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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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ago.... and soon an eye sore will no longer stand in the way. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. the north end diner hasn't served a meal since 20-08... which is how long it's been since the best western hotel rented a room. and now the wrecking ball is moving in... channel 13's justin surrency has the story... to say the old north end diner and attached hotel in johnston have lost their luster is an understatement... "you see across the street a boarded up old decrepit hotel that's falling apart, it's just an eyesore for the community and an eyesore for our customers to see it across the street."in 2013 a city leaders initiated a new vision for the merle hay road gateway, with dollar campus... "we are so close to the interestate here with easy access. you can get on and off." "we've got a beautiful new business that we've invested in."but "we are so close to the interestate here with easy
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"we've got a beautiful new business that we've invested in."but mayor paula dierenfield says the buildings, which have been vacant since 2009 are holding the entire city of johnston from its full potential... "we really couldn't get people interested in the redevelopment in this area. it was a real impediment for developers to even consider took seven years and lengthy conversations.... "i believe the property owner finally took a look at the condition of the facility and realized it couldn't be rehabilitated. but the city struck a deal with the site's ownership at metro lodging l.c... "i think he realized that if he demolished the hotel, it might make it easier for him to sell the property for another use."demolition that won't force resident's to shoulder the load... "demolition is being done by the property owner so that is being done at no cost the property tax owners
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"we believe there's a real some sort of a destination retail or convention center hotel."now johnston residents and local businesses are just happy to see progress... "developers will take more interest in it and once we get something hotel."now johnston residents and local businesses are just happy to see progress... "developers will take more interest in it and once we get something happening here, i just see it spreading all the way up the road..." "it's all about our community, it's all about our business and investing in the future." the city is also beginning landscaping improvements next to the demolition site to improve visibilty and access from the area to beaver creek and the city's parks and trail network... no demolition needed in grimes... according to the des moines busess record.. the owner of gabus ford is planning a new 400-acre development. it would be located the west side of highway-141. though still very preliminary..
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development featuring locally owned restaurants... parks.. bike trails... and several small lakes. there were months of public input, followed by four days in a row of meetings, but the iowa utilities board still hasn't made a decision on the proposed bakken oil pipeline... they say they need another meeting. board members were debating the issue this afternoon. if approved, the 3-point-7 billion dollar pipeline would carry nearly half a million gallons of crude oil across 18 iowa counties and into illinois. "the impact of a spill, and pipelines always spill and sometimes the costs can exceed 1 billion dollars and up." "our members enjoy iowa, we live and we care about the environment and it will get put back correctly... the next public hearing will be on friday, february 20th... and if the board still can't make a decision... they will hold two more meetings in march. iowa lawmakers are yet to decide school funding... but they are considering another expense for
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the bill would require an school varsity level sporting event. the goal is to have someone on staff who can help diagnose and treat a student who suffers a concussion... current rules say a student suffering a concussion must be removed from the game. they can only return once cleared by a doctor. school leaders we talked with say the proposed mandate should include the money to pay for it... 195014- unfortunately when the state puts more requirements on us but doesnt fund it. we have to cut something else, take away from something else - brad rose, valley high school 571211 - its costing us between 5 - 7 thousand a year to have place - rick roberts 013708 - there are gonna be districts that struggle with this bill - rick roberts the bill is expected to be debated in committee next week. the iowa senate approved a bill to scrap governor branstad's plan medicaid program. that is likely as far as it will go... house leaders say they have no plans to take up the bill. unless the
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in... three private companies will oversee the state medicaid system on march first. while republican lawmakers don't want the state to oversee medicaid... they do want to oversee traffic cameras. a bill sponsored by marion county representative greg heartsill would require the d-o-t to certify and calibrate all traffic camera systems. calibration is currently done by the camera's manufacturer. the next contest for democratic presidential candidates is in nevada.. so naturally tonight's debate is taking place in wisconsin. senator bernie sanders is trying to build on his momentum from tuesday's blowout win... the debate is also clinton's first public appearance since the loss. both candidates say they support the use of executive order to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 48:38-49:05 bottom line is... what he did voters in wisconsin will have some time to let tonight's debate sink in. they 48:38-49:05 bottom line is... what he did voters in wisconsin will have some time to let tonight's
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don't pick a nominee until april.. sanders landslide victory in new hampshire is raising new questions about iowa's results. the democratic party declared clinton the winner the day after the caucuses. it took another week to get the final vote totals. the state party says clinton won by less than four state delegate equivalents.. the closest finish in iowa history. and though she won the most delegates... she might not have had the most support... 05:50-06:18 we tend to like our process but i do think that there is that moment where you want to look at and so here are the final numbers for each candidate, do they match up to the delegates.. in theory he could ya the head of the iowa democratic
