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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2015 6:00am-7:30am CST

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a new arrest connected to the paris cel and the details about the terror strike in africa that killed 20, including one american. we are live across the globe. wintry wallop. a foot of snow falls in the midwest and stranding travelers trying to get an early jump on thanksgiving. how bad will it get? dylan has the forecast. scare on the football field. high school players, coaches, officials and fans forced to run for their lives after gunshots rang out. and early status update. a big announcement from mark zuckerberg about what he will do when his little girl arrives. a lot of likes for the daddy-to-be. today, november 21st, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning.
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i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. good to have you home. >> nice to be home. >> we will talk to you about your time in paris in a moment. the top stories, terror attacks worldwide. we have correspondents across the globe. the headline, belgium under the highest terror alert today. subways in brussels are closed. armed police and soldiers in the streets. the belgian prime minister saying they have quote quite precise information that several people with arms and explosives could launch multiple attacks. nbc's carlio is here with us. >> reporter: craig, brussels, the home of european institutions woke up to a military zone. we see soldiers everywhere. they are patrolling the streets and guarding shopping centers and hotels.
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military vehicles parked outside the old stock exchange behind me. we spoke to residents and they are concerned and angry because this measure, this security measure is affecting their way of life. the entire subway system has been shutdown for the weekend. concerts and events closed. movie theaters and exhibition centers closed this weekend. they are not used to this. this is only the third time in the history of belgium, of the country, the alert has been raised to level four, the highest. authorities of course are saying they would not have done that if they did not think the threat is serious, credible and real. you said the prime minister feared coordinated attacks similar to paris. the fact that salah abdeslam, the only terrorist linked to the paris attacks still at large, was born, raised and radicalized
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>> claudio, thank you. >> the hunt for those involved in the paris attacks is going wider with a key arrest in turkey. nbc's global correspondent bill neely is here with the latest for us. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the investigation here and the crackdown on isis supporters continues. more than 800 raids across france so far. almost 200 gun seized. nearly 100 people arrested. as you have seen in brussels, the effort across europe by police forces, it is not just in france. we had arrests in turkey this morning. the net is widening right across europe. under arrest this morning in turkey, three men suspected of ties to isis. including a belgian thought to have scouted locations of the paris massacres. across europe, police are hunting for the killers and
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french police are still trying to identify this suicide bomber who detonated in the apartment they stormed. they found a third body in the rubble. this woman killed in the raid was not the bomber as they previously thought. i met the man who led the raid. the terror group they faced, he told me, were well trained. >> they shot just enough to be dangerous. we didn't see them. it was very difficult to know where they were. >> they knew what they were doing? >> reporter: he said the woman shouted i'm scared, i'm scared. suddenly the suicide bomber detonates. >> the flash of lights and the building shook. >> reporter: the shields they used are bullet ridden. >> you can see here. >> reporter: the terrorists fired to the head. >> the bullets come by this way. you can see the exit. >> reporter: the death toll from
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the massacres a week ago has risen to 130. but for danny plaugee, targeted by the gunman at the concert, everything has changed. >> my life won't be the same. there will be a before and after as it was for you people in new york city. there was a before and after in september. >> reporter: early this morning, paris was trying to begin a new normal weekend, but exactly a week after the massacres, it was hard to forget the victims to have courage amid the terror. and overnight at the united nations, the security council adopted its first resolution against isis calling on countries to take all necessary means to confront isis which it called a global threat. remember, all five permanent
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have had citizens killed by isis. china, russia in the plane bombing and here in france. erica. >> bill neely, thank you. today, president obama is condemning the terror attack in the african nation of mali that left at least 20 people dead, including one american. nbc's keir simmons is there for us. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the jihadists who carried out the attack on the luxury hotel behind me may still be on the loose. three are being hunted. mali malian president is urging a state of emergency and limiting the movements around the capital. the search for killers in the radisson hotel was assisted by security agents. it is not clear this morning how many armed gunmen it took to terrorize guests.
