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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am CST

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la la anthony. stars of "idiotsitter," comedians jillian bell and featuring the 8g band with matt sorum. ladies and gentlemen, [ cheers and applause ] i'm seth meyers. how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers ] in that case, let's get to the vice president joe biden in a new interview said that he wakes up every day regretting that he didn't enter the 2016 race. and every day hillary clinton holds the rag over his nose and he goes back to sleep. [ laughter ] jeb bush in a new interview this week spontaneously announced that he loves his mother more than his father. and then he ended up the interview by running up to his room and slamming the door. [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] the federal government today unveiled its new list of nutritional guidelines. and here they are. [ laughter ] that's right, the federal government today unveiled its new list of nutritional guidelines, which recommends that people eat more fruit, vegetables and whole wheat, or at the very least cut back on foods that have the word "triple" in their names. [ laughter ] adele's latest album "25" is the uk's best-selling home entertainment title of 2015, beating out "call of duty: black ops," and one person even bought both. hello it's me [ laughter ] i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet [ laughter ] >> seth: i just realized this whole time the person i've been killing is -- myself.
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netflix announced this week that subscribers have viewed nearly 12 billion hours of content during the last three months. the only thing they still haven't viewed is the sun. [ laughter ] 12 billion hours of content. to put that in perspective, that's almost every episode of "grey's anatomy." [ laughter ] pizza hut has come out with a new apparel line called hut swag, which features sunglasses and hats covered in photos of pepperoni pizza. incidentally, "hut swag" is also the sound you make after eating their pizza. [ laughter ] hut -- [ groaning ] -- swag. [ laughter ] hut -- swag. [ laughter ] new york governor, andrew cuomo has announced plans to renovate new york's penn station.
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now, which is this. >> seth: people at penn station aren't that colorfully dressed. [ light laughter ] archaeologists in colorado have found a series of scratches on rocks that they believe may show hints as to how dinosaurs had sex, which the scientists say would have been really frenzied. to be fair, you'd be pretty frenzied, too, if your arms couldn't reach your penis. [ laughter ] i don't know. you tell me. [ applause ] finally, a tech company has unveiled a new device which they vagina to get women in the mood for sex. because nothing gets ladies in the mood like the phrase "suction on the vagina." [ laughter ] for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's one of the stars of the new quentin tarantino film, "the hateful eight," and a fantastic actor, tim roth is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she's one of the stars of the
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la la anthony is in the house. [ cheers and applause ] and they are the writers and stars of the new comedy central show "idiotsitter." jillian bell and charlotte newhouse are with us. [ cheers and applause ] two very funny ladies. i'm also very excited about this. one of my college friends, jake miller's in the house tonight. one of my dear friends. and i bring this up because -- there's jake. i am having -- so, my wife's pregnant. we're having our first baby. we're very excited about that. [ cheers and applause ] i am the last of my close college friends to be having a child. and jake was delighted to see me today, because i remember when jake first had the first of his children. i said, "what's it like being a dad?" he goes, "well, you know, there are times in the middle of the night where you have to wake up because your baby's crying and you have to go change their diaper. and when i'm doing that the only thing that makes me smile is the knowledge that one day you'll
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[ laughter ] and you'll be so ill-equipped for it. [ light laughter ] and i just think that's hilarious." so when i saw him tonight, the first time i've seen him since our news. and he just went, "the prophecy is fulfilled." [ laughter ] so thank you, jake. thank you for your support. [ applause ] now, if i may, there's something else that i've been meaning to get off my chest. over the weekend i went to a friend's house and he had a pet bird. he took it out of his cage. he made this bird do tricks. he even had it sit on my shoulder. and i'm sorry, i just have to say this. birds creep me out. >> at this point of the broadcast, seth launched into a 60-second, profanity-laden tirade about birds, or as he called them, rodents with wings. [ laughter ] network policy prevents us from broadcasting his comments, but due to a technical issue, we were unable to edit this portion of the show. in short, seth believes that birds cannot be trusted, and in his opinion, always seem like they're up to something. he then added, "they're not cute, they're not cuddly, they're just dinosaurs that
