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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a routine traffic stop overnight was anything but routine. police say an officer tried to pull over a driver... who then took off. after a high speed chase... the officers says the suspect came at he opened fire. channel 13's jannay towne joins us with more on what happened. just before two this morning, a des moines police officer saw a car without a license plate in the area of southwest 14th and porter. just as he flipped on his lights, the driver took off and the chase was on. during the six minute chase, speeds down southwest 14th reached about 80 miles an hour. the chase then veered off onto casady drive. in the 19-hundred block, police thought they had the driver-- 25 year old austin allen- cornered after he curb.
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running. just as officer christoper began walking towards the suspect... a weapon. that's when brockert drew his weapon and started shooting. 12:02:44 the suspect lost control- probably on a slick spot on the road- kind of slid up over the road and kind of stopped. at that time, the officer got out of his car to begin the arrest process, the suspect suddenly put the car back in gear, drove directly at the officer. the officer was concerned that his life was in danger and he fired three rounds striking the car 01 no one was hurt.. the chase ended a short time later after police say allen ditched the stolen car and ran on foot. he was arrested without incident jail on assault with a weapon on a police officer, theft, and eluding. the 25 year old also had felony warrants out of state and in west des moines ... for a robbery at valley west mall and then stealing a car to
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a man just sentenced for driving while barred... took off on foot through the city's sky-walk system this morning. the polk county sheriff's office says nicky beery took off just as deputies were about to hand cuff him.. officials say he ran from the courthouse, to the nearby u-s bank. deputies found him hiding under a desk.. he did not resist arrest a second time. a mother and her two children escaped a burning home in rural madison county this morning. 13:36 the lady come over to my house, her cell phone was dead. and i called right in to winterset and i said you might as well send then, because she said there was a fire around the refrigerator. we came back over and by then it was kicking out of the kitchen windows and the front porch. 13:52 raymond kooker was renting the home near patterson to jennifer mcdonald. she woke up to feed her baby when she noticed the fire. five departments responded to the fire. the home was destroyed and the
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fund me page has been set up to help them... you can find a link to the page on our website ... who-tv-dot-com. investigators are trying to determine how a deadly fire started in des moines last night... it was the second deadly fire of the day. firefighters were called to the 27 hundred block of 61st street around seven. they say flames were already shooting through the roof. after knocking down the fire... they found the body of brian houston, who lived at the home. 48-year-old neil johnston died earlier in the day... when police say he set his own home on fire. officers tried to get him out, but he resisted - even pulled out a gun. investigators are still trying to figure out why johnston started the fire. two young children are out of the hospital after a fire destroyed their home in cedar falls. fire crews rescued a mother and her two young children. lauren moss talks with the brave little girl who escaped the flames. 5 year old avery and three year old mason are tough.. they are settling back into daily life..laughing and playing with their cousins..just days after a
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"well i can tell you it wasn't a dream... the two and their mother were rescued by firefighters- he kicked the door down after a fire trapped them inside their home- you can see from this police body cam video, the doorway was engulfed in flames. there was no where to go with no smoke. but avery says she knew she had to find somewhere..and fast. i was like it that the smoke alarm? just walked to the bathroom because i thought it might be a little more cold in there to protect me from the hotness of the fire." and it worked, avery and mason are doing very well..their mother is expected to be okay as well but their home is not. it's destroyed, now just rubble and ash... "i don't want to move..." "it's amazing to see these heroes among us everyday." and avery thinks it's pretty amazing too showing her own way of thanking card at a time. i
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the cause of the fire is under investigation... it's seems we've had a lot of fires lately, but the red cross of greater iowa says the year to year statistics are even. so far this year, the organization was called out in 75 cases, helping 248 people recover from fires. last year, that number was 84 cases, assisting 231 people... the american red cross says it's a good reminder that everyone needs to check smoke alarms and practice fire drills... a gas leak shut down traffic for a few hours in the east village today. midamerican energy says a construction worker struck a line on east third around ten. the city shut off gas to the area. repairs were completed around three... the only building affected by the leak was the building under
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the iowa state cyclones looking for another win without a key player. jameel mckay was suspended last week, and did not make the trip to oklahoma state. the clones won... mckay was at practice this week, but did not make the trip to lubback tonight. tip off against texas tech is set for 8 p-m. you can catch the game on espn - u. coach steve prohm has not said when mckay's suspension will be lifted. got spring fever?... this should help. the kansas city royals are bringing the world series trophy to the york mets for the championship title back in november. midwest. tonight, the trophy will be at the urbandale hy-vee... on douglas avenue... from 7 to 9. you can get your picture taken with own camera.
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is giving guests the royal treatment... you can actually sit back and relax in the seats... coming up... we'll take a tour of the new theater... show you the high tech features.. and the drink menu that goes beyond the soda fountain.... the effort to keep teens out of tanning beds will be up for debate again at the state house... the change in this year's bill that could make it easier to pass... the field of presidential candidates is narrowing... the two republicans ending campaigns today...... and how donald trump could benefit from those still in the race.
