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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> promoting peace after receiving a disturbing delivery. families here in nadic countering hate with messages of love. >> who has the green light? crosswalk confusion causing a traffic tangle. tonight, hank investigates. and -- hey tom, tell us how you really feel. >> so why would you punish the -- greatness for something that never even happened? >> brady lets loose at a local diner. >> a crucial new clue in the murder of this princeton woman. vanessa marcott's murder has gone unsolved for months now. >> she was found dead along side of a road in princeton in early august after she went for a jog. john coco is live in pries ton with the latest tonight. >> kim, authorities are looking for a dark-colored s.u.v. that was in the area at the time of the murder. it's just one more piece that will hopefully help police close this case.
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vanessa marcott was found in the woods near her family's home in august. the investigation into her murder has never stopped. and now police believe they have a key piece of information to lead them to her killer. the district attorney's office says they are looking for a dark colored s.u.v. witnesses say the vehicle was parked on brook station road where marcott was found and where the murder is thought to have taken place. was likely injured at the time of the attack. the boston university alum now worked for google and was visiting family in princeton when she went out for a jog. her family reported her missing when she didn't come back from the run. search crews combed the woods for days looking for evidence. police and family members called on the public for any clues into her death. now they are hoping this clue about the dark colored s.u.v. can land whoever did this in
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anyone with information to call this tip line at 508-483-7589. area police departments have also been told to be on the lookout and to keep this investigation in mind. >> breaking news now regarding the trump transition. sources telling nbc news president-elect donald trump plans to name lieutenant general michael flynn as his national security the president-elect still trying to narrow down the rest of his cabinet. >> flynn is a controversial figure and many are saying his election as national security adviser would send a shock wave through the community. trump is said to like flynn for his stand on iraq. headed up the intelligence agency. he's a registered democrat but sharply critical of hillary clinton when he spoke at the republican national convention this past summer.
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tries to show his transition is not in turmoil. tonight, through trump towers' revolving door, a count down to cabinet selections. another name now in the mix for secretary of state, south carolina governor nicky haley set to meet with trump tomorrow. she begrudgingly backed trump even after he said her constituents are embarrassed by her. governor, are you going to support donald trump? >> it's great to be in cleveland. >> eight days in, president-elect donald trump's looking a lot like candidate trump did. inside his transition team much of what campaign, internal jockeying, leadership changes, complaints privately and publicly, no one really knows who is in charge. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. >> vice president-elect mike pence, the new transition team leader, touring his soon-to-be home today with vice president joe biden. trump's team blames the griping on sour grapes from people forced out as they purged lobbyists. >> i was in d.c. yesterday at the transition offices.
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made their first cabinet nominations within a few days of their opponents conceding, it took president obama two weeks, president-elect more than a month. by that time line, president-elect's on pace. >> every transition goes through chaos. every transition goes through turnover. >> trump's insisting his is going smoothly. in a tweet attacking the media like he did his whole campaign. one day after dining with his family ditching reporters assigned to follow him breaking decades of protocol. visitors have been arriving at trump tower to meet with the president-elect including new england patriots owner robert craft who was called trump a close friend. he was spotted at trump tower just before 2:00 today. again the breaking news tonight, nbc news is reporting that president-elect trump has selected lieutenant general michael flynn as his security adviser. hillary clinton back in the spotlight tonight for the first time since her concession speech one week ago. she took the stage in washington
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children's defense fund and, she did speak about her presidential loss. >> now, i will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the eastiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express. >> reporter: the group is honoring secretary clinton's life-long work on behalf of children's issues. >> now, from the night team, a worried worker face-to-face with a dangerous man. >> hurry up. give it to me. all of it. >> reporter: newton police searching for a robber on the run. >> a long gun you might have seen in that video just inches from a newton convenience store worker who was forced to watch the robber grab all the cash in
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in newton tonight. >> that store was reopened today. on top of that, the worker who was robbed at gunpoint was back at work early this morning. he was not injured but at this point, no arrests have been made. both that worker and police tonight hoping that robber's caught soon. with a gun pointed at him, the gas station clerk froze. >> hurry up. give it to me. all of it. didn't hand it over fast enough so the masked robber grabbed a fistful of crash himself and rushed become out the door he came in. >> just here, from here you know. >> the armed robbery only took 20 seconds. azim was back at work at the newton center gulf station trying to figure out how much was stolen tuesday night. he said he never considered fighting back not once he saw the gun. >> yeah, he pointed the gun. yeah, he has a gun, yeah, i seen the gun. >> several heavily armed police
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searched around the gas station but the thief was long gone. the robber was wearing a hat and what looks like a bandana over his face. investigators are hoping someone recognizes him, if not by how he look, then by his voice, which was recorded on the surveillance video. >> would you open the register please, open it. open the register. now. come on. hurry up. give to me. >> azim who has worked here 17 years wasn't hurt in the robbery but is still in shock. >> yeah, so scared, because you know the first time to happen in i am working from long time in this position. >> and that clerk says he couldn't tell if that robber got into a car after he left that business or had someone waiting for him outside. again, no arrests have been made in this case. if you happen to recognize the man in that surveillance video, you are asked to call newton police. new at 11:00 a green line train goes off the tracks in brighton. it happened on a b-line trolly near com avenue and lake street tonight. no one was hurt.
