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tv   7 News  NBC  November 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. >> now at 7:00 dive teams search for a missing person in westborough. >> anchor: a store clerk comes face to face with an armed robber in newton. >> reporter: the rain is over and done with. return to sunshine and milder air for a couple days. ; gronk wasn't on the field foxborough will he be there sunday. >> doesn't mean anything's going on. >> anchor: tom brady taking a shot. >> anchor: and he's getting the last laugh. >> 7 news at 7 o'clock starts now. >> anchor: new developments in the murder of a princeton jogger. detectives say her killer is still out there. >> anchor: now police are trying to track down a vehicle that was near the scene of the crime. john cocoa live for us in
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tonight, john. >> reporter: jadiann police say they have a new clue that could help them with this case. looking for a dark colored suv. new details in the death of vanessa marcotte. witnesses told police a dark colored suv was parked near the scene of the murder. the district attorney said the car was seen parked on brooks station road. the boston university alumni worked r city. and was visiting family in princeton. her family reported her missing when she didn't come back from the run. search crews combed through the woods for days looking for evidence. and police and family members called for the public for any clues into her death. looking for a suspect who may have had injuries after august 7th. and again police are looking for
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asked to call the tip line associated with this case. live in princeton john cocoa 7 news. ; this is the tip line that number on your screen (508)453-7589. >> anchor: a suspect gunning for trouble at a newton gas station. surveillance cameras rolling on the whole thing. that masked man grabbed cash and took off. tim details for us tonight. tim. >> reporter: the clerk who was robbed last night was back at work early this morning. he gave police that surveillance video and hoping people recognize the man in the video both by looking at him and hearing from him. it happens in a second. >> open the register. >> reporter: around 9 last night a masked robber with a gun in hand demands the clerk of this
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the stunned clerk doesn't move fast enough for the theif. he grabs the money himself. azim worked at this station for 17 years is still in shock. >> yeah, he has a gun. i see the gun. >> reporter: the armed robber sprinted away after leaving the gas station. azim called 911. last night newton police said they weren't re was real. >> he showed what appeared to be a long gun. we don't know at this time. >> reporter: azim back at work trying to figure out how much money was stolen. police dusted for fingerprints then released this video. he's got a bandana over his mouth and wearing a hat. in this surveillance video you could hear his voice. >> all of it. give it to me. >> reporter: azim wasn't hurt
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ordeal. >> this is the first time to happen. >> reporter: back out here live the police officer now parked in the gas station parking lot. we are a few feet away from newton center. a heavily populated area where people come to eat dinner and do business here. the officer told me he's here for presence at this point. tim caputo 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the weather. boston drying out after getting a meteorologist kris lambert with your forecast. >> reporter: sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. right now we have clouds still around. you may have noticed peaks of sun in the afternoon. the bulk of the rain off to the north and east of us now. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. rather mild for the time of year. back across the great lakes relatively mild air the next couple of days.
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mid to upper 50s tomorrow. close to 60 on friday. so you take a look at the forecast we are dry through saturday. few showers rolling in on sunday. this will transition us to a gusty wind and chilly air by monday. go over that and the 7 day forecast coming up. >> anchor: investigators say the crash happened in front of a fire station near gal vin boulevard. 3 parked fire truck. at least 2 people were rushed to the hospital. one person may have life threatening injuries. police are investigating what caused the crash. >> anchor: police search for a missing man. boats and dive crews in the water but did not find anything. now police say this is the missing man brian karens. he was reported missing yesterday. he's from northborough.
