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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 20, 2016 7:30am-8:00am EST

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> anchor: tragedy on the job. a construction worker killed when his power saw kicks back. >> anchor: mitt romney mending fences. >> nancy: police in chelsea making an arrest in a hit-and-run that injured an elderly woman. >> reporter:ll today's patriots matchup. they're out in san francisco ready to take on the san francisco 49'ers. >> nancy: good morning to you, and thank you for joining you, i'm nancy chen. >> anchor: i'm kris anderson. we need to look up at the big changes coming to our forecast. chris lambert is here with moment some rain overnight. >> reporter: that band of rain that worked through early this morning, that's the game changer here as the cold air starts to work on in and look at this.
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hard across western connect, western massachusetts up into vermont and even into worcester county. a couple of the leftover rain showers mixing in with a little bit of wet snow as the cold air continues to keep on in. i'm not expecting much. a passing rain or snow shower but we'll get dry hours as well. the wind is going to be another story. 48 in boston but it's down o 38 in worcester. the numbers in the upper 40s throughout much of 40s throughout the day. the winds right now gusting 20-30 miles an hour the winds will increase, in fact expecting winds to gust 40-50 miles an hour, notes only later this afternoon you about again on monday. a wind advisory is in play over the next couple of days. even a couple of flurries and snow showers, more on that forecast ahead. >> anchor: thank you, breaking more than 100 people have been killed, dozens more injured after a train derailed in northern india.
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of passengers rolled off the tracks just after 3:00 this morning. rescue workers at this point are trying to reach people trapped and the death toll is continued or expected to rise. there is no word yet on what may have caused it. >> anchor: two boston area police officers are recovering after an altercation with a suspect. we've some video from the scene friday night where the officers were on the common when they saw a man smoking which is a municipal ordinance violation. there wered he an outstanding warrant. the suspects is facing charges of assault and battery. >> anchor: 7 news turning to a tragic accident in duxbury. a construction worker killed on the job after a horrible accident. firefighters say the worker was in a trench when a power saw he was using kicked back. >> anchor: investigators are looking into exactly what happened here. kelli o'hara has details.
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afternoon sam fried desperately to safe his co-workers life as crews working on a new subdivision here, one of the men working in the trench had a tragic accident. as the 28-year-old was working on a water pipe, the saw he was' holding firefighters say, kicked back and cut his throat. >> i ripped off my jacket and my safety vest and i stuffed it into his threat. >> very serious, very grave injuries to the neck area. >>or didn't make it. he died from his injuries shortly afterwards at the hop. the man tried to do everything he could. >> we tried to do everything we could to stop the bleeding. it's a tragedy. it's just an unfortunate accident. >> reporter: owe shah is vecting. the fire chief says accidents like these are never easy especially around the holidays. kelli o'hara, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: to the latest on president-elect trump's
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he hosted massachusetts former governor mitt romney for a monumental meeting. you may recall the two men didn't see eye toye eye but there is talk of romney possibly playing a roll in trump's cabinet. chris palone has more. >> reporter: the trump transition kicking into high gear over the weekend. the president-elect meeting with more than a half dozen people as he tries to round out his administration. >> among them mitt who led a blistering effort to defeat trump. >> here is what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: the pair buried the hatchet. romney has been mentioned as a potential person for secretary of state. >> wept great. >> appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming
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attorney general, but has been coy about whether more announcements are inmeant. several more meetings are schedule sunday with knowledge governor chris gisty and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani expected to meet with trump. >> anchor: he is continuing to find time to continue his twitter feud. they made an micropens urging him to work for all producers. adding >> anchor: also this morning a 25-year-old man from lynn arrested and charged in a disturbing hit andrun. we brought this story to you yesterday. this man allegedly struck a 72-year-old woman on the crosswalk at 4th and broadway on friday. the victim left with minor
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on several charges including driving without a license and leaving the scene of an accident. >> talking football this morning, patriots are ready for another sunday showdown later today. it's a week 11 matchup on the road against the san francisco 49'ers. the pats are 7-2. the niners just 1-8. >> anchor: most of the talk has been about rob gronkowski who department make the trip out west. trey daerr has more on the matchup from san francisco. he is a football he loves to play. if there is something you feel like you can play through, if it's something that you are capable of playing with you are going to play with. if the doctors say you can't blai it you are not going to play with it. >> reporter: make that big guy pay a price for coming -- >> reporter: no price could be higher than not having rob gronkowski sunday. the patriots are 14-7 without him dating back to 120. >> he is a special player, he is one of our impact
