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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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suspect overnight in des moines. find out how things escalated ... and how the situation came to an end. fire forces a family from their home on a frigid morning. how the homeowner believes it started... and what's behind the sentimental feelings attached to everything that was lost. and another vote brings another round of campaign collapses. find out which candidates are dropping out after new hampshire ... and who could be the next to quit. news at four front door open
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good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. a high speed chase overnight resulted in shots fired by a des moines police a high speed chase overnight resulted in shots fired by a
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officer. it began like so many do, as a routine traffic stop. it was just before 2:30 this morning when police say the driver took off. they were pursuing this man, 25 year old austin allen. he was in a stolen car and wanted on felony warrants in kansas and west des moines. speeds reached around 80 miles an hour down southwest 14th. police say allen lost control and went off the road in the 19-hundred block of casady drive. when officer christopher brockert got out of his squad car to arrest him, allen is accused of driving right at him. that's when brockert fired three shots at the car.. 12:04:52 it was definitely a scary situation for him. he very easily could have died. the fact that he
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looks like it meets the standards of the law and our policy. his life was in danger and that's pretty clear cut 06 no one was hurt. police caught up with allen a short time later and he was arrested without incident. he's now in the polk county jail... facing assault with a weapon on peace officers, eluding, multiple theft charges, and robbery. a mother and her two children are homeless tonight after a fire destroyed their rural madison county rental home this morning. 'when she got up this morning, when the baby was ready to be fed she found it was burning all around the refrigerator.' raymond cooker owns the home rented by jennifer mcdonald. he says the fuse box to the home is in the basement below the refrigerator ... so he's guessing the cause of the fire was electric. five fire departments were called in to knock the flames down. the closest water source to the home was five miles away. cooker was called to the scene
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he says it was likely watching part of him die. it hasnt sunk in yet, itll get to me, i called my son, he grew up here too. he was in tears, just listening to me. a go fund me page has been set up to help the family who lost everything. you can find a link to the page on our website ... who-tv-dot-com. we now know the name of a man found dead in a burning home yesterday in des moines. police found brian houston inside his burning home on 61st street yesterday afternoon. the cause of his death and the cause of the fire are still under investigation. and there is still no word on the cause of a fatal house fire in marion county on sunday night. 77-year old patricia henning was killed.
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a bill introduced in the iowa house today faces an up-hill battle as it tries to clean up the state's medical cannabis oil law. lawmakers made medical cannabis oil legal for iowans with chronic epilepsy in 20-14... but the law doesn't allow for the oil to be produced or sold in the state...leaving many iowans without the drug... as it is illegal to transport across state lines. house republican peter cownie, of west des moines, is breaking with the rank-and-file members of his party in hopes of fixing the problem. his bill would make it legal for marijuana to be grown in iowa, turned into medical cannabis oil, and prescribed by doctors for patients with epilepsy and other diseases. cownie says the current law isn't helping the way it should be. "we have a law on the books that allows you to possess it, but you can't get it. so, we have a conflict. and my hope is that this can solve that. and yeah, it's a bipartisan matter; this issue - whether it's epilepsy, or any other number of ailments - it's a bipartisan issue. this affects democrats and republicans, and my hope is to have bipartisan support for
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representative cownie notes his bill does not allow for marijuana to be smoked or for recreational use of the oil. another effort in the house seeks to legalize a drug that can stop deadly overdoses. house lawmakers are eyeing a bill that would legalize the drug "narcan" in the state. in illinois, people are being trained to use narcan as a vaccine and nasal spray to stop an overdose as it's happening. narcan works well treating overdoses for heroin addicts, and supporters of the vaccine call it a "second chance" for those battling drug addiction. one house republican says he doesn't want a legal "cure" for overdoses to encourage heroin addicts, but he does think it could save, and change, lives. "i'm not sure i support the concept, but this will give drug addicts - people who o.d. on
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don't know whether they'll get help or not. but if they keep taking these illegal drugs, they'll eventually get the job done - whether it's accidental, or on purpose." :01-:28 the bill passed unanimously in the house public safety committee a few days ago... now it just needs to be taken up on the house floor for a vote. last night's new hampshire primary has knocked at least one republican out of the race ... and raised questions about who really has the momentum on both sides moving forward. steve handelsman has the story. bernie sanders went to harlem for a photo op with activist al sharpton ... who wants african american democrats in south carolina to take a fresh look at sanders. and, after his more than 20 point win last night... presidential candidate :13-:16 - too short to super?"people want
