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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  December 18, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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see the latest roadblocks disappearing as things dry out. ticking time... why investigators are running out of chances to crack a deadly hit and run case. and how students are handling the deadly corner now... it's friday, december 18th...
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first on 13... time is dwindling for ames police today... this morning they are no closer to solving a deadly hit and run crash that
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student monday... justin surrency explains why that is... as iowa state students count down to the end of finals week... time is running out on the investigation as to who hit and jacobs... "there could be a potential witness that saw something but they could be a student so they are leaving town test and going back to their community, so we are trying to get the word out."the city has confirmed discussions safety... "we get complaints frequently in that stretch of lincoln of conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles or bicycles and vehicles."but will it help, even with a memorial just feet aymany re seen sobeying traisigns... "i've seen a lotf students try to beat the light, try to t toere they are ing pretty quickly. i've also ea lot of students lookingwn at papers trying to get that last minute crammi in. and drivers try to beat the yellow ght sometimes when they oss."more signs and requests r witnesses to come forward have been placed near-by to raise awareness and lp withe case... riving defensively, looking r pesians that could be approaching roadways,nd for destrians we want th alsomit distractions." while wa law states drivers must yield to pedestrians in marked osswalks at intersections investigators say they can't en re- construct the scene cause the drive fled... e can't speculate who was at fault that morninguwe want em to do the right thing and me forward."until then, eagedy has reached out to hers as an unfortunate minder regardless of whos the right of way... eah you see more people wait d lo at the sign and just cse it says lk and you have the right of y rather than if it doesn't y walk..." investigators say they've even
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body shops... hoping to find vehicle damage that would
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monday's scene. so far they have been unsuccessful. today friends and family will gather to remember emmalee... they'll hold a visitation for jacobs tonight... it's from 4 to 8 at center point united methodist church. funeral services are tomorrow morning at the center-point-urbana high school. five days of searching has revealed another teen lost too soon.... divers found the body of 17-year old sam kemp junior yesterday in this pond near granger. police had been searching for him since sunday.... kemp was last seen at a large house party nearby just the night before. police say the crowd scattered when officers arrived.... and witnesses saw kemp near the pond. now family and friends are left putting together the pieces... tons 393055 :08 - :22 184614 - thats what the family wants to know, like how did he get there and why? did he fall or did someone place him there so hopefully they get some answers now police say its too early to tell if foul play was involved. they
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police say its too early to tell if foul play was involved. they are waiting on an autopsy to determine the cause of death. a des moines teenager accused of killing his grandmother will have to wait a little longer to hear his fate. 17-year old noah laprei is accused of beating 79-year old rachel pray to death in her home two months ago. his trial was set to start next month... but yesterday a judge pushed it back to may. laprei has pled not guilty, his family believes he was on drugs at the time of the attack. des moines' south side was lit up with police lights last night... that's where squad cars surrounded this home on southeast 6th street. authorities say a man broke into the home... violating a no-contact order ... and refused to come out. about an hour later, officers were able to grab him from a living room window... they dragged him out of the window
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police have yet to release the man's name or the charges he's facing. des moines speed cameras are getting more backlash this morning... that's as two more drivers sue des moines over their tickets. they say the tickets violate equal protection rights... because not all vehicles caught speeding get tickets. des moines officials were not available for comment. the iowa d-o-t ordered them turned off back in march... but the city appealed that decision. the case is now making its way through district court. meanwhile, the speed cameras remain on for eastbound i-235 near waveland golf course. west des moines drivers may want to hit the brakes for another reason today... police will be out in force there this evening... they'll be paying close attention to impaired drivers, but all traffic laws are up for ticketing. the project is a collaboration between local and state law enforcement.
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time deciding on a proposed
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but our neighbor to the east is already signing off on it. yesterday illinois' commerce commission unanimously pipeline. south dakota has also said yes to it. that leaves iowa and north dakota... who are both holding out right now. north dakota is expected to make its decision next month. the iowa utilities board has been given no timeline to decide. des moines parks and rec is feeling the affect of an especially "flood- ful" year...