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seth then named his least favorite species of birds, including owls, pigeons and blue footed boobies. then he collapsed into a fit of laughter when he realized he said "boobies." and then laughed even more when he thought about footed boobies. [ laughter ] seth then went on to criticize the filmmakers at disney for promoting false expectations, saying that at no point in his life have birds helped him get into an elegant gown. [ laughter ] adding, "and while we're on the subject, you ain't special, birds. you just fancy bats." set then became sullen and explained that when he was young, he thought birds flying in a v formation were an arrow pointing him somewhere, and because of that he followed it and ended up getting lost 45 times. [ laughter ] at this point, seth pounded his fists on the table and screamed about how he can't respect an animal that doesn't stop to go to the bathroom. yelling, "birds, we down here." seth then tried to explain to birds that they might have better bowel control if they didn't eat french fries off the street. [ laughter ] adding, "trust me, i know from experience." then seth realized he was being watched by a bird and held its
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unreasonable amount of time. [ laughter ] [ applause ] finally shaking it off, seth said, "you know what? i think birds are great. in fact, i have one in my pocket." [ laughter ] nbc would like for you to disregard seth's opinions about birds, as they do not reflect the network's position and make him seem like a raving lunatic. we now resume our broadcast. >> seth: woo, so birds, why don't you go flock yourself. that felt good to get off my chest. we'll be back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. please give it up for the 8g band. [ cheers ] also back with us again tonight, he's been the drummer behind gigantic rock bands like the cult, velvet revolver and guns-n-roses. he's also rock and roll hall of fame inductee, matt sorum has been with us all week. [ cheers and applause ] and be sure to check out matt's new band kings of chaos. thank you for a great week matt. please come back any time. >> thanks, seth, it's been a blast man. thank you so much. >> seth: now, as you know, the
11:49 pm
is in full swing. and this is very exciting. we're very honored by this. we here at "late night" were chosen to host one of the democratic debates right now. [ laughter ] the candidates are here. they're ready to go. so without further ado, here's "late night" democratic presidential debate. [ applause ] >> seth: welcome to "late night's" first democratic presidential debate. i'm your moderator, seth meyers. let's introduce the candidates. former secretary of state, [ cheers ] governor martin o'malley. >> thank you. >> seth: senator bernie sanders. [ cheers ] senator, you seem confused. is everything okay? >> whoa, what's going on here? [ laughter ] >> seth: we're having a debate. >> what does that mean? guys talk about the issues and hopefully will help the american people decide who to vote for.
11:50 pm
i don't think it's a great idea. >> seth: yeah, you're probably right, but we're doing it anyway. [ light laughter ] governor o'malley, the first question is for you. what can we expect from a martin o'malley presidency? >> we're not going to fix what ails our economy, we're not going to make wages go up for everyone. >> seth: well, that doesn't sound very good. [ light laughter ] senator sanders, your hair looks terrific tonight. did something happen to your old hair stylist? >> we fired that person. [ laughter ] >> seth: secretary clinton, question for you. who painted this picture? >> george w. bush did this, and i give him credit. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that is correct. this is a george w. bush painting. governor o'malley, a serious question, what would you do about people who still have their christmas decorations up? >> mark their homes for demolition. [ laughter ] >> seth: senator sanders, what would you be doing right now if
11:51 pm
president? >> hanging around on street corners potentially getting into trouble. [ laughter ] >> seth: thank you for your honesty. senator clinton, what would you -- i'm sorry, wait, hold on a second. is that lincoln chafee over there? what are you doing here? >> i'm the only one running for president. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's adorable. all right. moving on. governor o'malley, what would you say to my friend, a small business owner, who is struggling to keep his strip club profitable? should he add another stage? >> look, what we need on this issue is not more poles. [ light laughter ] >> seth: senator sanders, you often bragged that you don't have a super pac and don't take large corporate campaign contributions. is this having a negative effect on your personal finances? >> i'm getting poorer. what are you going to do about it? what are you going to do for my kids? >> seth: well, your kids? i mean, don't you have a job? >> i don't get any money. [ light laughter ]
