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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this is 7 news at noon. >> we begin with breaking news. a woman life threat anything injuries after being struck by a vehicle in roxbury. this incident happened near roxbury community college and the intersection and malcolm x women's hospital. the driver did stay at the scene, boston police say. also breaking a woman fighting for her life after a brutal attack in hyde park. she was injured during a domestic assault. >> police issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. you see steven cooper live out there following this story for us. >> reporter: no arrests at this hour, but boston police issued an arrest warrant for the
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situation that followed last night in hyde park. we want to show you the suspect that police are looking for right now. they've identified him as 26-year-old jeffrey la bath of hyde park. he's wanted on several charges including two charges of armed assault with intent to murder. this happened, at 8:30 at a home in hyde park. that's where police found a mother who is 43 years old and her 23-year-old daughter. they were bleeding profusely according to the police report. the woman told police that la bath broke into that house and tried to kill them both. la bath, we're told, is the ex-boyfriend of the 23-year-old victim here. police on the scene found five windows at the house had been shattered and there was blood everywhere. neighbors speaking out about the harrowing ordeal now. >> i heard lights, screaming, commotion, stuff we kind of look
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and then it became real just hectic downstairs in my own house. people trying to run around what was going on. that's when i paid attention. heard some more screaming. like, you know desperate screaming. and i heard some glass shatt shattering and my uncle ran downstairs and diffuse the situation a little bit. >> they're looking for jeffrey la bath of hyde park, wanted for charges of armed assault with intent to murder. as for the two victims here, both taken to brigham and women's hospital last night. the conditions unknown right now. the investigation ongoing. we're live in west roxbury this afternoon. steve cooper, 7 news. >> steve, thank you. also breaking this hour, the police officer who shot and killed an african american driver back in july in minnesota will be charged. the aftermath of 32-year-old
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girlfriend. she said that castile was shot reaching for his id after telling the officer he had a gun permit and warning the officer that he was armed. the officer will face second degree manslaughter charges in that case. right now a man hunt underway in newton. police say a masked man with a long gun held up a gas station. >> police are using clues from the scene to track him down. jennifer egan live with our >> reporter: police say the suspect pointed the gun right at the clerk behind the counter. today the robber is still out. the clerk hopes police find him. fosil aseem back at work after being robbed last night. >> i seen the gun. >> reporter: it happened at 9:00 at this gas station by newton center. newton police searched for the suspect with the help of transit and state police but the robber got away, gun in hand. >> he showed what appeared to be a long gun.
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shotgun, bb gun, we don't know at this time. what he did was made off with an undetermined amount of cash. >> he took my [inaudible]. >> he reached over and took the cash? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: police dusted for finger prints, they're hoping for surveillance cameras captured the robbery. fozul has been an employee here for six years, he spent his shift today trying to figure out how the thieve took off cash. >> first time this happened. >> >> reporter: police say the suspect ran away from the gas station on beacon street. right now they're reviewing the surveillance video trying to identify that suspect. >> legal battle brews right now in the supreme court, the state's highest court, related to emmy do con, related to falsifying drug tastes.