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glass shattered where the men burst in as breakfast was under way shooting at everything that moved. these jihadists, they killed everyone, said a hotel employee. they went room to room, releasing those who could prove they were muslim by reciting passages from the koran. killing those who couldn't. mali security forces rushed to the attack to aid. >> our diplomatic security agents rushed in to pull people to safety. french troops and american forces in the country for training missions provided support as did the united nations forces. thanks to the swift action and skill of all involved, many people escaped. >> reporter: by then, at least 20 people killed. including american aid worker anita from maryland. her family spokesperson. >> we are devastated by the loss.
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>> reporter: the group claiming responsibility is the jihadist organization potentially linked to al qaeda, not isis, renewing their threat of global jihad. this attack claimed by the al qaeda affiliate so soon after the an tarattack on paris, people are worried that isis and al qaeda are worried. >> keir simmons, thank you. >> we have a senior partner here about us. evan, nice to have you. >> thank you. >> the unprecedented terror warning for belgium for the an alert alert. and the precise coordinated attacks. what more do you know? >> we don't know much because the police in belgium are not saying much. they seem to have similar concerns to what happened in paris. if you look at what is going on in brussels, you get an idea.
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you have the one individual running right now from authorities. supposedly some are angry with him because he did not detonate a weapon. obviously if you are looking at the targets they are selecting or targets they are worried about, metro, shops, malls, hotels, the same targets we saw in paris. i think it is fair to say it comes from the same source. isis or isis supporters. >> i want to pick up what keir said on the end there. the idea there may be some sort of rivalry brewing with the two. the al qaeda connected group that has taken credit for mali and isis in paris. >> we have to be careful. we have a communication. we are not sure it is authentic. let's just say it is. let's say it is al qaeda. the operation in mali could have
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been prepared for months or years. we don't know. this is something it wasn't and organized as paris. there were not suicide bomb vests. these guys had a plan. this is possibly a symptom of the competition with al qaeda and isis. it is not necessarily linked to what happened in paris. these folks have been planning operations for a while. it is to be said one potential targets, mokhtar belmokhtar, was targeting the u.s. with the air strike in libya. it is fair to say the impetus for this did not come up last week or the week before. this could be many months old. >> evan coleman, thank you. >> the terror scares around the world have put the issue of immigration front and center in the presidential campaign. gop frontrunner donald trump is facing harsh criticism for calling for a muslim tracking database. he seems to be walking it back a bit.
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nbc's hallie jackson is in a very snowy des moines, iowa this morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the first real snowfall of the season. some campaign stops are canceled in iowa, but the snow does not stop more than 1,000 people attending a faith and family forum attended by several candidates. donald trump is weathering his own storm about the comments on a muslim database. donald trump is clarifying. >> there was music blaring in the background. >> reporter: back tracking. blaming background noise for mishearing an exchange with nbc news in which he did not rule out a database for tracking muslims in the united states. >> i would implement that. absolutely. >> reporter: later? >> mr. trump, why would that not
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jews to register in nazi, germany? is there a difference? >> who are you with? >> i'm with nbc news. is there a difference? >> you tell me. >> reporter: now trump says? >> i want a database for the syrian refugees that obama wants to let in. >> reporter: trump looking to fend off more fallout as more groups denounce his remarks. so did democrats. >> i don't think we should be engaging in the kind of inflammatory rhetoric i have been hearing from some of the republican candidates. >> reporter: republican rivals. >> you talk about closing mosques, you talk about registering people. that's just wrong. >> i'm a big fan of donald trump's, but not a fan of government registries of american citizens. >> reporter: trump still the frontrunner of the survey monkey poll.
