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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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here in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> anchor: attorney is investigating the death of a two-year-old child. vetos say the girl was taken to the hospital after a 911 call on saturday and later pronounced dead. the chief medical examiner has ruled her death a homicide with the cause of death as blunt force trauma. >> anchor: also tonight a mother faces a child endangerment charge after this overdosing at a store in lawrence. it was caught on camera. that's the trying to wake up her mommy. video just heart breaking to watch. >> anchor: byron barnett joins us live from lawrence with that story. . the video like everyone saw in that video everyone walked out of lawrence district court a short time ago. he was ordered to stay that drug treatment program. machinedy mcgo juan of salem, new hampshire briefly peeking out from under her hood as she
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police say she is the woman in this video that went viral in september. passed out from a drug overoverdose in lawrence, right in front of her upset and no doubt bewildered toddler daughter. it does depict a two-year-old child frantically crying and trying to wake her mother as she is lying in the middle of an aisle in the family dollar store. >> anchor: police say she was revived with two shots of narcan. she was winning when the prosecution asked she be held on $10,000 cash bail and ordered this is an individual that clearly has a substance abuse problem dating back to 2002. >> reporter: but her attorney said she moved my adrug treatment facility in wilmington and shouldn't have her treatment interrunned. she entered the program, she is 67 days into the program. to now hold her on $10,000 cash bail and jail which clearly will not be able to most that and have that setback and awful progress she made pushed aside. >> reporter: machinedy, how is your daughter doing?
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or personal recognizance. the judge did not order her to stay away from her daughter but her attorney said she is voluntarily staying away from her until she gets better. she has voluntarily at that time given up her rights to her child. they are working with her, judge and co-parenting classes with the father of the child as well as an ultimate goal of reunification. >> anchor: now mcgo juan's daughter is in the custody of the new hampshire department of family services. they placed her with another that's the story live from lawrence, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: chaos on campus at ohio state university. police say a student plowed his car in a group of people then got out of the vehicle and attacked the crowd with the butcher knife. 11 people were hurt and that man was shot to death by a police officer. let's go to dan hausle. he is here with more about what happened there and this attacker. dan? >> reporter: kim, at a fuse conference late this afternoon
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attacker as abdul razak ali artan, an 18-year-old ohio state opportunity. sources say he was born in so molly but is now a legal u.s. resident and new a top democrat in the house intelligence committee said this attack bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalized. the huge ohio state campus on lock down. heavily armed police swarming the campus as police and staffers barricade themselves in classrooms. the university tweeted out a warning about an active shooter and advised everyone to hide, fight. it's scary. it was really scary. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms like we were taught, turned off our lights, just hunkered down. >> reporter: police say the alert was triggered after an osu freshman drove on to the sidewalk running down pedestrians then getting out and is aing them with a butcher knife. investigators say it may have been a terrorist attack. this wasdown on purpose to go over the curb and strike pedestrians and then get out and
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knife. that wason purpose. >> reporter: students say a 28-year-old police officer investigating a gas leak nearby was there in less then a minute. they say he engaged the have you expect, shot and kill him. >> reporter: we believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect. we're very fortunate an officer was there and took quick action and we believe that injuries were minimized as a result of that. >> reporter: students stayed in hiding while police search for any more suspects. the all clear sounded after about 90 minutes. classere rest of the day, but will resume tomorrow. >> reporter: frankly, it took a piece out of everybody here at our beautiful ohio state university that this could have happened here. but we are a strong, tough resilient community. >> anchor: 11 people taken to local hospitals. while terrorism is being locked at investigators say they are talking to friends and relatives of the suspect and getting ready
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the motive for this attack. live in the newsroom, dan hausle 7 news. >> anchor: let for dead a hit and run crash claims the life of a man who was crossing the street early friday morning. it happened outside of a nightclub in brockton. we're now learning the driver of the car involved has turned himself into police. steve cooper joins us live from brockton with that story. the images that were caught on camera just simply so chilling and disturbing tonight but again no arraignment here at brockton district court as of late today for the driver turned himself into police but we're toll the charges were being upgraded now because the victim didn't make it. i don't know another word for it. it's despicable. residents shocked and saddened to find out the 25-year-old man seen in this surveillance video on north main street in brockton who was struck by a driver who never stopped died early this morning at a boston hospital according
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attorney.. oh too bad, too sad. you tell the cop, you tell them it's all my fault. explain. you don't just run. >> reporter: detectives over the week first located the car believed to be a 2012 dark colored jaguar then were able to determine the owner wasn't behind wheel. but the person who was driving turned themselves in and has been wed by police. to leave somebody after you hit them, that's bad. he should be put away for a long time. >> reporter: residents say their thoughts right now are with the victim owna's family including his wife and three children. too sad. too sad for that person. and for the families leaving, too sad. i mean, it's terrible. especially around this time of year to have something like that happen to you. but to the family, the family is the one that's going to grief now. brockton police telling us tonight that because this accident turned deadly they have handed the investigation over to state police assigned to the