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>> police in dorchester investigating a bus crash, it happened earlier this morning in the area of dorchester street. no world yet on injuries or what may have caused the crash. >> and 7 news now taking a live look outside. wait for it. it's dryer conditions today. it's still cloudy. still kind of nasty looking out there. meteorologist wren claire is here with the latest. wren. >> it feels like it should feel, with the patchy c feel so great out there. still looking at mostly cloudy skies. we are going to chip away at the cloud cover. low pressure brought us an inch of rain in boston continues to track northward into northern new england as it does so, we'll see the cloud cover retreat. and more sunshine tomorrow. peaks of sunshine by the late afternoon early evening tonight but still leading on the cloudy end of things. main concern beginning the coastal flood advisory in affect now until 2:00 p.m. this
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so we've already experienced high tide. but we are looking at the chance of minor coastal flooding through the next couple of hours, similar to what we saw yesterday. back to you guys. >> now to a turbulent transition for donald trump reports of firing and disarray on his transition team. but despite this the president-elect tweeting that his transition is very organized. let's go to chris with the latest developments. >> reporter: donald trump's business now facing conflict of interest while the trump administration is in the white house. >> the unkwengsnal president-elect now in a unprecedented position with a brand to think about. trump place getting rid of the trump name. >> we naming the buildings really makes no sense. it's really. >> reporter: a move by people who live there to separate mr. trump, the businessman, and mr. trump, the president. the man who will run the
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how he balances both. >> i'm running a company while i'm doing this stuff, can you believe it? take the trump international hotel, just three blocks from the white house, it's owned by the federal government, in affect making the president-elect his own landlord. as president, trump will be exempt from any conflict of interest laws. but how it looks might matter. when it comes to dealing with nations where he owns properties, 65 in all, 500 companies in 22 countries, like china and ru. center of u.s. foreign relations in the next four years. president-elect trump has long said his children will take over his company's corner offices when he moves into the oval offices. >> we'll be in new york and we'll take care of the business. i think we're going to have a lot of fun doing it and we'll make him very proud. >> but democrats now pouncing on trump's pledge to form a blind trust. asking how behind it can be with the children involved in the
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one president tells nbc, the president asked for the team kushner to be included in the presidential briefing. the trump campaign telling nbc overnight this is not true. top aid kelly ann conway drawing a distinction. >> they're his children. so obviously they'll be support his presidency. and they of course are running the trump corporation. of course they're going to be supportive of their father's presidency, but that's different from the business. >> illustrating the fine line trump's family has to walk. ivanka trump's brand acknowledging it erred in the bracelet she air. and taking to twitter again this morning, president-elect trump, again, pushing back on the top level security request for his children, saying, in that tweet, i did not request it, this was a typically false news story.
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anderson, sluk. >> today sharing the his thoughts about president-elect trump details and vice-president elect mike pence. byron live at the state house with more. byron. >> reporter: just from an governor association meeting in florida, he and other governors had an hour long private meeting with vice-president elect mike pence. baker praised pence for saying he wants t bigger voice in helping to develop white house policy. as for the white house transiti transition, baker is saying he's taking a wait and see approach. publicly he did not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. he was also a controversial political steve bannon strategist. baker says he does not think that massachusetts will suffer because of it.
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make leary wants to union my the presidential election. i said based on bannon's previous remarks and activities that that was a concern to me. but i'm going to take a page from president obama's book on this one who said the other day that he thinks the trump administration's team should be judged by the totality of its appointments. let's see what else happens. >> and governor baker s trump has said about rebuilding the nation's infrastructure. and about keeping certain parts of obamacare. that's the latest live from the state house. i'm byron bennett, 7 news. >> curry college making a stand against reported incidents of hate crimes on campus. administrators say there have been isolated incidents of graffiti on campus the last week. one student told us a series of hate crimes have targeted a
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done to protect everyone on campus. >> no one is getting any repercussions about this. it's going to be excused and we don't find out until a week, a month later. we should find out immediately because our own rights are being taken away by these people on campus. >> the fbi reported an increase in hate crimes since the presidential election. >> the patriots report comes out today and all eyes on practice set for 1:00 and whether tight he took a hard hit in the loss to the seattle seahawks. we just don't know how serious it is. he cancelled an appearance in new york city yesterday. quarterback tom brady taking a moment to poke some fun at the deflategate drama in a commercial for nike.
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or greatness for anything that never even happened. >> of course as you know by now, he was forced to sit out a four game suspension at the beginning of the season. a punishment handed down by nfl commissioner roger goodell. football wrote the ad, and he said he was certainly all in. certainly seems like it. very passionate. >> great acting chops or how he really feels. coming up next at 7 news at noon. new details on the oklahoma city airport man who was killed. >> a new hampshire woman trapped for hours. we'll hear from firefighters who pulled her to safety. >> a fearless in seconds, a boy >> a fearless in seconds, a boy tries to at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. moving forward with compassion.
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moving forward with family. why move forward alone when we can move forward together.
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now, 7 weather. >> welcome back. thanks for joining us.
