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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> christa: we are following breaking news right now. a former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi granted an early release from prison. a f decision today, as the 71-year-old deals with health trouble. >> sarah: he served five of his eight-year prison sentence on public corruption charges. kimberly bookman is live with the breaking details. kimberly? >> reporter: well, dimasi is currently serving his time in north carolina. this decision now has to be processed. he is expected to be a free man come tuesday. just in time for thanksgiving, the former massachusetts speaker of the house sal dimasi will be let out of prison. a federal judge has granted
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after prosecutors argue dimasi is deathly ill and serving the rest of his sentence for corruption is not necessary given his grave condition. the 71-year-old has been diagnosed with throat and prostate cancer while behind bars. he has had treatment in prison and is in remission. side effects of the health care has caused a narrowing of the esophagus and creates a risk of choking while he eats or drinks. the u.s. bureau of prisons says it is difficult for him to function in prison. dimasi was convicted of he has served five years of his eight-year sentence. in the last hour, current massachusetts senate president sam rosenberg tweeted out "i'm very pleased to learn of the coming compassionate release of sal demacy. i wish him and his family a joyous homecoming." also, the current speaker of the house also put out a comment basically saying that dimasi and his family have
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>> christa: right now we have some breaking news in newton. fire crews have responded to a hazardous materials situation at the bank of america on walnut street. fire officials say that high levels of gas inside the bank were due to a.t.m. batteries overheating. there is no danger to the public. however, walnut street is closed right now between washington street and madison avenue. >> sarah: now to a terrifying collision in revere. a car flipped in half after a commuter rail train slams right into it. the people insid t survived. the driver behind the wheel now identified. steve cooper live with the details. steve? >> reporter: sarah, so the wreckage here has been towed away. the trains have been coming through on schedule. work crews have been busy through the morning testing and retesting the safety lights here. transit police have now identified the driver of the car that tried to beat the oncoming commuter train. an incredible impact here in revere. >> the car was right here.
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feet away from the car. >> reporter: a car ripping into two after going around a crossing gate here on oak island road overnight. a commuter train slamming into it. the two people inside amazingly, walk away. >> sort of like looking back at the car. then they just ran. the people were already gone. from the car. they were gone before we managed to get around the corner. >> reporter: jenny reynolds says another driver was there. a driver who says he and the car that collided with the train were in an earlier minor crossing gate, hoping to get the driver's information. >> he was definitely shaken up. you know, i wanted to talk to them. i don't know why this had to happen. >> reporter: the crash brought back tough memories in this quiet revere neighborhood. >> i do know after i moved here, that a little boy has died on these tracks before. years ago. >> reporter: this time no, one was hurt. >> you use it as a teaching moment. we tell our young daughters,
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you know, luckily, it was something that they could look at and a good visual reminder. and yeah, just another crazy night. >> reporter: again, at this hour, neighbors are shaking their heads in disbelief. cars continue to make their way across the train tracks now. they have been reopened at this point. again, transit police tell us they have identified the driver. they are not releasing his name right now. they do tell us that he will be facing charges in connection with this violent crash overnight. live in revere, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: a new clue in a months-old murder mystery. police are looking for a vehicle that could be linked to the death of a young woman killed while out for a jog in princeton. here is 7's nicole oliverio. new clues that could lead to a killer. three months after the murder of vanessa marcotte, investigators say they are looking for a dark-colored s.u.v. the 27-year-old's body was found in the woods near her family's princeton home back
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parked on brook station road where marcotte was found and where the murder was thought to have taken place. investigators also say the suspect was likely injured in the attack. the b.u. grad worked for google in new york city and was visiting family when she went out for a jog that morning. relatives reported her missing when she didn't come back from that run. in the days following her death, search crews combed through the woods. looking for evidence. and police and family members called on the public for any clues into her death. since then, police have received more than a thousand tips. now they are hoping this clue, about that dark-colored s.u.v. will bring an arefbs. nearby police departments have been given this information also. they have been told to be on the lookout and to keep this investigation in mind. in princeton, 7 news. >> sarah: 7 news now turning to your forecast. sunny skies and temperatures warming up to the's today. meteorologist has more on what
