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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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fans may have helped their team... by not showing up. 10:23:53 and he dived over that, he fell over that fence right over there. then i saw an officer get out the car and start chasing him, the officer also fell over the fence 102401 and then when he got and started chasing him over there the officer fell 10:24:04 a rough day for the story county sheriff's department... good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters... a quick stop at a rest area turned into the perfect opportunity for a teenage inmate to escape. and he didn't just run.. channel 13's mike dasilva shows us who unknowingly helped him get away. it was around two o'clock this afternoon when the young man got away...a transport service was taking the juvenile to a correctional facility...when they stopped at
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ames... 101324 they pulled in to use the facilities at the rest area and i believe upon exiting out of the facilities the juvenile male took off running and hopped into a car and that car left with that male.' the escapee ended up some 3 or 4 miles down the road...near mile marker 116... 10:14:39-53 'he ran from this interstate area, from the ditch, and you can see the foot tracks in the snow, back here he ran into the field and im not sure how far into the field he was but he certainly was out of sight from the interstate.' we caught up with the people that say they gave the juvenile a ride... 102320 yeah right there you know he was hitchhiking for a ride and he was like yeah man im just looking for a ride man and he said its cold out here so we grabbed him and we put him in the car 10:25:18 he wasnt wearing like an orange jumpsuit or anything like that? no sir. did he say that he was on the run? no sir. he didnt tell us anything, you just like i need a ride. 10:27:21 'i was talking to him in the back he was like yeah, im just on my way out
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just trying to get to safe spot, im like alright shortly after picking up the escapee...these folks ran into some car trouble... and once we got right here the car started shutting down and 102338 he just looked around and he was looking like his eyes got big like, and then he was just like oh no b i gotta bail and we was like whats wrong with you man and he was like we gotta run, i was like who is we? i said you gotta run and then he got out the car and he took off running 102352 10:26:55-- 'that man was fast like lightning man, when dude took off dude got out the jam 101353 were still trying to determine whether or not there was a relationship, whether he knew these people or if it was just came in the way of hitchhiking or asking for a ride.' 10:31:18--34 'some people might think its kind of odd, like really, is that really a coincidence? well, yeah, i mean it happens to certain people all the time. where there is a will, theres a way. if my car did not break down, i would not be here right now.' those folks are from waterloo...
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rapids and on their way to des moines. meanwhile, the story county sheriff's office says they we will continue to investigate and file charges if warranted. there was another escape, recently. on january 23rd edward shorter escaped from the correctional release facility in newton. he spent a little more than a day on the run and was captured at an apartment building in des moines. and we use the term escape loosely because a deparment of corrections investigating reveals how easy it was for shorter to up and leave. it reads, "inmate shorter escaped by walking out to the outside recreation area and walking to the driveway. his girlfriend picked him up and drove away." staff realized he was missing at one- p-m. it took another three hours to figure out he simply walked to the parking lot and drove away. investigators say the day of his
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calls to his girlfriend asking her to pick him up at the front gate. tonight, shorter is back in the newton correctional facility. the jasper county attorney is considering additional charges against both shorter and his girlfriend. a six month investigation has ended with an arrest in a deadly hit and run crash. 21-year old daulton holly was hit and killed while walking along raccoon river drive in august. police say the driver ran over holly and didn't stop. today police arrested 37-year old ronald hauser of van meter. they say they were able to link him to crash because pieces of his car were left at the scene. he's charged with leaving the scene of accident resulting in a death and operating while intoxicated. police say a windsor hieghts home will need major construction work following a crash this morning... a driver lost control can see the boarded up area where the pickup truck went through the house. no one inside was injured. the truck driver was hospitalized with minor injuries.