11:52 pm
good college football coach? >> very effective recruiter, propagandist and inciter and celebrator of violence. [ light laughter ] >> seth: governor o'malley, imagine for a moment that you were a friend of yours, what advice would you give to governor o'malley about his presidential campaign? >> you better get out now. [ laughter ] >> seth: senator sanders, would you rather be doing this right now or would you rather be watching cat videos and epic skateboard fails? >> what a brilliant idea that would be. go to youtube. [ light laughter ] >> seth: secretary clinton, let's say you're in a wagon train heading out west in the 1830s. your party gets stranded in a massive blizzard and you are forced to resort to cannibalism. who do you eat first? >> i would prioritize widows and orphans and the elderly. [ laughter ] people who may have relatives, families or who have nowhere else to go, i would prioritize them. [ laughter ]
11:53 pm
it's getting kind of late and it's a school night. >> but i did my homework. >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] you can say there as long as you want. just be quiet and behave, okay? >> you're looking at a block of granite. [ light laughter ] >> seth: senator sanders, i'm going to hold up some pictures of presidential candidates and i want you to tell us your thoughts. >> now this is getting to be fun. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> we've got to eliminate the gun show. >> seth: all right, that's good. and this one? [ light laughter ] >> that's kind of a no-brainer. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] and finally who is this guy? >> don't know that. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] governor o'malley, a lot has been made at your physical appearance and the tremendous shape you're in. what exactly have you been training for? >> traveling the world looking for new monsters to destroy. [ laughter ] >> seth: secretary clinton, i want the talk to you about an important issue on the minds of many americans. what kind of music should be playing when you're sitting at a beachside bar on the florida coast? >> i want the buffett rule to be in effect. [ light laughter ]
11:54 pm
fire. what should i do? >> well i think we have got to work on a two-pronged approach. [ laughter ] >> seth: looks like we're out of time. lincoln, i want to thank you for behaving yourself over there. >> i have high ethical standards. >> seth: you sure do. [ laughter ] i'm outting myself and the candidates have a great night. we'll be right back with tim roth. [ cheers and applause ] uh right now you can get 15 gigs for 100 bucks plus $15 per line that is perfect because we are about to start the whole long distance thing yeah and lots of data will mean lots of video chatting how much is that? 15 gigs, that's over 40 hours of video chatting wow whoa 40 hours, that's a lot of communication yeah yay love! get 15 gigs for 100 bucks, plus $15 per line discover card hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. our first guest is an oscar nominated actor, who you know from films like "pulp fiction" and "reservoir dogs." >> yeah! >> seth: yeah! [ cheers ] he's one of the stars of quentin tarantino's latest film, "the hateful eight," which is in theaters now. let's take a look. >> if you're found guilty, the people of red rock will hang you in the town square and as the hangman, i will perform the execution. and if all those things end up taking place, that's what
11:59 pm
however, if the relatives and the loved ones of the person you murdered were outside that door right now, and after busting down that door they drug you out into the snow and hung you up by the neck, that would be frontier justice. >> seth: please welcome to the show, tim roth. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> good. >> seth: i'm very excited about this. i'm a huge fan of your work. >> thanks. >> seth: i was firsts introduced to you in a tarantino film. this is your fourth time working with him. >> yes. >> seth: and what is the most unique thing about working with quentin, or what makes him different than other directors for you? >> well, i think -- i find that just the dialogue -- initially when you peel open one of his scripts and the words that he gives for actors are extraordinary. that being said, the set, the environment that he creates on set is unlike anything i've ever
12:00 am
