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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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a cedesly scene on a home in brockton. the d.a. says a mother was stabbed to death and her 18-year-old son has been brought in for questioning. we have a crew there and will bring you a live report as soon as we get it. a school nurse in blackstone accused of giving the child the wrong medication. officials say the nurse gave the child ritalin instead of motrin. >> the child's parents very upset here. byron barnett in blackstone and talked to that child's mother.
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madison young says she's feeling great today, but she and her family had a big scare tuesday when the nurse at the john f. kennedy elementary school in blackstone gave madison the wrong medicine. >> i was pretty upset. i was crying. i couldn't get there fast enough. it was raining out. it was scary, and i'm glad she's okay today. >> reporter: madison says she went to the school nurse after she hurt her elbow during lunch. >> and then i fell hang your jackets, and i fell right there. >> reporter: madison's mom says the nurse was supposed to give madison motrin but gave her ritalin instead. >> apparently another little girl is begin ritalin at the school, and she thought that madison was the little girl. >> because they look alike? because they look alike, yes. >> reporter: school officials say the veteran nurse admitted her mistake right away, in a state the school superintendent said the nurse immediately
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the principal and called the parents. he said they reviewed all protocols and procedures so that this mistake never happens again. now, we're told the school nurse is very upset and remorseful. madison's mom says that she apologized to her in person. school officials say the nurse will not be facing any discipline. that's the latest live here in blackstone, i'm byron barnett, 7news. salem state university has decided to the decision was made after a meeting between students and staff about the exhibit. the art installation was shut down last week after complaint beside a painting depicting members of the kkk. school officials say they will post a warning and put up a special curtain over that painting. >> the overall outcome offers gains for both those concerned about the exhibit and those concerned about the freedom of expression and builds on what has been our approach all along,
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>> school if i believes also plan to expand the artist descriptions of each work and provide guided tours. a police protest. officers demonstrating outside medford city hall last night, they're voicing their frustration about conditions inside their police station. it comes after the department filed a discrimination complaint saying they had problems with mold, broken windows and dirty showers. officers say the poor conditions affect their ability to do their important work. >> it's really a difficult place to do police work today because >> so city leaders say they're working on addressing the officers' concerns. the springfield mayor will speak this week with the president of hampshire college about the decision not to fly the american flag. students allegedly burned the flag in protest of donald trump's presidential election. hanford college president jonathan lash made the controversial decision to take down the flag after the incident in order to maintain peace on campus. there have been dozens of flight burning protests all over the country since the election.
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to a compromise to get the flags flying over campus again. a plea deal for the truck driver in the deadly crash that let tracy morgan seriously hurt. he pled guilty to killing james mcnair who was with morgan in the 2015 crash. today a judge approved a plan that would let him avoid jail time and includes community service and fines much in a recent appearance, morgan said he it foregriffen roper and he is no longer angry. protestors must leave the site of the dakota access site by december 5th. demonstrators have been there for five months and say they're not going anywhere. meanwhile pipeline officials are sure the pipeline is safe. >> water is sacred but also good business to protect your water resource. >> this pipeline is being built where two existing pipelines exist today that were built through your state in 1982. we've not disturbed any historical sites.
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do not leave the site by the 5th will be punished and first responders will not be able to help those who stay. one of two inmates who escaped from a santa clara county california jail has been captured. authorities say ron campbell was arrested without incident. campbell and two other inmates escaped thanksgiving morning when they cut through bars, covering a window and used bed sheets to repel down to the ground. the two other inmates were arrested immediately. chavez is still at large. trapping a mom and her dog inside. police say the woman was waiting for her three kids to get home from school when her house blew up. the mom was trapped in the rubble but somehow managed to escape with the family's dog. she's expected to be okay. the cause of the blast is under investigation. >> a woman vandalizing a car for six hours. people stopped and took pictures instead of calling police. you can see the woman using a pipe finish wiper there and a
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car. police are still looking for that woman. a suspect in south carolina there steal as man's car while he's in the middle of the police chase. investigators say the suspect crashed his pickup truck and took someone else's car and slammed into a pole. the suspect faces several charges including driving under the influence. police in new york city on the hunt for this man who they say stole more than a million dollars in gold. the man stole buckets full of gold from an armored car, according to investigators. police say the pail weighs 86 pounds and they're not sure if was stealing. >> a shocking scene caught on security inside a georgia home. the video shows two men attacking a mother before ransacking her home. police say the woman had just returned from taking her children to the bus stop. >> it was a very violent attack from the moment she walked in that house for about 10 minutes. >> reporter: georgia police released this surveillance video from inside the apartment showing the moment two men attacked a mother back on november 9th. >> i'm scared they'll come back again and do something to my kids or the rest of my relatives
