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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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about the investigation?... police chief dana wingert said senior officer vanessa miller feared for and in the moment as ryan bolinger while he agrees that the shooting was within policy protocol...bolinger' s family think otherwise police dash camera video from june 9th shows des moines police department senior officer vanessa miller to use deadly force when 28 year old ryan bolinger charged her squad car after a short pursuit... "you react in that moment in that split second, what you know what you feel what you see"now those feelings that senior officer miller felt that night were justified by the des moines police department's internal investigation...confirming a grand jury's decision in august to not indict miller... "how would a reasonable person react under those circumstances in
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that moment, not 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after but in that moment...that split second to make that decision... "when you take all that into in and compare it to our policy, her actions do not violate our traffic stop... captured on video by a police vehicle's dash camera. police say bolinger was acting erratically... then lead them on a pursuit on the northwest side of des moines. bolinger eventually stopped... but police say he ran towards miller's police car. "she had to come to a complete suspect was at her window"miller opened fire from inside her vehicle... shooting bolinger chief wingert said officer miller was fearful and that she also department's use of deadly force policy "being in fear for their life or another person"while the police department says she followed protocol...the bolinger family's attorney is quote..the opinion of the des moines police department on the matter is not a surprise to us. only by verdict of a jury of the
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officers peers will justice truly be had. we have prudently taken this situation one step at a time, and we will continue to act reasonably as we move forward in our pursuit of justice. "any loss of life is tragic and having to deal with it from that day forward is certainly difficult" chief wingert says senior officer vanessa miller has been cleared to return back to work but she has requested to take personal time off instead... a newton man is in custody for allegedly trying to kill three people...including a 5-month-old. 50-year-old john britton of newton is charged with three counts of attempted murder. officials say britton hit a 25- year-old man with his car in the 600 block of south third avenue east. the man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police say he then hit another vehicle multiple times...
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inside the car - a 50-year-old woman and a 5-month-old child. they were not hurt... but britton reportedly told pooice he intended to kill all the victims. in addition to attempted murder, britton is also charged with several traffic offenses. the jury in the pete polson attempted murder trial is having trouble agreeing. this time the question is, do we have to be unanimous on every count, what if we are not unanimous on some counts but are on others?" the jury approached the judge three times today with different questions each time. the jury also asked for an explaination on what "intoxication" means...and if attempted murder necessitates pre-mediatation and motive. the judge told them to go back and re-read the jury instruction. polson is facing nine charges...including three counts of attempted murder. police say he opened fire at random in pleasant hill last year...hitting two people. the jury's work resumes tomorrow. waterloo firefighters say they
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house fire this morning. crews arrived at the linden avenue home around 4-30 and discovered rebecca lavenz inside... authorities say the fire appears accidental but crews haven't pinpointed the cause yet. fire officials say lavenz lived alone...and no one else was hurt. it wasn't only waterloo firefighters in action overnight. a fire in walcott sent one firefighter to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. crews were called to a vacant home just south of the iowa-80 truckstop around 11-30... the home was fully engulfed in flames and it took crews hours to get it extinguished. several area fire departments were called in to help bring in water. a nearby corn field also caught fire. burn bans are in place across the state because of the extremely dry conditions. but we saw few sprinkles today... and it looks like we have at least one more chance of rain this week... let's check in with ed wilson for a first look at the forecast...ed? it has turned into a beautiful evening with partly cloudy skies as rain moves away. temperatures will be in the 60s this evening and fall to
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the mid 50s by morning. more showers possible wednesday... we'll show you those
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the first democratic candidate is dropping out of the presidential race. jim webb announced today he's ending his bid for the presidential nomination. he made statements from the national press club in washington d-c. experts say the former virginia senator's candidacy never really got off the ground, as he did little campaigning and polled poorly. during his comments today, webb cited differences he has with the party. 05-28 i fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and the nominating base of the democratic party. that party is filled with millions of dedicated, hard-working americans. but its hierarchy is not comfortable with many of the policies that i have laid forth, and frankly i am not that comfortable with many of theirs. the former virginia senator did leave the door open to an independent white house run. with webb out of the race... ...only four democrats will be
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at the jefferson jackson dinner in des moines this weekend. the dinner is an annual fundraiser for the iowa democratic party. a reception begins at 5-30 at hy-vee hall saturday... followed by dinner at 7:00... of course all eyes are on vice president joe see if he'll join the race. sources tell n-b-c biden is getting close to announcing his decision... while he hasn't entered the race yet...he's still weighing in on it... biden spoke at an event honoring former vice president walter mondale in washington d-c this morning. clinton. biden says he's disagrees with her when it comes to the g-o-p. during last week's debate she said she's proud of being enemies with republicans. "i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. this is a matter of making things work." a recent n-b-c-wall street journal poll shows more and more democrats