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that who takes a big hit like that or wants to stay in the game, you can energize a team to want to play for him. >> reporter: tom brady also not without some burns and bruises. >> dangerous play . >> we've scene a lot of quarterbacks hurt. >> reporter: brady a little banked up but not even on the injury report this week and ready for a homecoming making his first year start in the pay area against the 49'ers. >> i mean it will be nice to see my parents and my sister, hopefully we can go out there and win. >> any time we may a team we're going to get their best shot. i'm sure they're excited about playing this week. we're too. i don't think you take any game lightly. >> reporter: hard to believe tom braid i never played a road game in his career against san francisco. if he knocks off the 49'ers later today it'll give him a road victory against every team in the nfl expect the seattle sea hawks, trey
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of holyoke. the openly gay mayor says someone left a hateful and homo phobic note at his home. it reads alex, you are one of the most selfish people that i know due to your gay life style you are going down but morse has decided to keep it and share it instead. >> i like keeping those things? >> why? >> motivation, inspiration. the event that i want to report, i think it's important to keep. >> reporter: morse posted an image facebook friday to bring public awareness. he saved every hateful card or message sent to him for the same reason. >> mayor marty walsh held a public and open discussion about race in the city. 1,000 people were there and more washed on line as people talked about their concerns for the city. >> so it's not just about -- >> reporter: hundreds packing the caughtler imaginistic theater. >> today was laying down the
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it's clearly there is some real raw feeling inside the room. people talking now about how they fell about boston. >> reporter: the mayor hosting the event as the first in a series of conversation boston race. >> this is the beginning conversation. as you can see inside there some real strong feels and raw emotion coming out right now. it's not an easy conversation but it's a conversation that is timely, particularly with the tense, tension around country and in a lot of what we've been dealing with. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people forum which was also streamed on-line as residents shared their concerns as well as hopes for the future. >> racism is historically a blight on all of our spirits and souls. those of us that are ben phish years, those of us who are targets. the blight maying historical and legendary but the pain is right now. >> i think it sort of brought everyone together to realize we got to work harder on making the city a
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bigotry, no racism. i think everyone left there with a good feeling. >> reporter: police superintendent and chief william grout emphasized the pops of conversations like these in order to move forward together. >> i welcome them to many could and talk to me as well as my officers. so we can break any fear they may have, and we can tell them that we are ehuman as well and we have fears. >> anchor: also on 7 the town of natick hosting an airport racist rally. event response to two racist letters reportedly sent to the home of resident andy provost. he says both letters contained profanity and racial slurs. >> on the letter it said the first warning, there would be others. by the third i would be killed. my family and i. the level of disgustingness this person is mentally ill. no not truly a criminal but someone that is a coward. >> anchor: he said the
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love has been promising and he won't be forced to leave his home out of fear. >> anchor: still ahead a firefighter is killed trying to rescue several people in georgia. after a ferry ramp collapses. >> reporter: cold irair and a gusty wind. occasionally even a couple of snow showers in the forecast. details coming. >> together and ready to go next -- >> anchor: pistons, highlights from the hardwood in detroit when we come
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it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to >> anchor: welcome back. 7:45 on this sunday morning. we had some showers move in overnight. a little bit of a wet start to the morning but temperatures, not quite so bad. >> anchor: a little rain coming down, maybe you can get coffee for us this morning. >> anchor: you know, i have -- >> anchor: i think any precipitation, whether it's snow or rain, it's still going to be your responsibility. >> all right. >> reporter: that and the
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kris anderson, you have to make the run later. i'll look at the radar for you and tell you when we're if between showers. you can make the run across government center. good morning. look at this, a wall of snow back through the berkshires out through the litchfield hills into connect connect. this is where -- connect -- connecticut. this is where the bulk of the snow is. certainly a lot of cold air in place. in terms of rainfall totals don't expect much.we early this morning. a couple of spot showers out there close to framingham, natick that is going to lift north of the mass pike. a brief light shower in boston coming on through. then you work into worcester county and you know the colors are changing here on the radar as cold are air works in. some of the rain showers will start to mix in with some wet snow flakes out through the worcester hills over the next couple of hours here. this area of low pressure is quite potent and behind it we have a very strong gusty
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it's also pushing in colder air. new york city is down to 39 degrees. we're 48 in boston. temperatures not so bad this morning. but that will change through the day and i think that 48 is more like 42 or 44 as we get to the afternoon. combine that with a strong breeze. temperatures going on the colder side. it'll feel much colder. closer to home, 38 worcester so you are beginning to see the change in worcester county. that is why i expect especially across the higher terrain t flakes mixed in. there the wind is out of the east-southeast but it turns back to the southwest down into plymouth, back to the west in worcester. then ironically it's out of the southwest but there is some cold air wrap around this system. so cooler air is actually going to work in from the west-southwest as we go through the afternoon. also later this morning into this afternoon, still passing rain to snow shower out there. but it's not going to be constant. the best chance of getting some of the snow showers will be out through worcester county but even