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home from work. not convenient. quick look at rain totals. here in boston an inch of rain, beverly close to 2 inches of rain. we definitely needed it. just chipping away at therin deficit. still near 10 inches of rain deficit. trace amount of rain today. still cloudy, not feeling too great out there, as winds picked up out of the west. good news, we'll chip away at the cloud cover a little bit in the afternoon. co sunshine. coastal flood advisory in affect until 2:00 p.m. high tide was at noon. really looking at a similar situation to yesterday, still in relation to the king tides correlated to the super moon. but in terms of coastal flooding that does look to be minor for us. current temperatures in the low 40s. really what we woke up to, they haven't budged at all. still upper 40s in worcester. temperatures are theoretically going to warm up for us into the mid 50s. especially if we get a few peaks
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worcester will stay chilly, i believe. you can see how this will trend. we'll lose the cloud cover in southern massachusetts, to our southwest as well. those of us in northeastern, mass. will be the last to lose the cloud cover. that could take even into the evening hours. through the overnight hours, things say partly cloudy for us. in the dinner time, we're in the low 50s. and not going to be we'll be looking at pretty much what we see right now. winds between 20 miles an hour. a couple of gusts out on the cape, up to 22 miles an hour. temperatures into tonight do stay above average, though, and we are well above average as we head into the rest of your forecast. take a look at a the temperature trend. we are looking at temperatures close to 60 degrees through friday. well above our normal highs which are in the lower 50s. i recommend you get out and enjoy it.
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scenarios, back into the mid 40s for the highs. that osour next frontal system bringing us more wet weather. morning drizzle turns into early afternoon drizzle for some of us. but it is patchy. we chip away at the cloud cover late afternoon into early evening. partly cloudy skies, still trending skies in the lower 40s for most of us. worcester in the lower 40s. tomorrow, back to 60 degree weather. plenty of sunshine through saturday. it isn't until saturday that we have >> a powerful journey portrayed in the new documentary about the survivors of the boston marathon bombings. this film centers on their stories. and it includes surveillance footage and news clips even some home videos. >> and yesterday dozens gathered in boston for the emotional premiere. >> this isn't hollywood's version. this is real life. >> in this documentertary, it's only a teeny tiny glimpse into our lives. there's been some really really
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some really good days. and those days are still going on. >> celeste cork ran is one of several boston marathon bombing survivors documented in the documentary. batch's theatre district on tuesda it premiered. into the lives of those directly impacted by the attack. and how those are still coping. >> we haveo about what our experience has been like. at the same time, we think it's important not to just show people snapshots of recovery. but the whole trajectory of it. that's far more complicated but it's real. >> even those seeing others injured say other survivors stories recovering is -- >> seeing the other victims going through and all of that stuff. >> they hope that everyone who watches walks away with a better understanding at their long
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>> i think this did a really good job at what terrorism looks like and how life goes on after it. and it's really raw and really powerful. >> the documentary is dedicated to the victims who were killed in the attacks. t it's set to premiere on hbo monday night. >> still ahead, water worries at schools across the state. how many buildings currently impacted and what's being done to keep water levels save. >> a 9-year-old rushing to rescue his little brother.
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we have a story about a heart stopping rescue in florida. a 9-year-old boy makes a sibling safe when his baby brother goes tumbling off of that changing table. whoa. so he was inches from hitting the ground head first. >> yeah, pretty scary right there. the close call caught on camera, and story. >> reporter: watch as the parents nightmare unfolds. this 11-month-old baby falls off of the changing table as his brother saves his little brother. >> i was home alone with the five kids and at first i said, i messed up, i did something wrong. but then i realized it was just a miracle. i must have done something right to be deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment.