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>> reporter: well, we are inching towards sunny skies, sar ramplt still working on the cloud cover, starting to thin out here. so far, it's been mostly cloudy. you know what? it's mild. no complaints here. the upper midwest is looking at snow. we are dry today. we will continue to thin out the cloud cover throughout the day. it is going to be a little breezy as we head into the afternoon. your lunch hour looking beautiful. already at 56 degrees in bedford. 56 degrees in norwood. mid-50's in providence. a little bit cooler in still mild. above average by around five degrees. we are still climbing here. you can see the next couple of days, looking to be very pleasant. by tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. many of us close to 60 degrees. you can see we have been spoiled. we haven't seen these average highs in a while. they are returning by sunday with even cooler weather into next week. details after the break. >> sarah: now some breaking news. the director of national intelligence james clapper submitted his resignation last
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more than 50 years of service. he says he has been counting down the days and that his time in office has been more than enough. this comes amid growing speculation over who will fill key roles in the president-elect's cabinet. today trump is meeting with south carolina governor nikki haley as questions surface about who will be the next secretary of state. this morning assembling an administration: and now word of a new national security advisor. a top transition source tells nbc news donald trump is expected lieutenant-general mike flynn to the position. though nothing is official until the president-elect goes public. flynn, long loyal to donald trump but considered controversial. in certain g.o.p. circles for some of his foreign policy positions. donald trump today will meet with others he is considering for his cabinet. like south carolina governor nicki haley. now on the short list for secretary of state, according to sources familiar with the discussion. former u.n. ambassador john bolton.
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for secretary of state. >> we discussed the transition. >>ly tell you something i haven't told anybody else. i have had some conversations with other republican senators, and i'm not the only one with some misgivings over both giuliani and bolton. >> reporter: the president-elect pushing back on talk that his transition is in turmoil. staffers pointing to landing teams deployed today to get ready for j transition team headed by mike pence. in meetings today with democratic leader, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the visit coming one day after touring his soon to be home with vice president joe biden. >> i will be available for him 24-7. it is a different message aimed at pence. for some in congress, questioning the possibility of security clearance for trump's son-in-law jared kushner.
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reiterates no, sump request has been made. but didn't rule it out down the road. the trump transition team is asking anyone coming aboard the team to sign a fivele-year lobbying ban. part of in, donald trump's words, draining the swamp. >> christa: hillary clinton back in the spotlight for the first time since she delivered her concession speech last week. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. she took to the stage last night to speak at the children's defense fund. the group was honoring clinton's lifelong work on behalf of children's issues. president obama speaking with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin this afternoon. the two leaders reaffirming a message of solidarity and transatlantic cooperation between the u.s. and germany.
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nato allies. president obama's two-day visit is part of his european farewell tour. this is his sixth and final visit to germany as president. >> sarah: more news today: get ready to slow down when you drive in boston. city councilors agreeing to lower the speed limit from 30 miles an hour to 25. in spots where there aren't street signs posted. the move comes after a pedestrian was hit by a car that was drag-racing in the back bay. nancy chen has a closer look. >> nancy: boston has long been known as a wag down on its streets. the city council voting last night to lower the default speed limit to 25 miles per hour from 30. >> it has kind of been the talk around the commonwealth. a lot of cities and towns have taken the step in this measure to reduce to 25. people need to get from point a to point b. hopefully, people will realize to slow their vehicles down. and to be better prepared driving our streets.
