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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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plus the president-elect disappeared tonight. where did he go in will johning be good to go why his teammates believe he will back before you know it quick catch a freent enning fall big brother makes big save. seven news at 11 starts now. >> first at 11, breaking news in newton? police with guns drawn. searching for a dangerous robber. officers say this guy had a long gun and held up a convenience store. let's get right to you newton tim caputo live tim. adam kim that search has since concluded. no arrest at this point. where it all went down earlier tonight at the gas station across the street from where i'm standing when man walked in around line 9 o'clock this evening with a weapon in hand. and robbed the clerk who was working at that gas station. a bit of frantic scene here when newton police initially arrived number of officers coming to the scene with guns drawn. just few blocks away from newton center where there are plenty of restaurants and bars and certainly plenty of people even
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the scene. he has not been caught. police is say he went in there wear something sort of green pants gray jacket and gray hat. and was wearing a white bandana or cloth over his face carrying a weapon. >> he showed what had an appeared to be long gun. we don't know if this is rifle shotgun bb gun we don't know at this time. what he did he made undetermined amount of cash he flet on food on beacon street eastbound. now they better part of an hour hour they do believe since got away no arrest to this point. we can tell you also that clerk was not injured in this armed robbery. latest live from newton center tim caputo. some breaking news out hyde park one person arrested after a woman there is seriously hurt. police say woman was rushed to the hospitals injuries they are calling life threatening. they are investigating this right now as domestic assault. >> no word on the relationship between the victim and her
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you can see most of rain on the radar. it's heading north or out to sea. most of us saw rain all throughout this day creating some slick roads, trouble for the evening commute. but tonight, some of us just have sprinkles maybe a light mist. roads are still slippery. but let's check that forecast. see if sun will dry us out. gentlemen sunshine back tomorrow right now we moved widespread steady rain up into northern new england. still some lingering showers right now. a batch on cape shore. all moving off to the north, northwest of all directions. that will be with us for next couple of hours. boston into metro west. clouds, and some pockets of drizzle and mist i think we will hold on to that overnight tonight. you can see now where that steady rain is working up through new hampshire and maine. but beneficial rain i'll say that much with most city and towns an inch to inch and a half of rain timing was bad part of storm and evening commute. there goes the storm. now heading away. your morning commute feature as
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temperatures near 50. sun coming back i'll pick up story frm there in a few minutes. >> tonight's on seven, trapped for nine long hours. escaping a crushed car. it's one woman's survival story. someone walking by spotted that flipped car early this morning inside a 70-year-old woman who endure ad cold, long frightening night. night team's especial epping new hampshire. this woman had this car for just one day and lucky for her she had moved clothes from her old car into her new car. she used those clothes to keep warm. until epping firefighters came in for the saverwasn't until sun came up on tuesday morning that did a passer by spot this car on its side in the woods off route 27 in epping new hampshire. found patient in the car.
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lieutenant palm handily and firefighter dim were dispatched to the scene. this 70-year-old owner bought volkswagen enday before on way home monday night when she lost control and rolled down an embankment 75 feet into the woods. she kept warm for eight hours through the night with clothes she took out of her old car. brand new car, like one day old. she had taken, you know all of her clothes out of other one. and it paid off for her to get her out firefighters had to cut the roof of the through it all the woman kept her sense of humor. >> this is don't wreck my car. i said how do you feel about convertible. she started laughing. oh, stop it hurts. the driver was taken to the hospital. the firefighters say she's lucky she survived the rollover. and that the passing driver spotted her deep within the woods. i think she consider herself lucky. and eight hours in a vehicle on kind of a cold night with no
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no doubt very lucky this woman will spend night in the hospital before she's released tomorrow. live in epping new hampshire i'm alex, seven news night team. three children on board during a terrifying transport when ambulance and car collide. let's go out to jadiann thompson live in boston everybody okay. those kids all right? that's good news here p.m. why i'm smiling those children are okay. just happened to be in that ambulance when it but, in this whole scene there were two other adults who suffered minor injuries. >> three children and in boston ems ambulance were being transported to a hospital when this crash happened. luckily not hurting the children. >> children that were initially be transported were not injured in anyway shape or form by this accident. and they've were also brought to the hospital as well that they
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the intersection of hampden street and kass boulevard. they left a banged up fender and door to the ambulance and a torn off bumper and crushed the front end of the suv with an airbag deployed. although crash did happen on very wet and rainy night, police have not said if the weather was a factor not. >> the ambulance was coming through and hit by a car coming the opposite way through the intersection. boston ems saying the worker tending to the kids in the back of the transported to the hospital for minor injury. along with a passenger in the suv. so there is no official cause just yet of this accident. but it did tie up traffic for a couple of hours here now everything is running clearly again. report live in roxbury tonight jadiann thompson search news night eight people hurt when a suv silver line bus collide. this happened boston south end in washington herald streets.
