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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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forecast. >> reporter: and bring on the jets. the pats are going head?to?head with an old rival. >> anchor: and first up at 11, the historic deth of a dictator. people around the world remembering the former cuban president fidel castro. you're looking live at little havana in miami, florida, where cuban americans have been celebrating castro's death all day the infamous dictator passing away early this morning at the age of 90. >> anchor: and tonight the impact of castro's death is being felt around the world. the night team begins with brandon live in the newsroom. brandon? respect>> reporter: the world is reacting it two different ways. cries or cheers. it's a contradiction that defied the 50 years of rule,
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leader. to his followers commindante or just fidel. he graduated with a law degree and doctorate. he toppled baptiste and marched into havana. at first the young leader promised democracy that he the communist dictator soozed property, silenced the press and jailed dissidents. by then a declared socialist he dramatically improved health care and literacy but also accepted missiles leading to almost nuclear war. the russians pulled become a deklaed ago and in declining health castro turned over power to brother raul. he died at the age of 90. president obama, who moved to
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impact of the singular figure of the person and the people around him. but others say it's a legacy of firing squads, theft, poverty, denial of fundamental human rights. the cuban american leaders in congress did not mince words. >> the truth is he was a sadistic murderer who brought great surfing to the people of cuba. he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> all sadness and tragedy and death is terrorism and narcotrafficking. that is the legacy of fidel castro. >> reporter: now castro's brother raul remains president with 85?year?old saying he'll retire in 2018. in the newsroom, brandon, 7 news night team. >> anchor: and fidel castro's death hit home here in boston. the community in jamaica plain gathering to mark the historic moment. so there was one boston restaurant owner in jamaica
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of cider to toast fidel castro's death. he said they were saving it for this special occasion. >> it is a bottle i bought 20 years ago to celebrate and going for when fidale dies. >> that's still nigh country and people say you're so young when you left but i still feel a connection and homeland and my people and seeing the way they live is really hard. >> many of the cubans we spoke with were brought to tears saying they came to america and that really that government tore their families apart and they hope that his death means a return to what cuba was 50 years ago. >> and cuban exiles are partying into the night and massive crowds gathering in miami and bringing people of alliges together and joe has
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>> the celebration out here in little havana entering the second night and this crowd has swollen to one thousand, maybe 2,000 people out here! so much emotion out here today. we've seen a wide range of it as everyone has a sloen down. they cheer the death of fidel castro. >> it is wonderful and a day we've waited for for a long time. >> reporter: it's an image martha diaz won't forget because of the father who tried to save her family from the communist country. >> he was shot to death as soon as he was caught. there was no trial, nothing.
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24 hours straight. sky force in hd getting a good look at the growing crowd saturday night. the excitement that spans generations and crossing into the industry to reflect on those that couldn't witness the historic moment. >> and really sad and people who passed before and would enjoy tremendously the moment like this and not here with us. diana's parents. >> they're both passed away but i have to make sure they made it here. >> she'll never forget them. >> never take away the significance of the day when fidel castro is dead and the oppressor and tyrant. >> as the crowd swelled for the second straight night, the miami mayor said he doesn't expect it to slow down soon.
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in the cuban community to now push for real changes. >> as the celebration continues, the mayor of miami says he doesn't expect it to slow down, at least not for a couple of days out here. and he plans on holding a rally maybe later in the week. we've also checked with miami police and there have been no major incidents so far. reporting in little havana, joe roats, 7 news night team. >> and stay with 7 news for breaking news updates on fidel castro's death. the 7 news mobile or tablet apps. >> reporter: and there's more news tonight. the boston police say a woman was found dead inside a bismarck street home this afternoon. they say they were responding to the possible break?in when they found the body. there were 3 young children home at the time but no word yet on the cause of death. >> we don't know if it is
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is unfortunate the children were taken to the hospital and just waiting to further examine the body, but it is right now a death investigation. >> reporter: and the commissioner tells us the 3 children were all under age 4. >> reporter: also on the night team, police trying to track down the driver behind the wheel of a wild hit and run in brockton. this dangerous drive outside of a popular bar. live with the details. >> reporter: nicole, a man hit, the 25?year?old, is fighting for his life and in critical condition after being hit after he crosed the busy street after leaving this bar and the police hope with the public's help they'll be able to catch the driver. a horrific hit and run caught on video. as the group crossed main street, one of them, a
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car that came barreling down road. the driver never stopping. >> there was a bad impact and it is bad impact. >> and owns the bar. >> and while i can't control everything what happens on the street, i'm responsible for my patrons. >> the man was transported to the hospital. the police say he is in extremely critical condition. and it >> and bartender many years ago and got hit crossing the street and this is that main thoroughfare and people don't really abide by the speed limits here. >> and then it is for that plate number already getting leads and be involved in the hit and run. >> and hope that this guy can make it. >> and again police tell us they did tow a car earlier this afternoon and may be involved in the hit and run and they're
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police. for now live in brockton, 7 news night team, amaka ubaka. >> anchor: and the patriots preparing to take on the jets and it is renewed in the meadowlands and plenty of bad blood with the 2 teams and despite the record don't think the pats are expecting to cuse past the jets. >> things always get interesting with the divisional show down and the night team's trey adair is live with the full preview. >> and a lot of the focus is going to be on that injured knee and making the game time decision for sunday and the game that is really all about his numbers. 21 and 6 for the career against the jets and with that victory tomorrow, he'll become the second quarterback in nfl history with 200 wins. >> it's just bumps and bruises like everyone else. >> the banged up knee keeping tom brady out of practice for 2
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on sunday. >> the touchdown! >> more like a vacation for white outs this season. instead of avoiding revis, teams are talking the perennial all?pro corner who has yet to record an interception this year. >> there are balls caught deep and marquis goodwin caught one and kenny brick caught one. >> brady rattling off the revis hit list but patriots lost any respect for the former teammate. >> everyone has up and down games but he's been one of the best for a long time. >> he's an extremely good defensive back and every play will be a fight. >> and never under estimate them. >> and even if they're bringing
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>> and it is the challenge for both of the games. go in there and then when they come here and both teams are ready to play and it is going to again go to the last possession of the game. >> and maybe not too big an injury with both gronkowski and tom brady did take the flight to new jersey. live outside of met life stadium, trey adair, 7 news night team. >> anchor: that's something anyway. thank you, trey. >> anchor: and still ahead, another one bites the dust. the b's looking to snap the losing streak bu tough if they might be doing it without one of their key players tomorrow. >> anchor: sunshine joining us once again for just a couple of days and then the clouds return and some very wet weather on
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>> the night team are returning to carver where police are investigating a serious car accident.