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led to the crash. several people were enjoying a late lunch at a chinese restaurant when they were forced to make a quick exit. 53:40-53:51 we were aware that there was.... in a very timely manner firefighters were just as timely in their response this afternoon. within an hour, they put out a kitchen fire at the china one restaurant on ingersol avenue. the restaurant is closed and there's no word on when it will reopen. for the third year, lawmakers are considering a medical cannabis bill ... one supporters think could gain approval from both chambers. channel 13's justin surrency explains who will benefit and why some people hope the bill is rejected again... "if the iowa legislature, this building had any shred of decency, any compassion whatsoever, this bill would have been passed year's ago."a new look, scaled back cannabis oil bill unveiled wednesday could be
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"to be able to focus it in a way that it can be both meaningful, impactful and face a reality of moving it forward in both chambers."house study bill 607... would allow the manufacturing and dispensing of cannibus oil to individuals with m-s, epilepsy and terminal cancer for the first time in iowa...providing a glimmer of hope some have felt... "today my son is 234 days seizure free...i think these faces say a lot it shows his progression on how the drugs were treating him to now he's walking, talking, playing."but those against the bill say it's not that simple... "when we look at marijuana use and actions of youth in other states with medical marijuana programs, we will see an increase in youth marijuana use."emotional supporters say they don't know what negative effects it may have in iowa, but they are certain what it can do.. "now is the time to make
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suffering from epilepsy as well as other debilitating e medical conditions."sally gaer's daughter margaret is 26 and has epilepsy... over the year's they've been prescribed 16 non successful medications such as the year's they've been prescribed 16 non successful medications such as lamictal, zonegran, diamox and trileptal which come with side effects such as vomiting, rapid heart rate, back pain, blurred vision tremors and increased seizures.. "since starting the oil, her seizures have reduced. she's been sleeping thorough the night for the first time in her life...naysayers urge iowa to be cautious... "i don't think this is the venue or the way to achieve the success we want that's credible and scientifically reasonable and the most healthy application of medicine for iowans."but others are running out of time for a better life ... " look these suffering patients in the eye and tell them that you know better than they do." the bill passed in both the subcommittee and commerce committee today and can now move to the house floor. to our east... illinois lawmakers are taking a a much different approach
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there... qualifying patients can actually access the medication. 28-state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are up and running. this one in springfield opens tomorrow. patients suffering from a variety of illnesses... including epilepsy... cancer... arthritis.. and m-s can qualify for a medical marijuana card with a doctor's recommendation. while iowa lawmakes want to limit medical marijuana use... they're considering expanding iowa's access to alcohol... under current law.... distilleries can only sell two bottles per day per customer... a proposed change would increase that to twelve bottles per day. that would allow distilleries sell a drink instead of a taste... much like buying a beer at a brewery. 1:59 we could have a tasting room... come in here and have an old fashioned with the products we make and be able to showcase what we do. have events and those types of activities at the
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ryan burchette... the owner of the mississippi river distillery..... says the new bill would benefit iowa farmers too... because many of the ingredients found in liquor are locally grown. bad news for iowa college students... costs are likely going up... officials at iowa, iowa state and uni want to increase the cost for room and board. all three are proposing a 3- percent increase. the plans will be discussed at next week's board of regents meeting at iowa state university. while increasing costs for students... the university of iowa is handing out a huge raise to its athletic director. as part of a five year deal... gary barta will see his salary go from 400- thousand dollars... to 550-thousand dollars in july. that's a 37-percent increase. barta is coming off a year where the football team went to the rose bowl... and the basketball team is challenging for a number one seed in the n-c- double-a tournament. the already high cost of college... and the five figure debt that often comes with it, has some students wondering if college is still