right now he has -- it wasn't like this at the beginning, but right now he has music playing. he has a -- you know, between setups and stuff. he has something called big jerry, which i don't know if you've heard of. >> seth: we heard about big jerry. >> i never got big jerry. >> seth: so, big jerry -- explain for those who haven't heard. >> so, one of things that you're not allowed to do -- there's two things you're not allowed to do. very strongly not allowed to do and one is fall asleep on set. and the other is to bring a cell phone. >> seth: right. >> so if you fall asleep on set, the camera crew are ready for you, absolutely ready. and they've got big jerry in a bag, right? big jerry is about a dildo that's about -- [ laughter ] it's purple, i think, it's about that big. and if you fall asleep on set, they put it into photographs with you. and you go on a board of shame. and if you take that down angrily, it gets bigger. [ laughter ] and then eventually -- eventually what they do is -- i think this happened on "django"
12:01 am
all on t-shirts and the entire a big. [ laughter and applause ] charlie. deal. and checkpoint charlie is you have to hand in your phone to a guy. guy's name is spencer. bless him. and he would sit in a pickup truck on the side of a mountain that was it. the beard just got longer and longer and longer. and his job is to take people's phones and charge them, and then give them back at the end of -- couldn't -- >> no phones. no devices of any kind on set. >> which is fantastic. >> seth: is it really? i mean, it must be nice as an actor. especially when you're doing something period like that to not have a phone around. >> well, i mean, it's good in many ways. and it's hard when you go back to another film and you see everyone, you know, if i'm over your shoulder and i see a crew member texting or checking his e-mails it's usually >> seth: right, but a giant [ laughter ] >> giant dildo is -- no problem
12:02 am
around that, you're not an actor. >> you should be able to handle that one. >> seth: so, this -- you're the hangman of red rock in this film. it's a great part. >> possibly. >> seth: and this is -- you were approached -- he had the part in mind for you, yes? >> yeah, he wrote it for me to do and then -- so over a year ago now he came -- you get a call and quentin comes up on your phone you're going, "please, please, please be a script." and he got on, "i've somethin' for you to read, tim." so, i says, "yeah, all right, i'll do that." and don't even need to read it. just say yes, you know? and then we went to this little thai restaurant down by where i used to live in hollywood where when we did "reservoir dogs" we used to hang out. >> seth: gotcha. >> and he gave me the script to read there. >> seth: and so right away -- i mean, when he gives it to you, you know you're going to say yes, right? you don't even have to read it? >> i mean, there is -- there are rumors of some people who've said no. >> seth: oh, wow. >> i mean, there's a couple of quite famous stories of actors
12:03 am
i can't handle that right now. >> seth: and so with "reservoir dogs", his first film, it was the same thing? did he have you in the mind for the same part with that? >> no, i don't think he did. no, he didn't know me. he had seen -- it was this sort of a script comes from the agent and, you know, that kind of stuff. but as soon as i read it, i knew we were on to something, that this is this incredibly talent was being born. and you can tell just from the writing, the quality and the music and the writing. >> seth: how did you audition for "reservoir dogs"? >> well, i had this thing where i'm so [ bleep ] terrible. excuse my language. >> seth: that's all right. [ laughter ] >> terrible. it's "late night," right? >> seth: it's very late. it's very late. >> yeah, mother[ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> that one's for sam. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> so i have this thing, i'm so bad at auditions. i'm so bad at reading. so i figure i'll lose 50% of my jobs by not reading and 50% by reading. so i figured i'm breaking even anyway. [ light laughter ] so i won't -- won't do it.
12:04 am
audition for "reservoir dogs." and harvey keitel was there, and he said, "please read, tim. we'd love -- we just wanted to get that sort of feeling. relationship would be --" and i really put my foot down. i thought i was doing really, really -- i was being strong. and so we all went to a deli down the road from where the audition place was. and, you know, had a few beers. i had a sandwich. i said, oh, it's great. and harvey peeled off. and then i said, "why don't you come to this pub," to quentin. this pub i used to go to, over on sunset. yeah, sure, let's do that. so we get there, have a few beers. and then he's starting to write out the scenes on a beer mat. i said, "don't worry about it. i've got the script at my place." i was drunk by this point. [ light laughter ] so we go across to the 7-eleven, grab some more beers and go back to my place. and by the end of the night, i'd read everything, about five times. parts i wasn't in. and he had too. and i read virtually the entire script with him. >> seth: that's fantastic. so, you got drunk enough to audition.
