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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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just after lunchtime when a grandmother, that mother's mother, frantically started waving down neighbors, screaming for them to call 911. neighbors say she did not go inside that home because the way the son was acting. the d.a. says they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. take a listen. >> terrific to see what can happen. i don't know what happened, i don't have familiarity with the family itself. but a mother/son relationship, and for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic need to make sure we find out what happened. >> i got here live in brockton where you can see police are still on scene, crime scene tape around that home. that woman's death being investigated right now and her son is in custody being questioned, not charged, by police. we're gonna have much more details as the hour continues. check back with us. reporting live in brockton, kelli o'hara, 7news. another round of rain just in time for the evening commute. let's give you a live look outside right now, if you haven't been out, i can tell you
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even wetter than what you see if on the roads it's a big hassle. just need to get through the night. sunshine slated to return tomorrow. let's get the timeline. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner joins us. >> yes. here's that rain right now in boston, all the way along the pike, out toward worcester and beyond into western massachusetts, and again the worst part about this batch of rain is the timing, once again affecting the evening commute. that will be with us all evening long. right now it's light to moderate llin but i do think the rain on this evening. when you go back to last night's rain, a lot of that was faux united states down through the south cope and the cape, over an inch of rain and gets back up into the worcester hills and connecticut river valley. lighter amounts than boston. but round 2, i think most of us will pick up an additional inch of rain. and once you move out of new england and follow the rain, it heads all the way down the eastern seaboard, through the virginias, as well as the carolinas. so this plume of rain also will
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this evening and overnight tonight. here is your timeline right here. and again a lot of yellow and some orange sprinkled in. those are the pockets of the heavier rainfall likely around midnight up to about 3:00 a.m. and then that will start to taper off just in time for the morning commute. there will be a lot of clouds early tomorrow morning but the rain will be winding down by 6:00 of course, 7:00 in the morning, and then yes, sunshine is back tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> reporter: smoke, flames, and dangerous fumes. >> suddenly i'm being told to t in chinatown, after a bad break. several buildings in boston had to be evacuated due to manhole fires and a water main break. streets were shut down as fire crews worked to knock down those fires, leading to a lot of detours. 7 on the scene in boston, and steve cooper has more on how they finally got the situation under control. steve. >> right. the fire commissioner, adam, telling us today that they had to use a special fold to knock down -- a special foam to knock
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shape right now because a couple lanes here are still taken up by this huge mess. it all began with a water main break 12 hours ago. >> it's kind of crazy. >> i think there's just a big mess. >> reporter: with the blaring signs of sirens, boston firefighters had their hands full this morning, rescuing with plumes of choking smoke coming from as many as four manhole fires in chinatown. the chaotic scene all led to as many as 100 people being evte hostel. >> it's confusing, and would be nice if someone actually told everyone what was going on. >> reporter: the fire officials later on say this water main gave way turning roads into rivers. >> the water hit the transformers and it basically causes the fire. >> reporter: for hours crews worked to pump out water from flooded-out basements from
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of water in some of the basements, so we want to make sure that everything is clean and proper before we open up. >> reporter: the roads remain sealed off for hours around here while curious onlookers could only look on, wondering how things like this could happen in the first place. >> it's something that we have to look at how do we replace these old pipes that we have in the city of boston. >> yeah. glad nobody's hurt. >> you just want to get back in? yeah. >> although the rain right now and the wind, as well, boston police officers are intersection in washington and neyland street tonight trying to keep the traffic flowing as best they can. but again, a couple of lanes still taken out as the clean-up continues here. but as the commissioner told us earlier today, the encouraging news after all this is that nobody was hurt here. we're live in chinatown tonight, steve cooper, 7news. the dighton fire chief under fire, suspended today without