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invasion in hyde park. he broke into a home and brutally attacked a woman. he is on the run and considered dangerous. steve cooper has the details from hyde park for us. >> it's heart breaking. i don't know what to say about it. >> reporter: this is a mug shot of jeffly la bath. the 26-year-old they say busted into his exgirlfriend's home stabbing the 23-year-old victim along mother. >> i heard more screaming like you know desperate screaming. i heard glass crash up. >> reporter: both victims were rushed to the hospital suffering from multiple stab wounds to the neck and face. police say he also smashed the wind shield of this rav 4 parked in the driveway. >> i seen the dude looking back
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him. >> reporter: spent hours overnight processing the bloody crime scene before removing a silver colored knife and a hammer from one of the bedrooms. neighbors are horrified hearing details of the violent confrontation. >> it's very concerning. i'm happy that something worse didn't happen. >> reporter: as the victims continued to recover la bath is facing a string of charges and 2 upon counts of with intent to murder. steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: the patriots hitting the field in foxborough. where is gronk? the star tight end missing practice after a chest injury. >> anchor: and that could mean a blow to the pats offense. trey daerr standing by in the newsroom with an update for us. >> reporter: playing through pain is something every player has to deal with in the nfl. and there is no injury situation
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involving tom brady and rob gronkowski. >> it's a tough game and guys are doing their best to you know do whatever it takes to help the team. >> reporter: despite taking what he called one of the hardest hits in his career gronkowski managed to finish the game sunday night. bill belichick had little to say. >> if you don't have him this week how much does the past experienof this season maybe help your team? >> i don't know. >> reporter: what we do know is the patriots averted disaster with tom brady escaping a major injury from sea hawks safety chancellor. seeing their quarterback bounce back from adversity. >> he's our leader. he's a great quarterback. see him get hit like that. he got hit pretty good.
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>> reporter: mental and physical toughness that has the patriots primed for a rebound performance against the 49ers. >> it motivates you. they're leaders on our team. anytime you see that you see a guy going out there and pushing something to the side and playing through something whatever it is your respect level goes higher higher for them. >> reporter: the patriots injury report released before 5 p.m. rob gronkowski did not tom brady did not appear on the practice report. trey daerr 7 news. >> anchor: following more news today quincy police searching for this man who they say robbed a mosque twice. he allegedly stole donation boxes and audio equipment. he's caught riding away from the mosque on sunday on a blue scooter. police say he robbed other local businesses and have a warning for business owners tonight. >> lock the businesses.
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notice a break please call us right away. most importantly be on the look out for the scooter. >> anchor: police are asking anyone with information about this man to give them a call. >> anchor: the suspect of an arson in lawrence is under arrest. burning a building after being arrested last night police say she set fire to a building that spread. a building where she and several homeless people were using for the fire ended up damaging 7 buildings and 3 fire fighters were hurt battling those flames. a driver hit a pedestrian near malcolm x boulevard and columbia ave. the driver did stay at the scene. >> anchor: trial trouble for convicted killer gary sampson. saying sampson tried to attack him in 2011. surveillance video shown in
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of the cell and trying to slash the worker with a broom stick. the prison worker says he could have been stabbed. sampson is back in court after being convicted of murdering 3 people. he was sentenced to death in 2004. that decision is overturned. sampson admitted to the killings and turned himself in. >> anchor: now to donald trump's transition to owner robert craft paying a visit to trump tower. trump is reportedly vetting to become treasury secretary. one of many big decisions that president elect trump has to make in coming days. sneaking away with his family donald trump told diners at a restaurant he will lower their taxes. >> get your taxes down. >> anchor: tax cuts are a
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we can execute the economic plan. >> anchor: is the trump transition disorganized. chris christie is out. >> there's been a coupe of sorts. christy had the transition. a lot of the christy people are being purge. >> reporter: i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. reassurance from joe biden as he hosted mike pence. >> i'm confident on day 1 everything hands. >> anchor: there's coverage of rudy giuliani possible conflicts. he worked for a company pushing the keystone pipeline that requires state department approval. senate democrats issued a warning. >> on issues where we disagree you can expect a strong and tough fight. >> anchor: democrats say they will not automatically oppose trump nominees.
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conservative anti-abortion supreme court nominee to the senate. download the 7 news mobile or tablet apps. >> anchor: up next on the news station a deflate gate jab. tom brady getting to the punch line in his latest ad. >> reporter: the weekend 50/50 split. >> anchor: catching up with new kids on the block the hit band talks the upcoming tour and chance to play at fenway intersection is impossible. confusing signs and signals forcing people to make dangerous decisions. when hank saw this traffic tangle she went to the top. >> you'll get that change.