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eliminate all fatal and serious crashes by 2030. crashes like this one in the back bay in march. the result of drag-racing. however, some pedestrians remain skeptical about what difference the new speed limit will really have when it goes into effect in january. >> i think they go too fast. i don't think cars are going to listen to the speed limit. i think they go whatever speed they want to go. >> you know how it is. people see 30, that's the beginning of the negotiation. right? everybody hoa they are tied up in traffic. when they hit an open street, they are gone. >> i find that we have become more of a biking city which is great. we have hubway. bike lanes in a lot of places. but the drivers, everybody is texting. they are on their phones. and they are just not aware of f bikers. >> nancy: in boston, nancy chen, 7 news. >> christa: now some campus concerns at tufts university. the school is confirming nine students have been diagnosed with mumps over the past three weeks. the department of public
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illness from spreading. >> sarah: an armed robber in newton with manners? the robber asked if the cashier would please open the register. the robbery took place at the newton center gulf station tuesday night. the employee had never experienced anything like it in 17 years. he was working alone tuesday night when he didn't hand over the money fast enough. the masked robber then grabbed a fistful of cash and took off. i was so scared. it was the first time happen in this town. i have been working a long time in this position. >> sarah: investigators are still searching for the robber. >> christa: coming up at noon, a deadly gas explosion rocking a city in central illinois. you will hear from witness who is described that moment of impact. >> sarah: a train feet away from hitting a bus full of kids. >> christa: a person trapped inside a smoky car. more on the hero who stepped
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>> sarah: all right. a live look overs. >> you know what's really sad? i have not stepped outside of the building since, like, 3:00 a.m. this morning. >> christa: you know what? when late october arrives, up until april, there are a lot of reluctant folks here in the building. >> reporter: no, it is not. temperatures in the's. pool weather. mild conditions here. we keep it that way until saturday as well. our next shot at moisture will be this sunday. a big cooldown after that system pulls through. right now, again, very mild. the sun trying to peak through. so far, mostly cloudy for us. 53 in p-town. a bit gusty as well on the cape. wind gusts up to around 20. even 25 miles per hour
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and radar, we are still con tenning with some cloud cover. the sun is trying to peak through here. we are going to see some peaks of sunshine fbs. decreeing cloud cover, actually. as we head into the afternoon hours. more sunshine than what we have seen so this morning it doesn't take much. the future-cast is a little bit overexcited how much sunshine we will actually see. it will be a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures notice mid-50's this afternoon. fantastic lunch hour. a little breezy out there. as hours, we will actually lose the cloud cover. high pressure moves into new england. our winds are currently out of the north. that is really where they will stay. normally, that would bring us some cooler air. we sill have mild air to our north, actually. it has been a mild forecast. it continues like that into the overnight hours. lows tomorrow morning, are going to be around average, if not a little bit above. a quick look at average temperatures we have seen soer fa through 2016. you can really see every month, except for april, we have been
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and really no complaints. on average, 2.2 degrees above our average high temperatures. this stretch through the last couple of weeks has been no exception. when i talk about what's headed our way, we can't complain. you can see this area of low pressure actually sitting further in the midwest. that is bringing some showers to the upper midwest. there are some blizzard watches out that way. fargo, minneapolis. looking at some snow. this is headed our way. it is going to bring us some rain showers. we escaped the snow for now. at best. sunday night. again, that is going to melt as it hits the ground. i don't think we are going to see much of that. even if that is flying around in the air, you are not going to see any sort of accumulation. temperatures in the mid-50's for us today. even warmer into friday. then that cooldown as that frontal system approaches. you can see what happens with the jet stream here. this week, we are had that warm air.
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mid-40's as we head into turkey week. temperatures in the mid-50's today. decreasing cloud cover to the afternoon. and into the evening. with clear skies tonight. lows for most of the us in the low 40's. your 7 on 7 forecast showing comfortable conditions into tomorrow. it is going to be a little bit cooler on the coast. you can see we do enjoy three mild days of weather before that chilly weather greets us as we head into the start of next week. get outside and enjoy it before we cool down. >> christa: a new report says conflicts of interest that could negatively impact injured players, allowing them to return to the field before their bodies are ready. this research was funded by the players union. it is found that because medical staff members are paid by the individual team, they may be putting the interest of the franchise above the individual player's health. it is important to note the report does not specifically mention cases where such a conflict actually led to a player returning too soon from an injury. the n.f.l. says the report is
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they add that league officials deny any conflict of interest exists. >> sarah: the price tag for boston's christmas tree causing controversy in canada. the cbc says nova scotia spent nearly quarter of a million dollars to send the annual christmas tree to boston last year. according to the report, the province paid $242,000 for transportation and sponsorship for the tree-lighting ceremony:. the gift is to thank boston which sent medical personnel quickly after a deadly >> christa: still ahead, a hot air balloon taking a daring drop. why the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.