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clothing. let's go to 7's jonathan hall. he's checking it out live in dighton with what we know. jon. >> well, kym, we know this chief does face several criminal charges as an addition to the town action. it was a state police investigation that began back in august. now, the trooper investigated says the chief admitted that he signed expense reports and bought women's clothing. but the trooper says he denies using white-out to change the expense reports to instead of women's. >> reporter: dighton's fire chief under fire tonight for allegedly using his official uniform allowance to buy clothing for his girlfriend or somebody else in violation of town rules. the total value just under $250 bucks. >> he has offended not only this board, but the taxpayers of this town, whether it be $235 or $235,000. >> reporter: chief tony roddick admits he bought the items on a
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galls,a ladies raincoat, a compression cam so, nike capri workout pants and a black tommy copper tube top core band involved. in court documents it says no sign of chief roddick today in his parents' house which he gave in court documents, nor at this house in swanzey. >> chief roddick sometimes lives here in this house with his girlfriend. she was interviewed by state police multiple times, and she insisted none of the compressing it bothers her back. >> reporter: the report says she did admit to having the capri pants but not other items. the state trooper reports that roddick was embarrassed to be buying women's clothing but claimed he lost 30 pounds and they fit him better. the report says the chief got frustrated at the questions and even demanded that he try on the clothing to prove it fit him. it did, but tightly. chief roddick supporters say dighton town officials can be
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and i believe they're insulting tony's integrity also. well, the chief's lawyer says, quote, he is saddened by the allegations made against him and strongly denies them. chief roddick maintains his innocence, awaits his day in court, and has no further comment at this time. the town says that it's still going through its books and believes it will uncover thousands of dollars worth of improper reimbursements. we're live in dighton, jonathan hall, 7news. former patriot and convicted killer aaron hernandez in on some of his jailhouse phone calls. hernandez is suing a texas-based prison technology company for negligence, breach of contract, and invasion of privacy. this comes after calls hernandez accepted in 2014 while awaiting his murder trial were listened to by an unknown person. >> it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott.
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killed a black man in charlotte in september cleared today. no charges will be filed. keith lamont scott's family claimed he was not armed, but police say the evidence indicated the officer was forced to fire. jadiann thompson is here now with the latest. >> well, adam, scott's family now says they will conduct their own investigation into what happened and of whether that officer should have fired. >> reporter: after a two-month-long investigation into this deadly police shooting, 15 prosecutors reached a decision today to not charge officer brently death of keith lamont scott. >> after a thorough review and given the totality of the circumstances incredible in evidence this case, it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> reporter: the shooting captured on dash-cam and body cam video happened on september 20th in charlotte, north carolina. scott, a black man, got out of his car armed with a gun. police officers ordered scott to drop the weapon. >> drop the gun!
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>> reporter: when he didn't, officer vincent, who is also black, fired. >> what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun when confronted by police, exited the vehicle with a gun in hand, and failed to comply with officers who commanded him at least 10 times to put the gun down. >> reporter: the shooting sparked days of protests, riots and demonstrations throughout north carolina. protesting at another police-involved shooting today scott's family not charge vincent, saying they still have unanswered questions. >> we still have real questions about the decisions that were made that day in terms of how they confronted keith, how they reacted to the information that he had a brain injury, and whether they used appropriate deeverythinglation techs to -- deescalation techniques to end this situation in a way that didn't result in the loss of keith scott's life.
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shootings, scott's family insisted he did not have a gun, saying he was sitting in his car reading a book. however, no book was found at the scene. in the control room, jadiann thompson, 7news. find out what happened now in the trump transition today. the president-elect announcing two top-level cabinet positions. his choices for secretary of treasury and for commerce. ryan schulteis here with the details. >> kym, mr. trump's choice for treasury secretary says he wants to make major changes to the tax code, saying he will make huge corporations. >> reporter: donald trump announcing two top level positions today, his pick for treasury secretary steve manuchen, trump's former finance chairman says his top priority is tax reform. >> we're gonna have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> reporter: he's a long-time banker working at goldman sacks before starting his own hedge fund but critics say he can't be trusted after profiting from the housing collapse when others were losing their homes.
