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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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suspect and her background and fear and anger rises across the nation. i always thought if more good people had conceal carry permits then we could end those muslims before they go out and try to kill. we're live all across the globe. lone wolf in london. a slasher goes on a wild attack in a tube station with eyewitnesses reporting ominous words on the attacker. scotland yard investigating it this morning as a terror attack. and in the name of love. u2 performing in paris tonight along with some special guest stars. the american band that was on stage when gun fire rang out at the bataclan theater. a triumph of love over hate. today, sunday december 6, 2015. from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to today on this sunday morning.
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>> i'm harry smith alongside kristin welker and dylan dwyer. let's get right to the top story. terror fears in the wake of the san bernardino massacre. the president will address the nation in a rare sunday night address after huddling with his closest advisers saturday at the white house. he's expected to lay out his game plan to keep america safe as this story develops rapidly both here at home and abroad. from the nation's capital to san bernardino to pakistan and london. we are covering this story and new terror attacks overnight from all over the world this morning. let's begin with nbc's ron allen at the white house. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we expect the president to try to reassure the nation that keeping the country safe is his highest priority and we're expecting him to explain exactly what happened in san bernardino and to prevent it from happening again. president obama meeting in the white house situation room on
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discuss the san bernardino attack. the president in his weekly address all, but saying the massacre was terrorism. >> it is entirely possible that these two were radicalized to commit the act of terror. it was possibly to say a workplace shooting and calling for stricter gun laws and last month telling the nation in the wake of paris attacks. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. >> reporter: today according to the white house, the president will update the country with the latest on the investigation, discuss the broader threat of terrorism and argue that isis, quote, will be destroyed. republicans running for president warning the commander in chief is not up to the challenge of defeating the so-called islamic state. >> this is a war. we're in a war. >> ben carson slipping in the polls says he'll stop immigration programs like the one malik used to enter the u.s. as a fiance.
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someone who can carry out such a horrendous crime, that should be the end of the argument right there. >> reporter: while other contenders vow to take the fight directly to isis. >> if i'm elected to serve as commander in chief we won't cower in the face of evil. >> reporter: his military strategy is straightforward. >> we need to do saturation, carpet bombing directly at isis. >> reporter: we expect the president to say that his strategy to degrade and destroy isis with air strikes and local troops on the groined will be successful in time, but mostly, expect the president to talk about what happened in san bernardino and about the threat america now faces. harry? >> ron allen at the white house this morning. thanks. now to california where the fbi raided a house belonging to suspect syed farook's childhood friend who they believe bought the guns used in the massacre. miguel almaguer in san bernardino. good morning.
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with so many indicators pointing to a clear act of terror, were warning signs missed? this as we're learning more information about the shooters and where they got their high-powered rifles. this weekend an overnight raid. the fbi storming the home of syed farook's childhood friend. agents ripping open a garage door and unable saturday to interview the man who originally bought and then sold these assault rifles to the gunman more than three years ago. though the friend is not a suspect in the massacre that left 14 dead and 21 wounded, it is another lead into what may have been the deadliest terror attack in the u.s. since 9/11. >> this is a very complex investigation. >> reporter: today investigators are still poring through syed farook and tashfeen malik's lives. he was born in chicago, a college graduate with a good job. she was born in pakistan, met farook in saudi arabia and just before the massacre, pledged
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>> women are no longer wallflowers. they're not only playing a key role in support, they're playing a key role in limited instances in operations. >> together malik and farook am as amassed an arsenal. they had tools to build ieds and they had more ammunitions than some gun stores stock. on victims and police they unleashed round after round from high-powered rifles. >> you got ten rounds at a time and you load it up and shoot it and if you shoot it and bam, bam, bam, bam, you can go through ten rounds in a matter of seconds. witnesses say the shootout with police that left farook and malik dead was over in seconds. >> the bullets echoed through your body. you felt the bullets shake your body. pow, pow, pow. but the bloodshed they left behind inside this office complex will be felt for a lifetime.