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the loudest voices were saved for slamming promiseesident obama. >> we had a president spending more time attacking republicans than more time than attacking isis. >> reporter: president obama visited refugee children in kuala lumpur overnight as the debate over syrian refugees entering the u.s. continues here at home. the president promising as long as he is in office, america is a place where people face violence and discrimination can find safe haven. >> hallie, thank you. a big scare at a high school football game in miami. sheinelle has more on that. >> good morning. that game in miami, that football game ends in chaos. you can see the players and fans racing out of the stadium in the video where miami central was playing carroll city high school. the gunshots were heard in the distance.
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the shots were fired outside the stadium and so far, police have no reports of injuries. they are still investigating. officials at san diego state university are investigating allegations of a hate crime against a muslim student. the young woman says she was battered and pushed and abused by a man who confronted her in the university parking lot. the man grabbed her by her head scarf and began making threats. a daring robbery. thieves used a car to smash into the shop in hendersonville, tennessee. the rest of the crime was caught by surveillance cameras. they made out with 16 guns and automatic weapons. scary moments as a truck smash noos smashes into a house. the dump truck crashed into a telephone pole before it hit the house.
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than an hour to cut the driver from the wreck. and there is word of an escape from the sequoia park zoo. the concern is for the animal that is on the run. the red panda that got out of her enclosure. she is perfect prey for larger predators and her diet is bamboo, which she is not likely to find. finally, a creative proposal with something of a food focus. take a look. a canadian man decided to pop the question using potatoes on his front lawn. more than 200, in fact. i don't know if she is a potato lover. apparently she liked the gesture. as you can see, the hug means she said yes. >> a man proposes to you using potatoes, you better say yes. >> why? >> i don't know. >> it's hard to find all of the potatoes in the same size to lay them out evenly. >> there you go.
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it is thoughtful and took planning. dylan, how about the weather? >> i should stay away from the potato talk. a lot of snow in parts of the midwest. south dakota picked up 18 inches of snow. in iowa, near des moines, we saw roads very slippery. we had cars sliding off the roads. road. the streets are covered. parts of northern iowa picked up nearly 12 inches of snow. and where we only saw 3 to 6 inches closer to chicago, roads are slippery. that whole getting used to driving in the snow again. we are seeing the rain changing over to snow in chicago. northwest of chicago, rockford picked up 3 inches. we have winter weather that includes chicago. we will see it taper off as we go through the next couple hours as it peels away from the western great lakes and to the north.
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we will not see snow along the east coast. as the colder air wraps around, lake ontario and lake erie, is when the snow machine picks up and we could see lake-effect snow tomorrow and monday morning. today, over the course of the next 24 hours, chicago could end up with 3 to 5 inches of snow once the colder air wraps in. south bend, indiana,inches of snow. toledo, ohio, 1 inch. northwestern pennsylvania and western new york could end up with several inches of lake-effect snow. today is the midwest and behind
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and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. up next, catching you up on the week in news. stunning developments in the wake of the paris terror attack. a shocking revelation from charlie sheen and a sweet surprise in our studio from one of our colleagues.
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nbc. back now with "the download." a look at the week's busy stories. >> here is a look at the headlines you may have missed in the morning rush. >> a week after the paris terror attacks, a new strike. this time in africa.
6:20 am
hostage in mali's capital bamako. >> and in france, authorities take down the alleged ringleader of the assaults. >> riddled with bullets identified by fingerprints. >> could this be the homemade bomb that brought down the russian jetliner? >> isis claims in the online magazine magazine, this is it. it appears the can was cut off and packed with plastic explosives and put back together. small, but enough to blow up a plane as this test shows. >> while back home, fear on the rise about the spread of isis leading to a backlash against refugees and migrants. >> if they are coming here, they are going back. we can't take a chance on isis. >> a bipartisan majority in the house approving the bill to restrict the number of syrian and iraqi refugees entering the
6:21 am
united states. in a "today," exclusive, a stunning admission from charlie sheen. >> i am here to admit i am in fact hiv-positive. i'm here to better myself and help a lot of other people. >> sheen says he was honest about his health with his sexual partners. some say that's not true. >> i could literally be dead right now because he did not tell me that. severe weather across the nation this week. >> three people have been killed in the pacific northwest by falling trees. lots of flooding as well. we move to denver where they are dealing with blizzard like conditions. the winds are moving east. look at memphis, tennessee. all the damage caused by falling trees and downed power lines. and the mommy shorts blog head a chubby cheeks playoff. >> and elliot and kora and
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elliot versus callie. the winner is the second baby elliot. we all might look like baby elliot after thanksgiving, but not after feasting on patti labelle's sweet potato pies. come on, pattie. >> thanks to james wright's serenade serenade, walmart sold out. lucky for us, she stopped by to give us a slice. on my own >> and it would not be the holidays without cheer. >> leann rimes wrote a song for us at "today." it is called "today it's christmas." come on. >> that's a bad sitcom. >> i want to go back to paris. a lot of our viewers may not know.
