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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> jeremy: this storm and that storm bother us this weekend. >> reporter: speeding away after a crosswalk crash. police searching for a dangerous driver with some key clues on the car. >> reporter: a day care teacher in trouble, fired after being accused of abusing children. >> heading west without a star. gronk grounded after that hard hit. >> adam: and a strange sight spreading concern. what investigators know about the source of this sea of foam. >> 7news at 11:00 srt >> i'm making the highest recommendation to my team that you be strongly considered. >> kim: first at 11:00, former massachusetts senator scott brown in the mix tonight for a job at the white house. the president-elect calling brown tonight. >> adam: and the former senator says mr. trump is eyeing him for an important role. the night team's amaka ubaka live in rye, new hampshire, with more. amaqa? >> amaka: kim and adam, brown
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he told me he got a call from president-elect trump himself while he was on a plane heading home from texas. he tells me he's honored to be considered for the position and he would accept it if chosen. former massachusetts senator scott brown may have a new job come january as secretary of veteran affairs, part of president-elect trump's new cabinet. >> i was in the air. my phone rang. i have his number locked in. i said, good evening, mr. president-elect, how are you? you, sir. >> amaka: then president-elect trump got down to business. >> what's your passion? well, it's clearly veterans. i'm making a recommendation to my team that you're strongly considered. >> amaka: brown had a distinguished career in the army national guard. he because senator from 2010 to 2013 he reached the rank of colonel before retiring in 2013 after serving almost 35 years. he also served on the senate armed services and veterans affairs committees. the secretary of veterans
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health care of millions of veterans. >> there are some angels that work at the v.a., but there are also some real systematic problems. i think you need somebody who understands the issues, which i do. >> amaka: brown says if he gets the job, the first order of business... >> set a 24/7, 365 hot line for suicide call-ins for people who feel like they're going to kill themselves. i think it's the toughest job in the cabinet because people's lives are at stake. they're dying. >> amaka: brown tells me he's already gotten calls of support from former senate colleagues. he also tells me he expects to hear back from president-elect trump some time next week with a final decision. he says president-elect will give him a call. for now, live in rye, new hampshire, amaka ubaka, 7news night team. >> adam: president-elect trump tapping michael flynn, jeff sessions and representative mike
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mr. trump decides to settle a controversial court case. ryan, you have more? >> so far president trump's picks show that he values loyalty an he's ready for a fight. a stunning about-face as donald trump's team tries the tie up loose ends on a legal headache that would not go away. a new settlement in the lawsuit against him from former students of trump university who claimed he defrauded them. the president-elect agreed to pay $25 million, even though during the campaign he promised that would never happen. when we're right. i don't believe in it. when you start settling case, you know what happens? everybody sues you, because you get known as a settler. the people that took the course all signed... most, many, many, signed report cards saying it was fantastic, it was wonderful, it was beautiful. >> ryan: now he can focus on picking his cabinet. he's already made big decisions on his national security team. for national security adviser,
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approval. he rose quick within military intelligence before being fired by president obama. he's outspoken against radical islam. >> there is a disease inside of this islamic body, it's like cancer. >> ryan: alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. a hardliner on immigration rejected we the senate 3 years ago for a federal judgeship after claims he made racist comments. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive >> ryan: mike pompeo, a west point grad, army veteran lawyer and tea party republican who went hard against hillary clinton over benghazi. tonight senator elizabeth warren speaking out against some of trump's picks. >> let's talk for a minute about the elephant in the room, the large orange elephant in the room. trump ran an ugly campaign, a campaign that was filled with bigotry, so let me say this as clearly as i can: there can be no compromise with racism.
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>> ryan: trump will spend the weekend at his golf course in new jersey meeting with candidates for his white house team,including mitt romney. >> kim: also from the night team, a beautiful fall day winding down. we'll be fully cooling off over the weekend. check that weekend forecast with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. boston 48. norwood 46. fitchburg and jaffrey, orange in the upper 30s. worcester up a feet, so a little warmer than the neighborhoods. clear skies right now. you see this gray coloring, those are clouds from a storm well off shore. normally we wouldn't care, but these clouds are banging up and heading toward the cape. eventually they'll work toward metro boston. tonight clouds on the increase, 45 to 33. tomorrow clouds and sun with most of the sunshine the further west you travel, back through the 495 corridor, the worcester hills. north and south shore, city of boston, a lot of clouds.