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gone, but so many questions remain. >> reporter: those who knew farook say they never appeared radicalized, but they knew very little about his wife. >> miguel, thank you. many questions remain about tashfeen malik. this is new video of her former home in pakistan where a family member tells "the los angeles times" malik began posting extremist views on facebook after arriving in the united states. nbc news has obtained a photo of the pakistan i.d. card listing birth dates as well as a scar on her right lane. bill neely is live in islamabad with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. tashfeen malik is as much a mystery in pakistan as she is in the u.s. she wasn't on any government watch list.
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in saudi arabia where she grew up. she wasn't a very private person and we have few photographs of her and one of her pakistani identity card. she actually destroyed nearly all of her photographs showing her without a veil. she became a deeply religious person. she almost switched from her pharmacy studies to deep stud of islam, but you know, none of that explains what she did. her background only tells us so much. nothing explains how she went from pharmacy student to terrorist. how she went from a softly spoken suburban mom to a black-clad terrorist who murdered people and shot at the police. was she radicalized here? we simply don't know. did she lead her husband on or did he lead her on? we don't know. she pledged allegiance to the
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there is no that isis led her or knew of her existence. her history in pakistan and college days will tell us who she was, but not why she did what she did. she was from here, but as a terrorist she came from absolutely nowhere. harry. >> bill neil ney islamabad. thank you. new to london where scotland yard says it is treating a slasher attack in a stub station as a terrorist incident. the grisly attack who reported hearing some disturbing words from the suspect. nbc's keir simmons has more from london. keir? >> chanel, good morning. witnesses say people ran for their lives from the subway station where this happened fearing it might be the latest terror attack in europe. after the attacker was arrested some onlooker shouted at him, you're not muslim. a message spread on social media and police are still investigating the attacker's
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in a london subway station an assailant armed with a knife arrested by two police officers. video of the dramatic moment captured on social media. witnesses heard shouts of this is for syria as commuters were attacked apparently at random. >> i just hear him say this is for syria. >> reporter: there was panic as people escaped what appeared to be more jihadist aggression targeting members of the public. >> it was scary. really scary. >> reporter: one man suffered serious knife wounds while one other received minor injuries. london's terror police are investigating the case. they have been on a high state of alert meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely. this morning downing street says it is monitoring the investigation as police try to establish the true motivation for this terrifying attack. and the most severely injured victim is not in a life-threatening condition. doctors say while some witnesses say the attacker's knife was
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understanding how easily panic and fear can be spread with the current anxious atmosphere across europe, chanel. >> keir simmons, thank you. evan coleman is an nbc terrorism analyst and senior partner at flashpoint. good morning. >> good morning. >> appreciate you coming in again this morning. yesterday an isis radio station claimed some credit for the attack of these two calling them soldiers of the caliphate. you see this as an isis or isil operation or does that even matter. >> what would seem so far from isis is marketedly different than the reaction after the paris attacks or the downing of the russian airliner. we have to be clear here. this isis radio report is one of their media units, but they didn't actually claim credit. they didn't say we did it. western media accounts are saying these people are islamic state supporters. if we would have called them jehovah's witnesses, they would
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they're getting information from our reports and rebroadcasting it. they've issued no claim of responsibility. they've not said they trained these people, dispatched them or armed them and everything that we've seen from these folks, the fact that they built explosive devices that didn't work and the fact that they went after a target that makes no sense and the fact that they killed people they knew personally, none of this fits the isis model and the question is were these people inspired by isis? were they inspired by another group? was it radical jihad? we don't know. there's a lot about these folks that we don't know and this does stand in contrast to other homegrown attacks we've seen previously. >> there's so much speculation at this point and so many fingers, at least, are pointing to her. >> yeah. >> as this possible black widow, so to speak. does that have credence with you? >> it's certainly possible, but another thing is we don't really know. even if she was the one that was radicalized.
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according to relatives she began posting extremist views on facebook after she arrived in the united states. there is a report that she may have pledged allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi. if she was going to carry out this major terrorist attack and wanted to be known as an isis member. why would she delete this and why would she post this under an account that wasn't under her own name and it doesn't make sense and these are the questions we have to answer before we label this as isis. >> how do you combat things like this, sleeper cells or lone wolves, this is not easy. >> this is the challenge. the white house has put so much emphasis on the campaign and it does not appear to be working and it does not appear to be effective. panels of outside experts have said as much and we have to go back to the drawing board here and think about what we're doing to dissuade people from doing this. not just here in the u.s., but broader across the world.
