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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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impact the people who live there.... snow drifts and whiteout conditions led to crashes in northern iowa, monday. several cars were abandoned. semi drivers had to park and wait out the storm. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. the d-o-t closed an 80 mile stretch of interstate 35. it reopened it this morning, but as stephanie moore shows us, driving... and for cleaning up the mess. whipping wind and blowing snow made this stretch of interstate 35 look like a different planet compared to sunny central iowa.... 'the worst part of the whole state is right here.' sgt. nathan ludwig with the iowa state patrol says the boonedocks exit about 60 miles north of des when the interstate closed....dozens of tractor trailers were stranded with no where to go... 'the problem was the visibility and finding a place for these trucks to get off the interstate because it was almost a parking lot out there and you only have so many exits to utilize there before you have to shut these interstates down to get these
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"this section of interstate 35 is the worst, we're right along exit 144, 145 and it goes from whiteout conditions and back in a matter of seconds." 'today its a lot more blowing snow then yesterday, 10 miles south was good but the further north i go its getting worse.' semi driver joshua parmenter is making the trip to mason city and says if it gets any worse he may need to pull over and wait it out... 'if you have a loaded trailer its not too bad you just slow down but i have an empty one now and im all over the road doing 45 miles per hour if i keep heading north and it gets a little worse ill just call it quits.' just in this area.....the iowa state patrol responded to 141 calls for service..resulting in 29 vehicle accidents, seven of which included injuries... and although the interstate is back open, travel is still not vised... 'i wouldntecommend ming through this area for attle bit at least unlmorrow if you dont have to avel dont.' ephanie moore, channel 13
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a tow ban still remains in effect for the area, leaving dozens of vehicles stuck in the ditches. low visibility on iowa roads appears to be in the rear view mirror, for now. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now with a first look at the forecast. the winds have settled down a bit but boy is it cold! temperatures will hold in the teens with wind chills in the single digits. clouds build back in tomorrow with light snow through mid day. only about one inch of snow is expected on wednesday. a 48 year old des moines man died in an overnight house
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22:13:48 the fire department responded and was advised that they would need to stage. there was an imminent threat other than the fire to the firefighters that were responding to that call today firefighters were called to the 2500 block of 59th street around one this morning. police were already on scene... trying to get neil johnston to come out of his house. officers say he wouldn't budge and even threatened them with a gun. police broke out windows and tased johnston, but that didn't work either. once the fire began to burn out of control, they had to back out of the house. 22:13:01 it was a very dangerous situation. those officers were very brave. they did the best they could and unfortunately it just wasn't enough to convince him to come out of the home 10 the initial calls to police were for a disturbance.. the cause of the fire and the circumstances surrounding johnston's death are still under investigation. city leaders are considering
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with an influx of emergency calls. the plan is to build the station near northeast 36th street and otter creek park. the cost is estimated at 5 million dollars, paid for with a bond referendum. 5 people would be hired to staff a fire engine and an ambulance. there is currently no time line set for construction... but this is a pressing matter in ankeny... because the number of 911 calls has grown by 30 percent since 20-10, to 38 hundred per year. a destructive pest has been found in johnson county ash trees... the pest burrow's into their bark, depriving them of the ability to transport water and nutrients. there are now 30 counties with confirmed cases, more than a third coming from last year alone. a statewide quarantine on moving firewood remains in place, as an effort to prevent the ash borer from migrating. iowans are weighing in on a controversial prosal to build an oil pipeline. iowa is one of four states through which the bakken
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laid. but it's the only state that hasn't yet approved it. this week, the iowa utilities board is considering whether to approve the company's permit. an even more divisive issue is whether the company can use eminent domain to acquire land... you're granting eminent domain for a specific route, a specific piece of property, and a specific location. any deviation outside of that, i think they have to come back at get itial authority. the board is meeting again tomorrow and thursday... and members won't say if that will lead to any decisions. medical cannabis advocates are calling for action to expand its use in iowa. this is amazing stuff with no side effects that we can't understand why more people aren't doing more to understand it and help people get it. a new bill in the legislature could make medical marijuana more
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the bill at a conference this afternoon. it would create a system for manufacturing, distributing, and possessing the drug in iowa. the law currently allows epilepsy patients to use it... but they have no way of getting it. meanwhile, lawmakers are blindly voting on an increase in school funding... the senate passed a bill giving schools a 4 percent increase for the 20-17 - 20-18 year. it's not clear how much more that would be, because the budget for the upcoming academic year isn't set. that's what the house and senate are debating right now. the funding level should have been set last session, but lawmakers failed to reach a compromise. the number of people making resolutions to exercise has soared since january 1st... but it's all downhill from here. records from "gold's gym" show that after today, check-ins at gyms drop dramatically. local gyms see similar so-called "fitness cliffs" as old routines take over. they say it's because people grow
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the reason a lot of times that happens is because people don't see quick results. they're like see you later. they don't see quick fast results. they either get a membership, don't go or get a membership and don't know what they're doing. experts say activity trackers can help with motivation... because they help people visualize the exercise they're doing. thousands of kids is enough to get anyone moving... thousands of kids is enough to get anyone moving... and it worked on the basketball court this morning. find out how they cheered the iowa energy on to victory, while celebrating the power of learning. but first, it's been a steady pace throughout the day at new hampshire polling sites... see how accurate the primary is with picking presidents, and if the
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we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast and counted. we saw in iowa that the difference of a couple hundred votes makes a huge difference. presidential candidates are campaigning hard across new hampshire, hoping to leave one last impression on voters... it's primary day, and most polls closed just a few minutes ago... but the first votes were tallied just after midnight this morning. the tradition is unique to the state, carried out by 3 communities.