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middle and upper 50s further inland. no wind. sunny not so much. a cold front barrels through new england. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> tonight on 7, hit by a minivan and left behind. a woman run down in a crosswalk crash. >> adam: tonight chelsea police are looking for this minivan. it may be easier to spot than you think. officers they are two unique clues to look for on the vehicle. chelsea with more. >> no arrests made in the hit-and-run that happened here earlier today, but police have very important crews that may help them track down the driver. those clues came in part from the surveillance video from the camera at this intersection. she almost made it all the way across the street. the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you'll see it, the
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white minivan while she was crossing 4th street in chelsea. >> it's awful. >> tim: the driver doesn't stop, leaving the older woman on the ground at the edge of the crosswalk. >> that's horrible. people are horrible. >> tim: the hit-and-run happened at around 10:20 this morning. this afternoon we saw several police officers and crossing guards out here. at around 6:00 there was a serious car wreck a block away. >> this area is really congested all the time. there's a lot of pedestrians walking around, a lot of cars. >> tim: the woman probably didn't know what hit her, and neither would police if not for a surveillance video that captured the entire thing. in the video you can't make out the license plate, but there are some distinct features of the car. the front right tire appears to be without a hubcap. there appears to be a note taped to the window in the back. a good samaritan walked the woman to the sidewalk. >> at least there are some good people. the driver, i'm not sure. that's definitely a jerk move. >> the woman was taken to mass
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life-threatening. tim caputo, 7news night team. >> christa:. >> kim: a bomb threat turns out to be a hoabs. police got a call just after 8:00 after a man claimed he barricaded himself inside the room at the mugar library on commonwealth avenue. police swarmed the build, shut down the vote, but they say there was no threat. investigators now trying the track down the man who made the call. alanyone court today facing felony kidnapping charges. allen attacked a 14-year-old girl in bourne while she was walking the her bus stop. he tackled her, choked her, tried putting her in his car but took off after another girl screamed. he's being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing. >> new at 1 is:00. day care danger under way in hingham. police investigating a teacher accused of abusing children.
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fired. another is on live. all while cvs and hingham police vote to investigate. a serious investigation now under way involving state and local authorities. the department of children and families along with the hingham police department are looking into allegations that children were mistreated at a bright horizons day care center inside this office building. one worker has been fired and another is on leave pending the investigation. a d.c.f. spokesperson tells 7news the department of children and mi on this situation and we are investigating. in a statement of their own, bright horizons says, "our most important responsibility is to ensure that all children are safe, well-cared-for, and treated with respect at all times. as soon as the situation was brought to our attention, we communicated directly with all the families who have children at the center. the teacher involved has been terminated. we are supporting the
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in any way we can." and bright horizons says the day care is still open and operating. live in hingham, john cuoco, 7news night team. >> adam: state officials say construction on the pike will be pulled on hold wednesday. road crews will be off the pike by 5:00 a.m. the crews would be on the road until noon originally, but officials changed times to avoid what is a very busy travel day. the crews have been worki demolish all old tolling booths. >> now from the night team, the patriots heading to sunny california, but they're going without gronk. >> we have do the worcester with what we have. >> a huge hit for the patriots ahead of a bay area battle. >> kim: yes, gronk is going to sit this one out. still dealing with that linger chest injury. >> adam: he didn't even get on the flight the california. trey daerr joins us in the news ram with more. trey? >> trey: rob gronkowski firvelly ruled out for sunday.
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the pats record without him far from stellar, just 14-in 21 games. >> worried about in gronk this weekend? >> is he out? >> trey: this morning it would have been news to tom brady, but now we can make it official. rob gronkowski is out against the 49ers. >> that's incomplete and gronkowski gets popped. >> trey: earl thomas couldn't knock gronk out of sunday's game, but the chest injury is enough to keep him from flying to san francisco. bill belichick offering some insight into what the decision-making process might be >> if we were playing at home, it would be a different situation. we feel like it's probably a long shot, if you will, then do we really want to, you know, put him on the plane for five hours. >> trey: badey is used to going coast to coast. the northern california native getting the chance the play at the home of his favorite childhood team for the first
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>> it will be nice the see my parents and sisters, but hopefully we can go out there and win. >> even with a pro-brady crowd in the stands, don't expect the home coming to steer brady away from the task at hand. >> it's easier to compartmentalize in my 17th year. i've been through a lot of different things with games over the years and traveling different places and friends and so forth, but everyone knows we're there to play a game. >> trey: brady missed out on the reunion last year. a win would giveim victories against every team in the nfl except seattle. in the newsroom, trey daerr, 7 news night team. >> kim: up next from the might team, bubble trouble out west. when suds overflow and fill up the streets. >> kim: a big blast of winter weather storming through several states. so in drivers left with damage. >> jeremy: and that cold air is heading for new england. details up next. >> adam: and airing out his frustrations.