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where officials say they were seeing a record number of people enjoying the trails thanks to a late winter... but then came the rain.... that of course shut down parts of water works park, and brought jolly holiday lights to a close two-weeks early. it also put a damper on des moines' winding trail system... "we have several trails that are closed... what's open and what's closed." at this point walnut creek and gay lea wilson have reopened... still closed though are the following... maintenance crews are hoping to get everything cleaned up this weekend. meanwhile metro residents are of summer... the winter farmers' market weekend. vendors... including the staples for your holiday meal. officials say you
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ham, eggs, and late season christmas decor and unique, local gifts. the market runs from nine a-m to one p-m.... today and tomorrow... at "kaleidoscope at the hub" and "capital square." wells fargo arena will be packed to the brim come tomorrow afternoon... the big four classic has four teams and a sold out crowd of fans.. the fifth-ranked cyclones play northern iowa... that's tomorrow night at 6. it's the debut of new cyclone forward, deonte burton. but first... it's the hawkeyes and bulldogs... they're tipping off at 3:30 p.m. taking on the hawks won't be an easy feat... even though this one falls in drake's backyard drake comes in as the only team without a win at the classic.... now in its 4th year.... the bulldogs are still oh-and-three. with just one senior, they're making their mark as a team in transition.
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definition of an upset for drake. a win tomorrow would be the definition of an upset for drake. the bulldogs are currently 4-6. meanwhile the hawks are wasting no time licking their wounds from the big ten championship loss... they're back to work on the practice field.... after a brief break for some studies. during finals week the players put their nose in the books and bodies in ice baths. the hope is it all pays off come january one... when they take on
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six stanford in pasadena. reactions are flowing in this morning to star wars: the force awakens... and there's a reason seeing it here in des moines is extra special... the science center's i-max theater is one of just eighteen theaters in the entire world to show "star wars" in 70 mili-meter imax film... just eighteen reels of this film were made, and this is the only i-max theater in iowa... and one of a small handful in the midwest... to have it. fans at who showed up for to be a part of it said they wanted the full experience that only i-max could offer. "some of the movie was specifically shot for imax and it just being a big movie, big theater, the whole surround sound, the whole experience of it, so :01-:12 if you'd like to see star wars in i-max, you're going to have
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monday. that's because
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still ahead... the race to get home for the holidays is in full gear. but if you've been putting off locking down your ticket home... you may be in luck. we'll tell you why procrastination pays when it comes to booking holiday
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it is going to be cold and windy today with gusts as high as 30 mph. expect wind chills to be in the teens throughout the day. a few flurries will fall off and on this afternoon along the iowa/minnesota border. a light dusting is possible in ne iowa. highs will bounce back to the upper and middle 40s sunday through tuesday. maybe just a bit cooler for christmas eve and christmas day...but the chances for a white christmas in
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the holiday travel rush is
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we'll tell you what that means
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress
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cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. our top story... we're waiting on an autopsy out of granger this morning... yesterday divers found the body of 17-year-old sam kemp junior in this pond... kemp was reported missing sunday... police believe he may have run from a large party he was attending nearby.. they say it's too early to tell if foul play was involved, we're now exactly one week away from christmas... and if you have yet to wrap up your holiday shopping, today... may be the smartest day to do it. ... at least if you're buying online. that's because today is free shipping day. more than 900 businesses have
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and they say most items will arrive by christmas eve. for a full list of who's participating... go to free shipping day dot com. last-minute airline shoppers... are also getting a break on their wallets this year. experts say it's not too late to get a deal that lands you home for holidays. nbc's tom costello tells us why that is. for airlines, that once flew for peanuts... nats:, profits are taking off... nats: ...up 75-percent in just one year... totaling more than $20-billion... per-passenger profit soaring almost sixty percent... airlines now make more than twenty dollars for each per person on the plane... that's up from thirteen bucks last year.add in $56 million more in bag and change fees this summer over summer 2014... ...and for profits, it seems, the sky's the limit! business traveler: 14:04:20 "it seems like it's excessive - hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to move from a 4:00 flight to a 1:00 flight." husband and wife flying to rome: 14:10:50 "we're going really light, so we didn't have any baggage fees." mother flying from columbus: 14:07:12 "you buy a ticket, and then when you pick your seats, it's additional fees." but airlines are passing the buck... back to consumers... farecompare-dot-com found last- minute deals for christmas... icago to new orleans for only $187, roundtrip. $257 for d.c. to dallas.amioes: just $241. but
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rfares for the last three weeks in january - and most of february - are at a five-year low... just avoid rm-weather destitns... and those three day weekends. sot: rick seaney, ceo and co-founder, 14:35:33 "fly on the cheapest ys, that's tuesday, wednesday and turday, doll always finddecent deal." ving airlines a lift... all ose extra fees... and falling fuel prices... thiyear, they paid $45-billion ss to gas up those planes. butrlines argue...h' investing their profits, juslike big companies... apple ortarbucks... sot: jean dina: airlines industry spokesperson: 12:58:46 "airlinese doing the same thinwith new planes, new st w apps r your phone- making the travel
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rlines say this is the firsttime sincethe great recession their profitability has fallen in line with the average u-s company. extra holiday cheer could likely
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