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let's turn to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, chanel. >> this is a sunday night and doesn't often do this. why does the president feel he has to do this right now in this way? >> i think that san bernardino coming so soon after paris has the country as jittery. you see it, the issue of security and terrorism has risen on the list of issues that are most importanto americans right now and frankly, there has been a vacuum of sorts, a void. the president has been very hesitant about being too out front on this and being too outspoken on this issue, and i think they realize that they need to reassure the public that if they're not out there doing it, if they're not out there talking about don't target good muslim americans and things like this. if the president is not out there saying it, someone else will fill the vacuum and that's what's been happening over the last couple of weeks and they
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to use the bully pulpit here to calm the public down. >> beyond calming the fears and beyond see something say something, do they have a strategy to deal with e lone wolfs? >> they don't yet. that's a line of questioning i'm going to have later this morning with the attorney general. she's on the show and that's one of the questions, you know. they don't seem to. you saw that the head of the homeland security department basically said we need a whole new strategy. they haven't been able to crack this code. you heard evan say this fight to try to fight the ideology on some educational grounds hasn't worked. what more can be done? what more can change? what tools do they need? do they need to start monitoring more people, if that's the case, does the fbi have resources for that? and oh, by the way, there's the u.s. constitution and what point do you go too far in violating the rights of american citizens. >> we want to talk about tone in
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it's changing quickly and we've heard what the candidates have had to say on the campaign trail, but they're not alone. we heard jerry fallwell, jr., president of liberty university. he was urging people on campus to arm themselves. take a listen. >> i've always thought if more good people had conceal carry permits then we could end those muslims before they go out to try and kill. >> i should clarify. he did say he was referring to the san bernardino killers when he was referencing the muslims. is this the rhetoric that the president is trying to avoid the whole us versus them. >> he has and don't forget before him, president bush and there are a lot of people that will tell you that if the rhetoric becomes us versus muslims that that's what isil wants to put out there. that's what isis wants to do. they want to say, see? that's what's happening there. i can tell you, that is why the president has to come out and talk to the american public right now because there's a lot
7:16 am
people are concerned about their security and they're thinking about taking their security procedures into their own hands and not trusting the government anymore and that's a dangerous place to be and that's why i think the president has to come out and address the public tonight. >> make sure to tune into "meet the press" this morning when chuck will have an exclusive interview with attorney general loretta lynch. kristen is tracking another terror attack, this time overseas the same place where the "uss cole" was attacked. ice sis claiming responsibility for another deadly attack in yemen. it hit the -- he and seven of his aides were killed. the band eagles of death metal will play in that city for the first time since that massacre. the band was performing at the
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opened fire killing 90 people. u2 canceled its own performance. eagles of death metal has said it wants to be the first band to play at the bataclan when that site reopens. it is graphic video. we want to warn you. police surrounded a suspect after a bank robbery. he was hit by taser and moments later by gun fire. the man had raised a straight razor. the plane had to make a crash landing in mississippi after a tire blew out. freeman said he was okay, but the private plane was badly damaged. here at home, major news out of hollywood. the big moment coming a little bit early for kim kardashian and kanye west. the superstar couple announced the birth of a baby boy in
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facebook. even though he was three weeks early, one of kim's selfies shows how eager she was for this birthday to arrive. very sweet. another little boy is getting excited about the christmas holiday to come, in a hair, personal interview. prince william describes an extremely bouncy prince george who will probably give him no sleep on christmas eve, probably not like lots of little boys. the prince's comments were to a young journalist when she was homeless. he promised to give her an interview if she achieved her dream of becoming a writer. it's election day for playoffs when clemson, oklahoma and michigan state will be paired off for semifinals and bowl games. action on the field can still be wild even as the season winds down. that was evident last night. the baylor bears and the texas longhorns got into a bench-clearing brawl in their match.
7:19 am
texas won 23-17 to knock baylor out of bowl contention. the season winding down, but a lot of heated emotion. >> the hawk eyes last night. . let's get some weather, please. >> we've been talking about el nino and we are in a typical pattern with storm after storm coming off the pacific and making things very messy across the pacific northwest. look at the heavier rain and the mountain snow and it's at the highest elevations and the rain is the biggest concern along with the wind and the surf. >> look as we go through the day today we're looking at more heavy rain to make its way onshore and we could see 60 to 70 mile per hour wind gusts and 17 to 22 feet high and that can
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excuse me. >> i love it. >> do you remember the story we did on leon burgess? >> did you discover him, harry? >> well, there we are at the apollo theater.