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of a dorchester fire station on galavan boulevard. a parked fire truck was also hit in the incident. no one was inside at the time. police say at least two people were rushed to the hospital and they are still investigating. boston police are looking for a man who they say stabbed two people. 26-year-old jeffrey lebath is accused of breaking into a home in hyde park last night stabbing his exgirlfriend and her mother. both of those women are still in the hospital tonight. sky 7 over westborough today as policeea man. boats and divers were out on sandra pond but didn't find anything. police say this is the missing man. he was reported missing yesterday and his car was found near sandra pond. police do not suspect foul play. families in nadic promoting peace after man receives two racially charged letters at his doorstep. it comes just days after threats against teachers were found inside a high school bathroom. kimberly bookman is live in
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it was organized by a nadic mom through a facebook post. she told people to bring sign, nothing political, just about the town they wanted to live in. >> in nadic center, homemade signs and passionate pleas made by people of every generation. >> everybody has worth, everyone has dignity and everyone is welcome in nadic. >> this rally for peace comes after days of unrest. >> sometimes people do bad things and even in towns as wonderful and as loving as nadic. >> just this week, racist graffiti was found on the wall of a student bathroom at nadic high school calling for the deportation of two teachers. this freshman couldn't look the other way so she came here to use her voice, instead. >> if enough people come out, maybe it will change minds. >> last week, a nadic resident reported getting two letters with racial slurs in them. police say the notes threatened not to bring black people into the neighborhood. that prompted this mom to get on social immediatey and fight the
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this is not going down in nadic. we have to do something about this right now. [horns honking] >> so during the evening rush hour they stood on each corner and made their message known. and they were heard. drivers beeping their horns and giving thumbs up. >> if we are passive or apathetic, then the bad stuff is going to prevail. but if we get civically engaged and out there and we continue to fight and have conversations that are rpe ears open, then maybe we will understand. >> so again, there are two investigations going on in this town at this point. one at the high school and one in a neighborhood not too far from the town center. so far, no arrests have been made. also from the night team, word tonight of a big honor for a sox ace. >> but first the patriots playing things close to the chest when it comes to gronc's chest injury.
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what is aling him but whatever is bothering all-pro tight end, it's bad enough to keep him off the practice field. he sat out today's session with a chest injury. no more clarity on what it is. the wednesday injury report doesn't require a designation so we won't know until later in the week whether he's questionable, doubtful or out for sunday's game in san francisco. also tonight, rick porcello is the american league cy young award winner. despite pulling in first-place votes. it's the second closest balloting since 1970. porcello led the majors with 22 wins. he is the 4th sox pitcher to win the award and the first since martinez back in 2000. up next, crossing into danger. >> a local intersection a mess of conflicting signs and signals
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details tonight as hank investigates. >> sunshine back with us tomorrow and we warm things up. >> and ooh, tom brady blowing off a little steam in a new commercial. what he's saying next. on 7 news at 11:00. >> a week of greatness for something that never even my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master.