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driver name isn't being released and no word on when he will be here at the courthouse to face these very serious charges. live in brockton tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: demanding an explanation. concerned parents meeting a charter school after a six yearly boy was accused of molesting other young students on a school bus. >> anchor: the school is hoping to address any concerns the parents may have. kimberly bookman joins us outside public charter school the are they meeting now kimberly? that meeting got underway at just about 6:00 and as you mentioned it's an opportunity for parents and guardians to voice their concerns and really get any questions answered from the school. now it all comes after facebook post revealed that a six-year-old boy was molesting other students on the school bus to renaissance public charter school. parents were absolutely outraged that they didn't know about it until learning of it on social media. an investigation was launched, but because of the young age of
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the bus driver has since been removed from his job and tonight parents and guardians are talking about what happened and what they want to hear from the school. six-year-old old little boy, that's bad. that's not time for that. it's time for learning and you have something good. >> reporter: tell me the one thing you want to hear from the school tonight when you go. that it will never happen again. >> reporter: the me something expected to last hours. the media is not invited in. the school said they will issue an e-mail to talk about the outcome when it's all done. reporting live in hyde park, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: now to the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect meeting with retired u.s. general david petreas in new york of the former cia director said continue a top contender for secretary of state. he led u.s. central command forces in iraq and afghanistan. he resigned as cia director in
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an extra marital affair and improper handling of classified information. president-elect trump also set to meet with mitt romney former governor mitt romney this week. he is also a potential secretary of state pick. the two are sceduled to meet tomorrow. some trump loyalists though are speaking out against romney because he is so heavily criticized donald trump during the election.. >> reporter: i night of career milestones for tom brady. the patriots quar win. he is tied with payton manning for most wins by a quarterback in nfl history. chelsea mcdonald joins us live from gillette stadium there with all of the highlights. chelsea? . >> reporter: we can watch history as tom brady hopes to become the all-time winningest quarterback in history. he admits he didn't get to this point alone. it means i have been a part of a lot of really great teams with great coaches and great
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great support over the careers. >> reporter: he deflected the praise following his 200th career win. the four time super bowl champion also became the fifth player in nfl history to reach 60,000 passing yards accomplishing both feats while operating at less than 100%. he is a true competitor. nothing will keep him oust of the game. when you see our leader coming out here like that not 100% you want play harder for him >> reporter: yesterday's win marked the 50th time in his career brady engineered a game winning drive in the fourth quarter. he did so without rob gronkowski who left the game lit in the first quarter with a back injury. but brady is hopeful to have his top target back, sooner rather than later. gronk is a tough guy. nobody thought he would be back last week. he came through late in the week and i know he works hard and he
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helpfully it's nothing serious. >> reporter: it was malcom mitchell who stepped new gronk's absence. the rookie white out has now found the end zone three times in his last two games i'm development that doesn't come as a surprise to his quarterback. i think malcom has done a great job really gaining everybody's trust because he shows up every day, works his butt off. >> reporter: and the bill belichick never once a compliment and individual said he is glad tom brady is the patriots quarterback calling him one reporting live at jill essaium, chelsea mcdonald, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up next on 7 news an escape from a fiery crash in chelsea. >> anchor: a car carrying four people smashes into a bus and burst into flames.
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>> anchor: three people hurt after a fiery crash in chelsea. >> anchor: if involved a logan express bus and left crews cleaning up all day long. police say a car t the bus, slamming right tank. the car burst into flames. all four people inside the car did get out safely. he were taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. officials say the crash left fuel gushing on to the street right in the storm drains. >> anchor: the car hit a bus and where the section of the bus that it hit happened to be where the fuel tank was, so there was about 120 gallon diesel spill. >> reporter: crews were able to pump all the gasoline out of the storm drains.
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ransacked a marblehead any el school over the weekend. 19-year-old tier lick and case insult van beth arraigned on charges of trespassing and breaking and entering. police say two others were polices and face separate charges. police said the alarm at the veteran's middle school in marblehead went off early saturday and that's they say the two broke in through a window tearing down student art projects and knocking over signs and books. police say they are also accused passes from the school office. >> anchor: after a pretty nice monday we are getting ready for a lot of rain headed our way, j. >> reporter: not one day but two days of rain. the time line and rainfall
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food.