12:05 am
and i still think -- i think he planned it. i really do. >> seth: now that film, because having very bloody films. >> yeah. >> seth: i feel like you are the greatest victim of this in all his films. >> well, there's a new champion now, i think, without a spoiler alert. there's definitely a sort of, you know. >> seth: but the thing in this was in "reservoir dogs" you have to act bloody the whole movie. you are like -- >> yeah, i got some days off. >> seth: yeah, but you have to be shot and then do all your scenes. >> yes. >> seth: and it must be so -- is the blood as uncomfortable as it looks? >> it's disgusting. and it's not the blood that he uses now. now he's got quentin red, which is his own particular -- >> seth: ew, gotcha, whoa. [ laughter ] la-di-da. >> i know, right? but back then, it's syrup. it's sticky. and we were shooting in the middle of summer. it was -- i was laying in like ten pints of blood all day. and you get stuck to stuff. you get stuck to chairs, you get
12:06 am
you sit down and have a cup of red. and then at one point i did -- mike just reminded me recently, me and mike madison got stuck together. and they had to -- we just went and hugged each other, as you do, bro hug, and they had to hose us apart. >> seth: there's something so though you were covered in blood, you still hd a cup of >> had a cup of tea. tea bag. never leave the bag in. >> seth: you've played a lot of villains in your career. a lot of rapscallions. were you a tough kid growing up? was that a hard transition for you to play the tough characters? >> no, i was the bullied one. i was the one that'd always get beaten up. i got beaten up on a regular basis at school. >> seth: really? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: did you have do anything but shift that away? or was that just sort of constant? >> well, first of all i came from the sort of -- my dad was a journalist, my mom was a teacher. but, you know, it wasn't like we were well off particularly. i went to school in a pretty rough neighborhood. and in the first few days, we
12:07 am
had to learn a new accent. >> seth: oh, yeah. you had to toughen up your -- >> absolutely. i was getting the [ bleep ] kicked out of me. also i think i would have got the [ bleep ] kicked out of me anyway. i was that annoying. >> seth: one last thing i wanna get your take on. sam jackson was here. one of your co-stars. >> yeah. >> seth: and he and i were talking, so basically he said he played golf with donald trump. >> yes, he did. i was there. >> seth: and then donald trump said on twitter he's never met sam jackson. >> yes. >> seth: sam came on the show, i asked about him. sam says that he absolutely had met donald trump and donald trump is lying. >> seth: who do you believe in this case? [ laughter ] >> pretty good, right? pretty good. [ laughter ] bam. >> seth: tim roth, known for his excellent golf puns. saying that he played donald trump. >> seth: right. >> if he's saying that donald trump cheated, donald trump cheated. >> seth: yes. >> but he's a fantastic golfer. >> seth: sam? >> yeah.
12:08 am
sam, we were on the jury. sidney poitier was there. i'm dropping names like crazy. but he was there. i haven't met him, you know. i go, man, it's sidney poitier. and he grabs you. sidney poitier grabbed me and walks me down backstage. he said, :now, listen, don't ever -- i mean, do you play golf?" i said, "no." he said, "don't ever take it up. don't ever play golf. and especially do not play golf with that man there. that man there has taken so much money off of me. and he's a gambler. he's crafty. and he's a really, really, really good golf player." so my money's on him. >> seth: your money's on him. >> definitely on him. it's definitely -- my money would never be on trump. [ light laughter ] he's probably got some of my money. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's true. and we don't even know how he has it just that he has it. >> we don't know. i should check my account. >> seth: well, thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> seth: congratulations on the film. [ cheers and applause ] tim roth, everybody. "the hateful eight" is in theaters now. be right back with la la anthony.
12:09 am
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[ cheers and applause ] night," everybody. you know from the hit starz show, "power." she is currently starring in the a&e series, "unforgettable," which airs friday nights at 10:00. let's take a look. >> so, we've got two compound depressed skull fractures, blunt force. >> well, there was a broken table right next to the body. >> well, that'll do it. we've got le fort and mandibular fractures, multiple lacerations, hematomas, whoever did this must have been pretty pissed off. >> must have put up a struggle, right? he must have fought back. was there any blood from other guy? >> no, nothing yet. but check this out. so i found a compound chemical
12:13 am
acephate. now, it's commonly used by greens keepers, you know, in ballparks, golf courses, keeps the bugs away. >> greens keepers. why acephate? so, what are we thinking? maybe the killer worked with this stuff, got someone left during the struggle. >> sounds like you answered your own question. >> seth: please welcome to the show, la la anthony. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody. >> seth: you look beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: so happy you're here. >> thank you. so, i just have to start and tell you, my crew, we were just back there just talking about how handsome you are. you're hot. >> seth: oh, thank you. >> you are hot! [ cheers ] >> seth: that is so wonderful. i'm very happy to hear that. and i'd love transcript if you can just write out everything everybody said. >> i got it, i got it.
