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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take" a celebrity shift is our co-host. then two last-minute side dishes for your thanksgiving feast. plus the biggest black friday toy deals and a surprise giveaway for you at ho >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" wednesday morning november 23rd, 2016, the day before thanksgiving. i'm al with tamron and we have celebrity chef curtis stone who was just part of our chefapalooza. tamron walks into the studio, i
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anything to eat. i said we've got food here. oh, okay. >> i skipped breakfast this morning but we were all moving around so fast, i didn't get a bite of anything. >> well, curtis has you covered. >> i watched when bobby flay was on and i saw you didn't bring anything so i'm going to learn from bobby's mistakes. i made some turkey sliders. it's a turkey barbecue sauce. it's a good way to use up your leftovers. >> that's a beautiful side that you can serve on the big day. >> this is unbelievable. curtis, where do you get your inspirations, especially like after thanksgiving when you've made this huge meal and we have food overload? >> look, when you've got leftovers, you have to think what do i do with it. paninis are a great thing for them to land. anything with cheese and warmed-up turkey is good.
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thanksgiving in australia, but your wife is american. >> she sure is. >> so you have some of that tradition going on. >> her mom is korean so she will throw some kim chi on the table. so it's a big melting pot. i do a little australian stuff. my wife is american. it's such a beautiful time, thanksgiving, when you can celebrate traditions. >> i love the melding of a family and reminding us what family is, the diversity of it all, whether back ground. you have a new tv on fox. tell us about it. >> it's an all new show that's come over to america. we made a celebrity version and we have these very, very interesting -- >> oh, brandy and ray jay? >> and they host dinner parties in their homes. the other celebs come and they judge them. so you can imagine there's a few -- a few catty words said here and there. >> for example, al roker is a celebrity. >> yep.
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>> that's right. we'd walk around and look at all the stuff on the wall and make comments about the way he dresses his house. >> oh, wow! this is getting a little too personal. i don't know about that. >> that's awesome. >> it's good fun. >> and what's the goal of it? >> to make fun of people. >> it's a cooking competition. so you see these celebrities. sometimes at their most vulnerable point when they dropped their guard and they're standing there cooking in their kitchen. they say all sorts of funny things. it's a competition and we're going to see who's the best -- >> in my home i have an open kitchen so people can sit on the other side and watch me cook. i never let anyone cook because i get nervous. >> so you got a kitchen so everybody could watch you now. >> yeah, because i thought it was a good idea so you could be cooking and drinking and talking. but when people watch me cook, i blow it every time. >> do you really? >> every time. >> maybe you should have a
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of drinks before they sit down. >> so get them drunk. >> yes. >> now, congratulations in order. i understand your wax figure, you have a wax figure now in sydney, which is kinds of cool. >> amazing, congratulations. can we see it? >> but the best part is you did the mandatory scaring of passers-by. >> which one is you? >> oh, he's moving there. >> so that's where my wax figure would have stood and in to get their photo. >> look at that poor guy. >> it was so fun, i didn't want to leave. >> you are brave because they have that rolling pin in their hand. >> something happened like this to you. >> matt and i, our wax figures are on 42nd street and so i did the same thing. we had the same deal. i'm paired with matt. >> that's hilarious.
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you take your life into your hands. >> i've got to go by and see you on the days that you're off. >> that's what i do, just hang out. >> and scaring people. so curtis, have you ever done anything like this, this morning, where you've done all of these chefs hanging out? >> 30 chefs in one place. the only time that ever happens is when we do a good food and wine show somewhere, like up in aspen we do one with food and wine. >> it's amazing. >> it's so fun. but chefs don't get out of their kitchens very often so we're quite badly behaved if i'm being really honest. this morning it was early enough they did behave themselves. >> chefs are like rock stars. you have the fans but then you have the edge. >> naughty. i think it's -- >> you're rascals. >> we're rascals. >> watch this when they tried the mannequin challenge. i think you did fantastically until flay blew it. >> what happened? i didn't see it. >> here we go. everybody is doing terrifically.