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get it... in an op-ed in the des moines register dr. andy mcguire writes, "asking a misunderstanding of our process. as does asking for a recount." no misunderstanding in the weather department... ed told us to expect some light snow tonight... ed... an even bigger system is on tap for the weekend... 3-d printers have been catching
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and now they're being used for more than plastic. today iowa state university showed off its new million dollar metal laser printer. the machine uses a laser and powdered metal to lay thin layers of metal. the device allows iowa manufacturers to design a part... and build it, or rather print it, over night. 'iowa has a lot of manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, a lot of metal fabrication. this is a game changer. it lets you design new products new way of doing things the new printer has been building parts for iowa manufacturers since last fall. the iowa hawkeyes haven't won an outright big-ten title in 46-years... a win tonight would go a long way towards ending the drought... later in sports... we'll take you live to assembly hall... where the hawks are trying to avoid sharing the
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this is the life george menter leads today... right after the break... finding family in the face of a terminal illness.. and the program making sure iowa
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and these men are finding it in a place you'd least expect... behind prison walls. they're still paying for their crimes... but the isolation of prison
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death alone. channel 13's sonya heitshusen has more on the program comforting even it. a cold, winter sun is trying to the iowa medical and classification center... while the wires and fence contain those inside. when george menter was young... he broke the wildest horses and drove the fastest stock cars. these days, his body is frail... his hands unsteady . david freeman is georges roommate. he was also his cellmate at a prison in clarinda. both were diagnosed with cancer last year. they were transferred to i-m- c-c when it became clear there
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much more doctors could do. david is still receiving chemo... george, who has liver cancer, has refused treatment. he says the radiation made him too sick. george says he has no regrets. he doesnt regret ending treatment... and he doesnt regret committing the crime that resulted in a 45-year sentence. he says she abused him... broke his legs when he was a toddler... and told him hed never amount to anything. he says hed do it again if theyd let him. david is serving a life
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he says he was ready to die behind bars when he walked into prison 36-years ago... and he still is. 'just ready.' .so is george. theyre well aware most people want nothing to do with them. their own families have shunned them. not kim jeraco. she oversees the hospice program, which was launched in 2002. it is funded through donations and
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she views herself as a facilitator between staff, in charge of things like security and administering medications, and volunteers who provide emotional and physical comfort. jon schiefer is one of those volunteers, all of whom are doing time themselves. the volunteers dont get paid prison jobs... and they must undergo 20-hours of training. jon says it also makes him feel important... 21:21:08 'it takes the focus off to see somebody else need me... because
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now, david and george need jon. sonya heitshusen... channel 13 news. sonya did those interviews in december... and george has since died. he passed away on monday. still to come tonight at ten...your seven day forecast... find out how much snow fell tonight... and when an even bigger storm will move across the state. ed will
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-artsy looking at snow falling at sculpture park- we saw a brief moment of sunshine this morning, but the next system is moving in quickly. we'll see an increase in cloud cover over the next several hours and a chance for light snow as your are driving home tonight. the main path will move right through central iowa which will bring snow totals to around an inch by late tonight. not a huge amount, but still enough to create some issues on move into place by friday afternoon, which will bring a surge of cold air to start the weekend. we won't make it up much higher than the middle to upper teens for both friday and saturday before we start to see it warm back up. a bigger system expected to move in for earlynday which is expected to ing higher snow totals. we ll continue to update y one latest track of this stormroughout the next few days. the hawkeyes haven't won an outright big ten title since
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the hawkeyes haven't won an outright big ten title since 1970. they last shared the trophy in 1979. no championships since the 70s! a win tonight at indiana, and
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drought. historic assembly hall rocks tonight. indiana hungry for a signature win. undefeated at home. hoosiers comes out firing, nick zeisloft buries the three it's 30-17 i-u.jarrod uthoff comes right back, three ball good, 30-20. hawks down ten. uthoff with 11 first half points. hoosiers stay hot. collin hartman blows the lid off the hall... indiana up by 18. fran mccaffery not fran mchappy. huge stretch by iowa. peter jok shoots the hawkeyes right back in the game. his first three is on target. more from jok. iowa cuts the indiana lead down to 7 at the half. to the second half, iowa surges. uthoff dunks. the senior did his part with 24 points. then mike gesell scores. he steps back, and stepped up with 17
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splashes three. hawks take the lead. but they don't hold it. yogi ferrell missed ten shots tonight. but he makes this big three. indiana stays perfect at home, knocking off iowa,85-78. we bring in michael admire, live from historic assembly hall. michael, what made the difference in this game? here's why it wass such a
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iowa waslone at the top. but now with the loss, iowa is in a three way tie with indiana and maryland. michigan state and purdue move to within two games. hawkeye women lost at home to #6 ohio state,
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