12:14 am
i don't know how to move on now. [ laughter ] i heard you say that this role is a departure for you. and then based on that clip i can really tell like this is -- >> that is hard. those words are hard. >> seth: that is a lot of jargon. >> it is. i felt like i was in a science biology class and acting at the same time. like, that is very challenging. >> seth: yeah, the best i could do is is as you can see in the skull there's a spot in the skull, we need to -- there's something wrong with the skull. >> right, exactly. in the skull. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's all i could do. are you enjoying it? >> i am enjoying it. i'm having the best time because it's challenging. i love a challenge. you know, it's fun, but it's challenging. and i'm learning a lot. like, i feel like i could really be a medical examiner. >> seth: well, i tell you the next time i die, i'm gonna have you check out my body. >> yeah, have somebody call me. >> seth: okay, will do. i'm also very impressed 'cause you're balancing your acting career with also being a mother. and i feel like i've seen some photos and you were doing an incredible job as a mother. >> thank you. >> seth: 'cause i want to show
12:15 am
your husband and your son. now, who was more excited about these four-wheelers? your 8-year-old or your 31-year-old? >> well, the knicks will probably kill me if i said melo was more excited. >> seth: yeah. >> so, i'm gonna say that kian was more excited, but melo was pretty excited. >> seth: yeah, of course, 'cause you are -- you're married to carmelo anthony. he plays for the new york knicks. are fans -- do they get nervous when they see their star player on an atv? >> oh, they get crazy. i had to put a disclaimer when i put that picture, i'm like, listen, before you guys start with me, he's just leaning on it. he's not even really sitting all the way on it. [ laughter ] he's not riding it. he's just leaning on it for the photo. so, they calmed down a little bit. but there's no fans like new york knicks fan. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> so, i defintely gotta give them a big shout out. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so i've heard your son kian, so he's eight. >> yes. >> seth: that he helps you with your auditions. is that true? >> he does. he sets the camera up for me and then he goes action and cut. and he'll go, "mom, i wasn't [ light laughter ] he's like, "can we go again? action and cut." so, it's fun, because i love that he feels like he's a part doing.
12:16 am
of it. >> seth: do you feel like when he says i feel like that one wasn't great, does he have good taste? >> he has very, very good taste. if kian doesn't like it, i'm not sending it. >> seth: i like thought of him saying like, no, i still saw mom there. mom, too much mom coming through. >> just like today he was like, "okay, so, what time do you wrap?" i'm like, i'll be home tonight. don't worry. >> seth: so, now he's obviously is getting involved a little bit with you. does that mean at knicks games he gets to be a participant at all? >> yes, so, he's a ball boy at the knicks games. so before the games he catches rebounds. and then during halftime he gets so, he has a good time doing that. >> seth: does it also -- it must be hard though to be both serve as the ball boy but also be watching your dad play. >> yes. >> seth: does he maintain that level of being a son of one of the players. is he excited to see melo play? >> he's excited, but the funny thing is his dad -- your own dad is never gonna be your favorite player or anything like that. he loves his dad, but he doesn't think his dad is as cool as everyone else. he's like, that's just dad. okay, where's kobe, lebron, steph curry?
12:17 am
he's like, oh, i see dad all the time. so, it's not really a big deal to him. i'm like, that's your dad! you better start acting like you like being around dad. [ laughter ] >> seth: we had gabrielle union on the show. >> a very good friend of mine. >> seth: yeah, she's married to dwyane wade. and she was saying that she is maybe at times overenthusiastic during games. >> oh, she's a lunatic. >> seth: she's a lunatic, okay. [ laughter ] >> she's a certified lunatic. >> seth: so, as her friend you will certify that she is a lunatic. >> certified, certified. >> seth: how are you in the stands? >> i'm a little bit calmer. i mean, i have my moments. i'm a little bit calmer. i become a lunatic at kian's basketball games. i'm the parent that everybody kind of like walks away from. 'cause i'm like, what? that wasn't a foul. what are you talking about. i'm that parent. >> seth: i love that you give up the chance to like blend in madison square garden, but i'l'l be a lunatic at a school gym. >> exactly. [ light laughter ] and kian the other day he's like, "mom, everybody heard you screaming!" i had the best time. >> seth: speaking of the best time, i wanna ask, you worked, even before you were an actress,
12:18 am
>> seth: like the heyday of trl. >> the heyday. i mean, you were working right near here in times square. >> that was the best time. i mean, we were in the center of pop culture. with thousands of kids out there. that was some really cool times, we had a great time. >> seth: i have a photo i wanna ask you about. 'cause you -- tom cruise was on trl. and this is you teaching tom cruise how to dance. [ laughter ] how did that come about? >> so, he came on the show and was like, "la la, i wanna learn so, can you show me?" so that turned into a whole thing. literally the next day i was like in every newspaper, every magazine. everyone's like, la la's grinding on tom cruise. i was like, whoa! but it was a really fun moment. >> seth: i would also like to learn how to hip-hop dance but i would not want to do it in front of a group of children. >> okay, so afterwards -- >> seth: yeah, afterwards. >> we'll go back there. i'll teach you how to dougie or something. >> seth: thank you so much. because people ask me to dougie all the time and i do not know what to do. [ laughter ] i don't even know how to begin. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much. >> seth: congrats on the show. [ cheers and applause ] la la anthony, everybody. "unforgettable" airs friday
12:19 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guests are the co-creators and stars of the upcoming comedy central series, "idiotsitter," which premieres thursday, january 14th. let's take a look. >> oh bleep ]. am i le? no. >> i wted to maka good first impression. is this her? she's gorgeous. this your natural skin? can i touch it? >> no, no. >> that's okay. i like guys. >> who are you? [ light lauger ] >> ts is my daughter jenethy. this is bobby. >> oh you can call me gene. like eugene levy. but just the gene part. >> i thought you said your daughter was seven? >> oh, she caught us. ah, she caught us, didn't she? >> it was a joke.
