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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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outside of a party. steve coop ser live for us in lowell with the very latest. steve? >> so no arrests at this point. we checked with investigators. they've been working this case all weekend long and all day today as well. there's a lot of shock here and a lot of sadness. residents who live in this apartment complex here in lowell and also from family members as well. among those speaking out late today, the victim's husband. >> senseless. i don't even know what to i am in shock. i don't believe it. >> miguel is heart broken over the murder of his wife of lowell, a mother of four and a grandmother to three. >> she was a great person and they took her from me and i'm devastated. i don't know. i don't even know how to act, react. i'm mad. i want to do something about it but i'll let the authorities deal with that. >> he said that she was with her 28-year-old son who has down
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death in this parking lot at the westminster village apartments late saturday night. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it's scary that this can happen right here. it's heartbreaking. >> police say she died following a fight with several people after she was asked to leave a party. now there's a message for the person or the people who murdered his wife. >> what i people that murdered your wife? >> they're a bunch of cowards. beating up on a poor grandmother, you know? that's what we are. cowards. they go to house party and jump all the other girls. from what i heard, half of them don't even live there. >> so homicide detectives have been working with some of the businesses in the area. they're trying to track down surveillance video they hope will lead to an arrest here. the same time they're appealing
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knows anything about what happened here over the weekend to come forward. >> a man who police say assaulted a pair of boston police officers was in court today. suspect allegedly assaulted two police officers after they tried to arrest him for an outstanding warrant in connecticut. both officers suffered minor injuries. he is wanted for second degree sexual assault in connecticut. >> a rescue at sea caught on camera. >> i'm going to get one more guy off of new bedford. the coast guard rushing in to help stranded boaters there. a fishing boat started taking on water and sinking but choppy waves made it hard for the team to reach the boat. here is the story. >> rough waters and a rescue at sea, a coast guard helicopter crew sent a swimmer in the ocean to save six people. >> five more minutes, i'm going to get one more guy off of here. >> the captain of a 72 foot boat
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morning. crew members reported it was sinking five miles off the coast of new bedford. want coast guard credits the crew for getting on site quickly. >> they sprung a leak and they're not sure where the leak originated and once this thing is up and floating a little bit, they'll have a diver go down and take a look where the leak might be to try to patch it up and bring it into the dock. >> the coast guard rescue swimmer tried to control the flooding with pumps but the effort was too little too late. then it was time for the diver to jump ship. i it would be easier for me to go in the water. i have six, seven cables. >> a salvage crew towed the captain where the investigation of the leak is underway. >> also on seven, sacred heart university purchased a school that's growing rapidly and the 66 acre property was too good to
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offices to boston. and police are investigating another hate crime. a sign of the mayor was defaced overnight. he tweeted thanks to residents who removed the sign. i'm the mayor and i can handle it but our lgbt youth need to know they're loved and safe in the city. this comes after the openly gay mayor received a note at his home over the weekend. >> i like keeping these things. motivation, inspiration, you record it, i think it's important to keep. >> the mayor says he's saied every hateful card or message sent to him for the same reason. >> well, boston mayor walsh giving thanks and giving back to those in need during the 24th annual day of thanks. mayor walsh teaming up with the boston rescue mission to serve up hundreds of thanksgiving meals to the homeless and less fortunate. he's calling on people to pitch in and help out during the holiday season. >> we should be all grateful for what we have and i just ask anyone to help, you know, the
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thanksgiving. help a regular day during the week. there's a lot of needs even in our city. >> boston rescue mission says they served more than 28,000 thanksgiving meals since the day of thanks started. >> we are following more news this afternoon. alarming assault is caught on camera. two men are walking with a woman on a residential street and one of them punches her in the face. the other man stands by watching and the two just walk away. now, one couple who says it happened is looking for justice for that woman. >> i love you, too. >> three days from saying "i do" frank and sara are more than just the weddings on their minds. on thursday they say they watched as their surveillance video caught a woman getting punched in the face repeatedly while in the back alley of their home. >> when i saw them pull that woman out of that car, i thought, okay. this is odd. and then they just kosh cornered here and started beating her. >> the assault is one of three crimes they've experienced this
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days before that, they were victims of a home invasion. >> we were told it was a fairly good neighborhood but we haven't seen that. >> as for the latest assault caught on camera, tacoma police say they're investigating but wouldn't go into details who the suspects are or their motive. regardless, frank and sara say it's scary someone would beat a woman and also it happened in daylight in the neighborhood they call home. >> nobody should have to go through something like that no matter what the situation is. >> i was honestly wanted to do something like that. >> the couple says all those crimes have made having a surveillance camera much more important. >> law enforcement stepping in as pipeline protests in north dakota get violent. nearly 400 protestors lit cars and other objects on fire overnight. police began firing tear gas and shooting rubber bullets. some demonstrators say firefighters intentionally sprayed them with a water cannon. fire officials say they were using hoses to put out the fires set my protestors.