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>> reporter: the victim's identity has been concealed because she is still living in fear. police say the man broke into a kitchen window and waited for her to come home. then while one man beat her, the other ransacked the apartment. >> it possibly could have >> reporter: police are hoping that someone who lives nearby can recognize these men. >> we're hoping that with the video footage we just released, the images are clear and more detailed, we're hoping somebody out there can help us identify these two and help us get them off the street very quickly. >> reporter: if someone identifies them, call police. help me get justice. >> police say the suspects got away with cash, jewelry and other personal items. >> also on 7, it has become a problem across the country,
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packages right off of people's doorsteps but there's one las vegas homeowner who found a way to fight back in his own way >> reporter: front door package thieves targeting this los angeles neighborhood in recent weeks. >> it's just gotten to the point where it's just getting worse. >> reporter: now eric snow, a 38-year-old army veteran, is taking matters into his own hands. >> we decided to put out the day pack. >> reporter: and it worked, surveillance cameras rolling up in a green car to steal the bait package. the pair seemingly unfazed by their guard dog but what exactly did they get away with? i stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow. >> reporter: in other words, a pungent package from his 95 pound german shepherd named heidi. the thieves ended up getting away with a couple of bags of
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>> reporter: a unique tactic amusing the neighborhood. >> hopefully these people will realize we're tired of them. >> reporter: with a clear message from the thieves they are fed up. >> they probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it. i mean, you know -- >> and while authorities don't necessarily recommend using snow's method when it comes to those types of thieves, they do recommend to try to make sure your packages are safe this holiday season. some wild animals were pought on the trail. after reports of a possible mountain lion on the trail, but it's what they found instead that leaves them laughing. after a search officials used surveillance video and found people dressing up for the cameras as gorillas, werewolves, swamp creatures and even, yes, santa claus. having a good time there. >> man, that's a lot of time on your hands to do that. >> for sure. a lot of costumes. ahead here on 7news, sending a message, a major milestone from one man, how he overcame a
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and a big change for netflix. the new way you'll be able to watch your shows. and chaos on the commute. manhole fires flaring up after a water main break in chinatown. >> plus, a deadly shooting. officials decided not to charge a police officer who used deadly
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a terminally ill man who went the extra mile to send a message pep needs a machine to help him breathe. >> that didn't stop him from completing a marathon and taking the next step for awareness. 7's kim khazei has the story. >> reporter: step by step, evan wilson is proving to the world
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>> i feel pretty good right now. >> reporter: on sunday wilson tackled all 26.2 miles of the seattle marathon. by his side, his wife and oxygen tanks. >> now we just want to get the last leg in so that we can get to the finish line. >> reporter: wilson has trouble breathing. pulmonary fibrosis and hypertension has severely scarred his longs. he's beating the odds surviving with both diseases for the past five years when most people only make it for three. >> it's the most important maraon >> reporter: wilson used to be a competitive runner, running a mile in less than 5 minutes. on sunday he was expected to finish the entire marathon, no matter how long it took. >> we're gonna beat the 13 hours. >> reporter: with each step wilson is trying to get the word out about pulmonary fibrosis and raise money for a cure. this runner showed up for wilson and his wife to show her support. >> my father passed away three years ago. >> reporter: a crew is there to welcome whim open arms.
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this is so amazing. >> reporter: the race wilson started at 6:00 a.m. ended for him 11 hours later. >> it feels good. >> best part of the day is being done. >> a sensational announcement for country music fans. and we have sunshine returning to new england tomorrow after a rainy night. forecast ahead. and ahead on 7news at 5:00, one office hitting the jackpot, how they're splitting more than $400 million. the patriots' practice looking a little slim. the big names not on the field as the team prepares for the rams. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ?
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>> a new feature popping up for
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the company is allowing people to download flights to play off-line. some shows are already available for download but not all of them have the download capability just yet. you gotta update the app on your phone or smart tablet or whatever to make sure that you can do that. >> i'm gonna go do it right now. >> good news, isn't it. finally, right? i think i'm going to personally really enjoy that. enjoying the weather could be hit and miss right now because probably most people are not happy with that rain we have outside, jr. >> yes, it is. although, if you're here, a couch potato, i find days like today to be enabling. you're just like, i'm not going outside, it is cloudy. and that is the case through the afternoon overnight tonight. sunshine back tomorrow. windy as well. and eventually we turn into a cold pattern by the end of next week.