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for not stopping on coming traffic. trump transition hit hitting speed bump ascii member prey campaign team abruptly quits at the same time new questions are swirling around president-elect trump's son-in-law in and role hi might play in white house ryan schulteis is in our control room with more. >> kims cnn is reporting all this transition turmoil infight center around president-lect son-in-law. president-elect spent inside trump tower with vice president-elect. former congressman mike roger who had advise trump on national security adruptly quit he to the anderson koorm why aleft. it came down it was time they wanted to go in different direction. it was easy for me to hand it off to mike pence and his capable hands coming in. so i think that was kind of a combination. i think there is some confusion going on. about a chain of command coming
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hopefully they will get that settled pretty soon sources tell nbc roger departure was part of a poourg aimed getting rid christy and any of his allies. different groups have emerged in transition fighting for trump's ear this as we get an idea what trump's cabinet might look like. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani eyed for secretary of state u.s. ambassador to un under george w. bush. john would a very good choice. is there anybody better? maybe me, i don't know. tough questions he was paid millions of dollars a lawyer and consulted for engovernments. tonight democrats still fighting hard against chief strategist steve bannon. this is ayman who says about his very presence that this is a white house that will embrace bigotry. the current president making final foreign trip in assuring world leaders everything will be okay. the future of humanity and the
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common. as opposed to those things that separate us. >> president-elect trump tweet about criticism of transition process saying very organized process taking place i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm only one who knows who final's are. also tonight the president-elect went out to dinner but did not tell traveling press pool he was leaving trump tower. that departure from bay presidents have done things in past r now developing story. suspect in a deadly airport shooting is found dead himself. airport in oklahoma city was shut down for hours today as police searched for that man. they say he shot a killed 52-year-old guy then took off police say that victim was targetedin shooter was found dead has his truck in airport parking garage. night team now with a dangerous drop off as school in andover. a mother accused of a driving
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influence. police say 41-year-old mary ellen shea was on drugs when she drove her daughter to school school official called police when signed her daughter into school she failed sobriety test and admitted to taking a muscle relaxer and depression medication. state police are investigating a hit and run crash in boston back bay. it involved a mruz cruiser state police cruiser struck by tax season comm avenue. cab drivers kept going two other cars also hit during that crash. you can see some of the damage left behind. that iron fencing kind of torn but, even after all of that was said and done after taxi driver fled police say no one was injured also from night team the powerful journey of the boston marathon bombing survivors on display tonight. a special screening of hbo's upcoming documentary about the attacks. the survivors are the sole focus of this film. many of them came out to satisfactory emotional preview of documentary tonight.
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version real life. in this documentary it's only a teenie tiny glimpse into our lives. really, really tough days. some really good days. and those days are still going on. so less one several boston marathon sfooirs pro filed in the new hbo documentary marathon. patriots day bombing. tonight a vip screening in boston theater district. film givers an intimate look into lives of some of those directly impacted by the attack and how three years later many are still recovering. we're very hesitant to take part in. it was very intrusive. we have to really be open and honest about what our experience has been like. yet at the same time, we think it's really important not just to show people snap shots of recovery but whole trajectory of it far more complicated but it's real document directors knew it would daunting task telling the entire story but found individual tales of strength and heart break speak volumes. for us the difficulty was trying
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represent the whole of boston. and we believe in the end the subjects and diversity of their experiences and commonality of there's experiences hopefully speaks to awful boston evening those that were injured seeing other survivors physically emotional draining recoveries was eye opening i get up put my leg i feel like this my life now. but, seeing the other people what they are going through all the stuff, that's tough. they know these are important stories to tell and hope everyone who watches walks away with ate their long journey since that marathon monday afternoon. i think i just did a really good job of showing what terrorism looks like and how life goes on after it. it's really raw i think it's very powerful that way in boston tim caputo, 7 news night teammedical marijuana shop is now open for business in newton. ribbon cutting ceremony held this more than garden remedy medical marijuana dispensary located washington street. companies founder says she's a breast cancer survivor herself. and started the business so she could help others going through
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cancer i was really haunted by what i went through. no one should have to go through that. so i worked to help get med call marijuana on ballot in massachusetts and help get it pass somewhere in process i realized a physician i'm uniquely qualified to supervise the production and of this medicine. >> the doctor there says her medical marijuana is organically produce and cultivated in are they hoping for are quick recovery for rob gronkowski. tonight still not clear gronk injury will keep him side lined teammates are convince we will seeing him back on field soon here's sports director joe amorosino. all world tight upper body injury for sure after that hit he took from seahawks early thomas. question is how serious is the injury. there are conflicting reports. the nfl network ian rappaport first reporting gronk suffered a
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termed chest injury not punctured lung keep keep in mind nfl network reports a connected back gronk camp espn reports have link back to patriots. bill belichick not adding any clarity today saying only injury report comes out tomorrow of a practice. gronk also cancelling an appearance in video game event in new york city today. boston herald report he was advised against flying we will see if that changes before patriots jet cross country reporting live in newsroom joe amorosino, seven news night team. >> coming up next, what a save a little boy jumps into action when his baby brother takes a dangerous drop. clouds tomorrow morning sun by the afternoon. we start to warm things up once again. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. police with guns drawn searching for man who held appear convenience store in newton. we have details as story develops here in on the news
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intersection is impossible, confusing signs and signals force people to make dangerous decision. i was this close to having someone hit me when hank awe saw this travel tangle she went straight to top. hank investigates clears up this crosswalk confusion wednesday at
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what a speedy saver by quick thinking brother. watch this baby going to roll off changing table and a was he fast as this baby came within inches of landing head first. tonight the little hero is talking about his big save. we're also hearing from a relieved and proud mother. >> watch as one parents nightmare unfolds this 11-month-old baby falls off changing table only to caught by his older brother. >> i was just getting everybody ready for beaked i was home alone with 5 kids and at first i
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wrong. but then i realize really it was just miracle. it must have done something wrong sdeshing of this little guy running in at the right time. and catching him in right moment. she places her 11 monld on changing table in turns turns her back for just a moment to deal with other children first you so i baby's leg go over edge of the table then baby falls more than i fell like something came and pushed me forward. when i happened i just ran and caught him. as you can see that 11-month-old has an angel. his older brother nine-year-old joseph levi who races in and catches nearly 30 pound baby boy. i'm believing person i believe in god i do believe in miracles i just never seen one first hand like in front of my face just happen.