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table. and still doing well. >> it looks so -- >> look at sunny, she's owning it. >> it really looks -- >> steady. rock steady. >> there's bobby. >> no, no, bobby is with kathie lee. >> okay. he loses it. right there. he blows it. >> come on. >> i think that would be awkward when you're staring right into someone's eyes for a long period of time like bobby was. i'll let you off, bobby. >> the chefs thanksgiving guests apparently. >> that's right. we brought back -- >> grain valley high school. >> we used to bring a marching band through the studio. and we let it lie fallow for a while but we revived it with the grain valley high school marchimar marching band who stormed our studio. >> were you in a band, al? >> i was in the band. i played flute but i couldn't
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whistle. i would just whistle. i'd aapproximate what the flute would sound like. >> do you play anything? >> i'm so unmusical. i'm tone deaf as my wife tells me. i'm good in the kitchen but not good with an instrument. >> how good are you in the kitchen? >> it's time for #ask a chef. we've had some amazing chefs co-hosting all week so we have some questions from our viewers. >> these are from actual ew what's your recommended pre-thanksgiving appertif? >> i would stay with shchampagn >> me too. that's my favorite. >> we broke out the eggnog. >> in fact i just made a martini on the facebook live. >> what's in it?
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it's great quality gin, ver moout and a little sort of orange bitter. >> kathy from smithfield, rhode island. bacon on your turkey? what do you think? >> i think bacon is good with everything around the holidays. >> there's bacon in the potatoes. the turkey, you want to keep it nice and moist and the best way to achieve that is through a brine. >> that's a hot topic, though, because bobby flay says no brine. >> dry or wet? >> wet brine. >> we had one of our chefs said just salt it a couple of days ahead of time. i've done that with chicken. >> so much to talk about. >> casey from owe callcala, flo. what's the safest way to defrost a turkey? >> the safest way is in a refrigerator. the fastest way is under running water. if you put it in a big pot and have the water running over it.
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turkey to defrost in a refrigerator? >> several. four or five, so you're too late. >> too late. >> and you're too late. >> how do you do it? >> you go out for dinner. will, from tampa, florida, which part of the turkey is your favorite and why? >> certainly the thigh. it's the juiciest part of the turkey. >> i'm a wing person. >> really? >> not enough meat there. >> i know, you always say that. >> not enough meat. >> and i think the skin is so delicious if you get it nice and crisp. >> on the thigh? >> oh, yeah. >> al it. >> i'm a thigh man. up next, ellen gets a high honor from president obama but she almost didn't make it. find out why she wasn't allowed in the white house at first. >> that's so funny. >> that's so funny. >> and of course the a oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream >> that's so funny. >> and of course the a in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available.
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we are back with more of "today's take" and a fella we love so much, our co-host today,
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i'm cooking dinner friday. what do i cook that's not thanksgiving-related because by friday you maybe don't want. i revisit the turkey on saturday. i skip a day. give it a rest and then go back in on saturday and probably sunday. but you said try seafood on friday. >> winter months are a great time for seafood. so you could grill some lobsters or make homemade french fries, oysters would be great, shrimp on the grill. >> shrimp on the barbie. >> i had shrimp yesterday. it was fantastic. so you've got people coming >> we have the perfect acu acoutrement for you. it's called the pause box. your guests come and put their cell phones in the box. you cover it up and it basically blocks cell phone signals and wi-fi. you put the box in. >> what kind of parties are you
10:14 am
converse with your guests. >> but do you need to block my cell phone signal? >> because you would otherwise be tempted, because i've been out -- i've been to dinner with you. you are always -- so this way -- >> i've got three tv shows. i've got to -- i have a demanding mother. >> so you put it in the box. >> here's why i'm nervous about that. if you have kids, your kids may need to reach you, your spouse, significant other. dinner. if it's that big of an emergency, somebody will call the house phone. what do you think? >> we don't have a house phone anymore, but i like the idea of doing that because you constantly are distracted by technology. >> i agree. >> you don't have to do it all night long. >> no. >> just a few hours. >> or during dinner. you know, by the time it's time for dessert, people can go. >> but i like the idea. i've gotten in the habit and i have done better because i'm just aware of the problem that i
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but the idea that this makes me miss calls because it's blocking the signal. >> dinner last night, how many important calls did you get? >> last night dinner. two? >> none. okay. medal of freedom. you were talking about this. >> i didn't use my phone -- i did, i tweeted. yesterday the medal of freedom ceremony at the white house, president obama gave out the highest civilian honors to a laundry list of people that are admired around the world, and bruce springsteen, robert de niro, robert redford, diana ross, michael jordan, ellen degeneres. ellen actually had trouble getting in the white house. after forgetting her i.d. -- >> they don't play at the white house. >> i had a whole issue once. she had everyone pose -- this is the big moment, the mannequin challenge. >> she eventually got in. >> that was her, so adorable. and then they did the epic mannequin challenge. savannah says she thinks this may have ended all mannequin challenge.