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>> a intersection putting people in the crosswalk in harm's way. when you see the video you will probably say yeah i've been there, too. >> a lot of times drivers don't know the rules but changes are on the way after we took the issue to city leaders. tonight, hank investigates. >> this may be the most confusing and chaotic intersection in boston. >> it is awful. >> where merrimac street runs
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signs and directions here are so conflicting and so misunderstood, they force everyone on foot and on wheels to make risky decisions. >> i was never a jaywalker until i moved to boston. >> look. pedestrians get their walk light. but just a few seconds later, the left turning drivers get their green light. that puts them all in the same place at the same time. >> you can't drive! >> i was this close to having >> and here, drivers use the brand-new bicycle lane forcing those on bikes to use the car lane. >> it it's pretty dangerous. >> and watch this. look at all these drivers assuming right on a red arrow. city officials say you can't do that. but car after car powers through without stopping. and, woe to those who try to obey the law. >> let's see how long before people start honking their horns for the right turn. there we go. >> driver peer pressure forces them to break it.
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our investigation found this irritating intersection is one part of a new federally funded project. one that's supposed to make it easier to get around boston, including those cool new bicycle lanes. but when we hung out with experts, they told us frankly it's not working so well. >> the lack of guidance that both drivers and pedestrians have is making a lot of people feel nervous. >> but here also the deal. city traffic officials progress. >> we have been tweaking it, we have been adjusting things. >> but the traffic control center, they are monitoring the intersection to figure out the best way it make it work safely and efficiently for those on foot or on wheels. >> we are trying to balance it all out the best we can. >> and when we told them how many drivers we had taped assuming illegally right on that red arrow, the city decided those days are about to be over. they are making it no turn on red. >> the sign will go up and that
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it you'll get that changed. >> that will get fixed. that will get fixed. >> is there an intersection you think is annoying or even unsafe? let me know. just e-mail me at >> following more news tonight, a train on a crash course with a truck in georgia. you see it smash through the tractor trailer as if it's not even there. the driver says he works for a moving company. he was on the job when the truck got stuck but the driver and his wife the crash. here's some video from the philadelphia area. it appears to be a dangerous drop for this hot air balloon descending on to a baseball field before the basket hits, drag, and gets picked up again. that's inertia working there. police are investigating what they are calling an emergency landing but the pilot said it was not an emergency. it was a planned training exercise. sometimes balloon pilots especially in densely populated areas like philadelphia or here, you got to drop in to get your landing spot but it didn't end
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>> yeah. hot air balloon pilot, if you don't know. >> just defending the guy. >> yeah. and when police said mechanical failure because -- >> the only mechanics are that flame and the flame was going just fine on that balloon. >> i love it when he goes off on those balloon tangents. that's good stuff there. here you go. dry through saturday. sunday offers a couple of showers. that's a cold front and we are chilly next week. temperatures out there this afternoon across the eastern half of the we would have tapped into that warm air if we had some sun. it was running behind schedule today. that's on me. sun is back with us tomorrow and we are mild again tomorrow. then the jet stream will rearrange itself so that it will look like this going into next week and at least for a few days anyway, it's going to feel like november. it's been relatively mild here across the united states for the month of november. right now, in the city at 52, norwood at 48. new bedford at 47.
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that's why the south coast, cooler than southern new hampshire and the merrimac valley. still lingering clouds from yesterday's rainstorm. that's the storm tonight moving away from maine and it will take the clouds with it. temperatures tonight 37 to 45. through the day tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. there still may be a couple of stubborn pockets of clouds tomorrow morning. but i think we will brighten things up by the afternoon hours. temperatures tomorrow 54 to 59. normal high of 52. city merrimac through southern new hampshire low to middle 50s. a little breezy at times. fitchburg at 54. wooster at 54. onto the cape, chatham 53. edgartown at 54. for friday, lots of sunshine. friday's a nice day. high temperatures on friday heading for the upper 50s to low 60s. cooler at the coast line. high pressure wobbles around. it does not allow the ocean storm that back up. it's trying to back up but high pressure says not so fast.
