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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  November 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. the death toll from friday's terrorist attacks in paris is now at least one - hundred 29 . isis says it carried out the assaults and seven attackers are dead. n-b-c's bill neely recounts the events of the serial massacres and talks to survivors. "it is an act of war", said france's president today- after a night of horror. massacre after massacre not seen in paris since world war two. and it looked like war. bodies on the streets. terror in the air. isis claiming it today.. warning of more to follow a night.. that began so differently. live soccer - france against germany- millions watching on tv, when suddenly.. an explosion, heard across france.
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from the national stadium, targeted by three suicide bombers.. to bars and restaurants where dozens died, 19 in one alone, to the concert hall where eighty nine were killed. the first explosion -- 9:20 -- outside the soccer match. "two of the suicide bombers blew themselves up just over there as fans were drinking during the game. but one question is why they didn't attack when 80,000 fans were pouring into the stadium a half hour earlier." one suicide bomber tried to get through with a ticket, one report said- but was stopped, then blew himself up. nine twenty five - and outside a city center restaurant, carnage. it's where charlotte brhaut thought she would die. "and all of a sudden there were huge gun shots that sounded like fireworks... just like bang, bang, bang, bang through the window." nine thirty six. another attack at a bar where those nineteen people were killed, sprayed with gunfire. then four minutes
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scenes nearby. gunmen stormed a rock concert by the american band, eagles of death metal. young people shot fleeing.. stepping over bodies on the ground. inside julian pearce played dead, then ran for his life. "they were not stopping... they were reloading the guns and they very heavily armed." dozens escaped onto the roof and were rescued. french swat teams finally storming the hall, two gunmen blowing themselves up, a third shot and killed. and this may not be over isis said there were eight attackers seven are dead. police are now searching for that eighth man and any other possible accomplices. president holande is vowing revenge against isis. france he says will be merciless. this is a city and a country braced for more
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trauma. back to you. the paris attacks forced a last minute change in the focus of tonight's democratic presidential debate hosted by drake university. our political director dave price is at drake where the event wrapped up just a few minutes ago. he joins us now live with more on what the three candidates had to say ... dave ... contain isis not defeat them ... clinton 200929-200955 we can bring people together but it can't be an american fight. what the president has said and i happen to agree with is support those who take the fight to isis. that's why we have troops in iraq that are helping to train back up the iraqi military contain isis not defeat them ... clinton 200929-200955 we can bring people together but it
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fight. what the president has said and i happen to agree with is support those who take the fight to isis. that's why we have troops in iraq that are helping to train back up the iraqi military while we have special forces in syria working with the kerds so we can be supportive but this cannot be an american fight. edit to: o'malley 201153-201211 "we do have a role in this, not solely but we must work collaboratively with other nations. the great failing of these last 10 or 15 years is a failure of
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on the ground. our role in the world is not to roam the world looking for new dictators to topple." edit to: sanders 201248-201306 "climate change is directly related to the rise of terrorism. if we do not get our act together and listen to the scientists say we're going to see countries all over the world, and this is what the cia says, we're going to see coutnries struggling over limited amounts of water to grow their crops and you're going to see all kinds of international conflict. it was a rare double-header
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coming up in sports, find out if they could wrestle and tackle their way to a sweep ... plus iowa state had a chance to play "giant killer" again today. brett ad lib weather tease at the matte and coming up next ... a local
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and coming up next ... a local group proves its never too late to say thank you. 40 years after iowa gave them a new home ... a group of tai dam
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its time to start returning the favor. in 19 - 75 governor robert ray and ambassador kenneth quinn opened iowas borders to thousands of southeast asian refugees. today those refugees marked the anniversary of finding their new home. nats of music a 40th anniversary celebration of the resettling of the tai dam people was held at the state capitol today. as part of that celebration ... a group of refugees formed a committee called "thank you iowa" that's worked to raise money for iowa charities. seven local charities will split 14-thousand dollars raised by the tai dam refugees.
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the leader of that committee says he hopes other refugee communities in iowa will follow their lead and say "thanks." powerball the hawkeyes have never started
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends,
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and books and music.
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the hawkeyes have never started a football season 10-0. a win over minnesota keeps iowa undefeated, in the playoff chase and also brings floyd back to iowa city. iowa wearing the blackout uniforms under the lights of kinnick stadium. 1st q. leshun daniels, in from 3 yards out. 7-0 hawks.
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gophers answer. mitch leidner, short touchdown run. tied at 7. back come the hawks. cj beathard, bootleg, everyone bites on the fake. walks in the endzone. 14-7 hawks. just before half, its daniels again. plows in from 2 yards. 24-14 iowa at the half. 3rd q. marshall koehn, good from 38 yards. his 2nd field goal of the night. 27-14 iowa. later up 6. beathard, finds tevaun smith. smith down to the 1, good for 29 yards. next play. beathard sneaks in from a yard out. 33-21 hawks. michael admire joins us live from iowa city with more earlier in the day, wrestling
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the grapple on the gridiron
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lives up to the hype. 42-thousand 287 fans. pack kinnick to see the hawks take on top ranked oklahoma state. 125 lbs. 4th ranked thomas gilman a major decision 9-1 over eddie klimara. 184. sammy brooks 4 point near fall. brooks wins by tech fall 17-2. iowa knocks off number one osu 18- 16. hawks back inside carver next
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4 years ago, almost to the day, iowa state shocked the college football world, beating 2nd ranked oklahoma state. the upset ruined the cowboys perfect season. today, another chance to play the role of spoiler. cowboys undefeated, ranked 8th in the latest playoff poll. 1st q. joel lanning, keeper, 24 yards to the house. 7-0 cyclones. more in the first. lanning, to allen lazard. juke, then lazard drags tacklers in to the endzone. 24 yard touchdown. iowa state led 24-14 at the half. 3rd q more from lanning. another keeper, no one will catch him. 130 yards rushing for joel. cyclones lead 31-21. 4th q, just over 3 to play. j-w walsh
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swings it to jeff carr, 7 yard strike. cowboys first lead of the game 35-31. cyclones get the ball back. 4th and 1. questionable play calling. mike warren, over 1-thousand yards for the season, but a yard short here. stuffed. iowa state loses a heartbreaker, 35-31 the season, but a yard short here. stuffed. iowa state loses a heartbreaker, 35-31 to okie state. cyclones on the road next week
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the high school football playoffs continue from the dome. van meter 1 win away from playing in their first title game. 1a semifinal against hull western christian. 1st half. ben trent, hits carson rhodes. his 2nd touchdown of the game. van meter leads 17-14 at the half. but the wolfpack get a late 4th q touchdown, and thats it. western christian advances 21-17 over van meter class 1a semifinal. top ranked albia #3 gv at #17 william penn playing for the rock and ladder trophy; scoress in the 3rd until jordan cheatem finds some space and finds the end zone. grand view, conference champs for 5th year in a row. 26-14 win over bill penn 19th ranked uni on the road at missouri state. panthers dont waste any time. 3rd play of the game. tyvis smith, adios! 56
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