10:16 am
i can't tell who that is. look at that. >> i love kareem abdul-jabbar was there. here's the deal. >> bruce springsteen. this was an incredible moment. but those speeches -- >> bill gates. >> bill gates and melinda gates. when president obama was talking about each individual and their accolades -- there's the queen. s cecily tyson, a friend of ours. the michael jordan of, like you're the michael jordan of chefs. >> that was really cool. let's take a quick look at your weather and show you what we've got happening for you. starting off with possible delays getting out today. airport delays, chicago, detroit, indianapolis, less problems memphis, seattle and portland. and then getting home on sunday, boston and san francisco, big problems. kansas city, st. louis, not >> wren: here in new england we're looking at very pleasant
10:17 am
>> new heeding, very pleasant travel conditions, more pleasant than yesterday. and not as breezy. cloud cover in the forecast. and wintery mix in the morning. in terms of snow totals, the potential for a dusting and more as you get to the mass pike and the worser hills and berkshires. i think you need to give it to her. >> yesterday we celebrated dylan and her baby is coming very soon. this was our ladies lunch for dylan. her very first baby shower. the baby is coming soon, i just wanted to share that with you. that's what we did yesterday. how adorable is that? and when she laughs, her belly shakes. it's the cutest thing ever. >> it's like santa claus. >> that happens to me too. >> yeah, right. up next, no idea what to wear for thanksgiving? don't stress. we'll show you how to turn some of your most comfortable basics
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this morning on "today's style," back to the basics. open up your closet because we're going to show you how to dress up with what you already have for thanksgiving. >> celebrity stylist melissa gussy has put together outfits that are chic, stylish and leave a little wiggle room if you overstuff yourself tomorrow, and i like doing that. >> you don't want to be all stuffed in your clothes, nothing too tight. comfortable but cute. >> yep. >> let's launch in. what do you have? >> since it's tomorrow and we don't have much time to shop, we're going to use staples that we have in our closet already. so jeans. every woman owns a pair of jeans that they love, that they pull for every single day. here it is casually. how do we make it work, tomorrow a little bit more elevated look. here is ann marie and it's all about the statement blazer.
10:22 am
it's structured, it totally changes the look of the outfit. i added a metallic turtleneck to give it a little edge. >> love that turtleneck. >> we have her jeans and then a metallic pump from old navy. a statement earring and she's good to go. what i love about this outfit is that ann marie is in her 20s but this can work for any woman, into 60s, even 70s for any shape or size. this really works for everybody. >> i was just talking to savannah and we've become so air time. easy and looks good. thank you, ann marie. it looks good. >> next we have a basic white button down, which i think is so underrated and so versatile. we just saw taraji p. henson wear one on the red carpet. >> if styled the way it is good. if you wanted to pump it up and make it a little more elevated. >> hello, vest. >> well, hello. >> exactly. it's all about the long vest. >> cute. >> which totally transforms the look. i love a long vest.