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five. she places her 11-month-old on the changing table and turns her back for a moment to deal with her other children. first you see the baby's leg go over the fetch of the table. then the baby falls more than four feet. >> i would've never caught him. i can't run that fast. so i felt like something came and just pushed me forward. then when it happened, i just ran and caught him. >> as you can see that 11-month-old has an angel. it's his older brother. in and catches the nearly 30 pound baby boy. >> i'm a believing person, i believe in god. i do believe in miracles. i just never seen one first hand in front of my face happen. >> miracles can happen always. but since this time, it was me, i'm really thankful. >> reporter: i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> that just makes your heart stop, doesn't it. >> i remember when i had my first child, i would put the changing table down on the
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scary. >> me too. >> much more ahead on 7 news, flags torn up at brown university and a vandalism happening on veterans day. how patriots are responding. >> constructing a home for a ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. , you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans that offer everything from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs. we have new dental coverage options too. and we even offer plans with no medical deductible and no referrals. plus, all our plans come with the peace of mind that you get when you have a health plan
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that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at
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some patriots players lending a hel an off day building a home for a veteran who lost his leg serving in iraq. malcolm butler and others served inside of a house on tuesday. being built for chris gomes who lost his right leg back in 2008. the new home adapted to allow him to use his prosthetic and his wheelchair. >> it's incredible. it gives me a chance to, you know, recover, i can push myself a little more. and live without some fear in my life. >> there's a lot of veterans out
12:27 pm
in. i just say it's a good job and you know, supporting our troops, you know, protecting us and then us being able to do what we do today in america. >> so true. the organization homeless for our troops is building the house for the family. chris, his wife, and their son are set to move in just in time for the holidays. >> so they have to bring the crew back to do the decorating for the holidays as well. >> yeah, i would like to see that. >> looks really good and a nice job. much more to come in the next half hour, a in florida, with two trains careens off of a track and spilling fuel. >> a massive cement truck spins out of control. cameras rolling as it flips over. and whiild fires raging out of control in the southeast. the dry conditions making it even more difficult for crews. >> the last few weeks we haven't seen dry conditions.
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woman has life-threatening injuries after struck by a vehicle in roxbury. it happened near roxbury community college at the intersection of malcolm x boulevard and columbus avenue. she was transported to brigham and women's hospital. and police say the driver did remain there at the scene. >> also breaking, a woman is fighting for her life after a brutal attack in hyde park. police say she was injured during a domestic assault. >> police say she issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in this in boston. >> reporter: no arrests at this hour. but again, we've been here roxbury district court all day waiting for the arraignment. that's not happening right now. because boston police issued an arrest warrant following the terrifying home invasion overnight. let's show you the mug shot of the suspect police are hunting for right. 26-year-old jeffrey la bath wanted for home invasion charge plus two accounts of armed assault with intent to murder.
12:31 pm
at huntington park. found a mother, 43 years old and her 23-year-old daughter bleeding profusely from the neck and face area. the woman told police la bath broke into the house and tried to kill them. la bath is the ex-boyfriend of the 23-year-old victim here. police found five windows at the house that had been shattered and they say blood all over the crime scene. neighbors speaking out about horrifying ordeal. >> i heard light screaming, kind of a commotion, just stuff we kind of look past. but you know, took note of. and then it became real just hectic downstairs in my own house. people trying to figure out what was going. that's when i paid attention. i heard some more screaming, desperate screaming. i heard some glass crash up and my uncle ran downstairs and kind of diffused the situation a
12:32 pm
this is jeffrey la bath of hyde park. he's wanted on a home invasion charge, plus two counts of armed assault with intent to murder. as for those victims the mother and daughter both were taken over to brigham and women's hospital with serious injuries. they were attacked with a knife, according to police. and investigators say they are still looking for la bath right now. we're live in west roxbury this afternoon. steve cooper, 7 news. >> the police officer who shot and killed a driver in minnesota in july, the aftermath was scene on facebook live here, and he will now be charged. 7's chris anderson in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: krista, this is a very high profile case. and learning new developments in the past half hour. prosecutors say they will charge the minnesota police officer who shot and killed 32-year-old philando castile during the traffic stop.