12:24 am
>> yeah, we may have fudged the age a little bit in the ad when we said baby-sitter. we meant more of a court appointed guardian. [ light laughter ] >> is that an ankle monitor? >> what? >> is that an ankle monitor? >> what? >> is that an ankle monitor? [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh, i can do a spot-on impression of her. >> seth: please welcome jillian bell and charlotte newhouse. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: hi, guys, how are? >> hello. >> good, how are you. >> seth: the show's hilarious. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> seth: jillian, we've known each other a while. you wrote on snl. >> i did. >> seth: and, i know you don't remember this, but i guess i was the person who called you to tell you that you had gotten the job. >> yes, you were the one who called me. i didn't think i got the job, because in the interview we just were like talking about family,
12:25 am
[ laughter ] we did not talk about comedy whatsoever. and so i was at magnolia bakery buying new feelings. [ laughter ] >> seth: ok, gotcha. >> i got a large piece of cake. [ light laughter ] i mean, it's not even a cupcake. that's so sad. it's a large piece of cake. >> seth: they're known for their cupcakes. >> is that what you ordered? >> seth: she's like, i'd like a large piece of cake. >> i was like, what's the saddest cake you have? >> they're like, is it not your birthday? get the birthday cake. [ laughter ] so i was purchasing that. and you called while i was buying it. and you are like, "hey, it's seth." and i'm like, "hey." you go, "what are you doing?" i go, "buying cake." [ light laughter ] you said, "what?" i go, "what's up? what do you want to talk about?" and then you offered me the job. and i still was like, paying the woman. >> seth: i remember lorne said, "how did she take it?" i go, "i think she was very calm. she was already buying a cake to celebrate." >> i was celebrating. [ laughter ] >> seth: she knew she got the
12:26 am
>> yeah. >> seth: now, i would have been so excited to know if i was the first person to interview you guys on a talk show, but i hear you were interviewed by larry king already. >> we were. >> seth: how did it go? how did it go with larry king? >> he's pretty amazing. i thought he was super charming. he was wearing cowboy boots and suspenders and a bangle bracelet. >> everything you want. >> seth: the full king. >> the full king. he was so sweet. and he says, "jillian, you got to play seth rogen's wife in 'the night before.'" and i said, "yes." he said, "charlotte, were you jealous?" i said, "oh, no." he goes, "but she got to play seth rogen's wife. you did nothing." and i was like, oh, well now i feel really bad about it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you did nothing. >> you did nothing. >> you were just sitting there eating a large piece of cake and she was off playing seth rogen's wife. >> seth: you didn't realize you were going to a gotcha interview with larry king. he was going to finally nail you guys. you guys have been getting off scot-free for too long. >> yeah, too long. >> seth: so tell us about the "idiotsitter."