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protests are fighting -- protestors are fighting against the pipeline project saying it will hurt the environment and destroy some native american sites. >> so are you hitting the road for thanks giving this week? so are millions of other americans. roads, airports and train stations expected to be jammed with holiday travellers, of course. >> experts say you'll want to head out as early as possible and here is more. >> it's thanksgiving week and you plan to get ay >> this is our first time doing this. the whole family, we just are going to try something new every year so we try vegas this year. >> turns out more americans have the travel bug. experts at aaa say it's all thanks to the economy. >> heading into the tail end of the year here, we see improvements with the economy, we see job growth and see that consumers are actually gaining more confidence and they are spending more. >> another big contributor, cheap gas.
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more than 50 miles away from home and of those travelling, roughly 90% will be hitting the roads. >> you see that americans have saved upwards of $28 million so far this year on gasoline. and you know, they're actually putting that extra money from the pump into their pockets and taking it on a trip with their family members. >> with many feeling great with money in their pockets, flights are more expensive. that's why travellers we spoke to say they planned a longer trip. >> becausee' the -- pretty much the more bang for our bucks. >> flying doesn't mean you'll get there faster. on top of unexpected plane or weather delays, tsa warns to plan for tougher screening measures and lock -- long lines at check points. >> pack appropriately, make sure you really double check things. >> before you head out, pack your patience. when you get to your destination, you'll be ready to give thanks.
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travelling to the northeast later this week. that snowstorm is expected to pass by wednesday and if you're planning a road trip, you may want to check your car in advance because aaa says that they are expecting to rescue more than 370,000 people on the roads this thanksgiving on their way to grandma's house. >> apple customers having issues with their iphone 6s phones unexpectedly shutting down may be abl free of charge t. affects a small number manufactured between september and october of 2015. experiencing this issue with their families, visit a retail store to confirm their eligibility for a replacement. >> i had to laugh a little bit. she had trouble with her phone for months and now you have a new phone and -- >> it's still a problem, though. >> so that story speaks to me. >> sure does. ahead at 4:00, black friday looking a little blue this year.
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busiest shopping day of the year. >> plus a member of the production crew gets a little too close to the action during an nfl game. >> and ahead at 5:00, protestors stomp out hate as they march on the statehouse. >> then an interview on just one station. victim of a hit and run in chelsea talks about the terrifying crash. it's all caught on camera. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. defensive tackle allen large has been suspended four four games for violating the league's drug >> tonight, there's a drug so deadly, state police won't even train their dogs to detect it. >> the dog could die. >> correct. the dog could die. >> what if their partners are exposed? we reveal the new way they're
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>> so do you have your coupons
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shopping period of the year. >> black friday is historically the day to score the best deals on anything from toys to s.u.v.'s. who knows? some retail experts say this year's black friday is losing a little bit of its color. a possible upside to less hectic black friday shopping this year. smaller crowds than years past. but black friday is definitely a few shades different than it used to be. >> great friday is really a term that makes some >> very well there's no need for retailers to worry. >> it's still going to be the biggest retail shopping day of the year by a wide margin. >> but black friday shopping is losing luster and other retail experts say so is cyber monday. >> cyber monday isn't necessarily dead but it's just extended. >> extended well before and after the monday following thanksgiving, driven largely by
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millennials like a longer christmas season and don't seem to mind so much if it goes back a little bit before halloween. >> so this year, experts say men are expected to outspend women during the first official weekend of christmas shopping. >> in terms of holiday travel, a quiet week. no big storms forecast for the holiday up next. >> and then ahead at 5:00, calculated police officers around the nation. tonight a manhunt to find the
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>> in minnesota a sound engineer is rocked by the vikings and nfl game on sunday. a linebacker slammed into him by accident. the engineer said he was fine, laughed it off and finished
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the game but you have to always pay attention. he had a good attitude when he laughs, can smile and he's okay which is a good thing, right? >> that's such a hard hit. we'll watch it one more time. poor guy. then you realize just how huge those ball players are, especially with all the pads on and everything, right? then for him to keep working, that's a professional >> so many people waking up this morning, they were hit in the face by the cold weather. >> that felt about like that guy getting hit. >> it feels like it was a one, two punch like the bears in the mid 80s. temp 35. west wind 18 miles per hour. driving the wind chill down into the 20s, it feels like 24 in the city, province town it's 38 right now. fitchburg at 34. worcester feels like 17 with, again, there have been a few flurries around the metro this afternoon. most of the lake-effect
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through new england. that's an impressive machine of snow. tug hill plateau of new york and through the southern tier of new york and down into western new england, connecticut, berkshires, cold airstreaming out of canada across the warmer lake waters and the flurries here in southern new england and also generating that cold wind so we have that tonight. windy and cold. mostly clear. a few clouds this evening but they'll fade away. temps between 24 and 31. toow temps tomorrow 39 to 44. boston around 43 tomorrow afternoon. north of town, drake at 39, into the worcester hills, lots of sunshine but a cold day and another windy day. winds not quite as cranky as today. upper 30s. with the winds it will feel like the upper 20's. out on the cape, chatcham at 44. wednesday lots of sunshine.