10:23 am
we did it with a pared pant. we gave a chunky its necklace and it all pulls together. i love a long vest. >> megan, you look amazing. i can tell you're feeling it. i can see it in your face. i can tell she's feeling it. you look great. >> because you want to feel special on thanksgiving. it's a special day and we should all step it up a little and that's a great way to do it. >> and i love that lip color. minimum makeup, a little lip color. looks like you put some effort to it. come on over to our table >> the next is a sweater, every woman owns a sweater whether it's a chunky knit or a thin. how do you wear it so it's a little more elevated for dinner time. so here we have renee looking adorable, just a pair of pants and sneakers but how do we make it work in a more elevated way. here we have the same gorgeous -- i love, love, love this. >> curtis, what do you think? >> i think it looks sensational. it really does. because the skirt really makes it a party, you know. >> i love this.
10:24 am
>> and the necklace, you know, it's a party i want to be at. >> all of my words, yes. i love the color. it screams thanksgiving. we paired it with this metallic pleated skirt which is kind of not what you'd expect and it really works, and it's an elastic waistband. which is our best friend at thanksgiving. >> we have one more look. >> we didn't forget about the guys. a flannel button down. rocking the blue steel moment there. but how do you wear it a little more elevated? here we buttoned it up and gave him a cardigan which really -- >> same shirt. >> what? >> we gave him a cardigan, a nice skinny pant. >> he can still get outside and play a little corn hole afterward. it look great. >> melissa, you've done a great job. this is just the most beautiful table, my goodness. head to coming up, curtis, he's a fashionista but you know he's a chef. he's going to cook some simple thanksgiving sides that you can whip up in no time.
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welcome back. we are in the final stretch of our all-star thanksgiving. since curtis stone is our co-host today, he's going to show us some easy last-minute sides for tomorrow's feast. by the way, when he's not with us, he is the chef owner of gwen which was just named eaters most beautiful restaurant. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> and you got editor's pick for best chef. very nice. so you prepared this for us earlier, your mashed potatoes with bacon. here's our grid, you've got bacon, some putter and cheese. >> some mascarpone and sour cream. it's kinds of like all the things that you imagine a baked potato should have with it. >> what kind of potato do you
10:31 am
is my favorite when you're boiling it. boil it in salted water, make sure it's as salty as the sea is what i like to say. then you strain these off. then what we're going to do is mash them, of course. this is your best friend. >> potato ricer. >> we get a couple of those guys in there. you don't need to -- >> should you let it cool first? >> i do it when it's warm. you'll get a much nicer consistency and it's push through. so that just pushes straight on through like that. then once you've got your potato puree, as it were, you start adding in your ingredients. mascarpone gives it this beautiful creaminess. sour cream gives it this delicious acidity. butter gives it this fantastic richness. bacon drippings. >> this is amazing. >> bacon drippings. >> i love you, curtis stone!
10:32 am
>> big pieces of bacon, but don't let that fat go to waste. >> i probably would have doubled that amount. >> you totally could. you mibs thx that together and enough milk until it's the right consistency for you. throw it into a casserole dish or baking dish like this. cover it with parmesan cheese and you -- by the way, you can do this today, guys, and leave it in the fridge and then tomorrow you throw this into the oven and it comes out looking as delici >> i love doing the little individual ones, fantastic. >> and if you do the little individual ones, then you can sort of pull them out if you need to on thanksgiving or you can leave them in the fridge for leftovers. >> now, you're going to make succotash which i've never had. to help us taste it, let's bring in our mystery guest. >> we have a mystery guest to come in and taste. >> oh, gosh.
10:33 am
richman. i think you want to go over on that side. >> i do, i do. it's easier to cook on this side. >> why are you doing this to him? >> seriously? >> please, go over there. >> you don't understand what's happening here, do you? >> give me the background. >> background -- >> just in case someone at home doesn't. >> have a seat. >> all right. >> i'm only kiin these guys have this -- >> what, al? >> a relationship. you have a relationship going. you've been out on a couple of blind dates, right? >> don't acknowledge this. >> no. i like his fiction, it's better than my reality. i like it way better. well, no, i mean it wasn't a date. i wanted it to be a date -- i wished it were. >> what do you have to give thanks for, adam? >> this seat.