12:27 am
about the idea from the clip. i'm going to go sitter idiot. >> yes. >> seth: so tell us about the show. >> i play sort of a woman who spent way too long in academia and gets out of her maybe seventh grad school and has tons of student debt and can't get a job, so she answers an ad for a baby-sitter. >> and when she shows up, she finds out the baby she's sitting is me on house arrest. [ light laughter ] a real screw-up. >> and her dad's like so rich that, she should be in jail, but that she just has to have 24 hour supervision. exciting. and when you find out -- obviously you shoot a pilot for a show like this, that's a clip from the pilot, which is fantastic, by the way. then you get ordered for a series. how did you react when you got picked up by comedy central for a full series? >> we lost our mind, actually. we were in this really trashy place called the hamptons. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh. >> the southern one. >> seth: oh, wow. >> the southern one. >> her parents have a place
12:28 am
immediately ran outside and we jumped in the pool with all of our clothes on. we were so excited. and then it was like, do you realize you're swimming in your clothes? yeah! and then being like, we're going to fail. [ laughter ] >> immediately terrified of failure. >> seth: and now, obviously, the characters there are not your parents, but there's some connection. >> yeah. they -- maybe like friends of theirs. they definitely have friends that are kind of characters. >> seth: so you knew people like this. >> yes, when we were in the hamptons once, not to drop the hamptons again. >> the southern one. >> no, this place. >> the south. >> seth: gotcha. >> yeah, so we were swimming one day. we are always swimming in the hamptons. [ light laughter ] all of our stories. >> all we do is swim. >> one of the days we were swimming in the hamptons. >> we look terrible, like the makeup's running down your face, mascara down here. we look up, and her father just goes, "girls this is the ambassador of palau."
12:29 am
"girls, girls, i would like you to meet the ambassador --" >> we're like, hi! [ laughter ] that's not a real place. >> seth: it's such a bummer too, because your whole life, obviously, you dream of what you're going to be doing when you meet the ambassador of palau and then you guys totally duffed it. >> every night as a child you dream about meeting the ambassador of palau. >> and we put him in the show. >> yeah, we did. >> he's in the final episode. >> seth: not the actual ambassador. >> no. couldn't get him. >> seth: couldn't get him. >> couldn't get him. >> seth: he's so busy. he's doing broad city. [ laughter ] so you guys met at the groundlings improv theater out in l.a. is that correct? >> yes. >> seth: did you immediately have a sort of connection as far as your comedy went, or did it take a while? >> we did. we'd only had one conversation before we started writing together and it was about annie lennox. >> as all conversations are. >> seth: sure. >> if you're going to be great friends. >> seth: how do annie lennox conversations start? >> did she come on in a bar? >> she did. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> and we're both just like --
12:30 am
>> hey! [ laughter ] >> it went that smoothly. and then she had this idea for the holiday. it was the first show i had been able to do. i got into the groundlings. >> and so like holiday themed. >> yes. and i was like this is weird, but we talked about annie lennox. so what if we're two women who like hated christmas, hated their families, everyone is singing carols with a new karaoke machine and by accident someone puts on "walking on broken glass" and they take the mic and they just start losing their minds and breaking all the glasses on their husbands' heads and their kids. and jillian was like, yes, and at the end they gather up all the glass shards, kick off their shoes and walk across it towards each other. and i was like, oh! [ light laughter ] >> and the audience was like, ha ha. [ laughter ] >> next.
12:31 am
>> seth: is it true that at the groundlings, one of the sort of hallmarks of a charlotte-jillian sketch would be that you guys spend a ton of money on props. >> yes. we spend way too much. >> seth: because breakaway glass is not cheap. >> that sketch alone was about a grand. [ laughter ] we're like, worth it. but we do that all the time. we wrote this sketch where we always needed a six-foot party sub. and we're like, why did we write it this way? and so you're just like on a friday and saturday night running to subway and getting a party sub and everyone is out in hollywood all dressed up and meeting men. >> and the person at subway is like, what do you want on it? it's like, doesn't matter. it's for a sketch. >> we won't eat it. >> seth: well, did the people -- did you go to same subway. did they think like, wow, these girls party. these girls are having a six feet of party every week. >> one more sandwich. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, look, you guys, now comedy central is paying for
12:32 am
>> that's right. >> thank you. >> seth: and congratulations on the show. [ cheers and applause ] jillian bell and charlotte newhouse, everybody. "idiotsitter" premieres january 14th on comedy central. we'll be right back.
12:33 am
>> seth: my thanks to tim roth, la la anthony, jillian bell and charlotte newhouse. [ cheers and applause ] matt sorum, thanks for a great week.
12:34 am
stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow.
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