6:23 am
your sister lives there. when we were watching you this week, it was not like watching a reporter. it was watching someone talk about a place that meant a great deal to them. >> it is a place i know well. the french people have a special place in my are heart. one of the things, it was an interesting story. we all cover the stories and we are there for a long time and you see things change day by day. what we were floored by on the ground is how quickly the story was moving. in paris one moment and then saint-denis and then back there. until it was a constant flow of information that was fascinating fascinating. you watch people in paris and watch their attitude. resilience is a big thing. the love of liberty and freedom. those are really important values. deep in the french soul. watching that was fascinating. attitudes changed at the memorials. this is the one outside the
6:24 am
bataclan theater. once they opened it up and people could get there, by far, the most emotional memorial we would go to. people would stand with their hands over their mouths looking at theater and hugging. they were there to show they were not going anywhere and supporting one another. it is with heavy hearts. rainy and cold yesterday. it almost felt appropriate. one week after. >> your perspective was very
6:25 am
still ahead, a when the rain blowing in your face and the whole world is all over you >> if you didn't love adele
6:26 am
before, you will adore her now. the hit singer surprising a group of adele impersonators in the bbc special. then wowing the audience when she opened her mouth. you don't want to miss it. it is coming up in popstart. we have quite a few adele fans out there. the crowd is getting bigger with thanksgiving a few days away on this saturday morning, november 21st, 2015. we were talking about the crowd that's wrapped around the building. >> for adele on "snl." >> she's on "snl" tonight? >> i know. >> how did i not know this? >> they started lining up early yesterday afternoon. >> lucky if they get in. let's see what is making headlines at half past the hour. belgium at the highest terror alert warning. belgium warning one suspect in
6:27 am
the capital of brussels under heavy lockdown. snow pounding the midwest there. parts of iowa have gotten more than a foot of snow. and a surprise in facebook founder and billionaire mark zuckerberg who said he will take a long paternity leave when his baby daughter is born. let's start this half hour with a murder mystery in indiana. the shooting death of a pastor's wife. husband and wife were very popular figures putting their messages of faith on the internet. nbc's kristen dahlgren is here with a twist on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they know the killer. they have a picture of him. they don't have a name yet. they brought four men in for questioning. the question is will it put them closer to a suspect. at 28, amanda blackburn seemed to have it all. a beautiful son. another baby on the way and a devoted husband.
6:28 am
>> we got to date without regrets. we got to come into marriage without guilt on our shoulders. >> reporter: the two recently set up a new church in indianapolis where husband davey was the pastor. last week, the unthinkable. davey came home from the gym to find amanda shot in the head in their home. the 1-year-old son unharmed in the crib upstairs. amanda later died at the hospital. >> amanda did not have an enemy in the world. not one. and we don't get it. you know, we're confused. we're distraught. >> reporter: investigators cleared davey and focused their search on this man seen on surveillance video believed to have robbed a neighbor's house early that morning before entering the blackburns home. indianapolis police say they questioned four men in connection with the murder. one of the men was arrested on a separate parole violation.