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>> sarah: a major gas explosion killing and injuring ten more. >> christa: it took out windows and caused power outages as well. surveillance footage posted to social media shows the moment a natural gas explosion struck a community in central illinois. authorities say the explosion happened in a building near the city's square. blowing out glass windows and doors and storefronts. up and down the block. rattling residents who say it sounded like a bomb went off. the 125-year-old opera house
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was killed. 11 others were hurt. the contractor who died had been repairing a gas line when the explosion happened. >> we never experienced something that loud. >> reporter: witnesses say the blast was felt throughout the entire downtown area. >> it shook everything. it felt like an earthquake. >> a massive rumble. a big boom. and just everything came crashing down at one time. >> reporter: officials have shut off natural gas, saying it is not clear when service will be resford. residents say they are hurt. >> it was pretty scary. something i would never want anybody to have to go through. it was bad. >> christa: police had to shut down several blocks around that blast site. and some people were forced to spend the night in a local shelter as well. >> sarah: coming up, will gronk be playing this weekend? an update when we come back. >> christa: also, a big win for rick porcello. not everybody is happy about
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>> sarah: the patriots return to the practice field today. the focus will be on whether rob gronkowski will be on the field. he did not practice in wednesday's practice. according to the injury report, he is dealing with a chest injury seattle. teammates hope number 87 will be ready for sunday's game in san francisco. . >> obviously, you want everybody out there. you want everyone healthy. you understand what this means. you understand how hard everyone works. you know, we have to do the best with what we have. you know, and be hoping and praying that we are at full strength any time we take the field. >> sarah: fellow tight end mar
12:27 pm
an ankle issue. >> christa: the american league cy young award going to rick porcello after a stellar season with 22 wins. under his belt. not everybody is onboard with this. >> sarah: that person, supermodel kate upton throwing a fit on social media over the baseball writer's decision to choose rick porcello her over fiance, justin verlander. porcello learned the news, as you see here, while he was at his parents' home in new jersey. so sweet. his family swarming him in celebration. the 27-year-old received second-place votes to edge out verlander. and the second closest finish since 1970. >> i got a lot. >> people around me right now they love very much. and they have been instrumental in my success and getting to this point. and on top of that, we have some good bottles of wine that still need to be drank. >> sarah: kate upton, of course, did not agree with this voting.
12:28 pm
displeasure. one of which we cannot even read on tv. here is one that we can read, though. "sorry, rick, you didn't get any first-place votes. you didn't win. keep up with the times and fire those writers." porcello is not fazed by the comments. we just learned what bye, felicia means. look it up in the urban dictionary. there you go. >> christa: our education. much more to come on 7 news. a peace rally in natick. dozens standing in solidarity with two teachers. >> reporter: we erm bark on a mild stretch of weather. how long does it last? i'll take a look in a moment. >> sarah: why a judge is changing sal dimasi's release
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>> christa: we are following breaking news. sal dimasi granted an early release from prison. a federal judge making the decision to today as the 71-year-old deals with health trouble. >> sarah: he has served fivele of his eight-year prison sentence on public corruption charges. kimberly bookman has breaking details. >> reporter: just in time for thanksgiving, the former massachusetts speaker of the house sal dimasi will be let of dimasi's request for a compassionate early release after prosecutors argued dimasi is deathly ill and serving the rest of his sentence for corruption is not necessary, given his grave condition. the 71 yearly has been dying notioned with throat and prostate cancer while behind bars. he has had treatment in prison and is in remission. but side effects of the health care has caused a narrowing of the esophagus and creates a risk of choking while he eats or drinks. the u.s. bureau of prisons says it is difficult for him
12:32 pm
corruption charges in 2011 and has served five of his eight-year sentence. the current massachusetts senate president sam rosenberg tweeted "i am very pleased to learn of the coming compassionate release of sal demacy. i wish him and his family a joyous homecoming." the current speaker of the house which is bob deleo also put out a statement basically saying that dimasi and his family have been and will continue to be in his thoughts and prayers. in south boston, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> christa: breaking news in newton. overheated batteries are reportedly to blame for a release of gas on walnut street. walnut street between washington street and madison avenue, once again, has now reopened. >> sarah: new details in a terrifying collision in revere. the driver behind the wheel of a car that collided with the commuter rail train now identified. 7's steve cooper has more. rorpt an incredible impact
12:33 pm
engine was, like, a few feet away from the car. report@car ripping into two after going around a crossing gate here on oak island road overnight. a commuter train slamming into it. the two people inside amazingly, walk away. >> sort of like look back at the car. then they just ran. the people were already gone from the car. they were gone before we managed to get around the corner. >> reporter: he followed the car the crossing gate, hoping to get the driver's information. >> he was definitely shaken up. you know, i just wanted to talk to them. i don't know why this had to happen. >> reporter: police confirm they think the driver was fleeing the fender-bender. the crash bringing back tough memories in this quiet neighborhood. >> i do know after i moved here that a little boy has died on these tracks before. years ago.