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>> there's a drug so deadly state police won't even train their dogs to detect it. >> the doing could die? >> credible, the dog could die. >> but what if their partners are exposed. cheryl fiandaca reveals the new
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>> kim: a strange sight in northern california. a s nowhere seemingly. and it spread quickly. just started as a blob, but then it went on for streets and was as tall as stop signs in some areas. investigate, say a fire-alarm malfunctioned and sent fire retardant spraying inside an airport hangar. after the foam filled the building, it kept going and poured out into the streets. white foam and white snow piling
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this is video out of minnesota. trucks, cars, struggling on the roads. nearly six million people are under winter weather advisories as we speak. >> no snow for us, but for them, cleanup crews are still out on the streets trying to make them safe. jadiann thompson joins us with what they're dealing with tonight. >> jadiann: dealing with a lot. unfortunately this is also a deadly blizzard that's hammering some five states across the upper midwest. it's going to cause travel trouble just in time for thanksgiving. a deadly blizzard upper midwest. here in minnesota wind gusts of over 70mph as many get their first dose of winter weather. >> we're not talking about the light fluffy stuff. we're talking about what they call back. >> braking snow. road conditions are treacherous. >> i'm expecting a 2.15-minute drive. >> jadiann: friday more than 200 crashes on the roads and two deaths in minnesota blamed on the storm.
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>> jadiann: in sioux falls, south dakota, people woke up to to stay indoors as long asnings- possible. a 20-car pile-up shut down on part of i-70. two people were killed. there the storm has intensified as it moves east. 5.2 million americans under a warning or advisory with more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> pay back for mild winter. we had below normal snow. not this season. season. the storm brings behind it a burst of cold air, a message that winter is on the way. live in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7news night team. >> adam: speaking of that burst of cold air, it's coming from the midwest, and jeremy is speaking to him. it looks beautiful right now. that cold front will be here some time sunday, maybe around the time you sit down to watch the pats' game. >> kim: that would be perfect timing, j.r. one nice game out of the weekend.
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>> jeremy: exactly. no issues, maybe a few clouds tomorrow. seasonable in the city. philadelphia close to 70. detroit is the coal front with rain and snow showers. if you're headed to the west coast perhaps to watch the pats, san fran on saturday, tomorrow low 60s. they'll also have rain for the game itself on sunday. so this is where that storm is tonight. and again,. >> jadiann: was just talking about the storm in her story. a lot of midwest, portions of the u.p. of michigan next. the storm center itself goes across southern canada. that's where the bulk of the snow will fall. we'll deal with a cold front. you can see where this cold air is pooling. rapid city at 20. chicago this morning in the 60s. now chicago down to 40 degrees. that's on the way for new england. tomorrow's issue is not from that cold front. it's from this storm way out here that will try the toss a couple clouds into new england. late tonight, and through the
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and for tomorrow, we'll have a little bit of nine in the morning but otherwise clouds will fill in. i do think there will be more sunshine through the day the further west you travel. temps by between 51 and 57. coolest at the coastline with these clouds. so at 7:00 a.m., here are the clouds already on to the south shore and the south coast, not into metro west. they are working through metro boston. they advance you time line, you notice that dull gray stays along the 95 corridor and out to sea. hills will get into the clouds we tomorrow evening. but it's a dry day all day. there is no wind. it is a decent day. not as nice as today because we don't have as much sun. noticeably cooler tomorrow in boston compared the today, low 60s. sunday here comes the cold front. it's a windy day. there could be a couple rain showers very early sunday morning, before 7:00 a.m., with the actual front. but otherwise it's a dry day, but blustery and chilly with temperatures actually falling through the 40s by sunday
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those are snow showers coming out of new york stay state and up into western and northern new england. all day on sunday. and even into monday. and this is great news if you're a skier because i do think the ski areas especially vermont and northern new hampshire get off to a quick start this year. should have a lot of snow for thanksgiving. no snow metro boston. looking into next week, lots of sunshine on tuesday. that's a big travel day, as is wednesday. dry roads across the northeast. thanksgiving itself looking rainy. have are >> adam: you too, jeremy, thanks. tom brady showing off his comedic chops in a comical commercial for foot locker. >> just because something is great year after year doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't some things just be great? >> it's just a question. >> it starts with questions and questions turn into assumptions and is up shun turn into vacations. >> adam: sure seems like brady is making light of the deflategate position in this new ad.