6:29 am
of the others they questioned as suspects. >> she said her brother is not capable of murder. >> i don't think he has anything to do with it. >> reporter: she urged amanda's killer to come forward. >> i would beg him to come forward and share whatever information. we want to find whoever did this. in our hearts, we want justice. >> reporter: investigators say they are confident they will get their man. that surveillance video showed an suv near the scene. they just need to connects all the dots to make an arrest. >> a sad story. >> kristen, thank you. let's get another check of the weather from dylan who made her way outside. >> good morning. it is chilly out here this morning, guys. it is windy and it's cold. of course, that wind makes it feel colder. let's look at what is going on the next couple days. it is the dip in the jet stream. the cold air surging from the north. it extends all the way down to
6:30 am
so it is pretty much cold everywhere. we have freeze warnings and watches in effect. by tomorrow morning, temperatures in the lower 30s. shreveport, 33 degrees to start off sunday. as we go into the next couple days, the cold air will continue to stretch east. now keep in mind when you have cold air crossing over the great lakes, it falls as lake-effect snow. that kicks on tomorrow. today is a regular area of low pressure causing snow in chicago and parts across michigan and where it is raining right now, it will end as snow. we have several more inches of snow possible across the upper
6:31 am
high pressure in the and we've got some southern belles here on the plaza. how you holding up? >> okay. >> they are nice and sparkly on the plaza. it makes it warm. >> it warms it up. dylan, thanks. up next, a placestic i said i really can't stay baby it's cold outside i have to go away baby it's cold outside i really can't stay
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pursuit of perfection led him to a dark play. >> here is blake mccoy. >> reporter: he stars in one of the most successful shows on television. playing on "modern family." reid ewing opens up about body dysmorphia. an unhealthy obsession with physical flaws. he would sit alone in his apartment and take pictures from every angle. after a few years of doing this, one day i decided to get cosmetic surgery. no one is allowed to be this ugly, i thought, it's unacceptable. this is what he looks like then. ewing thought he could make him look like brad pitt, the roles would come. each procedure he writes would cause a new problem i would have
6:36 am
>> of course hollywood pressure with looks. it's always been really intense for women. internet. all. >> reporter: robert pattinson has admitted to feeling incapacitated over his image. >> the fact it is a more open conversation maybe means everyone will relax a little bit. >> no, i'm good. >> reporter: the actor wishes he could undo the plastic surgery and finally able to see he was fine to begin with. for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news, los angeles. up next, that prank from
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an inspiring way to fight the late night movie battles. time for trending. >> let's friendtrend. >> the timing is everything. the publisher of conde naste magazine took the team on a cruise. this is what happened on the cruise. midway through, the company asked him to fly back to the office in new york where he was fired. it is safe to assume he was surprised. look at the picture he posted to instagram a day before. he said love this cruise. #team #success. #ouch. >> do we know why? >> no. >> that is beat up. >> it makes everyone else look bad if you are bringing them on
6:41 am
a cruise. and new upside getting buzz. it hopes to start the great date night debate. which movie. we all had this debate with our spouses. there is a new site called it has movies on streaming service and offers a compromise over the movie for date night. we want to see how this thing works here. so joelle is over in the orange room. which movie would you pick? >> i said "love actually." i love "love actually." >> i watch it every christmas eve. >> i can't get brian to watch it. >> i would take "a few good men." if you take "love actually" and "a few good men." what do you get? "pulp fiction." "magnolia." i don't think "english patient."