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tied, between ted cruz, john kasich, and donald trump... each have 9 votes. in the democratic race, bernie sanders gained an early lead against hillary clinton. sanders has 17 votes, to clinton's 9. the new hampshire primary process is less complicated than the iowa caucus... but does it mean it's less accurate when picking presidents? political director dave price takes a look... iowa new hampshire iowa new hampshire these two small states get they're the first two states that hold contests in process. but which state's better at picking presidents. let's check the history books. new hampshire's better at choosing republicans. five republicans won the new hampshire primary and later became their party's nominee for president. two...ronald reagan and george hw bush later became president. only three eventual nominees won the
6:10 pm w bush. it's a different story with the democrats...iowa's better five democrats won the new hampshire primary and later became the nominee. just one won the primary and actually became president...jimmy carter but check out iowa's record. six democrats who won the caucuses became the nominee...including the last three caucus winners in a row two caucus winners became president....carter and barack obama. so add them all up in this two state showdown and here's what we found. new hampshire's primaries nailed ten nominees and three eventual presidents. iowa's caucuses had nine nominees and three presidents. so when it comes to picking presidents...we call it a far. tomorrow, candidates will shift their focus to south carolina... the state's republican primary is february 20th, and the democratic
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it will be a quiet and cold evening across central iowa. skies will remain partly cloudy with winds still breezy from the northwest at 5 to 15 mph. temperatures will drop to the single digits with wind chills as low as -10 by morning. clouds return on wednesday, as does a chance for light snow. the snow will start mid-morning and will continue through mid- afternoon. approximately an inch will fall across central iowa. there will be another lull in the action on thursday, but a couple more quick shots of snow are possible through the end of the week and weekend. early friday morning , some flurries are possible and then a heavier snow with a few inches is possible saturday night into sunday. temperatures return the the 30s and 40s early next week.
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but when they do, they need a
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try 7 thousand kids on a field trip. local school kids making noise at the energy's education local school kids making noise at the energy's education celebration game. iowa hosting the westchester knicks. terry whisnant gives the crowd something to cheer. three pointer is good. more energy from the stands, and on the court... james ennis, steps, shoots, money from deep. ennis had 25 points. energy win 93-85. heck, it's a win/win. energy now takes a few days off for the nba d league all star game. the iowa wild take over wells fargo arena friday night, and it won't be just another game. it's the annual pink in the rink game. the wild help raise
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breast cancer, and raise money for the right. $65 thousand dollars the past two years. it's personal for wild head coach john torchetti. torchetti's sister has beaten cancer three times, his father currently has cancer. torch and the wild host the grand rapids griffins for pink in the rink friday night at wells fargo arena. the first place hawkeyes head to indiana thursday night. the hoosiers are unbeaten at home, but iowa did win in bloomington last march. hawkeyes and hoosiers thursday
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here's why it matters. check the big ten standings, iowa alone at the top at 10-1. maryland right behind with 2 losses. indiana is one game behind iowa. fair to say bronco fans are pretty excited about winning the super bowl. hundreds of thousands of bronco fans rallied, most of them wearing orange. denver officials estimated the rally and parade crowd at more than one million people, up several hundred thousand from the previous time the broncos win the big game.
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