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>> anchor: all right. tom brady spot on in his latest commercial. the deflate gate the saga around that. the ad was filmed in chest nut hill. >> anchor: we get a closer look now from 7's dan hausle. >> just because something's great year after year doesn't mean something's going on. >> reporter: tom brady seething with anger in unfound allegations from foot locker. deflate gate never spoken. >> it starts with questions. questions turn into assumptions.
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vacations. why would you punish greatness for something that never happened. >> reporter: happy to let me give him a first look. >> solid acting definitely. >> you wouldn't think he would have those emotions. >> i'd be curious to hear his take on that. >> reporter. >> tom's a good actor. that's his thing th with emotions like that. >> it was almost like it was natural for him. >> reporter: edelman the only one that thought brady theeded help. >> need pore pore chino in him. >> reporter: the commercial was shot in the final week of brady suspension. tom brady fan but admits she doesn't know much about football. >> when i start to move live in
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liked him. i don't understand about the game. >> reporter: you don't know about deflate gate. >> no. >> reporter: so you don't get the joke but you like it's in the commercial and he's here. >> yes. >> reporter: dan hausle 7 news. >> anchor: he got into that. you see the anger in his face. maybe those months of waiting to happen at deflate gate. >> anchor: time to let it go. i love that the owner admits she has no idea what is going on but on board. >> anchor: yep. >> anchor: kris standing by for us. a little rain out of here. a little nice break for us. >> reporter: we have a lot of drying to do. big puddles the last couple of days. peabody close to 2. slow process today. it was dry outside this afternoon. bellingham 1.45 inches of rain. including boston picked about an inch of rain.
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a couple degrees in boston. 54 degrees. the average high 52. upper 50s to the south. it's comfortable outside. upper 40s and low 50s right now fading back into the low 40s overnight tonight. all of that water we got fire hose of it in new brunswick right now that continues to lift off to the north. you have to go all the way back to the western interior of the doesn't look like much across the rockies. this will gather strength and be a storm for portions for minnesota and portions of south dakota. a blizzard watch is posted for western minnesota and eastern south dakota for friday into friday night. likely it would get extended across central and northern minnesota as that storm delivers 8 to 12 inches of snow and a wind driven snow across portions
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over the weekend. showers around and a gusty wind that develops. not the next couple of days. mild sunshine by friday. saturday enjoying dry weather. hold for the low 50s along the coastline on saturday. the upper 50s inland. away from your coastline warmest to start the weekend. sunday a front in an area of low pressure crosses new england. that will provide showers and a into sunday night. goodbye to the mild air once we get into sunday night. monday and tuesday blast of chilly air with gusty wind. we are talking about winds occasionally gusting over 30 miles an hour. likely seeing the strongest winds on monday. either side of 40 in the suburbs. 45 in boston. mix of sun and clouds tomorrow.
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nice day overall. take a look at the 7 on 7 forecast no real cool air over the weekend at least to start. second half of the weekend watch the dropping temperatures sunday afternoon. upper 30s low 40s by monday. >> anchor: like the sound effects too. a home town tour. the new kids on the bock at fenway park. we'll hear from the band. right after the break. >> do you have a thanksgivi tradition. >> if not perhaps you'd like to
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>> anchor: new kids on the block back in boston. >> anchor: the band hanging out with fans at fenway park. the boy band which started in boston met with fans at the green monster today. they needed to make a stop in their home town. >> boston's a special pl us. it's home. kind of the anchor to the whole tour to the total package tour is fenway park. >> coming home. since we got back together in 2008 the response we had from our home town meant so much to
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silence. >> his tongue was down by throat. >> her explosive first tv interview about battling sexual harassment. >> now on "extra." ? ? she brought down powerful fox news chief roger ailes. gretchen carlson speaking out for the first time since she walked away with $20 million. >> do you feel like you won? then, what carlson's former colleague megyn kelly thinks about her emotional new confession. >> do you think she is brave for coming out. >> a.j. sitting down with megyn today taking on her critics, take on ailes.


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