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and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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>> anchor: clouds come back at us the next two again wednesday afternoon. the amount of rainfall with these two days of rain. one two two inches of beneficial rain, cool and raw, sunshine back thursday. right now 30's and 40's the city at 44, norwood 31, jaffrey, orange upper 20's. that might pose a bit of an issue for a few hours early tomorrow morning from our storm which only will send us clouds overnight tonight. temperatures actually will climb back into the low 30's by early tomorrow morning.
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storm system right here though has a lot going for it. a lot of energy. showers and downpours, even severe thunderstorms in the deep south and reports of tornados this afternoon in iowa. not concerned about severe weather but tomorrow a weaker area of low pressure breaks away from the mother ship and that will send a batch of rain at us tomorrow afternoon, then we'll shut it down tomorrow night and a secondary at us wednesday afternoon. then the next two days it's not looking periods of rain patchy drizzle tomorrow morning and again for most of us the temperatures are in the low to middle 30's but there will be some left over cold air in tease locations here and in those locations it's possible there could be patchy freeze and drizzle. i don't want to overplay this but i just want to make you aware for a short time tomorrow morning there may be pockets of freezing drizzle, route 2 corridor then just a rain event tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. tomorrow afternoon's commute a little dizzy with the rain and
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batch of rain wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. the amount of rainfall on the way again i think we get a good chung of this in two episodes tomorrow evening and then again on wednesday evening so if this were to occur in just one afternoon i would have flooding concerns but it's drawn ought over a couple days. in time it will stink because it will occur tomorrow afternoon and wednesday afternoon commute. cool and raw upper 40's. thursday morning clouds raw, sun in the afternoon, breezy, first day of september temperatures head for the mid 50's. see you at 7:00.. we made place when we needed to. it's a division game on road. it's always a tough team to play. i'm glad we just made the plays there at the end. >> reporter: it wasn't the prettiest win of the career but for tom brady yesterday's come back over the jets give the future hall of famer 200 wins for his i plus treeous career
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the only two quarterbacks to reach that historic mark. despite practicing just once last week and clearly operating at less than 100% brady helped the patriots erase two separate deficits connecting with rookie malcom mitchell for a pair of touchdowns. the second score coming late in the fourth quarter resulting in the 50th game winning drive of bradys' career and he will tell you playing hurt is part of the game, especially this time of year. i would rather have more time to prepare mentally and the practice field than kind of do what happened but that's the way it goes. you won't practice every wednesday, thursday, friday. would you love to but probably not the reality for most guys in the league. nothing will keep him out of the game so when you see our leader offense coming out there like that, not 100% you want to just play it a little harder for him. >> anchor: less then a quarter into his return from a chest injury rob gronkowski was forced to leave yesterday's game with a
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considered serious but gronk's status for next sunday's game again the rams is very much up in the air. brady says it's tooy in the week though to count gronk out. gronk is a tough guy though so no one thought he would be back last week and then he came through late in the week and then i know he works hard at getting his treatment so he can be back out there so hopefully it's nothing serious. >> anchor: patriots have a loud 17.9 points per game this season good for a third behind the seahawks and vikings but an inability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks has brought matt patricia's unit for criticism than praise. they ten entered yesterday's aim with only nine take aways in ten games but came way with two key turn . butler's forced fumble led to a game tying touchdown before halftime while chris long sealed the win with a strip sack of ryan fitzpatrick.
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performance and one the much maligned unit felt coming on. you know week have been building on like i said once before our day is coming and today was one of those days and just want to build on it and continue doing the right thing to get involved. i thought the last 7 minutes of the game was or whatever it was we did a lot of good things played our best football when it counted the most so that's always >> reporter: raiders posting the panthers. newton deep in caroline way territory spins and throws it into the hands of macwho picks it off and strolls in for an easy touchdown. his pick six good for our play of the day. and al horford out for tonight's game in miami following the birth of his second child. that's sports. >> anchor: thanks so much, joe. >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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in thank so much for spending pat your monday after a holiday week with us i'm ryan schulteis if for adam williams. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. "nightly news" is next. we hope to see you become here for 7 news at 7:00 or end you day with us 7 news at 11:00.
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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. were there ties to terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump illegally, in an election that he won. plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell for castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life. delta released video of a belligerent passenger on board. and football to


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