7:25 am
bridges on snl last night. remember, we caught up with him and also actor ryan gosling tore the place apart last night. >> incredible. >> lots of laughs and we'll have a clip of that in just a moment. we're back this sunday morning, december 6, 2015. huge holiday crowd out here. wow! right? >> and a pretty nice morning for december. not bad. >> may i just say -- >> yes? >> what? that i look like a highlighter? i do. i feel like a highlighter this morning, but we need a little brightness. >> i asked if i touched it if it rubs off. >> my kiddies. >> a colored nut found in nature. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning and thank you for coming out this morning. let's take a look at some of your headlines this morning. president obama set to address the nation tonight in a rare sunday night address. he's expected to lay out the
7:26 am
steps the white house is taking to keep americans safe in the wake of the san bernardino massacre. >> this as the fbi conducts a new raid on a house belonging to one of the suspect's childhood friends. investigators say the friend is believed to be the person who actually purchased some of the guns that were used in wednesday's massacre. however, the fbi says the friend is not, for now, considered a suspect at this time. police in london say they are treating saturday's stabbing at a tube station as a terrorist incident. a knife wielding man slashed bystanders and the suspect then screamed "this is for syria," britain is on the second highest alert level with a militant attack believed to be highly likely. we begin with one of the most wanted gives this season, hover boards. they're so popular, ebay says it sold one every 12 seconds on cyber monday. some experts wonder how safe they really are.
7:27 am
>> reporter: part skateboard, part segway. hover boards are the coolest new holiday gift and depending on your point of view, tons of fun or terrifying. [ laughter ] >> hold your horses! >> there you go. jimmy fallon tried one with a little help from jamie foxx. >> there you go! >> justin bieber makes it look easy, but are they safe? >> they're unregulated products and they introduce new hazards and you are moving your body to 5 miles per hour and you're introducing the potential for injuries. >> the consumer product safety commission says it has reports of more than 20 falls serious enough to require a trip to the emergency room. >> hover board is on fire. >> it's investigating at least five reports of hover board fires caught on video by hover board owner timothy cade. >> my only safety concern at the time was me hurting myself, like falling off.
7:28 am
boards would explode or anything like that. >> reporter: boca raton, florida, a hover board fire caused major damage to a family home. no one was hurt. >> in harris county, texas, another fire caught on video. and in lafit, louisiana, he got a hover board for his 12th birthday and when he put it the on charge, it burst into flames turning their home into an inferno. no one was hurt, but the family lost everything. hover boards are so new regulations haven't caught up. in new york city riding one in public can get you a fine. the cpsc recommends protecting yourself with a helmet, elbow and knee pads and don't charge your hoverboard overnight and report it to >> slow down, you don't have to have the latest, greatest thing and wait to see what's going on with these products and which ones are safer than others.
7:29 am
terrifying, you're likely to see more hoverboards whizzing by. janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. >> i want to try it. >> i think i would struggle to stay on. >> i've seep people doing it in airports. i've seen people riding around. >> i saw a guy boarding a plane on a hover board. i was stunned and they let him do it. >> there you go. >> help us out. >> the weather? is that what i should transition to? >> it is going to be a mild day across most of the country. we're talking about this el nino pattern and normally we see above-average temperatures in the plains and even into bismarck, north dakota it will be 16 degrees above average and denver, 57 degrees and over in the northeast, temperatures will be running five to 15 degrees above average and matching that in washington, d.c. there is a front, but it's not producing a whole lot of bad weather. in fact, we're just seeing
7:30 am
and it's the pacific and that's your latest forecast. big night on snl last night. actor ryan gosling hosting for the first time and it seems like he hit it out of the park. >> of course, snl had to poke fun at the live musical. gosling played the scarecrow from the original wizard of oz who gets lost in the land of the wiz.