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was me i'm really thankful. >> that mom says she wanted to share her story because it could happen to anyone. in hopes it might help other parents learn from that accident. now 17 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. all right rain out of here drizzle linger's i don't ever night tonight through early tomorrow morning. and then we'll get some sun back here tomorrow afternoon. and mild temperatures return as well. we've got another king tide to deal with coming up on next tide cycle, and, by i do think we will have another issue for the noon high tide tomorrow. because height of that tide will be similar to what we had this afternoon. which, briefly unundated shore roads be mindful that around lunch time tomorrow mono rain tomorrow. linger showers right now. steady's ef rain has moved out of here time line continues to have that steady rain and shower activity fade away break apart.
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so plan on cloudy conditions and you notice these little green speck els here some pockets of drizzle and mist around metro around 7:00 tomorrow morning relatively mild temperature tomorrow morning 50 degrees rainfall tallies this afternoon in this evening this just what we needed we did not need during evening commute grant you that. many cities and towns between 1 and 2 inches of rain city of boston close to an inch of rain. beverly close to two inches of rain. drought is not over but a day like today sure goes long right on top of the city of boston. evening though the steady rain shield its out ahead of little red l. rain shift continue to move north. now this time of year when you have these storms sometimes the storms can actually tap into some around particular air then next day cold blustery. that's not happening tomorrow all mild air still lingering across eastern half united states these were highs this afternoon. so, we have a mild day tomorrow. we'll start with lout of clouds.
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even with partly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon its mild. 53 to 58. at the around 57 tomorrow afternoon. a little bo ror 57. keep in mind normal high is 52. drakut 55. wester hillow 50s. worcester hills low to mid 50s out on to cape island chatham partly sunny skies temperatures in low 50s. thursday, lots of sun. temperatures on thursday in mid and upper 50s. in fact we hold on to the dry mild pattern into the start of the of holiday travel. so we need dry roads sunday will offer scattering showers that's cold front that thing means business because next week it does look like we're heading toward a cold pattern with monday and tuesday featuring high temperatures only in the 40s. good night. local artist makes it to the next round on "the voice" tonight.
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earned spot show top ten last night team blake sinner perform i don't want to miss thing by aerosmith and that performance got her enough votes to stay on show for another week. all right stay right there joe has sports and seahawk that hit gronk is sending patriot a
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and combrong responding just minutes ago on twitter, the respect is nurture all man you got best of me on that one grind is real you showed the fans a real football hit. >> all right. after the celtics shout out a max contract for free agent al horford they couldn't wait oh see four time all star would add for 48-win team full strength celtics last only three games before horford suffered that concussion on halloween celts tills have gone three and 4 since then horford s practice today without an elaborating on his condition he says he doesn't feel up to game action just yet. he did stop short of ruling himself out for tomorrow night's game against mavericks after sitting out and watching two weeks he says he's itching to get back on the court. >> i want to be out helping my team and growing together. but last thing i want to do is to have a set back for you know,
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and setting myself back for longer period of time. so we're trying to be as smart as we can about this. and i just want to a when i'm ready to go i'm good to go. >> major league baseball award season continues in despite coming up short in world series, terry francona named american league manager of the year. he led cleveland to first pennant since 1997. in national league another in his first season with the dodgers he led la to nl west title fighting through major injuries set backs along the way. 28 different players replaced on disabled list throughout season. and tomorrow night ricky porcello finds out if he's a cy young award winner award will be announce 6:00 p.m. that's that's sports. all right joe thank you. here's jimmy with what's coing
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and we all out of time tonight. just think a week ago that we were sitting here for the election time flies, doesn't it? >> a couple late nights and patriots. that one didn't turn out so well we're here together tonight all went well. a rainy day. we're past that now tomorrow's going to be gorgeous one everybody. sunshine. warm. enjoy it i'm kim khazei. i'm adam williams we'll look
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roots crew. >> questlove: 571, alexandria! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that is a hot crowd! [ cheers and applause ] that is a great, great new york city crowd! welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you're here. you made it. [ cheers and applause ]


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