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his selection as treasury secretary should send slivers down the spine of every american who got hit hard by the financial crisis. manuchen will be joined by ross as trump's commerce secretary. ross is a billionaire businessman known on lawsuit as the king of bankruptcy with a history of going after struggling companies. the announcements come as the carrier corporation and the president-elect have put the brakes on the air conditioning giant's move to mexico, something trump frequently railed about on the campaign trail. >> we're gonna stop it its tracks. >> reporter: the company tweeting we are pleased to reach a deal with president-elect trump and vice-president-elect pence to close thousands of jobs in indy. carrier said it previously would move operations to mexico. and trump will be in indiana on wednesday and will hold a press conference where he'll announce more detail beside that deal. ryan schulteis, 7news. nancy pelosi says she has a spring in her step today.
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the top elected democrat in the house. house democrats voting in a secret ballot, voting in pelosi over ohio representative tim ryan. the california congresswoman has run the house democratic caucus for the last 14 years. many democrats believe her experience is needed to challenge president-elect trump. moving on, the patriots gearing up for a game against the rams. a lot of players missing in action at practice today. no sign of brady, gronk or edelman. >> some other patriots have stepped up big inec let's find out what the late 70 from gillette. here's trey daerr. >> yeah, guys, the patriots are not quite the same team that we've seen in the last two weeks, they were in the first 9 games of the season. injuries may be dialing back some of the top players. tom brady, the headlining name on this week's practice report, his injuries are starting to take their affect as the patriots are at their most important stretch of the season. >> i think that's what december means, is almost over, you know. we got five games left in the
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now, and that's it. >> reporter: the rigors of an nfl season beginning to take their toll. no brady, gronkowski or edelman at practice wednesday as the focus for the patriots intensifies in the calendar's final month. >> you gotta ring the bell for all teams. you gotta really try to play your best so you're not sitting there four, five weeks in, i wish i had this week back, i wish i had that week back. you want to put it all out there. >> reporter: may be a little bit more difficult late in the >> i'm all right. i can take it. >> reporter: dionne louis, a mere 5'8", has only played two games in the last 12 months. others on the mend they'll need to emerge an even bigger threat, finding a way to thrive and maybe even survive. >> i don't mind. but if i can avoid it, i definitely will do that and use my low center of gravity to my advantage. >> and the patriots may be the
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that's a little banged up this week. the l.a. rams really starting to fade in the nfl, so much so that bill belichick basically said the top weapon on their team is their punter. >> trey daerr, 7news. >> still to come this evening, cashing in, a group of coworkers hit the jackpot. why it took so long for some to find out they won and what do they plan to do with the money. >> and ahead at 5:30, a shocking case of road rage caught on camera overseas. what l also we're learning more about what led to a deadly descent in columbia that carried members of a brazilian soccer team. what the pilot told air traffic control just before the crash. and coming up in just one hour, a crash sends a sheriff's deputy, a k-9 officer and another driver to the hospital. what caused that. >> and a medicine mix-up at a local school. a nurse accidentally gives a young student the wrong pill. we'll have details, those stories and more coming up on
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went to coworkers in tennessee sharing the wealth. they hit the $421 million powerball prize. they have to split it. the tennessee 20 picked up their checks and now making plans. >> they have a lot to split, and so they're going to use some of the money to spontaneously give back to others. nicole oliverio has the story. records a phone call made 20 times over. >> said it's amy and i thought it was i'm going to get the coffee before i answer the phone. >> reporter: so early in the morning many went unanswered. >> it was 5:15 in the morning when amy called me and all she said was we won, we won, we won, we won. call me. and so obviously i didn't get that message until later. >> they wouldn't answer their phone. i'm like get up, you know. >> reporter: amy o'neill bought the winning lottery ticket near her home in lafayette, tennessee, and that's where the tennessee 20 met after the phone calls ended. >> they all come to my house and
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just screaming and just -- just the joy. [ applause ] >> reporter: that's when the group knew. >> we had paperwork to do. i imagine going to the bank will be the roughest. >> reporter: this would change more than just their lives. >> my wife and i talked about it. you know, you see someone checking them out at walmart or kroger's, you know, that look like they need help, go over there and swipe the card. >> they're all adults but to give them a hand-up and get them starte truly a blessing for our children. >> i feel like god has put a huge responsibility on me as far as how this money is used. >> it's going to be a blessing to have this opportunity. >> reporter: a blessing this group is determined to use for good. >> there is gonna be a lot of people blessed there you this, and i'm thankful for that.