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a soapbox... attention from democrats, says a south carolinian. "now i don't know if they'll vote for him - and he starts way behind - but people will give him a hearing." hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina polling, but she was stunned last night when young new hampshire democrats and women rejected her for sanders. presidential candidate :37-:40 too short to super"i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. on the republican side, donald trump's 20 point win powers him to the next contest presidential candidate :47-:52"it feels great. the people are fantastic from new hampshire." "and i think south carolina, frankly, is gonna be very similar to that." trump's got a 16 point polling lead new hampshire gop runner up, ohio governor john kasich, rushed to south carolina presidential candidate 1:00-1:03 too short to super"i'm starting to
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something." carly fiorina - today - quit the race. chris christie is re-assessing but jeb bush and ted cruz and marco rubio moved on to south carolina which could help the frontrunner "the more candidates that are in this race - makes it possible for trump to win these elections with 33- 34% of the vote." like donald trump plans in south carolina. audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. it's two different primaries in south carolina. republicans a week from saturday then democrats a week later. the big clinton sanders face-off i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, manchester, new hampshe.a quick update ... chris christie is reportedly now telling his staff that he is suspending his presidential campaign. so iowa and new hampshire have once again done their job and narrowed the presidential field. our first in the nation votes give us the chance to introduce ourselves to the candidates ... and our pets! coming up next ... meet the eastern iowa veteran who got almost all the candidates to pose with a special friend. it's been nine days now since
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abandoned us after we cast our votes on caucus night. for the last year many of you had the chance to meet as many of the candidates as you wanted to. one eastern iowa man met nearly every candidate ... and introduced them to his special
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story. hillary caucus sign, then stickers from rand paul, ben carson, cruz marc graves has quite the collection of candidate keepsakes. no where else have i ever been where you have all those people in such close proximity the army sgt. looked at all the town halls and rallies as photo- ops... a chance to get snap shots of presidential hopefuls holding a very special traveling trinket of his... the rock is about so big, and it's generally shaped like a heart. not just any rock. a pet rock - named junior. i think of him as a geological photobomber but he didn't have to sneak it into all these pictures - candidates willingly posed with the smiling rock. some did need a little explanation... some people get it right away and find it funny. then others don't quite get it graves has actually been featuring junior the rock in photos for more than a decade. it started as a way to keep in touch with family while traveling for active duty. i went to kosovo, i went to iraq, and i went to afghanistan and so did junior... i just carried it around with me everywhere. it's easy to keep in my pocket, nice and small now, it has its own twitter page - chronicling the adventures of a
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no photoshopping whatsoever. when we sat down with graves - the rock was actually down in springfield hoping for a chance to get a candid with the commander in chief. now it's grown into getting it with as famous a person as i possibly can if not, junior has already been in the hands of whomever is next in line... making for a campaign season he'll always remember... it definitely got me more into it. i wouldn't have put forth the effort going to see everyone i did. light snow should be wrapped up by the evening commute. we'll
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out around 3" of light fluffy snow in the des moines metro. clouds will begin to break up, we'll see lows in the single digits tonight. thursday will remain dry, with highs in the lower 20s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover during the day, with a weak clipper moving in late thursday, early friday. this will bring a light dusting of snow for the metro, with more
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high pressure will move in for saturday, and although skies will be sunny, highs are only expected to be in the middle teens...brr! more snow will move in early sunday, lasting throughout the day, which could bring us a couple inches of snow at least. thankfully, a warm up will come our way early next week. we could even see highs in the 40s by tuesday. ad lib main weather iowa ranks as one of the worst states in the nation when it
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iowa ranks as one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to laws protecting animals ... including unsafe puppy breeding operations. coming up next ... meet the national spokesperson who lobbied on behalf of
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from hoarders and puppy mills. last year... the humane society ranked iowa second to last in its treatment of companion animals. dozens gathered today at the statehouse for puppy mill lobby day.... in an effort to protect companion animals... strengthen iowa's animal cruelty laws.. and shut down unethical breeders... or puppy mills. among those lobbying today... a national force in the movement... theresa strader... the founder of national mill dog rescue... thanks for being with us.
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it's all the buzz in world health news! see how congress
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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the mosquito-borne zika virus outbreak as it continues to spread to new countries in new ways ... threatening the health of unborn babies. an amazing breakthrough could soon be in the hands of oncologists world wide. we'll show you how this device allows doctors to actually see the cancer they are operating on. news at four front door today on capitol hill ... the nation's top public health officials revealed new information on the zika virus - fresh evidence it might be responsible for a rare birth defect. they continue to stress the threat is mostly limited to pregnant women. most infected people won't even know they had the virus - but that's also part of the problem of tracking its spread.