10:34 am
it. all right. so over there, i took the corn, i took all the inner silk out, i leave the outermost husk. i rinse it and leave the outermost husk and i wet it, put it in the microwave for six, seven minutes and you can see that it gets good and plump. if you plop one of the kernels with your thumb. >> this is curtis' recipe? >> no, this is my recipe. in rehearsal i was on the other side. >> okay, go on the other side. >> no minutes, deniblettize. >> and it feels so good. >> edamame. >> yes. two cups. and a white onion finally chopped. put the edamame in. i usually like to serve that roasted flavor of the corn so i add it to the onions kind of like. >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> is this what it's like
10:35 am
something that's going too fast. >> curtis, thank you so much. adam richman -- >> thank you. >> you're the gift that keeps giving, my friend. don't forget to watch adam's show, "secret eats" on the travel channel. next it's secret dates. for all our thanksgiving recipes, head to up next, a pay a visit to a small business that's had a big impact on myself and a small
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10:40 am
years ago. it opened its doors on christmas day, 1926. named for walter s. crandall. it's a pillar of the chatham community. today it still stands as an independent small business, the center of main street. fred ulrichpresident of the chatham film club. >> this is a reflection of things coming ck people want local, they want artisanal. this theater is on the cutting edge of that. >> it is. i think of it as the living room of the community. everybody in the community really owns it and supports it as members. and yet it's run as a business, just like any other small business. people have so many choices now on how they can see entertainment. what i love about coming to the crandell is everyone gets together and afterwards you're under the marquee and talking
10:41 am
it all. it comes through in your experience of going to movies. >> all right. i'm ready to go to work, sell some popcorn. what's the movie tonight? >> "the girl on the train." >> oh, that's a two-bagger. all right. fred put me to work, first in the ticket booth. two. all right, that's 13. two? all righty, hold on. hey there. >> hi. >> how are you? >> i want to shake your hand. >> well, thank you. >> i'll get popcorn later. enjoy the show. >> thank you. >> next i tried my hand at concessions. i do consider myself a bit of an expert popcorn scooper. >> what do you like about coming to the crandell. >> we've been coming here since we were little kids. >> and good popcorn. with real butter. and then time to start the movie. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to the crandell theater, another great showing tonight, "girl on the train." a theater that is so important
10:42 am
community that's on main street, and so glad you're here. thanks for coming. i'm about to start the movie. are you ready? yeah! all right, here we go. i'm ready. i've got my take-up reel for the film. i can't wait. first time running a movie projector. where does this go? >> it's all digital now, al. >> this is like a computer. it's like a big digital tv projector. >> that's correct. >> there's no film. >> there's no -- there's no film anymore, al. >> so playlist? how does it start? >> all you have to do is is put the mouse over play and hit play. the film is loading. right now if you hit this switch, push it down, just hold it in, you're all set.
10:43 am
>> stand by. >> yeah. that stand by was from zach. good times. look at how he is. they opened up my mic a little early for you. that's zach. anyway, he's like our version of the cran dchcrandell theater. kind of old and frayed around the on as far as your macy's thanksgiving day weather. we'll keep showers away until very late in the parade if at all. by noon some clouds and winds very light so balloons will have no problem. zach is another story. that's what's going on around >> here in new england, very pleasant travel conditions, more pleasant than yesterday. and we're not as breezy.