12:33 pm
facebook by castile's girlfriend. she said castile was shot while reaching for the identification. after telling the officer he had a gun permit and warning that he was armed. the officer will now face second degree manslaughter charges. prosecutors holding a news conference and speaking about the meeting it had with castile's family. >> i met with them last night. they are a very strong family and i'll let them speak for what they thought at the meeting. but we had a chance to meet with them and inform them and i think they were very generally accepting and supportive of what we're doing today. >> reporter: that police officer is set to appear in court tomorrow afternoon where he will face the manslaughter charges. we will of course follow that story and continue to bring you updates here on air and online as well. that is the latest live in newsroom, chris anderson, 7 news. >> a manhunt underway for this man, an armed and dangerous
12:34 pm
long gun, held up a gas station. and today, police are using clues from the scene to try to track him down. >> 7's jennifer egan talked to the clerk on duty at the time. >> reporter: fozul azeem back at work after being robbed at gun the point last night. it happened in newton center. newton police searched for the suspect with the help of transit and state police but the robber got away, gun in hand. >> a long gun. we don't know if this is a rifle shotgun, bb gun, we just don't know at this time. what he did was made off with an undetermined amount of cash. >> he took [inaudible]. >> >> reporter: he reached over and took the cash? >> yeah. >> reporter: police dusted for finger print. they're hoping surveillance videos captured the robbery. fozul has been a clerk here for 17 years. spent the first part of his
12:35 pm
>> i was so scared. >> reporter: police say the suspect ran away from the gas station here on beacon street. they're reviewing surveillance video trying to identify him. in newton, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> the new hampshire supreme court hearing arguments today in the appeal for convicted killer seth mazzaglia. mazzaglia claims the trial court should've allowed evidence that marriott expressed an interest in certain sexual activities. marriott was a student at police say mazzaglia killed her in 2012 after she refused to have sex with him. her body has never been found. >> a robbery at suffolk university, two students at an atm approached by two men to ask money. one of the victims said the robber had a gun but never revealed it or said he had a gun. the victim started to walk away and followed by the suspects. the suspects turned, went the other direction, when security guards approached. and police are still out there still searching for those
12:36 pm
recovering from a serious head injury after he was attacked outside of his own home. officers say they found the 46-year-old man bleeding from the head after being struck with some sort of object. they say the victim was conscious at the time. police do not have any suspects at this time. >> 7 news with your forecast. parts of the state drying out after yesterday's rain falls. temperatures on the radar for today. let's send it over to claire with more on your forecast. >> not terribly comfortable drizzle, a little gloomy. but our main concern today in terms of headlines in the weather department, the chance for coastal flooding. we're still under a coastal flood advisory currently until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. minor coastal flooding is possible. this is still in relation to the super moon and king tides that we're seeing today that were at noon. right now mostly cloudy skies, patchy drizzle. we are going to dry out and many of us actually already have. we'll start to clear out cloud cover from southern massachuetts and then
12:37 pm
of sunshine early evening hours. for some of us. temperatures are sitting here in the low 50s. been here all morning. worcester still chilly in the upper 40s. if we get a couple of peaks of sunshine, we could see some areas hit 56 or 57 degrees. >> a woman trapped in new hampshire, her car crashed and went into the woods. for hours stuck in below freezing temperatures. now we're hearing from two of the firefighters who pulled that woman t up tuesday morning that a passer by spotted this car on its side in the woods off of route 27 in epping new hampshire. >> found the woman in the car, conscious, alert. >> she had bought the volkswagen the day before. she was on the road, when she lost control and rolled down an embankment 75 feet into the woods. for eight hours, she kept warm, using clothes she had taken out
12:38 pm
clothes out of the other one, and it paid off for her. >> firefighters had to cut off the roof of the car to get her out. >> through it all kept her sense of humor. >> she said, don't wreck my car. how do you feel about a convertible? and she started laughing. >> she's lucky people spotted her deep within the woods. >> i think she should consider herself lucky, eight hours in a vehicle on a heat, that's a long time. >> i would say so. the woman will be released from the hospital sometime later today. >> a popular rhode island park struck by vandals. members of the nonprofit that owns the hope village green park says the custom gazebo seriously damaged and a railing was smashed. they estimate the damage to be around $1,000. the vandalism comes just before the park's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony that happens every thanksgiving weekend. is this is now the second time
12:39 pm
has been vandalized. >> like that, break things up, just to be mean and vision. very very disconcerting. we hope somebody will know who did it so maybe we can stop it from happening again. >> officials say all of the damage will be fixed before next week's tree lighting event. they urge residents to be on the look for any suspicious activity. >> found high levels of lead in more than 160 state. they collected water samples in schools across massachusetts. 164 schools had at least one test that came back above recommended lead levels. on tuesday, the massachusetts clean water trust announced an additional $750,000 in funding to help make sure drinking water in schools is safe. the mbta is conducting a survey to determine the demand for overnight bus service in and around boston. officials can fill out the
12:40 pm
currently available on the mbta's website, the results will then be presented to the mbta fiscal and management board on thursday. members of the board ended the weekend bus service back in march. >> a vandal caught in the act. some video shows a young woman tossing a small handful of american flags on the ground at brown university. the student who took the video says that he saw more being stomped on, ripped in half, and thrown in the now students are coming forward saying they are disgusted by what they saw. >> actually kind of sad. i've seen too many people go home under the flag. to see it just disscarleded that way, to see it just trashed that way, really you froms straits me. makes me upset. >> students say they heard the trash destroying was in relation to the news of donald trump.