6:42 am
>> i think it takes random movies. >> we have better ideas for you. finally, an unforgettable lip sync performance. sheinelle has that in popstart. >> we know adele is super talented. who knew she had such a sense of humor. we know now thanks to the bbc special. an adele impersonator, adele pranked fans and impersonators in auditioning. once she took the stage, it did not take long for the impersonators to catch on. and the whole world is all you see i could offer you a warm embrace you ain't seen nothing like me
6:43 am
not everybody gets to impersonate that voice. adele will perform live wednesday on "today." next up, another star who is a good impersonator, but he doesn't sing, not that we know of. joseph gordon levitt. in spike tv's holiday special. check out his rendition of janet jackson. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> talk about talent. that's what you do when you are a kid in your room and then you
6:44 am
audition is under way of the smash hit "america's got talent." we have a special guest here to tell you about it. season ten winner. good morning to you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. good to be here. hello, dylan. >> tell us what you have been up to since winning the $1 million prize. >> it has been amazing. >>eadling in las vegas. that was ment we have beiterally doing pr for the news season "america's got talent." it has been fantastic. one of the moments is winning the sw. i went to the dinnerediner with a frnd of mine. i'm sitting down in the diner
6:45 am
seinfeld. this is where convenientventrilioquism is handy. i got up and said i'm sorry to interrupt you. would you mind if i could have a photograph. i am one of your biggest fans and i just won "america's got talent." he said no. >> you don't know. >> he said sit down and we had a chat. it was an amazing moment. as i walked out, i said i just met jerry seinfeld. a woman walked up to me and said could i have a photograph with you. >> no. >> so $1 million and you meet jerry seinfeld. >> it's been a year. >> let's talk about the next season. or advice for somebody sitting in their living room right now wanting to be where you are. what advice would you give them for the audition that are going on right now? >> i would say if you are going
6:46 am
to do comedy, it is good to pace yourself. you want to obviously make an impact when you are doing the first audition. if you have to say something back, hold something back. if you get to the next round, you need something for that. >> congratulations. >> still ahead here, don't be a turkey. a few simple ways to save big
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good morning. here are the top stories we are watching this morning on "today." terror alert. belgium under the highest level of terror warning this morning. brussels subways are shutdown. armed soldiers on the streets. the country's prime minister
6:53 am
launching new attacks. this among the paris assaults. terror on the football field. high school players and officials and fans running for their lives when gunshots hang out. fortunately no one was hurt. and a proud papa set to paternity leave. mark zuckerberg is set to take a long time away when his little girl arrives. he is getting a lot of likes today, saturday, november 21st 2015. >> wow. >> earlier, we were saying we have southern belles over there. you guys are on fire. >> really impressive crowd on a chilly saturday morning. >> i know. now the holidays here. >> good fun energy. thanks for the folks coming down. anytime you are in the city, come by and see us. with the holidays, you can see the tree.
6:54 am
>> lots of bang for your buck. i'm erica hill with craig melvin and dylan dreyer. >> how long will it be this chilly? >> well. it is november. >> we have been spoiled. >> it has not been a brutal winter yet. snowing in chicago. snow in the midwest. >> dylan's bags are packed. lots to get to on saturday morning. which we want to begin with sheinelle jones following the terror an facts around the world. >> belgium on the highest state of alert for what officialwefficials say is an eminent threat. nbc's bill neely is in paris following the attacks from one week ago. bill. >> reporter: sheinelle, extraordinary in belgium. raising the terror level to the highest warning of a threat.
6:55 am
sporting events canceled. shoppers warned to stay away from shopping malls. the reason is the belgian prime minister says the possibility of armed men with explosives might carry out the kind of attack we have seen in paris. that is the fear. remember the attacks here in paris were carried out mostly by belgian citizens in the suburb of molenbeek. one belgian sought there and here in france. other suspects being sought. 800 raids so far in the last few days. almost 200 weapons seized. almost 100 people arrested. remember this is a global threat and the united nations in new york last night, the security council passed a resolution calling on countries to take all necessary means to confront isis. remember, all five permanent
6:56 am
including the u.s., have had citizens killed by isis. china this week and russia weeks ago in the plane bombing and here in france. sheinelle. >> bill neely, thank you. in the midwest, a visitor from space creating a fiery display. residents in kentucky and ohio lit up the phone lines to police with the fireball on the sky. it was captured on the resident who reviewed his security tape. november is an active month for november. two sets of showers can show up as fireballs. in oregon, transportation officials are hoping a video will alert pedestrians to the dangers of distractions at crossings. it releases a video of people nearly losing their lives. just like distracted driving, texts and talking on cell phones and listening to music can prevent you from keeping an eye on what you may run into.