10:44 am
and wintery mix in the morning. in terms of snow totals, the chance of snow the more as you get to the mass pike and the worser hills and berkshires. and that is your latest weather. coming up next, set your alarm clocks for midnight
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okay, everyone, let the madness begin. we've got the 411 on the biggest and best black friday toy deals. >> we have toy insider mom lori scheck who has the scoop on the hottest toys this year and where to find them. lori. >> and the great deals. look at this, the hottest toy of it starts as an egg. it hatches. when it comes out, it's a baby. kids have to raise it from a baby to a toddler to a full-grown -- >> where do you get your hands on these? >> walmart will have these. they're usually $54.88 it's going to be $48.88 on black friday. >> and we've got a treat for our fans. >> spin master is providing ten of them for your online contest. ten lucky people will have a
10:49 am
christmas. >> also moving on, we have ella. she's got a hatchimo. >> so we know that even our toy trains need to get tuned up sometimes. this is our thomas and friends workshop so it comes with thomas, but we can put any trains on here. we have lights, we have sound, we have a working crane so kids get to fix everything. it's usually $79.99, toys r us will have it for $48. we want the kids to something nice and soft. this is the alphabet and letter puzzle mat. it's usually $25. it's going to be $15, toys r us. >> lori -- >> i've got to keep it warm. beg your pardon burp it, take good care of that baby. >> it's a cabbage patch. >> so this is our farm friend cuties. they're adorable. they come in these little
10:50 am
farm animal. toys r us usually carries this for $9.99. they're going to be $5. >> this is my favorite. ella, i got more for you. >> something is happening here. >> it will hatch. turn it upside down. keep that baby warm. we love racing sets. it's a battery operated racing set by mario cart. >> and you've got skills, man. >> look how cool, so one or two kids can best buy and toys r us will both have this for $19.99 in store and online, by the way. >> come on, owen, beat him, beat him. look at you, owen, go! >> how fun is that? >> that is so cool. now this is awesome. >> this is really cool. these are locks blocks and it's whole system, a snap and lock system and it hinges so we can make amazing designs.
10:51 am
kids can build. the set that has 200 pieces is normally $69.99. it's going to be $34.99 on locks but all of their sets have black friday specials. >> and you put this together by yourself? >> all my myself. no, i'm kidding. >> i love that. this is so cool. >> so this is also great. this is a line from once kids and they're all about taking eco friendly blocks and adding arts and crafts. so you can g they're already colored or the kids can color them in. they're usually $18. they're going to have them on their site, which is for $9. >> oh, that's cool. curtis, were you a creative kid? >> that's really cool. you make a mess anyway as a kid so make a mess in the right spot. >> this is still the hottest collectible for little girls and they like everything. so what we're looking at is our shopkins ice cream power.
10:52 am
construction kit you have. it's usually $24.99. it's going to be $15 on toys r us. and gemma stone, i want you to introduce you to her. she's an exclusive limited edition. walmart will have her on thanksgiving. >> is this her? >> that's her. she's going to be $19.99 online and in the store. >> they're telling us to shuffle along. >> skylanders. for the very first time kids can make their own so this is the skylanders imagine naters. kids can build their own skylander any way they want. so they can do the physical attributes, they can do the weapons. >> what's it normally cost? >> it's $79.99. it's going to be $39.99. >> what? >> at best buy, game start, walmart and most other retailers. >> that's a great price. >> and kids with order the one they created from skylanders and play it.
10:53 am
>> who needs ray steering wheel. so this is our y kart rocker. we don't need anything but our pedal power. look at those big tires. offroad, it's cool. usually $199. it's going to be $80 at toys r us. >> last, trolls. >> trolls the movie is so cool. >> we'll have it all online. today's facebook page your chance to win a hatchimo. lo,
10:54 am
new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region.
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? ever new england. eversource. curtis, thanks for helping us out. >> thanks for having me.
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imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, hi, everybody! we're so happy you're with us today. what day is it again, hoda? >> wines day, wednesday. >> i forgot. november 23rd. >> yes. >> a lot of people hitting the roads and skies for the thanksgiving holiday. please, be safe, everybody, and that is "sleep without you" by brett young f. you're hosting thanksgiving, help, you're going to love this. a team of celebrity chefs gathered to reveal kitchen shortcuts. >> there they are. >> so that your holiday dinner


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