12:41 pm
fertilizer, the other carrying coal. one headed southbound, the other northbound, when the accident happened. more than 20 cars jumped the track. two people suffered minor injuries in that crash. the victim killed in a shooting at the oklahoma city airport is the father of an nfl player. 52-year-old michael winchester was an employee of southwest airlines and he was also the father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester. inveat targeted by the shooter while walking from terminal to his car. >> we were able to determine very very quickly that it was not an active shooter situation. we do believe this was a premeditated act against the victim. this was not random. >> the shooter has been found dead inside of his pickup truck in the airport parking garage. police are still searching for a motive. >> we're following more news for you today. raging wild fires burning through forests across the
12:42 pm
flames so hard to put out. and today, a burn band is in affect in some of the hard hit areas to prevent the fires from spreading. frj>> more than 80,000 acres burning across the southeast. more than half of those in north carolina, where firefighters are working around the clock. >> there were a couple of times where we stood there and the fire comes over the hill and starts building up and running up trees and stuff. >> reporter: fighting the flamea of the drought and treacherous terrain. >> this fire is challenging because the fuel is so extremely dry as well as the terrain is very very steep. and those two combined we're not able to put tractors or people in places that we normally would. >> no homes have been dustin pedroia but some people have been forced to evacuate and residents are worried. >> scary, yeah. we've got a house down there. >> reporter: and a nasa photo shows just how widespread the fires are.
12:43 pm
feet up into the air. right now, there's little rain in the forecast and it's not clear when the fires will be controlled. >> and officials say strong winds are expected later this week which could push those flames towards several other communities as well. >> everyone is okay after a cement truck over turned in arizona. according to witnesses, the truck was trying to make it through the intersection before the light changed. crews spent hours getting the truck back up righ thanksgiving holiday almost here. we'll have a sneak peak of the floats down fifth avenue come up next week. >> as we inch towards the thanksgiving holiday are we
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
welcome back. 12:46, a live look over boston. kind better than yesterday. >> it is. small improvements they mean a lot. >> very small improvement. today a bit of drizzle, today's main concern is just coastal flooding. that looks to be minor. still under a coastal flood advisory until 2:00 p.m. in relation to the king tides still correlating to the super moon we've seen. and that high tide pulled through at noon. those along the coast are most liable to see the flooding.
12:47 pm
yesterday. not seeing anything like this today. the evening commute much easier here. beverly getting close to 2 inches. in boston, 1 inch of rain. belmont around 1.5. today trace amounts a couple of .01 inch of rain, at best for us. you think with an inch or two of rain, we'd be doing a lot better but still slowly chipping away at that. close to 10 inch deficit. definitely more rain needed to come our way. we have to hold off until sunday. right now a patchy drizzle. mostly cloudy skies. low pressure sitting to our north. that's going to scoot out of the region. as it does, high pressure scoot in from the west. that will bring us nice air, warm up and see some sunshine. we've got a couple of temperatures in upper 40s.