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of wet days, it takes months to help the extreme drought. and whilest certainly helping it doesn't close the books on the drought. you go back to the 1st of september, and city of boston has picked up about 8 inches of rain, still run being a 2 and a half inch deficit, that's just since the 1st of december. if i were to take you back to the 1st of the year, it's depressing because our rainfall deficit is close to 10 inches of rain. but i think on top behalf we picked up yesterday, by the time this rain moves out overnight tonight, most of us want 2 inches of beneficial rain. granted, once again it is happening during the evening commute. so that will foul plans up for sure. allow for extra time. here is that rain and notice the deeper shading of green and yellow. and there's some steadier rain. yesterday's rain was focused primarily out through western new england and southeastern
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rain, boston north, lighter amounts of rain from yesterday. but here you go. this is the next wave moving across southern new england and it does temporarily shut down around new york city, but you notice this rain train if you will, it goes all the way down into the virginias now and into the carolinas, this will work up across southern new england through the evening hours and overnight tonight. so there is your timeline right there. we hold on to the periods of rain and i do think there's gonna be a burst of some heavier rain around midnight tonight up until about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow morning. so that is the good news. the heaviest of the rain does happen off-hours, if you will. so from midnight to about three a.m. a burst of heavy rain and many towns will pick up close to an inch of rain by the time it moves out of here tomorrow morning. temps right now in the upper 40s now. last evening the temps jumped in the upper 50s to around 60. i don't think that happens this evening. what you see is what you get,
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bit of a chilly raw wind off the water, especially at the coastline, anywhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour. so it is a stormy night for southern new england but we will welcome the rain. tomorrow, morning clouds. sun in the afternoon, windy but it's a warm wind with temps tomorrow in the upper 50s. much cooler for friday, though. >> out to matt fitzgerald with sort of a repeat yesterday, another wet commute home and pitch dark out there. >> yeah, route 1 begin back by route 16 and the loop ramp to 93 is jammed. ugly sight here at the zakim bridge. the southbound side is at a standstill. same deal on the northbound side crawling from the tunnel most of the way up to 128. the levitt connector is also heavy in both directions. further back on the southbound
4:53 pm
tum down past columbia road and then it will be brake-free until granite avenue. the northbound side is jammed from braintree up past ponce -- neponset circle. a happen hour to the braintree split and from the split to the tunnel only 25 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7news. >> a deprivation leads to the loss of 1 million working days a year. researchers estimate this absentee along with the retired workforce cost the economy up to $411 billion a year. >> a new study finds current smokers were three times more likely to die than people who have never smoked, and as soon as smokers fixed, the less likely they would die. even in their 60s, this he had a lower risk of smoking-related death. and perfecting your tennis
4:54 pm
at how participating in six different sports affected a person's life expectancy. racket sports, which topped the list, were linked to a 47% lower risk of death from any cause, followed by swimming, aerobics and then cycling. breaking a record, another movie in the star wars franchise matches a major -- reaches a major milestone. we'll explain right here on the news station. got any good gift ideas?
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country music fans, august is now looking even better. >> kenny chesney adding a second show at gillette this summer. >> i just wanted to say how excited i am that we're adding a second night to gillette stadium this coming summer. >> so the country star already booked the last friday in august for his only stadium show of the year. but since he shows back to back, fans will get to see him for two nights in a row. tickets go on sale on friday. >> and a local woman's run on the voice has come to an end. dorchester native courtney horell was eliminated last night after reaching the top 10. she says being on the show was one of the best experiences of her life and helped her find her voice, and she thanked everyone in boston for supporting her. the new england based film manchester by the sea is receiving some early honors. it was named best film by the
4:58 pm
native casey affleck who also won best actor of the gotham independent film award earlier this week. and the star wars story according to the hollywood reporter, the movie has just broken the record for the biggest number of ticket presales. variety adds the first stand-alone star wars adventure is predicted to open above the 130 million-dollar mark when it hihe and i can give you one guess who will be in that line. >> you saw jaryd walking by here pumping his fists up. he'll be waiting all night in line if he has to, i bet. >> yeah. i bet. we have much more to come here in the next 90s minutes. >> 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> reporter: a woman stabbed to death in brockton had her own son brought in for questioning. >> flooding and fires, a water
4:59 pm
situation in the streets of chinatown. >> rain continues through the evening as well as the overnight. >> no charges for the officer who shot and killed a black man in charlotte. the evidence police say shows he acted within the law. >> a local fire chief suspended for his spending. how the town says he misused money. >> and splitting up a big win. meet the tennessee 20. what they plan to do with their powerball prize. starting at 5:00 with brockton home. her son in custody. the 18-year-old is being questioned right now. >> let get right out to seven's kelli o'hara live on the scene with the breaking details. >> yeah, brockton police and the state police are investigating this murder. you can see right now there's crime scene tay around this property and police are still inside. we can tell you this is a heart-breaking situation. a brockton mother was stabbed to death inside her home earlier, her son in custody being
5:00 pm
just after lunchtime when a grandmother, that mother's mother, frantically started waving down neighbors, screaming for them to call 911. neighbors say she did not go inside that home because the way the son was acting. the d.a. says they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. take a listen. >> terrific to see what can happen. i don't know what happened, i don't have familiarity with the family itself. but a mother/son relationship, and for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic need to make sure we find out what happened. >> i got here live in brockton where you can see police are still on scene, crime scene tape around that home. that woman's death being investigated right now and her son is in custody being questioned, not charged, by police. we're gonna have much more details as the hour continues. check back with us. reporting live in brockton, kelli o'hara, 7news. another round of rain just in time for the evening commute. let's give you a live look outside right now, if you haven't been out, i can tell you


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