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don't want biden to enter the race. 38-percent say they prefer he stay in. the presidential candidates with iowans... today governor terry branstad held three town hall meetings. city hall auditorium. the governor took questions on the future of the national guard aviation facility there, the bakken pipeline and funding for medicaid, branstad also held similar meetings in jefferson and atlantic this afternoon. the state's unemployment rate is at it's lowest in nearly ten years. unemployment dropped to 3-point- 6-percent in september. that's down from 3-point-7-percent the month before.... and 4-point-3- percent this time last year. iowa workforce development says the state hasn't seen numbers this low since 2006 rate stands at 5-point-1-percent. the roosevelt neighborhood has big project. the final plans for the 42nd street corridor project will be
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the des moines playhouse tonight. the city and members of the neighborhood want to make the area safer for motorists and pedestrians. officials say, traffic bottle necks when the lanes drop from four to two within a one-block stretch. the new plan would make it three lanes all the way through. the crosswalk for hubbell elementary would also be moved. 19:49:59-19:50:23 we are right on the corner of the freeway. cross 42nd street. interferes with traffic to move that down. safer for students. the project will cost about 1-point- 7-million-dollars. it's being funded through city and private dollars. the committee behind the effort still needs to raise about 400- thousand-dollars. if you'd like to voice concerns, tonights meeting starts at 5-30
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the race director for a weekend 5-k says the race was short of the full distance. an e-mail went out today to participants in the "principal financial group 5-k" road race.. it was held saturday...right before sunday's i-m-t marathon and half marathon. the director say the course was three-tenths of a mile short. he says the error was with the m-l-k between mile one and two. cone barricades were supposed to be moved back...but it didn't happen. the director is offering a discount for next year's races to those impacted. chicago tonight. they were surprised with last at wrigley field. why the kindness of strangers is lifetime. plus, they served our country...and now volunteers are serving them. the help that arrived on four wheels today...and the service that's making them feel top notch. pause for nats :04 extreme
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wrestling suits?! see the unique lesson this is
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06:58:39-06:58:44 not just talk about health care...especially something. dentists...hygenists. ..and other volunteers rolled mission. it's pretty simple...they wanted to help people...
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the mouth mobile is run by aspen today with a goal to offering services to veterans. the 42-foot dentist office on des moines street. they worked on dozen of patients...providing free distractions, root canals and fillings for about six hours. dentists say one veterans came in with a tooth that had been broken for six years. they say the vet had a good infection from that too. 07:00:21 when we fix something in the mouth we aren't just dealing with that part of the body we are helping the overall health. we forget the mouth is connected to the rest of our body. 07:00:35 the mobile is making 28 stops this year. all of today's appointments were made in advanced through local v-a organizations in the area. the quad cities community joined forced to helping a hurting father and sony pair... :58 jack, we heard you are a
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cubs fan. we heard they are in the playoffs tomorrow night. would you like to go? you got two tickets here. awesome! two tickets for you! it'll be a nice distraction as jack's mother passed away a few months ago of cancer... his dad... jeremy... works for a guy who has season ticket. together with another non- profit...they came up with a way to give jeremy and jack the weekend away. besides the tickets...they'll have a place to stay...and 500-dollars for souvenirs. 7:57 it's worth anything to give them a day. time to take their mind of everything else around them. 5:00 it hasn't been easy. but we put our head down and we do our thing day by day. this is perfect. this is exactly what we need.
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jeremy says he hopes the cubs can make a come back from the "oh and two" start in the series with
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tonight skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will stay mild, dropping to 60 degrees. a cold front will cross the state on wednesday and there may again be a few showers along the front as it moves through tomorrow. temperatures will then be cooler in the 60s the rest of the week. the next round of rain arrives on friday. it will be dry and cooler for the weekend with
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lights...costumes...p erformers...and music... nats of music this might seems like the civic center...but it's not! see the unique show put on at a des moines middle school and how it's jazzing up and otherwise ordinary
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classroom lesson. dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together
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a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. classroom lesson. a group traveling the country hopes it gets students excited about learning. the story... it's new at five. @7:45 on stage... under the lights... @21:43 "that pushes back.... these performers bring learning to @1:36 "it's showing fun examples of what science can be like." @5:42 "it all comes down to science..physics forces in motion. honeywell and nasa teamed up
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eleven years ago to bring the show to schools around the country. @33:39 "helping to get the kids to century involving science, technology, engineering and math." @5:50 "in motion." with song and dance... @16:00 "let's experiment... experiments... @22:55 "you know...i have some tips for these experimenters." from sir isaac newton... @3:47 "he was the man that discovered the three laws of motion and changed the world." they teach the students. @34:02 "they can see things like music and dance, things that they love, and we're mixing it with things they need for the future. so, we're demystifying physics and science and making it simple for them to understand. 8:50 "alright theo, what grade are you in?" student volunteers demonstrate inertia @11:17 "in 3,2,1" on this velcro wall. @17:56 "this time when i tell you to go, i want you to run as fast as you can toward mr. burns...and go." and teachers are even
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involved...taking the stage in extreme wrestling suits to demonstrate force. @18:09 "so, we see by adding acceleration to his mass, he created a much greater force. @33:00 "we're just thrilled to have the opportunity to have fma come here today. anything we can do to get our kids interested in science. we want them to be innovators of the future." @25:26 "on your marks, get set, go." @58:50 "it's really fun. you get to do lots of experiments. it's just really fun." as they learn science on stage. @25:51 "...oh!...." in des moines, megan reuther, channel 13 news. "f-m-a live forces in motion" is throughout the week. it's free for the schools. we'll be right back. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis
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