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are you getting ahead... or is there financial incentive in going from high school to the work force. we'll show you the numbers in a special report tomorrow night on the channel 13 news at ten. des moines police and firefighters are on thin ice... and they're happy to do it. today they joined des moines buccaneer hockey players at brenton skating plaza... the charity event is raising money for blank children's hospital's child life program. the program helps children facing a life-threatening illness. the event also gave police a chance to meet community members in a more relaxed situation. the contacts that people have with police aren't always as positive, so this gives us a chance from the police side of things to let people know that we're human and that we have a kind side to us. tonight's event was friendly... next month bragging rights will be on the line. des moines fire fighters will face off against police officers during the annual guns-and-hoses hockey game. the game is march 26th at bucs
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money will also benefit the child life program. -wx tease- the iowa hawkeyes are the fourth best team in the country... they didn't look like it tonight. see what went wrong coming up in sports. and a final fight to win over the undecideds in south carolina... hear from the republican candidates in tonight's town hall... and a sign bernie sanders could win his second
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mercury, venus, earth mars jupiter saturn, uranus, neptune the planets are easy... wait until you see what this four year old can do with all 44 presidents... right after the break. i'm good if you do it in order or not ladies and gentlemen if we elect
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. ladies and gentlemen if we elect marco rubio, everyday will be a great day in america." south carolina governor nikki
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senator marco rubio ahead of saturday's primary. donald trump has a big lead in south carolina... and several candidates went after him tonight during c-n-n's town halls. mary maloney has the story. next up on the democratic side
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hillary clinton's lead is quickly slipping away... a c-n-n poll out today has it as a toss-up... clinton getting 48-percent to bernie sander's 47. perhaps
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was the endorsement he didn't get. the american federation of labor says it will not endorse a candidate during the democratic primary. the union is expected to endorse the eventual democratic nominee. as we close in on selecting the next president... how well do you know the past presidents.... can you even name them... thomas jefferson, james madison, garfield, arthur, fdr, harry truman a north carolina four-year old has it down... tommy johnston can name every president just by looking at their picture. his parents admit... tommy is the one teaching them. "whatever he can learn he wants to learn. and we have to check him sometimes because we don't think he's right. i'm about 0-10 on that." it isn't just president... tommy can rattle off the names of every planet... the name of every
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the only draw back... all that learning is exhausting. warren harding, calvin coolidge, i'm going to go--" "you getting bored?" "no i'm getting tired." the iowa basketball team looked
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the iowa basketball team looked sluggish sunday night, but still beat minnesota. tonight, another challenge. the hawkeyes at penn state...
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season. small crowd, especially with the #4 team in the nation visiting. starts well for iowa. peter jok scores 5 points in less than 30 seconds. iowa leads penn state 19-13. but the nittany lions, normally bad shooting threes, they make a season high ten threes. penn state up 8 at the break. second half, jarrod uthoff comes out strong. he had 19 points. and jok led all players with 28, but they had next to no scoring help from anyone else. penn state upsets iowa, 79-75. tens of pen state fans storm the court. i think they're storming the court. it's hard to tell because it takes so long to fill up any floor space. anyway, iowa's first bad loss of the regular season. hawks now have a week off, and could use it.
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paul jesperson keeps it going. jesperson swishing threes. 16 points for the senior. but at crunch time, loyola makes a play, and completes the improbable season sweep of the panthers, 59-56. drake hosting evansville. bulldogs could really use a win. nick mcglynn scrapping off the bench. the bucket keeps drake in it late. but the aces turn to their ace. ncaa's active scoring leader, d-j ballentine. he nets another 26. drake comes up short, 80-74. the cyclone women go on an epic run against texas tech. jadda buckley lays it in here. that completes a 45-5 run. moments later kidd blaskowsky drops a three. cyclones cruise, 77-48. four days of intense state
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and the match-up many wanted to see. valley and sep. 1 vs. 2. rocky lombardi, ethan andersen also 1 vs. 2. but that will have to wait until the individual round. valley moves lombardi up to heavy weight.. and then andersen racks up a pin. would it pay off for valley at 285? lombardi vs. 2nd ranked dan ramirez.... huge two point take down for lombardi... he gets the decision. it comes down to the final match at 145... valley's joel shapiro wins it in style. valley wins the title trophy. channel 13's michael admire has more. admire 00-05 joel shapiro/valley sophomore travis young/valley coach rocky lombardi/valley junior the four-seed clarion goldfield
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez. snoop dogg. musical guest zayn. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 419 toledo! woo!


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