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tonight, the race for the white house is moving on to south carolina.. but for two candidates - its the end of the road.... bernie sanders and donald trump came out on top in new hampshire... but for two candidates, disappointing finishes led to the end their campaigns... chris christie and carly fiornia dropped out of the race today. chrisitie's decision came late this afternoon. he finished tenth in iowa and sixth in yesterday's primary. carly fiorina came in seventh in iowa... as well as new hampshire... john kasich got a big boost with his second place finish.. jeb bush, ted cruz, and marco rubio are all moving on to south carolina.. and that could give frontrunner donald trump fuel for his campaign. steve schmidt / republican strategist 1:13-1:19 "the more candidates that are in this race - makes it possible for trump to win these elections with 33- 34% of the vote." donald trump has a 16-point lead in the polls in south carolina. the nevada democratic caucus and republican primary in south carolina take place on february 20th republicans will vote in
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february 23rd. democrats have their say in south carolina... on the 27th. super tuesday is march first... iowa senator charles grassley says he won't endorse a presidential candidate... but he will support the republican nominee. today he told us, if republicans don't get behind the nominee... hillary clinton or bernie sanders would just create a third term of the obama administration.. 37:31 all you have to do is look at there campaign. that there are in tune with everything obama has done and even go beyond that. 37:44 when they are asked about a particular problem that we should be working on in washington, there will always be three answers. more regulation, more taxes and more spending. 37:59 senator grassley says if he would endorse someone, it would come ahead of the iowa caucuses, saying his opinion would have little influence
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iowa lawmakers are again considering a ban on minors using tanning beds... house republicans are looking at a bill brought up in the senate last year that would ban tanning beds for all people 18 and under. but they've changed a few details in committee. it now calls for a ban for people 17 and under. lawmakers say the difference in one year could sway some colleagues who opposed the law last year. "there are many people who feel very strongly that this is a parental choice issue. and that's why we changed the age from under 18, to under 17, in order to get more support within that group." :01-:13 democratic senator herman law for years, says he's confident his colleagues in the senate will be willing to compromise on this
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light snow should be wrapped up by the evening commute. we'll top out around 3" of light fluffy snow in the des moines metro. clouds will begin to break up, we'll see lows in the single digits tonight. thursday will remain dry, with highs in the lower 20s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover during the day, with a weak clipper moving in late thursday,early friday. this will bring a light dusting of snow for the metro, with more possible throughout the north and northeast counties. high pressure will move in for saturday, and although skies will be sunny, highs are only expected to be in the middle teens...brr! more snow will move in early sunday, lasting throughout the day, which could
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at least. thankfully, a warm up will come our way early next week. we could even see highs in the 40s
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snowy days like this are perfect movie nights.. and the metro's newest theater is about to open. @17:30 "we can't wait to show this new theater to the altoona community." coming up, from the reclining seats... to the frozen margaritas.... what this modern movie house has to
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"we're ready to hit the finish line. we're ready to open in altoona." workers are putting the final touches on the metro's newest place to watch a movie. the new cinemark altoona and x-d opens tomorrow. channel 13's megan reuther takes us inside to see what's different about this theater. the story is new at five. from the outside.... @32:38 "i'm really excited by the way it looks, and just the atmosphere. it looks really amazing." in... @8:47 "the experience, immediately when you walk in, you can just kind of tell we've turned it up a notch." the first thing you see when you walk in the cinemark altoona and x-d is the lobby bar cantina. @9:05 "this is where you're going to get your wine, beer and frozen margarita." you'll also find a starbucks,
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pizza and hotdogs. that's in addition to the traditional popcorn, candy and soda, which are all self serve. @11:30 "the idea behind that is so the flow actually goes faster, and quicker. so, if you're in some sort of rush and you already know what you want, you just go right up and grab what you need and head on to the auditorium."another way to save time: order your tickets online early...and pick your favorite seat. @20:18 "this is a reserve seating theater, so you will have to reserve your seats. so, if you go into cinemark dot com, there will be a rendering of what the auditorium looks like, so you can choose your seats." standup@35:26 "the theater has 1,022 seats in all in the 12-plex. they're all these luxury loungers, which recline, so you can put up your feet, sit back and watch the movie." @10:19 "they are very comfortable, very relaxing. it just adds a little something to your movie going experience." all twelve
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wall-to-wall screens. nats@31:53 and, the 168 seat x-d theater features 4-k digital projection and real-d 3d. nats of end of clip @9:33 "it is the experience where it is just heightened,,o the image on screen is just brighter, crisp. the sound is just full and rich. it's just a total complete immersive experience." a new experience for movie fans ... @33:23 "probably deadpool, i've been waiting for that for a while now. i'm really excited to see that." to see the latest flicks. in altoona, megan reuther, channel 13 news. the theater will also offer alternative content, like opera, concerts, and sporting events.
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stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after
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finally tonight.... elsa is moving from arendelle... to broadway... the movie blockbuster - frozen will be on stage. disney has confirmed the animated musical will hit broadway in the spring of 2018. it will have an out-of-town tryout next summer, but where that will be has not been revealed. the movie's oscar-winning songwriters are set to create new songs for the stage version,
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