12:48 pm
which is pretty much where we started out the day. winds ending up out of the west for us here today. blustery between 10 and 20 miles per hour. we've also seen some gusts up to 20 miles an hour across the coast as well as the cape here. temperatures top off in the mid 50s for us. i think we are going to struggle to see this, especially if we can't get a couple of breaks in cloud cover. this computer model showing us we should manage a couple of breaks in cloud cover. i think we could see that in evening hours. that is going to help us get in the mid 50s. potentially some of us seeing 56, 57 degrees as well. that waits to be seen. if we don't manage to lose some of the cloud cover by the late afternoon, we definitely start to see the trend into the evening. chip away at the cloud cover bit by bit with mroufdz in the overnight hours. eventually using the cloud cover in far northern mass. today, we saw the morning
12:49 pm
afternoon drizzle in parts. but patchy drizzle. mostly cloudy skies for most of the day. and thin that cloud cover out in the afternoon. seasonal if not a little bit above average. we certainly stay above average as we head into the rest of the workweek. high pressure moves in and we keep things dry until sunday. >> coming up, macy's gearing up for the biggest parade of the year. the new floats featured in next week parade. >> apple's
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in just one week, more than two dozen colorful floats will fly among the manhattan skyline for the annual macy's thanksgiving parade. >> today we get a sneak peak. go to chris anderson with more. >> reporter: really brings you back to your childhood.
12:52 pm
making their appearance. and organizers are excited to show them off. >> from fantasy conception, to tangible magic. >> it's amazing, seeing all of the colors and all of the artwork. >> the floats and the balloons are the stars of the show. and there will be a couple of new additions this year. the aloha spirit a working water fall, the girl scouts building a better world deck the halls and crazy blues house. they're elaborate and no doubt expeiv york to the country. when you get a gift, you never ask the price. >> building the floats is the easy part. but breaking them down to roll into new york city the day before the parade is no easy feat. >> all of these three-story 24 foot wide 30 to 40 feet long floats have to come apart and collapse and dismantle down to no more than 8 and a half feet wide, no more than 12 and a half feet tall and they've got to go
12:53 pm
way of the parade. only one year, it was cancelled in world war ii. it marched on in 9/11 and six days after the kennedy assassination. >> the kennedy family reached out to me and said, please make sure the parade goes on because the country needs it. and to do so reminds everybody just so great things can be. >> and with political protests breaking out across the country, more important than ever. >> we are going to move forward with the greatest country, the greatest democracy on the planet. >> so many great fun colors if you're not planning to make the trek down to new york city for the parade, can you still watch it from the comfort of your couch right here on 7 news nbc. >> while you're basing the turkey. >> coming up next on 7 news, apple rolling out a new fine jet, before the holiday season coming up next. >> when do we roll out some
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apple's latest product on sale today. the photo book chronic kels the company's past product design were and dedicated to steve jobs, apple's founder. it's titled designed by apple in california. the small size costs $199. the large, $299. >> there you go. hey, let's get a final check of the forecast with wren. >> we've been talking a lot
12:57 pm
affect until 2:00 p.m. high tide at noon for us. we're dealing with the high tide related to the super moon. king tides. very high tide for us. we do have a chance for high tide into tomorrow as well. we'll be mondayt toring. but forest of today. pretty quiet. drying out, patchy drug drizzle now moufltdz. temperatures topping out in the mid 50s for us. get outside and enjoy the near 60 degree weather. plenty of sunshine tomorrow and to wrap up your by next week, temperatures more seasonable in the mid 40s. >> that will do it for 7 news at noon. thanks for joining us today. i'm sara french and i'm krista delcamp. don't forget to come back for 7 news. have a great day. ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0,
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>> >> theresa: i'm ready. >> shane: for a while there i wasn't sure you'd be walking out of here. healthy or-- or even alive. oh, my god, i couldn't bear that, my sweet, little girl. >> theresa: i'm so sorry. it just--it's just when i was hopeless, dad. i mean, brady's love is... stronger than i could've ever imagined, but he has to let go. he just has to. >> shane: and i will help you... >> theresa: okay. >> shane: in any way i can, but if i think for a single second that you can't handle what's about to happen-- >> theresa: no, no, i can, dad. i can. i have to.


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