12:34 pm
moment. we tell our young daughtersed. never ever mess around with the train. you know, luckily, it was something they could look at. a good visual reminder. and yeah. just another crazy night. >> reporter: again no, injuries here. police haven't released the driver's name right now. they do say he will be facing charges in connection with what happened here overnight. in revere, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: three suspects accused of using counterfeit cash in the suspects tried to use a fake $100 bill at two stores on wednesday. police confronted the suspects. they took three people into custody. one person got away. officers are still looking for him. police in haverhill are searching for two men who robbed a pawn shop monday night. the "eagle tribune" is reporting that the men used a crowbar to pry open a jewelry case and then steal a thousand dollars of goods. police say they left behind a tool bag and flashlight at the scene.
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natick. messages of hate were found around town. during rush hour on wednesday, people stood on street corners with homemade signs to show support. that vandalism called for the deportation of two teachers. and just last week, a natick resident received two letters with racial slurs in them as well. >> i said, oh,. no this is not going down in natick. we have to do something about this. right n. >> if enough people come out, maybe it will change minds. >> sarah: right now police are investigating both incidents: no arrests have been made. >> christa: 7 news now turning to your forecast. we have some warm temperatures outside. it is still cloudy. we just cannot shake this gloomy weather. >> reporter: i know. i know. a cloud deck has been stubborn. we are starting to thin out some of the cloud cover. we will see that trend continue.
12:36 pm
mild out there. really no complaints. we are staying dry as well. a bit breezier than yesterday afternoon. as we head into the day. jaffrey seeing wind gusts up to close to 20 miles per hour. p-town, wind guferss as well. the vineyard, up to 23 miles per hour. that will continue into the afternoon. it is not going to be unbelievably blustery winds. high pressure is moving in from the west. that is going to help get rid of some of the cloud cover. that is also going to allow more sunshine as we head into the friday forecast. highs today in the mid-50's. a bit cooler across the coast. get outside and enjoy it. we are some different weather headed our way. especially as we head into next week. those details after the break. back to you guys. >> sarah: a close call on the tracks caught on camera in kentucky. a train nearly hits a school bus with children inside. the bus was stopped underneath a railroad crossing gate when the train sped right by. the train came within feet of hitting the school bus. parents say the driver should have been more careful. >> trains aren't quiet.
12:37 pm
just to be on that track then, the whole situation should have been avoided. >> sarah: right now, the driver is off the job, pending an investigation. >> christa: the engineer of the commuter rail train that crashed into the hoboken rail station apparently suffered from an undiagnosed form of sleep apnea. the accident killed one person and injured more than a hundred others back in september. a hot air balloon makes a hard landing in philadelphia. forced the pilot to make that landing. the pilot says the landing was planned. and as for the mechanics, the burner was clearly working just nine. in fact, balloon pilots often perform what they call sporty landings. for practice, you can see people running to bring that balloon to a stop. no one was hurt. >> sarah: we are following more news today. an off-duty firefighter rushing into action while on vacation. he came upon a car crash and jumped in to save fast man's
12:38 pm
a car up in smoke. a man trapped inside. a chilling scene on a georgia highway. one that could have been deadly if not for captain ciro napolitano. >> my wife started yelling. west we saw a large plume of smoke over the cars in front of us. >> sarah: the couple celebrating their 31st anniversary when they stumbled on the scene. with no first responders in sight, napolitano, a 30-year veteran did what he was trained to do. >> ran up ten feet in saw what was going on. went through the back of my car. because i keep a crowbar and some gloves back there. >> sarah: napolitano had to work fast to get the man out. >> it was a bad trauma. he was bleeding from the head. he had blood all over him. his legs were pinned under the dashboard and steering wheel. eventually, we got him free. >> sarah: his wife shot this cell phone video. she says to see what her husband does dirshand was both
12:39 pm