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evenly. almost $13 million a piece. in the newsroom, i'm nicole oliverio, 7news. next on 7, an expedition off the coast of nantucket ending with quite the shark tale. look at that, jr. >> that is good stuff right there. right now, not so much. rain and quite a bit of it on the way tonight. forecast up next. and new developments into the investigation into this week's ohio state attack. what we've learned about the man
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that scene in the matrix where neo sees the black cat and sees it again and says i think it's deja vu. maybe we have one going on, folks, as far as a glitch. rain in southern new england during the evening commute. and that is with us for the next several hours, which the timing is the worst part of these batches of rain. here's last night's rain, 1 1/2 of rain and i think we'll do it all over again this evening. now, it does look like it winds down. water bury, new york city, down toward philadelphia, but there is more rain that's lined up on the deck all the way down the eastern seaboard through the virginias and carolinas. so this is the next batch of rain that works up across new england later on this evening and overnight tonight. in fact, i think there's gonna be a burst of some heavier rainfall around 11:00 tonight up
5:24 pm
morning. and i also think we can move the rain out of here before the morning commute gets underway. there may be a couple of isolated showers tomorrow morning, about 6:00, 7:00 but there will be few and far between and moving offshore real quick. so even if you head out the front door at 7:00, maybe a shower for 20 minutes but i don't think you need the rain gear. an additional inch of rain is on top of what you picked up which again for most of you is about an inch. good news there. cold and raw. temps right now in the upper 40s. last evening the numbers jumped close to 60 degrees around 11:00. i don't think that will happen tonight. i think the numbers will stay put with a coastal wind anywhere between 10 and fen miles per hour adding the chill to the air. temps in the upper 40s this evening and overnight tonight. on to tomorrow, morning clouds, and then developing sunshine, breezy, and mild with temps between 52 and 58. a little bit windy at times at
5:25 pm
plymouth at 59. lakeville at 60 degrees. north of town, middle and upper 50s. first day of september, not too shabby. into the worcester hills, upper 40s and low 40s. and out on to the cape and islands, a few isolated showers tomorrow morning but by the afternoon, skies do begin to clear out, a little bit windy. chatham at 55. there you go tomorrow, then as we work toward friday, lots of sun, less wind but also colder on friday with temps on friday only in the middle and continues, so that for the weekend, saturday and sunday sunshine both days we have the high school football championships down at gillette saturday and the patriots down at gillette sunday. both will be fine. monday clouds, in fact, monday morning there could be a couple of snow flurries across southern new england. highs on monday only in the upper 30s. see you at 5:30. >> thank you, j.r., just proving my point summer is long gone. but researchers still hitting the water in search of sharks.
5:26 pm
research company did an expedition out into the atlantic from the nantucket and reeled in this huge great white shark. the male shark was tagged for tracking and they named it cisco after cisco beach. a special screening at the vatican and an acclaimed director getting input on his new film from the pope. and coming up at 6:00, a car plows into an avington bar. what police say caused the driver here to lose control. , that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin,
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5:30 pm
plane reported moments before the crash that killed the brazilian soccer team. >> and an army vet shares his story of the attack at the ohio state university and how he helped stop the violence. >> and santa isn't coming to town. why school fishes are banning jolly old st. nick from classrooms. >> a woman was stabbed to death at a home in brockton. her 18-year-old son is in custody, brought in for home on merit ave. let get over to adam williams in the newsroom with all the details. >> ryan and jadiann, what we know is the 18-year-old son has not been charged at this point but state police are interviewing him as you mentioned. police and the d.a.'s office are on the scene at 34 merit avenue in brockton. the d.a. says a mother was stabbed fatally. neighbors say just after noon the grandmother was waving them down, screaming for them to call 911. the d.a. says they're trying to figure out exactly what happened.


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