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on capitol hill ... top public health officials testified what they know - and don't - about the zika virus the director of the cdc revealed zika was detected in two brazilian newborns with microcephaly - abnormally small heads - who died hours after birth. "this is the strongest evidence to date that zika is the cause of microcephaly, but it's still not definitive." work is already under way on a vaccine ... and another priority is improving testing. "it is believed to cause no symptoms in 80 percent of the people infected, and mild symptoms in virtually all the rest." "a flash infection - it'a few days and it's gone." still ... the disease is rapidly spreading across south america - especially in brazil ... host to this summer's olympic games - where it's feared millions could be exposed. and members of congress are concerned about the inevitable spread here.
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effects and its treatment make it more important respond to this more aggressively." today ... oregon joined tennessee, indiana, pennsylvania, and ohio in confirming travel-related zika cases. natsot: "alright - there's the enemy." in addition to combating the mosquito that spreads the disease ... public health officials are hoping to spread information even as they search for a cure. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the cdc say it's still not clear whether zika causes birth defects - but they continue to warn women who may be pregnant to avoid travel to areas where zika is active - or at least protect themselves from mosquitos. it sounds like fiction ... but
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. it sounds like fiction ... but this science is real. surgeons are testing out new goggles that allow them to actually see cancerous cells. the goggles are being used right now in clinical trials ... and
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results are amazing. shirley washington shows us how they work. ledford 00:27:16 i found the lump. edit of vacation pictures sandy sagitto ... an advid biker ... was on vacation in miami, florida when she found a lump in her right breast. brian ledford 00:28:09-00:28:12 i mean. i could feel it. it was there. a diagnosis of breast cancer crushed sagitto and left her in denial. ledford 00:29:48-00:29:51 i have no family history. i have no risk factors. fear gave way to hope when sagitto learned her surgeon would be wearing special eye-wear..during her operation. ledford 00:32:35-00:32:38 its like wow. we have superman glasses. the superman glasses - known simply as cancer goggles - work with an in-fra-red light.. that help doctors see cancer when a patients malignant tumors are injected ...with a dye... which makes them glow. ledford 00:06:33-00:06:46 what the goggles are really doing is they are helping me to see the fluorescence that weve marked or tagged to a specific marker that is taken up by the cancer cells. dr. julie margenthaler was the first surgeon to use the
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device..on a breast cancer determine whether it works. it does. pkg. 520160 second bite in pkg i can see things very clearly. when margenthaler wore the goggles during sagittos procedure, she wanted to know if they could identify margins around tumors and lymph nodes. leford 00:23:28- which ultimately did confirm some microscopic tumor extensions at those edges so that was very exciting to us that we were able to see down to that level of detail. 00:23:43-00:23:55 we would not have been able to see that without the goggles. the cutting edge ..eyewear has been used successfully in the fight against other cancer, too. computer dr. ryan fields .. used the glasses during surgery .. on a patient with skin cancer. 00:16:36-00:16:41 dr. ryan fields its an incredible piece of technology i think has a lot of opportunity to improve on what we do in the operating room. dr. samuel achilefu, a professor of radiology at washington university invented the cancer goggles. ledford 00:15:15 this is the new see through goggle device. they are much smaller and lighter now than the heavy, clunky design originally created. 00:01:07-00:01: it should be simple. it should be easy. it
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that we do not need to retrain the surgeon on what they already know how to do. the goal, dr. achilefu says -- is to use the space age technology .. for all types of solid cancer and remove all of it .. during one procedure giving patients peace of mind. 00:06:01-00:06:06 the welfare of the patient is critical. do they live in fear after surgery that it may be coming back? do they live in fear that there may be residual tumors? do they live in fear that it may relapse? those are all uncertainties that most cancer patients face. dr. achilefu is being showered with recognition for his groundbreaking invention. video id 769740 he was recently honored .. with an endowed .. professorship at washington university, the highest honor bestowed on a faculty member for his work. 00:28:59-00:29:09 i think its a phenomenal deal, which is why i keep saying sam is a rock star...laughter colleagues, like dr. tim eberlein, director of the siteman cancer center -- hold dr. achilefu in high esteem and couldnt be more proud of him. 00:32:08-00:30:52 this is not work. this is not a job. this is a passion. and he does this because has a passion for wanting to improve health. sandy sagitto, a neurosurgery nurse, is ateful fott. and fore cancer goggles that lead to r beg breast cancer free. :40:03-00:40:05 as a patient,
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light snow should be wrapped up by the evening commute. we'll top out around 3" of light fluffy snow in the des moines metro. clouds will begin to break up, we'll see lows in the single digits tonight. thursday will remain dry, with highs in the lower 20s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover during the day, with a weak clipper moving in late thursday, early friday. this will bring a light dusting of snow for the metro, with more possible throughout the north and northeast counties. high pressure will move in for saturday, and although skies will be sunny, highs are only expected to be in the middle teens...brr! more snow will move in early sunday, lasting throughout the day, which could bring us a couple inches of snow at least. thankfully, a warm up will come our way early next week. we could even see highs in the 40s
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coming up next ... those bouquets look lovely online ... but do they match what actually will be delivered to your loved one? see how some national brands were put to the test ... and learn why local is the best bet to express
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when you order flowers this valentine's day ... who will you call? a 1-800 number? this week a pair of our sister stations teamed up for a cross-country challenge to put three popular flower companies to the test. its that time of year... hearts are in full bloom... and so are the roses. 5:37:30 its the busiest holiday a florist usually has. martha scruggs and her husband have been growing their greensboro flower shop on lawndale drive for 64 years. 3:56:03 you know there s nothing prettier than flowers. we knew mrs. scruggs and her team could make a beautiful arrangement---- but what about all of those online companies? fox8 on your side put them to the test ahead of valentines day.