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a passing flurry or a brief snow shower overnight tonight as the temperatures cool and we still have this unstable air mass in place but the bulk of the snow will fall back to the berkshires and up to vermont over the next 24-hours or so. tomorrow cold and windy day, high temperatures mid 30s in worcester. near 40 in boston. the best we can do. it's going to feel a lot cooler than that thanks to the strong wind that will gust 40-50 passing shower. the snow totals piling up across northern berkshires up to vermont so it's quite the drop-off in terms of snow totals the farther east you go. i don't expect much here in central mass in eastern mass. worcester hills there might be minor accumulations later today and tonight as we get more snow showers working in. cold and gusty tomorrow. wednesday look like the pick of the week which coincides with a big travel week so that looks good. few showers rolling in on
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saturday. lots of clouds, can't rule out a couple of state house, overall temperatures in the 40s. >> anchor: celt wrecks in motown for a matchup with the detroit pistons on saturday. who willford back in the line-up and he made a huge chairs, three blocked shots including the game-saver at the buzzer. c.'s win 94-92. to the ice the bruins on a net. they get on the boards first then dominate from there. outshooting winnipeg 38-12 beating the jets 4-1. football news, to the grid iron in cambridge for the 133rd edition of the game. harvard looking to beat yale for the 10th straight time but gael getting a late tv hangs on to beat the criminal san 21-14. harvard finishes 7, 3, third
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standing. >> anchor: as least they're still wicked smart. >> a lot of smart guys. >> definitely. coming up on today in new england a baby missing since thursday in kansas has been found alive and well hundreds of miles away. >> anchor: a shoot-out in brookline leaves one person dead, two people injured. we'll have all the details when we come back. ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love.
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>> anchor: more news today. a suspect is attend two police officers injured after a scuffle turning violent in brookline. police say the two officers were responding to a report of a suspicious man in the hallway of a housing project building. while the officers were speaking to the man, they say he suddenly started fighting with them. >> the officers are in a scuffle with the man. at one point, an officer removes his baton and the subject gets a hold and
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officers. he strikes them both in the head causing the two inch gash to the male and the female officer is also struck several times. >> anchor: officers remain hospitalized and in stable condition. police have not why the identified the suspect. >> anchor: a scary scene in georgia when a firefighter who is now dead after trying to rescue several people when a ferry ramp collapsed into savannah. officials say the firefighter had a medical emergency during the r hospital. several other people were hurt but no other serious injuries. >> a baby missing since thursday in kansas has been found alive. the baby vanished on thursday after her mother was shot to death. the week old baby wags found alive and well hundreds of miles away at a home in dallas. police an investigation led them to a house there. two adult in custody and now being interviewed. the baby is in protective custody. >> anchor: up next on 7 news today in new england giving back for the
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thanksgiving. >> anchor: another live look outside on your rainy sunday morning. chris lambert will be back with a check of your
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>> anchor: with thanksgiving now just a few days away salvation army staff members and volunteers are coming together to help give back. they put together care pack
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turkey. >> all morn. there their work will help thousands of boston families this holiday. nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: bagging up all the trimmings, stuffing the bags with stuffing and potato, carrot and pie. vol tiers for the salvation army helping to make the holidays a little brighter one bag at a time. >> this is a time when i realize how grateful i have. >> reporter: the group of volunteers working to make sure all t holiday. >> this is the most turkey baskets we've ever given away in the city of boston, nearly 2100. >> reporter: those baskets will help feed more than 10,000 people, volunteers spent the morning prepping and sort being the food. salation army has a loyal group of hippers. >> i've been doing this work since i was 7. so it's really important to me because i realize how much i have. >> reporter: the nonprofit says this time of year it's easy to get volunteer but
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day. they help half a million residents each year. >> on some days poverty hurts more. that's why we're doing this effort to make sure on thanksgiving families experiencing poverty don't have to go without. >> reporter: nicole oliverio. >> anchor: the salvation army says there are plenty of ways to help. just call our local office if you are interested in volunteering. a great cause out there. and what they said was important. it's not just this time of ye >> absolutely. great to see so many people giving back. okay. we're talking weather. changing forecast. >> reporter: hard to believe thanksgiving right around the corner. mid 40s in boston this afternoon. passing rain or snow shower but you will get your dry hours in as well. it's a windy pattern today. night into tomorrow. can't rule out a flurry or snow shower overnight. seven-day forecast wednesday the pick of the pick. >> nancy: that's going to do it for us for now.
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anderson. we'll see you back here nor more 7 news today in new england at 9:00.
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welcome to the dawn of a new republican government. >> all i want to do is curl up with a good book. >> this is my final trip overseas. >> we didn't do our part to stop the spread of misinformation. ? good morning, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. president-elect trump has spent the past few days filling in his cabinet. he met with mitt romney, who was a harsh critic, this amid new questions about trump's business entanglements. also up early and on


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