at the same time, i was scared for him. he is going in and out in this car. it is sliding up all the time. and the smoke. you know what? he is the first responder. nobody would have walked away from that. >> sarah: he reflected on what touched him the most. >> i never had it happen to me. the mother called me the next day. she couldn't stop thanking me. that i had saved her son. you know, she was calling me, like, an angel. angel. i only did what my heart told me to do and what i was trained to do." >> sarah: it appears the smoking car had collided with another vehicle seconds before he got there. he says the driver had a couple of surgeries but is doing okay. >> christa: still ail head, a deer crashing into a cross-country runner. and how he still managed to
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>> sarah: a coast guard rescue caught on camera off the coast of rhode island. a woman got stranded on some rocks near point judith while wind-surfing with a friend. she suffered from hypothermia but is expected to be okay. >> christa: a college cross-country runner is recovering after a deer runs into him. this was during a meet in pennsylvania. this is unbelievable. cell phone video. it shows several of the deer running across the course. this is during a regional
12:43 pm
this race with help from two teammates. almost as if something spooked the deer at some point. running there. >> sarah: oh, my goodness. they are okay. i can't imagine. >> christa: i'm so glad kris isn't here. he would make so many buns about this. not that we don't love him. >> reporter: even into the weekend, another mild stretch of weather. we keep talking about mild temperatures. mild temperatures: at this point, we are so used to this: i think next week is going to be a we are a couple more days of very mild weather. and then the chance for showers returning by sunday. enjoy this mild weather. 56 degrees. boston 56 degrees. and bedford, we are starting to see a couple of peeks of sunshine. it is really struggling to be sunny out there. we will continue to see a clearing trend, though, as we head into the late afternoon. especially into the evening hours. high pressure pushes in further from our west.
12:44 pm
you would think that would be really breezy. it is actually, quite comfortable out there. we are still ushering in mild air. also sitting to our north. you can see some of the cloud cover still there. especially over the coast and the cape. we have a couple of wind gusts as well. mild or near average for us. typical cool spots could be in the upper 0's. norwood, you certainly have the shot at seeing up 0er's. even mid-0's. ... mid-30's. we have been talking mild, mild, mild. actually, 2.2 degrees above average so far for the year. over the next couple of days, temperatures still five, six,
12:45 pm
here is what is headed our way. already up in the midwest, already some snow. some blizzard watches. wind gusts around 45 miles per hour. even a foot of snow forecasted. this frontal system is going to continue to push further eastward. that is where we are going to get our showers as we head into saturday. late saturday night into sunday. good news is we are holding off on the snow for now. as the system passes through, we take nose-dive when it comes to temperatures. as you can see, we are riding above average temperatures through saturday. as we head into sunday, highs will be righ the jet stream does shift from being further to our north to dipping further to our south. that ushers in cool canadian air as we head into the thanksgiving week. today, again, temperatures in the mid-50's. lows tonight, in the low 40's for most of us. winds still out of the north. sunday, the next low pressure system pushes in from the west. we are looking at the likely
12:46 pm
as we head into sunday. it is going to be windy monday. and take a look at those high temperatures. mid to low 40's. >> christa: okay. going into week 11. in n.f.l. >> sarah: hard to believe. here is trey daerr and jadiann thompson with this week's fantasy football. >> jadiann: hey there. welcome to fantasy fixer. we are at week 11. trey decided to dress up for fantasy football. >> hey, san francisco this week, coming off the loss. >> jadiann: you normally don't we we will talk about the pats. coming off a tough weekend on sunday night against seahawks. we are another big match-up in san francisco. how do you see this playing out? >> a rough night against seattle. another nfc west opponent this time around. san francisco not doing a whole lot right. right next to cleveland, they are agent the bottom of the n.f.l. historically bad against the run. they are giving up 180 yards per game. legarrette blount pretty much on track for a career year. that san francisco defense way
12:47 pm
the loss of jamie collins clearly had an impact. i think they will take the right step forward. bill belichick going to figure this out. colin cammer knick, only one game this year where he has had over 210 yards passing. he is going to struggle. sit him down. the afc south could be the worst division right now in football. you may see something good this week. >> i'm lining the indianapolis colts. they have the best quarterback in andrew luck. getting that pass game really going. >> jadiann: all right, everyone. go set your lineup. >> christa: coming up, crossing into danger.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