6:57 am
and a holiday air lift. the shelter dogs are getting a ride to destinations for a chance at new homes. they are flown to california where large dogs are in big demand. the volunteer pilots of wings of rescue take big dogs and cats to communities where they are wanted. hundreds of animals will make the holiday trip this weekend. >> a great idea. >> some places around the country have a need for animals. >> makes sense. as dylan dreyer reminded us a few moments ago, winter is upon us. >> we havevhave snow in chicago. it started off as rain. now it is starting to get colder. you see the rain transition to snow. iowa picked up more than a foot of snow. this system will continue to
6:58 am
it is not going to snow all day. the big bulk area of snow will wind down. lake-effect snow kicks in. that reduces visibility and accumulates quickly. as far as chicago is concerned for the next 24 hours, 3 to 5 inches. south bend, indiana, 7 inches. i mentioned the cold air moving over the warmer waters of the great lakes. that could lead to lake-effect bands. some areas if you get stuck in the heavy bands could end up
6:59 am
with nearly a foot of snow. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dill even. >> a big announcement from facebook founder mark zuckerberg about his changing status. >> sheinelle. >> this is an interesting one. craig and erica, the billionaire and his wife are expecting a baby girl soon. unlike other executives, mark zuckerberg will unplug for a long time. mark zuckerberg is a hard charger. the head of facebook. one of the richest men in the world. still he is stepping away. in july, zuckerberg announced his wife is expecting a girl. on facebook, of course. on friday, zuckerberg updated his status saying he plans to take two months of paternity leave after his daughter is born. the tech mogul calling it a personal decision and quote, studies show when working parents take time to be with newborns, out comes are better
7:00 am
his post got 50,000 likes in an hour. facebook gives employees in the united states as much as four months of paid parental leave. it is a hot topic with many companies announcing new and generous policies. spotify announced on thursday it would grant new parents six months of leave. other companies like amazon, microsoft and netflix recently announcing more generous leave policies as well. it is not always common for top executives to step away for so long. zuckerberg's announcement in sharp contrast to marissameyer saying she will take two weeks leave. some parent advocates say it sends a mixed message of what is
7:01 am
as for facebook, sheryl sandberg says enjoy the early days with your daughter. i can't wait to meet her. >> i think it is wonderful. this conversation keeps coming up. >> it is time for action. we have been talking about it for a while in this country. it would be nice if the leaders would say, you know what? in order to really make it happen, it will have to be legislated. some companies saying we will do four weeks and two weeks. there needs to be a national policy. >> and what is effective? long term? for the kids? >> a lot of companies see it as a way to retain employees. >> house speaker paul ryan says one of this issues is he wanted more family time with that job. a lot of pressure on government and on him to expand that to the country. >> we will see where it goes. today is a big day for the university of illinois football
7:02 am
the fighting illini take on the golden gopherers. if you listen to the announcer, you may be shocked. here is john yang. >> reporter: the sights and sounds of college football. what is more american? but wait. how is that again? that's right. play-by-play in mandarin. in the only program of its kind. bruce lui broadcasts in the native language. bruce is the stats guy. david is the one with the energy. some things don't translate exactly. >> what about the quarterback? >> quarter is 1/4. 1/4 of the guard. >> reporter: neither of them had
7:03 am
what they lack in expertise, they make up for with enthusiasm. listen to this illinois win earlier in the season. [ speaking mandarin ] >> reporter: football can be a big part of the college experience. but for the 12% of the illinois student body who come from china, it can be a foreign language. >> you can feel the enthusiastic stuff going on and after listening to one or two games, they want to go to the stadium to see the real game. something that we know. >> reporter: for freshman carol cho, it breaks the ice. roommate. and i would talk about it with my roommate. >> you are doing a great job. >> reporter: officials are so happy, bruce and david will do basketball this winter.