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in the dry weather to start the weekend and then here comes that cold front out of the great lakes states. that's where it is saturday. but sunday it's in new england with scattered showers. seven on seven forecast. this weekend begins a lot of traveling for you and, no big storms in sight. there are going to be some showers on sunday and behind those showers, it's cold next week. high temperatures tuesday only in the low-to-mid 40s. >> just because something's great year after year doesn't mean anything's going on. why can't some things just be great? >> tom brady getting the last laugh in the deflate gate sagamoking the verse 'ya that went on for oh, so long in a new ad forefoot locker. and it turns out he shot the commercial at a brookline restaurant. >> and his handlers let him do it. most of his teammates praising his acting skills but not all of them. >> reporter: well, tom brady was active on the endorsement scene during his suspension. the q.b. starred in a commercial
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probably seen it. now the patriots star took the lead role in this foot locker ad mocking his donate gate scandal. >> tom brady. just because something's great year after year doesn't mean something's going on. why can't thinks just be great? >> acetaminophenning with anger at unfounded allegations in a new ad from foot locker. the word deflate gate never spoken but. >> it starts with questions that turn into assumptions that turn into vacations. why would you punish the week of never even happened? >> a teammate at the podium was happy to get a first look. >> solid acting definitely. right? >> you wouldn't think he those emotions and pull into those emotions. >> [laughter] i would be curious to hear his take on that. >> and teammate nicovich praised his skills at acting upset. >> tom's a good actor. i think that's his new thing. acting. >> getting in touch with emotions. >> he was acting really good.
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>> julian edleman was the only one who thought brady could use some help. >> we need a little more paccino in him. >> that's an unfortunate mindset. >> the owner of the brookline restaurant where the commercial was shot in the final week of brady's suspension says she's a tom brady fan but admits she doesn't really know much about football. >> when i start to live in the united states, i already liked him. but, i don't understand about the game. [laughter] >> so you don't even know about deflate gate. >> no. >> so you don't get the joke, but you like that he's in the commercial and it's here. >> yes. >> i lost my appetite. >> so the commercial is part of foot locker's week of greatness campaign. the sports apparel company wrote that ad and when they told tom brady about it, he was all in. >> it was good. nice job, mr. brady. >> and speaking of greatness, joe's next with more on a huge honor for red sox pitcher rick
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what a difference a year
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bouncing back from a subpar first season in boston leading the majors in wins, leading the red sox back to the playoffs and taking home the american league cy young award despite earning only eight first-place votes. this was the reaction to the news at his parents' home in new jersey. the celebration was on mobbing the 27-year-old whose 18 second-place votes helped him edge out justin berlander by just five points and closest balloting since 1970. berlander's brother and fiancee, kate upton, voiced their disappointment colorfully on twitter but the party is on at the porcellos' house. >> i got a lot of people around me right now that i love very much and have been instrumental in my success in getting to this point. and on top of that, we got some really good bottles of wine that still need to be drank so -- there's really not -- really not a concern in my mind.
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the same can't be said for rob gronkowsky. he's out with a chest injury. the nfl bumps and bruises come with the territory. >> this game is, it's a really tough football, you know, it's a really tough game. and guys are, you know, doing their best to, you know, just do whatever it takes to help the team. >> we have to do the best with what we have. you know. and, be hoping and praying that we we take the field. you never want to see anybody get hurt. especially a teammate. so, we will do the best we can and see what happens moving forward. >> celtics and mavericks al horford sitting out his eighth straight game. this was an ugly one at the garden. isaiah thomas had a few pretty moments. check out the sweet high-arcing finish and the foul in the first quarter. the game was tied at 76-76 with under three and a half minutes
11:28 pm
steal. he 22 of his game high 30 points in that fourth quarter and how's this for a cherry on top. thomas off the turnover leaves it between the legs to bradley for the flush home. bradley chips in with 18. celtics win it 90-83 the final. that's sports. >> all right. we have some breaking news out of reverre. a car and a commuter rail train collide splitting the car in half. look at that on oak island road. police say two pe after the crash. they are looking for them. and there were people on the train. but we don't have word if anyone was hurt. this train is now going to the wonderland stop to let everyone off. we have a crew on the scene. we'll have more on today in new
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time is up on this wednesday. thanks so much for watching. jimmy's up next. >> 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m.
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featuring ariana deboo. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 572. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much! thank you! thank you very much! ? hi, everyone! welcome! [ cheers and applause ] welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] you're here. you're watching. thank you very much. hot crowd tonight. here's what people are talking about, you guys. president obama was in greece yesterday, to meet with the


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