7:31 am
>> my name's dorothy, too. does your friend know how to whip, dab and do the nae nae? [ laughter ] >> yeah, i have no idea what those words are. >> it was really funny. >> it was like a real ray bulger act. you guys aren't even old enough to remember. >> okay. >> he had some impressive moves at the end. >> a lot of people think he'll be back. >> up next, our sunday stories from a pay what you can restaurant in florida to the king of the cowboys. and later, we'll take you back to the days of the pioneers and get on a real western grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables.
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7:35 am
>> reporter: it sits on main street. >> you get two sides with that. >> in barto, florida. >> a restaurant with a busy kitchen that at first glance looks like any other except for what it says on the menu. prices are a suggested donation. can't afford a meal? then pay what you can or for one hour, lend a hand. 79-year-old marjorie simmons' husband is disabled. her two adult children still live at home. >> money is a little tight, and it does help me as far as that is concerned. >> reporter: how does it all add up? 60% of diners pay the suggested price. 20% actually pay more while 20% get a free meal. >> and that works that you can actually keep the books balanced. >> it actually does. >> how is everything? >> libby comby a one-time meth addict runs it with employees.
7:36 am
meal are not turned away. they just have to volunteer some time like washing dishes. >> and half and half, right? >> melanie donohoe is one of the many volunteers. nine months ago, she was a drug addict. she knows the struggle. >> what it means to be hungry would be digging out of the garbage cans, looking in dumpsters, hoping somebody's thrown something out that you can actually eat. >> you've done that? >> yes. >> by design, no one knows who is volunteering or who is an employee. same goes for those eating for free and those paying. it's all a purposeful mystery. >> amazing things happen at the table when people start breaking bread together and they start getting to know one another because we are so busy being busy that we don't even know our neighbors anymore. >> those who buy the meals say the food is as good as any restaurant in town and those who pay extra says their meal fills their stomach and their heart.
7:37 am
i've been fortunate and so let someone else get what they need. >> the mosaic community cafe where dignity is served with every free meal. >> for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, barto, florida. i love that line, we are so busy being busy we don't know our neighbors anymore. >> some people pay more. >> makes sense.
7:38 am
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this is big, big stuff, all right? notice the super bowl of rodeo. it's the national finals rodeo currently going on right now in las vegas. >> one special cowboy is vying for a record prize. kristen's back with his story. >> that's right. it's a great story. he is known as the king of the cowboys, trevor brazile at age 39 has won more gold buckles than anyone in all of rodeo. >> cowboys, horses, fans, time for a rodeo. for trevor brazile, this is the biggest stage of them all. >> this is where the top 15
7:41 am
come to compete for the world championship. it's the pinnacle of our sport. >> reporter: a true superstar, brazile is known as the king of the cowboys and the michael jordan of rodeo. $6 milian are onin career earnings, highly valued endorsements, a record 22 world championship titles. >> rodeo has been a part of my life since i went to my first rodeo at 11. it has to be an extension of your body. it's the mechanics of what your hand does translated into what your rope does to almost an art form. preparation is huge to me. that's where i get my confidence. it's a never-ending cycle. it seems like the more you win, the more it's yours to lose. >> brazile is married with three children. he says family is his foundation. >> i'm always taking being a role model seriously as a world champion, but being a dad brings role model to a whole other level.
7:42 am
>> busiest guy is the man sitting to my right. trevor brazile. >> he is the king of the cowboys. >> is it now the house that trevor built? do we say that now? >> don't give him any ammunition. >> the phrase king of the cowboys is something i never get used to. it sounds awkward because i know my peers, and i know how talented they are. >> he probably is the face of rodeo these days because he is a winner. >> i think trevor is an icon for the sport of rodeo. >> opening night of the national finals arrives, trevor prepares backstage. >> it's a really delicate situation right before i go in the arena because i have to bring myself up to be able to compete at that level so when i'm back there and i'm amped up. i've got to be able to be hitting on all eight cylinders. >> despite his all-around work in rodeo, trevor is known for his success in the tie down event. >> it's just me, my horse and a
7:43 am
when i get there i can block the calf off, flanking and putting the string on his front foot and tie him up and all of that needs to happen in seven or eight seconds. >> how about 6.8 seconds, to be exact. a new record. the fastest round-one time in finalist history? he's the champ. >> it's not my first rodeo, but it's definitely not my last either, and i just want to leave the sport better than i found it. >> what an inspiration. brazile is in position to do something nobody has ever done which is to complete a grand slam winning all his events and the all around in the same year. >> impressive. >> he's a role model to his kids and everyone's kids and he's been working on this since he was 11. >> to do this kind of thing you have to be a really amazing athlete. >> 6.8 seconds. >> i mean, it was -- >> really good stuff. >> we'll take it.