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when i was growing up. when they approached us, i thought it was a humorous idea. >> adam: brady says he didn't think about how anyone would reacting to the commercial. >> kim: well, we're starting to see signs the holiday is right around the corner, case in point, boston common christmas tree arriving in the city. it's an annual gift from nova scotia to boston. a crowd of people, santa claus over there, the the tree. >> adam: sports is coming up, trey. we're talking celtics and number 8. >> trey: it was a big off season for the celtics. nearly landed kevin durant. tonight the boston faithful get a look up close and personal. and in gronk probably means a bit of a problem. i got a suitable replacement this time around. we'll talk about that next in
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>> monday... >> there might be a lot of trash talking in this week's who did it better. >> hurry it up. you tired yet? >> hdtv star chris lambton and i are going to get our hands dirty to see who can grab nose
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>> and now time for 7sports with trey daerr. >> trey: at 6'6", 270 pounds, rob gronkowski is as unstoppable as it gets in the n.f.l. but he may have met his match with earl thomas. the 5'10" safety packing a powerful punch, enough to keep gronk out of the game this weekend in san francisco. it's still unknown whether or not gronkowski suffered a puncture lung from the hit, but the injury is severe enough to keep him out of practice all week long, and officially out of the game on sunday. gronk's absence leaves martellus bennett and matt ll only two tight ends left on the roster. thankfully bennett not a bad back-up plan. 504 yards and four touchdowns, and maybe more importantly, he's got tom brady's respect. >> i enjoy playing with him. he's fought through a lot of stuff over the course of the year to be out there trying to git better and improve, and i think it shows a lot of mental toughness, but it's showing up with his ability to produce on
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>> trying to lock in and focus on our team and our game. the fans are going to be the fans. they're going to enjoy the game. the game goes along. they're going to boo and cheer. it is what it is. >> trey: the boston celtics played the warriors as well as any team in the league over the last year and a half, ending the 54-game win streak last april. the warriors getting the biggest victory over boston. that's beating out the celtics to land kevin durant. durant rolling into the garden as a member of the the warriors' roster more like the globe trotters. celtics play the part of the generals tonight. second quarter, k.d. giving kelly olynyk the business. warriors up by six. celtics trying to stay in range. terry rosier getting the crowd in the game, tossing the three-quarter coop alley oop to avery bradley. later in the second, isaiah thomas definitely not one to back down, weaving his way through stuff curry and getting to the rim. boston trailing by seven at the half. in the third quarter, off the
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just k.d. out in oakland. he drops 28. it's the splash brothers. then durant forcing the steal. running the floor. up ahead to curry. and rewarding him with the perfect alley oop. part of an 18-0 run. the warriors outscoring the celtics 31-9 in the third quarter. durant and crew roll. >> play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> trey: defending college chap villanova taking on wake brown isn't getting to the rim and throwing down. big jam earning our play of the day. former b.c. linebacker robert deluca going through concussion protocol with the panthers after being carted off the field last night in a situation head coach ron rivera calls concern. that's sports. >> kim: thank you, trey. ?eers jimmy fallon. >> hi, everybody, thank you
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>> adam: that's it. that's all for the news at 11:00 on a friday. as you know, jimmy fallon comes up next. we certainly hope you have a willful and safe weekend. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. 7news does continue at 6:00 a.m. with "today in new england." we're here if you need us. saturday looks really nice. get out and enjoy, everybody. we'll be rooting for the patriots on sunday.
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin and blue cross blue shield keeps me healthy. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- megyn kelly, chris hardwick,
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