pair all the damage. >> christa: more news now: wouk founder julian assange
12:40 pm
police investigators in london. they are seeking information regarding serious sex crime allegations made by two swedish women he met back in 2010. he has denied these allegations. he fears being extradited to the u.s. because of his wikileaks work. people in france coming together to remember the one-year anniversary of the deadly terror attacks. several plaques were unveiled over the weekend in honor of the 130 people killed. the french president hollande led a number of memorial services. rock star sting held a sell-out show at the concert hall. >> sarah: mark zuckerberg after the social media site is accused of running fake news during the election. >> reporter: continuation of our mild and dry weather. that comes to an end as we head into tomorrow's forecast.
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>> sarah: live look over boston. feeling like september weather. a beautiful day out there. >> kris: i have to tell you, yesterday was one of the best fall days we have had in a really long time. it was to nice. i don't know if this will stick around. >> reporter: i kind of feel like we are gloating about this one. for the first time in a while, we are not looking at terribly
12:44 pm
overhead. right back to early september. if not, it kind of feels like we are just skipping winter altogether. don't be lulled into. that we do have some chilly weather headed our way. it is going to be a brief cooldown into tomorrow. some rainy weather returning tomorrow. and one of the things we are going to be watching as we head into tomorrow's forecast are these king tides. the super moon, while it was beautiful to see it, we are actually looking at some high tides in relation to. that as well as the fact that we have some on-shore winds into tomorrow. right now, temperatures are in theow in boston, plenty of sunshine. those king tides moving in as we head into tomorrow's forecast. in addition to that, we have an on-shore wind as low pressure moves up the eastern seaboard. we will have the wind on-shore. with the super moon, we have some pretty high tides on tuesday. we could be looking at a surge of half a foochlt up to around a foot higher than what we typically see. s if definitely, some minor coastal flooding. looking likely here. we could have some pockets of moderate coastal flooding as
12:45 pm
wednesday's forecast by around noon. as high tide moves through then. our main concern will be really tomorrow around 11:07 as that high tide pulls through. by wednesday, our winds shift more out of the southwest. that should keep us in the clear. temperature-wise, in the low 60's right now. it is unbelievably out there. 63 degrees in norwood. after starting the day at 20 degrees. very varied this morning. right now, most of us in the low 60's. we have a slight chance for some showers early wednesday. around the morning commute if not before that. this cloud cover is going to move in first from the southwest. the chance for showers returning by tomorrow morning. especially likely as we make our way through the late morning hours. and into the afternoon.
12:46 pm
quarter of an inch up to around three quarters of an inch of rain. we certainly could use it. high today, in the mid-60's. gorgeous day. going to be more mild as well. cloud cover thickening up. you may get a glimpse of the super moon. not going to be as great viewing as what we have had the last couple of nights. we trend mild into the rest of the workweek. >> sarah: all right. facebook c.e.o. fighting back today after misinformation during the presidential election. >> reporter: it's been called the viral victory. president-elect donald trump with his more than 15 million twitter followers and growing now crediting social media for propelling his campaign past hillary clinton. >> i think it helped me win
12:47 pm
than i spent. >> reporter: while trump praises social media, the facebook founder mark zuckerberg is being forced to fend off criticism that the site allowed fake news articles about trump and clinton to be shared on-line. >> i do think there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting that the only reason why someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw some fake news. >> reporter: some examples, a satirical frances endorses trump" was shared 97 thouf times. even truven targeted in an image that wrongly quoted him as saying republicans are the dumbest voters. with nearly 1.8 billion people using it every month, facebook is the world's biggest social media platform. more influential than twitter. in fact, 62% of americans get their news on social media.
12:48 pm
insists cleans zuckerberg says "more than 99% of what people see is authentic. this makes it extremely unlikely that hoaxes changed the outcome of this election in one direction or the other." he says that news and media are not the primary things people do on the site. >> we are always going to have fake news. we are going to have lies. we are always going to have idiocies out there. the only way to deal with that is to try to pump in information. true information. reasonable and fact-based information. >> sarah: coming up on 7 news, more dangers related to distracted driving. researchers learning a new way
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we heard this growling sound coming from our basement and our heating unit was blowing cold air. but we didn't worry about it, because our plan from homeserve covers costly repairs. a technician came to see if the problem was a loose blower belt or a faulty valve.