7:44 am
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
7:47 am
this morning on "sundays with harry," how often do you hear someone say they just don't build things like they useded to. >> when you hear that, it's because they simply just don't make those things anymore. >> on the south dakota prairie, outside of mitchell, a stagecoach gets ready for a test drive. >> this feels pretty good. >> yeah. >> doug hansen has the reins. up front, a couple of
7:48 am
>> is it big and rich? >> big and rich. well, look how wide he is, you know? >> yeah. >> soon we're moving right along just like in the old days. >> this is the stage coach that was used to the dead wood trail and then it was just a pile of bones when we got it. >> if you need a stage coach fixed up or built from scratch, doug hansen is the guy. >> i feel like i'm in a movie. >> there you go. >> you are in a movie. [ laughter ] >> take one. >> quentin tarantino's new movie features a hansen stagecoach. >> got room for one more? >> and so does wells fargo. they have several, in fact. >> i do it all with a block plain. >> mike teaches with the old masters, the guys that built wagons a hundred years ago, that's who my instructors were. >> i have it a little bit longer here. >> except they didn't leave any instruction manuals.
7:49 am
into a computer. >> no. you can't go to the smithsonian. you can't google it. >> they do everything from the ground up. everything. it takes time. and a keen sense of adhering to what is authentic. there are no shortcuts. we couldn't take our eyes off the wheel right. this is how you make a wagon wheel. same as centuries ago, and this is how you get from here to there back in the day. they'd cram nine passengers inside. >> nine people in here? >> let me just see -- >> jump in there, harry. >> nine sweaty passengers that haven't had a bath since they left st. louis? [ laughter ] so it's not that bad on the airplane. >> it takes six months or 1500 man hours to build a stage coach
7:50 am
>> you can probably buy a couple of new pickups for the price of a stagecoach, you know? >> once a month, the folks at hansel wheel and wagon have lunch the old-fashioned way. off the back of a chuck wagon. it's a welcomingeast whe therereo ranger >> how do you not think of the pioneers when you are surrounded by all of this? >> the rig, you know, the wagon and the horses and how to navigate this country. it just opens up a whole new appreciation that you can't get from reading it, from seeing it in a museum. you go out and the do it, and it wakes you up. wow! >> that's awesome. >> i know, right? >> what a good day. >> so where do you park your stagecoach? [ laughter ] >> what did it feel like to be up there? it looked fantastic. >> it was really fun. it was really fun to be way up on the top.
7:51 am
can you imagine that? they used to post rules for people who were on the stage coach down inside their compartment including if you're ing to chew tobacco, make sure you don't spit into the wind, and if you bring along some booze, you can't drink it yourself, you have to share it with everybody else. with all nine folks inside. >> what a treat. it's such an amazing thing because here is this thing, it's not like you can look up the schematics. >> i thought that was interesting. >> you can't google it. >> he gets the old wagons he can get his hands on and takes them apart to see oh, look at this. here's another thing that was interesting. you find the imprints of old manufacturers, like international harvester who was a big tractor manufacturer. they used to make those things back in the day. there were all kinds of people who were in that business that ended up in the automobile and trucking business. >> harry, we appreciate you. you know that. >> those are great stories that
7:52 am
>> every day out of the building is a victory for the good guys. >> before you go, we want to tell you about dylan. look at that! >> great cover! >> some fun tidbits about dylan. >> go to boston. >> yeah. or you can read it online, but yeah. >> great shot, dylan. >> it comes out wednesday, i'm being told. >> we'll go to boston. >> so embarrassing. >> embrace it. take it.
7:53 am
"meet the press" forhawkeye heartbreak. iowa's to the last play in the big ten championship. how the players and their coach are dealing with the loss to michigan state and the next likely road trip for the team. home invasion... police believe an intruder broke into a des moines home and wound up dead. who else was hurt inside the house...
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