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deliver. we teamed up with our sister tv station in richmond,virginia. wtvr anchor candace burns was the lucky recipient candace standup 1:10 ok here they go they look great from a distance lets see where they came from. this one is from 1800 flowers, lets take a closer look. im noticing the petals on these flowers are a bit droopy. this is what we ordered... and this is what was delivered from 1800 flowers, which used a florist about thirty minutes away from up- proflowers. 0:54 it looks like these flowers were delivered from san diego -lets see how they look. nats hmmm, the boxed flowers were tricky. 1:22 i dont even know how to arrange this, im not a flower arranger or florist at all. candance said the stems were in water and there were directions in the box. heres the deluxe pink sapphire bouquet we ordered--- and heres what candance put together. we also sent a third bouquet from ftd. unfortunately, the picture perfect bouquet delivered the day after we scheduled it. ftd offered a 10% refund to apologize. in the meantime--- candace was
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she started with ordering online from local 'sedgefield florist' in archdale. heres what was delivered. almost exactly like the picture. donna is a flower stylist at scruggs and helped me look over all the flowers. 8:12:23 you got your hydrangeas, your astromeria, your roses, lilies. i think you got your moneys worth.the roses were a different color.... 8:44:58 would that make any sort of price difference? no, as long as it was roses. next up- teleflora- they sourced this bouquet to a local florist, too. heres what was ordered... and heres what we received. 6:32:55 even though theyre not the same color as this, sometimes we have to substitute but its still the same flower. cut to but its nice, the flowers look fresh. donna suggests telling the company if the flowers absolutely need to be a certain color. lastly- it was my turn to tackle boxed flowers. these were from organic bouquet company online. they looked
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i knew to cut the stems at an angle and add the flower food packet. 11:31:49 make sure you have that in there and the water kinda warm. ohhh haha... you didnt know. yeah they wont draw cold water.oops--- it would have been nice to have some directions in the box. donna was concerned these didnt come in any sort of water. 10:36:14 you dont know how long its been without water. the alstromeria look good, i cant believe they didnt send you greenery! eventually 'hot pink magic' did perk up. heres what the online picture looked like. hmmm.... 11:54:42 and youre designings not bad. cut to 12:23:33 no thats not good, not after one avoid wilting and weathering... mrs. scruggs has a simple solution. 5:25:26 pick up that phone and call us. we like to talk to them anyway! she says ordering directly from your local florist will save time and money... and youll know exactly what they have in stock to send. 7:26:05 i love to see people happy and its happy when you love people. in this world we live in- love is the word. thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the
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it's been a snowy day throughout iowa... the mess it created for the morning commute... and how much more we'll see in the next few days.... des moines police say an officer was forced to open fire overnight. what lead to the shooting... and the charges the suspect faces... i can tell you it wasn't a dream. a five year old shares what it was like to be trapped inside a burning home... how her quick thinking
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family safe. the fluffy flakes started falling early this morning... but the pretty snow, is causing problems on the road. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm sonya heitshusen. thanks for joining us. the snow is tapering off... but it did pile up this morning.. and made the morning commute slow going... this is just one of numerous accidents that happened this morning... the crash happened at i-80 and second avenue... that backed up traffic along the interstate to nearly the merle hay exit... the iowa state patrol says it responded to about 20 accidents before 10 a-m. no one was hurt... we'll get a break from the snow... but it won't last too long.. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now...
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