7:04 am
of excitement to that game as well. for "today," john yang, nbc news, champaign, illinois. good stuff. turning back overseas. we have so much powerful stuff coming out this week. one video is shared and watched millions of times. >> it is not what you expect. dylan is in the orange room with that. >> this week, we are seeing the power of hugs. starting with this video. you see a blindfolded muslim man holding a sign saying i'm a muslim and i'm told i'm a terrorist. do you agree? if not, hug me. if anyone knows about the power of a hug the best is elizabeth known as the hug lady. laird has hugged every soldier
7:05 am
since 2004. she estimated she has given out more than 500,000 hugs. lately she was recently admitted to the hospital and battling breast cancer for the last ten years. now the tables have turned. when word got out, soldiers started lining up outside the door to give her a hug. one man came all the way from new york to embrace her. it makes you want to tear up. the power of a hug. for more on the story, go to >> there are so many times we need hugs in this world. up next, having the whole dinner. what you need to know besides the liquor she sees the world a little differently. and, by some miracle...she actually said "yes." to me. tell her everything you love about her with charmed memories at kay jewelers, ...featuring the new charmed memories star wars collection.
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7:09 am
wl sho you how to spend less. >> amazing savis. i teamed up for a thanksgiving shopping showdown. we sat down with the same grocery list and got to the register. one was in for a huge surprise. >> ready, set, shop. >> game on. >> it's thanksgiving and my first stop is turkey. this store is offering when you spend $25, your turkey goes from $1.49 a pound to 59 cents. i'm getting a turkey for $8. >> i like it. 16 pounds for $16. you can't beat it if you can carry it. >> i'm using it in two of my dishes. casserole and gravy. i have a coupon for 60 cents off two boxes. this store double coupons.
7:10 am
>> potatoes for my mashed potatoes. buy one, get one free. >> i am going to get three boxes of potatoes, three boxes of stuffing. i'm paying $5 because i used both strategies. coupons and what was on sale in the store. >> this is the mix. >> i'm going with 100% pumpkin. half the price of ppkin mix. ieel go. >> i thinkjanice wl b rprised by how much i ved. >> hello. ieel pretty good. >> i'm feeling very confident. may the best woman win. >> let's go. >> $105.93. that is over $10 a person. that's pretty good. >> $30.17.
7:11 am
>> loser. >> i won. >> building menu over what is on sale and finding coupons that match. >> all this for $30 for ten people. >> $3 a person. >> you beat me. >> i certainly did. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> that is impressive. i thought $10 a person was good when you came up with that. >> $3. you cannot get a slice of pizza for $3. what was the take away? i always think you are going to win. >> i really feel like a dummy. use the store coupon and courtesy card. i want to tell you another cheap trick. if you don't want to use expensive wine, take a decanter and pour cheap wine and nobody knows. >> you start with the good one and by the time you get to the next one, nobody knows. i know that style. >> you have great diy tips for decorating. >> it can add up.
7:12 am
this is great for the kids. cut these towel rolls and take some twine and wrap it up. >> this beautiful. >> they are fun. you can have your friends come over for a glass of cheap wine. >> you also have the place mats stamping the tags on there. >> this is from the scrapbook department. you can buy the stamps. you can do people's names. it is festive and personal. >> anything that is homemade feels personal. i love this idea. putting fruit as the centerpiece. >> this is edible. it can be reused. you can donate to a food bank. the idea is take all of one color or mix them up. they are all fall-like. >> this is our favorite all morning.
7:13 am
i will fill out what i'm thankful for. >> your family. >> i'm going to do this. i just saw you do this. i'm going to do this. >> she is stealing the actual tree. >> sheinelle will share it. >> that's a great idea. >> are we all writing the same thing? >> we are. >> we are back in a moment.
7:14 am
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