>> christa: a dangerous confusing intersection tangling traffic in boston and putting people notice crosswalk in harm's way. some con flicking signs and baffling traffic lights. drivers ignoring rules. >> sarah: hank phillippi ryan took the issue to city leaders. this afternoon, hank investigates. >> reporter: this may be the most con fugz and chaotic intersection in boston. >> it is awful. >> reporter: where merrimack street runs into stanford street in the west end. >> why is this such a disaster? >> signs and directions are so conflicting and so misunderstood, they force everyone on foot and on wheels to make risky decisions. >> look. pedestrians gets their walk lights. but a few seconds later, the left-turning drivers get their
12:51 pm
place at the same time. . >> i was this close to having someone hit me yesterday. >> reporter: here, drivers use the bicycle lane, forcing those on bikes to use the car lane. >> it is pretty dangerous. >> reporter: watch this. look at all these drivers zooming right on a red arrow. city officials say you can't do that. car after car powers through without stopping. . >> let's see how long before people start honking their horns for the right turn. oh, there we go. >> reporter: driver peer pressure forces them to break it. what's going on? our investigation found this irritating intersection is one part of a new federally funded project. one that's supposed to make it easier to get around boston. including those cool new bicycle lanes. when we hung out with traffic experts here, they told us, frankly, it is not working so well. >> the lack of guidance that both drivers and pedestrians
12:52 pm
>> reporter: but here is the deal. city traffic officials promise this tangle is a work in progress. >> we have been tweaking it. we have been adjustings things: >> reporter: up in the traffic control center, they are monitoring the intersection to figure out the best way to make it work safely and efficiently for those on foot or on wheels. >> we are trying to balance it all out the best we can. >> reporter: when we told them how many drivers you will change that. >> that will get fixed. that will get fixed. >> reporter: is there an intersection you think is annoying our even unsafe in let me know. just e-mail me at tell hank at in the newsroom, i'm hank phillippi ryan. >> sarah: up next on 7 news, a bat crashes an adele concert. where the creature made a
12:53 pm
>> reporter: meanwhile, some surprising weather as we head into the end of the workweek here. we stay mild. it is going to be brief. a cooldown is headed our way: one final look after the
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> sarah: disney is out with a new beauty and the beast trailer. s a new spin on a tale as old as time. so popular, it set a record for disney: it had more than 127 million views in just 24 hours. the live-action fairy tale is
12:56 pm
stars emma watson as belle. disney hopes the movie will break box office records and they will introduce a whole new generation to the classic tale. it looks so good. we all want to see it. >> christa: yeah. you were the one to show me that trailer, too. looks awesome. a real-life prince william visiting vietnam and attending the hanoi conference on illegal wildlife trade. the 34-year-old serves as the president of the united for wildlife chari >> sarah: adele getting a surprise on stage in mexico city earlier this week. apparently, she was dive-bombed by a bat. yup. the bat even made a beeline for one of the audience members. the show must go on. right? adele finished out the night. but we have this crazy video to attest for it. jumping around. trying to stay away.
12:57 pm
day. really dry skies. our main issue, con tenning with pesky cloud cover. that should lighten up here. temperature-wise, very mild here today. a little cooler in worcester. as you would expect. norwood warmed up quite nicely. at 57. that is where our highs will be today. into tomorrow, we could be warmer. across the coast, a little bit cooler. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. well above our average highs. get outside and enjoy tex weather as we head into sunday. >> sarah: all right. that will do it for 7 news at noon, everybody. i'm sarah french. >> christa: i'm christa
12:58 pm
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[soft dramatic music] ? ? >> nicole: philip, what is chloe hiding from me? >> philip: most people say hi when they walk in a room. >> nicole: hi. did she tell you we went to see her in chicago? >> philip: "we"? >> nicole: deimos and i. she finally took an honest paternity test. >> philip: how'd that turn out? >> nicole: he's not the father. >> philip: sounds like good news to me, especially for that kid. >> nicole: chloe told me it was just some random guy, but i think there's more. i mean, she started to tell me something, and then deimos walked in the room and she just shut down. >> philip: well, do you blame her? she doesn't trust the guy.


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