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a faulty valve? no ma'am, just a hairy snow beast. that was my second guess. you're right, honey. help protect your heating system with a repair plan and save 50% your first year. call or visit to find a plan. besides protecting you from yeti attacks, repair plans from homeserve cover other unexpected heating system problems that typically aren't covered by basic homeowner's insurance. so you don't have to pay for covered repairs. there's no deductible or hidden fees and our technicians nsed and insured. call or visit to find a plan... and save 50% your first year. homeserve. service for the unexpected. call us any time! >> sarah: by now we all know the dangers of distracted driving. now researchers are looking into how multi-tasking behind the wheel can directly affect your health.
12:51 pm
>> they are fining that the more you do when behind the wheel, your stress levels tend to go up. here is more >> reporter: we know distracted driving is sa huge road hazard. putting other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in danger every day. >> we've got the infrared image here. >> reporter: but now a new study being conducted at texas a&m university shows distracted driving can be bad for your body also. >> we found that people do get stressed-out when trying to do and that in certain circumstances, particularly, when they are taking their eyes off the road, their performance deteriorates. >> reporter: researchers have created a driving simulator to help capture data on what really happens to drivers when they are not paying attention on the road. >> we are trying to find out whether or not, just as you would monitor the engine temperature and your oil pressure, can we measure literally, the pressure that is on the driver and see
12:52 pm
not it is affecting their performance. >> reporter: i started texting on a busy road. within matter of moments, my body showed signs of stress. >> how did i do? >> you did very well. you got a little stressed-out when you were texting. what we found that when people are... have more than one task to do and they are texting a stressed out. we can tell that by the amount of pers separation... perspiration. >> reporter: drivers ignored speed limit signs and even crossed the line. >> we think there might be a way to use technology, the same kind of brain power and smarts that are in electronic devices, to actually tell you that this is too much. >> christa: researchers say
12:53 pm
situations to see how their bodies respond to driving in traffic. >> reporter: we are enjoying some very mild weather for mid-november. how long is that going to last? i'll have that answer after
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at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. moving forward with compassion. moving forward with care when you need it. moving forward with laughter and a healthy heart. moving forward with family. why move forward alone
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energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. and as the number-one provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, use. ever new england. eversource. >> christa: all right. the voice is down to the final 12. tonight they will be live. >> sarah: courtney has continued to impress the judges. blake shelton picked her to move on to the next round after america's vote came up short. courtney has been a fan favorite since the start of the season and is ready to
12:56 pm
>> as a songwriter and as a background singer and teaching music, it is a very different position to be in. the main event in my own life right now, to work with such brilliant, such brilliant contestants and coach. it is just amazing. >> reporter: courtney is originally from dorchester but moved to california to work as a professional songwriter. catch all the excitement right here on 7-nbc starting at episode of the hit new drama "timeless" at 10:00 p.m. then catch the day's top stories on 7 news at 11:00. >> christa: all right. before you settle in, get outside. it is a gorgeous day out there. >> sarah: it is beautiful. >> reporter: you know what else is a hit? no pun intended there. beautiful weather. getting toasty out there. 64 degrees in boston. 67 degrees in norwood. unbelievable for this time of
12:57 pm
by up to around 15 degrees here. so very, very mild day. get outsigned and enjoy it. we have some cool and rainy weather as we head into tomorrow. we do need that moisture. we are looking to get a solid quarter of an inch up to three quarters of an inch tomorrow. we are definitely looking forward to. thatst temperatures in the mid-60's for us. by tomorrow, in addition to this rainy weather, we are looking at high tide. we have on-shore winds. especially high after the super moon. back to you guys. >> christa: all right. that's going to do it for us. i'm christa delcamp. >> sarah: i'm sarah french. have a great afternoon.
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>> hope: little late to be bringing me upstairs isn't it? what's going on, officer? >> detective...[nervous laugh]. okay, none of us blame you for killing stefano dimera. and we've heard the rumors. the department would've taken a hell of a hit if you hadn't confessed. favors are due. so... have a good night. [dramatic music]


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