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no real issues and on wednesday, less wind but still cold. most importantly, roads are try. weather maps will hold on to the sunshine the next couple of days. thursday here's the next system. it's weak and there's left overcold air on thursday morning and i think probably a few flurries happening thursday morning. here we are at 7:00 a.m. again, it might look impressive there but i think if you see a few flurries, that would be about it. otherwise, just a bunch of clouds and raw. in the middle 30s. 8:00 a.m. thursday arch, 30s. also we have a brand new tropical system. this is tropical storm otto expected to cross in the pacific the next couple of days and this is breaking news, an earthquake off the coast of japan. magnitude 6.9 earthquake. it's shallow and that's the concern. with the shallow earthquakes, they can generate a tsunami.
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for the east coast of japan this evening, although for them it's early in the day. more on that as we find out more. seven on seven four cast, holiday weekend, a few flurries on thursday. some rain on saturday. see you at 5:00. >> time now for traffic. let's get to matt fitzgerald and see what's going o. already dark out there on this monday. >> it's tough going out there. we'll fly high above 93 north in the redding area. tough going on the right hand tunnel most of the way out past commerce way and route 133 up to river road, southbound side moving well, further on the lower deck into the southbound tunnel. then again before 128 out past the weston state police barracks, eastbound side is moving well now from weston to downtown boston. expressway isn't much better, crossing out of the tunnel down
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on the northbound side, passing over to the circumstance and he will moving well approaching the tunnel. drive times on the expressway from the owe neal tunnel to the braintree split, a 21 minute drive. from the split to route 24, only seven minutes. >> emergency room is probably the worst place you can imagine spending vacation time, right? >> and a quarter of vacations new research shows family therapy can help young people with emotional and behavioral problems. medications are often used to treat the 10% of preschoolers with adhd, anxiety or other behavioral disorders but now the american academy of pediatrics says that therapies that teach parents and children how to manage the kids' symptoms are best to use first before going to prescription medications.
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>> tonight on "the voice" our local singer will take the stage again. >> she's one of three left on team blake. she wowed the judges in the crowd last week with her edition of aerosmith and now she's ready to take the next step. >> i'm in awe.
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reason, i was ready to go home. and i am in awe like and i just can't believe it. >> tonight the top 11 artists will take the stage and you can catch "the voice" tonight at 8:00 followed by a new episode of timeless at 10:00 and then all the day's headlines on seven news at 11:00. some of music's biggest stars coming out for the american music awards last night. the headlines today. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. and our children, sasha and malia. >> her impression of melania trump. making fun of trump's speech over the summer. pop star ariana grande won
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out justin bieber and carrie underwood. selene gomez giving a heartfelt speech. >> and i had to stop because i had everything and i was absolutely broken inside. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram. i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation nor do i need it anymore. >> so this is first public appearances in months. >> all right. some deep words there. >> for sure. >> much more to come here the next 90 minutes. monday is going well. >> and 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> just one station talking to a woman hit by a car in chelsea as the man accused in the hit and run heads to court. >> and breaking news. a patriots player suspended. a key member of the defense
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i'll let you know for how long. and talking with donald trump. a former massachusetts senator heading to trump tower to discuss a possible cabinet position. >> plus sending a message. why hundreds of people, including the mayor of boston, gathered on the steps of the statehouse. >> trouble in toyland. a popular toy truck is being pulled off the shelves after causing a vehicle to go up in flames. >> first at 5:00, just one in a crosswalk speaks out. the whole thing caught on surveillance camera in chelsea. man who police say hit her was in court today. >> a telephone tip led them to their suspect. that woman talking to just one station, 7 is live in chelsea tonight. dan? >> well, it was that dramatic video that caused someone to call in saying they had seen the van involved in the accident right here at this intersection. tonight, though, i talked to the victim of the accident who told
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coming towards me and i said, what the -- well, yeah. and he hit me. >> 72-year-old donely talking to just one station describing the harrowing moment she was hit by a van that kept going. accident caught on tape. >> he said he's not stopping to myself or something. and i hear the big bang and i hit my head. i remember that. and then i guess i tried to get up. >> arnold admits he was behind the wheel of the v her but his lawyer says hernandez never stopped because he didn't know he hit anyone. >> he had no idea that he had hit her. he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. there was no bump. there was nothing to suggest that he had made contact with another object. >> police say hernandez told them a different story saying the woman banged her hand on her hood, acting dramatic and fell to the ground as he drove away. the van driver sure acted like he did something wrong.


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