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street earlier this evening. the car somehow managed to roll over onto its side and the 8?year?old was inside the vehicle when that incident happened and had to be air lifted. >> and cambridge responding to the fire on fairfield street earlier today. the fire broke out on the second floor of the 2.5 story building. crews did, though, manage to contain the fire fairly quickly. >> manchester new hampshire police have a couple of guys under arrest after they allegedly were pulling false police say justin drove around and pulled 12 fire alarms from call boxes around the city. the fire officials were able to stop their car until officers arrived. >> reporter: coming up in the forecast, the temperature boost on the way for next week but it also comes along with some very wet weather.
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>> it's been slow improvement with the damp and dreary weather but improvement nonetheless. most able to squeak out a dry day today but still have light showers working across the cape right now and through the next couple of hours that is expected to be case. and in that picture expecting to break the clouds away overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow the sunshine finally back in the forecast area and it sticks around with us in the area as well as high pressure and that is a few clouds sprinkling through the day tomorrow. and then it is 36 in bedford and see fitch burg already falling below the freezing mark. i expect those temperatures in the interior to make it just below freezing tonight. and away from the coast line because of the clearing that will be happening. gradual clearing but clear nonetheless and overnight lows with more sunshine and comes along with the chilly breeze out of the northwest. the temperatures in the mid40s
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the afternoon highs and it is really close to this time of the yoor and the warming trend for the middle of next week. however it comes along with wet weather. but we certainly need the rain. i know some are rooting for snow right now. but this is too mild to get snow out of this and it could be very beneficial rainfall though. you can see this warm front that tries to work through bringing that rain for us into tuesday afternoon and evening. but what happens with the warm fronts this time of year is they get hung up and we actually ever see the warmth working up into our area. and that will come again on thursday. another round of rain and that proves to be even wetter weather on the way for us. how much rain is on the way? still some details that we need to nail down. but maybe half an inch to an inch on tuesday and then maybe another inch and more could be on the way for us on thursday. as far as the travel forecast
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>> tom braidy and rob gronkowski and everyone making the play down here and gronk is appealing the 4?game suspension. tom brady a man of many milestones and the chance to notch maybe the biggest of the year on sunday and the win is the 200th of the career and matching peyton manning for the most in nfl history and it is with 36 fewer games and to stand with that monumentam and just locked in on the jets and it is to credit them to get to win number 199. >> i love winning games and that is why we all play and none of those can win a football game by itself. you need help from a lot of people and it takes everybody and you never know when the number will be called and show up to work every day and have
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and i've been able to count on people over the years and play wide a lot of great players and a lot of great teams. >> reporter: got the pats and jets covered tomorrow night on sports xtra. brady hopefully reflecting on win number 200 and locker room reaction from here at met life. plus joe will be joined by fred and tim fox back in the studio to break down the game. it's all tomorrow night following chiefs and broncos on sunday night football. two things really indicate that the college football winding down. thanksgiving and coaches getting fired. lsu and texas both deciding to make head coaching moves. and to boston college could be coaching for his job on saturday with a loss. bc will have one conference win in its last 16 tries. trying to knock off latelake forest and knock out a third bowl appearance in the last 4 years for the eagles. late first quarter miles willis taking the sweep through the far side and heading to the end
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yard touch down and put up 10?0 but the deacons with the answer in the third quarter and john wilford going vertical and holding on for the 37 yard score and up 14?10. the eagles with the answer back in the 4th and patrick to his tight end. tommy sweeney snags it in the back of the end zone and boston college back on top by a field goal. forest with the chance to tie it. 1:30 to go. boston college guaranteed the win improving to 6 and 6 on the year. 2 and 6 in the atlantic post conference play. they host the lightning tomorrow and one they'll be without is chara mising a third straight game with that undisclosed injury and that's after taking the shot off the knee. the bruins really just
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comes to their offense as of late and these are struggling to score. just 4 goals during this 3 game span. and going with 12 goals and 16 games this season and failing to produce. >> going to put this together and find the point. >> celtics practicing in walham today before heading to miami for the monday night match up with the heat. the 3?game winning streak is done. snapping by the spurs on friday and the learning curve continues. that third overall pick and it
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patient and putting in the work. >> it is that notch to increase and part of you wants to get up and show it and have to take your time and be patient with it and let things come when they come. >> the first edition to be played and curtis samuel busting loose and ohio state walks it off and earns bragging rights to take home the play of the day and tom brady going for the 22nd career win against the jets. that's it for 7 sports.
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>> that's all the time we have. that's 7 news at 11. i'm jonathan hall. >> anchor: i'm nicole. saturday night live is next. thanks for watching and have a good night. >> anchor: take care. >> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential


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